Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 3
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OW I have a piece of that I guess will make that Miss Uver- dale w'ince when she hearsof i t)"ex- clainicd a young lady, coming up to a group of men and women seated on the veranda of a hotel at one of the fush- foible wstcrfii- places. "Well, if there is anything that will make Jhss Everdalc wince I declare I do liope she will hear of it," replied a young 1 woman with a fair round face, but whose black eyes flashed unpleasantly as she spoke "Sh!" said her husband, "I don't like to hear you speak that ivaj, Elsin. J don't see why you all have taken such a dislike to Miss Everdalc. She is as Cue a. vroma.ri as I have met this season, and if she has the good luck to claim all of Roy Gilbert's attention that is no reason why you all should hate her." lp Oh, yes." answered his wife, "we all know that you men, married and single, have adored the ground she walks on. and the rest of us have been nowhere ever since she came. "ot that I care, but I do hate to see a ivoman so forward and bold.'' "Well, now, you just wait and hear T\liat I have to tell," said Miss AYcs- tcn, the first speaker, and the group turned attentive faces to her. "I have this straight from Will," she began. "Toil see Will wns down in the office quite late last night with a f p w of the other men, and among ihem was Hoy Gilbert He became very much interested in relating some of his adventures, and before ho thought--as his manner showed afterward--lie mentioned his wife " "His wife!" they all exclaimed in one breath, and horror was visible on Eome countenances, while others wore a malicious triumphant expression. "Yes, his wife," went on Miss "\Veston, evidently delighted tint sho had aivakencd so much interest. "And Will said some of the men looked kind of queer, and as though they pitied him, for he flushed as red as a school- toy, and then Will said to him: 'Why Gilbert, old boy, we didn't know you bid a wife. SVill she bo with you this season'. 1 ' 1 You knoY7 Will was awfully in love with Miss E-rerdalc before Gilbert came, and I suppose he felt as though he could forgive h i m a n y t h m g aftrr he leai-ned that there was no chance of Gilbert's having- her." "Well, what did Roy say?" asked the blaek-eycd Elsie. "Sav, why he was as cool as j-ou please after the first second and said: " 'Ah, yes; I have a \vife. Sho is visiting her old home this summer. She may get around here before the eesson is over,' and went on as unconcerned as could be with what he v.a=i telling. "Xow, what do you think of that 0 " The men looked at each other and winked and one sour-visagcd chap remarked: "There always was something queer about Gilbert--seemed as though he was trying to hide something'" ' Oh, come, noiv, Carter, that's too bid. If ever there was an honest, ·T.T jjr. ixrr.oDrcE nv V.-IFK. frcc-herirlod, open-faced fcllov.-, that oao is Kov Gilbert. lie's only having- a little f u n , that's all, but it's mighty rough on Miss Evcrdnle." "Well, M:ss Everdalc shall knon it 'w'orc she goes lo bed to-night, if I | |iafo to tell her myself," end tlie look Pleasure it would afford her to bt the informant ".Vow, I'll tell you what let's do," 'ne continued. "After supper we W 'H all be out here on thc veranda, an( l Mis Evcrdalc will be sure to c °mc out; we will call her to us. ood W licr here before us all! \\e all want to sec what she will do and say.'' "! guess it will tako her doivn sorac," remarked a rather old-young 1 J^.'T "and it will be pood enough for her." Aid what of Miss E/crilalc, upon whoso head was to descend such a Wore. A beautiful woman of 30, beautiful '· manner and winning ways rather Inan in features, although "thc soft Jark eyes called attention away from . ° rather too large mouth: wavy ° a rk hair floated about;a full while b row, u cr fig. Qrc n. as pleading to the 'Jit. although not perleet. This was tho first season she had *pcnt at C , and little tvas known "twuthvr, except wha.t they had ob- \,! fhc - v na( ' observed that although «iss EvcrJale was very pleasant, to abn l ''° ioun? mcn "" ll0 tl'^ont'o' 1 j "onl her, sho s e e m e d " t o care for I ""asiinlil the day Roy Gilbert came, ' and si=ce that time 3 fierce flirtation had been sola^ on between them. Roy Gilbert a handsome man of . thirty-five, ha:l money, no one knew | lion- much, bat was considered by the men lo be a fine all-around fellow. I Tha women--H oil the women thou^b'. Jie -vas just aelarliajf until he was so takeu u 3 1T itli .M, ss Kvcrda'.c that all the others could got from him was I an occasion-!] chat, or a smiling 1 S ood I nig-ht or good morning. | And now something liad happened more thac they had e \ t r dreamed, and althoug-h they kacw that none of them could ever havo Gilbert, they were g-lad to know it -was equally impossible for Miss Evcrdale to do'so. So they an\icusly waited to sec how she would bear up unJeV thc information, nor had they any desire to break it to her gently. Their time haj come; for even-one -,vas cow re t u r n i n g from the supper room, and, with thc, came the pair they were wailing- lor. Koy Gilbert's haudsomc head was bending low over Miss E.-crdalc's, aud the carucstncss of his manner, and thc ioveh^ht in hi- eyes spoke plainer to tlie Halting prroup than any words could have done. As he turned to leave her to R-O into the smoking room he passed his arm arouod her waist and drew her closa to him for an instant. The indignation o£ the waiting, watching- group could hardly be suppressed. Miss E\erda]e came slowly up thc veracda alone and as she drew near tlie group of women turned to them with a smile on her happy faca "Isn't this a Cue cvcninTM 1 ?" she said, addressing- {hem all, but they simply drew themselves up and looked s.t her with haughty frowns. "Miss Everdalc," said the volunteer informer, "we wish to spcal; w:th j ou a. moment," and, without waiting 1 for any reply went on: "What we are about to communicate to you we know to be thc truth, nnd can prove it lo bo such. Your friend, Mr. Gilbeit, a wife 1 " They all stood breathless, looking at her, expecting to see her cither grow angry and deny it or to llush with confusion and shame, but she did neither. Slie did not even change color, b u t the smile deepened in tho dark eyes as she Slid quietly: ''Oh, yes, indeed, I know he has; he has been speaking- to me of her. He evpccts her here bufore the season ia out I hope we shall all like her! She was a fortunate woman to become thc wife of such a man as Mr. Gilbert." The smile faded from her face and she ga^ed out to sea. She cither did not or pretended not, tosco thc varied expressions on the faces before her, and, after a few commonplace re- mLtrki,, turned away. After she was out of hearing Miss \Vcston exclaimed: "Did you ever see such a bold, brarcn-faced thing- in all your life?" The next day the couple were thc talk of the whole place, but it did not sccin to disturb them any. Tlie flirtation still went on, and thc rrtil love making- was more open and apparent. Xow and again the men would joke Gilbert about his wife's coining and finding him out, but he always answered them gooJ naturedly. They all liked Gilbert, and the women, although they called him a monster behind his back, were always ready to chat w i t h him To Miss Everdale they were moro than cold, aud alwaj s looked upon her as something to be shunned Such was the stats of affairs, w h e n one morning the hotel carriage came to thc door and toaV a w a y Miss I2ver- dale, bag and bagfrag». could it mean? All d,iy long was her departure the subject of speculation, but. in the evening thc m) stc.-y was solved. Mr. Gilbert came i n t o the parlor with an open letter in Ins hand, and said: "I have just recoiveJ a I r l L c r from mv wife. She s^ys slio \M!! be w i t h me to morrow evening, as i t is thc tenth anniversary of our marriage, and u h g r e x c r we are w e al-.vays plan to spend that day togetncr. J shall bo pleaded to hitvc hsr mocl, my friend 1 -, .m'l will bring her d o w n h.rj to mcc von to-morrow evening. 1 ' Good nature v.;is nt ones restored, and all Mr Gilbert's former sins v.crc at onco f o , g i v e n Tile ni'^t c i c n m g Ihe whole part; 1 (Ircsstd for thc occasion, assembled in tho d r a w i n g room. T.'icy n"rc chatting 1 , moving 1 about, wondcnnj w h a t the now comer would be like sounding Mr. Giiue'l't'a [tl a i i u s , » i i , " k ,-ji.n*.nS, r , j , e i i the door opened and n servant announced Mr. an:l Mrs Hoy Gilbert. Tl.e servant moved aside, and Mr. Gilbert entered tli- rooai, and on his arm was--Miss nvcrdalc- Uc bowed to them and s.i:d: '·Let me introduce you to my wife, this is thu tenth a n n i v e r s a r y of our mariiage. Von should rc-ncmbcr my friends that appcarance-i are often deceitful." Markot D^T f° r Ifun^'trl 4 ' 1 KIIKTfl. , Kisses ha\o a market day at Kag- yalraary in tho Hungarian Kpmitta of Arad. A strange old custom ii in use there on St. Joseph's day and a few days following. The younif vromen who have teen married within the last twelve months assemble in thc market pUco and otTcr lhc:nselven to be kiised by thc g-cntlo and simple, "Hcrren and Bausrn" indifferently, at BO TT-uch moacy per kisi. Tho prices are exceed ing-ly modest, tho lowest bo- iag- 4 heller.-) nnd tho hijfhejt 2 3 hellers. These, at least, vcn thc prices, ac- corclins 1 W lno Hungarian reporter, on bt. Joseph'^ day last. Thcra is possibly some feudal intcrprotution of the eccentric custom, but thc reporter dues not supply it,--Westminster CASAL BILL PASSES,-/ SENATE VOTES FOR THE NICAR A G U A SCHEME. friends or t l i » Mrasoro Not ConGJent Tbnc 1C Cna He Got Thrunqli tin, Hoa«o--ITcrin Dtbato Otor lla-n-^ll In the S e n n l e -- K i c k s 1 Caso. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2C.--The Nicaragua canal bill passed tho senate last evening by a safe majority of ten, the -.ote standing 31 to n. The bill as it passed the senate was buusuimiaiiy me same as that reported from the committee, no hostile amendments, although there were scores of them offered, receiving a majority. The thirt3'-one aflirmalive votca were made up of t w e n t y republicans and eleven democrats. Tliu opposition composed fifteen democrats, three republicans and three populists. Senator Talmer secured thcadoption of an a m e n d m e n t giving the President of the United States poucr to remove from ofiice at any Lime in his discretion any of Use g-ovei ninent directors. The bill will nou go to tne house, w'heic it is almost certain to come to an untimely end. The bill in brief directs the issue of 370,000,000 of Nicurorrua ciintil bonds, bearing the guarantee of tho L'uitcil Stales. An additional £30 dOO.OHO of bonds is to be issued w i t h o u t the United Slaves guar^Qtce. The total S100,OUO,000 l!nn issued is to be used in constructing the cjnal The secretary of the treasury is to hine general supervision of tisc nroicct. A ij-iin latores" 01 tbc day Is the scnaio yesterday attached to a caustic speech, by Mr. Mills of Texas. \Jpiioldicg 1 the iulministrnt.rt'i policy in llaw-aiia and incidentally scoring the sugar trust. T'-e senator denounced ihe present Hawaiian government!is u an olic^arcnx- isasquc.-ading as a republic." lie read in detail tho investments of Claus Snrcekels nnd others in Hawaii. J[r. Mills laid dov. n the proposition tli't the senate was poin^- too far in directing the executive branch as to w h a t use it shcjuld make c^ the i»avy or the aimy. llViiecrUred that if this doctrine was conceded then the executive branch was powerless. The President of tlip I'nitcd Stn:r« pniibl be brtj-j~ht to the bar of the senate at any time to give his reasons or to direct his course. Mr. Allen (pop., Xcb.) also spoke. lie urged that Minister Stevens' initial net was a flagrant violation of international law. The minister should have been promptly recalled. Mr. Allen said he did not L»elicvc in a strong foreign policy or in "bullying'' procedure, but under existing circum- stacces it vrcs the plain d u l y of this goieminent to recoffnuc these conditions and open negotiations toward annexation. Mr. Vest introduced a resolution indorsing the pollev of President Cleveland toward ilinvah and ruL-iliug that the course of t h i s government should bo La withhold from entangling- alliances. Tliisand the :e.solalion under I di.suission u e n c o v c r to :i tiuuscqucn*. | day. ! Illrks CILKO ]l«|iurl. | M A«III.NCIO, Jan. Jii.---The report on I the Kicks case submitted to the house ye.stcida\ by Representative Harrison IOWA NEW8HTEMS. TJU. German 1'resbj teriaas of riibvq':e will build a new church to cost S'o.oCi). A POCKBT of natural gas has been d!sco\ered at West 1'oia:. A MOLEST thundprsio'm. accompanied by hail, visited Keokuk n few clays ago. JOHN KKM»M». S. (j. Lusha and Allen Xowpart were indicted Jcr conn- terfeiiiiig at a reeeiit session of thc federal court at Keokuk. ..i '. llr.r. MAiionn of Sinnv City lost Uncases brought against live prostitutes in that city. Thc justice decided the evidence was in sufficient. JonxxiK IV.iNif.ii was drowned at Albaui, six mile 1 !- Lelou Clinton. lie skated into .in open ilacc in the Mississippi 7'iver, w heiu ice men had been cutting ice His body has not been recovered Wiui.i; skalinc,- :.t (her-n IS.iy. north of Fort Madison. Mvrtle TowiiGcnd. aged ]*-, Elsie llughi-s, [,;. and Gcorc/e Crosslev, in, broke thivugh the ice and were diounod. The bodies were recovered. Uov Mii.L\m. aged i n , killed at thc starch \\oiK-s at Des Monies. lie was Tiding u p in the elevator and 0:1 Uiv fourth Jloor wa.-; caught in such a w;iy by the ni.iehine that his head w a s crushed and he «.is i n s t a n t l y killed. U i o i s r . t I'l.n.-iis. ;i llaionpoit blae-k- sunlh. committed siiicule because of the 1 suiculo ( , C his frii'iid, J.ouis Lcil who suicided because of a shoitiigi u Uhr.u.A-. f Scil.l^T2,,aged of I!e\, .p." Scliultz, of Corning 1 ," was drouned while skating oil the Xoda- way. He was -alone and skated-into thin ice. Acconiiiva to a 1'ort Dodge dispatch, j U'. M. Wilson, chief clerk of the, cora- j mUsion to audit the claims of the Des Moincs river laud settlers to thc S210,- 000 indemnity appropriated by congress at the last .session, has arrived at Fort Doagc to begin work. The settlers arc very c'.igui 1 to have their claims adjusted, as most of them have spnto their lives in litigation over these S.VMfEr. ANDEIISOV, of the grocery firm of Anderson t Sawyer. o£ Indc- pedi'.pnee, beat his wife, aged about ·10, w i t h a flatiron until Mic was insensible, breaking her nose and cheek bone ,ind fracturing her skull, finally cutting- her thro:it from cur to ear, but not severing the uiml pipe, lie then cut his own Uicoit v\ iUi n r;uor. dying soon after. The a» fill deed ua* com 5 *' mitt-jdin Iheir b'jd room, and the bcd- ding nnd room vicrc covoi ed with blood The couple slayud all night at tile home of Ins pa"tiierrLii'l' 1 on-in-hiiv, Mv. Sawyer, lull went home early in the morning 1 . Anderson had been acting strangely for some time. Ifo w,is u mini of about 00. His wife M a s foiinerh- ;i;.ker. They bad been mariicd b u £ six wcclcs. .Ifsucr.or inri l'r..ici: Wiiirvi:y, of Sioux City, 1ms caused consteination among tlie petty olliccrs, constables niul deputy .sheiiJVs by refusing to en- fnre. 1 t h o vjijji'niicy law. This provides £.·00 in h i . accounts as financial -sceie- fo1 ' thc i'«P»'isomnonl of v n g i a n t s and 'i,is been the iner.ns of earning immense amounts of fees foi pcttj of- Jieoi'T tvho IHM dcd the uufui tunatcs. justice says that luw 01 no law cannot be helped is no h u n d i e d s of men arc uoard ol liitcen \imciors "is to nave immediate charge of the work. Of this board the. President is to designate ten members, n' 1 more than u\o from any one s'.itc' Thc United Stale', i-, to r o c c i t L ?7J.O'JQ,()00 of the canai company s L o ( k in return for giiaiantceing UIL bu.ids :ind is to hold a morlgiigc lien on n i l Ihc property of the canal coi:ip:inj . O L U Itl.SJ-.Ul I . K . - 1 B . 0 2 1 . I 3 S . Eorrrtnry C :ir]Uli- A u l U D r l r v * tlio Halo (,/ (jckl J: irr, r r l.xpurr. WAsiiiVfiiov, ,|:IM 1'ij.-- Tho ',ccr- tary of Uie trcsisupj lias :iv,tliori/ud l l i e s a l e of f.'old i . i r j 'or c.\port on the p:ninc:il of a premium of 0-iu cigUlh of i pi'r cent Lo cover tiic cost uf i. ij'.iactiiro and Irausprirtjlion, ,11 '' agnin yesterday SJ.ooryjf,') \ , tal;cn on thc 1 "^ te:nr 'J;.'." 1 - \ .is :iKo ^'.i 1 :]dl.-inn iJ.sOD.OOO in . ".n a;id £30U,OM) n d d i l i o n n l iij 1 , r j i y . / , d for n.\port to day, maiving 11.u m ' - I to noon c .:,,700,000 Thii ILMVI s I I I ' t."'!'l coin on liand, JibovL-llu a n o i . n l . of uiilstand- in^ gold cci' 1 -. Hi.Ot/u.OO'J. Tin- ''irv ijlntul-, ln/'.'i'cvcr, do not 7 p e^:ird Liie a , i i o .ut of coin on hand r ccivcd i:i deposit for gold rcKihc.itcs ;,s sacred to tlie.r i-cdcmi-tioii. but M i i l · n t m u o to pay out gold co'.n ,:i d^iii. inl foi leg:il tenders 7t is CCCTII d . inf^Iy s u f f i c i e n t that there is e n o u g h told in citliei 1 coin or 1'jrs In j.ici'l ' h e demand 0:1 gold certificates. V i l n l c l l i c niliiiition is regarded a.s a very trying one, there U no thought 'A ar.j liunjf so seriousn'i to involve the cicdit of the govern- i n r n l . w h i c h the f-ccrelary will fully m a i n t a i n at all ha/.:irds. DKXVKI:, Colo, Jan. 26.--Cripple Creek gold in the form of rellncry bars \1 Cnding its v.ay direct to London, Paris and Amsterdam Thc managers of t u o f/nwrcnee -c- duction works, operalmg in the Cripple Creek district, received returns j cs- tcrday from a consignment so sold in New York city, and w h i l e the pre- m i u m is k'.ss than I per cent, yet it amounts to something in these days of email margins and close calculations, Thc Lawrence works arc bul following the e.vamplc °* Other refineries in the west in .supplying- the New York demand for gold bars for shipment, which Ihc treasury official? have refused to pupply. Of course tlic local branch mint loses business while this movement lasts. of Alab.ima was lersp, The commit tec rcpoi led that "they have made diligent infjuiry touching the same, have tiikpil testimony through u subcommittees at Cleveland anil in the uily o f ' \ \ n s h t n g l o n by l l i u Loniinitli K .is a wliolu. u l i i c l i tC'itiinony oinluiiced n i l the e\idc'iice tendered by biilh iidcs,'' Tliu co'iiinitlcc then rotilg? the ie^olnllon adopted b\ the judiciary coimiiiLlcc, ccnsiiring l!ic fee system, v, i t l i u n t ii'.iikin'' further cominenl. THE B R O O K L Y N STRIKE, a i l l j o r I n l i s t a T l i . i l l l i i 1 T r o n l i l u In A l i n u t NI.VI Vor.'f. .l.'.n Ji! --Ma} 01 Schicri'n insists tlm s t j . l c i ·» Irick n b i - i h c u ."Master U i,rh:ir.ui Connolly clnims v. h.llcvcr h.uigi 1 llicr.; is in tin; situation is all in f . i ' . u r u f the h l i i h u r s Hi 1 L n;\ h the ccj:i]',:ii/ ,s im.'n arc d e s i r l m v lln-iii b, ilu 1 uln'lcf-uk 1 . {'resident Xni t i t i s.r, s IID l i i s lillcil cv cry sli iL* r's place, and that none, u! tlrs n.c n (,n .sti il. u v.ill e v f r be t:il:eii back so l(,ng :is he h.:s a s.iy in the u.attei-. It i,. lie say,, no longer a ( _ n c ·.lion of Bulling iiic-n. but of g e t t i n g curs, Thirt/-'j-.c p i u p i r l v tj wicri irjsiding on M i c k s and .SickclL streets sent a p e t i t i o n L,j t l i y g:aud jni'y (Icriouucing the killi-.g ijl Thomas Kearney. The "cold blooded murderer" und demand 1 , an iiiK'iligati'Jii into ihe circumstances attend ing the shooting. Yesterday na. 1 , coinrarati/i'ly a day of peace and q u i e t . The uiilitia will be f,cn! hoir.t at once ^ F A T H E R ' S A W F U L DEED. riitlnflrl|liluii Munlcr* Ilu S-Yrnr-Old I'IIIMFU M'liM. I'a., Jan. -'C.--Will- inrn McUroth, iijfcd 31 yearn, Heat into thc cellar of his house jestcrdny and called his tivo children, Samuel, aged (j yearn, and Lillian, 2 ycari old. who followed their father into thc cellar. lie Rent tbc boy up-sl.'iirs and with a revolver fihot the girl through Ihc head, killing- her instantly. McCrnlh then placed the weapon to his own head and sent a bullet through his brain, lie was taken to a hospital, -nhcrehc died at 12 o'clock. ' tary of I'lalernity Lodge. A. 1'. A. M. TIIK Dnbnqiio .ind Sioux City stockholders nt u mi'oliug renewed tlie least- to the Illinois Central, the present company, anil accepted an del by the last legislating whiuh enables t h e C e n l i . i l lo lake the Sioux City B per cenl bonds and issue instead of its i pel cent. M. AV. M i i c i i h l . i . . railway postal ulcj-k. was cngngcd in acling as pension attorney, ignorant that Ihc law prohibits :i government employe prosecuting any claim against the government. Mitchell was indicted ;it Keokuk and pleaded gnilly. .luilge Wool- Sou let him off \\ i t h u tine, nf §.. A TKi.hf.ilAM announces the death ,it Ilotioliilu. on J a n u a r y Sth, of .lonii Thumps IValcrhouse, an old resident of Cedar Uupiils and o w n e r o f l i a l f i i do/.en business bluelc; in that city. Mr. \Vaterliousc leaves property lo the a m o u n t of OVIT n million dollars in I l u n . i l u l i i , San 1'runcisco, Cudnrltapids and E n g l a n d ' lie \ \ a s 8 0 j c a r s o f a g e I N Lhe contest b e t w e e n the Illinois Central railroad and the Chicago, M i l - waukee St. I'unl for right of way LD build a .sidelr.ick on ^;i]ine' street at l)iihiK|iic, mi important c'onccssiim has been decided by tlie city council in f.iiorof tbc Illinois Central, on its pnipnsilinn lo switch ompiy cms jf oilier roads free anil charge S_! pel f'jr lua-led tars Covi.ii.voi! .1 ·s-jk'-dv ] u s set Fiid.iy, February Kth. .is Hit da for the e.\e- culiun of J, 1C. C u m b e r l a n d , the inur- licrcr of James Itobciison, of Shelby iTiunty. 'I be crimi 1 lias eouiinittcd in Ib'Jl. Cumberland was first sentenced to be linngod J'e-bi-iuu-y Id. thin. A motion for reheating had been o\cr- ruled and nolhing w-ns left the governor but to set ,i llTinl date. Thr execution w||' fike place at tlie J''t. Madisou penitentiary. r CoiTACjK, n b a i r i l r t of HI- tlora ricenlly o.-/,':iin/eil ;i vigilnncc 1 coiiiinittec fnr miln,il )iot"(.linu, 'J'lic fiirincrs ill Hint \ i e i i n i l y h:n(- bci"l troiibli'd for some lime past by t a i d s uii llic'ir grruuiiios and burns resulting in considerable- hjs'. in the way of fr.-.nn ;uiJ poultry. The committee mil I - I I M i . u o i to Mop the depredations anil, it possible 1 , ajipr, lie-nil and t-.ipliirc the raider, talent may receive rough Irfulini'ti!. by tnis band of dc- t' 1 : mined Jncn f I · thr i n n r d e i r r u hrj hangs JVbrr.ary s wa 1 . plat cd in the dc-ulh ( o r i i i b n - .-i 1 tl.ii Tort Miulisou j i f i i i l c n l i a i y a n i l L!IC death u a l r l i placed n.-cr h i m . lii'fore jiiai in,; h i m in n cTll 111 11 ;. 1 s l n p p e i l J n m and m.-i'i. 1 a i h r i n i i ; r l i s » i n l i ·! In , pi-i son. linding ·eorelcd a ojnsiiU'-.ibli 1 (jiiantitv of 'juirk .silyi-r w h i c h l" had ··eiatchi'd from the bark of a sin.ill mirror and w i t h which he uudov.bledly i n t e n d e d t I;;!! l . l l i n e l l . n M l f l l U C I I l l y S l l l c l v/at'jh is being kept OTIM Inn to p i e vent Imii 'Unnjj to. A vi.'.'.VF.n named Xorlon liiing-near K o i v l t y . cipht miles south of Inde- pemlencc. v/us killed by ovKn I7nrm Talk Toncblnz Ih9 EasAr Trnit an'l Ihc "CTT Covcrnmpnt WA6HISGTO.V.-Jan. JO.--Aside Irorr. tbc voti; en the IT-ca-.-sgua bill, thc tar Tiirjr Iinijluid Tlirlr rorrii. HAMFAI-, '. S.. -Jan. V,.--The military authorities here hare sent did- palchi"! to Huston. ijL John.Yai month, New Votl: and olhcr places, ordering thc nrrent of Scrgt. IJolhain and Corporal IIolson of the royal engineers, · who,-ire. nuproscd lo have deserted a-ftcr liavin^ lal;cil a Inr^e ^uia^oJ' money belonging to tlie corj)»._ The poverty that crime, that vagrants under the law, nnd the jails could not begin to hold lliem if they were all impiisoncd. Tho olllcers whose means of fee getting; are thus lost are thrciilening logo into the dist i i e l court midget orders to tlm just : c2s lo enforce thc law, liis course has been followed by the other justices. Tnr, boldest, swindle ever perpetrated in Ilardin county came to l i g h t upon the arrest and c o n f i n e m e n t of 1'. F. Ilcflin, ol lludd, whose arrest, was oidcred by T. N. Maiinillion, of Anror.i, III. The latter purchased of llellin a stock of clnijfH M'hich Ilcflin alleged was loeaied at Kldora- Mnn- nillion paid.S.I'i.U down and ua.s to sunil 51,1)00 by draft ,-iftci reaching Uldora and inking possession of Hie stock, lie arrived n few days ago and was nstiiundi'd to ascertain Unit he had been Miindlcd. He at once ordered the anesl of llellin. The sheriff: located him at lludd and arrcslcd him. He-is 11 total stranger in lildora, us there cannot be found it eiti/.en who ever heard of him. I t w u s ascertained that lie WHS the victim of while caps- .it Ifudd Just Novombei and that ho has bi-cn at petty Mviddling for years, l i e M i l l lie in jail lo await the, a.irival "f Ihe sheriff from Aurora, IT is Iciirned now beyond d o u b t that I\. (1. Curtis, thu editoi ol the Annmosn Daily Cull, u ho skipped out IciiA-ing a young wife and a host of creditors lie- hind, iifte:- leaving Aniunosa went to ' St. Ixouis nnd from there lo Meridan, Mo., where he engaged in the newspaper business, under another narap. l'ioin the papers he 1 J earned .that his past history uas known, and 1,0 lie lit out iint! I\IK;II word reached thoro he gone, lie waslocnled at Mcridaii, Mo , from Hie fact that he sent u paper directed lo himself to C'cntei Junction, wlicrc he was located before going to Aniimo',,1, The poslinastcr reco^ni/cri the · h a n d i v r i t i n g and put those iuter- ustuil on lo it, The paper was nn exact, facsimile of the one lie published at Center Junction. He smit the paper lo (.'·tiler.I unction l o l l n o w people off his trace, hcvcral of lin H u e ' , ha'.e hiivu buu:i Anamosiv anrl aic all p i e l l v young women. It i.s suld Hint he had been heard of (it Lincoln, '(.b , and in South Dakota, ' C» DM: I t M u i H disputi-h: 'J'lic Stand- aril, edited by !·'. S Saner, a defeated canunlulc for puslmastur. elidrgcs A l e \ u i d c v f l i a i l c f - , i c c r n t l ) n-iiiiiiuiled by l i i c pre-,idcnt, w ilb having been an alien rvoicising the rights of American cili/.ensliip -.vhen Cbnle.s v,as post- niastcr u n d e r's lii st .·iiliiiiii,-,- Iration: lliat he 1 pe-rjurefl Iniii'A-lf tc- secure an en try on i.n election registry book; t h a t he was evicted from .1 Ijpsi- ness oflice m Cedar Knpids because he made that ofllce the Hcene of luisons with slnimpcis: that he embezzled ,, part of the p r e m i u m of an insurance- train. Xorton had nu-l w i t h finaii'jidl pMicy in the- .Ain-jricnn InsiniinceCom- L l l t : " '"- ' - - · pany of New Jeiscy and 'that Charles perpetrated a fraud of some cliarn-jiM in securing an internal revenue permit lo sell liquor for a Ccdur Rapids saloon keeper. These charges and such evidence to sustain them as there is in the possession of the local 1 dcmoe-alic opposition to Charles' confirmation, will bo presented to the postmaster general and postodicu commillce of the' senate. TIIK safe of the TifTin Lumber Company at Tiflin was blown lo pieces and,, two men giving their nnmcs ni Bill \ V i l l i a r a s a n d . l o h n A d a i n s arc in tho county jail at Iowa City charged with thc crime. They were arrested nenr Homestead by Mayor Snihcrland o( Oxford, and Ihe night v,-alchinnn from- Homestead. · A',1 the paraphrenalirt of reverses in mercantile Imsinc-si at Aurora, which was preying on his mind. He had n son and two bisters l i v i n t r a l the village. liich supposing Norton uas at il.c other's house, no search made, and his body uas not discovered unlilseveral hours after the casually occurred. It was lying near the depot platform, where it is supposed he had thrown himiclf with suicidal i n t e n t , ' KAHUKIIS who have been inlcrvjcw'ed by correspondents -say tnat by reason of ihe open winter thcie will bo no scarcity of grain or foddgr in this Rlalc. Kcjjcrjil.wcll informed farint-rs fcaid Ihcrc-Would be at much hay in Ihc filalc nc,\t spring-as usual. , XKAJ: Albia, I'.obcrt Pmiih. a lad of !(?. was kicked by a horse and 'terribly injured. lie was leading the hortc And r u n n i n g when lie Mumbled and fell The horse klcko'l ami-struck him on the rieit temple, -fracturing his skull. The doctors have little hbpcsof bis rccorciv. · ·- ·* · t crueksinrn was foitml on thtiv per.sons. They were, 1 identified l i y i t h o officer? nt Iowa City ns the same men who caused troi;l)lc in thiil'citv' a few 'days Ogo. "und 1 'tlirc^lcncd to Officer Jordan'. '" -1 " ' ' " ' r NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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