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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Wednesday, August 19, 1818
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NUMBER 5018 Ftr SALE, titabbliedfor immeibateU) Thesuperior packet sloop BOaTON, nd six monlM oiu, ouruicn 04 ,; throughly butt bolted ; ttowt a large remarkably fast 5 has a full in - 1to A. Roger, on board, east side Bin ANSON G. PHELPS, 183 Front - street. . far Sole, freight r Charter, ,f Tti fine Nw - Yotk built shin HI T fcBEttXIA. H.Graham, master, built by J - rhUsentan, of the best materials, and 111 'ost frithful manner, ha lately been cot "Li .nd nut in complete order, and can be FT - . envaee at little expense, lor at to WM. k SAM'L CRAIG, No. 84 Front - street. - 11 'J homo and St. Sarthakmrwr, A Rood BRIG, of 180 tons, bound to the West ludies. will Uke freight for (f of ineauuc - - Jj, Several passengers alao, can be well ae odated. APP3D,W()LF.Ju, sa 10 54 South - street. r.l I. .... n I, ilttPPll inimMllft' for SA KAMA 11, - ..ii!tlV.lW Wniw. flAm muter: having been detained by a. ' . i ;..!. V;M toe Weather, tao lane tooie nii - o"" for which, or passage, apply 00 board, at Jonea ,tet0rto l'OTT k M'KINNE, l0 10 se outh street, FHElUUt WAJTIU). The British brig 8T. DOMINGO, captain Redmond, will lake freight lor wiToort in Great - Britain or Ireland she is a nod vessel, anu mar ne ues pnicneu luiiueuiaic Sr. Apply 00 board at Pine - street wharf, or to a in 86 South - it ftr LIVERPOOL. llfv Thesubstantialship ROCKINGHAM, f "t. F. Williams, master, is now loading ad hiving considerable cargo engaged, is in toded to sail on the 20th inst For the re Minder of freight or passage, having hand - ae and spacious accommodations, apply on tsird, east side My - market, or to THOMAS C. BUTLER, Jun. rj6 74 South - street. " rer J'i H.(JKLMA, jffv The raat sailing packet schr. FAN - XijfiNY fc HENRY, lilfurd, masters is jesrly loaded, can take a fe tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on toud, wet side of Hurling slip' an. 5 llfHITE LEAD. BLUE VITRIOL, AL If LUM,Yc Received per Chauorey and Colsmbia, from Bristol, (Eng.) and for sale by Be subscriber, on advantageous terms, viz. fSU keg genuine grouuj white Lead in Sftlb. kegs SO casks best dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 ewt. each 30 do lied Lead in casks from I to 3 cwL each It do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 c wt. each 3D do I Tory Black from 2 toJcwt each It do Koman Vitriol lrom5to8cwteach li do. Veiratiaa Kd (rots t to 3cwt hco 11 tierces Alfura from 7 to 10 ewt each 10 hhds. S tierces and 8 bhls Kottoo Stone Vnacb tirem,Laiap tit - tck, Purple Brown Vdcothat Vitriol, Bath Scourim? Cricks Anplrto - A. CHURCH, J 15 ' 184 Bowrrr. RL'CCIVEU by the ship 1'riton and the ship Clue, from Hamburg, aod other late import - alimi, n aasortiuent of 'German Liueat, sacb as Piatillas, white and brown Bretafmes, Creat, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Lineps Hempen Oinahurgs and Ticklenburgs, ' Heuians Burl.ijH, Crown Roils, Bag, Tas, Supeifine Broad Cloths Napkias SUk Gallons and Pound Ribbons Coffee Mills State Pencils Looking Glass Plates rocket and Statia Glasses Iad Pencils Aod ao assortment of Card wire. Also on hand, A lew tons St Petersburg llenip Kirit quality Holland Sailcloth, and Silly boxes Pategrats Cheese, entitled to debenture. Tot nt on reasonable farms, br geo. &THEO. Meyer, i 15 In 129 Washington Mreet fllOBACCO. 36J Kegs laadiug X Hero and Only Daughter, and sloop Fair American, from Richmond, vis. M Kegs branded B. H. Brady, 8's, no. 1 tt 2 S4 do. Geo. Fletcher, 8's no. 1 & 3 40 do. T. M. Deane&ro. 8's, no 1 3 37 do. J. Gibb, !!', no 1 & 2 tt 1 - Sdo. JfiP Lahbv, 8's, Ladies' twist. IN STORE, 1500 Kegs, C's, no's 1, 2, 3, half pound rolls, LaJieV Twist and Cavendish Tobacco of the - following brands, vis. Enders, Ross, Ege, Miller, Hold, Duttnn, Starr, J. Hare & co. R. Hughes & co. F. Dancy tt co. Anderson, Blair L M.Kcage, Cantor, and Shclton fi vt uuamson. For sale by CORNELIUS DIT BOI3, lit'il Jsr 1 s DM UOOUS, tic. 1 0 Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 Si 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown piatillas 6 do. Scotch osnaburgs 7 bales imitation sheetings ' 4 do. brown linen 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For nd by GEORGE JOHNSTON, JW2 No. I Slost - lane. itU.HKlt J IC UOULM. lUStPU TITCOMB k CO. 162 Pearl street, a have just received 6 rases, containing 5'4,c4'.4,.7"8 nd 3 - 4 bkn - h'd Sheetings and coinings Brown Shirtings ; Ginghams ; Checks ; Chatbrayt Red - Tickiot and Cassiaercs. Abo on hand, an extensive assortment of domestic Woollen and Cotton Goods Wick arn ; Boots and Shoes Yt Ticks and Brads assorted Aa invoice of Straw Brrnd, Kc All Of Wllifh uill h. mnl.t .1 lu n.loa tm - .i. W'hirtcrcHit. Wool, Cotton or Bat Goodj received for sale foestorsRr. aug5 rl,TXmwL & MACHI.YECARDS. T i03i wTTEMORE has coostaatly on - a. hand at his manofuctorv. No. &A Frr. next to the corner of Pearl street, n largtfl 'on.vis ' " C ' ortTerJ !cnP - on Cards of 7, 0,9,10 JJool du 5 and 6 "scnine do thiers' and Ilatiert' Raising Cards iiJ . .r uPeri'' ality, which h wiU sell on ""Tcsiierata. J S4 Icq MADEIRA WLffE. a pipes U 12 flhih I uu,t - uiaoeire wine. 2 l - S Qr. Casks Malmsey do do of Scott, Loughnan, Penfold k CVs. brand, and offered for sale by W. ft 8. CRAIG, aagl lu So, 84 Front - st. - JEWELLERY, WATCHES, lie. A CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, Silver Hunting and Plain Watches, Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxea. S casts Ladjts Corsets aasortert. For sal by J LAMBERT, Je 4 3 Courtlnnd strnet. 'i'EAs, l.VEa it G HOC E Rita. T No. 7 Park (iate Ladies Auction Room.) rjHE subscriber keeps constautlj for sale a X general assortment of first rate Groceries for family nte, amongtt which are ' Gunpowder Imperial Hyson, Young Hyson Hyson Skin Souchong & Poucboni; TEAS fo( first quality and latest iuj pot latum. Loaf, Lump, ) Bt ,rtut Havana white and brown J fcLl'JR! Double Gloucester, I,,,,,.. - , - ,, Holland & American t - " - 1 - " lmon J sice Sicily Lemons in good order 4th proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin and Juniaica bpirita Madeira, i'ort, Claret, L. P. Tenerifle, tiherry and other Wiucs Sweet Oil in Betties and Bottles . Spices,. W. I. Pepper Hibbsrl'i Brown Stout - ; Sperm Oil anl Candles ; with many other articlits too numerous to specify, which will be sold at a moderatn ad ranee, br aotrS JAMES V. ANUOE, C CHEMICALS, COLORS, c J Kpsom Salts, in caiks rf Scwt. Lump Magnesi, in cases lo do smittl squares Calcined do in phials Rochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citr: Acid, Blu Verditerin firkius Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rcgulus of Antimony GUiNS, BUTTONS, Szc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in waioscoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling pistols, incases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts ' Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copi plates lor engraters .Mutiifuiatical Inrtrumuits Rolling Pralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescope Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cues. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je IH 3 Court landt - ttrtet. GUNPOWDER, SHOT LEAD, field) nr. casks F.FF, h FFF Bloomfiwld Powder 500 do do musket and Cannon Powder 100 do do best EnglMi do 50 do do Dart lord CannUtrr da ' SO do do Single Seal do 4 tons assorted Patent Shot 3 io do moulded do 3 do bar Lead 10 roll Sheet Lead 500 feet patent Lead pipe 1O0, M. superior Kreuch and Eagtisb gun and pistol 1 hois Also, an assortment of musket and pistol balls. powder aiks and shot heirs, lor sale by aug 8 w No. 91 Fmnt - st. LARET. 40 dozen very supc - riour Claret, lor sale at 1H the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, je 30 tf No 1 SloRl - larve A KEYED HARP. T A.GUTTWALUT respectfully invites tf . the amateurs of music to inspect at li is nano - rort Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane. a musical instrument that perfectly equals the harp in sound and far surpasses it in point of easy treatment, as it is played like the piano by means ol keys, r.nd consequently has fell the nd vantages ol brilliant modulation : the onlv one in the United State. Also, an elegant Piano Forte oi tine tone, musical variety and workmanship, wilh an assortment olditierent kinds, whose good qualities have been testified by the undersigned eminent professors : We the subscribers, professors of music, do ceriry, mat we nave car. luiiy examined Mr. J A. Guttwnldl's piano - fortes, whii b, for inze.nui IV and excellence of worknianthip and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. Messrs. GiHi, f.titone, lid Meeti,c. Tumult, Charles Gilfcrt." J 7 VAGUAbLE REAL to I A I E OK SAGE, IX THR tlTt Or SKW - IORK, l?IVE lots of ground on the west side of Green V wich - rtrcet, between Vestry and Deibros ses - streets, 25 by 60. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting on meeasi siaeoi tvasnmeion - sireet, Xioy tin. Eight do in the block Delow, between Wash ingtoo and West - streets. In Mooteimerv Countr. 6009 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Creek, on the north aide ol me Mohawk. In Franklin Countv. 15,162 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and uayton. "In Essex County. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barry more In the County of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Cisterland, Cbassanis run has. In Sar&toea County. 2600 acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at the oifice of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBINSON. mh17tf G. SAONDEK'S PATENT KAZOR bTKOP. Ymi that wish to shave with ease, Buy o( Sadbdkrs if yo pleas i His Raxor Strop's, peculiar such, That slmrps the Rator with a touch. G SAUNDERS respectmlly solicits those . who hae not got his Pateut Rator Strop, to furnish themselves with bis new invented Rator Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen llemaA who once makes trial of on of the Strops now offered, will ever try any others; and such is un - ir mrmauon, mat ever so morn use win not give the razors that roundness which renders the best of them vsele, ami which is well known always to follow th application of all those hither to iovented. The above strop are in general se in New York, and are distinraisbed from all others. Barbers who bave used them say more in their praise than I ran myself. i. SAU.UkKS, lit waii - sireei. Also for sale. R a torn. Soaii. and every uten sil forShavine, of the first uunlilr. w.lh a supe rior amotion at of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, fic. Irons Smyth's, New Bond street, London. N. H. The most liberal allowaac mad to dealers. nr 22 HUKsES AND CARRIAGE. FOR SALE, a pair or likely active Mack Horses, seven years old. 'ITtey match in spirit and gait, are fast trotter and ia excellent conditio lor a loarney. Also, a light Coachee ia excellent order. Inquire at this office, aug 14 6t MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. 14 kegs ladies twist " Davidson. Saunders Si Co." brand ; 58 do. Xo. 1 do. do. - landing from schr. Catherine, and Monroe, and for sale br TROhXS, DAVIDSON Si CO. aa 13 160 FronUtrecL WEDNESDAY, IRON, STEEL, & HARDWARE. 04f Tons English iron, assorted, in flat "v and sqnar bars, a part of which U entitled to debenture. 100 tons ronnd iron, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch . . 100 do Swedes flat iron, from 1 to 6 inches 50 do square, assorted from 1 - 2 to 3 inches 50 do ech flat and squar Russia iron 50 do country troaassorted ' - 20 do ploughshare moulds 10 do axletrce and crowbar moulds 10 do borsti - shoe moolds ' - 20 do braticr'arodi, attorted, from 3 - 16 to 3 - 8 inch . 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted - 10 do sheet and boiler plate iron 60 do English and American Hoops 10 do English (L.) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 16 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Bristol uod Nova Scotia grind stones anchors 500 anchors, assorted, from 50 to 2000lbs. 1 do about BOOOlbs. 60 rolls sheet lead, uss'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd from 4 to 9 inches 200 do. cut nails, from 2d to 20d 50 do. wrought nails, assorted 20 do. slate and horse nails 10 ton iron pots and bake pans, assorted f om 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to deb'n. 5 tons English spelter " 20 ln. American hollow ware, consisting of pots, kettles, bake pans Skilets, spiders, tea kettles Andirons, tic. 10 carks trace, ox and boat chains Anvil, vices aud beak irons Forge, sledge aud hand hammer Mili, cross cut and pit saws Cart, Waggon and Chair Boxes. Window glaos, of dilTurcut sizes fchf)Vl, vpades, boe, &c. Together with a general assortment of hardware and cutlery, for sale, on reasonable terms, by AHEhL k DLWSCOMB, No. 363 Waler - klrect, corner of James - slip an? 13 lw UU;H LINE.Na, DiAPEK,fir. T "HE subscribers have received by the late arrivals from Ireland a very handsome as torliueiit " 4 - 4 whites, some in dcmi pieces, Also 7 - 8 do browns from 7 to I8d. very superior goods, which tnev will sell on moderate terms. J.'k W. STf.RUNGfi.CO. aiis 7 ?w 4 I Son'li street. I ) Ail ItiU , a tuns Bar Irou 13 5 t"os bhei t Iron W dozen Frying Pans Patent (haff and Drawing Knivei Iron and steel Shovels Gerium and enst steel mill, pit k hand saws Coach Spring St - el. For sale by ANDEilaON b SHEARER, J?2 At 131 Water street. rpHE fubcriber v lilies to purchase three or JL four pair of Dialched li(.rcs, and s veral single Horses lor the saddle, mid aln for draught. R. LE.NOX. aiig 12 IQt BLEACH'D C I llft'l INGo. 3 ruM idea. It'd Sl.trliiu's. of an eicilluit aualitv. lust re ceived and ;'ur sale by the COMMISSION COMPANY, aus 13 1411 Pearl sir et. tAMNDOW GlsS lOUU bosu bn.l. I T V Wmdow Gltts, for W by HURD ft SEW ALL, Bag 13 65 South slrert UUMLsHC CO i TOX (iOUUS A rt assortment or uiuetic Goods, such as bleach'd it unbleach'd bhirungs aud sheet lies White k black Millinetls, (assorted numbers) r loss, nomine a sewiog Gotton. t or sale on reasonable terms by WM. CAMPBEL!, Manufacturer, euc 6 107 Pearl - street, (up stairs. AMERICAN CLOTHS. 1 0SEI H TITCOMB k CO. No. 162 Pearl - l street, have iust received 10 pieces Ameri can SuperGne Blue Cloths, which will be told cheap, lor cash only. Also on hand, an oxtensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, and Cottoa Goodtjof every dis cription, at low prices. J 29 TO LET, GA part of a house and a front office in y - (rect, within a few rods of Franklin Bank. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - street. Jy 29 tf HACKNEY COACHES, 1?OR Select Parties, from Elizabeth Town Poiot. for Pl'ilndelrnia. aod the Steam Boats at Treuton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs ai scnooicys lintitairs. Notice sent to No. 63 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY &' STILES, Elizabeth Towr, by mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta, M ill be immediately attended to. J 14 GREEN VV ICH COFFEE - HOUSE, iutuattd Utt corner of Grtmwich Lane and tfit iVsgtA A renue. 'fllE subscriber ioloims his fri - nds and the X public, that the above bouse is opened lor the accommodation of company. It affoids a very healthy and pleasant situation, during this warm season. Its vicinity to the city, tccether with its beautiful situation, cannot fail to secoin - mend it as a superior place of recreation. The Greenwich stage leaves and returns tot,e above house several times a day, and accommodates personates on (he mott reasonable terms, wbiih irreatly facilitates the dixtance to the city Hoarders can be very agreeably entertained du ring the season. The subscriber trusts, that the conveoince, together with the preparations lie uni niaae, wn i men wnn e spproDsuon oi iu public, and secure to him their patronage. i. u. i ne nest ol lionors. kc. constantly kept on hand. Ualed I4u Auj;. 1BI. E. BALDWIN. Private carriages will he furnish d at all time at a more reasonable rale than eliewiiere. au;l4 2wt J. VV. F O K B E s, MABCrACTORER OF SILVER WARE, No. 'M Broad war. INFORMS his friends aud the public, that be 1 continues to mnnulaciure ol sterling tilverex - clusively, and oi superior workmanship, - .1. - - l". - i nvn. i i ji it 1HUIU A utc I l.ntliev, vrn,, Sett, I Waiters, Svphons Church Plate, J fiAi Kmvet Spoons, Forks, Ctike Baskets, fic. Szc. of the latest and most elegant patterns, and at Die lowest price. All ordersexecutrd in a masterly manner. N. K. FAMILIES wisbin' to be supplied with the first rate Articles of Silver, are invited to inspect his work, as all articles of his manu facture are sold ouly by himsell. j 3U i m - yi'uHAUt:. CONVENIENT Storage for Dye Woods, or oilier article of a similar description. may be had by applying at No. 29 South - street. an 8 A farm of between sixty and sevea4y sr.ies, sitsate on lb west bank oi Lake Otsego, and on mil from the village of Coouerstowa. On it are anew stone bouse 54 feet square ; a new larm botisc, bam, fic. It forms a desirable et tablistiinent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect. convenience to market, fic. is not surpassed by any iulbe interior ol the state. It will t sol low for cash, on a credit, or exchanged for., flo - ptrty utfiiscity.gMds c. App'y. U. U k R. SEDG rt ICK, my 7 tf r i.. - jjs. AUGUST 19, 11 8. TO THE PUB LICK. A GENTLEMAN from Franc would wish to draw the attention of the citixens of Ne w - Yorktohis newly established Laboratory of Colours for walls, prepared for immediate use, and accompanied with directions for laying them on. - Th colours are of the brightest tiuts, and pre pared so that no disappointment can take place, t St. John's Hall, Franldbrt - st. , !f. B. A very superior qualilv of Recording w aiaouiacturea ry me tame person. July 22 tf r"il BROWN, sum seal engraver aud jewel j X . ler. No. 1C6 Broadway. Coat of arms, crests, cyphers, engraved on slon. Diamonds, ametbvtl. toDaies. crrslals. tc. bought or cut to am fnrui. Gadies seals ecgraved with moltos, devices or crefts. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. A large assortment of fine gold seal, chain;, and other jewellery. Jy 23 1m f REWERY. Korsale, a barsam. a Brsw J 9 try Si Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson. The buildings are stone, and particularly well calculated for the business. It situated in th midst of a barley country, and hat many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to cugage in ths busi ness. It is the only brewery in the country. This property will be sold cheap. Terms liberal; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf A t IV MUSIC. I UST published by W. lUOl3, at his Piano J Forte and Music Store, No. USs Broadway, wpiiam leu Her Smiling Eyes Faony Dearest Tbine am I my Faithful Fair The Soldier's Bride Evelcen's Bow'r, with variations by Loiier, Also, all the Son's, fir - that are now singing nt the Concert's ny Mrs. Burke, Holman, Mesrs Incleiiri nnd Phillips, fic. with aereat varie ty of ne Music for the Piano Ki Me and the Flute Jy jr A 1 AN'CHKSTKR VELVETS, Assorted coif I lours and very superior nualitv, for sale low, by GEO. I. NEWREKV, J 31 I SI Pearl street. 20 Hi.KV.iA CLMK T. casks Roujau cement, ju?t received aud lor e&lc ty AAULKSU.M .V Stlr.A, nui 12 2w 131 Waler - jireet. liutttltr I'ntrnl I'nm llir Ltttleil .iulr$. CULLEN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. Approved of, and reeom mended by stverd of the . most eminent physicians orrlulHUclphia. rl 'HE Transparent Solution of Magnesia is pre - X tented to the public with - the sanction and partK'ulur recommendation of many of the most resee kble ph sicians of this city, as the most eligible mode of eli. biting magnesia. This solution portetacs the virtues of that medicine in ao eminent degree set more speed ly ; w.lbgreater certainly and is not liuhle to lorin concretions in the bo els, as Messrs. Brande and Monioe have diso - vet ed are sometimes produced by solid mag neita. st combines with usanti - ae d and apencul pri eiples the very desirable property of allaying the most excessive vomiting, and eai ryins off Ai - taad offensive matter. Hence may be infer rtA itortni ct&eoey K tbesurasocrsomp ainUuf (males, clu area, ate. (jl. To pel sons of b lious babit',it is reeommcjided asan excellent corrector of bile and acidity com iiiunieales tone to the stomach i perates as a gentle axation, and stal lishet) a perma out and regular state oi me noweis. A discretionary use of this ag eeable beverage enanies persons ol ev r sg - , sea and consuiutioi to k ep their bowels moderate, without the nse of salts nr drastic purges, (hitherto used) which never fai1 to confirm the costive ha' its they were intended to remove, aud to diso.der lor hie the organs of digestion. Jn ve.x stomachs uric and other acids are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stiffness, ind eon cretioo oi the ji'intt the solution will palliate, and often lemov these stUictin eomplain's. - Indigestion and msny diso ders of the sys tem, frequently proceed Irom an acidious state of the sloinach i childien are parlicuarly subject to this depraved condition of that organ, in consequence of their existing almost eotircly on milk aud vegetable diet. A small quantity of the solu tion lwbich children drink with avidity, and in general prefer to every other beverage) will in a a short time neutralise the existing acid, aud, if continued, will prevent the formuti n of any new acid. Independent o' the other advantages the solu tion possesses over crude magnesia, or any other medicine, intended to nrouuee a similar effect, the superior purity of the magnesia contained in the solution (the patentee haviMg discovered a process by which he deprives the magnesia he makes useol, ot Mienumeruu impuriU' s it is al wais contaminated with) musi git it a decided preference over ever' oilier preparation : to avoid the appearance of empiricism, the eeitificalcs of the p. ysietans, and oilier approuatory testimony, are not published, but may be seen at the store of the patentee. I he solution may cither be drank at the fount, (as mineral waters) at IV 1 - 2 cen s per half pint, or may be had in bottles ol an oval shape, mark ed, in raised letters, " Cullen's Liquid Mugnetia" and labelled Cullias solution of Magnesia. Unserve, bone is genuine except what answers the above description, and is signed by the patentee. JOHN CUL .EN. Price i 50 per dozen, 75 cents of which will be returned on receiving (he empty bottlea. bold in Philadelphia only, at Gullen s Chemical and Drug store, 58, e:st corn, r of Chesnut and Second streets. Philadelphia, 95A April, 1818. Cj The Patentee, encouraged by the success of the Patent Liquid Magnesia in Philadelphia and els where, respectfully informs the inhabitants ef new York and its vicinity, that he has formed an establishment for it sale at No. 93 1 Broadway, within two doers tf Park Place, where he also manufactures Soda Water of a superior quality. J 31 tf f ,UR the prevention and cure of Bilious and f Malignant r ( vers, is recommended 11AUNS ANTI - BILIOUS PlLLS. The ;p ration of these pills is perfectly mild, so nt to he used by persons in every titualiuii, and ol every age. I bey are excellently adapted tocarry oU su ptrdueus bile, and prevent its morbid secretions ; to restore and amend the appetite ; to produce a free penpiralion, and thereby prevent colds, which are often of fatal consequence A dose never tails to remove a cold, if taken cja its first aptvaranre. I bey are celebrated for removing habitual costiveness, sickness at the stomach, and severe head ache, and ought to be taken by all iieraous oo a change or climate. I hey have been lound rematkably cfhcacioui in preventing aud curing disorders attendant on long voyages, and should be procured and safely prefer ved lor use by every seaman. , I he anuve medicine is prepared ana sold ai LEE'S Medtcine Store, 46 Maiden Lne, and 1 lorsala bv everv respectable drugsiil i.ithecl - ty. Where tuny be bad Hamilton's ccl I i'ed Worm lAienes. au it ROOMS TO LET. 4 GENTLEM AN and his lady, can be sc - V commodatrd with Board, and ah rge ii't pleasaut setting room,.with bed rooms ljom ing, where there are a few select !. . rder. Apply at No. 20 Vesey - street, opposite the srea, u W - ' KO. JtElV LA If BOOlC STORE 11 LAKE'S CHANCERY RACTICE. - IJ Coiitainin all the Droceedinxs of a suit, as well ia the court of chancery a is the court lor the trial of impeachments, pad correction of er rors, for the stat of New - York. This book contains about 700 pages octavo, and is said by professional gentlemen to be all important to the practitioner in this court, being th only American production on this subject : and to the student it is invaluable, as it exhibits in a vety clear and lucid manner, step by step, the progress ol a suit, in all its minaiia, from the commencement to the final termination of it Accompanied with an appendix, containing precedents of the most approved torms.. suitable to every rase that (an possibly occur in the coursei oiasmv. jusi puiiiisoeaana lor snie tiv L). BANKS, Opposite City Hall. Corner of Nassau aod Spruce streets auj 4 lm I HKGKAiMMATlCAL BAH. 'TMIE importance of a correct knowledge ol J. Grammar, is too much acknowledged to need comment. The unsettled and desultory manner, in whii h it is taught in common schools, is highly r. xcepliouable. To have arbitrary rules and definitions parrotlike committed to. memory, learned nnd conned by rote without comment oi elucidation, it found to be generally void of utilt iy , tor so long as tne pnm ipies ol rules are not understood, they can nevur be applied to actual use. Under such impressions and influenced by a desire to promote so useful a bruuch of education. the subscribers propose ti remedial system. In the undertaking, they ore conscious of no other motive, than the promotion of a branch of knowledge, which is nn indisiieusible pro - requisite in every other. The subscriber anticipate many obie lions to to complete a deviation from the antiquated track, which custom has long since laiicuoreu as me most e inline : out, to ooviaie them, they ask a thorough and candid investiga tion ol its principles, it is a dictum, tm.t with out a knowledge of the reasons on which laws are innde, no one ctn know the Jaw. A conviction ol it truth formed the most powerful incentivelo (lie invention ol the Grammatical Bur, whichcon - veys lu the mind through the medium of the eye .the reason!, ll,e whvs, the wheremres. To be abort, it employs the perceptive faculties, the lc:riiet acquires a habit ol attention, bit judge iik nt is exercised, und lie advances with ease and delight. The subscribers hae taken a coutn ienl room in Fttltrn - sirrct, No. 139, where rhil (I'cn, young ludias and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty nntirs. A correct knowledge of parsing w ill be Riven to new beginners; if not, no pay will be required. A new cliifs to begin on edne.tday . J. J ROWN, Jim. E. I. CROSSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been instructed in the short terniof rixly hours, will be Presented forexniniiiatum each day ut 5 o'clock, . M. Scholars r reived and ini - trurtcd atwuv hour from (i o'cloi k A. M. to 10 o'clm k P. M. terms of tuition made known ut the uhovc men tioned room. .1 20 1m Law regulating the Gitaimg and Inspecting of ma win. rasseu .viarrn si, litlii, XT' He it enacted i.v the people if the ttale of Veio - Yoi - k, repreienltd in senate und atienblv. Th;it the person aduiiiiisteriiir the rovernoiout of this state, by aud with the advice anil constat l the council of appointment, shall from tim to time appoint one person lor the cily of New - York, whose powers shall extend to, and include the viUaze of Brooklyn; one person for the city of Albany; and on person for the city of Troy, who powers shall exteud to, and include Lnu - siugburgh and VVaterford, to b guagcrt and Inspector of fnh oil. And be it farther enacted. That it shall be th duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to. provide himself wilh prosier iu.'trumeuls lor gaagiDjt and inspeclinj oil, and whenever cal led oo to guagc and inspect any parcel of ffh oil, within the place for which ho was appoiuttd, it snail also Do his duty to inquire diligently and 4eeic out any parcels ol hah oil within his district. and guage and inspect the fame, ami brand legi bly on the head of rnch raek he mav sogtiKge ami inspect, ris own name auJ tbo cam of (be place for which he was apoitited ; al. - o the whole numiier ol gailout the same shall guage, and separately Irom each other the quantity of water, the quantity of fediineut, as well as the quantity of pure oil he shall fiud therein, and - hall make, subscrib nnd deliver to the owner or holder of nch parcel ol oil so guaged and in - I'cotcd, a certificate, exhibiting in separate co lumns the quaulity of each of Ihe aforesaid enu merated ingredients the whole parcel shall con tain; for all of which guaing, inspecting, brand - log and certifying aforesai J, he shall receive from Ihe owner or holder of the oil so guaged and inspected, twenty cents for each catk, be Ihe same mall or large, Ihe ooe half f which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon th purchaser of in same. And be it furthei tnacltd. That it shall be the July of all persons owning or holding fur, oil, to put the same in a convenient position for guaging aim impeding whenever thereto required by aa authorised guager and inspector. And be it further enacted, That any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change any of the brands or marks hlore - aid, on any catit of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any raik of nil so branded or marked, or who shall bny, sell or barter any oil within the didrirts or places alurc - said, except Ihe fame shall have been guage - l, inspected aud branded according to law, or ho shall ship, eiport, or otherwia coovcy or cau? to be conveyed any cil out of, or from Ihe districts or places aforesaid, except the tame shall have been guaged, iurprrted and branded according lo law, such, perton or person oolleuj - ing, shail forfeit and pay the sum of twenty - five dollars for each ca. - k, the brands or marks cf which shall be socoupteifeiUJ, altered orcbau - ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which shall be ao shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to th tru intent aod meaning of (hit act : Provided, nererthdas, that nothing herein coutaiued shall be construed to preveut any penon or pcrsous from buying or teuiug ou py measures legally sealed. A ndbt it farther enacted, That it shall b the duty of any person or tenons who shall u - e or otherwise empty the ceulcuts of any t ask of urn oil, immediately to efface tbo guager's and inspector's marks or brands from lhcame, unJer the penalty of twenty fiv dollars. And be it furUier enact ed, That any forfeitures aiieitig by virtue of this act, may b sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit. in any court having cotrnizanc of lb same, to the sol us aud bclioof of any person who shall sue therefor. NOTICE is hereby givesi, that the subscriber has beru appointed by the honourable Ihe Council of Appointment, Guager and Inspector or sdl Fish Oils in the Cily ol New - York and Brooklyn, ami has opened his office at No. 37, Water - rt. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every d?.y, Sundays excepted. JAMES M AURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fi - h Oil are hereby notified, (hat any infringement of the abrve law wdl be pmscrutod. TO Im r ok Sage. cm The two four atorv Fire - Proof STORES X5jNo. 1H5 and 187 Front - street, occupied by Mott fi IVduiond, and Isaac FrosL The t iers are 60 eet deep mid 20 feet front the Lot s are B5 lett deep Apply to ROBT. H. BOWNE, Si 'ft lm 91 I'ine - ttrwt "Vl'KitGl I KON BARK. IUU .Ud. fresh Vt gro - jod, forsate in 'jaicelt, by ae; 13, GR1S WOID S.COATE.3, - 19 WILUA M - STK EET, FRANKLIN CA.K. ft7" Th Franklin Bank, will h r.i,nA fnw th transacting of business on Wednesday next, the 12th inst. , ' The days for discountinc notes are Tu'tirfu a - Saturday. Notes effer'd for discount, must be. bwWH n the day preceding. lly order the Board of Directors, aus 10 11 POST, jr. Cubier. .VOM.k 4U LUAJX. rj fartf kDOLLAHbtoloan, in sums to vl f ,UUv suit applicants, on bondiib mortgage upon approved properly. - ALSO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper. ruaranlessV by bank stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application mar be eenerallv mad . through the year, and mortgages ditpostdiof. . je zo u 'JO LOAXi. 10 000 DOLLARS to loan on "Jfc .JJ J v f bund and mortgage upon property in the city of Nw - York. Apply to J. G. BOGERT, Jy28 138 Water - st. Cornelius bugeui. ATTORKEYt COUNSELLOR AT LArF, flflO .l7WKI VUJiL.IL. COMMISSIONER, authorised to lake Affidavit and Special Bail in anv Court of ' Record of this Stale the proof and ackuowledge - meut or Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages Alio ytmaaviis, special liau ana th deposjtioa of witnesses dt bniceue, ia th District and Circuit Courts of th United States, continues hi - otnc at lo. UGcdar - street. jy 82 1m TO A ISAM A MkMCHAJYTS. IETERS k STEBB1NS, CoMMiatioir MXR(RABTS, BLA KELLY, Mobile - Bay. HAVE extensive store bouses and teceive a.'.d forward goods, cotton, etc. free of cartage and wharfage. Vessel aud barges lay along side ol their store t. Shipper" will pleas apply, to CALVIN SPEAR. Boston. PL I KRK DERRICK, N. York. FMLEN &c IIOWLLL, Philadelphia. Jy 25 tf 1 Oji JA.VIEA' D. STOUT, Engraver and Seal Cuticr, removed tc 90 Liberty - treet, near Grecmvich - atre;t. Jv8 3m tlj JUHN PIKKJ I OIL Jus. 100 Libertv - st. ofl'eri liberal unticipatiopson property consign - ed to bis friends in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, appiy as above, or to AlIIt.tliAM BELL, Je6tf corner of LUYSz Kulton - sts. LANDS. ftr STEPHEN U. ftlUNN. No. f?C Pearl - tre i, New - York, purchases Landt in Ihe Illin - . ois Territory, which but been set fa part ftr the loienrmy. i.eners uoni. the couutry givuij: a dwcription of the patent and the price asked lor ' eat ii I'", win ne aiTtutu to, H post paid. uiy Ij tf ' 1 liT 'UieUw and Noturi d Luimu m W., Bleeiker, Esq. deceasi d, and uJtothnt ol com - niisiioner, will le continued at hit late office. '; No. 62 1 2 Wall street, by " ag 2w FRAN3 R. TILLOU. . SAL I' vv A I LK Ba UIs. The public are intormed thi,t the Salt Water Floatitg Bailat ruitinue open Irom fiv' o'cl ock in the morning unit! lu at bight, at Ar - den's wbarfnaar tUs - UaiWry, rot at tbe foot of Murray tUeet, North Hivcr. FORSALl a handsome Pleasure Sloop, in complete order, with uew sail ; a very talc boat, being lined wilh. cork. ALSO, a pair of large Tatent Chain Tumpi,', made by Mr. Daniels. Also, one Urt Vat or Cistern. Apply at the Baths, or to JACOB It AlilNEAU, 315 Broadway. 0O Wanted, an active, intelligent BOY, to attend a Drug Store one acouaiuled with ih l.mineas. Apply as nbovc. nog 7 COPARINEIiSHIP. C7" EBENEZEK STEVENS hating admitted into coparlnershiii bis sons. ISuum K. Sir.. retismuJohnA. SUvej.r, their business will in future be transacted under the firm of Ebcntstr Sleceiu & Suns. h.benezer Staent, Jj'ynmA'. Stevens John A. Steiens. aug 11 3w L'LOUR. 5(JU hbls. Philadelphia superfine - J? Flour, SP plug, just rre'd and for sale by aug 7 BUOIl.MAH fi JOHNSTON. jvr ON T - A l.'l'A For SA I. E or to LET, nnd immediate possession given. Vic beautiful place called Mont - Alia, seven miles Irom the City - Hall, on the - North River, adtoiuing Lord Courtenay't. It contains 20 acres of land under. improvement, with a largo garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with etrv coaveiuente for a family. For terms. ' tiirli . ininiKiiiG ii i laiuiij. rur leuun, wniril. tc very reasonable, aud if told a long credit gi - n fu anted, it.ply to N. fi D. TALCOTT, 4 ! - cMith - ttret. Jr12 arc very reasonatiic, and il told l vt S4 I Vl hl.l.iGhALL OF11CE. OSEPH D. 'OGRADY rcreuUI;y imVrm the public, that be lint oenid an Intelli gence ooice at lm bnunr, 131 rly - MBiket, between Pearl and Waifr - atrtelt. Families may he accommodated wilh servants, house - keepers. fic. fic. Servants, fic. with satisfactory rtcou - . inendalions, surplied with good si.usnour. - Or ders from the couutry promptly ntiuided lo. mig tiro rjuyi M'lilNG - HlLL DISTILLERY, ii rii Foi sale, about 27 acres ol land, Mlioin - irg t aisaick Rivot, in the township of Bloora - ' held, iu the couuty of Essex, in New Jersey whereon is a large and couudimIwus disiiiiery, withrider works, oat bundiugs, fic. that lender the whole a very valuable pro'peily, Lnquire of ELIA3 VAN AKSDAI.K, Newark, or GEO. W. 8 I KON G, New York, aus 11 3w FLEiCHKK'S CELEBRATED VKCKTAR.8 IALVE. ANDRr.W FI.E'I CilEK informs the inhabitants of Ibis cily, of. an extraordinary salve prepared and mu le by Lias. It is composed entirely of herbs, end other vegetable sobstances, and possesses, iu'adtgrt aliigetl - . r unequalled by any Ihiig flbe kind kuowu, , the eioclieut qu.iliio.sof inohiyiiig, draniugand - healing, but not slij;h:ly, all mauaer ol wound and iiiiiuings lo lie uM - d iu every rase, without . exception, .if here Dm skin is broken, lu case of the Scurvy and King's Evil, it wdl absolutely, though it may appear incredible, perform the ia oat perfect cure. The agoaizins pain of wounds. cankered thro' cold, stress, or other causes, it ill mdigatein a few minute, tor more than. seventy years it has beeu made ia the wriler' tnmilv, ami is well known as Fletcher's Healing' jjive, in a wide circle, round the neichbKuhovd. ol Daikcith, and Newbattle hit native place, in . Gotland. There it hat. in cases the most bone less, preserved the arms and h - gt, il not the lives, . ol hundreds of jienple Bat the writer is aware, that it is extremely imprrrer and rouallv ana. vadlng for him, to slate ces which livye hnp - iwoed in country so remote ; jt irry for hi en, oy continued. adrertiseuienls, to mak it known iu this populous city, and he e has the bappv on - fidtnea, that a generous public will give lam crmin, uaui we uung may speai lor use M, nliti - ksn us own menu, and prove sta advertm a tree man aad no im potter. TV writer h - cl happy in posiaur i this country all the mean of making tbj invamahle ssedHme, which lo decline making public ia the midst of more than one band red thotsaand people would o cnaiaai in the extreme, towards oarrsghmjiity. To be told ia homes, peie U 9 ad 3. by Mr. JOHN DKENNAN, sole genl for tbe proprie. tn. a - i ph atreet. New Yrfc ; each boa in. cheed io a small paper, containing a (ewpriatt - tddifsctioBS foraiait.. apj TJ ;aj - s ": - 'h i' m r. ti if!''' lit. 7ir:ir m I. .. , it.. :s t mm f. v r :f:i. "' V ft ' ' ' 'fir ' t: ! ; r . , . 1 V.VM ' 1 r - ,',? . . t , . . i :.! i i 4 t

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