Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on April 1, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 3
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f, iy, April 1 LETTERS nued from page one) thing they asked for w as a smoke and to make friends with the that was all you had to do. I v m my boat (about 35) had [sit safely. Soon after we "ded for shore. We wcr« - -- --- ^ uu , i T .-as it a certain place on the e ! ad . t h a t I had a coup] e cartons J was going to be one °. f ='£arettes with me. About that! tnrst in, but we were riding) t l m e "VV Captain thought of t h e ! Ijin the dark and could n o t ' e 3 Ul Pment that we had Jcf t on the ·the shore, so they turned J ° eacn so he said to me, "Corporal B-fliotor nnd stopped to get Bru "k I think the Colonel can get wrings, when all of a si_d- alon g without you, you go buck ..j^saw gun fire directly in to t n e bsach and get our equip- us. That was the time m e n t to E et her, dry it out, and see - ' "·'-· ' ing I was back on the lf ' ou can get your radio to wo-k- somc- kind of land. S o l l n f f - " We!1 . I'd liked to froze "in out to find shore o n c e l n i j tracks. I had already w e n t ' rode around until it wasi a ' ) 0 l l t two miles when he thought akirg d a w n , we sighted' of that. So I gripped my rifle thought the worst was ancl d i j an about face and started where we landed it was' bai 'k- I was all alone, and had all Is and we could only.'hcse natives to pass. I walked it one bundled y a i d s from j down that road just like I would Colonel gave orders toi l i c l c the whole bunch if they start- iu Thu coiswain (the boat! e d something. But I was mighty 'flee down the ramp of the,'B l a d that none of them made a ·~ J w h e n he did the boat move JBE MOGRESS-BEVIEW, LA PORTE CTTT. IOWA AMERICAN HEROES BY LEFF water. From there on p some hard thinking. _,..___id the first man step off, all -yoiLjScoulrl FCC of him was the , tos4pfiis helmet, finally he got attS'i'SJjief and made it safely to ' · ahor^Jrhen it came my turn to l'«L/jai|£it only took me one step gout that you had to stay reef or you would go in ur head. Well we all T shore safely, but our t was all wet, including f radios. About that time pel noticed we had landed : miles up the beach from thould of landed. So he cr.s for my section and more to follow him. My ! his crew was to ac't fur the Colonel, our , f communication. Our Well, I made it back to the beach, was I ever tired, but I looked around trying to sight our equipment. Had just spotted some of it when out of a clear sky came an enemy plane. I had not time to dig myself a hole so I had to jump in the weeds. Was I ever glad when he had went over me and I w as still alive. I had to pinch myself to find if it was true that he did not hit me, for he really poured the lead into the bank. Well, that guy never did give me a chance to get a hole dug. As close as he come to getting me, was he shot the next to me in the arm. The Captain had given me orders to stay on the beach until he came for me, but it was now n|ns"^ r 5. thrr^ L-r EL*?* lou probably want to know what this country is like. Well, from what I've seen so far if you took away the Arabs, 'camels, Page ceive the as 1 have to self and £i° b~!o sn ° si te £*·£!*« -«" for it mv ' m n » ! " assure you -- are doing all we can do. , self and I can't se rd "" ,,' £" « ·« doing ,,]] wc can do liters and cannot K ct monrv « f"' them bo "i toRoth,!- and I will dcrs. I cuess r ...,,, C monej or- be home before lone- ' "« to me, But I was too tired so dropped off to sleep with hi talking. Everything went lovely tho nite, but at dawn here squadron of bombers. I , four o'clock m the afternoon and . ^""i uiiiuti^ 111 me aicernoon ana .P stated out just as if | no Captain *. yet. I was starting ) V ! COI " 1U " t h = j t o got worried, as everyone else d I think wo could of was takimT off . T mad * nut. r h n t rimo ^ , - i n . T mind that I was not going to be MHfflP 0114 'hat time.) ·si thing, we came to was'the only man left there so I pack- up what I could carry and was going to take off. When just at that moment I spotted the Captain coming over the ridge in a jeep, was I ever relieved. So wc ···j"*' ·"' ^njn-nm, L.ICU loaded our equipment and took out' SClf as radio operator. I someone yelled come out | if you are in there, but ! "as empty We marched Jc further and came upon iked like might be a fort, beaded right for it. As |wc approached it a little w uui uuun,. .men i arnvea je found out it was a wall-1 there I found out that the boys ge where the Moroccoians ' - - - - land at that, time we did whether the natives were be friends or not. But und out that they were were there. The first trench - n n d 'e ciimc jumpe fellov - l 3 e»\ that had been talking to me th nitc before jumped in on top o |ne. I got quite a kick out of i| I looked up just enough to se the bombers dropping their egg. and was wondering which one wa for me. But soon the . gone, and to my surprise I was S till alive. Th en there was not much going on until f o u r o clock that afternoon when word came in that enemy tanks were sighted across one of the bridges And who do you think was called on to go out to get them? That's t, my Captain, Lieut, and my- for our outfit. When I arrived KG CREEK Setter Feeds and Minerals [AT MOORE'S Again I was glad, for I was very tired and sleepy. Y-- talk about lucky, I sure was. After they had dug my trench for me it wasn't long until a large shell hit about fifteen feet from my trench, and bounced right up to within a few feet of it, but did not go off. I guess if I would have been in the hole 'at the time I would have been doing some extensive praying. So I put two and two together, and decided if I could be that lucky the first day, that I was going to get by from then on. (I HOPE). I went to sleep that nite before dark. A fellow that wasn't any too pleased the way things were taking place, and none too brave, sitting beside my trench talking We arnvcd there and the Captain adjusted our guns on the place where wc were told the tanks were. Then it turned dark and nothing happened the rest of the nite. We crawled into our trenches, and we tried to alternate to catch a little sleep, but the trenches were wet and it was cold, we had nothing to cover up with so we three spent a sleepless nite. Never in my life did I want a cigarette more than I did that nite, but we dare not light a match, as we would give our position away to the enemy. Just at the break of dawn I thought all hell had broken loose. The tanks and machine guns had opened on our troops. The Captain long until I had to give up my modern home and move on. Now I am living in the cork forest under a pup tent, fighting the mosquitoes and flies and listening to the Jackets nnd Laughing Hyena at night. The mosquitoes look liku horse flics over here, :iml a i c they ever participate. One flew in my tent the- other nile and turned over my identification tags to sec what kind of blood I had be- ing trees very scarce (except co,*. , 01U1) , trees). But the country as a whole bonds' " pood to look at. We do sec of f u n n j sights. I can imag man in the States riding a lonkey while his wife walks be- lind, a load of branches on her hack--n common sight here. Those Arabs land their donkeys ( o ;i point where you think you sec a rce walking down the road u n t i l n closer examination you see 'ts just one of (hose gu }i " , n a | O1 , K white cloak whose been shagging wood for his fire. Civilian gasoline is scarce hcre| and it's a queer sight to sec a slick looking Lincoln Zephyr rolling down the road with a trailer on back mounting two big tanks The tanks are really little f u r - naces which burn charcoal-- a substitute for gns. U makes ur awful smell but the worst come-, when the fire runs out ami the driver has to stop nnd build a flame. Incidentally, I rea d tlint the fuel oil rationing in the states is increasingly severe, well thej don't have any at all here. I'vt been in several homes without one degree of hent. to OH.V " xcu ,1 "«''«* m , help a ]| i can. ' [0 be , pen flying. ITS ihis let- not pretend fore he bit me. It must have been 3. K. ns he left n walnut on my [orchcad. I have them licked now, am sleeping under n mosquito '"ir. Well I will tr y and tell you a ittle about the people of this ountry. For a time wc had a bit f trouble making the natives un- crstnnd us. No moro, they don't peak English yet but their American" gets better every day "hat is more than I can say for iy French. The only time they an't understand us is when we ·y ^to knock down their prices, mt's when he come up with a no Spik" routine. Believe me icy'vc got business on the brain, ut there isn't much here to spend our money on because of the erman's policy which prevailed (.·fore our landing. The Nazis ilked this, country for everything which once made it a wealthy Innd. Don't worry about our food, wejrc getting plenty, altho therc'i isn't a man in our outfit who wouldn't trade a three-day past for one lo goodness Amcr-' lean hamburger, v.-ilh, onions. The army has lictn i s s u i n g us our razor blades, 'here's o soldiers' and snilors 1 radio station over here and n l l h o we don't have many radios. We get in on a lot of programs, and eagerly wait for more r.vlics which we licai arc on the way. I hope the mcrmaidb don't hold them up for inspection, because we certainly miss the news, w e do get a minor news sheet every dny and the Stars and Stripes (the army's African newspaper) once a week but there's never too much. I guess you were all surprised Lo read that President Roosevelt w u s here in Africa. Some day I'll be able to tell you what my part in the deal was. Well, friends that is about all Diamond CAN IIU'LTATIOV 12c H POINTS I P O I N T S I'm t ,|t. N'EEDiMOR APRICOTS ^··no 11hl,, r [,,,·! in S l r , , p 2 No. 2V, Cans--37c 2 1 I'OI.NTS Pi:il CAN Ration A · | _ | J 1 « I M 1\UK.IC.K Spinach 17c Navy Beans 23c 17 POINTS. ^'O. 2 CAN Corn vo. ; CAN i Tomatoes -NO 2',i CAN Grapes 1S-OL'.NCB CA Cocktail CAN SKEDLMS 13 I ' U I M . s IB-OL-.NCK CAN F71L1T 17c Beans 15c Soup H I D I I! 1 -! TOMATO I I POINTS took things in hand and started cigarettes, m i r i t x , razor blades laying artillery fire out there, a n d U h a v i n g cream, tooth paste and all with the aid of a few planes we that, of iK riot a l w a y s my ATLANTIC BOND J^et terheads LEND DICMTY To Youn BUSINESS ALL' Just Received! IXED STATIONERY Despite the current shortage of boxed stationery, we have been fortunate enough to receive a shipment of high quality Atlantic Bond stationery in the popular "executive" size. These are big boxes--100 sheets of IPaper and 100 envelopes--four times the jiuantity in the usual stationery box. We both white bond in an attractive c finish, and a beautiful cream l bot il in laid finish. Look at the Prices! $1.47 P f WO sheets and "slopes, not printed D * 100 sheets with monogram or ' a nd address; 100 envelopes [return on flap, only 52.45 REVIEW Wiped out five tanks, two nrmor- ed ears, and a couple of machine gun nests. My Captain was awarded a silver star for his gallant work. We were relieved then and sent back to our outfit for a rest. But we were not thinking of rest. We wanted to stay there u n t i l it was all over. And that time came soon after, as you know, the French signed an armistice three days after we landed. I started living a normal army ife ngain. I had an Arab dig me a hole in a bank something like. a cave. He worked all one afternoon digging it. His pay was one ackage of cigarettes, one caji of lash, and a package of life sav- ·rs. Which in all amounted to about fifteen cents in American money. But at the time they were rlad to get that. Well I thought was pretty well fixed as far as a home was conserned, but to my surprise when I crawled in for the night I readily found out that I had 'company, the sand fleas were there first, nnd I soon realized that there wasn't going to be room for both of us in that hole. So I started looking for a new home. As you know the natives over here live in straw hutg, so that gave me an idea. I looked up this native that dug the hole and asked him to build me a hu As I could not speak Arabic showed him with my hands wha I wanted and he consented tc build me one, if I got the matcn al. It wasn't long until I had foun enough bamboo and straw to d the job. Well right there is where I cann almost getting married and i wasn't the girl's fault that didn't. When the native had JUL, about completed my hut, here came a native girl with a buncl of flowers, she hung them over the door and crawled into the hut About that time I was trying to figure cut what was taking place and I wa.» rot long finding out. It seerai liko the custom over here ifl when a new hat goes vp the man Chat is building it waVils a wife, and the first girl there has the first chance of becoming the bride, but I was in no shape at the time to take on anymore responsibility, I finally ·bowed her the mistake and sbe went on her way. I was living in heaven then for ·while, but things were going too (nicely to b« true, and it WBJ not favorite brand, but ;is the French BROOD SOWS This year, more than ever before, every farmer wants to have all the pork he can. Our customers tell us it i; not unusual for a brood sow- fed BIG GAIN MINERAI STOCK FOOD, to save up to 100 pounds of weight during nursing time. Multiply that saving by Lht number of brood sowi, on your- farm, and thal'g lota of pork for Uncle Sam. Keep BIG GAIN before your ·jrood sows and pigs at all times. Your baby pigs will · lurt eating BIG GAIN at about wo weeks of age, and it will idp them lo keep their baby 'at, Big Gain Products Union lima Berber's HABY FOOD STII,M.NM Oil C I I O I ' I ' I D 4 Can.v--29 Cents 1 I'OIM I'KIl CAN CanQSC C POINTS Cheese u , 34c Lb. » POINTS I'KU I.D. Q l ' A I t T JAII V1CKLI.I) 46-OZ. CAN P I N E A V P L E Juice 37c: 22 POINTS Ml. 2'/j CAN' S U N N Y (lAUIIUi Peaches 18c Pig's Feet 33c ·K-07, CAN (;nAl»KFAL-IT Juice 29c 9 1 ' O I N ' I S I I t K K I " , HKST Oleo Lb. I'Kf; I.Alll.K Lima Beans POINTS 29c POINTS 25c ·I P O I N T S I'KIl Ml. "I M i: tA.N PA.VCY Peaches 14c 11 I'OI.NTS -- The World's News Seen Through THE .CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR An International Daily Htwipaber The Chrudan , C nce Pubjilti^g dm Utw, Norway Street, Boiion, Mojj«hiu.u« These Items Do Not Require Ration Points S P A R K MiW P U O f K S i , O I I A N U I \1 LU so/ir Giant Box fi,-; c l Large Box 23cj [.Alter: «o\ i. u . Cake Fiour 18c DIM.'S ni ' r . l l A N l i M l I I I . M I C K Y I,UH in 1-Lb. Cans 'i f ' A N S I.EWIS LYE r 1.1'S. G U A M I.AThll Sugar I I.I!. I'KG 11( Codfish 10 1.11 I!A(, D I A M O N D S I1KST Flour $1.99 I.I!. t'Kt, I1OSKI.K.SS 2 l j c j Fancy Lar^e Almonds, \t'.M,.M Ts ( l i t M I M ' I ) N i n s Pound--2S)c Peaches 33c 35c p . Offer. 6 Saturday luuu 2J Ceni. 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