Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 6
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JL hi s is'l ifc If if IfE JJ5 ii I Clothing. Geo lolph na* JU.-IWPWO a position wlih | ^YI^ Fe^ r l" i Mt. Auburn News. . Tb.nnd.ty lur hi I IV. W. MUMIU. o-wu xiae. IU1 linger" In atom lha -l of J The Beat and Cheapebt and where you will got the most for l B M ,,. t r l M f l , e r h e r ( , 1 , I 1 0 » »,, jour money is ft Problem that everybody is trying to solve. · · TltB ASS\VBB--Go to H AMI IN, WAGONER CMPANYS. Don't waste youi hard earn«l inonoj m borne little trifling . waH j caller here Sunday. O lladit-y Oii*H«d through hurfc Motiday on bis. may LO Waterloo present that is pietty foa a short time only. thing that is durable, aud at the same timu Cheap and Useful? Why not buy some- You cannot find antyhing anywheie that is cheaper or better than our OVERCOATS, ULSTERS and FUR at ench Low Prices that will aatonihli you. Men's AH Wool Suits for S5.0O and up. NEOKWEAU manes a very desimble present beoiiuHo it is Useaul Pretty and cheap. npaTin i.imujeiu removes till liard, a o t t o r callousrd luiips and blemishes from horses, blood spavins, curbs, splints, 3-»eeney. ring-bone. (Lilies, Jill swollen throats, toughs, etc. save 3M by uae of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful blemish ;ure ever known. Sold by F. S. lloyn- to n, druggist. --There la good reason for tlie popularity of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Davis Hazard, of West Mont erey, Clarion Co., Pa., say: "It hap cured people tnut our physicians could do nothing for. We persuaded them li try a l o t t l e o f Chamberlain's Cough Kennedy and they now recommend it with the real ol UB " 25 and 50c boltles for sale by Ul.mchaine to MeCUherai Distress wish Any of these make n desiruhle Present ruicl will not Di yonr Pocket-book. They nre cheiip and MHO to please. We to call your attention to our Boy's and Youth's Clothing. "We have a large asBortmoiil/ and will make prices in keeping with the times. In fact we will make hpecinl pricefe on all clothing, for our entire stock must bo sold to makes loom tor our Spring clothing. Remember we will mnke Prices that will Please You. Hamlin, Wagoner Company. DEALERS IN FIRST-CLASS GOODS ONLY. Spring Creek Gleanings. Our newly riected vwewor Mr. .1. K. Oien IniLktc*. on lilff nnow plow thlw v.eek prepar i toiy ror valuing our caule ami real en late Two tblriKs we cannot avoid Ls death and Ih From IB" Star. l/A^n^r-cuT h4UUn? "*" ^ NF- [ -*«· Wu,. EugMow «.» ver, .id, o. I! MciM* ..,,,., -Her , w^rtw.Li.ijtbeurstofUstweelc. rhurkdai. i - Calvin E igleduw visited his siiier i). L Hubburd butchered a line lot o( nnw [ Jlrs. lililitlu near Jlraudon Tnursdity of last week. --Our well drillers are down about 200 feet and have not struck renter yet Clmy artj h u n t i n g for a Belli; I'l«m lusher, and we trust they will find it. --Mrs. X elite 1'crry went to La :'orte Friday evening to assist in t h e itlvitiM ni \lr and Mrs. Hnclun Wooden weeding, which took place Monday. -Lr. Xesbitstuck in a snow drift between Mr. Woodlei's and Mr. ticha- TIV'B tjAturday morning, and it took about sir. hour's work to £et his team and buggy out. He broke the double- trees off Ins buggy. --Xow that the suliJTt of incorporating Mt. Auburn has been thoroupn- ly d-.teussert at tut liresi'les. on the streets and in the business houses ol our village, why not circulate a petition, aiid hav- the work done ,it once? I'erry Abbott met w i t h quit* a Pan- ful accident l;ibL Thursday. Whilo splitting :i log of wood -Aith a nixtil aiifl wedge, the fcoat in the wood caused tbe iron wi-dgi! to bounce, striking Mr, Abbotb ou the upper lip cutting through to the teeth. Dr. Ncsbit drested the wound and sewed u p the cut, but Mr. A. will IMVP a sore lip for som lime co come. Great for the flext Tiuo Uleeks We will sell everything in the line of HEAVY Win Brandon I terns. Married: AL thp-hoiueoltluibiltfu'ri Wednesday evening, January OJ, Miss Maggie E Ualni!*, to Mr. Uert Town. Tlie are a young uuuple *lio are well known and rchpuci- c d l u i h l u vicinity. Tlielr la.iuy frJcmlH extend tbem congratulation-! liiwluhliiK ihem .1 happy Slulgh bnllH, an w.'ll as tlin wedding belli JLnglo uovr. V Tuuludlori of ill* Cbalillau Church i n n c l I n t h o G , A. U, HallThnraday. The ln\U.itlOQS are out rrjr ,1 "j;riind JIHL*- xucritdc ball " lo I j u u H e n Krldny oieiiliiu.!'! Ii runry IBI. MuNlc»bj a ilr»l t-Uwi orLheatriv J. Sweeny, D. 1'eck .ind T, Hums .«c thoioiii mlttee. Mru. G. I'olly IB on the nl(.K Hal. We «rof;lad lo announce Una lurry KrJnk r alowly recovorlni.' rroui his lone .iud HcrioiiR lllneau. Quarterly uieellnK win Uuld lu iho M. II church tiundny. Tim rretpldliiK Klder preach Iny both morning and eveulug. Owing to ih e wry bud weather the houna wnu noi filled. OU Mr. Farmer h again -iblo to be uui Itev. Ovorb-tunh hold meeting In Ihe Christ Ian chureh last wauli, b u t mot with no bucccm People h m o beuu handling BUOW hhovelH qului lively nloco ibe BUOW aiorni, Friday, Dr. llydelH uitoutllni; S.un Pelly, who lu reported to be qulto nick. .loliil ^lack ^ .1^ i i r a l l r r bfro Wednesday. 'Ihn t-nlcrialiiiuent KIVOII lit ihu Ourdnor -ichool lirju-sc 'i'iieH'l.i eve ol ladt \vccU, W.IH a victim All vlsliorn wore very comfortably se.iti'tl .iud Hie Lilt' ruilncrti were at blielr bout; LliniH ind milual rending. Mltlf llcut. tbu leaeher Hliowrd (food talent In Ihn oxciclncri. We tliliili It u o n l d b o iiuitli iniiru K there «· la mule work or Ihla klud lu the joniiiiiinliy. I,. W. I oulk lort (or Mlnuu.ipolln WcdneH- day. lie u l l l rt-lurn Katurdiiy. vVtiyrmur IJroH. aril now do\vii l^V feet TVllll tin; wi:ll Ihoy .ire drill IUK .it | O'iborits. (iultu u number, rroni llilu Mclnlty will take in the Southern [Mini SerUcra ExonvaloD, Krt H.iymouU purchased rrom your counir men a tine bunch or ye.irllng an.l nvo yea old atiiTH thin \veelt. 'I'licjinas Uerne o( IJucli.iiian Co. fold lo Waterloo tnjcr* a span »' Lor**"* thli \veek ror 5120 thK knouki IjH I-orte borne in'irket clear out or the box. Frank Linn purehafeil In yourclly a thor- .lerm-y. Conilderatlon unknown. The lymiim ai ihe mono nchool houue la i M t l u r looslnK 111 credit. The eUltorlala arc bi-'cuinln^ or suuh .1 tlecliled rUi-luulouiuaLHrts iljat «· think home Mniiri aloik will look ibrouKh a pair orblauU (joBKlei lierore llendH. Tluv Walker Li bavins a tusilo thin waek M l i h la grippe whlh .lacobn IH n u t eating liln reed vcrv rueulnrly. Tbcn'Is noihlnu extraian»m In the wouO market Lhln -wlutiT as Will Monlyoiu of your Llty purchased ilmbor, and govxl ralr Umber ion, lo ibe r.ite or jaj. por aero. SodUy old rrlemi. Is thin C'excj the man ihe iriuniis wreKolnj,' to elect In 96'- I didn't know thiit In- ll,id retilrneil from Washington, did yoliV \ionilwr how he lllteil holding down a bujv In Slny S l u K ^ h u s,aj'K while Soddy and Ajux sLro cAtlni; each other ho will gather Lht- new.-., nruiwr Inn hou about Ulauli Joe. t'oxle that Is a corker --AJ.n --'·! know an old soldier who had chronic dtarrhccii of long standing to have been permanently cured by ta- klugCbamberlAln's Colic and Diaribcca llemedy," says E d S h u m p i k . a prominent druggist of Minneapolis, Minn "I navoHold the remedy in tbia city for over seven yeirs and consider it superior to any other medicine now on the market for bowel compluints." 2S and HOC bottles of this remedy i'oc aulc by Ulanchuine McGnheran druggists. Loulno Jingles. There Ivan uwicliil pilhcrldg ul the linmc o Wm. Fejjlos WoUdcwlay o v o o l l n a i week, JMgo nuiuber or young pooplowcrc presenl A jolly party or y»img folkx from Ibla pl.ic took a akailng Irlp to thi- cedar H h o r T h u r a day «vo liisi. Tho T.oulau co operative croaaiory have got tholr Ice hoiiHu tilled ttllli iho lines leu we-bave ever seen 8. Berry delivered oaiilo In l,i I'orio l.«» TuoBduy. A 'IViMjr CHltle buyer purchased a liir« nambcror cattle In thla part of the countr; lut week. Louis Hlgley wiw u L,» 1'orUi vhllor Sunda eve ol last week. S. Barry transacted business ID Wntarlo- lost Friday. Last Sunday the household ol S. Berry wa itartied by hearlbp the report ol u pin. Upo InVi'HUntttion H wnalouod that Fled Luilw gol the shot (run down, and waft fooluuj wit iho lock when the gun WA» dlschnrged, ih loud pcuetrolngtliowull. Aa Ithupcned there WM co one In thu room ni the ilinc, but more badly frightened boy was nevor seo Be more careful next time Fred, Wm. nniler's s»le was Ul gely attended We tteiXUy. A one day for one. W« do mo»t elucerIT wtah the next lime in old mu tot* cm that he would nhul the doc ·nd not let any more of those little sno dtornuottt, or aileul hire them come until yyifT. t]um tbe on» lut Vit6*S i b k'dxcti Li 1'ork 1 , undur Ulrectlon oI . It.ivllu, lUXiTacHilny. Mr und MiH. Win. rciiHlcbaud duuguLur. iint :i .'sw duvs In Wntorloo laut wcuk. A. lllnbo]) IJ.LH .1 h;«l' HprcJ knittlH;; niiililoH Illi wlilcU lit dots food wort). ~\Ve wish to state to our patrona me One Jllnutc Cough Cure iu a sale nd ruliablt! rumcily for chilaron troub- id with croup, colds, huaracuess and ing LroubluB. It 13 pkmaant (.o take nd quickly cures. Bliuicbuine Mc- aheiuti. kidney aud bladder dih- naaea relieved in six hours by tlio '·^Tjiv Great South American Kidney Cure." This new remedy IB a great surprise on account of its exceeding promptness in relieving pain in the bladder, kidneys, back and every parl of the urinary passages in mule or fe. male. It reliKves letention of water and pain In passing it almost immed mte'y. If you want quick relief anc cure this is youi remedy. Sold by S. Boynton, druggist. --Oitrltou Cornwell. foreraau oC the a/ette. Middletown, N. J , believes hat (JhfimberJ.iiD'a Oough Remedy hould be in every home, lie used it I r! I1 TM_ l "MT?l l . i:!l * lt " 1 .'ff_.!'"!:! 0 . r or a cold aud It effected a speedy cure, le says: "Jt Is indeed a grand remedy, cnn recommend lo all. 1 have also leen It mud for whooping cough, with he besi results." 25 and 30c bn'.tles 'or sale by Blanchaine McUuherun. Eagle Center Hems. Mri. W. C'. JlcGarvey spent a pariol lai ueuk vKttlD^ her parents In Cedar Messrs. Wallace and Puturaon are sinking a. \\u\l for Johii Kcgnn on the Camp rarm Nick Froai ol Cedar. dullveriKl 18 held o ulcers at thin place lasi Monday to Mr Huw or Midland. Owing Lo dufecilvo riuou lu the boiler ou creamery TVUI uimhlu to run lant Monday anil Tuesday, wlilcu caused a gruatdual or eon rualon umong tbe patrons by an over suppl ol milk on hand. A xpeclal meutlug o( the directors ol ih c r e . i m i r y w a n c.ilied on last Monday to cuu fo tbaipoulllon ror the coming year, inasier Jnmph Hill wa3 awarded ih Cedar Herns. The old srtilers In thin vicinity uay the paut eik o( cold iviTvlhiT look.i jiul Him old UrneH Mi» J. V. llumnnl reliirueil rroni II. E. llubbiird aud ,1. A. Mclirldo U i l n k IT itoplc knew hwwuiird U IB [or i b e m t o g e t u p norulnRt) imd build llroa and Ko to the timber to chop wood, tlio nciKbuorxuoiild make a bee ' -iiiil chop their wood lur them, lu the HI.lie or Io^ ,L there IH :i la\v i i K a l n i t caiclilng Huh in Hit; river* nnd lalu-a, uut ibe inul leacbor In Cedar rn». Ulti No i says there N no lu^ riKiilnsi. fiviclilny ll»U on dry lund PciclvalHiimiucl, nriur M.illnulog through l u u s i i o w t o lili larni Moml.iy tJa;lmed the Mr. Doluh.i been engaged lo run n crcall erj Jll the vlylnliy or Oulwclu. The cxhlblilou at ibe Gardner nchool houi last Tucaday evening u jj nttendc-d by a larg crowd anil was a riuruesa In civery reipeci. We arc In formed that our own John Hmlt \Mio 1» ill present running Ihe creamery soulL of Cedar Tulla, Intends qullilug tbo butjlnos-i I niiU making n, apcclalliy of miiilc. ^Tboguliar I Is hlM n\vorlio lustriimeut. We always know | Lli.u Jobq bail nucnr for music bill never ' lie -would lake lo lino sorloiixly. Tree 1'llJs Send youi address to II. I!. .Buckleri V, Co.,''hicaf-o, a n d R e t a l r e e nample ox 01 Lr. King's New Ijite 1'ills. A rial will convince y o u o l their merits. sc pi Ha are eilay in aclion and are articiilitrly effective in the cure of onslipation and _aick headjche. For malaria and livor troubles they have ieen proved invaluable. They are ;uaranteed to be perteully Iree from eery deleterious substance and to be mreiy vegetable. They d u n o t w e a k - iu by their action, but ly giving tone o atuDiHch aud bowels grea'ly luvig- ratc the system. Heg-ilac si/.e 2Jc per box Sold by ,). JJille. At an ENORMOUS REDUCTION. We are doing this to get rid of our stock before our spring goods arrive. If you are in need of Dress Goods, Cloaks, Underwear, Overshoes, Blankets, Overcoats, Heavy Suits, or Fur Coats, come and see what we can do for you before buying. K u c k l e n ' n Anil en Salve. The best salve in the woild for (Juts, jruiscs, Sores, Ulcera, Salt R h e u m , Fever .Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands- Jliilblains, Corns, and all skin E r u p lions, and positively cures files or roons 1 »iH berelunded. Price 25 cts. jer box. For nala by Blanchaine lours for High bade SOHUCK -- Headache is the direct result of ndigeation and stomach disorders, llemedy thpse by using De Witt's Litlle Early Hisers, anil your headache disappears. The Favorite little pills everywhere, an. JJlancl'ame ifc McGnher- stubborn and cases of rheiunatisaiUiat were believed to be iacurHbleaud accepted as life legacies, luve yielded to Ohamljerlaiifs Pain Halm much to ihe Burjirne anil gratillcnlion of the snITfiers. One Application will relieve the pain and s u f - fering and its c o n t i n u e d use insures an elTcciuiil cure. Tor 3alu by Ulao- chame Try it yourself. It will pay you to trade at, W. k. SGJ1DTZ GO'S. Lot 3 five pairs Ladies' Kid button slices, II. C., S3.."0, now . Lot 4' four pflirs Ladies' Kid button shoe*. I I C , S'l 00. now. Lot 5 17 pairs L'ldies Gl. button shoei 82 iO diid b3 00 now LoLC' 20 pairs Lidie'a H a n d t u r n s ··5300 .ind SI 00. n n w ... S2oO 2.UO 1.75 2.'00 Lot 7, 4 iiaira L.idie's Lace t i p shot", W.9D. nun- -.W Lot '.I 2.1 tiAtrs Ladie's K'dd button shots. 38 00 aud Si.UO. now l.oU Lot 12. 7 pairs Ladies Gnat butmn slme* S2 8"j, now 1.00 3.00 1.50 HLob Anton In not very fond of .ler bj h.iiul for Ills Mack, and save he Is Ini; Lo have a dug power or no:ae other kind or power K be dinil BOOH Kclhli wind mill rc- p ilred. haullni; wood iicrots the rlier last week for J. P, Ciimp. Thi- Down school HUB been clowd n few days on account of I he HlneaH or the leaclK^r. On KnlurUay night Kd Kuber. J. Anlnn and J. Mcllrlde sat lip w l i l i iha remulu.i of Fr.iuk Sliuko who paanort away Sniurflay momlnp. Mftj God and ills Annuls walk the colden slrcotB of llenven with him until we nil gutter round l^e Qrcnt Tbrone lor eternal life. FBOM ANOTHEtt. Frank Kline la cultlnif quits a uwel a line n«jw sot of harness recently pui Chan. Thrall wbo ha? been quite sick "at A. W. Rubbnrd's, la now able lo bo around, Joe McBtlfo sold hLB potkera Monday Forte buy or*. Conoldoratlon S3.3K. Kied awiUlne of Waterloo la upending u few dif · »v home. 1'ublli Hnlc. Th(s undurrilRiicd will gull at hl3 re.sldcnco In Spring Crrck Twp , [our inUcs north of La I l'urL« and 3W nilli-'s youihcayi a[GLlbort«vlLlu, on Alouaay. Full n, 'oi, coaiuiunclng at n 0 clock a. in., luo (ollonlng property:-- FUe "·" COIVH, one fivhh nnd oilier* ^omlng In two tolliTs coiulnR 3 years old. with i",iW. 3, iyenr old Biecrs: a caivui. 1 ycarllny bull, well bred, lObrogdsowa, with pld from a full Ulood poland boar. 9 good shoiLs I loll liloocl I'ofund ( hlna boar. 100 chicken^,, 1 McCoriuack HC!( bludur nearly new; 1 McCor- luiicK s-Ioot mower. Rood ,»s new: I com plan- l u r w l t h cbcck rower und 85 rodn of win:. 1 I T\ Diking and I rid IHK cvitlvator; 1 riding Low ItQlfB ID ihe SoutU ana Wool On Pebrurary 12th the H. 0 li. N. R'y will sell Excursion Tickets to points m the following territory at the Extremely Low Hate of One Fare, plus $2.00 lor the Reund Trip. TicKfets will be sold to all points in Arkansas, Colorado. Indian Territory, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. Also to a large number of important points in Louisiana and South western Missouri. Tickets will be go id 20 days from ate -ind atop over will be allowed at ileaaure. This rale will be iu effect )ne Day Only, Februrary 12th, and hMc w h o desire to reach any itnpor- ant point In the Son'" or bonthwest, ncluding St Joseph, Atctiison. Lpav enwoith. Kau»as City. Denver, Coiora lo Springs. Ft. Worth, Texas, etc., should go via the B. U. H. N.ll'y on this excursion, For f u r l her particulars inquire of station agents or address, J. MOMT 'N,G. T. L. A. Cedar Rapids, Inwn. low nuvi. 1 MiilklnK plo^-a: ! Icvcrdr.iR: i av rauo I htxy rack: number 'nitKou: I road cart: 'J ten gallon milk cani and matiy other es loouumurouf to mention (JQU bu. ol oats I n b l u : CO bn. of corn In crib: is ton ol bay in mack; loliu or sccJ com, Froo lunch at noon, Terms of Kale. All .sums ol 110. and under Casli: over that amount a eredll of 12 TiwmlhH will bu ttlvon on bankable noies bear I D R H ier. I'ent intereHi Jrom date, J. R Tcrrv i\(ICt. JnilN STRKrviu Jtlivuuiallaiu Cured In n Day. "Mystic Cure" for Rhitumatism and Nnuralgla radically cures in 1 to 3 days. Its action upon the system is remarkable nod mysterious. It removes at once the crtuse and the dls- tease Immediately disappeare. Ibe lint dose greatly benefits, 75 cents Sold by Ulauchdlne McGsherw clcuKglnta, La L'orte. Or. Price'* Cream P»wd«r .50 15 .23- Lot 14, li) pairs Jlisses Kid button Hoc!. S2.M. rioxv .................... Lot 18 10 pairs Misses Kid button spnns heel, 32 05, now ............... 17 pairs fluids Kid button, lire! 5 to (\y,. 91.00, now ii Hoys ^lu^h flaps, 91 00. now ii 15oya Caps 50c.. now .................. 27 Scotch Ops, rfeuts, now Also a Full Line of G-enl's Furnishing Gooas, Cheap. The above prices are only a fe v o\ the well selected stock formerly owned by Geo. B a n n e r Son. W. Yours for Business, SCHUTZ Co. The Cash Shoe Man. All kinds of Repair Woi k neatly done. "otlcc or tlio Appoint"!'' Admliilalrutur. 1 of SOUHERN HOME-SEEKERS' STATK or IOWA, I ,,,, Dlatkhiiwk County, r 3 ^' N'otlcu Is hcroby given that the undersigned ban been duly nppoIiituU :mn qu.illlled aa Admlnlsirator ot the K.-taw of JolinUal- I n B h e r l n t c o r Blnckbawk coiiniy. dccenieU. All persona Indebted to said Kstnio a i c i e uue'tted lo nialie linuiedliie pa? meut. thuie hiving cla'msr »K-i ln »t tbi- laiiif picsent ihcm. duly -ittUienilc m-ii KI undcrnlgned ror allowance. FJJSTCHER SMITH Dated January 24, IBK' now In Hundreds or n"rtli»rii f-nniHei are Kited .il- [inhiL^ on ttie lln^ of the lIUu nnd Y.ixoo i. .MlaslsilppJ Valley .Mn the -.MIL'S ol Tcimcssl-'. Misialsilppl »«· i r*on|.-[iuvL. ,\u'l Tboufl^llds of oleers woo c«n 11111 I l-nipUlc .icli.tiiKi or J.icJillou W a milder ell. i l l I!- vherr laurt ,ma bulldlnif toalerlal !· tlit-:iii. aie nuliliiK lor ibe Illinois ceutril , v onthcni llonir-Sccrts' Kxuur-iloua that "HI '··ivc .'5loii\ (.'HyalSOT p . m . bloux Falls «t 0 10 p i n . *,:!/ p. in., Cedar Kipiil" a: r. to p. ni . .mil l.ylc at a ~{, p. re.. Monday, I-i'ivmliBr I'Jih Dt-ccmtMT lOib. Januao"'"· 1'tbrn.iry I l h , Marchlth, April 1st aud .tilt: anI from all ptilMls e.iii of Fori Dodc« on i»« in.iir, l l n e o m - i l . i j Uu-r, The rat* trill be only Illlnoh Hi TliOso All Froo, have used Dr. Kintf'3 Hep Discovery know its value, and those who have not have now the opportunity to try It free. Call on tbe advertised druggist and get a trial | bottle free. Send your n-irue and an-1 dress to H. K. Bucklei. Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's New Life Pill free, as well as a copy of Guide to Health and Household Instructor, free. All of wnidb, is guaranteed to do you good and cost you nothing. J. rJllle'n drugstore. Which MUD Wlnat Tbe one with steady servei and a clear brain. That means, nine cases out o f t e n , the man with a good digestion. A Blpani Tabule after dinner nay MT«J io-morrow,i btulntM. . . , 1 M r.ini for ;lnt roniul trip from all llllnoh (V-.tnil iJolrn.s noriti ol the Ohio river, to »11 111 · .111,1 V.iwo .Vll^s. VMlley puln'-J In Hie sUlei of Teiin'-.sse* MIssUslppl »Dd Ljulnlin i fe\c"pt Sew Orleans and M«mpbl» iiud nil! D u K n n i l to return at will within 30 o»y .ind for siop-on-i"* In h u l n 'llrectlong eoiuh «r Calr» i:viT} nii-i lnieri"il In th» south. «r ...... - ;i' ia ' Tr Vei\ca¥'^Vopy'r.»VoiiibefnH(ijije-Si-«- U ° U ' .1. P \f-rrj- A Ci rrj- ola Kstrcmoly l,ow Itiitcs to the souili. The liurliiife'loii, Ctdar H.ipids Northern Railway will run home seeker's excursions to points in Ten- nesses, Mississippi, J^ouislau.i and Al- abaoiA on the following dates: January 7tn, February J i h , March *H", | ^r^^"-'-''?'"'""'""'"''"'^ April lat aud '29lh. 18!IJ. l r rora Bta-| ?.' ·i'vr!..iu.|Z. u-llibleand valuable tions south of n n d including Iowa Falls Albert L-a ami Oecoruh one day later trmu tht- above dalts. Tickets will be sold at ihtf txtremely low rite of on* f^re forthaiounil trip, aod will be good to return thirty days fro.r. the date of sale. Stopover will be allowed in Tennessee, Louisiana Mississippi acd Alabatna. For rules and ttuie of trulns call on station agenta or uddres-s J. MORTON, (J. x. It P. A. Cedai B«pida, la. P A.. il icallroaU. "It is ni.'Hiun; to sell Chamberlain's Cough Ri-inedy,' 1 seys stickuey fc Den- tier, druKgiata, Itcpublic Ohio, "He- cnuse a customer alter once using it. la almost certain to call for it again when in need of such a medicine. W6 Bell more of it than, any other cough medicine we handle, and it always gives satisfaction." For coughs, colds aud croup, it Is without an equal. . Far sale by Blancbiun» i McUahereo. --

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