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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, August 19, 1818
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUaT 19 SZ4 This (oreuoun a nwi dog attacked at! bit tint gewllemee m th oornor of I'twunei tte4 Teazle streets. II titets took a nusj v Cedar - street, into Broadway, aud la Lis court lu litHeklly jin4 ldy, l whom ho snapped, bat the dotting which tho had oa fortuuately pre - Tented. biu Croat fute.ui hit fangs into lir flesh lie aext came ui contact with sir. P. L.' Van dorvoort, ooo of tho house of Vaadcrvoort & Flanelin, and bit bini (lightly in hit leg just above the ancle.. ' - , Surgical aid, was famcdiatsly called and iho Oa - h prt ot wunJ cut out Ooo of the other gentlemen bitten, wo understand, m a Mr. Clark, fi oa Oraoge count. It U to bo hoped do time will bo lost by tbo pro per authority, ia Ultin; sort steps to preveot dogs from running at large, at will quiet the 1 mioJi of tho citixrns, and tociiro them from any danger, heretfusr of being exposed loto dread ful a death at that attendant ou hydrophobia. Tho uof had oot beea destroyed, that wo can learn, wbtu thlt lper went to press. Wo BndewUod that hit Excellency Governor Clinton, his honor tho Major, and a number oT tho Governor' fricudr, are now on a tour cf pleasure to New - London, Boston, ic. And Die Boston Patriot received tliit morning, mentions that Gen Brown it expected in that towu in the course of this week. The present ii a delight 'fut season for travelling, either for health or pleasure;' and thould tho weather continue as Cue at it hai boon fur a law days, these distin guished pcrtoct will ehubtlf ss derive much he unfit and satisfaction from thoir excursion through that beautiful section cf tho country. In the Mobile Guclttof July 21ih, that came to band this morniog, we perceive the American tdioonor Constitution, her tackle, apparel, fur niture and cargo, advertised for talc on the fir: Monday in January next, by the marshal of (he Alabama territory. She hat been seized by the U. States, for being engaged in lha slave trade. Ikr carjo consists of 60 negro slaves ; 50 bags of coffee marked 0. G. ; 27 do do marked J. W. ; anJ i00 boxes of sugar narked M. M. It dors not sppcar that there are any marks ou the no groes other thsn those made by the iront they wore, or they would have been given, that U.e owoer or owners might identify their property, go fortrard, and put la their claim for it . Extract of a letter received in Charleston, da - ' tedColunibia, S. C. Augttat L " I fear that the crops of Cotton, at well at thoe .( Provisions, and more especially the Jat, will fill very short. On the Congahee, their prospects are bad and the rot it said to have , made iU appearance in tome fields of Cotton." . Extract of a letter from a gentleman in T. l.lan J, to his friend j in Hartford, Con. " beg leave to itiibraa you, that your brisr - rived here a week since, but in consequence ol her having on board long stores, contrary to act of Farliament, - wns ordered ntf by the oil lector, under pain of immediate seizure. In futuroit if requested that all vestili com iu b:i!lastonly,as th least article other than clo. - o hip store;, will subject lh:ui lo seizure." s . From Iht Allany duztltt emi Daily Adrtrtii'.r, Whils the t isiny importance of the V. S:.iUt is a. tqbject of pleming cnTemplation, great attention is required to that moral and hteiaiy improvement, on which the happinoss of a free nation to vitally depends, 'lathe enjnym. - nt of 10 many blesin, we are under great obligations, ts a pcopln,' t chcrWt 'grutituJe ai;d rovrrence fr the Divine Giver, and to ue the best uicatit in our power to promote uselul knou ledge, re - fine social i - itercjur?, andcx lit ourselves, as a virtuous aad ecligV.cucd people, in the community ol nations. lm?or various meaus of improvement, the ilutly of the French language ia one, of t'uo public it inclioeJ to overluck some ef the pruiripal rtaions for its more gcuetal inlroduc - lioa. ', . This branch of learning it cou4Jered by some. as rather pulito and lakliiounbU lhau u;e lul ; tut it is time to plve it where it ouht to be, ui the m - set practicnl au.l nnr.roviu' as well at pleasing and ornamental of onrstuJ.c. To Vmeiicans thi U not only tl.e ea - ifst f.r r.atongua :oaoUiie, but next to CnL'h, thr OiO - t important to which our altentiou can be tit lected. - Ho country hat nationally done ro ma h to improve its.lunguage a Fraoe - e. AccurJingly it roiiurd tlcaiii c, its diffjkio:i through C10 e - ivili Zd wor'j, and its couuection with literature, s.'ic oceand the arts, aresutjei t of which intelligent penoa. have no need, el the present day, nf being1 Miforraod. Ono reason for cxlcaJing this tu:ly arrears to bs lets understood. Ttns is, that it is a dr.t effrrtual iuMruuiont in promoting a good Kng'.iih education, and to Uur prime object all our stu Jits sliould be directed. It amounts to uolhiug to say that a fore ign language is useless to one who it not to trarrl a - brod, and therefore (0 be utdrr 110 nccrsity ol tpeakiug it. lie may meet intelligent foreigners ut home, and French is tho general medium ol oalion'.d iiitercour.e.' Uecide4, very lif lie read ing isntcejary, in worxs oflaste rr tiieuce, te Cud thb language very co:iveui ot at lea.t f r uiiderstaadia mem. aiious circumstaoci! have ranted in the country a uijlcd of lbs Frcr.i h language, which th j long war and na - ti'ioal animojcty coulU not 1 liW t in Kn'inn l. To the lawyer it is Weil known that loug i.fter Hie 'orman conquest, the linlih laws were eoatl - ed and nd'hinistrrc - d wholly in trench, the el fietsiif which are to abundant at the prctt - nt, cot to unit" this study highly imiwrl&ut to the le'al profiirimi ; and to the divine aud the phyticiau. ilcr.anot he uuutlrrcttin to read, in liio particular d'paitiniriU of lenrnio, some ol t'..e crxatest works which human tslnils have pro - lice J. To the hit uiil it must be plaa. - iu lu .iti m; U!r and xcre. - e l'ie tores r, his know leJ : ti. thus who art to hold an elevated rank iu fo'i !i?. iixriH v, it is U ini'Hirt.oit. Why are Greek and Latin studied at to much etveaiw. of timj a d mitiey, when thrv are no whre spoVt - n. :.nd the naticnt wbjrc they ro srnd fl mruhrj, hare no leaser a name 011 ath.' Xwi'di - lauJiii tte excrlLnceof ihe'C languages, is Micrs oue in e .ihil is - iUrs any dirrl ue f them, atier grttr gi ce.iU - e dipioma ? Wh, tbti it may 1 askeJ, lht priji;ul wale to ac - j'jirc then ii ".h'j nr imt to t tjiokeii or writ - te u, or vrldom evtr rrsd fter lio le:irt,e,l - The in a:lwer is, tint - erduous as is this 1'V. 1! u UiebcJ war 'o tbt n a rhircu; Ln!i:h ujT;i.m. ir.icnii., - t eoll - vs, wi.ict general w ience, prof'.s. - i.nal b'isim i - hiid the Vi Ttra rrmi3ii ci eivn ui mane neevssnry, arc Us'. le.ifMf.1 by Irafsag the copioassouieeilrou - Wh - .nrn tii - ., - , re dcCalte meaning and app - op' - i aia ue 01 single wor - a lar 1. ocn mine t.e u aivantsgeof leading other books than on - on ' - ii re i - the sfieral in,iruairiit nf sncl in tcrcourie, and, ia Mm cou strr, of laJtvidua! as - f a ul cendenry. Cttero tells us. that poet it bom au orator is made, and we bate .many example bow much that eloquewce which mold coutroul aalious, depmlea on uiailioe ana euueauon. .Noloolv cxorctiioo. but ideas are much iniprov ed by conparicg and chanpng one language into anotner . tAcn nauon sat coriaio ierau oi thought, at well at exprcasioo - uoculiar to iUelf. Among all are words and phrases whiUi no ther caafurnith words toexiirest, with precite - ly the tame meaning. 4 The word natite, and a hundred others, in French, caouot be translated into Engluh. " Arreptaque manu, quia agis, dulciuioie rtruai," is a very simple hue from Horace. Among a dozen latin tchoiart, will a ny two, having no concert, arree in the maoner or exiire - ;inz it in plain uziim r wi mould not find at hmnr, a rood substitute for the three Uttered Scotch word " lien." Language, like othrr thuigi, bat its beauties ana detects, luese a."s learned not absolutely, but relatively. By comparison and association the nncy is gratified the memory strengthened, the judgment or rex t ed, aol the taste rtflned. The Krencb language is btter for Hut than aoy other. It hat more rariety, and is more definite in its meaning ; it is in a great degree the root of onr own, and bat mast analogy with it ; and at a living and pre vailing language, hat a much more intimate con nesioa with the acure concernt of life. J rani - latintr this Isngeage into Eoglish under skilful irutructer, it, for ttudeott of all classes, ouo .of the most improving exercises that can be J - vise J Ylucn, however, depends ou the teacher. The r'reuch lareuage in this country, has been much in t:ie nands or men wiio had never learned Knj litis, and ir some cases very little of any thing ebe J he storv of honest ueo. rritnrose is well kuown When he railed to Holland, with hi;h houesof making a (ortune by teaching Knghh, he found it imo.ille to p'ocetd, uuloss hit stbo'.art hould Uifl leach luui Dutch. It is no matter where tht teacher was born if he bas the rcqui sito character and latent i but it it very iniuri out to lno! wlio ought to bs engaged ia forming a good r.ngiitb style, toheplacru under the care of one who In julcs being unabtu to explain any Hung to ths understanding of his students, has perhaps the uncouth pronunciation of some Lu ropcan province, and a thousand incorrect and iwkward lornis of expres - 'iuu, which uumls loo rcauuy imbtnc. wnaicrrr is Uii;til must be firoum to the standard nf the Earner's judg. uaatit, and explained lohiuloo principles iirevi - oudy known. How discouraging the progrcst ilieti, where I lie teacher er.innot give aa expUua tioo winch the tt holur can comprelienj. 1 o (peas and write well, in our native tonjrue, ii an acjiiiition requiring skill to attain, and highly important to ovp,. So tak, however, ui our common course of instruction, is more irk some aod difficult thau that of writing themes. instead ol lint course, which often takes much time to little purpose, let a scholar of tome knowledge of French, take au elegant piece in that Unt;uai;e and turn it iuto good Eughth. Scholars wilt be lound in this way, while acquiring French, o niako better progress in Cnrh'h lhau if thev sludivd nolhinrj che. Vhn Uiev have learn - ed tho oje of word!, ther will find ideas for tlirmselves. Many ladies have spent rears at a hoarding school, where ths teacher could not con'ver.e correctly or write a tulerablo letter. It it not Jc - igocd todcerr the ornamental branches of fe rn nlc education ; but with due drfcrence to the rlcling eyes that may ilance at this sketch. I would rather tee a well written letter, than a welt painted rose, if the samo la J canuot pro duce bolli. To converts with grace and Us write ell to an a'jieot Irund, u more unportant m the practical affairs of life, than is commonly hou - iil i uau charnu Will latt when vouth - ful roses faule. A father, husband or brother, of refined cJucatiou, (rvU llu - se eii'ioaring relation! inrre - .ucd, when he sees that the Uir hand that iinrrihflii the title, bas accompanied it with an ay ttjlu added to the charm ol fenjile se.isibiU - I'nm the Jiullimort American, .tug. IT. A grtnlciiaii of thii city received, (via Charleston) on Saturday, a letter from t!u - Ha vana, elated .Mow Cittie I's - ison, July 20th, 13 ia. 1 1111 letter cnclo&e a petition addressed to the I'cesident of the United States, sijfn. ed by the officers and crew of the sloop Almy - ra, which sailed from Charleston fur ?t. Thomas, with a cargo of provisions. For the in - irmation of those concerned we puhl.sli the petition. otiy numnie petitioners, American citi - sens, sailed f om Charleston, S.O. for St. Thj. man, in the sloop Altnyra, Inadeel with an assorted cargo of provisions, which wai. regularly cleared at the custom house, both vessel and cargo, she having the regular documents of all American vessels. In the lat. ol 26, I ), X ex - penenceei severe weather; the vescl sprung aicas, ami lost Hie most ot our sails ; the crew all tolil, beiu six in number and six passengers in the cabin, all being exhausted, thought it advisable to run fur Mew Providence, being in the Ut. of that port. On the 7th of July gut pilot on board ; oi the 9th, fell ia with the rtyanitli man of wr brig San Fernandez, Hon ;iniini Ponce, commander, who brought us too the capmin was ordered on boaid with kit pupils the American colors were Hying on boaid our vessel on the boat's return she brought ;0 men, teamen and marines, who ordered eve y one on board of our vessel into the boats, when they commenced robbing the pas sengers and crew of every article hut the pantaloons and shirt thrv had ou 011 our ori ival on board the man of war, they had taken all Hie pjpnj - s of the vessel, stripped the cm, am 1 verv ining msi was on in, 0.1CK, and cliam. (I liim down to the deck as the passengers and crew got on board, some were knocked down that ere in an infirm state, for not walking faster we were all eluined together to a bolt 7 leet long, with hevy irons on botli Icel after they had st ipped ut of every tiling on our b .ck - , head and feet, we were krpt under deck for six days, hatches closed. We bcrged to have one leg taken out, but to add t'i onr misery they loaded our hand also 'nh ironi We continued in this stale until our arrival in Havana we were then b. ought aslio. e, strapt tivo and two, and our arms so tight that the blood fairly started fom underneath our linger nails. We were thrown into a prison ainot'L' of the moit ahand ined wrctciies sUiiie.l with ci imct thai would b.ttr the f.xe of n.itiire. Our allowance is 1 1 - 2 oa. of bi ead, half pint boiled rice , snu i o meal tor oi.e day. We ae exposed to the cruel caprice of mir guard, who beats us about lor the si ghteil pretence. There are in this prison tlnrty - ninr American free born me ', some cm !enineil fir ten years to hurd labor, after waiting three or four ) ears for trial, and if our government doit inte.lere, we kball have to end our clays ma Spanish iliinjcon. As thrv look us under the American flir, robbed and sent us to piison under tie same, it U lobe hoped that your iiumb.e ptl.t loners case will be taken into con idirati - tit, as the British men of wjr demand heir subjects wrek.y.and tliey are given up t them. To turn up all, we arc naked and in a klate of starvation. jaines L. Stevens, of Raltimorr, lit officer. I honta I'. CowarJ, of .V. fork, pas - uger. Win. Tipton, of Cbarleiton, do Hugh Keeiia:i, do do W. A. rraser, do do '.li.bert Laa, of IJa.i'in.ire, seamiu. Job i lltigeraian, Jj ilo H. The cait - un and four others sick, an 1 tot able to writ ih - ir niini which are at fol low : NkIkiIsi Patterson, of Charleston, mas'.e. I r. James M'ilride, of do paseuger. V st. A . Urinten, of Gsnrpa, Uo Frdeiick l.aud - t - iniui, of X. Ytk. sr aaiau. George Juhuco, of .rrovideoce, bianco lilct.'1 fe at b fnm PtuUuCt (PMui.) Dafy Jiartiitr, Mmlinv en boari trig Ptiler.W have boon favoured with the pemial o a letter dated Ob boarding fvJjer, or . Yorir, cmyroa, February ?, 1U IC," irooi an olTicer of the vessel to his brothsrin this city, and have extracted the following account of the infamous conduct of the crew : 44 We bare been very mnfortunabs, in geltin; a rascally crew ; they have becu makiug their threats since we lett home : tne tlj a'ter we arrived here, they undertook to take tho vessel from us 1 we hsJ a fight ou deck for more than two hours they wousmW ate wi'h a large bucket across the head, and knocked two of my teeth ont, and would have thrown me overboard had I nut got my putolt. The captain was mere hurt than 1 was lad all his shirt torn off bit tack and bruited severe! v. They got his cutlass from him. though not till alter he had cut one of them aero? s bit lace, and stabbed another. Three of thraa rot at the first male, and were going to kill him but iioitur ttroog. he knocked them all elown with a handspike. We were all driven below, bul tbey dare not come down to ut, In iwing we were well armed. A French frigate lyins close by us, bearing a ootse on, coard, came aloug - nue with 'JO meu well armed, and with difficulty trot on our decks and took all of them but two, who we thought would behave themselves. Tbey are in double irons, and have received two dozen lathe! j they are to be sent home ia iront to be tried for their lives 5 ths French commodnre wa - going to bang them the next day, but the Ameri can consul said it would be brat to tend them to America. If it had oot been for the French fri gate, I am well satisfied there would have been some lives lost, at they were all over the cabin door with handspikes, ready, when we got our heads up, to dash our brains out, just as the l renchmen came alongside ; wo were arming ourselves with cutlass and pirtol., resolved to get possession of tho deck or die in the attempt. I havo just had to put one of the two which we kcut on board in irons, for threatening to knock inn d'jwn and disobeying my orders be goct to 1 urktsh pritou to - morrow." from the .Vatiunal liUclligereer o.lvgust 17 A correspondent of the Ilallimoro Patriot, iu noticing an article lately copied into our paper, from tho Richmond F.nquirer, relative to the redemption of oue half of Ilia remaining Louisiana jtock, and some remarks on the sjtjert by the Aurora places th matter, we apprehend, in its true light, by (he following explanatory note : " The origioal purchase money of Louisiana was i IS.tWO.OlH), of which 3,7;0.(XX was payable. ami hat been paid, to American claioiants, leav ing stock thus created of 1 1,250,000, which hat Deco reduced (agreeably to the secretary's lat report) to IO,wt)0,000, the oue half of whiclv ora,iaw,lUO, is In be paid in October, which amount mu;t of course be drawu from the vaults of the United Stales' Hank, and its brandies, not by way of loans. Fas has been axertedl but from the funds belonging to the United States which will then be in deposit. The bank coulJ not lend such an amouut ; it is forbidden by its charter to lend to the treasury more than XjOO.OOO. with out the authority of an net nf congress. The name nas no doubt deemed it prudent to lessen its discounts in order to meet to lares a (Iran from the deposits. The writer feels confident that the IJariiigs own very little, if any, of the Louisiana slock on their own account." tltam - bual maili The pa - t - otrk e department, it a its characteristic attention to the public ac commodation, has declared its readiness to have mails transported in tho steam - boats, on the waters of the Ohio and Mississippi, if it shall, oil enquiry, besalitfied tint Ihe convenience cf the citizens on those waters will be benefitted there - y, aud if the steam - boat proprietors will con ey th' - mails on reasonable terms. Unjfiors The acttnjniavorof Gcorsrtnwo, fter stating that seveml dost have heno bitten by others v. hich were mad, and that the people cf that corratiofi are uuder just apprehensions i f hydrophobia',' ha, by proclamation, directed the oliro officers of the town to destroy all dogs which h i'l be found golog at large therein, on aqd from this day. From the Vedette P'interf at Mvttvn, Titja county. A branch of another Counterfeit Bank Lrek - en . On the morning of the 5lh inst. a man calling himself by the nam: of John Hughs, was arrested in this viliiage, on a charge of having in h:s possession counterfeit paper, with intent to pass the same. On examination sevei at bills were found with him and three were paid in at Hie tune, all winch were adjudged counterfeit. After his commitment he told wiiere the re - mainilerof his bank might be found, which was in the stable were his horse was kept. Search being made, the sum of 150 were round, snugly tucked up over a beam, under the hay, which was safely deposited with Ut justice who had committed him, which, with the sum found with him, umounted to $ - IU5. He con - - sed that he rt - ce'r ed the money of one John Connor, in the ity of New York, No. 162 Grand - street, and that he was to meet the ssid Connor the German Flats, in July, when they were both to start for the southward he says tlut he was formerly from thest.te of New Jersey , hut of late resides within three miles of Au - u n where he has a wile and six children. The bills were as follows to wit 1 58 five dollar bills on the Ontario Dank. 1? five dollar bills on the Mechanics iank of tiie city of Xew - Ymk. 5 five dollar bills !?ai ker' Exchange Hank city of New - York. 13 three dollar bills on the Bank of New - York. 2 fives on the Orange County Bank. 1 ten dollar 0:1 the .Mechanics' Bank, ciiy of New - York. 1 ten dollar on the Farmer's Cank of Buck's county, Peon. 1 two dollar 011 the Mechanics' Cank, city of New - York. 1 tin ce dollar, Hank of Wilmington. 1 one dollar of Fayette County, I'cna. from I'u MJiL'e Gasetlt, Jhj 23. Marritd on Ihe everuns 1 the id instant, bv Gen. Uavid U.aJy .Miiliell, agel.t to tlie Creek .Sati - n, at the h juseolcapt. Mcoac,ll:c celebra - (id .Miss frgey M'Gilvray, to Charles Cornels, n ol that lute veocrahle an lelistiii'uitbed chief Alexander Cornels, all t i the Royal lamLv ol the SVI''I 1IIII1k UltlllVU VHIt.ll Ch i c confederacy .r : tn I isol lon since, on Mint Kiver, by the Ivesd. Mr. , Air. William .Michtll, ton ol tbe .igei.t, to tbe daughter i f that half blood Crptam Wiliiem M'lntoth, who beaded the Creekt under Gen. Jacktoo, 00 hit late cain - .liii'n ugiinst (he Semtnoles. ' U w 1 kimlxed souls aloae must meet, ' Pit friendship iu ik - - the rtouj.ige tweet, . And i - e - i! Ibeir itulutl ot. i ; Kind Venus on her roiling throne. Is drawn by gentlest bud a'oue, And Cupius ) oke Ihe dovet." We tn Jerstaud that Gen. iMichcll is favourable to the pt"ih. recnin urmied by the Secretary l waria IKItf to Congress, lor preimolugcivili - tttion amocgtthe Ionian trilx - s, by rncertim the whites ii intermarry witn tb - oi ;snd nodount has, by way ol "citing a food example tn our youin men, induced Ins s to marry Miss M'lntoth, who we are iafurined it 01 tne Royal lami - ly alio. IXATTsBlRGII, Aug. 8. A rone by tbe nsme of Co!astck, was committed to tne jail 01 1 lis county a .'cwds it since, lor iasiug ourde'lVil mor.ey. Hit is un - ques'.ko io!e. He h:id ! - n t - Qiel - cn a rah. .uid 00 bit return t Ci if d 4 - ) - r 6)d il'ars ii bad money, nf Simla, a c - uh'.cr.eitr, vrbj escaped iruiuyHii ia Ibis vi.l.tsx Kit lias eu o y be bruugi t out ao.l p - - .ted. Three d ulnr oiils. n t PMbkef rialt - baYjh, havs own countcrlti'ed. Tl cosntene - iU are l' - olted to p - ss those r. - ?io are n l eood j 'jnfgcs. . s j " , 1 rniLADF - LnnA, Aug. Vl. lit Itey. Oa A'anday, the lUta tost, a per - nn rermUf i rrived in Uiis e ity. and who parsu ing his journey 00 foot to the westward, had arrived with o 4 or 5 miles of Lancaster, sat down oa tie road side to rest, and hnng bis coat on the fence, lu a few minutes, - a man, mounted 00 a grey mart, approached, and passing close to the " way - worn traveller," snatched and rode off with ihe coat. Tbiukiog that only a jest was intended, the traveller called to him" Don't take away the olJ man's coat;" and be thereupon threw dowa the coat, sparred lut horse, and soon disappeared. Our traveller picking up mscoat, soon lounu tnai 101 pocati n&u uu rifled of an old pocket book, eoulaiuing, at he expresses it. all mat srooa oavten mm ana wan." He observes, that the loss, when ne was younjf, would not have been regarded ; out ai fus time of life, it is peculiarly anlicuve and cu tressins. The Docket book ctutained four billt of 100 each, and 6 of $.S0 each, all of the United States' Bank, and 18 halt eagles, makiug fi'M. The robber appeared te be middle aged, and about 5 feet U, ' and wore a glazed hat. The grey mare ht rode, tbrtw out her right foot ia a peculiar maon r. In the bine, that this advertisement may meet the eye of the robber, we would advise him, if he lias a j article of what is called " liunor among llieret," toco'npouou with his conscience, and rei urn the old man at least half tbe money. He may enclose it to VVm. Hamilton, editor of the Lancaster Journal, or to the editors of the Un iou, Philadelphia, for John Laid' aw. II this application is uot successful, half the mount lost will be given for the detection of the thief, aud the recovery of Ihe money. HARTFORD, (Coo.) Aug. 18. Burglary. On Friday nisht last, between the hours of It and I, the dwelliotr - houte occupied by Mr. Henry Stiles, about one mile west of Ibis city, was forcibly entered, and robbed of a number of articles. The thief, after rummazin? se veral draws, cupboards, kc. entered the bed room of Mr. Stiles, for tbe purpose of taking bis ten. rortuuatelv Mrs. Aides was awake, and ustsully alarmed her husband, who sprang from he bed, seitid the villain, and a ten re rencoun ter ensued; in which, we are informed, Mrs. S. took an actire part. Th fellow however succeeded in disengaging himself, aud finding no other moans nf escape, thrust himself v. i'h great violence through the wmdow, cjtting hi body iu a severe mauner. Mr. fc'ils immcdiati ly fob lowed, and pursued him nearly two miles, wit.? no other covering; than his shirt, when, with the assistance of a Mr. Deming, he succeeded ui ap prehending him. lie proved to be an l.iurtn, who calls hit name smith, fie states that two white men were with him when he entered the house, who were to share with him in the plun - Icr. A watch, trunk, ami several other articles were found secreted near the house, wbch had been ttolen a day or two before. On the day followm;, he was brought before Mr. Justice titchell, aud committed to autwer for his of - fences at the next superior court, to be holden in bis city iu September next. Caution. n e have this moment learnt that a person, having in bis po'ten - ion a quantity of fir - titintis Rills, purporting to be of the BANK OF 5AM I iLsKY, liloominerule, stats of Ohm, 111 - cd A. Young, cashier, aud A. Itauin, president, ( Heed's engraving) is now circulating them 111 his vicinity. Our ctdzcos are cautioned to b on their guard, as there it no such Hank in cx islencc. GEORGF.TOWV, (5. C.) Aug. 10. Tfte .Vmion, Believing it will uot prove un interesting to many of onr townsmen, who are at i s time absent, we would remark that we have never knowu Georgetown healthier than at pr - sut ; only ono case of IJiiious Fever having as yet come to our kuowle.ljo. The we.ither di ring the p ut and lireieot month has been unu il ly warm aud dry for which time the I her. inomrter bas rand b"t ween 85 and 100. Ther has len but two dath ii our white fK'ni'.la'ion nee r cbruary last. I'le uryrews on the riant tinns in tbe vicinity, we uudcr. - taud, continue healthy. 1 he tide Rice - fieUi sre aid to inv.mi - e plen tiful crops. Thi" remars - , however, vi.'l - lot ap ply to such as are situated wear ihe o ran, nor to inland plantations ; the former havin - j - ulfi - r I from sail waK - r, nud the Inlterfroin '.ho graa? Jnnht in July. Wearecnd:blv informed that three Slerm - T - lt M' the vicibily of North lulct ou the 3d int. rHII.Al)F.Lni!, Auj 18. Beware of IninoU'in. msn m cllstiini sell Clark, auj prKU - n.;! to tic a IS ii.ti't tronis - ter, is travelling throng 1 'he cemtrv, iini;:iu lunations f - ira Kentuckiai Six - ii - ty, wvi.e Hi - ject, he savs, is t civilize - our !mrig,.wi. tin a clme fl.iiuiiia'ion, l.owever, it np'i. n that be he.! - u;(;s to no I! ap it Chun Ii ; is, by ciice - qnei is - , no ilaptit iiiu.i - b - r. mid hus no cred - n tiuls frniiiuny sor' - fy tosanclioa his pre - tctisici's. lie how a letter sinej Luther I! ice, but by wb.ite - ver means l:u may have old tin ;d if, the friends oftia'h iwid rectifu fe wi:l withiivld imm liiui their henefaclinns. Though there liny lie m undent 0 inx betwpeq him u:id sin.ilar imli - vi luals, ( the Baptist Chun he, or to any Mis - ! nary to - icty, said darn it uity'tr no respiiOi - Ity. tfT Edilors of fiiprt unfriend! y to impostor, as "ucb, will cicefie above dn puhlir'itv. MAIlltlKU, On Monday evening last, at Bloomingd i!e, by .h! Revd. Mr. Onderlonk, Mr. Nicholas A. Huorey, merchant, of 1'hiladelphi.i, to Mis. - ton M. Whale, daughtorof Mr. Thomas Whale, of this city. On Saturday morning last, by the Rev'd. Vr. Fltii, Mr. William W. Shirley, to Mis E'.ixa t'txl loiton, both of this city. Co Saturday evening last, by the Ret'd. M. M'Clay, Mr. tharle 1'. - niilh, to Chir - Intte Daniels, both of this citv. On the lti:h inst. by the Rev'd Dr. Kearos, Mr. M. Meher, ot" the United States service, to Miss Ann Germain, daughter nf Phdip Germain, of the countv of Ki!d re. Ireland. LiIEl), In this city, on Thursday cveninj last, in the 40th year of his sge. Dr. George Davis late Surgeon in the United ""tste - Navy. In the various relations of life, he faithfiilly per. iwrmea the duttei 1 icumbent upon lum. . . . a . - Dr. lUvit was a graduate of Columbia graduate of Columbia Col lege. In the dawn of manhood he evinced quickness of perception anil a hrilli.iticy of genius. Mis enterprise arul prrseverence fir - bade him toibviht the accomplishment of any Uiing he undet took. In the year 1798, he was appointed a surgeon in the army In 1799, he ws transferred from the army to the navy. In this ccrpacity he served on the West l:ul:a station for two years In 1802, while cruizing in the Mediterranean, some difficulty arose betw een Gen. F.atou,oii' - consul at Tunis, and the Bey of tlut.Itegenci, in consequence of which Gen. Katon reti - ed, snd lr Davis was appointed aJ ifiT,m. The points in dispute Laving been arr ngeI, Dr. Davis wis selected by the President to remain t I'un'.s, ss United States Consul. After remaining a few years with honor to himielf and advantageto his country, he resigned hi situ - sti m, and returned, again to commingle with fr.rnde snd relatives in the land nf hi nativity Shortly after his return, the government 1 e - ecived ofhcisl iif x - matfoii that the reigning Bashaw of Tripoli, ht 1 refu.ed to carry in'. o eii'ect the stipulations of a treaty mad: be tween linn snd the United Mates, a' the close i.f the war which had jusl trrmuiale - d Again was De. Davis called upon to exrrcUe those powe - rs of mind. Willi which he was so happily enuosicii. ne was appsimi by the prrsi - Jcnl, on a sjciil unvsij 1 to lripoli. That a ' mission wsiofa delicate nature. Tbe Bashawi' held in bondage the family of. bis exiled bro - ther. ' At the close of our conflict with bim,l he had pledged himself to release that family but subsequently refused to redeem that pledge. - On the one hand, the administration were anxious to enforce the stipulations of the treaty, while on the other they were 110 less anxious to avoid a renewal of the war, to ob tain a release of this family. To the discre tion and judgment o Dr. Davis, the manage ment of this nesocution was submitted. II efforts were more successful than could hav been anticipated for he not only succeeded in obtaining the family, but he accomplished a reconc iba. Ion between the two brothers, ami induced the re'gning to assign to the exiled Uashaw the province of Iteme with all its re venues, which it is believed he continues to govern. Dr. Davis, on V; r ions occasions while abroad acted as a mediator between the governments of Tunis. Tripoli, and dille - rent Kuropean na tions. Impelled bv the noblest feelings, b performed maoy honorable acts ; among the most conspicuous, was Ins obtaining the re lease of a number of Sicilian slaves, held by the llashaw of Tripoli. This magnanimous and disinterested conduct, excited the atten tion of that government, and by a formal vol of their Senate, he received the thanks of that nation, borne interesting documents on this subject, were published several ears ago 111 me ror; rouo. In the year 1810 be resigned his station as Consul at Tunis, and once more returned to the bosom of his family his health impaired h.s constitution shattered 1 and has at lengtli fallen, in tbe prime of life, under the most af fliclinir pressure 0; complicated disease, 1 bit morning, at 7 o'clock, capL John Jack ways, in the bod year of bis age. tin Incuds and the .Mariue Society are particularly request ed to attend bis funeral to - morrow al'ternouu at half past 4 o'clock, from bis late dwelling No. 5 f orsylb - st. formerly tecoud - st. opposite Uio. Me - thodiit church. At East Huiford. cn tbe 13th inst. Mr. Fre dcrick O.uiiled, heed U!). At Athens, on ttie lUth inst. aKer a Ions; aid d'utresrlul ilii.e - s, whiih she bore with great calmness and resignation, .Mrs. Sally 0a( ber, wife of capt. Kalpli uarber, of Aew - York, in the tUJ year of her age. EkENLSQ P( ST :MRI.YE LIST. Cl.tiAKLD. Sch Evening Tctt, Frior, Cumcoa i'ae the, Lewis, Norfolk Schr Uiiituiiia, Sutbeiland, Nasssu, N I J D Aimer Sloop Juno, Tripp, Providence, Rl THIS UK..VO'J.V. Sell Trader, Knight, 7 days from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to WaUti ti Gallagher, Boorman to. Johnston. T Buckley Si Son, Lorillai'd, and llusli Se Mulfurd. Sloop Debtjht, l'eiry,6 days from Cotton, with pepper, fruit, sugar, iic. to C Lee, J Oshorn, ami utilia tint land. fJLLOW I schooner .mitit'LO last Brig Two Marys, King, G'2 days from Geenock with dry goods, hardware, sc. to 1. BP, onet, Lambert i brothers, D R Lambtrt, R Givrtn, and Ales I hompson. t'auengen, two master Carr, cf Fhilad and 40 in steerage. Left, June I I, ship Oosport, for I'heUJ iu t days ; th'.p Ma ry Aug - uta, f. NYork, Slit; brig Lviha, of rlaltiiuutc, tor iorft in 3 ; Hr. slup Harmony, tir do next day; ship rminv, Formati, lor do Cth July. Spoke, Aug 4, I d. 40 59 Ion C3 brif Autelopo, Kanuay, trom St J .bus for Liverpool. Sch Bangor facket, Tsrlaus, 10 days from lianor, with lumtier, to order. Lcflieh Hap py Couple, ur 1 ora iu a days. Savasian. Auir. 8 Arrive I, ship Cotton plant. Cinders, N York, 28 days. Cleared brig Julia Josephine, Pamourette, .untz ; sloop uria, romuct, Ti Yort. ' MoB ilk, July '23. Cleared, sch J. s. M'Kin - e; clover, N Yoik Rover, Chapman, New' York. NEW - ORLEANS, July SO Arrived, ship irgiini. K.eer, from N t ork. Sch F.sli, WcmhI, from Carnpeachy j with re tu'tl e sri;o of flour b - iug ordered away by the Ifoverncr in Cmiseqnenceof the intelligence of the caoture of I'eotac.ila. Several sail ol at tlie Point, last night. Cleared, ship td.nittance, M'Lau,;hlin, Haul burg; brigs (iiistavu: - , Dde, tfurdenux ; Gip - s - y, tdauif, Gibral'i.r : Saailow, l hihp Liv - eriool ; Friend - , Dw. - on, do; Hope, Laniiitc, Gibraltar ; John R ed, 0lcn, Liver)ool ; s h sea. Foxwed, Rithoi.ud. M t - ie ljilih I urn, July 1C Arrived, hr - g nro, I'll', N lork ; hip f ocaliontas, Waikm. Norfolk ; brig M:inui:ictor, Philadelphia ; brig il.clurd, Liverjioid ; lrfrenzt, ork; slop I'ennwe, Anderso i, rhilaJcli hia ; brig New I'arkef, Huston. July 17. All the above named vessels pas: seel through the Turn. July H. Arrived, at the upier end of the Turn,' s'l - p Pallas, capt. Hearth, from fldti - mnrr, with slaves she past in the river fifteen vessels bound up, and left several ouuide the bar on the l ith. At Quaran ine 17th. Sch Hope, Ro?s, from Savannah , - ship Asia, Livingston, July 12, for Liverpool. I B R O A D W A Y cntcus. LAST WK.EK HCT TWO. - ooOobUti'fjoo I i conserjuence of the short stay of Mr. Pepin in town, there will be apci furmance every Saturday evening diii'iiig the remainder of the season. THIS EVENING, AUG. 19, The p - riormatiCe will com:neuce wilh the Sports 01 the Ring. ltiter Thuma will nn one horse perform ma ny wondcri'ul feats of bnrteiuausbip. tne elrpM horse Uihelio win perform the part of a el jmestic, be will at command, bring a whin, l - .af, basket, handkerchief ; alto walking, trotting, toe. aad conclude with bringing a nag, placed at ttietopofa hoard Ix leet Ingb. M ius. Cauism will go th. - onu many surprising feats with a stick, hat recently introduced into tint country. master Uoty, l'ie reip'inted American pe - ro, will distinguish himself with many oiilimtit .'rath of borv - maiiihip. Mrenirthol Hercules by Air. Cauin. He will 00 bis leet aud hands tuppott eight persons ami leirui twelve niUerc - OT groups, aod r.oitciuile by 'M'porfing tlw whole tioeipoh his hands and lett, forming u beautiful group. Sine Ko, by ir. Maybe. CorouMion, or learned Horses ; in which all those hn.'ses will show Iheir wonderful sagaeily the ett - eaut horse Otljello will st.ind on a ik.iI. - tul nta statue, uad ad the oilier horses will sit dowu nt tif conunand of tbe rider. Master .M'Carn, tlie wonder ol the age, will, on eine hors - , riorin many wnndi rlul lents (or youth, ouyiiinr years old, leap over 2 garters, aud conclude by tiding on his head, hit horse io lull speed. Roman Tyramius, by five persons oa two horses. Mr. B ill' - o will on one hore perform many tirrpriiiti teats, and conclude by a wonderiul lep through a mail coach. S!i'l V'i.ollii.g oy the company Clown Mr C amplit - il. The whole to coocludo wilh the comic scene of tin - lavlor's Journey to Urm.tford. Boi I I it 5 jc. iiti. A pUce it ittovidcd for pcopi ..1 tol'iur children admitted to the boxes hal price. Toe t er ortiMiuo will take ,lace every erniiat; m tbo wrelt,5Nid tyi excepted. Doors vion at 7 oVI.k, and the penorioance cnnimeiice precisely at Ilk 'No suiuaum: aiiuv.eJ. Chirki ci! transfef - able. t r jT ST MR. NORTON respectfully kuomi the ladies ana rentlt - meu of ft tw - York, that ha - stromerdal mosick, at the VVabinzton Hall, oa the !3thlnstaul his first appearauce in N,w. York. t - Particulars iu a future advertistmenL aug 19 It i r'Ai'ttitfcN TUiULK. OO" A fioefat G. - r, n Turtle, will be dressed to morrow, at 1 o'clock, io a superior si yle t Mount Social, corner ol' Broadway and Grand - street, t ' The tuhscriber respectfully invites his friends to favor him with lut - ir.cortipany. JOHN F. BATTIN. Families supplied by teodiug their Kivants. uug 19 It irj - The net proceeds of ftlr. Icpiu's equestrian and athlntic sserciset at his Circus in tror.d - . way, on the 1 - ith of Auguit, 1818, amounting to 231 dollars and 60 cents, has been received by the Directors of the institution for the Instruo lion of the Deal and Dumb. The manner in which this donation Was made, lor the relief of those individuals of the human family, whom na. tund infirmity has deprived of htarin? a rut sech, was nolle and generous in an eminent degree. 'I he performances were executed ia an ud uirable style, exhibiting man and bis horse in many of their most vigorous and interesting at - titudea, forming a spectacle worthy of cotinoit. seurs and ju Jges, as well as transieot beholders ; abd the subscribers, iu behalf of those whom thty represent, cordially recommend Mr. Pepin's Cn cus to the patronage of Iheir ftllow - ciUisos. Aaml. L. JVIitehill, J J iuies L. Bell, SCommitUe au? 19 John tl. fcott, ) AT AUCTION, to - morrow at It o clock, by C. G. Fontaine, Water - sL one fashion able Tilbery Gig, with a complete harness to gether with a tide - saddle and bridle, horse - co venngs, toe. nuj 19 u FU RMTUKK, GOLD WA ICHL8, 4c."" 1 03. C.COOPKIt will sell tomorrow the 80th. .1 at KIRK & MERCEI.N'S Lens Root - Vert Wall ttreet, an assortment of mahogany furniture, china, class - ware and lookin elegant Loneiuu made 8 day table clocks, war ranted) 1 case of elegant dressing cates, htttd up with ti'ver apparatus; 1 do ladies work boxes tome very eleesnt ; I case ol line walking stick umbrellas ; 1000 e!rant prints of deferent tiset. ' tome very l.irie; 1 ease of Kaleidoscopes. AS 19 nr....l - nn ihi - nir. tt nl.l k .4 a:iu - wafenfs. Goods Intended for the tale will be received until 8 fhit evening. aug 19 t or A WK.i.VAW, , ,4 Tl, n.nhm ciOu. lllllPlffT ST17r D. I. Porter, master j bavin? - three fourths of her cargo on board, will sail on inurtday next, vuth inst. ror remainder of freight or passage, having good accommodate pt, apply on board, eaM tide Burling slip, or to - a. u. rtti - .urs, itfj f rout street. au? 19 tor l.OAtntY, The ship MINER V 1 - 3MYTH, J.W. llen, matcr; wUI sail on or about tlie 5111. Fur freight or passage, applv on board, or to ARCH. GRACIF. ii SONS. ff - Consignees by the above vessel, will picas send their permits on board without delay. All goods left on board without, after five days, will be tent to the public store. au 19 The brig AGNES, 184 tons burthen, JT - 1T years old, is sheathed, will take 300 buds under deck, bat high waist ; is well calculated for carrying stock or lumber, sails fast, and may be loaded without delay. Apply to N. D. Si G. GRISWOLD, au19 8CSouth - st. Formate, r ! or Charter, i Tbe ttxuuch goo.1 schr. AKEONA, ii ICC tons burthen, 3 years old, stows i'M bbls ; is ready to racmve a nrwtywtKTeM - ' bo despatched wit hoot delay. Apply to ' r ; a. L. si u. uru v ubu, an 19 86 Svuth - sL . ear A.t I.IC, Tk. ntkl Swvl hnill vhs. IIFVHV Vr"fl .. ... . ,ifcl50 tons burthen, C months olJ, copper tteucd and coppered, sails equal to any pilot - boat, has perf trined but one voyage, and it wtll uud. Apply to N. L. &G. GRISWOLD, v an 19 85 .?ooih - st. JlNrf, FLANNfcLS, VV illTfci l.LAi, 4.1;. - Best London Tins, 3 12, 4, 4 I S, 5 Do mixt lilt ar.d 1 Ih. papers Mourning Pins. lb oks and Eyes White - h'aoel Nccdl. s, Nos. 1 to 13 R' ist Nt ire. No V4 awl ii Card Wire, No. 27 to 32 Brass aid Steel I bitub r. Sheet Lead He it Eiurlifch white and led Lead, dry Yellow Ochre London Refined Saltpetre Men acd women's cottrn Stockings Best Knglbh Mark and white Silk do Superrine wnite Flannels, very wide Red. J elliw snd black do Berlin and ; Military cords Green Table Covers English Looking gla - .t Tlntet, nntilvcred A 'ew loxet Moulded Glass Foolscap and Pot l'aier Blank Books for snie by ATKINSONS & FLEMING, aog 19 2v 167 Penrl - streef. G. Si S. HOWLAND, 67 WailuactoB - U street, offer for ssle 2 chests Hyson 1 ea I Canton's cargo, and 160 do Ilvton Skin do( very superior. 5 hhdsSd proof W, I. Rem Si kegt II. md Tobacco, 8 to the lb. 10 cases Claret Wine Its) boxes role Brimstone (superior) ltO bagt fresh Filbertt if - 15 do do Madeira Nuttl SIR) ream Urge blue wrapping Paper 50D do small do do n cases cheap letter Psper 15 do do FoolKap do 15 do do do do large tiie 1 j bales Medium Printing Paper 1 case fresh Spanish Saffron 50 bbls. Boston licet, No. 1 101)0 door Matts, round and oval It ass'd sires H'O bbls. ground Camwood warranted puce 40 hhds. Quercitron Bark 1 cask mens coarse Leghorn Hats . 100 bagt fresh Sumac 7 caset sheet Bras assorted numbers 10 caskt tuperlor Glue 1 do Gum oandric 1000 lbs. Vermillion 9 catkt lead Crucibles very cheap SO cases half pint Tumblers 15 sacks fine South America Wool 300 lax - lo do do Fur Skins suitable for Sleighs 4 caes handsomely anrted Toys A quantity ol lmrs - hiirSiive bottom!. DtiYGOOUS. , 4 cases brown Linens 6 ln do do glased ' 1 elo table do 6 do assorted do bed Ticks , 3 bhdt. do do do low priced 5 cases coarse Linen railed Rouaus J1LSO. , A general invoice of seasonable Calcutta goods counting of SO hales liecrboon t.nrrans 1 do Company do 9 do Checks 5 do Baftas assorted 9 do Mainmooelies do 3 do Saunas . 3 do Cuttas 4 c!o S.iolic Rorealt 3 d j Cossat Tne zrenter part of the above goods areebbt - led to drawback, and for sale on liberal terms, aud in quantities to suit purchasers. sag 19 ' lLOUR. S67 bbls new Richmond Fioar, branded 'Hax&ll', and Richmond Mill's, for sale at 4 Frnr. - s'rest, by agS i s W. U S. CRAIG,

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