The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 18, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1818
Page 4
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ivciu:; . x. t - : ! pllier..? '. - , bthtt pi New York, la. Elbert Roosevelt and rdbers, .1 fKi rui inte vrder .r pi bourabl? Aucfioo, ea Vi'aOMKlay, tte tiitfilflf of fep - I court, ru. - xJelotln hoe ciuie, A'ifirr it here - ' teuher nelt, at J2 o'clotkat aooo, ullhe'i'oo - by Kivea to al lUcrcduortof Varneliui V. Uoott tine Cc&e - Uouw in tbe city of Hew - York, U: ' rcit, Uutated, to exhibit and prote the dabn A tract of Laud beingpait of a certaio toara - duu lo theaf ret)ectivetyj before the tubicrl - 1 tbip number three called wryi lying in that ,b - r, s Mreof tbentastfri of this court, at bit of - X re M tract called Letter A. lu tlic couoiy of O - ':e. No. 3 Law Bmldin'f. Xbmbii itreel. Wew frd (fortnerir JToikl contawintf twelve thou - Yors, o tb3Ji 41b, 5th,7tb, tb, Stbaod lOilJlaoU acrea over and above Stale reatrvatioc lyeof Septemberneat, attbetioarof 10o'clockJaJiiexcptioaaofcrtalot. - ' . j lira .wniuuon oi uioae aay. ' LtIM AOmt AMttJ A. HAMILTON, - ' - ' Maatae ia Chancery - any 5 lawtwk dISlO , - - . ." . IX CHASCAt, - EiDMi Jlillco, " ' ,..,' ' v... . - IX mtrTuaaceofade - Cbr!c Ueberoite. f crotal order oftb court I Cbaacery, atade Ml Q abov cauae, will be lold under the recttont '.iaOTKlyM ardofthecifywfNeir York, known and di - iinguibi.i. a eertal., twp art thereof .l ; far by lot Ilo. L .Udortbwtterly by lot So. ' rtrn iir.f iri..,iis . r, anrf rar 2srwJ, mbfi 33, 34, 30, 37. 30, 40, and fcj. ujuLi.v ..h - A... iona. t - tb.M trTTa," Ch - .riibVvoireT by Efiam' Kro ; bra an J Marv bit ifr. id and bra certain deed, dated 1U . . . - . i . . . ' . .. dajr eDwarr, liwi : Mgeiii - er with the hereditament and appurteo&occt, tic, . Oated flew York, Aug. 6th, 1UI8. ; - v , . J. L. PELL, . fcfl ttwtwdlw ; Matter in Chancery. CJ T, JOIIN'ri HiLLOaULHArCY ! The ceodytiilyof this building to th taat of bu - 1 linen,' induce th subscriber to oped, for (he accommoJaUoa of gentlemen connected with li'JiiW buuurtt at th Lity Hall aadolhars, a . public Ordinary. Dinner will b servd wp pr - ' , ctaely at half past two o'clock, and turtle soups, rehires, with th most taitabl rtfreshueaU of - the scasoo, at all hours of the day. AOiiejaot Baii - noom, de.corataa m a per - jy nauoaai nyie. aw, aim service oi par - lie lor aancing, society meeting, orfcr purpo - , ssof oar justly derviaf and admirabl milita - - tf Vol uuteer corps, for their various exert bet. . The subscriber bat spare J no paint to render tbe i . 111 lot te or by he tmilJin as plearnnt at it situation would per - If: sVt, and, by assiduity and lb tlrictett atUotioo, will endeavour to deserv that paUviiR - e which an aifh(enJ and discennng public ar at all umftreauy uuostow. ... , . - ; - ti3 1m - s JAMES .. IIP. DEN BE (IG. - T uiiPu ii T. " , ... I I ' I . : r" - - " ..... . . Ill , 19 .MB .U I . .... ' ( I Of dtudontt. .Tlx price of iloard and Hi, pet lerm of hall year or,. at that rale ur a mi ptrioa. i union onir. rroin 3 to 15. Per null a tene, according to the studies persuea. " Tthl tmtitution coropreneods two distinct depart - meuls, the one foryoong geutlemen, who will be fitted far the Countw - huu. or the Cclleze. the ..... t i - .i:"i ujcr, iwr jrunn; iauii. - - , irai wtn o, intiruciea . hi an toe orancnet oi JUiieraiure,xwoptr lorneir .oieneil wiw aa ealentive attnrtment of Carptta, ?.V ' ',' Faper - llaqginsa, Curtain Furniiiire, Lamps, Ibetuhscnber hat !tile arrantmen(t for Lbitret, Lookms - Glat I1als, nncl Fancy r ur boariitng tlie yo!in gentlemen who retort to tbi uilure of every description ; and tbat the eaeru - Inttitution; yonng ladies may be furnished With Honor all order in Ibe diflirent branchct ol't'p - board on reasonable erm, in tbe villa. . bolttery. Faper - Hanzing, and Caliinet - Makin - . , TIMOTHY CLOWES, .. will be under the immediatedireitioo of G.Brul - . . tiempieau, taorg - ismno, 'i a. . ;i, i. "' aicivicii'i Doui i3iure. ii. iiaM - I. JSltawtf . YOUQ LADIKS' SELECT SCtlOOL, Wo. U Ced .R - tracBT. If IL, MEAU respectlully cites ail ice. that XIX bit School will b again open on Tuesday tbe Ut U September. Yousk Ladies' instructed ni usual, in cum of Aifuedften; embracing all the im pwtaat brwvlitSj. from Heading and Penmanship, to Rhetoric aad Natural Philosophy. ' t'rermh by on of th most approved Instructor. Eotirtrt may satisfy themselves respecting the character of this School, by calliui; upon any oi the fitllowlog geattcoieo, iuot of whom are a - nfwg iti 'pntruns.'. Rtcbanl I Varick, . - Thoma S. Clarkson, CalebS. Risst, " Anthony Dey, ' Cerse Griilia, ' Amasa Jackson, ' John uydam, and James Renwick, Esqrs. A'arg JlgtrUU Offire, JVeie - Fork. ' LOCU3T TIMBER WANTED. . "1MTANTEU, a quantity cf locust timber and ' T F 1 tree - pails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at VI waauugUKi - sireel. ,. . ; . t 'fJJ The publisher of the Nw8rurtswick Timet, Newark Centinel, Loug - lsland Star, Nw - Haveu Journal, and New - London Uazctte, will pleat publish Uus advertisement on month, and na liietr bill to the Mvy Agent's Owe Jy 18 1m ' . ' . Oil SALE, . A LOT of ground on Broadway. between Xjl Walker - street and Cannl - ttreet, 3G feet 10 incbe wid and 175 feet lotrg. Inqnirf of i r. A. JAY, J 1 tf ; - , Nik 37 Pine - street. Q WILL BS SOLO IT AVCTIQX, oa Wcdnetday, the 2d of September nest, the property of Robert Gotulay, dtceased,inthe Tillage ofiSewburgh. sis : J7 building lot, fronting on Cohlen street, ' 1 1 ' do ' do ' do on High street, , M lo do da' no Water street, t do " do' da ' on the 8 - Rood - street. Also, a water lot. containias 94 tVet front. On the aforesaid property thero i a dwelling: house Sti by 30 fctr also one lixteett by Iweoiy bine feetand a store house twenty lis by thirty - alto, a carriage nukeri shop 10 bjt til feet, witii a cellar ander tbe whole, and. which at asmali expence may be converted iijlo a coinfortahlt dwelline. 7 ,Th Nowburgh and Cochecton tornpik, with other .firincipal roadt from Uvo interior, rum throu'h the cautr of the above property, and it being xceded by none in or about the village for beauty of prospect and advantage fur trade. it is presumed that prrsous withingto obtaiu lots for stores or private dwelling, will not let this opportunity paw, of becoming powessed of those itaated in th most pleasant part of th village, Trmt to be mad know at the time of tale. - For particulars, apply to . v MARGARET GOURLAY, Eatx. . ' - - Newburgh, .. ANDREW GIFFORD, Ea'tor, O'lOtds 134 Green wich - st N York, iT" t UK HALE, ... ' . iJi A FARM, conUinin 300 acres, on the baukt of tb North River, a mil south from the rulae of liyd Park, and eighty - six. from New, York, Th land is qntj ia quality U th best in Dttchew county, and it ia big)i order and jood leao. - un tne premise t a good plain mrm botn e, a good barn and other appeadage nace - ary to conducting a large farm. Abo. a build ing spot coumandin; an extensive and beautiful View of th North Hirer. Within half a mile of the farm houso U an eminent Academy, and withm two miles an Episcopal and a Presbyterian Church, In tach of which there is regular ' teevicw - yricUns - two landinooe of which the Steam - boat advertises at a lamlinir nlr store, tele. Th whole will b sold together - or divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will b made eyf and an indupulable WILLUM BARD. Hyde Park, Jnly 84 tf RU.M - 40 punclieons first qnaliry N. E. Rum. for sale by - . J AS. U'WoLF, Joe. . onath - street. COT rOA. 68 bile prime Upland, for tale lot to suit rwrrtiatrm, by. . ; , CRlSWOLDSkCOATES. S" ' 8 Soofi - iUcet an LAND3 FCRS.VLE AT f rLi'V. .CJTIO.t ; , I L Ditt ? Mutiichi AOH VJtU. - - - Vi iollowtiif tract of Land, situated In i(rictf laio4 - ao4 Coiaaaettb o( ichmetta, will heaoldfor. Cul) at. PuUic oiurarj if act in igwuwp umwuvcw auui, uu One tract denominated (be fJ ImcI oa tbe put, cootainln aevea hundred and eiWce u acrea.; One ptber tract ia th towotbip denominated B. on tbe plat, containias two lhouand 4wo hundred and eigbty - two acre, excluiive. of two hundred acrci withm (he liiiiita thereof, be - woHtnj to David Hoyden. - . con,riuiB1, r, tklmMA ,rr, a. - i - ai,. 1 ri3EFJ1m AVJ'y,', ?w,.t v 17, 28, S9, 30, L M 3 coaUmnRw lb aam. bundled containing in the aaae tevn buiidreJ and ?r tract yin? partly in Trenroa and r' ""''Ui,inuiecouniyoi nancoca, MijI VJaaaratul.aitai aaw.f t nat "' - T" eaclutive of aet tier, seven thout tod acrei (escepting and re erving lot winch have been surveyed . and laid out to letllera, He. and reserving every tudi at ro 41 have been in any manner conveyed toettlert;and retervin? lilctvise the mills, bou - andotlier improvement! which appertain to are erected tbereon, imluding inlhetuidre tervalio tbe one undivided ball of a taw inill th the land belonging to the same.) Together uoui)iaw - sMiif agnsi - nuii, two uwei ling botite and a store, all erected on lots num bnr seventeen tifid number one, in Trenton a foresaid. The above real estate was conveyed to the sumcribtr, at auistant reenter of the court oi chancery of th stute of New - York, in trutt Oliver Kan aud Lpbraiin Bowen. Junior, Etecutor of (lie last will and tentaoieiit ol 'oha lanes Clurk. deceased hr deed, bcarin? dato to 1st day of February, 1810. Deeds will executed to ths purchart by the subscriber lvcl1 1 rule " purtuaoce of a decree of the Coirt of Chanr nrv. For furtbr particular as to boundaries, title. ire. apply to th subscriber, at hi offire, No, 4 csaMau - street, vurt In sam ma v be aamiu - J, aud alto will b mad kuown .at th tiaicol saie. i arsns ol tale, twenty per cent cash at " "wc, buu in. i - - i mo v uia moiievoo ucurcry oi ma uteus. fSAAC L. KIP. Jy 18 tds aw4w&3UJ3t . GtOROE .BiUOfUKT, DECORATIVK AACniTKCT ANW FCRMSnFJl, i,iuruiweti corner oi oennt ana sevenin - , nfrjk li Ph.l ..Lli.kl. THE oiililic are raf rwrtlullr inliirn.H f kn i I ' , . . r v - t, in anove auuresa, vare - Koomt hava been put t, wnos proiesaional pursuit for many vears ', 11 4c ui:iu,icuuiiig oi tne interior ae - corulions of boutts, and from hit nosseuins - nlm ex tensive collection of designs lor lurnitu i e of every kind, with drawings showing the entire dc - coratiout of rooms, and bit constant intercourse with Ui bett sources of tatte in Europe, will, he hopes, enable bim to meet the wishtt of those who may h pleased to favour him with their couunnuds : and be beg to assure tbeni that his constant endeavonr will be to combine Taste. Novelty and Utility, with Economy to enable hiia to effect this, he i provided with various Ornaments in Bronte, Metal, Coiupositiou, &c. selected when he was last in Europe, fer the decoration of Cabinet Furniture, Cornices for Cur tains, Liooking - uiast t ramet, and other decorative Kumiture. . . The above advantages, combined with being the importer of the various articles ued, to execute hit orders, will enable bim to offer tbe public, goodt of superior quality and fashion, on th most moderate terms. Southern and Western Merchants purchasing Fairy tioods. may find il to their advantage to visit thrs establishment, either to complete thi ir selections, or should they with to have impoited variout fanry article, not in (he usual routine M husinetii to. trh orders, every attention will be paid,and from G.B't arrangement inEurope,he will be enabled to meet them promptly. Gentlemen residing io any purt of the United Slates, by forwarding thu dimensions of their rooms, windowt or recedes, to receive appropriate furniture, can be furnished with CurpeU and Paptr - Hangicgs, Curtuint and Cornices, wane op complete lor windows and btdi, pitr - lablet, book cases and tide - bonrdt, &c. to tuil receM, with a variety or other furniture, at Chair, Sofa, Chiffoners, Ladies Work Tablet, Pembroke ami Oining do. Secretaries, 4:c. &.c with all pussibiu expedition. . ooooooObooooe r The following articles are part of G. D rid port's lait iraorittiions, and are for tale at the wars - rooms s above: ; UPHOL.STERY FUR.MTURE. CARJETIKa. - French Tapestry of various desisns and dimes - . aioas. . . Enelisli, Brussels, Snperbne and second Ingrain . ... v eneuaA pattag ana tluir bootcti Squares for chambers ; . , Hearth and Door Ruira Extra quality lilaakrti . , ureen aud Blue 1 able Cover. , . cuaTAitr FiRsircae. French emhroiriured bilks , Merino I artiaskt Plain and watered Moreens MurinoCh'th, 2 yards wide , - Uich Loiidoti Climtz, Lenoes, for medium cur - laint , , Silk Fringct and Bindings ' Ornaruentiil Uell Pullt Gilt Cornice Ends and Curtain Tint MrtR mir.iaiii. Groupet of Figures and Ornament, in various vitmun hhii on uiuvrent grounds, lor djcora tius naonels. Ate. An extimsive assortment of sattin k plain Papers LOOKino - cl.Ai VI For Piers and alantles, to be got up in frames ti 11 - uic ur uar Drawing and Oiaing Room Lustres and Grecian LrflQip Mantle and patsase do Candelabri and Lracksts for Lamps, &c. I .n.lio' Warlr.TI.U. ..J U. i.. . . aw. - .., wiu I 11 UU select unicie ol rich Cut Glast Dinner, Meiert and Tea Porcelain Best Plated Wares, with silvered.. AntiQuo Basts and Gn. Vsiva. ia French Porcelaia Vases for Chimney ornaments ami ihikij nariRiier anirie. (E7 - U: CRIOPORTtiarimrheealannainf.,! agent for tbe Milford Marble Comoanr. will re - Cpivc early aspotaible. anumrwr ni f IIIV HI.VI.J, aoiv excelling in llicir gre.n maible, from drtigu furnished by himw If. Thif marble equals in beautvanrfduraliiiiiv. thm vLi Annque, one oi me marbles or tne highest price, and most in esteem iu Eurone. G. B. alto expect to receive, hv th oarlia.i . i r - . ' . J inwiiirominvre, a number of Chimney Pie - Ces bow executioc in Paris, from deshrn furai.h H V, . tr . .. j pcii. many oi uieae will fie decorated WlltlOrrOBlU UT rilt nrnamanta Tlie drawinra mnA i. '.in .' ' . . - - Mnnrn.iw, vi i ik:c ranoiv ..r, may De teen at his ware - rooms, io Che ."".""i. J 50 2aw2m STORAGE. " ou are . i anil liai uar yet fact, oy oe that to aud the paid lots near ail i an of piOM EMEST Storage for Dye Woods, or - T u u , frt,cW ?f ',m!Ur lewiption, maybe ta by applying at No. 29 Soutb - etrtef, f VALlAtCr ZIOrMTT IT JAMAICA. K ,j i nai very excellent lira:, fin lute ocuca l beo. Cod w i Jr. deceased) situate at Jnir, ft. I.J til Roctaway Turnpike, wiUduaalfaiuile of the laimfaiuijua - anoat CUacrts of tid tsnd.iu tncellent ftneasnd e large and comimidsoui, eesittuig of a tptory mate ouuauiff. w.m lo wines. - aBakmt lureiner front of nearly 15 feet. . the wot bouses n - very Boe?euieataud in esse Uet repair ths bam I o ruictj aad h not liable to form onreuout ml particularly, is nearly new, and .apposed to. liejth bowels, aa Ucsus. Brand aad Moan ha,e LOB iarctli And bcatarranxadoaaon Lha iaL.i.J. J diseevtred arc aumelimriDrodiiaad Mr solid mil? - 1 On tba premises are, alio, a good orchard rjc raruen, weiistoesra wiiaa rariet; at Inula. ALiO, rood piece of salt meadow, within 3 mi..;. w tuc larm, aonuuniaj tooot Mm, an pieaaxeellMtwoaxUaAd,aataJi.iD, lb about 7 aad lb other aboat JO acrea.., ;. ALSO, another farro et - th aain Jamaica! I x aered , I turnpike road, about half a mile aouiherly from I atan eaeellent corrector of bit and aoidily eom - tbe Rpiaenpal clrnrch in the taiii viltace. cou - 1 "'Uair - ttea tone to lb ttoaaucb - roperatetat a uiainj about, 36 acres.. . ... a. . . , ALcO. S8 valuable bulldinr lota, at lb. ,r. zZtt5ZttZ ithout - - mm MM'loo; aasnraHCfjL rjnOst. .sawtdataUteasiiableTsnur.,., ' . . ; l ha trWl an I f k t 1 - a tuva ohm luiiuui,; ui trij?j iv ill it t vm Uetu - iu in i aim, uta Mir valuation.' 1 Ii till it I L tL. i . j - . a .. . iodirpuubl. - Apply to . - p DC LODWISK, 13 awau - at ,.w to tne suucrbe ou the preaire. ' au 7 tf JIAIIY CODWISL' KU31 SO bndi. imw rum, lauding iroassioop eatco, ea.ltidu Peck - 'iis'lritk by ' f. ci C W. DA EiNrOkF A: CIT auj7 uui'mie tm iipn .. ..'.....I, . . uiuin jLALLiiiuj .haii i ni. "",3J.n.T SL. 21?? b. Ruf - King. .1' i I I I pALCKEDMAGNE L ioBt bothin Eur,)D and Amrric imifacid. ' latterly it hat been more Iruuaentlv used than fbr - merly. It was first brought into use in Gerwa - op, and wat hiL - bly extolled by Ifotfioan. on on whose authority it was inlrorl'K - pil. hut am - . . r J n ww . i' coniinedly, till the knowledge out, and iti excel lence, wat more extensively diluted by the author of a medical pamphlet, cutit.'cd an " Ktiay upon the Mursine and Nlanaifrnwi.t nff.'liiMrcn." 4c. This author hut bestowed much time and nltcnliim in Ihu in...i;.l. t l. - ..r.i... calcined mnsmfiia. anri i. mmi imimr.i ii great judsement and knowledge of the subject which he lieated, and tiicieby bus brought this medicine into hih repute. We cannot, .uiwnv. uii. - rc nrurcnr cxuruin in renuipn 11 p. tue, tlian by quotmg the pastage in which he re - cemmendt iti uie. . lie lays ftat tbe tirtt and genera cause of most diaeaset to which infants liable, ia the acidify hicb their food occa - nous in their tou. bs. Jhis acidity becomes tery obvious Irom die eriDini; and Dunrin? nnrA.1 ..uu:u uicicu;. ii may not oe improper lo men - ..7 .1 . . . ,, - . , 1 I lioa an eaty and grnerally a certain remedy, r rather preventive, if timely OLmini.tered, which the magnesia aiha, calcined. This mediwne ff.w.i.,.iii; .ii .' :.i:.:" " . ,ai i wi mi, aviiiittcv, irvvva a milu SjrtU lenient purgatin , and keeps the body genilm. pen, wilbout leaving behind it that costive stale wnicii lays tne foundation for manv daiurvmu. troublesome diseatet." ik., . . i . i . i . i Ih,,h..r .1,., t. .niuiii.ii..j:. .i.. . uBBiniPH u UHmuuve UICDUOHO MUV lllf. eVrVilanr. Af ihi. " " excellence of tni preparation in removing I tS purtued a method calculated to divett tcom. aw wv uiiv VUCUII". HUM Bat I pmciy ui ni nullum, ami giceit that pre - emi - f:. . . . j . . I oence wbich itt merilt (when prtifierly prepHretl) would juitlydfiuand for it is a well etablithtd tbat indigestion itthe primnry cause ol ma - of tba most alarming and dangerous rli,easvt lucmeiii to inn nuniarr sysitm ; coosequlntly the magnefia alba, whu properly calcined, would the most i uicaciou3 remedy hitherto kuown." Succtttlul experiments have fully demonttratedi Ui magnt'tiahcre recommended hat arrived the perfection at which the above author hints. bold nr.jy (hy a P&il.trornt) by JOHN C. MORRISON, Ismrgitt, lw t.reeuwich street, HULL U BOW ME, Druggists, 146 Pearl - street, New York. J 31 1m LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVEK. SITUATE between Barclay and Mnrray - streets, Chamber and Recd - ttrcett, Jay and Harriion - rtreetV and North Moore and Beach - street, at a price vry considerably Un than in. trest oa tlieir value, and at the expiration of term uie Duiuungt to b fairly valued aad for, or a new leas granted. ALo, to let by tlie year at a low rate, teveral or yards on th water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pari, ice: Apply to PH. RHLNELANDER, 31 Tark, th Theatr. : Peveral of the above lot will be old at a moderate price and on a liberal credit. - A tuiall portion of the money onl will be required. June II tf XEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL CAY DLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY AMUEL JUDD, ho fr tale, wholesale and rctuil. winter pressed and summer raiur.d bpejHiaedi at Uiue UU, ut the above fartory, or at ine oia siaan, t ly Market. Alto, fcPER.MACETl. WAX, TALLOW MOULD CANDLEa. Together with a general st - anrtinvnl nf I .. " ; .niJ - , alUl Glasses, Lamp Wuk ; and tor the accommoilatitin of customers. I in f'iini.l.r. Mrom 1 to 15 gallont ; Ktgt, j uuiuaio ia irailont: Juirt. from I to 3 do ; vrith a variety of other artirles, ol which are warranted oi the Dnt nn.iliiv. tiiu asiuetsp a, i an ur iiurcnasra in new - York ne anovc nrnciet sent to any part of the city iree of expence, where the purchaser makes it onjrci. . j J I. COX, X . 4 Courtlandt - ttreet, near b roadway, im porter of the LIVRi - tOOL PA TEXT L.1MPS, have the pleasure to iuform the public and theirfiiandt that they have jurt receipt Jan extensive assortment of th above Lamps, olthc mo - t re cent improvements. LtAwut A gen ral tutortmeot, of Stand Lamn - . ' for chimney pieces, tk)e - tord, tables,6ic. ice. f Dew and elennt patterns, whlch.lbr or nament ana uuuty, are unntailcu a great variety of other Lamps, inch as - have never been introduced before t.all of wbich are warranted perfect, and if otherwise, may b re tained. Hav alro received a gret assortment Lamp Glamct and Lamp Wicks, tuiuble for all kinds of lamp. N. B. All orders in their lioe executed with failhfuloni and punctuality. A liberal deduc tiou to wholesal dealers. - aogS tf A famt on the Hodt'Xi. about a mile from Newburgh, rontaiaing 133 acrrs, 33 ol whicb are Woodland, the rest it divided by good fenre into a due prviortinn of meadow, ara' lf and pvture land. Tbe buildior ar partly ; the house convenient for a small family : itt situation it eq sailed in beauty hy few oa IIh river ; me aavantagea, Iroin tlie viciaity of a flouri.h ing villaze, of public worship, societv and good markrl, with th facility bfcqramutiicelson iin lie w i ora, tenner it a aesiraiue leairhix r lor a gentleman. 4UU0 dollars of tl purchatt money may rrmsja on mortgage ; tlie payment of the rest will be made eaty to the purchaser. Apply on the premise, to Je tf L VERPLAKCK. 1 PS ,,ri - iw - - ; - "'Jk - 'st JUjff!'v f w rt jrw9 turn vV'r y 4rT V tLLLKN S UUUHJ iMALMiSlA. . r Approved of, aud reeowaiMle bv acveral sf moat ecaioaai riniaacipuia. rT'HK Traaaparcnl Solution of Maroeaia it pre - J. tested to die publie with tbe aaneiioa and 1 nutwnlar waom mends tioa f asaBvef ilia n parlwulaf rtaoannentUtiou of aaatty of Um ) I'U mod of exhibiting mtjiieWa.' Tbiaaulu uon possesses Ui virtues of test mediciae bi arelciciDeatdecrae MUanarttpced Iviwitncrcalerl audloesia. It combine with iltanti - a d aad aperient prificjpiea in Very tHsirsbl property or alUyiojtl the most vomiting, aad carrying en the! I - i aol aer ana on enure tnuier. iJenae may be mir.i,w'.ucH""iroiu'Bce every . - uundau, irtana - Us great efficacy lm llitunmeraouipi D mwuof feraalei. chl drea. kc fee. To pcraon of b reeonuDended I en,' ition, tuu caui.liabea a peraiaent akd u,r w1 "oweit. . j . . i ... a It . . .1 . huel ; ' YS'." "a TT.V" T"' 7... i:' auati.i' aai''3B auia iu mmhudi iUE ssiai ussi t T .! .: . . vmau ui uirctutQB, In rek ttomacba uris and other acids are evolved, causing goat, gravel, ttiffueat, aad eon oretioa ol the ji. - uits - U swititioa will palliati, iHJOiiea leuiuve lliese alUicuuc omntain s. irlll.' .11. . n .1 n. m .t m. .1 . . .... m. rn.Mii.ik, n r..w ..LiL - ,. of lhe iiuruach i cbildiea ar partieu arly subject I to luitdeurard condition of tkat ornn. ia con.l imhu - mbo ,j ii..; i.t;. .Uui ri. on m;ik snd vegeuble dieL A small quantity of the solu - il.... .i.:i.i .i i . i nun i wumi iiiiurca urrua vnn aviuiir. aou id Z:"ZJV,.J', Independent of the other advanUee the solu - powase ever erode msgnesia. or any other medicine, intended to produce a similar effect, tue superior purity os in magnesia contained ia tne solution (tue naiente Having discovered a process by a llien he deprives tbe magnesia he makes use ol, ol the numerous impui iti s it is si - HI . I mill., miitl tr il J.. iln - .j - - 1 .1..... r H.c.crcn oT.reTervoiner preparation : to avoiu ihc m, ,n.i mh., mninUhiF. i..i;i.n, - . the cerlihcates of are not published, but may be seen at th store of the patentee. . Th solutioe may either be drank at the fount, 1 1 am mineral a,airi .1 isi i.v n - - 1, ni - i or may be had ia bottle, of an oval shape, mark ej. in raised leiiert. CnlleaV Linuid and labelled Cullius solutioa of Mstneua. Observe. ... .. .VJu, lu.T, ' lb above description, and i siu.ed by the pa - i.r.,.. muli .m' t ktf - ."i.. - JUH.I V W ll.C , I frioeS - 2 50 Der dozen. T& aenia oJ'.hiel. - ill be returned on receiving th csuniy bottle, Sold in PhiUdetphia only, at Culleii'. Chen and Drug store, ill, east corner of Cbcsnut mieal Z " "a ururr w vucinui aou Second streets. Philadelphia, 85A April, 18!. tl. p.i... j .t nf ,h. P.,. i i..i.i . P ut.L ,.,..i...'", - - 'i " .,u,m.ih . mm .ut. i lima aun .1... k. - . : i . . . i . . J""""".' rv. "MUHiiyiuioru:a me iniiauiuntt! Wew Vo' k ,nd iu ic'"'"y. th" be hat formed an .i.m:.i.. - ... r... : i' . j - oa. - . XI unnlaatnaaa V a,.? .. llf.. ..C I . f . " - r woer.or quaiuy - " U u& tne Pr' Mulianant ,. WAHMS uH the prevention aud cure oi Uiliout and r tverv it recommended S ANTI - BILIOUS PiLLS. The opt ration of these lulls it utrlectlv mild. to tit to be uu.d by ptrtom in every situation, 1 and of every sue They urc excellently adapted to carry off iu - perOiious bile, and prevent itt morbid secretions ; to restore and amend the apt elite In produce a free pertpiraticu, and thereby prevent colds, whicb are otteh of ccutequence A dose never fails to remove a cold, if taken on its first np"earairce. iney arc rewbrated for removing habitual costivenesa, si ckness at the stomach, and tevere head ache, hud n:rht to be taken by all persons 4n a changeot cliiuute. - . . ..... loey have Deu louml remarkably emcaciout in prevenung ana - curing disorders atteuf ant oa long voyaget, and should be procured aud safely preserved for use by every teaman. .. The above medicine it Dremred and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, 48 Maiden Laue, and for tale by every rftpectable rlru;;;;iit in the ci ty. Where may be had Hamilton's celebrated Worm Losrnre - . ' aug 12 INDIGEalKJN, OR, SOUH STOMACH, S acknowledged by Medical writera to be a complaint of ttubiiorn kind, and at all timet very dillicult of cure. - This is sufficiently illustra ted iu the dnsppotntment of those who unfortunately suffer under it, ss they, for tbe most part, find, that after having tried many tilings to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged o use, fur peroapa the remainder ol lite, such articles ascia best but palliate th disease. Under such cir cumstance!, any medicine capable of removing uie rompiaim, roust tureiy oe an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are alllicled with it I tueh a combination it to be met with in Dr. MEAD'S. ANTI - DYSEPT1C or STOMACH PILLS ; the success of which has never yet been equalled, for the care of Dyspep sia ia its most complicated form, such as lost of appetite, nsusea, hi artbura, flatulency, gnawing pain in ibe stomach, pain in the side, great cos - tiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowneis of spirits, pain in tbe head, vertigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these pills in the above diseases, according to the direcuious, will never be disappointed, as they hse never been once known to fail - in producing s rsdicsl and permanent cure. The use of tingle box will convince tbe most unUelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all tournesa of the stomach, not merely hy neutralizing the acid, but by correcting that morbid slate f the secretions wbich gives nae to it, and at the asm time will restore to the debilitated organs oi aigestioo mat tone ana vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. For sale hy John C Morrison, 1SI Greenwich - street, Hull Ic Downs, 146 Pearl street, Abraham Brooke, 403 Pearl street, aad Benj. (juackin - bnsh. Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich ilreels, near State Prison. N. B. None are geonine without the signature of the sol proprietor, "Sit GEO. SM1TU. UaiJ A farm of between tixt acres, sitnate on tbe west bank of ity and seveutv of Lake Otseeo. aud one mile from the village of Cooperttowo. won urc anew s;one nouses. leet square ; a new fer in house, barn, tic. It forms a desirable et tahliiluuent for a grntleman wishing to retire into the country, at iti situation, as to proct, convenience to market, &c. ii not surpassed by any in tlie interior of tlie state. It will b sold low for cash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro - iwiiy iu uivauiy, n'i"j, .c. nppiy to il. L) R. WICK. . my 7t Law Buildup. fOX ALL, The HOUSE it LOT, No. 339, Broad. way. 7 be lot is 28 feet front and rear, and 1 .select deep. Th house is 65 feet deep, finished ia tlie bnt manner, and replete with coovenicn - c for a lare family. On the preniiiei ar a brick stable, two rain - water citterns, (one of which it brick) and a well of excellent water. Th situation it considered equal to any in this city. - For particulars, apply to Jicnjtmin G. Minium, on th premise?, or to ' 'ROBERT BOWNE, - Jyl5 1m No. S5fi, Pearl - ,t BOAKUIt, bCliuOt THF. MISS BENNETT'S have opened a bonrdins tctivd frr young Indies, on lhe south side of Pnwles Hook, in a situation very healthy, and alrhoatgb - c - omemrot to the city, quite retired. TU usaal Enslith hram be and .Needlework, Frrnt , Music, DatKing and Oraw - mt, are taecfit, by tliemselve or by approved J 14 If " - '. o t the scbooL r , I 1 I 1 I i i . ) . O 12 r w ttt ing to It a of 1 be I at l CCJ1 a . ''. jP,to" - wirfc - a f y view o( acconiujoduljug f p - v public, by ettenc'iiig tbe liue - - w. - ,,. .. . ,. I to NnrH - icb. inteod niakioi? Urn expriuieot with the Fulton, Cuul: Law, awl this route (if found Practicable wiUhar.urifiiiu,i x is liue will in future b from Nw - Ywk to rsorwicn, as loliowi: Ibe Connecticut. 4 Bouker, will leave New - York t ut wUsnW r4,ts4ay and frHay'X 1! o'clock, in tut ttornibg, wr New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, C'apt Law, lit leure JYonritk 'at ft e'rlnrk ia k toniing ofthesaaedays, totich at A"ftr - ,o;oB "lu uepari irom (Dcoct for JYt - Hattn lJt o'clock, The best will meet M AiV Mare, "uu f "aaj(, at o'clock ui Uie cveoiccs - tbe j - ?MecucM lor JYevTork, and tb i aJto for iciw - i,vnaim ana joitrA. ' niblv iNaiwatMbM and taAuAiuaMu, tuoa . TUBll TlalM A WXSC. t TT r AVES Newburgh eve - ry Sunday, Tuetday, ana i nurmay uiormnj;t, at Wntsoo)trycBloonjirigburgh, Monlicello, by inrva n'rlnr, nink ftir...ah " ' "o rim, uwega, itluca, and Uc w. . . ' new a - a . .Munimu iiriin . Iteturninir leaves Canarulal niurnmr - a at flip. o'clock., and arrives at NmLurirK il, n.;i day in time to Ukc tlie Stern4H)ata which aiTivc in Jievv - Y'ork Uie .following morning. IT II man btexntcted thai at alt .m.a ii. 'Uam - bnatt oiler Ihtir dairuf 'runtime, tliut Iku Une icill aUr m at to mrrt them. T1 u - lwda mni. ., - ;ii i. r 1 ' . day, from the firt tf Mnv. until fit r . . , . - ... i :avein!irAn.i fMm ih. r. .r &r 1 "?uu".e of ecemb - r,nd from the fciur tU - ml from the 15th December, un. 1,1 '! n'enih of March the same line Mill be S0,,ln,ued w "ie Cly of Acw - York and run irom tnence to CauantlaiL'iia in four days. l imscngersr travelling trom New - Yoi k to lanandaigua, Niagara or, cut leave N York in the eveninir steam - boats, and arrive in Caimndaigua in Uir?eday - B distance ol tliree . . .. ' uwinrui Hirer imnareti nniis. t ;! .. :i..i .;,,, n,w M . - . "tD, - . . . . B "", auu carciul and experienced drivers Everv - atteii, t,0I'dlbe paid to render the paasyge of Uie ti'avellcr safe, easy and expeditious i and it is Sieved that Uicaccommodilions on - tliis line ,rii rnu..i i..u m. ... .1 .... r FARE from Newbunrh to Canandain - ... r.Vn - nVv . r? 0 tnandaiffu Tm a l.r.h . r. i - . . Nl B' A b."nch lLe lne runs tliree ' "'i ,r05, Itbc, Auburn - AUoa line run from Owee - o TLin Point! tm - . mrougit n ewto wn ana fauueU l'ost. to Bath. , . . abV. usual, at tlie risk cf tlie owners. David Godfrey, Btoomioghurgh.1 E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. & R. Manning, Chenango, t, Proprie Samuel Ureenliff, Geneva, Oliver i'belps, Lainine. mh 14 d6m FOR ELIZA BETH TO W N POINT, EAVES N. York earl, day, Sunday exceiit aaaC ': 1r. - faad. frtu noi the foot of Whit. haii - airett uear tbe Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 CIOCK A. M. and 3 o'clock F. M. . ltavr. bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A M. aud half past o'clock and halfpait 4 o'clock P. M. j wj ti ATJHTH lily EH SThAM - hOATii: frt - Oothe llthofMav. commenced ruuninz foiir times a week. A Boat leaves New - York on Tue. aj . at tf o'clock, A M : Wedurad.iv. at 4 V M - riday, at f A. ri. aud saturdav, at 6 P. M. of each week and a boat leitsrt Albany on Mim - 9' yjVlac"1'tJ' Thursday, and Saturday, at lh lire - Fly leaves New - York oa Taetday, Thursday and Saturdr.y, at 9 A. M. for New, burgh; ami returns on Moodoy, Wednesday and Friday, st 8 A.M. j8 "f, WHOOPLVU 0)t)i;H DOCTOR eCOTl'3 Pectoral Mixture, which is a tale and effectual rtmedy forth hooping cough. It rt only ten vcara since it was offered to the public, and some thousands of rnimren, nolo ut Lngland and bcotland, have been cured by it, after every other medicine had been used without eflect. it is held in th lii - h - estimation for. its excellent and Salubrious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, removes viscid phh - gm by an easy sad sal' expectoration, and it highly salutary to the lungs : it strengthens aud defends the stomach, gives greater liberty of breathing, and products tbe most safe, salutary and happy effects, hy prevent those distressing and convulsive coujhs, which thousands of individuals io consequence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. is not by exciting a. temporary stimulus of renci in those violent paroxysnis that its qualities are manifested, hut by etiectually remov. ing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apotliecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C Mori - son, Druggest, No. 188 Greenwich - street, N. York. DruggesU throughout the United states, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. J.y 7 2m MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF trk city or kbw - vorb:. lhe oldest Institution for Imwranct mgamstjirt in this fi.'c,) TNSURE agtinst Los or Damage hy Fire,' Dwelling Houses, Ware House, 'Buildings iu general, Merchandise, Ships in port and ihtir Cargoes, Household Fumi'.ure, and every description ol personal property, on terms at favorable as similar institutions 10 tbiscity. This Company is incorporated solely for the purpose of insuring against losses by fire, and has circumscribed its operations chiefly withjn thu city and immediate proximity. . In addition to the CamuJ Stock, $500,000, which is secured by bond nnd moitgage unreal estate and public stocks, thi, Company poseKi handsome surplus fund, invested io like manner ; parties assured - may therefore repose the fullest confidence in the solidity of itt capital, ami tjiat any losses or damsige will be settled with promptitude and liberality. - The different rates of Drcmrum and Insurance are uniform with those of the other ire iHuranre tJttice in trustify. Tlie nuhlip are referred for particulars to the prwtedrjroposala iu circulation, and which aay had on application at No 1 ? Wall street . ' - GABRIEL FUR;,! AN, President JOHN PLNTARD, Secretary, war 4ft ' ' JOiL's 41EVMTT ttiU reaidet at No. 242 Water street, where he has a very handsome and fashionable assnrtmvnt of Cabinet Furniture on band, which he will warrant lo be of the oral juali'y. He solicits his New York and sou tbe ra friends to give him a call, at he Batters himself they will not be disappointed. Ckders executed tee shortest notice. Jettti I or of by 9, first tors ney and to and tltt " that el ; t uus:! him aifr - r "fHyrnrr tmnr. ' 1Lht, frj f London, Aa member of the r. I.u. , . arBery there, deei, it Kdl! y to reueat ionu. r...11! - ,L,id of mercury? ; Uv.a?P - WM. i'f""y ercuriuJiar out r it uce. lliediaease webavailJl0' hat a young rnaa,. lb, bope L coaf Jt P.lyJ the darling of his nar,ni. .i rlVi ""ny, tn. from all the uswuet 1P . by the consequence, ttTZ3E? no v, a aisea. wit 1D iU own niV i :01? win en oniy proves so from w;K, .V tree. reatmenL" . A geatlemapT'o - te Dr tFf under iihytitians of eenti J rt : dri - WLul fcirTC.C.P'FJ bone. hi, ttaS the, ; two mwilba longer. - - Thwrf.P.J know with wlmt .a arTS'iy'ifiy caUs th icverert c;.se W1d confirms' a?" - tuUon. Tbe Doctor', plan (MvLi1' cc:ay to guard the nullic .iV) D. mercury, and other fatal deliSions, held fotT W Pertv,,,, tber.fore, fcsving cotacfed vala ii.nnl.r r, a......: , T - 1 a nri. admonished StS tioo,or coet - eaJ Us. Wift,", - rv : otbenhaviiie the TnnaiRl r ,.t. or cO.rimp.riUe, of lhe blood, uk 1 ca" er complaints of a delicat nJtur - it M.?.U' jex. should ren.en.ber posterity, m?," t0 contcteiices, by mikiM anrVu,t?' to Dr. B. atbl. .old r "'.ustic In, !:..... - a nil " . ft ""8 lithment, No: 1 V,;ttr - streeL foV h? ,WJ - ' of Old - .li,,, to fMaikthrt Fomm lone cnlculattd to DtevLal Ci!lPLU,1!u?c a - let me claim your serious attenUoo - Lnfr. h' ai,luw.r,'.;.,i 7... - . .."iemeniliaii ..v.nua vmiii uu cure ar gji. .n .l : atniai .riduorderbke'rhsT. li. - nity, at .ome toKVtXn? be loo late for re medv. lw? tfJJ1 wU the stiecls UiiserableV mutilated beiH " jten a bit of nose on theirace ' TJ'1 beseech you. "Mrauig,.. Dr. H'. character for skill it Xu'.'J ' " ' irrity being universailv k,:r."uoorn lbW.guaraiitee to patient, that del cacv ia,.u crecy hitherto unknown, anrf iT..5!"ct practice foryear. Mteictdvw7tXt! due:.,,, of lira blood syiUm, they ma, wfetr cav ' Gi?tts eradicated in tw or three' weekU - Slncturei removed without bou?,V. . . er instrument , and all dehihtiet: likewie .1? old ulcerations, hstula's Arc. 'j - ewiie at! A plurality of oiEce. are proriM, and so iiti. stud that pabcuts are not expoted toeaVhotner'Ii. obtervalion. Oota till lilf A!! pertKM concerned are invited to be fiwTia" of cost. Ami here tlie Doctor cannot avoid til tiprcs - ionoferaiitin - u." ",u a" mendations and for the deci.lrf J ,?J a, presumed with jutt cause) long given him by a luilicmaipchhc. 6 iuuioya. v t .11 1 ... . ... '"n5 m," M post paid. Ir. euchanan. Aug 87 U - ',.." 1 7VO.V. nR - EVANS' wperi ,; method ofcannr - tain Diteate, isnowuoiv ally acknowledged in U city ; his mode 01 treats., 1.1 11 perfectly mild. aaf - . pcditious, and hit charg rrasoaabi. In i - U a . " " " J i here are maxy persons lathit citv ai.rf it. iijiiuuii.nin.iivi aiwavs onaemal. cinily, laboring iurler varfoet cbroaic htuses.' tuch a cancwrs. old inveterate tucere, scri'iilJ, kings evil, fUtulas, dsseaaa of the arrfara bladder and kubdet, oil complicated compliints) a csrtain ualurc. bilious and other etbatrac. lions, rheumatism, Ac. whit b they consider ioc. rable, Jliey cub certainly b cared (mgea - rall. ar pll - iB t Dr. EYA NS'a Mcdkal Store, Perk - slip, baring practised in tntelatta hospitals ia Europe 11 yon. under ome ti iaa Surgeons and Phyiiciaas in the world, cad ' made those obstiiiat disease his constant sto4y (orSOvoar. . Oct It AFRVMENTO,' No. 1 Wall - ttreet, gentlt - . men's dressiiiS room, has for sale a few Ro of Damask Steel, matte bf th celebrated - .Marzuin, 0 Pari, lie has alto received aa a . soitmentof thuhest English Razor, which te warrants eood.r - If proved to th contrary, mt - rciuiided. Also, cult and dresses hair in the latest et yle io a manner so at lo adapt it to the physioj - - oomy. Mr. i KUJioiutitmi Uit sincere thanti - hit customers, and the public m their very hberal patronage, and solicit a cm . tinuance of tiieir lavours, , .... ..) He has likeM ie procured a very fine bene, aid engages to restore razors to a very keen eo, mould thry not cut well be Kill receive to rtccropence. "'..'. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, wl have tlieir apparatus kept exclunvelv for thT - elvet. . . . J3tt, FIRST tlUAItlTY iVAPXiES JS0AP MR. FRL'MENTO has received ibj the best perfumed Naples Shsvint Soap which l.e warrai.ts to be of the first quality, bih wbich he will sell any gentleman wishing to mat . trial of iL at Mu 1 WaU street.. J 87 lin ' A COIITAI ii spply ofl. dies Beaver Hah fresh from the mt ouiactory, suit blefortfe south ere market, aa packed at tt shortest ., notici ata:v'.aS - .. - .?T?"K - ....' - f' at ' " J. WU J50N ICO Broad ws may : NEW PATENT PIANO FORTES." 1. GEO.1 NEWBERYretpeetfulry and eenfi dently assures his friends and the pubbc Bt his oHiae, 13. Pearl street, cosy be pm ased the above instruments, lower tbaa aay iher place ia the cityi sikere may else b n: Mael els patent Metronomoa. . . NEW - YORK t ' ''A PRINTED AND PVBLISHZD J 1 , ' " I 1 MICHAEL BURNS AM ft CO,' ) Ne. 49 VViLi.iAM - Tnkv orroiT To . Ba1 Coprxs - HoocB.' - ' - h i , f3 I " 4 . - LlT; '"jmiuepayiiie sartii? yjjHBi f ,i 1 f v " Tbe ttrktctttpcrccyJatw'avs ohaarnal ' 7wViiiii - I 1 1

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