Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 5
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 5

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 5
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p r « i l . . PmjMnior, Nti.« A.-- las . IB bt. Wo. 8 B.- _- I:l5p. m. Fnl*fci. We, 10 A BICp. m . .--.__-12:Cft p. m. i, No. 1 B 10:06· . · ._,, ·ngwBo.»B VJ7j. n MUtne»?olliElprwi, Wo.I. A 1:11 ·. n W.rFSl«hi No T B 11.00 ».o. Freight No. A S:SD P. a. ^--Daily H-Djllj- ercept Sandiy. E. Hrancm A«t --The ULion state Bank have put in a furnace. It wu furnished by B. S. Mye.-s. --The G. W.sawvey public iale that uaa advertised f or Thursday. Feb. 7 N«s been withdrawn. Sloore. of iiruce. shipped 2U --L,. A bead ef fat steers «nd niuety dead of sheep to Chicago, Wednesday. -- Horn--To Mr. and Mrs. Earl B»rn*a on Tuesday morning, a daughter Mother and child are doing well. --There - was n dauce over the traoJt one nigm last week and rumors ot a "scrape" in connection with it. which I n Dung Jooked into. -- Word has been received from Fort *'«ith. IVxaa. by Chuiles Seamen, that !na brother, Anton Seamen, died in that city on T ueaduy laat. FON 9ALB COOPBR. Rock Creek Herd POLAND C H I N K S SAKDRfta CHIP. NO 2T443 htad* ihe herd Hla Hire took first In hla claas, ncd swerpsuikes at tbe World's Fair. Uln service L-ao be had to A limited number ol regitiUired Poland China SOTCH. at to 00, payable strictly In Hlruice. Am mow booking ordorn Tor bred BOWS. Barred VlymouUiRoclt and Urowu L*gbnru thickens for Hale. BEN. MANWELL. Prop. Farm 3 mllea S K ot la Forte. ·o working order M Main Strs«;. JSt ft aa MACHINES ete., put at Ward Cooper's, --New Yort apples at Paige's. --1'oUtoea and onions at l^ige' --All kir.da of can gooda at Paige's. --Go to Bannister's for pies, 10 cuntu --(jo to Bannister's for nrat claos lunches. · --The place to buy ehoes IH at Pslge's. -Go to Bannister's for pies,10 cents. --Twenty-five pounds of sugar for -SI.00 at Anton'a. · --Winter caps at Pwlge'a, latest styles. -Poi« Star Hour, the best on earth at Paige's. --Twenty-five pounds of sugar for * l.oo at Antoti'a. --Valentines for everybody at Ul»u- chaine McGaheran's. -W. T. McQullKin offers best hard wood at 93.50 a cord. --Twedty-flve pounds of sugar for VI.DO at Anton's. -- G o t o Bannister's for brat claw lunches. --We pay the highest market price for butter and eggs at Paige's. --Tnsnty-five pounds of lugtt for tl oo st Anton's. --Remember the Hard Timea dance OD Wednesday evening, Feb. 8th. --B. S. StantOD iclla the celebrated Peoria citovra, BoinJ Oak and Cook. -Go to Blanchuiae Jk McGaheraa's for your valentines, from one cent up. --A complete grocery stock always OD hand at Paige's Syndicate Block store. --A. £. Kline hu made a number of improvements in tbe grocery store which was formerly conducted by -KIlDc Bryant. --Don't neglect that cough, it leads to eoDsumption. One Minute Cough Cure possesses a double virtue. It curea and curea quickly. Hlanchalae A McGah»ran. --Don't forget Husman'a Hard Times Dance at the opera bouse on Wednesday, February 8lb. Put on Jour cotamon clothes Adtnlssion 50 cents. --It is not a miracle. and attend. It won't core everything, but It will cure piles. That's what De Witt'B Witch Hazel Salve will do, because it has done it in hundreds of case*. Blanchame Mc- °«heran. -Dwltt'a witch Hazel Salve cured ·'· U. Gorrell of the worst case of ec- zoiDBftver x n o w n i n t h e state of Indiana. u cures scaJdfl, burns, indolent sores aad never 'all: to care piles. Ulancoaine McGaheran. --Don't fcUget Husman's Hard Times Dance' at tbe opera house on Wednesday, ^Feb. 6th. Put on your --Quarterly meeting at the M. E. church neit Saturday and Sunday. Hev. E. Coleman will preach Siturday evening at 7;30 and SmuUy at 11*0. --Don't forget Husmana Hard Timea Dane* at the opera house on February Hth. 1'ut on your common clotrr.i and attend. Admission SOcenta ---I. K Hmmegaii. formerly general ticket anu passenger agent for the U. C. K. to S., hja incepted a position of general paaaengf r agent ol the Indiana Him' is mid Iowa rnilwuy. --The lirat annual meeting of the La I'on*- Co-Operative Creamery Co. helil.ou Mituiddy laat. Tbe present Olivers mid bojrd of directors wern eletted to succeed themselves. - -J. F. Lattner. late editor of the Cedar Haplda JmiTUal,*\s well known in La Porte, is about lo accept a position with the Dubuque Daily Herald, us circulator aud advertising solicitor. --M. J. Toim, the rising youig Vinton attorney, w i l l apeak at the M. E. Church under the ansptcies of the JEp- worth League on Friday evsnine next. Hifl subject will be'The Heroes of Constitutional Liberty. --Mr. tingbam, of the Midland Mcnthly r, informs us that be liaa placed on Ins subacriptioi books since the tint of December lust between 1300 and 1400 caah nil bump tlona--a splendid allowing. -- Word hat) been received by Mr. K C. Henth that his ojtiighlur. Mrs. Maud Maker, of Mapelton, IB., presented her husband with a niue pound girl baby ou Wednesday last. Mother and child aie reported ae doing well --Chairman Ashley, of the Board o .Supervinurs, who la a committee t" iiUur the repairing ol Cedar river bridge, informs us that the brldgs wll be replanked and other necessary re lain attended to as soon as the weath er will permit, --In these da/8 of telephone, telegraph, electricity and steam, people annot afford to wait days or as many lours for relief. This is our reason 'or offering you One Minute Cougl Jure. Neither dnye, Lor hours, uor even minutes elapse before relief is afforded. Blancualno McGaheran --Mr. and Mrs. E. J. tiuchan cele brated their llfth wedding anniversary on Monday evening last. A large number of frluda gathered at the hos pliable home acd brought with them tesldea their heartiest congratulations many beautiful presents, llefreab meats were served ut midnight, nod i most enjoyable time w»s bad by all. --We received a communication 'rom L'Ulae thfa week, which we were unable to publish limply because Ii was not accompanied by the name o the writer. There was nothing ob- ecilonable in the matter and we would lave been pleased lu publish It, but must koow who our correspondents are. 1'lease bear this m mind when writing co this paper. --The grocery firm of Walker, Bogg t Connor, at Koekford.Iuwa, hiw teen reorganised, Mewn. Bogfs A Conno reliriDg; their interests being pur chaaed by Walker llro»., W. A., A. L and C. L. The Hockford Oatelte in noticing the change, speaks very klgh Ij oi the Walker Bros., aad gives|thei Grn the bonor of establishing the lirs ausceseful'-family grocery" in Bock ford. --News IB received here that James Leverich, p«al master of Shellroclc died on Tuesday. Hia son Jamea, o this place, was at bia bed-fide, having left here last week upon bearing o hla father's illness. Tbe bondsmen ar In charge of the poatofflce and it IB un clothe* and attend. Admls- ·ion so cents. --A gentleman of this county who "as excellent judgement remarked to u » the other day that he knew of no Pill, ao good for constipation, dyspsp- and liver complaint aa De Wltt'i BUocoalne A Early Bisera. McGaheran.- --Tbe folloirlnf leuen remala la *« L* Porte City poatofflw uncalled f or, week ending Jao. Slut. 1886: Dr ·Ulwrt E. Hofut. Bob ttlbwm, B. B. Hltt, U«or«e £. McNeil, Oeot|a Feter- ·on, Gtttto Pitt*. JoHu HckeM. U r - will be assassed this JHHI: the same as any other kind of vehicle 1 ;. --John Large has been re-elwlwt secretary of the Louise Co-Operative Creamery. --TM G. W. Sawyer pnbMc salt- ili*t was advertised for Thursday. Feb. 7. has been w i t h d r a w n . -- There WHS a p:irty :it the country home of Mr. anil Mrs. Luther liooili Tni.reiJaT nijrht. A large.;.nuiiiber from town were preseut, »\id a liraL clusa time is reported. --Tim I! XV a«.-ver nnhlii 1 sain which w-ui advertised to take place ou Thursday, Feb. 7, lifts own withdrawn, owing the foiling through of tin- trade- by which Mr. Sawyer was to dispose of hi» property. tue. Thul'H why WP iifler you One M i n u t e Cough Cure. Jt is p r o m p t m relief aid prompt in curing. That is what it is mude for. Hl,inrhaine MC}Rher«n. --lolin Kiley was arraigned in .lus- c" Ueed's court on Tne.sdnt luat wituthmlleg;il sale ot mtoxi- liquors, lit- ii'(|iiesliij time tn roriire cL-nnel ''1 Si"- n lal w.n set or Monday. --The tegular meeting of the coni- lon council vi.ia held m I lie M.iyoi's Dice Monday niithi. .^oinu bills the city were read and ulloweti tberwiae no buainesa of importance :i3 tracascted. --Jones, the pedestrian, who gnve n exhibition in La Porte some tune go, and who WHS alterwnnls rteleatu! i H three arty'n Hi Waterloo, l ingledruiii, the Indiana chiimhu-n, I' 113 gain been defeiitrd ill tin- amnt; sort f u race »nd oy ilie same m a n , u Green. --Eliutr'a 1'ictorial Travi-ls, w h i r h were giveu a few iiignta Llua iseeh aL icCtiaue'd «p«rn house, w i l l be con iuued at the M.K.clmri;tv on Mondiiy and Tuenday evenuiijb. whi-u views ol 'ike's JL'eak, k V o r l d n r'au, ligypt -lud Palestine mil ne ulio\vn. ^Vdniisaioii 5 cents. --Ati alurm of (ire was sounded VedueaUrtY u v t n n u ii-)-)iii " oVluck. Altru Ihr i-n^ine .mil i."ht- c.ut had been got out, it ".-s .it-i-crliti I t h a t lie H r;; WHS ul tile. Hiiaatil House across he tr^i-k, nou occupied by Lewis Armstrong, uud that it had been UCCL-SSlillly eXI)iiL, r uialird. It c.Hi gilt rotu the stove |i|i.- \vlnuli ;iii-aed brough the roul, .mil lil.lle duuiiige waa done. --The cuse of Cuoil vs Miiulber Uros. was on trial again Una week and oc cupied two il.ivri in J u s t i c e Htcd'a jourt, It went to the jury i'liiii'sduy vening and they debated it nil n i g h t and cuine iuto court in the morning with a disagreement. It in nnderatood hut the j u r y stood :, t o ! against* udgement. This is the second time, he case has been tritid and the costs tow amount to 8'j.Ou. deratood Mrs. Leverich will be ap pointed to fill tbe vacancy caused b ber husband's death. --Ihe Metropolitrnfl laat evenini presented "The Bow of Auvergne, aod Tyginallon and Galete*." "Th Row" proved to be full of fan an ·everai very pleasing namben were rendered. MlM ^olcoit added to tb good Impreiawn ihe won on Monda f. Mr. lonaldton played an ·ang to adv»ni»f*. abowlnK himself to b* more of · oomadbu than tbe arar age baaso eooJd hope to .tm. Tb uolqae offMlntlon ii capable haUlDff *JB Mdlenee throtmhoi my fUadard light pmif Prmt, Dt OMiKMMlf.vr 1KA, 18M. iMiif, Ft*. VftV Purely Personal --Dr. (j. M. Xfsbit, of Mr.. Auburn, was a L" L'orte visitor \\ ediieadiy. -- (I. W. Sawyer was buainess in Cedar yills W -- Deputy Sheriff H O X I P w:mn t o n n Wednesday on ollicial biiMiie^s. -- J. T. Do«din(r.|eft l:it nieht for n few days \ i y i t in Knn^as C i t y , \lo -- t'd Fiiz-iiiiiiioiis. fl Minnc j ;i|'ilis was domu business in t o w n this week -- Mrs .1. U'. Van Onyne, ol \ V i t e r - loo. was v i s i l i n g o l d this i-in this wees. -- Mayor Ko ph w,is lookinc a l t e r onie prob.ile in. liters in Walerloo Wednesday. -- Dr. C C\ ( i i i l l i n . uf Vinton, was in La I'nrtH mi prul»-s-ional biiini"i Ida si liiuble w.m called home f i o n i ViiHiMi this week to attend the sick bed ol her lather. , -- Mr F. Mar.nn, ol \ r k l f \ - . la , was a Su day guest ut the hninc dl M i aivJ Mrs. (r I I . Schvict^ -- Adam Keller, ot \Viicilui), was look in),' a l t m Ins bnsinibs inieresis m L.I I'orte ttie lir^t ol the w e e k . -- Miss liiilh (i.iv of Hrur.-T\vp , !rn r t l u r i n d t o Urs \lonn-s tn rL-iinni 1 b 1 r mediiiil studies in Drake l"i i\eis.ily . .mil Mrs ' bsi'ijuies iiluil, i\t Ci 1C. 1C. Dr.ikc alti-nd l a r u n - i n . M i b . Mm Tlio Melropolltttaa On Wednesday evening, Feb. Kit-h his celebrated company of reorganized vocalists will appear at McChiine's opera house, presenting Von biippe'a 'ygmuleou and Ualateit aud the Uoae of Auvergne conatituting a rare inimical treat--This organization comprises Home of the brightest operatic urlista n tils or uny other compmiy and hould tie greeted with a crowded house. We don't hesitate in recommending hla company to our music loving wople usbflug tbe best un the road and we can consider ourselves very 'ortunate in having them pay La Porte a visit. AtLa I'one Wedneiday Feb. I h t h . llrucMT^vp, School ileporl, The following in the report of the school In Bruce Twp. No. 2, for the month beginning Dec. 31. 180i and ending Jan. 25, IS'JS: No ot p u p i l e enrolled, lo; No. of days taught, 20; Total days attendance, 22~; Average dailv attendance, I ' i ; No. cjaea tjirdl- ness, 28; Mo. i r p u n la not absent, 3: b'red Kennedy, - ·''· Miiith. UlPti Smith; No. pupils not tardy, 3: Ueorge Nichola, Fred Ksunedy, Clint Hook; No. of puplJs not absent or tardy, 1: Fred Kennedy. Kllen Outcalt teacher. ed I I I n-% I d.iy. -- U. r L inniiit'. of enee;i. l o w . i An old resjldenl ol Sprint; Crt-ek town ship. :s here v i s i t i n g frifiids ·mil it-l;IM% cs. -Mr. .), lines (Jilti-n, ol .loliet. Ill , arrived in i^a 1'one \eterd:iy tur .1 ahoit visit w i t h his n i l c ' j l.iinilv, Mr. H n d .Mri. John .McCjuilklil. -- Miss Jilixubnth McQiuIki". w b o has been visinni; relahvea i n l ' e n n ; \ l v i u n i l o r the iiiist tliri'" n n n i l l i i , n - inrn-d home Fiid.u ni'iiiilng. --Mrs. P. \". I'.ivi-v, -Jf U r i t t , l.i..;t ot Mrs. .). 11 N'-viumnb. is a ai the huttra home. ln' ii m:- couipanied by lu-i Lliree chlliirtn. -- J. F. Morn.s, ol Irt'lon, Lowtv, is in the city llirs nuelt visi! ::::; jld tun. IriPiirta. IU* slopped beie on Ins n.iy home Irom Chicago, where he Ii id be-n u i t h stock. --C U. Il.irmon ,ind l - i m i l \ , ol SprinK Creek, lelt tin;, » P 0 k Tor IC.mlun Missonii, where '.hey w i l l m:ik' lln-ir lutiire home. Mr l l , i n i n j n N bij.illb hui not been lirst-cliiss f.nd In- ii nbli^i'd to seek ,i inori 1 congi-nml cliinnte lb.ii l o i V i l . W. L. Kox IIOUSH all ween w i t h r h e u m a t i s m . TUo slelc. hits bi'i-n cniiliiu'il to l l n J ai-vero I'.iic of Miss Mildred - Mnore h:i4 i j i n t H dl w i t h tin- ]Ulusry Mn- lh r ii,it. but 13 now i m p r o v i n g . V Mr anil Mrs. W i n . A b b o l t, M., \\ h- hiive been V e r j . i l l , lire n n p r u v i n p rni-c. ly at this S W . S u l i a i h l e was l i i k r n an-k a. fiKO Mnt-Tliiirailay and IM n»w in 'i M-iy critical I'.onaition, lie is -illi'cti'd with pneumoiii:i. * * * F, W. liuher, whu b:in bi-en d:inu''- r onniy HI, is i m p r o t MIL; ,ui'l i' up jVVedneade.iy fm I b r Ince lua i Hruce Onler 8«hoiL Monthly report of Bruce Center School District No. 3 Bruce Twp. Henton Co., Iowa, for month ending Jan. 25, 1805: No, 0»ys taught, 20; Total days attendance, 4"iiii; Average daily attendance, 23.81. "o. not ntiaeutor tardy. 7:.Jobn Kereietter, Simon Kerstetter, Bertha Meister, Rosa Me inter, Guy See. Amy See, Sarah Early; No. notabwnt, 7: John Kerateiter, -Simon Kentctter, Guy .See, Amy See, Bertha Melster, Kosa Meiater Sarah Early No. not tardy, 13; Lena Witt, E m m a Witt, Jerry Witt, Peter Witt, sjarah Early, bertha Melster. ttoun Meiater Delia Meister, Mary Miller, Mable Miller, John Keratetter, Simon Kere totter.Llzzie Keratetter. A. E.Stull Tvacher. fmrm to fteni. One hnndwd aad fifty acre term fo not In spring Creak Twp., four mlln of Lo Potto. Apply to ^ - JOH Arm .IH ubli- hi'iL ti to Vniing Tom M( Andrpw-. en very III l - u ,-oinr rtcck d as much hi-lu-r \vlio h,n . ii n-pori- Chas. Suf-3o:iir. lorrmiin or tin- Pr.ort- iE.sS-Ui:vn:n', has b n - i i c o n l i i i i d lu lu» ome. all w e a k , s t r u g g l i n g w'tii nyinp- oms ol typhoiU tevcr. '** J. U. llay/.letl'a youngest lioy in nick with inulurml fevnr. Rankin In la_Porte City, THE;?, c,:, U,ORIA:;I:E INCUR cur, Arruiimiutnis Mil ill- wiiik Mr. KIIUK- lln lor 11 \Yi-t-k-* Work Amo. 15 Us* A. (.' Kankliu, the uotod poliliei.iu .iiul leinporamv ml \oc.ito, who ln« in rixvut yo.irs- attained considt!)Ml\t! f;nue a the "Moulder Orator." spoke in .1 l.:i I'ortu andienrt- on Tl nr».i1i\ ifiornoun Mr. H:inklm 0:11 o down fiom the wiokeil ciiy o f ' U iloi'loo whoro lu- i.-- nli\\ · holding inuei. "^ r s. on moi nin«^ pas^oni^ur: 'u* »·* ac- ipiinioil-liT tho Rev C. U. T jnnorl. Mrs Mmif."Lr uud Mi-f. Cluisi, ixiliii^ w a s huld iu tin j'10-.liv- huioh anil ^vas I'liHei T o r i n o o'clock. At hour tho siiv. ml «.«H- »:tis I'oiiifoi'Utbly tilled, a; Mr-. ^oi 1 , \V]RI is t o n u l \ ui'», r : ii/ei of the W. r. T. U iu Hl.u'khutvk county. tli« movtiii^ to urdor :iud in- 11 oduci'd tho Ituv. Piii'inort. Tho in.idu :i spirited to tho I'lirisliiiii pooplo of La Porte, ospor- i a l l y tin- woinoii, lo iiniiuiviih tliot.o of Watorion anil ( Kills, in a p l a n t to tlirotilo tho «lnskiy punoi in h u u k coiintv Tin- roM'i'iu'd nian ivab in a VCM P ayj^ios^ivo fi .inn- of Liund. a-i hu afii'r\'. .inN do- I'liiroil lumo'lf to IK.'. llvdi'tu ii VLM-V cluuunia^'in},' pic'turo o( ihu iniUouk for Uunpoi .into loforin iu his ottn city, ·.mil biiu! lli.u "tho tonijiL'i unco people VV,uerli(i «ere t r a i n l e d upon, of A Kiire Treiil C o i n i n g T h e celebrated Mevroprjlitaiis M i l l nake their initial lioxv to a Lit Tor i- uidictici- on Wi-dnt-aday evening, Frb- u a r y 13th, preauiitiu^in one (·vornng wo complete optrri.s iilTurding w i t h o u t « doubt the Krfc.iteHt I'liUrtiiin- menl ever presented In t i n s city. itoae »l A n v n r g n K iiud Fran/, Von ^ppe\ b e a u t i f u l I'yjjmalton a;m (\-\\- atca w i l l lie presented here w i t h ul.ib- le costuiiung ana every det,nl ne.- ceasary for a perfect perlormarici:. It a very advihal/le to aectir" yuur »j:ita early. On .-»l" at tin- usual piric". At Lal'orle Weunesdny, Fi-b.inth. r|iii ii|jnn u u i l pukt'il upon, " (.'oniity A t l o i n o j IJ u i h o n e.iino in fin a i u-h bi own i o. -,L at Liu' h i i n d i of tho spoalt- IT, :m] otliL-i- cuiitity (jllu'i.ilri «ui'« .iri.iiij;i-ii for doiiif, r only h . i l f l l u j i i duty. Afli-'t 1 M i . L'uuun L linisiiuil llu- I t u i , 5. 10 K I I D I I H w . i s i ' a l l L ' d u p o n and s j i o k o l)i-iullv l'\)lU)\i mi; in iho TOOL bloij-s of llio H|)i-:ikor hn .ilso] i n i I'ospi-i ti in i l n - iillli'i-fti of the hiw, inn! p i r i ' i i i i l a r l y to b l i u r i l l No.\ii;, H a y i r i i f llio i-huri II li.-ul ivrilUin :i ffUliHo- 111:111 ill I,.'i l ' ' i i t i - . n u t to .-til; t u u m a n y jUesli'i:i- r u i n - i - r n i n ^ 1 llio I l i i u u i luiai- nnss. ' hi- ic-in.irk brought t l i u l j ii]-rno, i LO ln-i fit-l .i-r;iin i i f t u r Mr, Koiuir. 'uul liui.-ihul, v,\\A\ ,inV n a t i o n - c ^ s u - d n i j j b h o i - i i r lloMu, i n thu i-oui-x, ul u l i i t - h hu H|ioki) i n a \ « i y eon pi' mi'iil.ii ) iiKininT u o n c u r n i n ^ i h i u (jillcml. 'J'Lo Itov. K. W. Coalc-i n-iin tlion i-.ill'-d i i p c i u . b u t i-vrnm-i] l i i i n n i ' l f from niiikin^ any u v u - n d r i l l u i n i i r k s , by Hayi n g that hu, l i k o otliers, waa a n x i o u s LO Imai 1 tho dptiakcr (.-f the- afloi-iiuoii, M i . H i i n k i n . i n .1 n.iiiu'.il oiMlor, lua p h l t f d l ' l l l l l p l H ' i U M I H - U is ^OOll. voiiic- l e n o n j i n t , Jiifvdelnor} ulTec 1 .ind his iir^iiiiiLiil, . c o n v i n j'lDIll hiH point Of liuv. 1 . f l o flOMICl in a marked di-|riou, tluit i-iro-jt ^'ifL of lh; Ol iilor, purrioniil n i . L ^ n r L i n n i , \ v l u c - l i i - l K i h l i ' d h i m to hohi Lhu i l u l i L f l i t u d at' I'-ntion t f ovon thoac \ v h y w i l l n o t ·iruipl hii eoneliiHion Mr. U i i n k i n H sjnvrh H : I H iiui-uriHiirily i j r i i ' f , I I M he :i;id In-, .i-triuriati-H U I M U oblij;i0 in l u a i u on No. .! for Wr.ior- loo. A f U ' i In- h a d f n i M l i r ' i l spo.ikini;, l l m or^iiiij/iilion of 11 L;i 1'orto a u x i l i a r y to the W. C. T. U- IV.IH olli.-(j|i;d, n u l l tin- K i l l o - M i i L f o M I i - n i s : M I B . .1. II. J.1/.U1 1 , 1'ivs.: Mr-i I. IJ"*, Vice 1'ri-n.: MM. I'. L I J . i i / l f t l , Si-i-y : Mr-i. I- K. Y o i i n y , (,'or. .Seoy.: Ml H K. Xin Iji-i, 'I'ri'a-t T i n - | n , - i i i i o i i f o r an or^.iiiuatiim l i c n - r o n t a i i K - d 1", rj.kinuH, inoliuliiiL,' tli'i niiiuuH of ionic ··n nU^- IIM.-II who ai-u honai y iiionil;in r H. '"In 1 oi'^aiii'/.itioii w i l l Ijii i (jin- ilx-il lit a im-i'LuiL,' w h i c h is r.illcd to ; h'.'ld on W i - i l n c f d a y next at th-j M. ' J l U I I ' t l , It-foii- Mr K n n k l i n left nmn^o- )i.-titi "uru Hindu for h i m to r,p rid a ·C"'k hero, commoni'lni; h u u d a y , I'ol). i VVIn-n .Mr. H a n k i n coini'H and h« W. X T. U. xAt to working, Lit 'oil'- may L-x]M't :L K o n u i u u , old iHliiuncd prohibitiou Hlirnii^ up. (nriln of I'liiinkn \Ve desire to extend ot,r buartfc.-lt, thanks wj all tho kind finnids who nave helped us by their sympath.v and aid. in our sudden bcreavumeut. the oaa of our beloved daii^htor uud wife. 1L LL-.VKMANX ASU FAMILY. IL J. KoUKit. \Vo iviih lo thiink our noi^hbora and friendx (or their verv (rreat kind ness to us during the sicknuaa, dejith and burial ot our bolovod son ant brother. MIL AND Mils. HERMAN STAUNKE AND FAMTI.V, Sloward's Xoilce. Scaled bids for Steward of the poo farm will be received at the count auditor's office in Waterloo, Iowa, nn Ul IB o'clock, February Uth, 1735. Committee rewtre the right to re- jaet'uy or all bids. AT OBDEB or COHXITI* on FOOB. in AwarutU Highest Honors--World'a F«lr. ·DR; CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. A ruie Giare Cr:am ol'T.imr Powder. Free aoni Ammonia, Alum or any uiiier-iilulterahL YEARS THE STANDARD. si UDKM.\ a lli-iilli ol .Mis. llvi-uinu Kobar. Un I'liui3'la\ luornlug ol tuu Week to liu-ai Mi'a. Klsiu i Kuuci', wile o( H. .1. Kouer, -iiiU d.iuij'iiLL'i oi 11. liitue- .11,11111 liiid died Ina i^fiiiilg bolol'L- Ul ,111; LIOIUO 01 n t i - i . u i i r i . snc Una lett ici otMi Lnuiie iii'.n tun pmce some .i.iuc u e e K ^ M i i L U iu inir^e Her mo tin; r i l n o n ^ l i .1 lung iiuU ciiLicrtl illuess lUll J»3L ab Iiul labol'n Uad 1'eSUlllHl in ,1 niaikeil lujjuoi uiiir-ut iu it i m'j'.li'.-i'= condilion, anu wad ueidell ilrickuii \vitli uunto LIueULUouid, uud alter.i bl let mvuy fv ed- U«sdi g V e n u i H -'t nine o'clock.. 3 ui,i Luuuui.iim Kuuer, ot llci'iiiaii uiiU \Viis limn at llolle, I'loviucu ol Jtlau- uvei,, on Noveiuotsr IU, 1H53, .mil i n u i u me u.ija ol Hot iuuiLii:y uud. uuriy chikinoiiil uoi'e spent, lu Ibliti lier |i.u'L'iil.i inunigifiLuil to Amuiicn, ctiliiig I I I H L .it IJuLl." Fiilla, Iowa uud. li'jui) .illei 1 .11 U'illeiloo. lu 1H7U iiL-y luiuuv'ed Lo L-i 1'jrtti wliure tuu u-SL ol Her Ille w.ia spent. Ull Xurvti '.LlaL, tbao tiliti w-ta iiitirileii lo llcriu^ii J. KuLiti ol lluapliici;, iiiiiicouiiuenubd uepiiit; ut onco ou nia lanci loin iiiilca nurlh weal ol Ln I'oite Cay. M-e WHS ilie moLlaei of tlueu u l i i l d i e n , tu'HH who died lu lu- 1 ancy,-tud. ouu m t l u g i l l , Luoua, who ilied in Jlureli 181U, sliorUy utter hur- ,uid uiL-jUaiiii had moved upou tlie placo K n o w n as ilia lle.itti l u i u a j u a l u t lliu limns oi Lii 1'oriu City, Tilt loss ot ligi litlle gut, Luoua, was usdd blow to in/1 mother's IIL-,LIT, and completely lirostr.ltod. hur lui anverul wtiuka. t'or. lor .sumi- time past bur luulhur, Mrs. 11. Liineni.iii lias been in dulu me heultli, uiid Occomliln Very luuch wuidu Llireb weuKH ago, Mrs. Kobor lulC hur ])lu4baiU houiu and Uiiiuu Uou'n to niniistei lo ihe need^ ol Ule p.ujlIC lu whom .ill Llir.jugii hie a no nud tiuun demoted. Coiitrucliiig *. cold in Ltie L-^ltei pact oC lust wi'uk, aliu coiuptlled Uit.iHu DO her bed, I r o m t v h i c i i a l m ueVei agitiu itrouu, H^ away alter an illnuaa ol only loui Udys. llur l i l u 111 Linn cumuiiinity has beuu in tiXiiinplu oi recliiudu uud of duiiit-dtn; dt-voLioii, iMid many a Inuiid is lei'i to moil i n w i t h iliu bereft. , parnius ,uid brother the loaa ol out HO (,'ood aud truu. Jler luuerul lurvnicu *AUIU LDiiducKiU, privately ut iitj nuuai- yl hut 1-ilhei jail publicly at he Guriuan l^voiiyelicjl Church (of vililuh uoinnfiiiiioii aim wua u member, i.wing joincu in lyil,) on Friday a,rt«r- loon, and a very Uii'go cjiiccursB of ner old triends joined the Idiiilly m tbe i.iat iiie.i oi respect lo her memory. Her ruinanm were liid Jt, lest iu Ueat View I'vun-lvry. Tiie nieiiioiy of lur quiet Chribtiaa lilc will lie ii uoiulorl Lu her loveU ones lelt bjliincl, arid iu the whole comm u n i t y t h e (,' .sympathy in felt expressed lor them, iu their sad hour ul Uerevumciit. U c J l L l i uf r r u r i l c S l i i l u i k u . A l i t t l e OUT ii muiiUi ago tlnj liln 1'rank w.ts ariiionnci'd hia paper. Like inuny otln-r nd prorn'HiiiK young men h" ind iinei, tcicki-ii ivilh Typhoid 'fuvor. !'ery are and at'ention ivas given him in lis illness and lie gradually mttur. Tli(- pricipucla lor III.H recovery were very bnghl, w h f u .suddenly he grew worse, hcmorrliaije of Uio bowels e' in, and at 4 o'clock .Saturday niorn- i,« ,laii. 2fll:i, dejth claimed him for ts o n . i. llfi IVMS the son of HiTtniLii «nt) ^oniSH M u l i n k e a n d was born in !5iK e c k T T 7 p , on Oc'. 7. It7(! He w w a a yonni; iii'N ol much pmrnise and wa-- cstecmed liy a Urg^eitcla of frlbntls, and in thli h o u r of aadntss his family liaa the ancerc sympathy of all. The funei'il occiircd on Tui-sday last from the German Evangelical church and the interment was in iVest View Cemetery. KuriL'ral ol _Mrn. iMi-uliut, The i n n e r a l o l -Urn. ijcnhnLtoot lluuu Irom thu Catholic church At (iilbeilsville, Sunday. Mra. iaenliut died at the lioiae o f h t r IJUih-'jJ at Armsl-ronu, l,i, lo whiisl- ( -iic' chiy moved from \Vaaliburii about u. year ii^o. .She will bit rvuitjfilberud aa Miss .Miuy MeKeviti. nhu leaves bebidea her hiilbanil, two sister and alx brothers, 1!ook*. Tbc Union State JianK has the tax book for Bruce township and taies can now be paid. Charges will be only 10 cent* on each receipt. Respectfully, .7. J'Mlixllela nl n«ht .lames E. M'lxGeld, who has been rigeririir at death'a door for many veeka past, died at thirty minutes af- cr Ditdnight Thursday. For about hreeyenrs Mr. Maxtteld has been af- U-ot with a cancer of the nrek and hroat; it gradually grew worne and worse, ana d u r i n g the laat tour moot ha lis death was expected at any moment. w tbnl it lias corae. it cannot bo ookecl upon otherwise than as a relief to him and to hia wife and children, who nursed him faithfully during his long illness. Mr. Maxfiold was a member of F. M. Thompson Post, G. A. B., of this city, and was at one time its Commander. The Post will have charge of the 1'uueral,. which will occur Sunday at2 p. m., from the M. E. church. --Don't forget Valentine's lay, Feb. 14th. ttlanchaliM · nice line. KWSPAPERl

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