The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 10, 1931 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 16
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» « MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 10 1931 IMPROVED PRIES SOUGHT FOR HOGS SMALL RECEIPTS IN CATTLE MART Fewer Cattle Fed in Market Than at Any Time in Past 10 Years. .CHICAGO, April 10. UPi--Im- proved prices were sought for' hogs as supplies were shorted. Of the 13,000 :fresh hogs reported here 3,500 ·were unloaded at packers' chutes and 8,000 stale hogs were on-hand. Shippers and small butchers bought 170@180 pound hogs at $7.85@8 on a steady to strong price basis, while sorted 160 pound offerings topped early at'$8.05, tho a higher figure was asked. ..·Slim receipts of 1,500 cattle were calculated to bring buyers into the market but lack of the better grades of steers kept some of the leading purchasers out of the trade The government's report of cattle on feed in the corn belt for the market-showed a decrease of 7 pe cent in number as comparou with a year ago; . . : Fewer cattle were being fed fo: th,e Market in this section April : than at. any time in the last H years. · . - . . - : , Packing- houses took 4,700 lamb; out of the total supply of lOiOOO on direct-billing. Action in the sheej sheds, developed slowlytho the available supply was regarded as being barely sufficient for trad' needs. Steady prices were quoted. Saga closed steady ,to JOc lower. Cattl unchanged and sheep ranging from stead: to 25o higher. *6.90@7.30; packing sows 275-500 Ibs. J8.15 ®«.75: stock pies 70-130 Ibs. 57.25{j7.60. CATTLE 600; calves 125; mostly a clean up trade; unchanged; steers, good am choice 600-900 Iba. »7.50@9.75: 000-1100 Ibs S7.50®0.7S; 1100-1300 Ibs. J7.5009.75; 1300 1500 Ibs. S7.EO@10: common and medium 600 Iba. .up S5.2S@7.50;. helfera, Rood am choice 550-850 Ibs. $6.50@8.75; common an medium 550-850 Ibs. $1.50^6.75: cows, BOO and choice $5@6.23; common and medium W.2565; low cutter and cutter 53@1.25 veaters {milk fed) medium to choice 45{ 7.50; cull and common $; stocke and feeder steers, good and .choice (al weights) $6.75@8.75; common and medium (all weights) Si.25®6.75. SHEEP. 7,000; 4,500 thru; lambs stead, to 25c higher; sheep stead; top fed lamp 99.15; shorn Texas wethers $i; lambs, goo and choice 90 Ibs. down )8.25®9.15; med lum BO Ibs.' down S7.25@8.25; common, al weights, $5.50®7; medium to choice 91-10 Ibs. S7.25@B.15; ewes, 150 Ibs. down J3SX.SO. medium. to cbolci MVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, April 10.-- Estimated receipts of hogs, 9,000; cattle, 200; sheep,'3,000. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, April 10. im--Official estl mated receipts tomorrow: Cattle, 200; hogs 5,000; sheep, 2,000. Local Hogs -.MASON CITY, April 10.--Best sorted lights, 180 to 230 Ibs., $7.10 bes't 'medium weight butchers, 240 to 260 Ibs., J6.90; best heavy butchers^ 270 to 300 Ibs., 56.70;.. besi prime .heavy butchers, 310 to 35C Ibs., -56.50; best packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs., $6.00; best heavy sows, 360 to 400 Ibs., ?5.80. ' · ' ' . ' / CHICAOO LIVESTOCK. .CHICAGO, April 10. (-- V. S. department · of .agriculture^- , : HOGS 13,000, 3,000 direct; slow, uneven, mostly steady; meolum weights occasionally. 5-10c lower; 140-210 Ibs. J7.7508; top 58.03; 220-350 Ibs. $7S7.70; Sirs S7.50S? T.75: packing BOWS $6.25@6.50. Light lights. 140-160 Ibs. *1.7S@8; light weight 160-200 Ibs. *7.75@8.05; medium weight 200-250 Ibs. I7.35@8; heavy weight 250-350 Ibs. S6.00g r.O; .packing sows, 275-500 Ibs. S6.15®6.60; llaughler pigs, 100-130 Ibs. ?7.50@7.85. -CATTLE 1,500; calves, 1,000; general trade. slow,' steady; no choice steers here: common ana medium grades selling slowly »t S6®8; .best J8.85: she stoclc trade very · toneven; with weighty lat-cows: dull and Veak and 'light Unas moderately. active and ·- »Uady:--- dressed -· beef-jjmarkeO.alujgeAsb, Slaughter cattle and, vealers: Steers, , gupd Md chbtci, 600-90.0 Iba. S8.BO®10.50; 0001100 Ibs. 58.50®10.50; 1100-1300 Ibs. 5B.SO ®10.50; 1300-1500 Ibs. Sfl.50®10.50; common and medium 600-1300 Ibs. $8® 8.50; helfera, good and choice 550-850 Ibs. $B.St) S8.75; common and medium $5.50@7.25; cows, good and choice S5@6.50; common and medium. J4.50fi5.25; low. cutler and cutter 33.23®4.50; bulls {yearlings excluded) good and choice (beet) J4.EO@5.75: cutter To. medium $4©4.85; vealers (milk fed) good Knd choice £708.25; medium 55,50@7; cull i.nd common ?4@S. .Sto'cker and feeder catUe: Steers, good and choice- 500-1050 Ibs. *,7@8.50; common and medium' S5.25@7.25. SHEEP 10,000; old crop lambs strong to Z5c higher: oilier classes steady; choice clippers J9: others SS®8.50; .best woolsktns held around $10; naUve springers mostly $10® 11;; few upward to $13. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lamb-7, 90 Ib?. ' down, good am' choice 58.25go.85; medium SB.nogs.25; Ol 100,1ns., medium to choice'58.25®9.75; all ·welghls, common J7CS8.30; ewes, 00-150 Ibs., medium to 'choice S3.7505.25; all weights, cull and common $2@4.25. By THE ASSOCIATED PBESS Hog prices at'Iowa markets Friday: CEDAR RAPIDS-- Prime hogs: Mediums 6.95@7.10; heavies S6.70(g«.85; lights; packers $5.70@6.05. DBS MOINES--1,700; steady to strong irime lights $5.90@7.40; prime mediums 6.Q07.35; prime heavies S6.40@6.£0; good packers !5.75©6.25. OTTUJnVA--Unchanged: 120-150 Ibs. J5.25; 150-180 Ibs. $8.85; 180-230 Ibs: $7.20; 23(l ; ZaOJb«_57.05;--2SO-300 Ibs. $6-75; 300350 Ibs. $3.45; over '350 Ibs. 36.15; good packers -SC.70: fair packers $4.70. WATEHIOO--Prime hogs, 180-220 Iba. S6.90®7.20; 220-250 Ibs. J5.SOS-7.10; 250290 Ibs. $6.55«PG.85:~ 290-320 Ibs. 58.35© 6.65; 320-350Mbs. $6.25®6.55; good packers 55.70(36.05. S. de- SIOUX CITY HVESTOCK. -SIOUX. CITy, April 10. UP)--U. psrtment of agriculture-CATTLE 1,500, calves 100: slow,- beet steers and yearlings weak to 25c lower; she slock, and bulls steady to weak; vealers unchanged; stackers and feeders demand quiet; bulk steers and yearlings salable down;, few around $8; scattered dots fed heifers up to $7.50; most beef cows 54.50@ 5.25; medium bulls up to 54.25; choice Vealers $8.50. ' HOGS 10,000, slow, early sales 160-230 Ib. butchers to shippers steady to IOC higher; other weights dull;' packers Inactl- packing sows steady to strong; most lo- 180 ,1b. butchers $7.3507.50. top 47.60: 200 230 Ib. weights, 17.258:7.40; packing sows walnly S6.35Sp6.50.. SKEEP .2,000, packers bidding steady or $9.10 (or 90 Ib. wooled sktnsmasking 59.35 two doubles clipped bought to arrive $8.25 ather classes quoted steady. SOOTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. SOUTH ST. PAUL, April 10. UP--U. B department of agriculture-- ' CATTLE 2,000, very slow on ail lines, undertone-again weak; fed steers and fat sh* itoek. unevenly 25-50C lower than last Frt day; . moderately liberal steer run; bes 1 weight ..offerings considerable sale arount F8.oO;'bulk all steers $7@8; fat cows Urge ly S4®5.25: butcher heifers 55.5006.75 yearlings held above 18.50: cutters mostly 53@3.75; bidding $4 on fed medium grade Dulls;. feeders and stockers dull; calves 2, 200; vealers strong to 25c higher than Thursday's. close; good and choice grades 5«fl'B.50. · HOGS 10.000; general market fully steady spots. 5-lOc higher than Thursday's aver age; better 160-220 Ib: weIghtoS7.40S17.liO top 57.60; 220-250 Ib; averages'$7.1557.40: 250-350 Ibs. weights mostly $6.S5@7.15; 100 260 Ib.--welgliU »7.60®7.75: sows $6@6.23 or better; average cost S7.20, weight 240. ·SHEEP 1,300; bulk of, run -direct; few opening sales sluaghter Iambi fully steady tendency higher on better grades; medium fat lambs $3.50: throwouts $6 to mostly $7 slaughter ewes salable to $5. · : OMAHA LIVESTOCK. . . 'OMAHA, April 10. l/T--U. S. department of. agriculture-- HOQS 10,000: medium and light hogs jteaay to 10= higher to shippers; top $7.60 on- 180-210 Ibs.; early sales 160-210 Ibs S7.SO@7.60; 210-230 Ib. butchers $7.40!p 7.50; no 'early action on heavier weights undertone weak;; packing sows $6.15^6.40 average coat Thursday $7.10, weight 267, CATTLE 1.600; including 100 calves; kill- Ing classes slow, steady to weak:-stockera aqd feeders scarce, steady; fed steers anr yearlings mostly $7@8; heifer mostly 56.50 @7.2K; bulk beef cows $4.25ft5.50; several lota $5.7506; cutter grades 53.2504; med- lum bum 5.2504.40; few Heavy beer bulls 54.25; practical top vealenf $8; few choice lots S8.50JJO. SHEEP 7.000; late trade Thursday flhowed early decline regained; sales of fed woolcd Iambi 83-93 Ibs. 59®O.JO; today's market strong to 23c higher than the close; no sheen or feeders Included; early sain fed woole1 lambs 88-95 Ibs. $S®9.25. some held higher. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. KANSAS CITY, April 10. tS^-U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 1.800; 150 direct; strong to lOc higher than Thursday; most'advance on 230 Ibs.-dqjvn; top $7.70 on 180-220 Ibs.; good and choice 140-160 Ibs. $7.25®7.60: 160-180 Ibs. $7.35^7.70: 180-200 Ibs. ST.KOffl7.70. 200-220 Ibs. S7.45®7.70; 220-250 Ibs. $7.35® T.TT); 250-200 Ibl. $7.10@7.50; 2SO-350 Iba. Representative Sales CHICAGO, April 10. [;T--Represenlatlv 6a!a as selected 6y the U. S. department o agriculture-- . CATTLE. Steers --. · ·_ Heirerj-- 19 18 21 22 28 17 10 23 20 10 Fat 210 480 231 11 a 450 127 130 219 200 126 22 17 82 115 40 18 1173 1211 1100 1117 1212 1016 902 926 811 789 Wooled SS 87 80 82 92 96 79 80 100 75 BO 103 69 72 62 59 16 711 732 18 847 Cows-8 14 7 8 1111 1027 048 877 8.85 8.50 8.35 8.25 7.00 7.25 7.00 3.835 6.25 6.00 SHEEP. ambs--· Shorn Lambs 10.00 225 · "82 9.90 382 84 214' 90 107 93 123 70 Fat Wooled 9.85 3 15 30 7 a 125 142 133 15S Heavy Weight-51 47 3U 283 282 269 254 247 240 M3 225 216 205 8.75 0..-.0 9.40 9.35 9.25 9.00 8.75 S.oO 8.25 S.OO 7.50 7.01) HOGS. Ugbt WelBhts- 66 107 72 190 37 187 SO 179 62 173 50 165 Light LlBhts-- 28 158 37 148 142 135 S.Oi 7.01 6.01 e.oi 5.2: 4.21 3.51 9.25 9100 8.75 , 8.Si S.Qi Ewes-- 5.U 4.8 4.15 4.30 4.0 6.90 7.00 7.10 7.20 7.25 7.35 7.15 7.50 T.6Q. 67. 7.05 29 7.7ri 7.85 142 7.91 r.s: 8.00 7.80 7.75 7.00 7.85 s.oo 7.75 7.7i Hog Markets COMBINED HOO. BECEIPTS. DES MOINES. April 10. {/P!--U. S. de partmeht of agriculture--' Combined hog receipts at S3 concentration yards and T packing plants located In In. terior Iowa and southern - Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today were 10,000 compared \vllrt 11,500 a. week ago. Mostly steady to etrong; buyers fairly aggressive but offerings llBht; bulk of 170-220 Ib. weights 17.10^7.40; 180-210 It), averages up to $7.50 at some'yards; 230-280 Ibs mostly 5G.65.fT7.25 .and the bulk of tte 290-350 Ib. weights S0.50ff6.90. Quotations · for good and choice: Llghl lights, 140-160 Ibs. J.6.30@7.40; light weights, 160-180 Iba. 4TGP7.50; 180-200 Ibs 77.10fi7.50; medium weights 200-220 Ibs, J7.107.50: 220-250 Ihsr S6.80@7.35; heavy weights. 250-290 IbB. S0.70S7.1S; 290-350 Ibs. $6.4558.SO. Good packing sows 275-350 Ibs. S6@6.40 350-425 Ins. 'I.1.G5S6.10; 425-550 Ibs. $5.50 @5.75. HO3 FUTUHES .CHICAGO. April 10. tjn--Koe' futures Bidding S7.00 for light nogs. $7.50 for med turns and $7.20 for heavies to arrive Mon day. Offered. Bid Grade. LIGHTS-^ April liar June Sept. first ha'f Sept. last half MEDIU1IS-- May Sept. HEAVIES-Sept. 8-SO 8. so .... -S-M .9.00 7.73 8.25 8.35 8.60 8.50 8.70 MISCELLANEOUS POTATO 5IABKFT CHICAGO, April 10. m--^United Statei department of agriculture-Potatoes 103; on trircH 282: total U. B shipments 535: slightly w.eaker; trading slow; sacked per cwt., -Wisconsin rourx whites $1.5091.60; ungraded SI.4001.45 Minnesota round whiles -Sl.40tijl.45- Idaho ruasela No. 1 mostly $1.75; few higher; No 2, $1.4501.50; Colorado russets J1.60; Me- Clures ?1.95@2.03. 1MINNEAPOIJS MINNEAPOLIS, April 10. trPl--Flour-- Unchanged; shipments 27,392. Bran 520.30@21.00. Standard mlddllngn t20.00@20.50. HA\ r 1HARKET. CHICAGO, April 10. UP)--Haj 7 cars, unchanged. NEW YORK SCOAR. NEW YORK. April JO. (/P)--Sugar unchanged, raw at 3.35c, refined at 4.50c. TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO. April 10. I/P)--Seed unchanged HIDES Quotations Furnished by Wolf'Bros. 308 Fifth Street Southwest Horae hides $1.50-52.00 Cured beef iidea Green beef hides ,.4c 3e Attends Architecture t/onventton. AMES, April 10.--Prof. A. H. KfmbaH, head of the architectural engineering- department at Iowa State college, will attend the con vention of the American Institute ol Architects in San Antonio, Tex., next week. Enroute he will address architecture students at the University of Oklahoma, where Joe Smay, an Iowa State alumnus, heads the architecture department. CORN CARRIED TO NEW LOW MARKS Slump Follows Outbreak o Stop-Lpss Selling in Late Market. CHICAGO, April 10. UB--Stop loss selling broke out In the corn market late today and carried al deliveries of corn down to below previous bottom-price records this season. The market was apparently honey-combed with standing- orders to stop losses at various se limits. Field work in preparation for the new crop was reported pro grossing rapidly and notwithstand ing that shippers here were rnon active than for some time past the general demand for future deliveries faded away. In the 'final transactions, however, com tallied with wheat on account of purchases of previous speculative sellers who wer reversing their market position. Cora close nervous, li^^c higher; wheat unchangec to rc up; oats a shade to %c advanced, ant provisions unchanged to 7c of/. In the corn market, commission house; tiiylng on declines firmed prices at time; to moderately above, yesterday's close, wiU previous speculative sellers .covering on th way up. Offerings were more liberal o n - t h i _ advance..Corn primary receipts were 433,000 bushels, compared with 840,000 year ago Chicago had 115 cars, against 161 on the corresponding day last year. KaJUea from early setbacks 1n w prices were associated vjiiu curtailment o shipments from. Australia and with predlc tlons that A us trait an acreage would be re dueed 25 per cent. - Lessened "pressure o Argentine wheat offerings abroad were alsi noted. . , . * One of the leading houses on the bull side urged that the government report was based on a movable or flexible par for crop con dlUon figures, and that If the official fore^ cast of production had been calculated by the same standard as a year ago the eatl- male would be only 03.000,000 bushels above last, year, Instead of 91,000,000 higher. Corn and oats prices followed Tvheal changes. Provisions were steady, keeping in JIne with hog values. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. - CHICAGO. April 10. tflP^--Wheat No, 2 red 82Wc; No. 2 hard 82c; No. 1 mixed S2^c. , Corn No. 1 mixed 59KG; No. 3 mixed 5Sc; No. 4 mixed 56©5SKc; No. 2 yellow 55V- 3 BO^ic; No. 2 yellow (old) 62c; No. 3 yellow 57%@COc; No. 4 yellow 56£T57c; "No. 3 while 58c; No. 4 white STtfc; No. 5 white 55«c. Oats No. 2 white 31c; No. 4 white 29 {J?3CHic. Timothy seed $8.25@8.75. Clover seed S10.507B19.25. ' Lard ?8.72; ribs 510-37; boIHes $10.37, MASON CITY GRAIN MASON CITY, April 10.-- 3arley 30c Oats 22c Shelled corn, No. 4 42c Ear Corn 39c GrainFutures FRIDAY GRAIN CLOSE. WHEAT-May old new.... July Sept. Dec, CORN-May 'old..... new.-... July Sept. Dec OA.T3-- May old new.... July ........ Sept Dec RYE-- ' May old new.... July SesU Dec LARD-- . May July Bent. BELLIES-May July CHICAGO. April 10. High Low .S3 .8114 .84i4 .831), .62«i .6014 .6uii .58 .63% .62 H .63 .61 .51 .304 .31 .31'i .32U .36 .0611 .381,1 .4011 .41% 8.T5 8.00 9.02 .59 .SO .01'A .59 .52 !i .20% .2914 .3011 .30^ .32 H .35 Vj .35% .37% .3054 .40 »1 8.72 8.82 8.ST urn-Close .83 .84 .62 « .60% .6354 .60% .30% .30% .30 Ji -3U14 .32?, -30 VL .361: .30 K 8.72 8.S2 8.97 10.52 10.65 Increasing for the third consecutive month pig Iron production rose 7.6 per ceut ~ 1 Marcb. The, gain fell short of the 10 pe ceut Increase In steel Ingot output, but wit] eight more blast furnaces active on April than a, month previous and with anotne alack reported blown in within the' last f e \ (lays, still further expansion of pig Iron pro ductlon ' is Indicated, nays Iron AGe. Th report adds: "March Iron. output, at 2,032,248 tons OF Q5iS58 tons a day, compares with 1,703, fi21 tons, or 60,050 tons daily In February Notwithstanding the Enln. the showing fo Marcli was the poorest for that month elnc 1911. . : "Development! of the week Include a fur liter slight decline In steel mill operations open price reductions on various finishes o shceta ad a somewhat stronger situation 1 bars, plates and shapes. The recent fallln off -In steel demand was confined chiefly t flat-rolled products. Fjrst reported in auto moblla specifications, the recession in re leases became more general, undoubtedly re fleeting growing uncertainty as to p r i c e s " BUILDING PERMIT VALUATION GAINED 47 PEB CENT IN 3IAHCH In view of the action of the rails th market did well to remain as unaffected a. U did Thursday and must be given credit altho the general news was mildly favorable A Bradstreet report covering 202 leading cities In the United States revealed a gain of 47 per cent In March over February In building permit valuation. This figure repre Denied a 'decline of little over B per cen as compared with March of last year. Fo the first quarter this decrease from last year amounts to 12 per cent, whicl may be construed as quite favorable to th construction industry and Is In line with th expectations of steel producers from, thl field. Steel news was mixed and U. H Steel was credited with a good performanc altho a cllght amount of ground was los on the day. · Opposing Uie expectation that Vanadium would reduce its dividend on the fifteenth and that a large block of Steel owned, by the-Pittsburgh United corporation was over hanging the market awaiting a, better price level were' the rumor of another substan tlal Bleel order for the big corporation-, the plan to relight another furnace by Carnegie and the better feeling among the sheet pro duceni in, view o; the continued optimism relative to April automobile schedules which arc now privately estimated to run 14 pel cent over March. ADTO TRADE STIMULATED BV FEBRUARY EVFOBT FIGURES The automobile trade was further stimulated by the February export figures, which were up 11 percent over January. This has been a weak department of the motors ant marks a* change In the trend. Marmon figures showing unfilled orders up 100 per cent over a monUi ago were encouraging. Alter.two days of nominal 9S4 cent quotations on copper during whlchMlme a negligible amount of the metal was traded In, the price moved up to 9-S, contributing to the'better feeling in the copper group. Fol Film and Uridlo were subjected to a barrage of short selling which proved effective even during a relapse of the general list toward the end. United Aircraft showed strength on the receipt of a government order amounting to $1,S41,3C6 and calling r or the construction of 135 pursuit planes. This order will have B, valuable effect on .ho company's business at a lime when ;eneral aviation requirements are low. INSURANCE OUTLOOK SHOWS IMPROVEMENT Life Insurance presents an encouraging lutlook for the second quarter of 1931. In ontrast with the decline In sales which was recorded during the' first quarter, ac- xjrdjng to Coi. C. B. Robblns of Cedar tapids, Iowa, president of the American Life convention and of the Cedar Rapids Lite. ·It Is recalled that early In the year Colonel tobblns predicted that the Blump In life nsurance production, which tint was.mani- fested last July, would continue into the Ilrst quarter of'1^31, However, the second six.weeks of the period showed an Improvement over the first six weeks. CHAIN OPEN WHEAT-May old.... n e w . . . July Sept Dec ;.. CORN-May old..... new... July Sept, Dec. OATS-May old new July Sept Dec RYE-May old new-July Sept. .....'.. Dec. .. ..... LARD-May ....... July .'. Sept BELLIES-May July CHICAGO, Close Yr. Ago. . 1.14% . 1.1714 . 1.21H .87*1 .82% .44% .45% · 65% '.72 ,76% .10.42 .10.65 .10.85 , April 10. Close Yes'd'y. .83 .84 .0054 .61!4 -62 « .60H .20% .30 ·32 H -35% .38 tt .39% Open Today. .82 V, -60S .61(4 .62 .60'A .53 Ji .28% .30 .30H .30 M .32 S .3514 .35 K, .39 .30 V, .40 \ 8.75 8.75 S.SO 9.02 £.97-9.00 30.60 30.72 10.50 10.65 KAJVSAS CITY GRAIN. KANSAS CITY, April 10. tvP!--Wheat-- 73 cars; unchanged; No. 2 dark hard nominally 73W®75Hc; No. 3 nominally 72% 131 74?ic: No. 3 hard 13A7tc; No. 3. 72ttft 73c: No. 2 red. 7456c; No. 3 nominally 73® 73WC. . Cora--63 cars; down lHf2c: No. 2 white 56c; No. 3 nominally 55f53%c; No. 2 yel low nominally S7®58c; No. 3, 55H858C No. 2 mixed nominally 54@55c; No. 3 noni' Inallj- 52i40!53Wc. Oats--5 cars; unchanged; No. 2 whlt nominally 32gi3214c; No. 3, 31%c. · MINNEAPOLIS CHAIN MINNEAPOLIS, April 10. (/Pl-^-Wheat 175 cars compared to 33 a. year ago; We lower cash No. 1 northern 7814®81ttc; No. 1 dark northern 12, 13, 14 and 15 per cent protein 7R' / tlp81ttc; No. 1 dark hard Montana 14 per cent protein VHe: to arrive 77%c; No 1 amber durum 70%@74%c; No. 2 amhe durum 6S?i@71Hc: No. 1 red durum 6354C May 7S!tc; July 71V*c; Sept. 6!«ic. Corn -- No. 3 yellow 38«(T58KC. Oats-- No. 3 white 28@2S$4c. Barley 33®53c. Rye -- No. 1, 32KO35%c. Flax;-- No. 1, $1.5H41.S7H. OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA, April 10. \m-- Wheat-- Dork hard No. 3. 74c; hard No. 1, 73874c: No 2. 72J4@75c; mixed, smutty No. 4, 72c. Com-- White No. 2. 54c; No. 3. 52V4C; yellow No. 2. 83Hc; No. 4, oO'.4®Clc, . Oats-- Wbl to No. 3, 29 c. Picking: the 12 most influential men isn't difficult They compose the great American jury. -- Cedar Rapids Gazette. Market Notes Bj TICKER TAPE LAMSON BROTHERS' 1 GRAIN LETTER GRAIN 3 lAltKET REVIEW WHEAT -- An excess of bearish sentiment resulting from the government, report late yesterday nnd weakness In com, brot about in oversold condition 'In wheat and when ihorts tried to cover prices ran up to th« beat of the day, closing materially better than yesterday. The report Giving a prospect of 64-J,X10,OOa as the winter wheat crop waa regarded as bearish. However, there was some crltfclBiti of the document owing to the apparent high par yield used oa according to Mr. Cromwell. It was around l bushcr per acre more than last year. Winnipeg messages Indicated rather persistent buying there by breaks by houses with sea- b'-ard connections \ChIch suggested that export business might be In excess of amounts reported. Wheat looks two sided, but prefer buy In R , side on breaks. CORN -- Corn was strong eavly on reports of the largest soles for shipment In some IJrae with Inquiries coming: from New En e- laad, the east and south. Country offerings meanwhile were small. However, the* market turned weaV. and the advance faded rapidly and all deliveries sold at a new low on the crop- The market appeared to have been honeycombed with stops and wnen they were reached the decline of course was accelerated.. An oversold condition developed In the late trading and trie market ran up BJ rapidly as It had dipped previously. The close was at the best of the day. We still think a trading position is logical and prefer purchases on breaks, Liverpool due % to %c higher. ] STOCK MARKET U. S. Steel corporation reported u n f i l l e . tonnage as of -March 31 as showing nn Increase of 30,136 tons compared with one month ago. A surprise came after the re port was out when an eastern news agency said It was understood that little If any o; the structural steel for Radio City or the Pennsylvania had been Included In the book- Ings. These contracts total 276,000 tons. Th street viewed the statement as especially Rood, inasmuch as only the averaj?e run o contracts had been Included and the marke. tumcd for the better. The professionals ha exerted pressure against the rails and a few other Issues, especially Wefltlnghouae but when the steel news had taken effect short covering caused abandonment of the selling In the rails arid the whola marhc staged one of the best rallies In rccen weeks. There was more activity on the side of the advance, especially late In the ECS slon, altho trading on the whole was no large. PRODUCE MASON CITY, April 10.-Cash Quotations by E. O. Morse. EGOS Eggs (current receipts) I4c POULTRY Stags 13c Heavy hens, 4H4 Ibs lie Light hens lie Old cocks, heavy 9e Ducks 12c Geeso 7c Merchants Quotations. Eggs, In trade 16c Eggs, cash 14c Butter, Plymouth 35c Butter, Clear Lake 33c Butter, State Brand 35c Butter, dairy -. 30c Potatoes 35o and 40c a peck CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO, April 10. liFl--Poultry--Alive 3 cars, 14 Irucks; firm; fowls 19W024C broilers 3Btj?40c; roosters H^c; turkeys 25c ducks 20^23c; heavy trprlng ducks 2ge geese 15c. CTflCAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO. 'April 10. /n--Butter 11.7SS easy; creamery extras 92 score) 25%c. standards (QO scare carlotiO 25Vbc; exlra flrstii (90-1)1 score) 2325tfc; flrsU (88-89 STOCK MARKET DRIFTS LOWER Shares Feel Downward Drag of Rails in Slow Trading. NEW" YORK, April 10. /B--The stock market drifted lazily lower today, still feeling the downward drag of the rail issues, altho trading was the slowest in some time. Several of the Industrial and utility issues resisted the downward tendency. U. S. Steel's unfilled tonnage report, showing a snnall gain, caused a momentary, stiffening, but steel issues generally wers under pressure. Tobaccos .were an outstanding strong spot. Losses Appear. Losses of 2 to 5 points appeared in such rail issues as Atrihison, Baltimore and Ohio, Norfolk and Western Union Pacific, Nickel Plate, Missouri Pacific preferred, and Katy preferred. The carrier, issues, nevertheless, appeared, to be meeting support near las.t December's lows. Among leaders, New York Central and Union Pacific have approximated those bottom levels. Bethlehem Steel t Eastman and Allis Chalmers lost about 2 points,- and Westinghcrase declined as much, reflecting an unofficial estimate of first quarter earnings in? dicating a deficit. Nash and Auburn were firm, as their quarterly statements were apparently interpreted favorably. In the tobaccos, American Tobacco "B" sold up more than 5 points, U. S. Steel moved narrowly. Figures Not Surprise. The steel tonnage figures, showing the small increase of 30,13S tons for March, provided no surprise and Wall street observers had generally agreed that there would be no significant change. The tobacco issues rose coincident with the taking effect of the previously announced increase of 2 cents a package in cigaret prices by two leading tobacco store chains. Estimates of March railway earnings now appearing Indicate that the season uptrend will be reflected in a. less drastic decline than that of February. Credit conditions were stationary, with call money at 1% per cent. There were no concessions in ie outside market. Curb Market NEW YORK, April 10. Oil--The curb market limped along quietly today, unable o show much ol a. trend. At times the. tone was rather heavy, but the "turnover* was again too small to give any weight to the narrow and Irregular price changes. Speculative actlvlly, at a low ebb all the week, remained lethargic In all groups, oils, which had been slightly enlivened yesterday, lapsed back Into dullness. Transfers in the utilities centered mostly In a half dozen Issues, with net changes fractional. Industrials were Inclined to Bag, but tho selling was desultory. Investment trusts accomplished little. In view of the absence of buying Interest, offerings of representation specialties brot nominally lower prices. Selling of General Theaters Equipment dried up, but sucrt sales as appeared represented a net loss of around a point. Agfa Anaco and Algo- chllcan Nitrate eased. Aviation Issues and the motors were slightly heavy. Cities Sen-Ice traded quietly, altho mostly at small 'concessions from the previous close. Vacuum rallied nearly a point on limited sales. Standard -of Indiana dropped under Call money was plenUfully supplied, renewing at 2 per cent. indent Jg w S t E - ' ^ M f g T n ?^ e 'v. T. "** Wn ' yS °* Int Comb Bng 2« Woolworlh Int Harv 51H Wrlgley Int Nlct Can 1714 Yell Tr · dnCACO STOCKS CHIC AC 0, April 10. U Beat Creamery 77% Maj Household Ccn ub Ser A 10% Mid-West UlU Cities Service 18 N W Bane Con Chic ctfs 8 Quaker Oats Dexter Co B Hath Pack Gr Lakes 'Alrc 4H Bteltilte Srlgsby-Grunow -^1 Swift, ·· Co Insvll Ut Inv... 35^1 Swltt InU Kati-DruB 21» "u S "Gypsum Kell Switch BVi Utll Ind Hbby McNeil 117; Zenllh Bond Market NEW \TORK, 'April 10. .tin--Irregularly lower prices marked the bond market today. Attention of traders centered about the railroads, partly because of the resumption ol the decline In them and also because of the decline In the recently offered 4}is of 2013 ol the New York Central Railroad and the Pennsylvania !is of 1081. Steady sell- Inff appeared In both issues which reached new low levels at 97W and 95% respectively. Foreign obligations were Irregularly higher but the turnover was unusually small In most Instances. Brazilian obligations continued their recovery. The 6%s of 1923-57, tht 89 of ItMl and Sao Paulo 7a were Active. German 514s, also moved upward on sleady activity, united states government bonds \vere dull and easy. A slump In Abltlbt Power 5s to a new low at 64 featured the public utility Issues. Other utility Issues were fractionally lowe? usually on a small volume. Industrial obligations eased off also white stock privilege Issues divided their gains and declines'about evenly. ' CLOSING BOND OUOTATIONS NEW YORK. April 10. tin--United States government bonds cloned: Liberty 314s 101.22. First 41/js 102.21. Fourth -tVls 103.28. Treasury y,s 111.2S. oecon ' 3 (86-87 score) ^ggs 28,061; easy; extra, firsts 20c; fresh fS???,."TM 13 I8 e : * r ="l current receipts 17'.4@18e; storage packed firsts 20%c- storage packed extras 21^0- PltODUCE FUTCBES. , C TM CA ,GO, April 10. (,n-- ESB futures closed; Slorage packed llrsls. April 20%c rcfrlgeralor slandards, Nov. 24C. Butter futures closed: Fresh standards Juno 25Kc; storage standards, Nov. 27«c KANSAS CITY I-BODUCE. A3 CITY, April 10, UP)--EggB 54.80. Other produce unchanged. NEW YORK PnODUCE. NEW rortK, April 10. Jn-- Butter 12,029; unsettled. Creamery, higher than extra 28tr 28Mc; extra. (92 score) 27«c; first (83-81 score) 2014927ilc. Cheese 71.883; Irregular. Slate, whole milk flats, fresh, fancy to fancy special, 14W15',ic: do, hem 21®22V4e. Poultry-- Dressed, steady. Egsa 41,327: unsettled. Slorage packed, cloiely . selected heavy 22«ffl22%c; cxti first 21«@22%c; first 20%®21c; medium flrtls ISUeiBWc; regular packed, closely selected extras 2IWo?22c; extra first 201', ii-20«c: first 1914gi20c; seconds s o s ISKc: medium flnts 18c; nearby hennery brown, regular packed, extra 22@22%c; extra first 21®Sl'.4c;- first 20@20«c. Nearby and nearby western hennery while, closely selected extra 23{?24V!e; average extra 22«c; nearby white mediums 21®22c; Pacific coaul white, extra 27OS8c; «xti lint 23B®28c. NEW ronn POULTRY. NEW TORK. April 10. (^--Poultry live firm; broilers by freight 32c; .by express 2S 042c: fowls, freight 24c; express 24©25c; turkeys, freight 25c; expresl 30C.- STOCK LIST NEJV VORK STOCKS. NEW YORK. April 10. M-final QotaUons. · Air Reduc 93 1 T i T 33% Allegheny SH Johns Manv 62 ' Al Ch t Dye 134 Kelvinator ]34 Allls Ch Mfg Sl'.i Kennecolt 24 Am Can 121 % Kttage . SOS Am Car Fdy 30 Kroger 32 , Am For Fow 39 LIBS My. B 85H Am Intl 18 U Lbew's 63 Am Pow Jj 50 U LorHlard 19% Am Rad St San 1711 Ixjuls G B A SOU Am Roll Mill 31 Mack 33M Am Sro Ret 4BM, Math Alkali 24 Am Steel Fdra 23 May D S 35 Am Bug Ret 52% Mex Sea Oil 19^1 A T T 188 H Mid Cnnt Oil 11% Am Tob B 125 M K T 18 Am Wat WliS 60 s Mo Pac 26 U Anaconda 33 Mont Ward 22'A Andes Cop 14?a Nash 36 Arm ot 111 B 1% Nat Bis 78Vi Atchlson 174 Nat Ch Reg A 29^ All Ret 1SS Nat Dairy 47'i. Auburn 274 Nat Lead 321'.i Aviation Corp 4% Nat Pow L ' 37 B i O 69 N Y Central 107 Barnsilall A 11% N Y N H H 78K Bendlx Av 21 Nor W 192 Beth St 51% No Am 77% Borclen 731-1 Mo Pac 46% Borg Warn 24; OUs st 12It Brlggs J9vi Pac G E 50 Burr Add 27V Packard 9 Cal £ Ilecla. SS Para, Pub 4-iVi Can Dry 353s Palhe 2Vi Can Pac 39X Penlck Ford 39^i Case 96 Fenn S54« Cerro de Pasco 23 Phil Pet 10 Ches t O lO'/i Pills Ft 31% Chic Gt W 6V, Froc . Gam 68 ft Chic Gt W p£ 245i Pub Serv N J 85 C t N W 35 Pullman 42 "t C R. I P - 5 1 Radio 20}S Chrysler 22 Bad K 0 21-% Coca Cola 52^ Hem Hand 1131 Col Fuel Ir 21'ii Reo 8 Col G E 3S% Rep Stl 16»1 Col Grapho 12 Hey Tob B sl^i Coml Solv IG^I Roy Dulch 36H Comwlth So 91^ St L San F 30 ^i Congoleum lUi Sears' R 54 Consol Gas S9^ Shell U 7 Contl Can ssii Simmons 15 Contl Ins 43« Sinclair 11% ConU Mot 3% Skelly 8VS Corn Protl 79 So Pac 92 u Cudahy 447^ So Pr Sug 13^ Curtljs Wr 4ii So Rail 411,1 'Deere pf 20% Stand Brda 18W Drug Inc 741J «' ° «= = T4 « Du Pont 93S I,' ° Cal Easlman · iso Bt a " N J El Fow IT 44!4 st N Y 26 l Erie FIsk Fgx Film A 26 " Freeport Tex 35J Genl £l 46 Gen Foods 54 ic. Stone Web Stude 24 Superior Oil Hi Tex Corp 28 S Tex Gulf Sill 40 Tlra Roll B 50^8 115 Gold Duet Goodrich Goodyear Gran Paige 4 Granby 17 H TM . n Houston Unit G 4 E 32V1 U S Ind Ale 41 U S Hub ' IT";, U S Smelt ' 21 warn Plx s s 61Vfc 150 19.71 v, 28"! 38« 46% SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by tAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Building. Telephone No. 7 . NEW VORK STOCKS Ab P . P Co 71i Indian Rcf '314 Am Brake Shoe 32% Kelvlnalor Corp 13S Am Car Pdy 30 Lambert Co Toil- Am Metal 171 Liquid Carb Cp 43 Am Sum Tob 7ft Louisiana Oil 4 Am Tob 122V, Mathleson Alk 24 Ar * Co B fill) 1« Jtuns Wear Inc 24 Assoc Dry Gds 24 V, Nev Cons Cop 1051 Baldwin Lo 22 ",4 Otis Steel 12 is Brlggs Mfg Co 19S Pathe Exchange 2« Best si Co « Plllsbury Flour 31-11 Burr Add Mach 27V, Pure Oil Co 8A Butte Cop i Zc 1% Purity Bak C[ 3T% 38 Roo Grande Oil 7* - Calif Packing an Com Credit 1914 Reo Motors ' 7- Coml Solvents 16 H St Joseph Lead 20 Cont Motors ay, Schulte He Sirs 10»i Cont Oil 9'A So Calif Edison 4sf' Cream of Wilt 30 Standard Brds isvi Cudahy Pack 44T-J Superior oil Hi Curtiss Wr pfd 6 Tobacco Prod 3V, Davi Chemical. J511 U 3 Real Im 27« Wrst Nail strs 53 Vanadium ' SB Pi«k Rubber =4 Wnbaah Ry 15 W General Milts 171,4 Western Myld 14 Herahey Ch Co 07% Western Union 131 Houa Oil (new) 1211 Wrigley Jr Co 76^ NEW rOHK CDBB QUOTATIONS Amer For P Co 21% Fox Theaters A 414 Amer Gas El 75 Hudson B M s aS Am Blip Pow 1414 N l n g Hud 1254 Ark "at CM A 5« N o . Amer Avlat oS Assoc G 4 El A 22"! Ponnroad Corp 6'.' Can Marconi 3!4 ' S o Ind 31^ Deforest Radio as S 0 Ky 21 Durant Motor 2% Transcont Air T 7« Esler El 5 t, n | t ed Oas 34 El Bd Sh 47^ Un I. 4 P A 27V, Pd Mo of Can 25 ·£ Vacuum Oil 5^1 Pd Mo of Eni: 14 "i STOCKS Aub Auto Co 275 Grlgsby-Grunow 4% Bendlx Av Corp 20S Buncle Gccr A BU Borg-Warn Cp 24% Nail Leather l Buller Bros 5^ Quaker Oals 150 Cont Chicago Cp S utll t Ind Corp 7« Cord Company 14 M U S Ha A Tele 28 ii at Lakes Alro 4», . HIINNEAPOLIS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22"i GRAIN MARKET CASH SALES , Flax 151 to 158 ST. LOUIS TEAMS TO FLAY IN SPORTMAN'S PARK ST. LOtnS, April 10. /P)--St. Louia' major league basehall teams, the Cardinals and the Browns, came home today from their annual training trips, and tomorrow they will open their annual \two-game spring series at Sportman's park. Except for Ernie Orsatti in left field in place of Holdout Chick Hafey, the Cardinals probably will oppose the Browns with the same lineup that completed last season The Browns, however, will present numerous new faces. DO YOU NEED MONEY? Our personal loan department offers good service and reasonable terms. C. E. Brooks Co. 2091/2 1st Natl. Bk. Bid),', Ph. 280 NOTICE OF'PCBIJO SALE OF WATERWORKS SYSTEM REFUNDING BONDS OF THE CITY OF MASON CITY, IOWA To Whom It May Concern: l V.UUUUU. ljUUUCI Public notice is hereby given that Knudson absent, the City Council of the City of "Mason City, Iowa, will offer for sale to the highest and best bidder, at the City HaU, In Mason City, Iowa, on the 4th day of .May, 1931, at 1:30 o'clock p. m. ?100,000.00 of Waterworks System Refunding Bonds, dated June 1, 1931, 4n denominations of ?1,000.00 each, and bearing interest at a rate not to exceed 4 H % per annum, payable serai-annual ly, on the first day of December and the first day of June in each year. That said bonds will be numbered numerically 'from 51 to 150, both numbers Included. That 55,000.00 of said bottds, numbered 51 to 55, inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1933; that $15,000.00 of said bonds, numbered 56 to 70, inclusive, will be due and payable June,.!, 1934; that $15,- DOO.OO of said bonds, numbered 71 to 85, Inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1935; that $15,- DOO.OO of said bonds, numbered SS to 100, inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1936; that $20,000.00 of said honds, numbered 101 to 120, inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1937; that ?10,- MO.OO of said bonds, numbered 121 to 130, inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1938; that $20,- DOO.OO of said bonds, numbered 131 to 150, inclusive, will be due and payable June 1, 1939. That said bonds will be payable at the office of the City Treasurer of the City of Mason City, Iowa, on the dates abov/: indicated; that they'will be serial bonds, with coupons attached evidencing the'interest due and payable thereon. That said bonds will be sold In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 63, Cede of Iowa, 1927. That sealed bids will be received at any time prior to the calling for open bids; that after the sealed bids are all filed, the official or officials shall c*ali for open bids; that after all of the open" bids have been received, the substance of the best open bid shall be noted in the minutes. The official or officials shall then open any sealed bids that may lave been filed, and they shall note n the minutes the substance of the aest sealed bid.' That any or all bids may be rejected, and the sale may be readvertised, : or the bonds or any portion thereof, may thereafter be sold at private sale; that n case of private sale, the said londs shall be sold upon terms not ess favorable to the public than the most favorable bid made by a bona fide and responsible bidder at this sale. Said bonds will be sold with the understanding and agreement that said bonds, the printing- thereof and opinion as to the legality of the same, be furnished by the uur- chaser. e . - E. S. SELBY, Mayor of the City of Mason · -. .'City. . : · . , ' . : · . - . -'· -.- ····· ··-; J. H. McEWEN,..-.'·· City Clerk of the City of Mason City. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS FOB THE MONTH OF MARCH City Hall, March 2, ^ Regular meeting of the City Council. Cpuncilmen Burns and Marshall and Swift presented an application for a permit to install a bulk storage station, consisting of one 10,000 gallon tank for the storage of gasoline, one 10,000 gallon tank for the storage of cleaners solvent, and one small pump house and one unloading device. The permit was granted subject to the construction of suitable dikes, aa required by the Chief of the Fire Department. The Council appointed the Judges and Clerks of Election for the Municipal Election to be held March 30, 1931. The City Solicitor was instructed to prepare an ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 160 pertaining to the licensing of certain games, etc., and to provide for the licensing of card tables at not to exceed S10.00 per table. The matter of the construction of sanitary sewer in Midland Heights was discussed, as was also the construction of a storm sewer, east of North Federal Avenue to relieve the conditions and provide an outlet for the storm water delivered to Federal Avenue from the west side. No action was taken. City Hall, March 6, 1931. Regular adjourned meeting of the City Council. All members present. This being the .date for hearing on the petition of Johnson Furniture Warehouse Company for a change of classification of certain properties in Kuppingers' Addition, from "A" District to "E" District, ia accordance with the recommendation of the City Planning Commission^, the petition was granted. In compliance with this- action. Ordinance No. 248, amending Ordinance No. 225, changing the classification from "A" District to "E" District, was presented and read. The rules were dispensed with, and the ordinance was passed on its second and third reading and finally adopted. Ordinance No. 249, repealing Ordinance No. 160, and enacting Ordinance No. 248, providing for the regulation and licensing of public shooting galleries, throwing galleries, bowling alleys, billiard halls and tables, and card tables .or devices whereon games are played, was presented, read and passed on Its first reading. The rules were dispensed with and the ordinance was passed on its second and third reading and finally adopted.. The ordinance proposing the Budget and making appropriations for the expenditures for the City of Mason City for the fiscal year April 1, 1931 to April I, 1932, was presented. The ordinance was approved subject to the final consideration April 6, 1931. A 1 resolution of condolence relative to the death of T. A; Potter, former Mayor of Mason City, was presented, - reMJ · anTlttdoptear ·- - J- H. McEWEN, City Clerk. FINANCIAL STATEMENT--CITY OF MASON CITY CASH- ACCOUNTS ,, Anril 1, 1931 Cosh on Hand in Bond Funds March 1, 1931. Cash on Hand in Other Funds March 1, 1931." Receipts for Marcli: Police Department--Licenses Police Department--Fines and Fees '.'. Engineer's Services Building Permits .' ] Inspections ,'......'...'.', Dog Licenses '.!!!!!!.'!!!!!!"" Cigarette Licenses i.'.'.!!.!!.'.'.'..!' Laboratory Fees ..." Weighing Fees i. i...!!.'."!' ?umigatipn '."!','.'.!!'.".""" Plumber's Renewal Card !!!!!!!!!!["' Damage to Lamp Posts !.".!'."!"' Refund Caretakers Salary !!.'!!·!" Refund Fees to County Clerk ' Repairs to Paving Cleaning Sanitary Sewers :...... Services at Fires '.'.'.'.[ Deposits--Firemen and Policemen".'.'...'. 1 Library--Fines and Fees Sale of Water ..: \. \'_ Sale of Meters, taps, etc. .'..'.'.'.' Work for Other City Departments... .'. Poll Taxes \. Taxes ? 2,656.3-t ?74,718.11 ..5 524.20 . 1,529.05 17.00 37.00 72.40 389.00 . 25.00 44.00 24.10 9.50 1.00 23.25 140.00 3-00 16.00 ' 27.10 45.00 - · 57.63 143.04 . 5,958.36 873.4,0 616.20 71.00 . 9,047.31 Warrants cancelled by Council March 21, 1931... ' Total Receipts Expenditures for March: GENERAL GOVERNMENT Salaries and Wages $ 1,937.09 Telephone and Telegrams ,- 30^45 Printing, Stationery and Office Supplies........ 92^35 Miscellaneous 203^27 PROTECTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY Police Department 5 3.722.38 Fire Department 3,157.97 Miscellaneous 'l70.50 $19,703.54 35.80 597.113.7B 5 2,263.16 $ 7,050.85 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND SANITATION General Expense : 5 628.43 Sewage Disposal and Sewers 1,070.86 Garbage Disposal and Collections 577!s7 J 227686 Street Lighting Street Cleaning Street Maintenance Street Gravelling . . Repairing Paving .. Miscellaneous Salaries and Wages .. Fuel Material and Supplies STREET DEPARTMENT 5 1,873.59 504.05 · - · , 226.85 · · · 327.10 5.50 984.89 WATERWORKS $ 4,491.39 1,459.53 : 568.76 Park Municipal Band .. Comfort Station .. Bridge Library Interest on Bonds INDEPENDENT FUNDS . $ 446.24 50.00 239.43 4.05 2,057.06 960.00 MISCELLANEOUS Publishing ..? Printing Annual Reports Refunds '. Cash on Hand in Bond Funds April 1, 1931 Cash on Hand in Other Funds April 1, 1931 35.57 83.00 21.24 $ 3,921.98 6,519.68 $ 3,756.78 $ 139.81 ? 4,333.95 566,850.72 ?97,113.79- P. F. HOPKINS, City Manager

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