Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on April 1, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 2
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Pge Sts THE PBOGRESS-BEYIEW. LA PORTE CITY, IOWA AD! Quick Results /or £c £er Word THE RED AND GOLD l^ Publication of the La Porte City School ; v-. »^ ~ic«- !"«.- «x- i .,-_-!': as wi . ,FO? SU-T 2 FOR SALE · insurance dlC "rt uft j/pio .- j,- Jir s Port- d |H IB" J (I IIL Tut i Siai.oi. r-ZS FO?. FO'. Fumiiure u i u i i i r . 1 ""' "" '"' -."t MM i ivS OT COOL- OJ-r - |L2G tt L J Tur. 5L.!--.,.. "f . | FOP. SAi.i. fu'rr !L Hli.-v · ( wdo ' ' fi (IIL^ ».* t ri;t I d H 111!-" i SnoU f/' i on- intt imrii.-uir SUM i J~- L 1J i^ru inrn'-r uu'rifpi- r '.n cr ·* - lie* t'uari Hll t Ilii J L h Irt^ll i lit i c'ni" -·( rr nr* An rVmiituur m' Dl MJ" a 10!' = Biographies UM r " I i r n J iMt-S ^ nov L PIT - i p t« | FOP. bALE tiouri- /,i.ri.f v - t F V,' KLW i- ^c COBS FO?. Oi 1 and PI.OL Seeds ALFALFA |ll.fs3, C!o,*r 4 - 4 1 E!u^ T»g Hybrid S^' C.w 1 »3.50, ail pf D U h f i t ' Ajr. i i i h ' / / So- LOST-FOUND tVa-IHJj t' I MinnuspoV ^. -T x r oup i_rl. of V A p n i i vw K i M 1ILT I :-\td -o' .Vrni- Ander-l'Dot," is tat.- senior {firl wno i^,e:.r .Sr . (always rushing off U) aUtna LO p t.n ii i Dsu, tiiajr-! something, her job (Dookkeeoe') wa. :r n , -nJ B u r j l ' G J - A , or claMS inttUiig. or Bonn- EUCM pit 'othvr place u n e r e snc n*is oeei cyn'yi. t v . t a t v j chair-|"decU«)" to do a mile «t?il. A OL-U^ t..'t!i- ·,!KJ Dorotny-bubi. girl 1 Deroti} is unow io- p U - ·· PC uuii-rsii" z n d i h f c r sudden want ner e.u;'--rig mtii -1.1 · iheeks. and luya!^ to nw LOCI of in -n ^ntr to be o.l!) ' Iner j She «as borr tn irmc", ea^t Dcrol-.- of Ij Port* C:ti on Il^rC" 'J-, IMM HT^ 11925, to Mr ana Mrt CneEte' | l m ( . ^ ,. r (Porter Sne btgsr. ne- Mrroo! .11= tc i, OD i ,,, . |;r Mt A-iDUra, xomg there for ^ j f i v e years «tT her L'"rc r \"^'ise T orothtrs She tntr aUerafcd a' ija ' ro; ' in *· ne«- country BCCOO! fo' a snor' waiio Dorot" (it lining before movicj; isto L^ Pori' C'.L^ jjii^ t. i_. ·· \\ifcK 2tiDorolh prOMiu to OL an excep n j l e r c u ^ ^ in tbe.tional studeac and ,. averijt-| v _ , f ' C-.J ._ U ' Tnr for i.r.t^. Cift ·; ', i i- J OH r GAS-,' !. J Tutt'e 1-tf FOR SALE ToliK=, Iris,. Better plant now than in Taking ordtrb for Glads and tther bulbs for b p r i n p ac- h , c r . Libt Pret. Waterloo Ealb Jfarrat, Et. 218. 1 tE 11-i J-UWhAGES. 30-11 W A. 1 «. jn b u l l , serv y.'.tral head , , 12-ap J/. I ',01 . J i r u - LA.SY tO Kl-.LD -Sargunt'a Mm- ral Ik i) for hogs. Farm- " ' Co. 1-tf COFFEE , 'Aill be good. 1-tf. toJiay for pits Jlall vdk, Iowa NL-RSERY STOCK- Bt.autif ; -make your home mort desirable by planting frail, bhadi or ornamental trees from fcur BroE Nurseries Thty also hav a complete Ktock of lobe shrubs and plantt of all Ask about their lind plan. Call or btc m' Phone 362, E B. JlcLaughljn, local NOTICES AGENCY F O R W A T E R L O O Laundry «nd Unique Ole^ners Tuetday, 'J a. m , Friday 'J .1 m Harry EalHr E.irbr Snofi 12-lOj A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH Friday SPECIALS . . . SAUERKHAUT, No Points, quart TALL CORN PANCAKE FLOUR, 3-lb. pkg. BRJARDALE WHEAT FLAKES, 2 pkgs. BOWL FREE BRIARDALE QUICK OR KEGULAB ROLLED OATS, large pkg. KKLLOGG'S VARIETIES, 10 Pkgs., carton 20* IS" BRIARDALE VITAMIN TABLETS FOOD CONCENTRATES ViUimin A, Vitamin J91, ViUitun C, ViUnun D, Vitamin J (B2), Vitamin B Complex R SJXE KERR LIDS, dozen WIDE MOUTH ECONOMY LIDS, dozen TWO LIPPED JAR RUBBERS, dozen DOG FOOD GRO-PUP, large package CONCENTRATED CLEANED PERFEX, package SUDS APPEAL LINAL, large pkg. CRYSTAL WHITE, 7 bars 22* 5 C 25* 23* 23* 25* WE SELL WAR SAVINGS STAMPS BUY BONDS NFWSPAPFR! Mi E o o e r t i u r t ' i n a k i i OfeTuCii*" J f i, ?Ir inc. Hi L re^^ ny ·" oj rnv wvrV.uodK. i teK'- ntlptc *tr' s.r.e- V.;;t A i d i '-i Boi' 1 Kd -U' IlE.ll fc. 10 JJL: i i f i u up en fcd a DJgh bW.Oja£tjc L It^irou^n litr jejr^ here Situ-' C:il,l Sht is oefirutely the L' Mr ai'dftype Am, K»ri?' bjteoalJ, kitten-1 li' .1=1^ ore ball or basketball jc^int a: stcool| ^ l moved to ( nas Dorothv m lU inras'. At| i iv-u ,t-jj r-' ttiioc! Tnevjorolhers Another sport see «·-! nrjiw L] Ott.j"iv\. w n - r e j j o y s is hortebdCK Tiding P n ^ i n e J {y t \ \ o \ears. Tjiev'loves horsta tb/relore sac na 1 ?] LC L Portr CU" Jr the a ueciaed aversion fmard horte O f l y j j jmeat as a food' _ _ l, r s t 'iffci of Jim r"raeir.-j In hiffh tchool shp ha^ been a ulxc" ben-Li rj; anyone li a irecUt-iaced member of tbc Girls' AtnJelic As ( !rc ,0'jrsgster 'iipping'' like . cow-Delation four ^ara, sbt w^s ciass D-J\ streakiiif,' coivn l«i p ortc Cityireprasentative in hei junior \ea r ' . i nrtet' on nis pom That pony and vice-president in he 1 Mr i older ^ ba !·. tn' fi I L n i - r Ulf 'In mrr penalr. o paid n K ] Motor U«c Bu ' WANTED j I ) 'JO I I U Y -- Small build ni(f for chicken house Phone J O f j 12-2j) i is ln- nfev gjr 1 i l i 1ms been attt! 'Jusg w as Jicl't truest friTd for over ^chool , n \Vater.ou two \ears 0^ niar\ an outing it foecanc the hOrscpo-ne-- for sleQSj GRADE NEWS iacd wagons by pulling Jim's j /eit ysvtntfeer oi)' h u r - friend- up and uown ln- str«eti j pellu.g f riday , Jmi hid a fcooa singiiiK voice Vuic-^,"L \isiL^:cl our and so ^\as g i \ f r nianv leading She formerly iolet m Kradr school operettas Hu but is now etrh became mt restel in air- plajie' 1 ana partialK fulfilled his ni flreun of them u;. buildmj; mod- Tlllllt) ' I h » i · -- d i c a 11 ' ^ i 1 Liuruif Vuic.« room iaat Fnda atlt-i (ltd bcLool fli-rc enrolled at \Vashouin Oui ue-dcu^r read us Ihc WANTED -- Cowl hoii. 8.11. clover V.ANTLD--Babj Buge in good Carl lirust. lO.Sp SERVICES Kcruiir Work BODY, FENDER REPAIRING --Dsnts removed, repainted to match pferfe^y Our work will pleute you Drive in Le-o Motor Co 1-tf '"lliL I-ak ni tnc Dike" U s t p b Wesk ^Vu BJIVC cs«n leading Whil in high sinool, ho naS acd lv;t.:nir:E lo Butcn slorits or been a member of Hi V four if-n^ during , o u i opening exer veirs and the basketball squad Bti one \t,u His most interesting h,uijje:Ls ha 1 - be j n physiology and FOURTH IJRAUE NEWS biolo},", Dui, to his need for raa- Loreita Bagc/isloi visited in o u r i t h ' - n u t i c e in his cadet training, om V.'ednetdrty |he is taking the extra trigronome- Wc ,nt keepif'K wft.ithci cliarUijfy couric tjus'nt 11^ high school for the month of ilaicn |hj JMiss ^imnon We are lea ninjr lo ust the Jim's hobbifc 1 - arc boxing and telephone toirecl^ Last v/eek wc,makmB airplanes, Ht has parti- mado u telephone directory foriup.ited in mam amateur boxing our room (matches tliii Ja,l v».ar and also v;;iit to the Golden Gloves meet ^n Cedai Rapids Following the professional s,v/immirig meets. FOR RENT FOR REN1 May 1--70 ucrei paatiuc l.ind A. Ritter Phone 40-13 M ll-2n Increase in Pay Teachers Receive (Continued from Piigc One) FRESHMAN NEWS The f i e , ) i n i i i i class is sponioi p u aiirnu' dame April 2 The miyht also be classed as another committees eonaiat of: |hoi)by. Rctreihni' nts, J i m Nichols, Jim's immediate future is ol-', Mari Davis, Neva planned for him by the Fiicdlj Jim Good nnd Floience njv\ dcpiirtmcnt His term is for linger four yeait or, if WBI IE still on, Keco'.ilb, Keva Friecllj, chii'.r- until it ib over Instead of bci iinn, Pat Hull and Murj Davis m the nu.vj, Jim wiihet to change C-'shiL's, Carmen Large and over to the innrme nir corps Entertainment, Marlvs Coidray, chairman; Mildred Cusey, Dor- DOROTHY POKTER Dorothy, bometimtB called Meat Builds Health Meat Is 96 to OB pet. Digestable Bunt Pork Roast Pork Chops Perk Hoi Beef Liver Pork bmoked RATIONING HEEL B* Sure and Visit Our Modern Fruit ant Refrigerated Day and Night to Conse-. Oranges Fresh Peas i.ej Grapefruit Geler\ Uii'.m Apples Lettuce (,f^i LernoDB Cabbage l o n i i Parsnips WE HAVE GARDEN SEE!) Take your pay in War Stamps for your Save Grease and Fats to Scrar in Complete Stock of Bakery Good,- ,.i -- Smiling Senice at SNYDERS Where Yonr Dolkrs Hare Store of tins ycicr't, enlnrj raises A petition l n vei Hinnll niimbei of uould force calling of a by the sUitc Lax commission on «ny dcluils of the bndgcjt o which objections \vcre ruiatiL This wn.s done nt Gtdnr Falls loit cur, iind .several appropi mtiont mndt by the board thcrt v.eit ruled out by the uUiLc officials j ycai'b salnr^iy incieases totalled ubout S3GOO, about the t,nmu «b thit yeur, although the ige of increase, billed on a smaller salwy list to btgi nwitn, wiis, .somewhat greater Only other action taken at the n\cetu\g, which lasUcl until almost midnight, wut to »ote u SiB n month bonus to Principal Art hUutinf April 1 if he couches babisoall tnls t.pnng Tnc decision to conduct bnaebull here it, not et final, however, board intmbeis said Mr. Olicii has, been asked to present u schedule of aviulabk giuiies to the boi.rd be foie « final decision is ruxched OFFSCiAL TABLE OF CONSUMER POINT VALUES FOR MEAT, FATS, FISH, AND No. 1--Effective March 29,1943 coMimoDmr ib. March Farm Bureau Meet Held in Bruce Fiiim Bureau township had itt. ftuui uorciiu mee'ting Murch 11 a t j the home of Harlev Lu.sher, with I 72 piesent Don G^o^e^, Benton I eouuty agent, was pitient, and after the business -uectmg he discussed "Food Product^n Prob- Icma in 1943." Pictures on hog production weie shtfwn, ako items on Ine- stoek Jtttiore Mew out varieties t-nd cuttle grub control were also diieusied Mrs. Fraiicu Chjistiaii gave 41 pep talk foi bond buying The committee in charge veie Mi and Mrs Herman Fleck, Mr. and Mrs H Thede, Mr. and Mrs Rudy Eader, Mr and Kit Willis Mathwn and Mr and Mrs Hailey Lacker. Refreshments wcie enjoyed The next meeting will be joint with Jackson township at the home of Mrs Inez Gllnie with Mr and Mrs. Robert Glime as assisting host and hostesses. Allen Kline is to be the speaker and he can give a tremendous amount of information. BEEF STEAKS PortBihouse T-Bone .................... Club Rlfr-lD'IncticiiL. Rlb-7 Inrtcul Sirloin Sirtoln-- tomtes ............ Round Top Hound ........ _______ Bottom Round _____________ Round Tip Chuck or Shoulder ........... Flank ..... __________ ROASTS Rlp-s1mdlni(«dlra tarn on) (10" cut) .......... . Blade Rlb-standlnc (chine torn on) (10" cut) ...... Rlb-stin0lnc(chlne bone on) P* cut) ....... Blade Rlb-standlnf (clilm none on) (7' tut) . . . Round Tip ............... . Bump-bone In ............ . fiump-bomtes Chuck or ShouWw-- tonahss STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Strati Rite Ptrto-bone In ........ . Plate -bomires ,, ....... . Brbktt-boneln ....... . flrtelwt -bonetes ......... Flank Moat ....... . Nsck-hmt hi .......... Nttk-- boiwtes ...... _ Heel ot Round-tomhos _____ Shank-tone In .......... Shank-boneless ...... _____ HAMBURGER Bwl [found Iran mcks, Hanks, shanks, biokets, Plates, ant mnctllatieoiK beet Uimminjs ind bsel ttt COMMODITY Polnto Ib. BEEF VARIETY MEATS Brains -------------- Hrarts ..... ______ Uvors Swselbraads ____ ,, Tails (ox joints). ___ . ___ Tilpt VEAL STEAKS AND CHOPS Loin Chaps Rib Wraps Shoulder Chops Round Steal- (culbls) Slilnln Steak or Chops ROASTS Rump and Sirloin--bone In... Rump ana airtoln--tanotes_ Leg ShouUst--tnno hi. ShouHtor-nomtes STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Breasl-trane hi.,, BtBast-bonalBss --------Flank Meat _______________ Neck-- bone in__ ___________ Nurt-bunBless ........... . Shank-- bone hi _______ SbankandHsslMtal-lraiiB- eround Veal and Patties-- nal inund fron needs, flsite, snanKs, breasts, and irtmellamoin veal VARIETY MEATS Brate ...... _ Hearts ______ Livers... ,, Swuellmafc. coMMODmr LAMB- MUTTON STEAK: AND CHOPS Loin Chops Bib Crop: Leg Chops Shoulder Chons-midt cr arm chops ROASTS Lag-whole or pnt Sirloin Roast--bone In Vote Rattle, or Trbnfk- toncln Vote, Ritlh, v Ittmife- bonelesj Cnutk or SbwWn, square wt-taieln Cnutt or ShgBttor, cpun- mt-ctoa«tes Chiibi or SbgaUtr, cnm- oil--bom In STEWS AMD OTHER CUTS Brart ind Ftak ,, Nach--bom (n . . ^^ Stonk-bom bi Lamb Patlles-imi tround lrarr,mtte,flinb,jlonks, broajts and BlsoUamous hmb trlmml^s VARIETY MEATS Brains , HBarts. Llvm ..--_. SwHBtlllUQX.. Tunpns BACON Biam-ibb r ptet, rhid on. Bmm-slal!DrpiE8,rtndoT[. fiacoTi--sRcBd, Thrd off. MEATI (In Un «r | Bums Bulk Sausage tnlll Con Came OtrttedHan REFUND $3760 refund was made m the form of government bonds and] war savings stamp*. The new \»- · ·IM of war bonds mak«« a toUl of f I£,760 for th* town. MEATl Pip Fed boned CnOett. Potted and Deri ltd Meab ~ Baam--Canuton style, phn DTsDceil IMH--rhioi ,_,, Bacon--plate and Jowl u-- 7 S I 11 1 COMMODITY Pirfnl* Ib PORK STEAKS AND CHOPS Center Chop ............ End Chop ............... Wo -- WHwfn, nvsn md cured ontr ......... Teodwloln... . Kam,sncts ............. Shoulder Chops *nd SlMlre. . B«nto^ fresh itrtemd only. ROASTS Loln-wtwh,lnH,or§ndcirb. Loin-- cantor cute ........... Ham-whole or lull ......... Ham-butt or shank end.... Ham-- aonete _____ . StouBir-ihankharf (picnic) bone In ______ .......... . SlBulder-sluntiull (picnic) bnwta ___ Stouhttr-iutt taH"(tosi»n butt)-i»Mrn_ ...... Sluuultr-- bun hall (fiosmn OTHER PORK CUTS Spnrlbi ____ NK* and BacUbWK FtB-boneln -Fit Basks and Ctar Plates. Pitas, regular Jowls Hctaandl Loi1F»L_ VARIETY MEATS Bralra Hum Uwrt Eire THb:__ CHE READY- EAT MI COOKED, BOILE km BiRBE Drleii Beet . Ham-tone m *' Ham-nonE m, sli Ham-butliirshJ Haro-noneless, halt. . Ham-boneless. ' PltnteorSntiiiHt Pltnlc or Should Bouillon Cutei E and all ottei n Tonpus . SnarerttK The paint Til other n-ndj-l^ iteni lnull nc ^ pound lothtpoi: pound »I Iht - t from wtntli il u du MU wVt. per pound shall I it u cooked M» SAUS^ Itona arc harf Cervclal, arf I Semi-dry SiasM Hsins art · TtiurmzBr, · Fnsli, Smote* I Saisaje: BraupA "IP mil niipB TypU Snappto an So USE ami H nFWSPAPFRI

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