Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 4
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Progress-Review E. DUKE NAV£J^ LAPORTE CITY, ; IOWA HISTOEY OF A WEEK. THE WORLD'S NEWS ! ^ SHELL. IN A NUT --Krllglunl. I'olltlcul. Comrosrclal gportlDC Oblluarr. Crlpilpal nnd 3IU- CfllnnoouM Condrniatlont. Harry Scruple, u Philadelphia bookkeeper," who absconded with Sl.r.OO, was captured in Denver. Harvey liooth, a wealthy Wyoming cattleman, was f o u n d murdered in his barn near Evanston. A letter from the Malla d e m a n d i n g £7,000 has been received by a. w e a l t h y Italian resident of Xcw Orleans. Four Mexicans are under arrest.-it Santa l"e, X M., charged with murdering a stockman and b u r n i n g his body. A message to congres.1 urging im- incdiolc flunncial legislation has been prepared by 1're.sidcut Cleveland. I'roin the results of a canvass made bv the internal revenue bureau it ift believed the income tax will yield J50,- 000,000. In a pastoral letter Archbishop Kal- zcr of Milwaukee urges obedience lo the papal decree ngam!t lecrut so- cictici In a letter to the army, Emperor William ordered the guns anil standard's ivhich took part in the war w i t h France lobe decorated with oak leaves. Trouble is imminent between France nnd San Domingo, growing out of the RCi/.ing by the latter of Ihe f u n d s of :i bunk. Tcng Chou wan bombarded by the Japanese, who llrcd in the directiuu of the mission over yJiich the American llug waved. In the crcyclical to the American episcopate 1'ope Leo urges the burying of all factional difference. Francois Certain Canrobcrl, marshal of I'Yancu, und a senator, is d y i n g at 1'ari.s. lie is 8, r i yearn old. M. has succeeded in forming a new Trench ministry. An amnesty bill w i l l be iulioduecd in the clmin- berb. N o m i n a t i o n s to llic Horseman sluices, for 2-ycar old.s, lo he i n n at Hawthorne, arc announCLtl. They number K,D. John S. Julius-oil cut the 100 yard Bleating 1', s t a n d i n g blart, to '.( l-r 5ccoiida in ii t r i u l n g n i i i ' i l lime at Kcd IJunlt, John Snydcr and l l i i i l g e t M^urphy, an their nay lo cliureh in Coullervillc. I'll., were k i l l e d by a fast tram J. W. UolTiniiii, Jr., of Aurora, III · bus begun .suit to establish h i n title lo most of the Juml on which Hebron, Ind., is jsiliiatcd Arrival of n u n - u n i o n men at the gloss works nt Martin's Fci ry. Ohio, caused u riot d u r i n g which ihiity.shots were flrcd. E i g h t e e n thousand carpet weavers will strike at Kensington, 1'a,, |[ t h e i r demand fur higher wupu.s is not conceded. Twelve scows, on board of which aro fouttccn men, are u i l r i f t oir New York, h a v i n g been turn from Ihcii' moorings by the gale. I'Ynnk J. Grow, a Springfield, Ohio, jeweler, has not been heard fi'om (i'mcu be went to Chicago tlnce weeks ago. MiKon It. MnUon, a r i c s t c d at .Sail Jose, Cal., 'ivas f o u n d l o b e a womiin uml admitlcd h a v i n g lived in mas- quernde for sixleen years. Judg" bus onlcrcd the receivers to w i n d up the affairs of the Lombard l i i v c s l m c n t c o n i p a n y of Kan- bn» City. AVushingtoii society attended thu lea given at Ihe (icrinaii embassy in h u j i u r of the, birthilny of the emperor. Itefusal of the tonnage men lo accept a cut h:is cuiised the .shutting down of the .lolk't plant of the Illinois Steel Company. At a meeting of sinkers and their Rvmpathi/ers in Henry Ueoi'gc nnd Congressman Simpson advocated m u n i c i p a l operation of slrcct tar lines. Collieries of the Lchigh nnd M'llkcs- barre company will b e s l m t d o w n this wcelt, tnrosviiig 8,01)0 m u u out of employ incut. The recent fall of snow has caused rcuRwcd activity in the logging camps lu Michigan and Wisconsin. The body of [Foreman Seifcrt wns WASHINGTON. Sundry civil bill, carrying appropriations aggregating i')' r '.71, was hurried through the house Friday. Total gold shipments for the week hare been more rlian SH.000.000, leaving Uic treasury rtierre at S.1?,- Jiill pledging the failh of the United States for the construction of the Nicaragua canal passed the ienate Friday. Secretary Gresham lias .sngg«:-t^ to Guatemala and Mexico that the 1,'nifprl . S i n t f w w i l l n r r rti arbitrator in their dispute. . Widely differing plans to meet tha currency complication "ere offered in t h e bcnalc Wednesday by MCSSTH. Jones of Arlcansa-s arid Smith of Nc'.v Jersey. JohnG. Woods" petition for a mandamus to prevent collection of the income lax was overruled in the. district equity court. A bill to incorporate the National Central Jiailway company, which proposes to coii.sljuet ii railway from the Hudson r i \ c r to New York, was offered in tlic hou.scr. Senator Turnie made a vigorous speech against the Nicai.tguu canal bill, w h i c h he cjiiil had been conceived in fraud. POLITICAL. Mayor Strong of New York has nn- iiounecd lhat he will appoint women on .several of the oity boards, Scmvtor Washburn, defeated by ICnutc Nelson, in Minnesota, declares' that he u a s beaten by the liberal use of money. Lower house of the, Oklahoma Icgis- SPORTING NOTES. Officers of the California Jockey club have been arrested on a charge of cruelty to animals. The racing was not stopped. At Itcdback, N. J. r Olan Eudd skated two miles in 5:^3 3-5, lowering the record made by Joseph Donoghue nearly eleven seconds. Andrew Frccdman has purchased a controlling interest in (be New York Baseball club, the consideration being £46,000 Interstate cocking main closed at Uoiiiton, Texas. Georgia won twelve mains und SI,TOO. Texas birds won five of the mains. On behalf of "Tommy" Jlr an "Par- soa" Davies has accepted JJurge's challenge for a fight for the welter weight championship. The Western Interstate Baseball association 1 was organised at I'coria by delegates from a number of Illinois und Indiana cities. Charles Johnson of St. Paul has been matched to fight Cock Kobin in Lon don for S4.000. the American. Mitchell is backing M I S C E L L A N E O U S . Bank clearings of the principal United Slates cities show an increase foi the week of JO.3 per cent. Mrs. Alice Goulding, arrested in Pcoria for SL Louis authorities, has been released on orders from Gov. Alt- gold. Several reforms in present laws were discussed u.t the meeting ot the Illinois Slate Har association m Springfield. Owing to a pressure of private business Gen. L. W. Ilalscy, commander APPEALSTO COXGBESS MESSAGE OF F I N A N C I A L P R E S I D E N T ON E M E R G E N C Y . Trraiory 5Io»t ]furi Cold -Authority of terretarr lo Iii'iKi JJon'll --lilll lacrodcrciL 2B.--Prcs:i"cn' jffi itscVI as .'an. Cleveland submitted to -.. situation. follows: "To TIIH The gcr. THE A. R. U. D I R E C T O R S . Croupcd PlrLuro of llic Men J!r»pon»lljlo for I.ii "ow on Trlul. i. K. roactal t Vcafil Crrnt Itallroud Slrllco-- lalure has passed a bill m a k i n g train robbery a crime pnni.sliii.ble by death llcprc'cnlativc Curlcy has introduced a bill in the Illinois legislature to pre vent blacklisting o£ employee Election of Nelson for senator over Wnshburn threaten-) to disrupt the republican party pcunanenlly in Mmne- SOlll. California legislature has ordered nn investigation of t h e alleged corruption the Sait Francisco police department,. The senatorial deadlock in Minnesota was broken by the election o[ Crov. Nelson, democrats aiding in the result. The make up of the standing committees of the Illinois senate was satisfactorily arranged at a caucus of members. Issuing of bonds by the ndininistra- Inition was indorsed by Senator Culloin in nn address in the Illinois legislature. Jii ndvocaling a pension for Gen. Mc- riernand State Senator Ilaincr said Gi-nnt's tie.Umcnt of him M as cruel :i»id u n j u s t . A bill to regulate primary elections which provides for incorporating political parlies, has been ollci'cd in the Illinois house. , FOREIGN. 1'rc.sidciil Fauru of France has summoned M. Kibol to form n cabinet, nnil the latter lias accented thu task. Catholic nnd socialist deputies in the liolginn chamber of deputies created a scene and the silling was suspended in disorder. of the Wisconsin U. R. Knights of Pylhi'js, bus resigned. Dun's review of trade says business is depressed, owing to distrust arising from the continued exports of gold. Krnds-lrcct reports unusual activity in the woolen trade and notes heavy orders placed with the American mills. Heavy snow storms prevailed in several western slates. In Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin traffic is almost suspended. Twelve owners of "ousine5; houses destroyed by fire in Chcnoa, 111., h a v e sued the Chicago Altou railway for ¥100,000. Governor of Nebraska hussigncd the bill appiopriating S.IO.OOO for drouth sufferers. Plenty of supplies are now in sight. llcv. Talher 0'IIarc, a priest, toolt pait in the Hiuuklyii liolloj strike paying one of tlic new men S10 Lo leave his car. 1'ostmastcr Watson and Muri ny IJcnl ley, a nicich:uit, of Kliodcs, Mich., .ne under in iesl for dcfiaudkig the j eminent. Juilgclliiynoi 1 decided t h a t the lli'ook l y n street car managers should bi forced to run t h u i r c u i b , regardless o expense. LATEST MARKET fiEPOHTS. Two h u n d r e d persons were killed discpvcrcd'by searchers, in tho r u i n s of i '""1 n11 ° £ the houses in the village of the Henry brewery at Mcndotu, Ml. A mob visited llic Uaker near Albin, Jowu, .to iry to induce the employes to jiiit. A eocfcrenee \vn.s arranged. American hotel, at F.lmore, Ohio, and several other buildings were dc- Ktroycd. Two servant giris wero fatally injured. Fire nt I'itlsburg destroyed the Wilkinsburg Presbyterian church, valued nt S-'.'j.OOO. One uf tlic Qi emeu was futally frozen. At Frnnhlia. Grove, III., the post- ofllca a n d ' t w o oilier buildiiijfs-werc destroyed - by flre and other houses damaged, James E. Gi'umiM, president of the TraiU'Mncn's National bank of New York, dh'd suddenly of heart disease, «gcd G2 yetuvi. . I-'iro in ths Hotel Castle, New York, did $100,000 damage nnd caused a panic ftmonif thu 155 guests. The lower houfioof the Indiana leg- Inlnturc adopted.a resolution favori ipr ~lhc~ bill to"place flags on all tlic school ' botnses of tlio Mute. ' Kuchlin, 1'crsia, destroyed by a recent cai thqiiakc. Government of Guatemala has authorized its special envoy to m n k u concessions to Slexico and w a r m a y b e .vcrtcii, Uuutcmaln'.s answer to Mexico's ulti- matvun is'unsatlsfactory and it is believed war will be declined at once. CASUALTIES. At Middlcburg. To., a sleighing parly collided w i t h a train. Two per tons were killed and several olhcru injured, Six men worckillcd, six others badly injured and property worth 5100,01)0 destroyed .by n boiler explosion in ;l brewery nt Mcndota, III. Piirtlons of Alabama were swcpb^by n cyclone, which did great dnrange. At Abbevillp a child was killed. At VcnuTiUe. JHcli.. fire destroyed a \ilovk o( v bulldings, including n ncviv pnpcr.officc and Q bnnk, l^obs, S30.000. '"VcffiTlzcT"|i)n"nl oOl. K n u h vt. Sons of Indilinupolis « n s dcstroynl by an inceni'iai'y fire. l.Obs, S.'jO.OW, v \ i l h no CATTI.P--Common l o n n m p . lJu.n--Slilpplny pimlcd KKl'--F,nr l(Uloli:u IB/.T--No- :rcJ. . OATS--Na - UUiTMi--ChoLuo creamer;..... 1'oTiions--fir h'J BUFFALu n'nitAT--Ho. : CONN--No. '.'yellow OATS--Na 1 while CAT-ILI L'unx-- N o . 3 i r h l l e OAIB-- N a J T r b l t c bX. L UU g 6J M CT .1(11 fj -i (W w j u Of HJ4 O i.9). is ·lit n-t, LI M ra U'JItAT-- So.i UeU ............ CUIIN-- N'a : ..................... Vi'lS -- - ..................... MUAVMJKCC. \VhffAT-- No. - .Spring ......... CulLS-No. 't ................... OAIS-- So. s H Ulie ............. U»HI,KV-- So. ; .................. K) W U) S3 at 4 .11 -y U C*ni.c HUGS..... i 10 en fl t l ^ O » 4 J t'OHN-- No,'.' K A i b -- Wl.uo ·1JLKUU ( Jll^-- No. - il*cil ...... , -DAH.-NO. i -Viii.l ........ :.... l.Ti-No. : ...... L ........ ····· 1-ii.iv.v. .................... Lit,!* «* II ^A w Ml( u » U V SENJITK A N D Hot./.?: OK rives- In my last annual J commended to the .-.erioy.s consideration of ecniircs, the co::(".:- tion o' our nalicnal n=a=cci, r.r.'J conccction w i t h llic -ubjcct inui-r.,ed t h e plan of currency legislation v.Ir.j'.i at that lime hu'jmeil to fv.: nisn protection against impending ilan- Thi, p!aa his- no: been | - cd bv tlic copgiess. l.i the m e a n t i m e the situation has so changed t h a t the. emergency noy ape:us so threatening t h a t I deem it. tny luly to ask at the hands of tne. legisla- ,ve government such prompt and c!- cctiic action as will restore confidence .n our financial soundness and avert business disaster and universal distress mo:ig jeople. Whatever be tl.c nerits of the plan outlined in my an- mill message a.s a remedy for ills t h e n existing and as a safeguard against the depletion of the gold · reserve then m the treasury. I am now convinced that it.s jcL-cpiion by the congress and our pi cscnt advanced stage of financial perplexity necessitate additional or different legislation. W i t h natural icsources unlimited in variety and productive strength, and v i ; h a people whose activity and enterprise seek only a fa'r opportunity to achieve success a n d greatness, our 1/1 ogress should not be cheeked by :v false financial policj and a heedless disregard of monetary laws, nor should the timidity and fear which they engender stand in Uiu v.,i of our prospci-liy ··The real l i o u b l e «hieh confront--, us eonsislh in a kick of confidence, wide spread uiU constantly iiic:cus'.:ig, in llic conlin inr a b i l i t y or disposition of tin- goveinme"t to pay it.s ob'.iga- tions 111 guld. This, lae'c of eon'idcncc grows lo tome extent out of the palpable and apparent cir.bairassn.cnt allendiii',' lliu efforts of tho govern- iricnl u:idur existing l a w s to piociire KOld. and to :t greater e x t e n t out of Hie impossibility of cither keeping it m t h e treiiMiiy 'or eaucellijig obligations b / its cxpcisdilf.rj a f t e r il is, ob- ··Tlie only way l e f t oren 1o the gov- e r n m e n t for proem ing gold is by l l i o issue and sale cf bonds. The only bonds lhat Ban be so issued were aiithon/cd nearly t n e n t y - 0 v e years ago and arc not well calculated toincet oiu pics-ent needs. Among othei dis- n c h a n i o g e b . they a i e made payable in coin instead of specilically In gold, which, in conditions, detracts hirgi-ly and in nn incn-a^ng ratio from ibcir desirability as invcstmenls. It is by no mcinis ccrliuii lhat bonds of this dcseiiplion etui much longer be disposed of at :iny price c:editable to the financial actor of our government. ··The most cliingcioti? and irritating feature, of Hit 1 situation, however, remains to be mentioned. It is found in the means by which the t r e a s u r y is despoiled of 'the gold Lhu,s obtained without canceling a bingic obligation, nnd solely for the b c n c l i t o f who find piofit in shipping it abroad or whose fc-.u., induce llicm to hoard il at home VVc have outstanding about live b u n d l e d millions of cm rciicy notes of the government for which gold may be demanded: und, curiously enough, the law requires v - h e u presented, a n d , in fuel, redeemed and p.iid in gold, they shall lip reissued, Tins Ihe '--me noleH may do d u l y many l i m e s in drawing gold from llic'trc.isurj: nor can Ihe piocossbe arieslcd ;is lorg !ii priia-U- rallies, for pi-olit o r o l h e r w i s u . see an adv.u-.tcigc hi repealing l!ip operation. · M n o t h a n t l n e e liundred ::nliion.s o f d n l i n r s in these notes have already been ledeeini-d in gold, sir.d notwith- s l n u d i i i g suc'.i ied«:a?lion llic; ore all still o u l M i i n d i n g . h i n c e HIL- I rth day of J a n u a r y . l-'!ii our bonded interest h::.s been ir crrsised llic purpose of ob- t f ) rrpienisli our TIVO issues were m:ide. .nnoiintin^ to J.'iO.OQO.OOO each-one in J s i n i i a i y nnd the other in No- \euil-ci. ,\s :i rei-ult of the iir.s- iv,uc there was re.ilizcd !.oi.".cthi:ig more t h a n irib.l.OU.UCO of iloliur*. iri pold l l e l w e e n that issue and tlic e\cceding one in NovcinL'or. compiisi::y a period of HI.out icn inontli*, Tiearly ftlO.l.UUO.- 000 of d o l l a i s in gold wns d i a w n from llic lrc:is.ui\. T!:is made t h e .second issue netesbvivy, anil upon thai more l i m n S"',S,COl).000 in gold was again realized. l l e t w c e n the dale of this, leeond issHr nnd the piesciiltiim;. covering a reriod of only .ibout luo months, more t h a n "C.H.OWI.OI0in pold. lias been di.iwn from the treasury. These l!i:'gc nims of gold were r.v pended w i t h o u t u n y cancellation of government obligation!', or in any per- n:UDeiiL wav benefiting our people or improi ing our pecuniary situation. "Our sold reserve has ngoin rcnched such a stale of diminiilioii as tore- quire' ils speedy reinforcc-mcii! The aggravations l h a t inn si iiscrilabiy follow present conditions and methods will certainly'lead to misfortune :ind losi, not only to GUI- national credit r.nd prospeiily. nnd lo t'noncinl ciucr- prisc, Cut · lo those of our pcopU- who seek . employment « »·* « · means of livelihox\ nnd lo those 1 whose oulr, capital ia their'hilly labor.- It will hardly du to Kiiy Ihr.t a «.m- plc increase of revenue, irtli uurc our troubles. Tlie ,uppi-ehcniilon.i no« ex- isting'nnd constantly JncrvaklnK » - s l c _ «iir f.nncciil abilitv does notrcst'upon/ a caiculalion of our revenue. Thfl lime has j-assed when the eyes of investor;, abroad and onr people at home were fixed upon the revenues of the govornain-.. Changed conditions have attracted their attention to the gold of Ihe government- There need be no f*-"ar that we i-an not pay our cur- rcat cxp 1 -'" 5 ^ 3 with such cjoney as we hare 1 . '·lle^iilcs tho treasury notes, w h i c h certamlv should be paid in gold, amounting to nearly S.IOO.000,000. there will be due in 1304 810(1,000,00" of bondi issue:! d u r i n g the last j-far, for w h i c h we have received gold, and in lt)i7 nearly Si UD,UIJU,WJ of 1 per cent; bonus iisued in ; S77. Shall the payment of these obligations in gold be repudiated? If t h c y a i c t o b c paid in such a manner a.s t h e preservation of our national honor and national solvency demands H C shcnid not ] or even imperil =-r ability to m n p l v ourselves with "Is ay opinion, the sec:e!r.ry of the I treasury sho-jld be authorised to Ksuc | bonds of t h o government for the T/t:r- pose of procuring and m a i n t a i n i n g a suffiicient gold reserve and the redemption and cancellation of the United States legal tender notes and the treasury notes issued for the purchase of silver under llic laiv of July H, IS'JP. "J suggest that the bondi be issued in denominations of S-0 and Sr0 r.nd their multiples and that they bear interest at a rate not exceeding 3 per cent per annu-n, I do not sec why they should not be payable f i f t y yca:s from t h e i r dates U'e, of llic present generation have large amounts to pay i£ we meet our obligation sand long bonds nrc most salable. The secretary of the treasury might well be permitted at his discretion to receive 0:1 the talc of bonds the leg.-.l lender and Ircns-ary notes lo b j retired and. of course, when they are Ihus ictiicd or redeemed in gold they should be c-n- "The p n bonds, u n d e r existing laws, could be deposited b\- national banks as j,ecu: - it\ for circulation, and sue 1 .! bunks should be allowed to issue circulation up to the face value of or any other bond 1 - so deposited, except bonds outstanding bearing only 2 por cent interest nud which sell in the market at less than p:ir. b.mks should not be allowed lo take mit circulating notes of a less denomination Ihan S10, and ·,hen such as aie iio;v outstanding leach the Iren.Miry, except for redemption and rtitiremeut, they should be c:niLcled and notes of the denomina- t i o n of S10 and u p w a r d issued in their .stead. .Silver cerliiicates of the de nomination of ¥·!') ai'd upwrrd should be replaced by cerliHcatcs of denominations under SIO. Objection ha,^ Licsn made to the issu- nncc of i n t e r e s t bearing obligations for the pnrpose of retiring the non- interest bearing legal lender notes. In p o i n t of fact, however, these notes have burdened -js will; a large load of i u t c i ost and it is .still iiccumul."t- iup*. The ag-prepate interest on the orijrinnl issue of bonds, the proceeds of which in cold conslitutcd the reserve for the paj mci:t of these notes nmoun t- cd lo J?"0.3JO.-10 on .Ian. 1. ISt)."!, and the a n n u a l charge foriutcicsl on theie bonds :i3(l on those : ssucd for the same purpose durin ' the lost ^,ear will ·be f),Hj.OO.J. daling from Jan, 1. ISO.i. "In conclusion 1 desire to frankly confess my reluctance to issuing moie bonds in present circumstances and with no better icsnlts than have lately followed that course. I can not. how- w i t h the consideration of tho bill to repeal the differential duty imposed by the tariff bill ou sugars from bounty paying countries. Jlr. Hopkins (re:-.. Hi.) and Mr. Uolliver (rep . loivajboia spoke in deu-rmineu opposition to t^e bill. Mr. Bolliver's speech in p a r t i c u l a r being most bitter Mr. Wilson tried 10 effect a n agreement lo close the deb.'-'.c after two hours of discussion to-cl.n, but Mr. , (J.-osvc:ior (rep , Ohio) o j- icctcd. ____ EPill.VCEIt J-HES2NTS HIS E1LC -\ftcr S!:crt J t i'cnl to lb 0 XOTOS, J a n . J'J. -- There was a good attendance on the floor w h e n the house met yesterday in anticipation of thu I'resid'ent's message. "\V!;e:i Ihe reading of the message was concluded there wa5 a round of applause f-o.n the (leniot'ratic side, in which rr.ii' L i: j n u m b e r of republicans joined Mr. Spimger, chairman of tha cota- nittcc oa baniiing anclcurrency. forthwith .son; to the clcrk'.s desk a cur- :cncy bill, stating he wouUl mo\c UK- rcfuicncQ of the bill and mcs.sttjo; ti his committee. The bill incorporates the views of the President as cxprtvisi;;! i:i his special message. It also lestv.c's national bank notes to S10 and provides that duties shall be paid in gold. ]!y ^provisions greenbacks xvill be re- ired unon prrsentation for retletno- io:i. M^r. Livingston (dem , Ca.) m o \ ^ d that the message be referred to the committee of the whole on the stale of the Union for immediate consideration. Opposition wna shou n to this motion. and a f t e r a somewhat warm debate Lhc message was referred w i t h o u t division to llie banking and currcnc3~ committee The bouse then proceeded u i t h ts routine business. bciiring ilebt .Sinn.iijn.outi for ninp" gold ever, r c f i a i n fiom adding to r.n assurance of my anxiety to co-operate w i t h t h e present congress in any reasonable measure of relief nn expression of my delcrminalion lo leave n o t h i n g u n d f t n c which furnishes a hope for improving the situation or chucking a .suspicion of mir disinclination or disability to meet w i t h the strictest honor every national obligation. "Gr.nvKii Ci.Evr.i.AS». "Executive Mansion. Jan. t, - S. IsU.'i.'' MLS,I of the gold money congressmen talked with o;.pressed. 111 f,icOun at llic general tor.e of the President's mcss'iigc. Outside of I h e question of Uio issuing of bonds and retiriug liie giccnhncks, they say :hc message i , cer'iiin In an .*d- at litiine and abroad. I t U gcnfi.illy undcih'.oud lhat tin: I'rc.sident. '.'.!.:lc he did not mention it in his mcj.'-ngi 1 . is w i l l i n g lo agree lo tlio cuin.ipe of the si-ij-iiiora.Te. o- at least the i.i t h a t ,'S the ba^i-. fiir s i l v e r ccrtiH'jiMPS. ·J'he s i t u a t i o n is likely to be about t h i s : A b i l l for l i v e h u n d r u d m i l l i o a , of M pel cent bunds: t h e r e t i r e m e n t of Ihe giecnba'-ks ·rra'luull.Y; ''".· ··ii'istiL!;- lion therefor of national b-ink noles issued to the oar ·!nine of the. bunt!-. the i c l i r e n i e n t of small bank n o t e s below E!0; the .substitution for t h e m of silver certillcatt'p. and t h e use uf t i i e a q c n m u l a t c d seipniorn^e citlic.- tt^ co.ns or n,s the basis for sil"cr not' 1 --. will piss tlie house. It v i i l in i h r -scnntu meet, with the. violent opposition of llic silver men. w'-o will light all legislation w h i c h ii not in harmony with their idea of Ihc recognition to which ihcy t h i n k silver Li entitled. AP.JIDI: TLATE prices. nn.'or Clr.l-ulter \Vant» Ihcm Com-;irtil iv'il]i Other Nation 11 ., -Tan. in.--The senate vesterd'.iv n^rycd to a resolution ofTered . Chandler calling on the secretary of the navy for a .statement sho 1 ,-.- ing the prices paid per ton for armor plalc for vessels of Ihe na^y. eomiiar- ing the snr.ic with the prices ])nid by other TI:Ilions, ami Q.ISO especially w i t h the prices ] aid or lo be 1 paid u n d e r recent contiacts to A m e r i c a n mair.ifac- l u i e r s for armor plates for other nations. M:~. Teller expected to continue lii- :a on the H a w a i i a n mailer, but gave way to Mr. Wolcrnt, who dciircil to call no the bill d i s a p n r o i i n p the t r e a t y heretofore made with the southern L'te Indians, nnd providing for their Ettllement upon a. part of llu'ir leservation and r e l i n q u i s h i n g of the remainder to Ike g-overnmeat. A f t e r (lisru.ssion by SenatniT, Vilas, ^Volco^t. Teller and Jones of Ark.m- sas, the bill \\ rts passed n.s it wvis re- porto-1 from t h e committee I y n vrt» of i7 to I I . , The b'lnlminlry bill was mr.dc the nnHnisL-od business. A f t c r tbe consideration of rcceutric business the senate r.djoumed 1 . ,*'nl' | 'lt"i'' f°r tlic Itcllly ^rnTi^nrc; IV.iniiNRTO.v. Jan. 211--A substitute for the lleiily Vacitic lailroad bill has been introduced in the house by Representative lioalncr of Louisiana. A cnnvnss of i;iemhers k n o w n to oppose Hie T.cilly bill is b e i n g miidc to induce t h e m if possible to unite upon this scheme, w h i c h is in the nature, of tt compromise between the Jlcilfy hill and Ihe various foreclosures and gov- oroinenl cemirol nnd ownership. Tlic Mr**'!^ til llic Senate. WAfinxoTos 1 . Jan. 2!'.--At the ciosc of the rending of t h e President's mes- Mgc in the senate ycslcrday Mr. Sherman (icp., Ohio) srg?t,tcd that ' h e message be icfcrred to the finance committee. Some objection " as m u d f , I n i t l h e motion prevailed on a viva vocc vote. Tr'nl of Cil'it. FIoWBltc Cntnmr:,crc. Vv'AsniNfiTiiN. Jan, 2'.l --The trial ol Cant. Henry W. Ilowciilc for forgur. anil cmbe/./.lericnt from the govern- merit besjan jCslerday in the Uistriet Cri'.;:i:u:l court before .Judge McComns. A!?/iED AT RAILROADS. E^iiii 0:1 rnir- or ^ii:r,i^i! i;nT,;c4 .-im] I M M I I M I N , Wis.. .Lin. 'j'l.--The twt [ lionvc- of tin- legislature reconvene, 1 last evening. -V b i l l was introilueei 1 i in the senate to provide fur bctli'i 1 roads. In the avsembly bills «en ! in'.roducu'l to couv.K'l railways to "-el i mileage biuls.s transferable in faniilif ' ami nmnrig tin 1 umplo^-es anil official' | of e.irpnration. Ill the ··fsstmbly to !.-vy Mr. llii'l. who recently inlrotliicn i Ihe ami-railroad p:uss bill, will inlrr. uO.U'JO u b'.il ilo c s l a h l i s h :i niilroad c rn | mi sinn which - h a l l fix the rates, am ' rc^ukitu r u i l r o a d s ppcruling in thi \ MiiU' in a m a n n e r s'milar to t h a t fro In t h e Iowa l a w . I'hn r.tnic b a n k men and i silver men In tlm h i w e w i l l inalie a fight, bui t h e ruli"i of lhat hndy w i l l allow Ihe i i c l m l n l h l r i i l i o n , bnclffd I y !-om« rppnblietin vol^t, to eurry the .rensure tlirrtiijjli. The Mime thin,' will not be t'i:e In tlio Mnule. n n d l!n\ being llib ense llio I'roipCCts of ::n c.\trj. ses-^ion seem now ric/iv L-'I-HT Ihnn cx-erbi-fo-'C. The general .sentiment is tha*. the bill introduced by Mi'. Springer, which was d r a w n "P a- 'he treasury dcpiirt- i n r n t nnd iindnublollj" rrpre.sents the Prrsidcni's views nil! pa-s the h o u - n at the 'prc«eiifc sc.'is'.on, rossibly \i i;h sonic ninendment, but 'it is nsi-.tly j ^n ( ^aV/)iVi«ucd"'iIi»' prolably it i«m gel thro^l, lhjvr.n:. :u Uv^ pr-.-siJlrnls of the rni o'.vinp fo'lhc prcs^n-.-i: in H i n t IrfMly u n belligerent miijnriiy for .silve:-. Nrrr T l l l l « In [!llnn!n I.c^Vlnttirr. SrniT.F;Ki.;, II'.. J n n , ?n, --nepic s e n l n l i v u .losepli ·'· Schwab o-f Cool w i l l introdvici: a b i l l abolishing til' lli'rvo. (lays' (if gnii'i on all paper- i noles und inlrumi-nts. A bill for tli i nmeni'.mcnt to I h e law m relation t i mine mnnnfreri or pit bosses will b I i.itrOd-Jivd in I n e houveby r'pprcscnl.n \ l i v e s^n:-lcr of ItL-lleville. The amend i inert w i l l r r q n i i e l h a t every I fjr t h p pn-'uiim o m i n e manager shal 1 hnvo !»?·»! at least foLr x ears'expcricnc i r.^ a iii.ner, , Jsm. -i.'.-i-i'li Trnoklja S'.rllip Kilclri'. Xnv.- YORK. Jan. 2! 1 .--General is ·restni-cd in Hrookljn. The cntiv J'irst brlgiido ivns withdrawn vostei ·lay I n :lie aftirnoon Master \VorV stiitcmerv* t pri-siin-ms of the T a i l r n a t s ivhor I l i c s t v ' i V i - e:;isu to l!se effect lli»t ill for::.^r rr.iploytfs, o.'Tfrc: I t!:y'r r.crvicc npoa ihv- .same iscnlo of wageH ol iai:iM.! i'j ISji:. The majoi-fty. 'oi lit proceeded iu ! .tl(^.r ir "· t; vtLok- ' cita. will go IVUL-'-TO \vork_ MEWSPAPERI

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