The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 5, 1939 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1939
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Advance 10 to 20 Cents in Chicago Trade RECEIPTS ARE UNDER FORECAST Advance From Lowest Point in 4 Years; ,Cattle Strong, Up CHICAGO, W)-Hosrs climbed 10 to 20 cents Wednesday from Tuesday's prices, the lowest in lour years. The top was $7.35 paid for good and choice 160 to 230 pounders. The receipts, 6,000 head, were 2,000 lower than expected. U. S. department o- agriculture ·--Salable hogs 6,000"; opened steady to strong with Tuesday's average; later trade active, generally 10 to 20 cents higher; top $7.35; bulk good and choice 160 to 230 Ibs. $7.15 to ?7.35; 240 to 280 Ibs. $7 to $7.25; 290 to 350 Ibs butchers 56.75 to 57.05; good 400 to 500 Ib. packing sows $6.15 to $6.40; smooth light Uutcher kinds to $6.65. Salable cattle 7,000; salable calves 1,500; killers resisting measurably higher asking prices and general,market very uneven; most classes strong to higher, however, but trade slow on steers; most steers and yearlings $8.75 to $11.50; shippers buying rather freely at $11.50 upward; top $13, but little well finished enough to sell above $12; 1,519 Ib. western fed very fat but rough steers S12.65; well finished yearlings very scarce; light heifer and mixed yearlings 10 to 15 cents higher; cows sharing advance; bulls barely steady; vealers unchanged; best fed heifers $10.65; cutter cows $6 down; practical top weighty sausage bulls $7.25; general receipts smallest since July, 1937. Salable sheep (5,000; late Tuesday; fat lambs fully 15 to 25 cents higher; top $9.90 to all interests; bulk $9.65 to $9.85;-100 to 114 Ibs. $9 to $9.75; clipped lambs $8.15 to $8.75; sheep steady; Wednesday's trade rather active; strong to 15 cents higher; good to choice lambs S9.75-S9.90; best held $10 to $10.10 arid above; indications steady on sheep. .23; calves 2,000; steady ta 50 cents low- r; choice vealers *9.50510. Hogs salable 1,000; early undertone trong to 25 cents higher on fat lambs; teady to strong other classes; good and hoice wooled lambs Tuesday $94i9.65; ood and choice slaughter ewes 3565.75. KAS'SAS CJT? LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Marktt) KANSAS CITY, W--U. S. department of agriculture. HOGS 1.000: slow, strong to lOc higher han Tuesday's average; top $6.90; good choice 170 to 250 Ibs. $6.75^/6.90: 260 ) 340 Ibs. S6.43C6.10; sows $5.M@6,10. CATTLE 2,300: calves 600; beet steers and yearlings lairly active, strong to 25c higher; light yearlings and she stock teady to strong; bulls and vealers steady: lockers and feeders scarce, unchanged- :hoice 1372 Ib. sters H2.25; good to choice 10.60*ilt; medium and good grades S3 /i 10.40; choice mixed yearlings $106 0.25; cows S5.75tfi7; low cutters and cuter$ 54.501J5.50; vealers $95i to. SHEEP 5,800; opening sales klllinR ·lasses sleady to strong; spot.T higher; Arizona spring lambs lo shippers 510.65: Mrly top ivooled lambs S9.65; most sales 9.3359.65; choice clipped lambs S8.50S J.6Q: slaughter eu'es Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday HOGS Ten cents hipher. Good liEht lights 140-150 SS.eo-S.IO Good Jisht lights 150-160 SS.10-S.20 Good light lights 160-170 S6.50-6.60 Good light lights 170-130 J6.70-6.80 Goed light butchers .. IBO-20O S6 90-7 00 'Good light butchers... 200-220 {590-700 Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 S5.15-B 85 Good "me. Avt. butchers 250-270 56.50-6.70 Good me- wt. butchers 270-230 $640-650 Good me. wt. butchers 290-325 56.25-635 Goad me. wt. butchers 325-350 S6 10-6 ^0 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 S5.95-6.05 Good packing sows .-.. 275-350 55 90-6 00 Goad sows 350-425 S5.80-5 SO Good -lows 425-300 S'i.70-5 80 Good sows 500-550 55.70-580 (The above Is a 10:30 truck hog market lor good, and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers, heavy S10.00-ll.00 Good to choice steers, heavy s a 50- 9 SO Medium to good steers 5 7 5 0 - 8 5 0 Fair to medium steers j 650- T'SO Plain lo fair steers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prfrne yearlings .... J 9.00- 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... s fi.OO-9.00 Medium to good yearlings ... s 6.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers $ s.oo- 9.fl Medium to good heifers .;... s 7.00- B.oo Fair to medium heifers S 6 0 0 - 7 0 0 Plain to fair heifers S 4.00. 6.00 Good to choice cows, heavy .. $ 5 50- 600 Medium to food cows $ 5.00- 5 so Fair to medium cows ; s 4.50- 5.1 Good to choice heavy bulls ..' s 5'so- 625 Light bulls ? 4.50-5.00 CalvM. Rood to choice 130-190 S 7 00- B 00 Calves, med. to good 130-150 » 6.50- 7.00 Cali-et. Infer, to med. 130-180 t 2.50 d'wn BHEEF Genuine spring lambs, pood to choice 70-90 t 8.00- B.50 Spring Jambi. good to choice ·; 70-90 $ E.50- 7.00 Spring 3ambr. medium to pood · ·,-- ··.-·: TM- 9 ° S 5.50- 6.00 fapnng Jambs, common s 4.50- 5 50 Native ewes, good to choice t 1.50- 2.25 50ctoJI.CC Old . 53c totl.OO OMAHA LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y Market) OMAHA, (iPt-U. S. departmont of agriculture. HOGS, salable 2.000; slow, mostly 10 to 2Sc higher: top $6.85 for 160 to rtt Ibs.; ISO to ZTO 16s. $6.75i?G.B5: 240 to · Ibs. S6.60R6.75; 290 lo 360 Ibs. S6.40!) 6.60; 150 to 170 Ibs. J6.40Si6.75: sows S 66.25: stags stronger at J6.50 down CATTLE, salable 3,5KJ: slaughter steers and shestock opened steady: closed stronf to lOc higher; vealers steady to strong stockers. feeders nominally steady; fed steers and yearlings S8QI1.50; heifer 53.25139.60: beef cows $6H7; cutter grades S4.50-35.75: bulls $6.2337; practical top vealers SIO. SHEEP, salable 8.500; early bids fe wooled lambs weak, asking stronger shtCR strong to 25c higher; feeders steady early bids fed wooled lambs 59.255/9.50 best held above S9.73: recently shori lambs held above $8.25: choice nativi lambs held above Sll; fed vesteri 'A-oolcd ewes S5.75ta6.2S; old crop feed ins lambs S9; bred ewes up to S5.25. La!i Tuesday fed ivooird lambs li to 2.11 higher: bulk S9.50«9Vi5: top S9.15; Call fornia spring Jambs 510.50. S I O U X CITY T.IVF.STOCK SIOUX CITY. W,--U. S. deparlmc cf apriculture. CATTLE, salable receipts 2,500: calv M'lable receipts 150; beef steers anc yearlings lairly active, largely firm; fe\ salts good yearlinRS SI0.2j« 10.65; prim. beeves quoted above 512.25: numerou sales medium io good S3.75S7IO; fat sri slock fully steady; few choice 730 Ib heifers S10.25: scattered lots medium lo good S7.75ft9.25; bulk medium to good cows 55.75si6.75; moat cutter grades S4.5 *fS.25; slockers and feeders scare, steady few medium stock steers S7.75as.33 small lots choice 350 Ib. steer calve 510.25: heifer calves S9.25. HOGS, salable receipts 1.000: most! 5 to ISc higher: heavy butchers up mosl eood and choice 180 to 285 lb. butch S6.6nffi6.BO; top S6.90 to shippers: 285 ti 350 lb. heavies S6.50iS6.63: good sou- mostly $6; few S6.10: feeder pigs scarce SHEEP, salable receipts 500; fat lamb steady to strong: most good anri choic Jed woolerl. S9.50SI9.75; package fe. clipps. S8.25: fat cvvej steady: small lot $5.5025.85; feeder lambs scarce. SOLTH ST. PAIJI. LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. "PAUL, ' ("-Federal-Mat news service-CATTLE salable 2.500; X l l l i n g steer and .«hc Mock fairly active, strong to 2. cents h i g h e r ; bulls strong; medium t good steers SS.ZSr.s.jO; [ ca heifers ««.75: beef cows SS.Sflfi 6.50 mainly cutlers and cutters $»; top «age bulls 56.75; slochers and feeders 1 rt ' 1Ll «~miiuse c n e C Heady; medium lo good steers {7.236! I the entertainment. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Livestock prices at midwest markets Wednesday: AUSTIN', BItrm.--Hogs 10 cenlis higher: 40 to 150 Ibs. lD.60-85.30; 130 to 160 Ibs 6.05S36.35; 160 to 170 Ibs. 56.3006.60' 170 0 180 Ibs. S6i55S-6,5; 180 to 220 Ibs. S6.70 @7.00; 220 lo 250 Ibs. S6.55IR6.85; 250 to 70 Ibs, S6.40#6.70; 270 to 230 Ibs $6 205i .50; 290 to 325 Ibs. S6.05SJ6.35; 325 to S50 bs. $5.3086.20; 350 to 400 Ibs. S3 80R6 10- packing SOWS 275 to 350 Ibs. S5.70R6.00- 50 to 425 Ibs. $5.6085.90; 425 to 550 Ibs. 5.50?I5.80; 550 Ibs. and up S5.50«g5.80 ALBERT LEA. Minn--Hogs 10 cents higher: 140 to 150 Ibs. $5.65{|S.M- 150 to CO Ibs. S6.00ffi6.15; 160 to 170 Ibs. ?840'tf .55; 170 to 180 Ibs. S6.704J6.85; 160 to 220 bs. S6.80iVe.S5; 220 to 250 Ibs. S6.65S6.80- 50_to 270 Ibs. S6.458J6.60; 270 to 290 Ibs :6.23tfi6.40: 290 to 325 Ibs. S6.10J625- 325 O 350 Ibs. S5.S35J6.10; 350 lo 400 Ibs. 55 EO ^5.95; EOV.-S 275 lo 350 Ibs. 55.S05T595- 50 to 425 Ibs. S5.6555.80; 425 to 500 Ibs' t5.50S5.05; SOO lo 550 Ibs. S5.35e5.50' 550 o COO Ibs. S5.201i'5.35. CEDAR RAPIDS--Good hog! 140 to 15« ibs. SG.45GG,GO; 150 to ISO Ibs. $6.55f|6.70- 160 to 170 Ibs. SG.05M6.BO: 170 to ISO Ibs. S6.75Ci6.90; 180 to 220 Ibs. S6.85fi 7; 220 10 250 IbS. 56.70 ® 6.85; 250 to 270 Ibs. S6.55 r ;6.70; 270 to 290 Ibs. $6.40Ti6.55; 290 to 325 Ibs. $6.20«J6.35: 325 to 350 Ibs. $6.05 ££6.20. Good packers 275 to 350" Ibs. S5.80 «J5.95; 350 to 425 Ibs. S5.65fo5.80; 423 to 500 Ibs. S5.5og5.65; 500 lo 550 Ibs S5.35 Hi 5.50. Cattle steady. OTTUMWA--Hogs lOc higrier. 140 to 150 Ibs. 55.7515 6.05; 150 lo 160 Ibs. 56.10 «.6.40; 160 to 170 Ibs. S6.30S6.60; 170 lo 180 Ibs. S6.60«?6.90; ISO to 220 Ibs. 55.70 fil; 220 to 250 Ibs. $6.55516.85; 250 to 270 : bs. SG.40tfi6.70; £70 to 230 Ills. S6.23fiS.55; 290 to 325 Ibs. !6.1186.40; 325 to 350 Ibs, J5.95-S6.25: 350 to 400 Jbs. $5.80^6.10. Packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S5.75/ii605; 350 to 425 Ibs. S5.G5S55.S5; 425 to 500 Ibs. tt.53 f(5.65; 500 to 550 Ibs. 55.4535.75; 550 lo 600 Ibf. S5.30S5.60. WATERLOO--Hogs lOc higher. 160 to 150 Ibs. S6.75cR6.93: 180 lo 220 Ibs. 56.85®, 7.05; 220 to 250 Ibs- 46.65S6.95: 250 to 270 Ibs. S6.70J6.£0; 270 to 290 Ibs. S6.55 156.60: 290 to 325 Ibs. SS^ogB.SO: 325 to 350 Ibs. S6.25SI5.35; pacWnB sows 275 to 330 Ibs. S3.95lS6.05: 350 to 425 Ibs. $5.80 C36.90: 425 to 550 Ibs. S5.70ft5.80, Cattle: Tone steady. Prices unchanged. WHEAT PRICES SLIP LOWER Favorable Prospects for Crops Result in Drop in Quotations CHICAGO, (/P)--Favorable crop irospects in the winter wheat belt esulted in lower prices Wednesday for wheat futures contacts vhich could be satisfied by deliv- ry of new 1.933 grain in July and ".eptember. Lifting of hedges in May con- raqts, representing the old crop, lelped to steady the May wheat irice, however. The result was an irregular lose, with wheat unchanged to % 9wer, compared with Tuesday's inish, May 67%-%, July 66%- i7. Corn'was VB-^'S down, May 471/6-48, July 48%, oats «,-% ower. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS ( W t d n e « d a - Market) DES MOtNES, lie,--U. S. department of agriculture. Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in Interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended t 8 a. m. Wednesday were 16,600 compared \vilh 17.100 a v.-eek ago and H,MO a year ago. Moderately active: steady to lOc higher, mostly 5 to Iflc up; loading little changed from 15,300 week OEO. Barrou-s and gilts, good and choice. 100 lo 180 Ibs. S6.50S17; 180 lo 220 Ibs. S6.75 TtT.10; 220 to 250 Ibs. S6.55f(7; 250 to 2DD Ibs. SG.25fiG.B5; 290 1o 350 Ibs, SSft6.aU. Packing sows, good, 275 to 350 Ibs. S3.8C no.10; 350 lo 425 Ibs. $5.63S; 425 to 550 Ibs. 55.45 S 5.85. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, tm--Official estimated live stock receipt--; for Thursday: Cattle 4.000 hogs 9.000; sheep 10.000. Representative Sales (IVednesclay .MirkeO CHICAGO, {^--Representative sales: HOGS Heavy-- iMcdium-- 61 275 7.2576 224 7.33 49 . 272 7.10; 54 231 1.31) .153 6.75;48 241 7.20 Light-- 1 Light Lights-75 155 7.X1;24 156 7.10 47 183 7.31V 17 141 6.90 33 176 7.251 CATTLE Steers-- j Heifers-18 1345 13.00;24 805 10.65 20 1270 12.75|29 718 1050 1519 12.65126 ' 791 10.25 29 1033 11.25) SHEEP Fat Wool Lambs-- |Fed Clipped Lambs 220 B9 ]0.00]220 86 875 430 · 91 9.90;200 39 850 200 102 9.75[ 180 111 8.00 120 106 9.40;Slaufhtcr Ewes-15 120 5.75 4 180 5,00 Miscellaneous MASON CITY--For Wednesday o. 3 white oats 22c "fo. 3 yellow corn ' 34c w ear corn 30c Barley 25-35c NEW TORK Stlr.AR Orednesdsy M a r k e t ) NEW YORK, ifi-- Suear futures firm! in ^juict trading Thursday. Cuban demand met only offering in domestic contracts and midday price were t h e br5t of the day. 2 to 3 point, up,. May traded 3 higher at SI 95 Jul went to S2 (or a net Rain o! 2. Buying fay trade broker* sent world rulurcs ahead is, to 1 point with Ma up a fraction at 51.1914 and Septcmbc higher at SI.15. Duty free raw offerings were cents. Refiners quoted 4.4n to 4.50 ce CHICAGO FOTATOES W « d n t d » y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. (,n--U. S. department o agnciilttre. Potatoes KI: on track 486 total U. S. shipments 626: old slock Idah Russet best steady; demand llghl: fai quality, weaker: demand slow; Colorad McClures weaker: demand light; limite to best available stock: northern white dull, demand slow; Triumphs best steady demand fair; supplies heavy; Idaho Ru set Burbanks V. S. No. 1. few sal. Sl.50iTl.65; occasional large wa*h higher; Colorado fled McClures U. :s No. 1. burlap sacka few sales SI.B5Q2 cotton sacks Jew- ales SIBl.lo; Mlchlga Russet Rural* U. S. No. 1. SI.20: Nor! Dakota Bliss Triumphs 85 per cent U. No. 1 and bettor 51.405il.55; Cobblci 90 per cent U. s. No. 1 and better. SI.I «tl-15: Minnesota Red River Valley sec lion Blljx Triumphs U. S. No. I. $1.60 New Mock. U. s. No. 1 stock steady: U S. Ko. ). size B, weaker; supplies lib cral: demand moderate; Texas 50 Ib sack? Bliss Triumphs U. S Xo I SI 9 ~ ^ l washed S2.02 T a; ske B H-sshed SI.BO: Florida Bliss Triumphs b crates U. S. No. 1. 52.1.x PARTY IS HELD BUFFALO CENTER--The E. O M. N. club entertained the Ladie Literary club at a party at th 1 i ·--;"·.-· *-ni nl a |/rt I Ly d I irl Jp'S'aT cit y hall Monday night. Bridg feeder,-; a n Chinese checkers furnishe CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Wednesday .Markel) CHICAGO. fiP)--Cash wheat No. 3 hard 9!~c, tfo. 2 red 69!ic; No. 2 yellow hard Oc. Corn, No. I yellow -IS^e; No. 2, 47^ "Mac; No. 3, J6*i'ff47*'4c; sample grade IVjc; No. 1 white 53 J .Sc; Ka. 3, 53!'*c. Oals. No. 1 mixed SOVaQSlc; No- 4,-3lc; Vo. 2 white 31*15 32c; sample grade Barley. Illinois malting 52ft6Uc nom.: ;ed 33fi45c nom.; No. 4. 45c; No. 1 malt- Ig 54c: No. 3 mailing 56c. Soy beans. No. 2 yellow 89c, Timothy seed $2.85*1 3.15 nom.: red lover SlSSie nom.; red top $9,25^9.75 om. Lard tierces $6.12; loose S3.50; bellies 8.15. SAason City Grain W E D N E S D A Y GRAIN' C L O S E High .67% .67'i .47'.i .49V. .50 WHEAT-- ·Tay "uly ... Sept CORN-May i July .ept OATS-'lay ..-,.,. .23 a 'uly 27 Sept .25= ^OY BEANS-May July ... Oct RYE-May 4! July 42 Sept «! ,ARD-May 6.15 July ..,,,... G.30 Sept GA7 Oct. ....... 6.25 CHICAGO. Ml -Close G.10 6.30 6.42 6.52 .87 U, .55 .43 6.15 6.30 6.43 6.52 O M A H A G R A I N OVeilnesclay Market) OMAHA, m--Wheat, [lark hard No. 4. 71?*Si74'.'«c: No. 5, 69tt«i10*ii:; hard No. 3, G4S67c; N O . 4 62!'.S 66','.c; No. " 608iG2c. Corn, w h l t r No. !, 43",c. Oats, feed No. 2. 25'/.c; white No. 2. 27=iic: No. .1. 27c; No. 4, 2C@26',ac; mixed No. 4. 25iic. K A N S A S CITY G R A I N (Wednesday MarfctL) KANSAS CITY, (ip)--UTieat 150 cars; unctianged to ',ic lower. No. 2 dark hard 735ifJ6Vic; No. 3. 7Ki76c: No. 2 hard B"^«1f68 l ,~e: No. 3. GSftVlVac; No. 2 'red nom. G G ' a r i r G S c ; No. 3 nom. GV/aSTGSc. Corn R cars; V 4 c lower .to Vic higher. S'o. 2 white nom. 4G T ,2'!i47^c: No. 3 nom. 451i^i.4T/*c: No. 2 yd tow 46'.^c; No- 3 nom. 44'^^46c; No. 2 mixed nom. 45 ""^iic: No. 3 nom 44l4ft46c. Oat$. none in: unchanced 1o V 3 c lower; No. 2 white nom. 28 : !iit30V4c; No. 3 nom. Milo maize nnm. 75'38lc. Kafir. m»JTL 7STi file. Rye. nom. 43'«44c. Barley, nom. 34!-i"54Ic. MlN'XEArOMS GRAIN' ir«dnesday JItrket) MINNEAPOLIS. )--Wheat receipts Wednesday 35 cars: 35 R year ago. Quotations ?» cent lower. Cash: No. 1 heavy darJc northern 7a%^73*ic; dark northern \'o. 1. 72H£743ic; fancy No. 1 hard Mon- iana 14 per cent protein 78^H^7e?ic; No. i dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana win- ;er 78^^T81 He; hard amber durum No. 1. MH^l^Ae; No. 1 red durum 58V'4@ 55'.'jc. 3!ic. Corn. No. 3 yellow 41 3 ,*ft43V«c. Quo- talions 1 cent lo«-er. Oats. No, 3 white 26*!G38'/ac-. Barley 3DfJ66c. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid and asked Wednesday: Cent St EJ 6 pet pfd $25 par) 7 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ||25 par) 8 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd . . . :r; Continental Gas Ac EIcc pfd B9 Creamery Packace corn . 1R Hearst Cons A . " 4^\ Geo A Hormei A pfd "... 104 Geo A Hormei com 2 4 ' Interstate Power fi pel pfd G^ Tntcrstatp Power 7 pet pfd 4 low* Elcclric Co G^a pfrf 27 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 2S la El Lt ft Pow 6 pet pvfd 57 la Et Lt Pow fi'.i pet pfd 58 Ta El Lt t Pnw ~ pet pld fiB la Power «i Light 6 pet pfd 102 la Power Light 7 pet pfd 104 la Public Service 6 pel pW .. 96 Ta Public Service 6!i pel pfd 97 Ta Public Service 7 pet pfd ., 100 la South U l i l 6 pet pfd .... 25 la South Util 6 f .a pel pfd ., 2S la South Util 7 pet pfd .... 28 Minnesota P L g pet pfd .. 79 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd . tW Northern St Pow 6 pet pfd. 5fi Northern Si Pow 7 pel pfd 63 X W Si Portland Cem com 23 R a t h Packing S pet pfd . , . 102 Sfoux City G ft FA ~ pet pfd. 94 United Lt Power Class A l v , United Lt A: Power Class B Hi United Lt Power pfd . . 2* United Lt A: Rys P pet pfd 79 United Lt Rys 6.S6 pet pfd BO United Lt A: Rys 7 pet pfd . 86 Western Grocer pfd 75 Western Grocer com ... 3^ 107 23'.?, IS an .11 IIU inn 102 27 23 M 81 8-i 60 70 25 104 9S 02 88 60 Net Increase in Factory Employment in February of Each Year THOUSANDS N«f Chang* in Factory 400 350 300 250 200 ISO 100 SO 0 Hit 'JO '32 '34 'J4 '34' ' SOUK* Of DATA: U. i. H)«EAU Of UtOK STATBT1«._ ,, . ic^mjim»;m»cfcN»».T i i ~JC37. C*A-- STOCK MARKET RALLY STARTED Wall Street Takes Calmer Views of News Events in Europe NEW YORK, m--The stock market shifted gears for a rally Wednesday as Wall street took a calmer look at events in Europe. The market, having had a heavy 'all. was considered by analysts in echnical position to rally. Prices vere quick to respond to buying. Some shares got up more llian a point on the late move, with aircrafts leading. A turn for the better in Euro- ean markets was followed by a et up in selling here. Transactions approximated 900,000 shares. Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS (Wednesday M a r k e t ) By Th« Associate! Fr«« 22''"' w, 23tt 10 l /4 HVi 4 73 431/4 32 Air Reduc 4S 3 ; Al Chem Dy 163 Allied Strs 73/i Am Can BS Am For Pow 2Vi Am Loco n « 4 Am Rad St S 13*i Am RoH Mill Uy« Am Smelt Ref 3S1 Am Stl Fdrs 24«' B Am T A- T 155»i Am Tom B at',i Am V.'at Wits 9 3 ,\ Anaconda 24 Va Arm III 4 Atch T SF 28H All Refin Z0'. fm Bait Ohio 514 BarnsdaU 14'i Bondix Avlat ? : '« Beth Stl Boeing Airpl Elorden, 3orfi-Warner Bridgept Br Bud (I MfR Can D G Ale Can Pac Case Catcrp Tract Ches Ohio C N W *£ Chi M St P. P I Chi Rk Is Be P \ ra Chr-?lcr 63*1 Coca Coin 122 Col G B= E 6'/» Com Solv Jfli« Comwl Sou 1'/« Con Edison 29 3 n Con Oil a i « Con Can Con Oil D$ Corn Prod CurtiK-Wrt Deere Co 18'. Deere Co pfd 25 Douglas Air 62* DuPonl 138 Eastman U8 : El Pow : Lt 7 Fairbks Mors 23 Fireslono 2.0 Gen Elec Gen Food* Gfen Milts Gen. l^fot G i l l e t t e Goodrich Goodyear Gt No Ry pfd 20 IFomestake B2 Hudson 5 Hupp Mot IH Cent Int Harvest Int Nick Can Int T : T Johns Many KennecoU S 13 4,6 ',4 25 i 21V. 9 1814 I B 9','. 57 'i 18 WYi 3S 35 24 59 s ; 35 40V 80 20'- 121 53V 7 72 32SJ, Kresge Lambert 15 Libbey O F G 43 Loews 40 Marsh. Field 11 Maytag MfcJcont Pet Mont Ward Nash-Ketv Nat Else Nat Cash Reg I8 Nat Dairy Pro 14 V« Nat Distill 251; Nat Lead 2QV« Nat Pow Lt 7 a i N Y Cent 15 No Amer Av Norili Amer Nor Pac Oliver Farm Otis Elevator Otis steel Owens III Gl Packard Farm Pict Penney Pent! Ry Phillips Pet Proc Gam Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rem Rand Repub Stl Roy Tnb B Sears Roeb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pae Std Brands Std Oil Cat Std Oil Ind Std OH N" J Stew-Warner Studebaker Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Transamer Un Carbide Union Pac Unit Air Li U n i t Alrcr Co 3n U n i t Corp 2 Unit Drug 6 U S Gypsum 8,1 U S Indus Ale 15 U S Rubber 37 U S Sleel Walgreen Warner Pict West Un Tel West El Mfg Wilson Co .TVoohvorth Wrigley Jr 77 YcIJow- Tnick 11 Yoirngstown 36 72T 92 50 1TA 5 1C', SP.i 3Vj T. S. G O V E R N M E N T BONDS- NEW YOHK. (/P) -- U. S. flovemmenl bonds closed Wednesday: Treasury 3!is 46-43 1112 Treasury 4!^s 47-52 ,....1207 Federal Farm MIc -Is 42-47 10623 Federal Farm M t p 3V*s 64 109 Federal Farm Mtp 3s 49 10311 Home Owners Loan 3s 52 1035 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Bcch Building. Telephone No. 7 1)OW JONES AVERAGES Ind*. R a i l s Vti\v Close 130.34 26.S7 22.31 Total ales , , , . . . SSO.OOC C H I C A G O STOCKS ButJer Bros 7U Cit Ser 6? Cord Corp 2»i Marsh Fields ll'i NEW YORK CCRB Am G A: El 34?i forrf Mo Eng 4', Am Cyan B 20% Lockheed 25? Arn S Pow Co ·*» Nfag H Pov/ G 1 , Ark N Gas A 2'i S O Ky Co 18 Asoc G 5; El A i Un Gas Co 2f El Bd i Shar B Un Li Po Co r Ford Mo Can IB 3 ; NE1V YORK STOCKS ATTEND SHOWER LONEROCK--The I. W. Nelsons attended a shower in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jacobsen at Minnesota Lake, Saturday evening. SHOWER IS PLANNED LIME SPRINGS--A post-nuptial shower will be given at the D. I. Davis home Saturday honoring Mrs. Everet Davis. Am C t F Co 22 Am Po Lt 4*i Baldwin Loco l l ^ i Briggs Ml Co SO Brers A M Co H Cor r)e Pn* .ID!:, Ches Ohio 32 CMSP P pfd *; Consoleum 21 Cudahy Pack C-W Co A Dist Cp Scag El Alllo Lite Erie R H Co Fost-Wherlrr Freeport Tex Gen Am Tran GlWdcn Co j B ' i f.obel 3'i Houston Oil ."» Inspiration l l ^ « Tndtisl Rayon 2n Kroger 22H Lch Port Ce 18 Liq Carb Cp 16'1 Mack Truck 22^i 12 22' i nil 2BV« 1'i IS'.i 20'., M a t h Alk AlcLcllan Stnr Minn. Mol Im Molor Prot Ohio Oil Packard Mot Park Ut Cop Pi.'lsbury Tl Plymouth P S of N J Pultman Purity Dak R K O Boo Motors St Jos Lead Simmons Co So Cal F^lison 25V Sperr' Corp 39 T W As Oil 12 U S Smciter Vanadium Un Oil Cal XJn G g£ Imp U'hile Mol Worth Pump 36': isr .12'. 261 131 I 1 ,' 1 3D' 22' 51^ 17 in 13 Hides Quotation* Farnlihed br Woir Bre*. ID a. 30X Fifth Street Soalbwtit t T O H S E H l D E S Horschides $j ; · G R E E N BEEP HIDES From l-i Ib5. up From 1!S 3bs. down Bull hides Increase in Nazi Public Debt Revealed BERLIN, m_An increase o nearly 10,000.000,000 marks (cur rcntly 54.000,000,000) in the Ger man public debt during one yea was disclosed today in officia statistics which put the reich* total indebtedness 3128.109,800,001 marks (?11,243,920.000) at thi end of January, 1939. Bond Market NEW YORK. (.T)--The bond market tried the upgrade Wednesday but buying appeared hnlf-hMrted and as the session eared midday small gains and losses were well balanced. U. S. governments chalked up losses running to 3-32ds ot point although interest in the federals was at low ebb. Traders were equally hesitant over commitments in foreign dollar loans and aside from a drop ol over a point in Italy 7s, minor changes were recorded. Despite indications Europe had braked e latest headlong rush to a showdown, brokers said, buyers and sellers alike seemed unwilling \o bank too heavily on what might be a temporary shift to the conference table. Rough spots In the spring and summer domestic' business picture also slowed up dealings. Gains of as much as a point were Uirned -in by Nickel Pate 5^s. Missouri- Kansas-Texas 5s of 'G2, Bsthiohem Steel " ;, Alleghany 5s ot '49 and Illinois Central 4*; s , Small losses were registered by Commonwealth Edison 31is, Remington Rand s. Shell Union 3'/ t s and Uliltiics Power Light 5s. 17 Charles City News OFFICE AT 603 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PHONE 1052 DON K. SANDELL, Mgr., Residence, Phone 937-J News Correspondent, Phone 318 2 Divorces Granted in District Court CHARLES CITY--Judge Henry Graven, Mason City, held the second day ol court here Tuesday when he entered defaults and granted two divorces. Helen Riggs was granted a divorce from Robert Riggs and Myrtle Marie Hall was divorced from Donald Hall. Judge Graven will hear the petitions for naturalization of citizens Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday (Quotations by Swift .Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds .. ,14c Heavy hens over 4 pounds, in eluding 5 pounds 13 C Light and Leghorns lOc Eggs, specials :... ] 6c Eggs, No. 1 13 C Eggs, Under Grades lie Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 13c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over .. 14c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 13c Light hens, under 4 Ibs lOc Cocks, 5 IDS, and over 9c Cocks, Leghorns 7c Capons 18-24c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less. Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c* Eggs, cash 12-14C Butter, Iowa State Brand ... 30c Butter, Corn Country 28c Butter, Plymouth 30c Butter, Very Best 28c Butter, Clear Lake 28c Butter Brookfield 28c Russet Potatoes, peck .34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck 3'c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. INDUCT EGGERT INTO OFFICE Mayor Picks New Committees; New Engineer-Selected CHARLES CITY -- Alfred R. Eggert, attorney, was inducted into the office of mayor Monday evening following the final business session of the old administration when the retiring mayor, J. I. Schofield, presided at his last session. Two new councilmen took their positions, Bim Castle and Charles Birkholz, the other four councilmen, Edgar Ball, F. J. Clark, Lawrence Guthart and August Sylvester being re-elected without opposition. Mayor Eggert appointed the following committees: Finance, Edgar Ball, Bim Castle and F. J. Clark; sidewalk, F. J. Clark, C. A. Birkholz and Edgar Ball; public property, A. C. Sylvester, Lawrence Guthart and Edgar Ball; fire and water, Bim Castle, Lawrence Guthart and A. C. Sylvester; streets and alleys, Lawrence Gut- liart, C. A. Birkholz and Bim Castle; sewer and sanitation, C, A. Birkholz, F. J. Clark and A. C. Sylvester. All former city officials anc employes were reappointed with the exception of William Oliver who was succeeded by James Dawson as city engineer. FLOYD COUNTY CLUBS TO MEET Annual Conclave of Federated Groups Is Planned on April 14 CHAHLES CITY -- Plans are ompleted for the annual meeting f the Floyd county federated lubs to be held in Charles City riday, April 14, in the First tethodist church. Mrs. O. L. Hanen, Nora Springs, county chair- nan, and Mrs. Clarence Knutson, ourth district director, will attend tip convention. Mrs. Hansen has rranged the program and will preside. In addition to the reports and lection of officers Mrs. Knutson viil speak and W. E. Dodge will :ive a travelog. Reservations for he luncheon may be sent to Mrs. Frank Nies. Club members from the fed- irated clubs in Nora Springs, ludd, Rockford, Marble Hock, Colwell and Charles City will at- end the meeting. The Charles City Vomen's club and the Saint Charles Women's club of Charles City are the hostess clubs. CHICAGO POULTRY IWednndsj- Market) CHICAGO, (ft-- Poultry live, 31 trucks;; firm; hens 5 Jbs. and under 17c; other prices unchanged. CHICAGO FROnUCF. * OTedneiday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, lir,_Buttcr 732,367. ensy; creamery. 93 score. 22c: 92. 21 Vc; til 21'Ac; 90. 21',ic: 69. 2lc; B8, ZO'.jc; Si centralized carlo!?. 21'.' 3 c. EBBS ra.KGI. weak; fresh gtaii-A. c.r- tr.i firsts loc.ii 16',*c. cars IfiViC: firsts local lc. cars Ifi'.bc; current recelpls lV*c; storage packed extras 17'/*c; flrsti 17'/4C. NEW VOKK P R O D U C E Wedne*[!ay M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. W,--ERSS 7.605. steadier. Mixed colors, extra fancy selection lB',i U9c; standards IBc; firsts lelifil-c: mediums IG1rl6'/iC: dirties No. 1. lo^c: average criecks 15V«c. Storage packed firsts 17ic. Butter 643,900. weak. Creamery, higher t h a n extra 23f?23?4c; extra 192 score) 2Wc: firsts 188-91) 2I?iijI2Z',ic; seconds IS4-B7) 20V«2mc. Cheese 2.19.3:15. easier. Stale, whole milk flats, held 1937. 20«23c; held 1938. 16fil8c; current makes 14!ifrl4^c, CHICAOO PRODUCE FUTURES nVednnaaj- M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. Hr--Butler future!, storage stds.. cloce Nov. 22 a ic. ECS futures, rcfri. slds.. Oct. 18Tic; storage packed tints April 17»ic. Officers of P. LA. Council Re-Elected CHARLES CITY -- All of the officers of the P. T. A. counci were re-elected at the annua election held Monday evening in the high school. Those on thi staff are Mrs. H. D. Floyd, presi dent; Mrs. Albert Schilling, vice president; Mrs. C. B. Queel, sec retnry; Mrs. H. D. Hamm t treas urer, Mrs. Wesley Henke and Mrs Tom Kellogg, delegates at large A district school of instruction will be held here April 25, Business Notes Reply Is Filed by Eckstrom in Custody Over Daughter, 4 NEW YORK, ;P)--Adolph G. Eckstrom, who is fighting in the courts with his estranged wife, Marion Talley, the singer, over custory ot their 4 year old child, contended Wednesday that the "cultural life of New York City is not inferior, even for people of moderate means, to that of the very rich in Beverly Hills, Cal." He made this observation in a 10 page answer iiled with State Supreme Court Justice Alfred Frankenthaler to Miss Talley's previous "reflections" upon his home life, which she made in arguing that she was belter able to care for the child. The differences between Ihe couple extend even to the child's name. Miss Tally calls her Susan; Eckstrom calls her Betty Ruth. Correct this sentence: "This patriot paid enormous taxes to aid his country," said the politician, "and we should erect a monumont to honor him."--Dubuque Tele- graph-ircraW. ENTERS CONTEST JOICE--The junior class will enter the typing contest to be held at Lake Mills April 20. Gold imports hetweert T*clj. 1 ant March 15 can be attributed lo n greatci client to unsettled condition.!; abroat rather t h n n to HIP favorable trade bal ance of the United Stales during Ihi, period, according to the federal reserve bulletin, Gold Imports during thi.-i period ^regaled $32f.OOO.OOO, aRainst S290.00.00 in the preceding FIX: weeks' period. llo\ e\-er, the United Stales export sttrpl declined from 5115,000.000 in the last Iwc month,'; of 1938 to §95,000,000 In the firs two months oC 1939. "The continuance of poftl Imports a high level," the bulletin, states. " ftocled ia n smaller extent t h a n In pre vlotis months the excels of merchandis exports from the United States and llv continued t r a n s f e r of private short-tern balances to this country from abroad- Fo the most pact, t h e movement was aUribu table to Ihe operations of foreign monc lary authorities. Pressure C o n t i n u e 5 "The Inflow of p r i v a t e short-term fund.*, which reached substantial pro portions during the week ended Jan. 30 largely subsided In succeeding 'v*'eel^ There was continued pressure on th guilder and the belgn, but the poiin sterling and (he French and Swiss franc on the exchanRc market. "With the reduction tn net foreipn pur chases of dollars to cover comtnercia requirements and private capital trans actions, foreign central banlcs and governments began 1o expand their hold ing? ot gold and dollar balances in thi country. "Between, the first ot February ant the m i d d l e of March Rotd under earn for foreign accovmt in the United Slate increased by Slll.000.000 and deposits foreign central banks nl the federal re ?erve bank-F Increased by S83.000.00fl. Due to War Fears "This increase of $195.«X.000 in officia foreign gold holdings and balance.* ii the United SIMcs compare*; w i t h a dc crease of about $lf),000.000 from th middle of December to the first half o February. "In the latter h a l f of March Ihe re currence of war /ear* in Europe led no only to some l i q u i t f a l i n n of foreicn noli! inc* of American securities, but a newed f l i c h t of foreign shorl-term f u n d to the United Stntes on private account Some of the o f f i c i a l resources, recent I ,icciimulf.lerf in t h i s m a r k e t were crn ployed to mc"t the private d e m a n d fo dollars, Deposits nf foreign central bank 535.000,000 22." in the week ending Marc] Jeweler Has Doubt of Customer; Later Is Saved by Police NEW YORK. (U.R)--fulius Fig dor, refugee Austrian jeweler, ha a hunch Tuesday that the custo mer who called him up might no be all he represented himself t be. So before he took a case of dia monds to the caller's office h askecj a friend to notify police i he did not hear from him in minutes. The friend forgot and Figdo was bound, gagged and robbed o gems worth $20,000. North Carolina hay productio jumped 200 pounds an acre i 1938 resulting in a 250,000-ton in crease in the total yield. Charles City Briefs CHARLES CITY--Kate Sekander, Groe Oieson and Martha Jraegei- left Tuesday night Tyndall, S. Dak., to attend for the u n e r a 1 of Miss Sekander's nephew, Harris Curl, who died Monday night. Special .Holy Week services vere held in the First Methodist church Tuesday evening. Services vill also be held Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the one Thursday evening being a candlelight communion service. The Rev. J. E. will use for his theme The All-Sufficient Way." This church will join in the union service Good Friday in the Baptisl church. A marriage license was issued to Alfred Oliver Jensen of Minnesota Jake, Minn., and Ruby Florence Kinncy of Winnebago, Minn. Jan McQuUlen and Marve jreenwood entertained the Junior Tabernacle circle at the McQuil- .en home Monday evening. Thirty friends and neighbors o_ Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Schultz gathered at their home near Charle. City Sunday to honor them on their 22nd wedding anniversary The guests brought the dinner in eluding a wedding cake and gift for the occasion. Several friends from Mason Citj came to help celebrate Ihe 25ti wedding anniversary of Mr. ant Mrs. Ray Bigg who were surprise. Sunday. The guests brought food for the supper and also gifts. Twenty salesmen of the DeKall Hybrid Seed Corn company me with Harold Nolin, local salesman in the Saint Charles hotel when luncheon was served Monday. Mrs. Gerald Agaard was electee chairman of the literature depart ment of the Charles City Women' club at the department meetin Tuesday afternoon in the Sain Charles hotel. Mrs. R. H. Koeni reviewed "Three Harbors" b VanWyck Mason. Mrs. R. W Zastrow, retiring chairman, wa unable to attend as she is in th' hospital at Rochester, Minn. LAN LUTHERAN UNION SERVICE Three Churches in Good Friday Devotion From 12 to 3 O'Clock Arrangements for the Union itherori Good Friday services to e held at the Immanuel Lutheran liurch from 12 to 3 o'clock were miounced Wednesday. Participating in the service will e the Central, Immanuel and St. ames Lutheran churches. The service will be divided into hrce parts of one hour each as ollows: First period--12 noon to 1 p. m. --Hymn, "Beneath the Cross of esus;" Scripture lesson, The Pasion of Our Lord, part HI; duet, How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds," Brown, Mrs. B. T. Er- iqlm and Miss Ethel Wallskog-- liss Glendora Selterberg, accom- anist; hymn, "Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing;" mediation, "The Love of the Cross," he Rev. B. T. Erholm; sextet, 'Alas and Did My Savior Bleed?" lolton; hymn, "Rock of Ages, .Heft for Me;" intermission post- ude, Mrs. B. T. Erholm. Second period--1 p. m., to 2 p. m.--Hymn, "My Faith Looks Up o Tliee;" Scripture lesson, The D a s s i o n of Our Lord, part '·V; solo, "Man of Sorrows," Steinel, Mrs. H. C. Keister, Mrs. 3. E. Mall, accompanist; hymn, 'There Is a Green Hill Far Away;" meditation, "The Sacrifice of the Cross," the Rev. O. E. Mall; duet, ·He Took My Place," Tullar, Mrs. O. E. Mall and Miss Esther Schwartz, Miss Elsie Lunsman, accompanist; hymn, "O Sacred Head Now Wounded;" intermis- ion postlude, Mrs. O. E. Mall. Third period, 2 p. m., to 3 p. m. --Hymn, "Come to Calvary's Holy Mountain;" Scripture lesson, The D assion of Our Lord, parts V and VI; solo, "The Crucifixion," Cur- ·an, Mrs. P. R. Jacobson, Mrs. O. 1. Sorlien, accompanist; hymn. 'Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed?" meditation, "The Victory of the "Yoss," the Rev. W. H. Kampen; quartet, "Open Our Eyes," Mac- ?arlane, Mrs. C. V. Dietz, Miss Virginia Bringolf, Clifford Eggert and Overan Lund, Mrs. O, C. Snr- iien, accompanist; hymn, "In the Cross of Christ I Glory;" benediction, and postlude, Mrs. O. C. Sorlien. ARRANGE TALKS FOR GATHERING Kossuth Federation Meeting at Algona Tuesday, April 11 ALGONA -- Speakers arrangci lor the Kossuth county federatioi meeting next Tuesday, April 1 at the First Presbyterian church include Mrs. H. C. Houghton. Jr of Red Oak; Dr. Ruth Wollcot Spirit Lake, and PauSa M. Robin son of Des Moines. The federatio meeting is one in a series of meet ing held in the county and Mrs H. E. Woodward, Whittemor county chairman, will presid The Crcsco, Plum Creek, Foil Corners and Union, rural clubs ar the club hostesses. Paula Robinson will speak o the work of the children's depart ment of social welfare and Dr Wollcott will speak on mental hygiene from the preventive poin of view. Edgar Schmiel and Brooks Pot ter will read their prize winnin essays on peace in the county fed eration contest, conducted unde the supervision of Miss Margare Tusscll, high school faculty mem ber. Musical numbers will also b given. Training School in Home Efficiency Is Held at Emmetstmrg EMMETSBURG -- Girls' -5-H club leaders from 14 townships attended a training school in home efficiency Tuesday in the city hall building in Emmeisburg. The all- day sessions were in charge of ' Slema Ekquist, home efficiency socialist from Iowa Slate college, and Margaret Dunkleberg, Palo Alto county home demonstration agent, presided at the meeting. Union Services to Be on Good Friday LIME SPRINGS--Union services will be held at the Methodist church on Good Friday at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. Mr. Yates, pastor of the church, will deliver the Excavation Is Begun on Leland Building ICELAND -- Sever.son Brothers began excavating the basement for the store building to be erected near the highway on Main street by John Buren. The structure will be a brick building 30 by 42. Harold Raslad has the contract for the construction. Easter Pageant to Be Given on Sunday LIME SPRINGS--An Easter pageant will be-given by the Epworth league of the M. E. church, assisted by the choir on Sunday evening. Meservey Cemetery Society Will Meet MESERVEY--The first meeting of the year of the cemetery society will meet next Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Moody Quandt. Meservey Cantata Planned on Sunday MESERVEY--An Easter cantata, "The Thorn Crown Kin?" will be given on Sunday evening at the Retormcd church at 8 o'clock. Girls of 7, 8 and 9 Explain Netber Area LONDON, OJ.R)--Three sma girls were chief witnesses in case heard by Port Talbot magis trates. The clerk explained to them th importance of the oath. He said to them, one by one, "You know what happens to little girls who tell lies, don't you?" Here are their answers: First girl (aged 9): "Yes, they go to--er, the burning fire." Second girl (aged 8): "Yes, sir. They go to the burning fire." Third girl (aged 7): "They go lo hell." WANTED Preferred and Common Slocks of RATH PACKING Co. WATERLOO A.M.Schanke Co, Telephone 1300 Mason City, Iowa

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