Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 2
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I iS E'S M PLUG TOBACCO Consumers of chewing tobacco who are willing to pay a little more titan die price charged for lie ordinanj trade tobaccos, will find ftis brand superior to all ottiera- BEWARE OF IMITATION 1 - A«^»^\^^N^^^^^^ EVERY DAY FOR 23 YEARS Letters have come from all ] parts of the country telling of cures wrought by Or. CLARK JOHNSON'S INDIAN ! UOOD SYRUP i it cine* or ' Scrofula, Chronic Blood Disorders, and especially ? Rheumatism ; also, Chills ' and Fever, Dyspepsia and Dropsy. · TWENTY \ } MILLION ! BOTTLESsoldsincciSyo { -flist and Foremost It Is tbe FAMILY ; REMEDY. H savea Doctor's bills. Should be in every household. Read what one of ita many thousands of grateful friends says about it: "Several Doctors treated me for Rheumatism, but did me no good. I tried various remedies, but obtained no relief. T sulTcred for years. My neigh. bot (Mr. Teller) told me of your Indian Blood Syrup. Mid I used It, I am thankful to say, with success; it cured me entirely." ALFRED DROWN, Kirkwood, Appinoose Co., Iowa. W*AU Druggists have sold It for the past 23 years. OH. CLARK JOHNSON. T» W . T H I K O STBEET, NEW Y O R K . (Continue-! Kram Firsi Board convened pursuant to adjournment. Mem berg all prefltnt. The following olllcUl bonds were cxiiminc-d :ind Approved: H. J.'fCbdurour, County Auditor. On motion tlie time- for dc-sip;i:atln»{ ulliciiil pa|Hjris for ilw jeur 18S/5 wah lixed fur Tuurfaday.- January 10. I8U5, ;it !l o'clock u. in. Thu following a n n u a l reports, as ro- riuirud by -Sec. :i'J74 of the Code, were i-pcfivod and ordered pl;K«J on tile: II D Williiim», Clerk Uibl. Court. S;irn'l Shlolila, J P A A AdarriB, J P Wm Rolph, Mayor, La Porte City Cedar Falls On motion of Mr stiUou, the sum ol 3700.0J was ti-areferred from the «3o- meitic animal lund to tho covimy f uad in accordanc-o with S*- i. Chapter 70 ofthe 20th General As»-tnb]y. also iao hum of 360!.-!S was transferred from a county fund to the poor fund as provided by law. Yeas--all The report of W ('· Burboe, inspector of poor farm, was received and ordered plated on tile The p.-fioiial lak of John H Meyer, Cedar Falls Cito, for 181)1. ordered remitted, the saino beinjf » n urroueous abHCiHincnt. Tim petition of Margaret Eiachfeid for remibsiou of uix, was not grau'u-su The communication of Jo« a Soldieis' Homo v,fi» referred to committee on Poor and Soldiers' liolief Commission. The chairman announced the follow- A WINTER'S ENTfcKTAINMT' WEEKLY NEWS B. Hersch, J P W R Graham, Mayor, J M McStay, J P John Tennanl, J P Wm Rolph, J P T L H«cd, J P J W Lojjan, J P La n fear Knapp, J P W H Mclntosh, J P Ilijnry Andorf, J P Win Strayer, J P G ; Kennedy, .T P Damon MO'L, J P Tho;followiiiK--olHcia,l examined and appioved: Gt-o F PuUer, JnoLir-e of IhC Peace, . 'JVp. John UoGriiff, J i i H t i c o o f the ] J eace, .luuico of tbe Peace, for theonBulngyear. andJohnThoinp- hOn was uleeted for the city of Waterloo, J H J offers for Cedar Falla and ing an the standing committees of the lioard for the oear 1893: County buildings and property-- Stilaon, Bahl and Rownd Settlement with county officers -Bahl, Rownd and MeDoujjal Insane-- McDougal, Bui-bee and 13randh/'mt Printing-- Bui-boe, UrandhorBl and Stilson Judiciary-- Brandhorct, McDou^al and Burbeo j-uor -- Kownd, Stilaon and Bahl Member to visit poor farm -- Mc- R, N. MYERS, Suct-OdBOr to J. S. Eberhart, GREAT VALUE FOU LITTLE MOXTSV. OF THE W O U L D FOR A T1UKLE. a t«entv page journal, is tbe 1-ndinrr RepublicTM family paper of the United Stales/ H is a NATION AL FAjNIILY^l'APJ^t.^a: drf fe'jves all la'Tdi^u^utsiieiT b lts"AOiiiou£T'r;":AL"'cie r jartmenr has nr, superior in the country. Its ".MAIIKET REV ·' TS" are recognized aiithonty. Separate departments ft.r " f u n FA^ LV CIRCLE." "Oar \ouiij5.Folfcs." and ".SCIENCE AND MECHANICS." I-s-fioJir. ,IXD SOCIETY columns ciiuiuia.iJtlie admiration of wiiea and daughters. Its gene Ml politi- Crfl news, editorials and discussions are compieUtQ3ive,brilHdnt and ta- liaustive Board proceeded to ballot for Over- boers of the Poor for the eitiea of Waterloo. Cedar Fall and La. Porte City ot the Peace, Ml. Vernon Twj). Luko Fisli, Juallco WaHhinjiton Twp y ii TTorflch, .InsLic of Iho Pcaco, B;u-(;liiy Twp Wm Walerllolil, Justice ot tho Pfdco I'oynor Twp, John Tuiminil, Jimtico of Iho Pcaco, Fox Tivp. and Kob't K. McQuilkin for La Porte City SioarA adjourned 'till 1 '.'10 p. in. AFTEHNOOS. Board convened pursuant to adjournment; members all preaent. The following resolution was pre- A STOVE FOR I W.L. DOUGLAS 13 THE BEST. , FIT FOB A KINO. CORDOVAN, FRENCH i ENAMELLED CALF. Joh n McSlay,JK*!c« of the Peace, boated by Mr. Brandhorat, and on .·anLjo 'JVp. Jolm Palmer, Justice of tho Pence, BlaCkh.iwk Twp. llob't McNully, JiiBlioo of the Peace liliLckh.'Lwk Twp. J Jf KuhnH, .IiiHlico o,' tho Pciiico, O W Miller, Justice of tho Peace, Waterloo L h W Lofjan, .liiHtii'o of the \VuUirloo towuHilip Knupp 1 Juatico o[ tho poaco Codur FullH townuhip WilliiL'-n M CJipo, juBliceoftbo Spring Cipok Twp. l J I L F i H h c r , jUBlico ot tho poaco, Spi'iujj Crook Twp. Win Itolph, justice of tho poaoo, UiK Cioek township T J j Iteed, Justice of tho poaco, J3ij{ Uret'lt luwuuhi]). J M Garner, constable Union 1'u'p. W W Piorco, i-onslivblu, J'last, Waterloo township JJ W AUboUHO, ronHlublo, "Waterloo township W G Mungor, couslublo, Waterloo motion adopted: Ikmlwd, That sealed bida bo and called for from practicing phyticians of the county for medical service olpoor for the nevorol titles and loxvnphips for the year commencing Lho liret day of April, IH'J."', said bids to bo submitted at the Auditor's ollico on or before March 31at, ISftj. Board rcacrvog the i-iyhi, to reject any or nil bids. Ollieial bond ol WallnceMooro, con- table, Union twp., examined and not ipprovod. lioport of «oo W Miller, J J'., ro- eivcd and plucod on lile Tho followinf; ollicial bonds wore exiimiiied and _upproxed Goo. C Konriody, J P, East Wator- oo towntmip Herman Kidtnor, constable, Oror One Million People wear the W. L. Douglas $3 $4 Shoes All our shoes are equally satisfactory They give the bent value lor tho money, rheyequilcuitora .huci In ityle and sit, rhelr wearing uualltlei arc uniurpmed. The prices ore uniform,--Mnmped on oolc. Fr»m $i to S3 nnvcd over other mnkei. if your denier cannot supply jouuc can. Sold by W. D, WAOOMSII Co, Singer Sewing Machines WAIIU COOl'EH, AOJl.Vf. i,A 1'oji'u; cm IOWA. [West lloom, ByndieulB T UB G E N U I N E SINGER is in nueBlionnbly the bust m:i chioelu the market to-day. MiUiine* ·re sold on tiasy terma and at prices reuaonably low. Cull aud see them am get prices. Repairing muchines and other light general repairing done 01 abort notice, m a workmanlike manner Cburgea low. Xeralles for all ^ kinds o machinea, repairs of all kinds fur Dished promptly. WAKD COOPER Michael Hammond, constable, Uo- dar li'iills townahip Kdgur Bonn, constable. Ccdtu 1 Fulli ownuhip John Buck, coHBtiiblc, Coda:- Tvrp Tlios. R Glonnoy, Constable Bhick- nwk township JuHupb Grim, constiiblo, 'wp. W II'.Gipo, constable, Spring Creole ownBbip C A Huy/.lott, constable, Big- Creek township Louia FrosBlo, Clork, Lostor twp John A Schmidt, clork, Bcnningtou .ownahip Fi'ocl J Gibba, clork, Mt Vernou uvr, E li Nowton, clerk, Washington twj A. A. Brings, clerk, Uuioii twp Frivnk Patlon, clork, Barclay twp P J O'Connor, dark, Poynor twp C B Stilson, constable, Eiist Wn, torloo township J. M. Scdgivic, clork, Waterloo L ownBhip, Lanfear Knapp, nlork, Cedar Falls LowiiHhi)) Ed Mnllanoy, clork, Fox twp R. 1\ O'Conuor, elovk, Cedar twp Al P Lichty, clerk,Orange Iwp, P P I'Vi^hmoy. clerk, I'laglo twp J II Dunn, clork, Lincoln twp. Tho ropovt of tho Ovoreeore of tho Poor of tho citioa of Waterloo, Cedar FallB und La Porte City worn road and ordered placed on (Ho. Tho report of SherilT fees ro:oived dui'inu 16IH, wns retoived and placed on i\\a. The uominunicntinn of H. D. Wil- liaios, Clork, staling that lio had appointed S M Bcntloy as Deputy clerk, Hist. Court,-for tho lorm of two ycara and r«lla»l Moa i r e i e o . em *Sf IhU find in ll,, Mark*. Moa effectTn ramtdj- In auppreBSwl nenttniailo The Wonderful Acme Examine it at K Jim. I, )S!»5, was rcce- coivod and, on motion, suid appoint mont was approved. Hoard adjourned until 9 o'clock a. m. tomorrow. TUESDAY MORNING, JAN. 8, 1S93. Board convened pursuant to nHjournmen: members all present. Tho muiutes oJ tho prttccedings ol Jan. 7 wore read and approved. The following olllc'.sil bonds wore approved: Charles B San toe, County Recorder Wm Hamilton, constable. Sam'l R Myers, justice of tbe peace. Albert B'ox, couatiiblo, Poynor twp Tlio roport ol Steward ofPoor Farm was locoived and placod on tilo Tho roport of committee en healing it poor farm was received and action of committee approved. b e t w e e n B l a c k h a w k lourity and Nemiuorti, ol al., in regard to telophoiio on Gilberlavillo bridge ran accepted and dlacad on file · The Board proceeded to classify the property for purposes of taxation for Itf'Jo, as rociuircd by Sec. 821 of tho :odo of Iowa. Board adjourned 'till nine o'clock i, in. (To lie Conl/luned.) Only JfO.OO to Calliarnl" . --Commencing Tuesday. Nov. 13tb, and each Tuesdny theieatter dunlin tbe winter season, the B. C. K. ' ll'y will run rt Phillips Tourist Sleeper to C'iilifornia and Western Points This sleeper will be attached to tram No. 2, which leaves Albert L»a at 3:00 p. in., daily, except Sunday, und will run via UH J miun line, stopping al all points between Albert Lea and Columbus Junction. From Columbus Junction the route is via the C. K. 1. I 1 K'y to Knnsiis City aud Ft. Worth Texas. Prom this polut tbe Texae Pacific R'y will take the car to El Paso, where it will be delivered lo tbe .Southern Pacific for Loa Anpleles and San Fmucisco, urming »t Los Angeles at 7:00 p. m . t h e following Saturday. This ia tlie beal Winter Route, owing to the 1CW n'.tUliuc ami uciigullUl aOlitlialH climate. No snow or sever* cold weather. The rate pw berth on this car to Los AHgdea or San Francisco is only 9U.OO from points Albert Lea to Cedar Hap- ids, and Su.oO from points south of and including Cedar liaplds. The sleeper is fully equipped with bedding, cB.rpe.ts, tables etc, and has upholstered seats A colored porter accompanies each car I'or tbe purpose of making up berths, keeping tne cir clean, etc., and a special manager goes through with each car and has personal charge ot the party. Second Class Tickets are accepted In this car. If you are contemplating a t r i p to Calllornia address tbe under 1,1, A. SPECIAL CONTRACT enaWos us to our home paper for i- this splendid journal ONLY ONE DOLLAR. AND A HALF Cash in Advance. (The regular subscription for the trvo papers is $2.50) SUJJSCUII'TIONS M.VY BEGI' XT ANY TIME. Address all orders to tha Write ^ o u ^ name and a(ldrens on a postal card, s^nd it to fjeo. W. 13*st, Rotnn 3 Tribune Building, N«w York Cny, and sumple copy of THE S««' York. WEEKLY TBIJSUKIC will b mailed to you. NERVOUS, DESPONDENT, DISEASED MEN. T. E. C1LEASON. T. E. G. O. ROLLINS. O. O. ROLLINS, BeEpreTrentmeQt. dftcr Tronliu ..- Bcloro Treatment After Treatment. Emissions, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Self-Abuse. Syphilis* Gleet, Stricture, U n n a t u r a l Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid In U r i n e . Impotencv. Si-xur.l and Mental Weaknoss, K i d n e y and B ' a d d a r Diseases Positively C U R E D OR NO PAY. 16 Years in Detroit. 2GO.OOO Cured. Y o u n g or Middle Ton hn.TO led a Ray life or indulged in tho vices of Aged Man. thosymptomq '·arly youth. Yon fa*l hare broken . down jour syfltcm. Mentally, p/iyic ilty and tdualltf yon JTO not lli» nuin ypn Tj^cU to bo or ·iluiulu I'p. Lufllful pructicCT rfjijt rich barvijat. Think of thu f u tin G. Will you heed Ihe . . . danger signals? Aru yoj HCTVOUH n^tl weak; doBitoiident and ploonii ; apc bncE wwik nnd kidnuin irritable; pnlpit align of heurt; tlr^aaie and IOSS- tm-nt in urine; wtuU;nt«l mauliond; ^mplca on fact, f ^ r * ttuoki-n nnd chei ' Pullman Illinois Guutral K. K. In connexion with f l i t Southern Pacific Co , w i l l , on and Mlei the nitet of l U l l i . r u n li-mn Chicago a C U C R V T U E S D A Y SLISliJ'BR t V t n l M(JI1T. To connect diri'ut a t A v o n d a l e (suburb c f X e w Onraus) witli ihe Southern I'acilic's new, laal,solid vestibule Irmi), the '.Sunset Limited,' for Houston, fea Antonion. 151 Paso, Los Angela and San Francinco. Tliia car for C -- VIA- O R L E A N S Will leave Central Siution, Chtc» : TO. at. 300 a. m. Wednesdays, but wil be open for occupancy (it 9:00 p. m. Tuesday nights. TI1POUOII HEbEK- VATJONS Chichi?) to the Pacific Coast. In addition, on and after tkie night of November H i l l , there will be run a Pullman TOURIST SLEEP lilt weak; dcepoudeDt and gloom;; apccke before . - - - - · ,,.,,, nL night; HoJi- . - . .._. .. - - -.jcpkt. hollow; poor _ _ _ ,-ior. , rr.roworil enpTcsHion, Voricncelc; tirofl in morning; liTrlsH; distrubtlut; lack cn- enjy ntrcnctL imrl uinliition Our NEW Method TrEdlmsnl will pnsiLivolv cjr« Ton. it will nmko a man of yon mid Jifo wiU opon aiicw. \Vt yunriintc* to c»rr yoti'irrffinni ml iHorfy purtl. KST'Ho names used without wnllcn consent. 51.000 paid lor anj case we laVe and cannol cure. SNATCHED FROM THE CRAVE-A Warning From th* Living. Emisslont "At 15 I learned a bad habit. Had Juwra for m'vdn yr.iTM. Tned fonr docu.rh Cured. imd norvo Coaicn by thu Hcore, w i L U o q t benefit: I became a nervoofl wrork. A friend who had beon cured by Dm. Kennedy Kcrwan of a eunilnr diecane, ndvieed me tatty them. I d i d s o . , n n d ID tworeonthn wan rn-,itiv\ly cared. This was eight jenre oxo. 1 .nn bo\tf inarnorl niid have two healthy children." C. W. LEWIS. StUfimw. Mich. VariCQcele "Varicrcolo, tho reenlt nf parly vico 1 mrulo lifn rDiHomblo I was woak and nor- CureiS. vou4, c\fs sankcn. bn^h[u\ iu Hocioty, Imir tbiu. drp.imfl nad lo^yps at nigbt no oniuition. The''(ioldnij Monitor" opcnfMl m. cyeg. Ilie Xow Methml Trfiitni«nt of JDrc, Kunnoily Koru.m cured mo in u. few woke." J. fj. rKl'EltSON, Ionia. Mich. Sjphilis "Thin tcrribli; blooll -.ra-" ill ray system for eight jean. Had laknn nior- Cured. cnry for two jcar*., bat the Jipca^p iptarncd. EjCM red, pimplw and blotches on the nkiu, ulcorb 111 rho mouth and on to KUC. bnni 1 PU'DH, fallini; nnt nf hoir^ vrenkneBS. etc. My broUif r, who had beeli cured of Gltei nnd Snctme b v D--H, IConnodr fl: Herman, recom- rncudeil thjm. J'hoy cured m! 1U a few weeks, and 1 thank (jod I coQbllllwl them. No retani ol tbo dtfinu* in six years." W. I". M.. JuckFOn, Jhcb. A M i n i s t e r Tho J!cv. W. E. Hi).irks, ot Detroit. W.VB "I kr.orr ·! no |ini:rui.- BO i o j i i r i o u n tu Spends, the mini!, Dod^ and refill of yonn^ men n 1 * ( of Si-Jf Ahn^u. 1 h ire i nnt man) v i o t n n x o r thin luutrnl ImWlw Dm. Knnnedv ,V K"MJUII Tor irmlmi-lil 1 can liLurlll) t'U- dorhr- t h e i r tV-tc MfHtoil Irtatmcn' whicJi cnr^l rbem W|ITI nil c l r f railed." A Ooclor "1 know nothing in medical Hriunft* ^- cthcicnt fcr the cnro of y^phnt^ nnd riecommcnjs Xrianl UIJtat'lla t i n ' Nca. .MrMi ·! I «:".', of Uf. Ivnoody i Kcreun. 51iil\: It CIL^'-H which Iniil lj;inl'»l Bcun-H nf |)li\.v'ci;iiin were cnrnj in 11 lew weeks, i bavnaeon this w i t h my own ejes unrl know it IP I* 1 TL Tact." T. 13. ALLlb(), m. D. D n n r l n r Have yon bwn cuilty? His y n n r « «n,t bwn rJIsc. i-rd? Are 7011 wc.ik? Do yon n C a U C I ilosircloboiimun.' Arc j on cnnt inpl'itniR niiirriiiffi-.' O n r Xnc flrltwd Trral- will positivelycnreyou. C u r e s G,i:rrari!eed or No Pay. C o n s u l t a t i o n Fri c. So matter who has trcnl.^l joii. wrile for a" hone- t ojimion free of rhnrce. Chnrjfc-9 renwnablo. Books Free.--'Tlio Golden ilonilor" ( i l ] u l rulod). on JJneaom or Men. En- cloRf. poHUutD. two conta. Scaled. Nanien nsed witliont Written Consent. Private. No Medicine Seut C. 0. D- No ain«s on Boxes or Knvelopes. Everything Coulidentlnl. (Jiii'Mlioii fur Home Treatment and Cost of Trcittmcnt. Free. I Drs, Kennedy Kerp, 148 Shelby Street, Detroit, Mich, Agents Wanted, AG TTM A M^"« A M ; " B «r HKI-OKT OF TJOSJuoxurnos of lavs for folders ui this syate'm full purlieu- of travel whlcli CheHpness, Comfort, Safety and Speed. J. MOMTON.G. T. A P. A.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. ---'T. F. Anthony, Ex Postmaster oe Promise City, Iowa, says: "I bought one bpttVeot 'Mystic Cure' for Rheumatism and two doaea' of it did me more good tnan any medicine I ever took," Sold by Blanchaine McUah- eraQ.Laror.Ut, - X I G J I T without change, from Clnca- RO lo Los AngtlfS. via A---onlale. by the saait- route. Through double-berth rate but SG.OO, This r.»r will leuvr Onir*! StatioD, Chicago, at 3:00 ;i. ra. Thursday's, but will bfc open for oc cupancy al 9:00 p. m. Wednesday nights. Tina is The Only True Inter Route To California, owing to low altitudes, and the abatnc.e of snow ;uiU severe cold weather. Ticket Rates as Low as by \ny Other Route Ask for Soecial Ciilifornia FoldKr of I. C. R. K. " They, as well as HckdU Hi.d lull inlormation a." 10 rates, can be hud ol agriils o! the Central Llcule nnd conueclnR lines, or by addresslog A. H. HANbON, G. P. A.- Chicago. BucklBD'i Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruiaca, Sores, Ulcera, Salt Kheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands- Chilblains, Corns, and all skin Erup tlons, and positively cures Piles or money will bo refunded. Price 26 cts. per bos. For ial» by BlanchalB* * McG Bhutan. VITAL QUESTIONS OF THE DAY. I'ollth ,ll I l i / u l l l l l l M I o f '0-\ (,'rhih «f 'UJ auU i. lh- '»!. Bault for Bread. rox«y«lui, .SirlMfi. ih Unernv'.oj-nd. Grc»i I-JtxirTniilrn or Iht pro cut anf future. Tun IT l.rulnlullnii, I l i n t.11- The Flrwl N - nTlon»l H n n h of I/n Vorir C l l y , In tlio State or Jown. in i»' £ Clone iif ItUBlncBH Uoc 1», ]I*'J1. IIKSOUKCKS. l.mliS -mil illsrounts _? 130 MS 61 livrr'lr'AIK. secured :tml ui\tecnr«d 4^-' J" U. S. Monti's lo Mourc c'roulalloii -- !'.'.'. »w );.nikliiK-li"'.i-'-. furniture and llxtinc-;. ifUOC* Due friiii'I (not lies. Agis.) 2 tm *' ' .-. v -.., Wbai 1'foidi Hun doi-H for tho , DUO troiu Kiaic Il.inviv .mil Cixukcrs American Wnrkin.m. \\hiti l'r»i Trad, iloex · D,. C from uplirovud rcserrc agents...-for h i m . A book Inr Hi* hour, I'.vcryuodv oiicckb anil oilier c.i=l; lien'? ^ " a n i l t . Price only II Ni H'dN ;il jlKhl. jfoics ot other National batika Most UtrerattBmi" in u«|fnin hcni! ior clr- vnctlotial pnucr currency, .1' - · culnreor send ·-· 'viil" rev iiKi'ntH ouitliai - - - - or:«. P. W. Klof lr * i'0,. f'.'3 ilarkil Si. St o. SMELSER BROTHERS., -- I ' l l O I ' l t l K T O l l S OF-THE CITY LIVERY BARN. First class riK« »t reasonable r atea. Calls answered day or Quod r»ll»ble drivers furnished. ccu:j Lawrul Money licwrie In bank, riz: ^|)cclo -- -- 7 8SS 7S Legal-tender nolcs aorjo (XI Kcilcinptlnn rimil wltli U. S Trcaurtr (5 per i";nt (if clrciil^Hon; Totil UAim.TTlKS. --Wood will bo taken at the Pnoo- tloo. oflice Uting It now. on subscript *tt lstr- Nl'TlF'-'M- i:.:i:K :!··:· i lndl p , 'ilu.'J ' l ,ui'«'-. | t k . ncMialid L'ci-IIOcatTS or«lep.«H . ;s and 17,11303 T0t;ll ·_ STATE OF IOWA, I ,, Conniy of ir,.-it-V. ll.iwX f ""· I. y. E. Wcitsteln, C.ianljr o[ the above n»rned uank, do irjleinnly jwiat thai Hie abovi slitr- mentis true to ths b e s t u f m y knoirlrdirrandDe- lleT. F. E, ·WKTTHTKIS. Ca'hler. Subscribed and sworn to before melbls »'» day or rec- reBCr--Attest- R. A. Ptrklnn. i ^T. R. Gardner. Dt E. JlABSKB, f TflOMASB. MO»H» . Notary Pirtli: ·DlrtMCIl IN EV SPA PERI ^WSPAPER!

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