Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 10, 1931 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 18
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^ . 18 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE -APRIL 10 1931 Woman's Club Names - Mrs. G. A. Bemis as t , President in Gamer ; r GARNER, April 10.--Mrs. G. A. Bemis waB elepted president of the Garner Woman's club for the coming year. Mrs. .C. .E. Barnes, outgoing president, appointed Mrs. Chester Stllle, Mrs. Peter Engstler and Mrs. Paul Elling as the program committee for next year. Mrs. Thomas McMahon was elected vici president; Mrs. J. E. Tierney, secre tary and Mrs. Arthur Schultz, treas urer. There is a membership' of 95 The garden department is planning to have flower shows and contests for best .flower gardens during the summer. The petunia and hollyhock are "the chosen flowers of the club. Is a sales tax. The income tax of the pill manufacturer is paid by the fellow who buys pills, Cedar Rapids Gazette. Diamonds BY COMPARISON Still Mother of the beautiful style* featured by us at thts price. The quality of the diamond, the beauty of the letting, and the all-around value will surprise you. - When you are ready to purchatc, : make a careful comparison-then decide for yourself. Inspection is invited -- there it ho obligation to buy. Throe Outstanding DIAMOND VALUES *10O $100 $49.50 §25 Cash or $2 a week Cash or 51 a Tveek · Cash or SI a week Jid IS j t , Cena «ny tirat Tht rfi- Compare! r Compare; Compare! These Will Sell FAST Saturday! RESSES 95cDown 50c \Veekly Every desired model, every popular : shade and design, every accepted fabric. See our windows! Well made dresses, that will please every thrifty miss and madam. (Sizes 14 to 481/2.) Come early for an early choice! You'll want-several at this price. Our greatest Dress Values. Here on sale Saturday. Here's a Dress Even£ that will make hundreds of friends for us tomorrow. Get in on it! II95. FEDERALS! s People are .- j Pleased with | \ our Prices* 1 SUPERVISORS TO HEAR SANDBURG Music Conference for Norll Central District Will Be Held April 14. DES MOINES, April 10. OB-Carl Banadbiirg, American poet, ha. accepted an invitation to .speak a the Thursday evening banquet o the North Central. Music Supervi sors conference to be held here Apri 14 to 17. Delegates are expecte from Ohio, Indiana. Michigan, Illi noia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nortl Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and -Iowa. · ^Franc Prpschowski of the Ghtca go -Music college will give"a voca demonstration before the apprecia tion division of the conference, Apr! 16/and Henri .Verbmgghen, condiic tor of the Minneapolis Symnhonj orchestra, will appear April 17. - Others-on Program. 'Others oh the -program include Russel WMorgan, president of th music supervisors national confer ence; Augustus Zanzig of New York representative of the National Rec reation association; Dr. John Ftaley Williamson, director, of .the West minster Choir school, Ithaca, :N. T. EM ward B. Birge "of the School o Music at the University of Indiana John Seaman Carne's, dean of the School of Religious neapolis: Otto Miessner, Chicago president of the. MIessner Institute of Music; Prof. Charles B. -Righte of the Uniyeraity .of Iowa; Mis a Florence" Ffanagan, director of mu sic appreciation in the - Milwaukee public schools;. · From Many Schools. Prof. Orien Dalley of the University of Wisconsin; .Prof. David Mat tern of the University of Michigan. Glenn C. -Bainum of Northwestern university; Edgar B. Gordon' of-the University of.'WlscbnsIn; William W Norton of . ; FUnt,.Mich., director of the. Flint county Music association; Noble Cain, director of the Chicago Acapella choir and Prof. Arthur TJ Williams of Oberlin college. More than 2.500 delegates are ex pccted to attend and tho evening musical-programs will'be open to - public. ' . . Women Draft Report on Dry Law to Give to President Hoover WASHINGTON, April 10. f/P)-- ilbre than a score of prominent vomen dry advocates gathered here oday to draft In executive sessions composite report on prohibition rom the feminine viewpoint. They plan to deliver this document to President Hoover. at tho white house labeled as from the national commission of women for law nforcement. 17 Year Old Girl Has Job Flying Plane for South American Mine MARSHALL, Mo., April 10. #-Barbara S. Poole, 17, Baltimore, hag eft a flying school here^wlth a private license and · the announcement she soon would be flying a plane for a gold mining company In British Guiana. The girl pilot said she had "been retained to transport supplies to the mine of R. M. Sage, an American from the nearest town, 150 miles away,. and would take up her/duties July'l. Says Mate Wife Abusive. BURLINGTON, April 10. (UP)-.The fact that a wife Is a, deaf mutf does not.keep her from using abu slve language, even tip the husband is also deaf .and dumb, Herbcr Moore testified before. Judge .Oaca Hale in district court. Moore askej for a divorce, and it was grante on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. PATENTED PROCESS BRINGS OUT FINER FLAVOR IN COFFEE Controlled Boasting Gives Hills Bros. Coffee Flavor No Other Coffee Has As everynody knows, the flavor of coffee varies according to the ·way it is brewed.. Especially dis appointing · is the result when coffee stays on the fire, too long or is taken off too soon. Similar ·unsatisfactory results can occur in the roasting- of coffee H the blend is roasted too long or liot enough there is a' noticeable difference in flavor between the two- lots."'Even with watchful care such variation is exceedingly difficult to prevent when coffee is roasted in large quantities. Realizing this, Hills Bros, originated and patented a continuous process, which roasts coffee a few pounds at a time, instead of in bulk The quantity of coffee passing into the .roaster doea not vary. . The speed of operation and the temperature remain the aamo with the result that Hills Bros. Coffee is Absolutely uniform and has a flavor no other coffee has. Hills Bros. Coffee never "goes stale" because it is packed in vacuum. By this process air, which destroys the flavor of coffee, is taken from the can and kept out. Ordinary cans, even If air-tight; do not keep-coffee freah. Ask' for Hills Bros. Coffee by name and look for the Arab--tho trade-mark--on the can. Sold by grocers everywhere. Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. 0103L WIFE AT SPEAKER'S BEpSIDE Nicholas Long worth, speaker of the house, who died of pneumonia Thursday, Is shown here with Sirs, Lonjjworth, daughter of the late President Roosevelt, who hastened to his bedside when he became ill while .visiting at Alken, S. Car. 386,272 EXILES ARE AMERICANS Canada Takes Care of Hall of U. S. Citizens Who Live Abroad. WASHINGTON, April 10. ()-- Jnited States,citizens living- abroad n willing or unwilling' exile, numbered 386,272 pa Jan. 1, 1931. The .'state department .today announced this figure based on a com- !lation of reports' and estimates rom American consular officers all ver the world. Tourists and .'other emporary sojourners were not in- luded. , . ' ; More than half these exiles-18,502, to be exact--are In.Canada. France, whither, according to the xpatriates' creed, grood Americana o when they die, ranks next to JanadaJn numbers of living. Amer- can citizens sheltered, with 25,61. Europe as a whole has 88,309, Vsia, 20,286; South America, 13,24; Africa, 3,470, and Australia 1,56. In Mexico there are 11,830. Argentina leads South American republics with 3,718. Altho the United'States has no -onsular agrents in Russia, the state lepartment estimates that 1,800 Americana 'live there. BUMPER WHEAT CROP IS LIKELY Chance on Increased Amount of Winter Wheat Faces Farm Board. WASHINGTON, April 10. UP)-The farm board faced a new barrier today in its drive to reduce the surplus of domestic wheat. Piled high in front of it was an estimated production of 644,000,000 bushels of winter wheat, 40,000,000 more than last year. This bumper crop was seen as n .ullifier of the board's success in btaining a 3 per cent reduction iu otal acreage planted, both winter and spring. Should normal weather prevail nd a normal yield be harvested he total 1931 production would be 65,000,000 as compared with 851 00,000 last year. _ Such an indicated production ossibly would create another mergency in view of expected arge world carry-overs and only a light reduction in world acreage xclusive o£ Russia which has said t would increase its plantings. Dsage Lions Present St. Ansgar Program OSAGB, April 10.--The local itons club was represented at the it. Ansgar meeting- this week by 20 members, the Osage. guests fur- lishing' the program, with H. C. Jill as toastmaster. The Rev. T. P. Solem gave, a talk on service clubs and an attempt to. procure better C. C. train service was discussed. A arge .delegation.plans to go to the district meeting 1 in Davenport to support H. H. Matt's candidacy for district governor. Farm Bureau Program Given at Dougherty DOUGHERTY, April ' 10.--The Farm Bureau held its monthly meeting in the opera house Wednesday night. An .entertainment committee consisting of Mra. J. Boyle and ,Mrs.. W. Hogan presented the following' program: Solos by Emmett Ryan, Leo Burke, Martin Abegg and Richard Geary; gong' by Lorena Mullen and Josephine Cuu nlngham; piano duet by France and Josephine Cunningham; song hy a girls' sextet consisting o Frances O'Dpnnell, Madonna Boyle Ruth Kennedy and Agnes, Mlldrci. and Rose Logan; reading by kath Ieen Adams and a talk in behalf o Women's I club work-by Mrs. M.'P Geary, Movies furnished by Mario Olsen were also · shown and the. President Barney Dougherty select ed an entertainment committee fo next month. ; · ' Brother and Sister Take Gamer Lead GARNER, April 10.--Helen Beck er and Kenneth Becker, brothe and sister,',will play the leadin roles In-the, three act comedy, "Ma cr Mouse," to be given by ilhe jut lor cIass : 'April 16 and 17, in-the hig school auditorium. Both Helen an Kenneth have won in several de clam'atory contests the past :'thre years. The play is being directed h Miss -Elvira Krause, high achoc music, teacher, and Miss Ad Schuerman, commercial teacher Other members of the cast ar Marie-tTonnweiler, Marvin Zeismer Robert Prltchard, Claytus Hanson Charles Hastings, George Knaupp Doris Zlska, Winnifred Hampe Dale · Brede, Marjory Stewarl Norma Irving and Robert Lawhorn Cultural Program Urged for Seirlc AMES, April 10.--The increasing need of a social, or cultural program to balance the economic ant production program of extension work was outlined here Thursday bj F. W. Peck, director of the Mlnne sola-extension service before a ses aion of the annual spring conference of the Iowa State college extension staff. TELEVISION IS NEARLY READY Clearness of Images Shown in Chicago Rivals That of Motion Pictures. CHICAGO, April 10. (ff)--Television is approaching motion pictures in clearness of Images it can reproduce. A small group of spectators in the back room of a machine shop on the far, west side looked last night at black and white pictures of nearby persons reproduced at the other end of. the same room. The images oa the receiving screen were two feet square and moved syn- chronistically with motions of the person before the transmitting apparatus. . These "close-ups" were nearly as clear as movie films. Their producer, Ulysses-A. Sanabria, 24, said he believed they were the largest and clearest black and white effects yet shown thru television to the public. . "Colors In television are still in an embryonic stage," he said. "So is much of our work in sound effects. Many owners of radios fear their sets will be made obsolete by the immediate introduction of television. That is not true. Television will supplement the radio. Anyway, it has not yet reached a commercial stage of development." Take Fire Precautions. ST. PAUL, April 10. (.W--Special precautions are being taken to pre- vent any serious outbreak of fir« in northern Minnesota forests during the next few weeks due to tha unusually 'dry spring, Grover M. Conzet, state forester, announced today. MERLE SIMS ORCHESTRA OF ALBERT 1BA Will Play for the AMERICAN LEGION OLDTIME DANCE Saturday Night, April 11 AT THE ARMORY' Admission Always 25c New ventilating system now in operation. NASH Eight-77--The Greatest Example of Value- Giving in the Motor Car Industry THE NASH,EIGHT-77 SEDAN $ 955 f. O. B. FACTORT The delivered price of this Straight-Eight, fully equipped, is $1068. This includes spare tire, are lock, tire cover, bumpers and freight--the car. complete, ready to drive. For your owo protection compare the difference between the Nash £. o. b. price tad the Nash delivered price, with the uiJETereace between the f. o. b. and delivered prices of any competitive car. See bou mucb Nosh sattijta. O NE of the best-dressed and most distinguished cars on the road-- the Eight-77, despite its price, is also one of the most finely engineered cars in America, regardless of price. Its quality engineering and construction result in powerful and smooth acceleration; and reveal themselves too, in its long list of quality features--a few of which are listed herewith. Come in--drive this Nash Straight Eight and let us appraise your present car. JJEATURES *f At Eigkl-70 Srrf« feebd* * 9-Btarime HiUtm*J Cr*mtfin CnmMuft, KIJU BmJ CMftMtfif Knit, AUmtanm AlUj Itntr Stnt PiOnt, PnftcttJ J)tw» Draft Car- trnntitm, F*rlP*mf Pitt, Blfrr AmttmaOc Cn- , Nim Bttmty *mi Lmauj nrwffoct. DELIVERED PRICES ON NASH SEXES AND EIGHTS RANGE PROM $896 TO KLECKNER - NASH COMPANY 233 Second St. S. W. Phone £0 (2906) SATURDAY SPECIAL FOR ONE DAY ONLY DEPENDS ON YOUR SLEEP Beautiful Colors-Positive Comfort--Luxurious Rest-- 75c Down--75c Week Delivers This Mattress "DREAM REST" A SPRING FILLED MATTRESS Your Credit Is Good at WOLFS Filled With Hundreds of Coils Surrounded By Layers of Cotton Felt Deep and Billowy For Solid Comfort A NEW CREATION By SIMMONS New Inner Spring Mattress $1675 Simmons new inner spring mattress has double stitched, rolled edge and is covered with good, heavy striped art ticking. Built for Sleep MIER WOLF SONS

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