The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1944 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1944
Page 7
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Monday. March 9.9, 1944 7 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE AMERICAN WAY WORTH SPEAKING (FOR - CAMPBELL I Says It's Up to Teacher il' To "Sell" Long Range / Education Program ' "i£ the American wuy is worth dying for, then it is at least worth speaking for," Lee H. Campbell, president of the Iowa State Teachers association, told the Cerro Gordo county educational council at a dinner meeting at the Cerro Gordo hotel Saturday evening. "Eight o[ the boys who came to }ny classroom with talks prepared on topics o£ their own choosiing such as : Iowa tiie First State in the Nation' and 'America the Best Nation in the World' are now dead," said the association president, who is also speech instructor at the Spencer high school. "And for what?" he asked. "As a teacher who has helped boys to believe they have lived in a country worth dying for, I feel it is the teacher's responsibility to help answer that question. It is his job to help boys and girls to give their lives constructively and to live them constructively, rather (ban to die. "We can only hope that boys and, girls in high school can become good citizens as we teachers ourselves show a vital citizenship," said Mr. Campbell, leading up to the idea that it is the immediate fluty o[ a teacher as a citizen and as a member of the count;* council to know the facts, have convictions, and to sell to his legislator an all-embracing, long range school program, good for Iowa boys and girls and lor teachers--one lhat will give in the future, laws for an improved educational system. The county coimcil should be a very important cog in the state organization--a cog which moves other cogs, and ultimately the county council will be so recognized, said the speaker. The county council, he pointed out, is in a "better position to influence its legislators because its members live there and are aware of the peculiar local situation of the count}'. The county council should have knowledge of some .common immediate objective to work at us a co-operative group along with the state association and eventually the national association, explained Mr. Campbell. The council is so important a. unit in the state that in view of what needs to be done, it must succeed, not in one county alone, but in 99 counties. - "I take my hat off to the Cerro Gordo county council which has shown a fine example of co-operative action in contributing 125 per cent of its quota to the war and peace fund," said Mr. Campbell. The state, he pointed out, has S4QO more to raise of its $lo,500 quota for this fund. A specific and immediate objective to use that money for should be planned, lie said. In referring to the legislative program, Mr. Campbell mentioned t h e teacher retirement p l a n , which he said, must and will come. Other sources o£ taxation to support the property tax must be shown so that when the retirement plan is recommended, all the people o£ Iowa can see at the same time that there are other ways of obtaining money than by the property tax. It is the intention of the organization to co-operate with all organizations in Iowa that arc willing to study and help the present code commission, Mr. Campbell continued. The council must be assured that the general assmbly will give consideration to the recommendations of the commission, he said, and added that the teachers mast lake up their political duties. In the open forum discussion following the talk, it was brought out tluU many persons had the ] erroneous idea that teachers had some form o£ social security as have other employes. In answer I to the question as to whether a 1 city retirement plan tended to I delay a state retirement plan, Mr. 1 Campbell replied that rather to the contrary, it tended to disseminate information jn regard to retirement insomuch that a state Cerro Gordo Mark $3,474,581 retirement would prove more adequate. The employing ot a year round lobbyist to get the major part o£ the legislative program adopted was also discussed. It was emphasized that such action would not, however, be taken for the mere purpose of creating a position just as a position for someone. It was rather suggested that he be someone outside the teaching profession. II. H. Boyce, high school instructor here and a member of the state executive board, introduced the sneaker. Dave C. Tripp, president of Ihe county council, presided at the meeting. A short business meeting followed the dinner program. Mr. Campbell had held conferences throughout the day with representatives of the various teachers organizations in the city and county and had appeared on the 4:Ia KGLO Forum, talking on the subject, "Iowa's Next Step in the Educational Program." Big 3 Need to Check Up on Progress By DEWITT MACKENZIE Associated Press War Analyst There would seem to be close connection between the rapidity with which Hitler's tribulations are mounting and the report in London's d i p- lomatic quarters that Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill m a y m e e t a g a i n soon. The European war is moving m i g h t y fast, and it's gaining m o m e n t u m . What with the blood - letting being inflicted on thu G e r- muns by the tireless red armies, and the hell .that's being poured into Hitlerdom by the Anglo- American air forces, we stand at a moment when great events can happen without warning. It's, reasonable, therefore, that the big 3 should want to check up with one another and (perhaps) on one another: This is the crucial time when each o£ the trio must know exactly what's in the minds of the others--when none can afford to fall out of step. We are approaching bin new problems which the 3, with their expert advisers, may be able to deal with best in a face-tb-face meeting. Both military and international political questions are piling lip, and of these the political are probably the more troublesome. Now of course this is no time to start 11 victory parade up Broadway. We've got bloody work ahead of us. Still, the allies must make plans for eventualities well in advance of the events. One thing they've got to know is exactly what happens when Hitler yells "kamerad," as yell he will in due course. Just how is the reich going to be dealt with, and what part is each ally to play? Europe's f u t u r e may depend on that. ; However, the red armies aren't at the German border yet, by a long shot. The big news as this is written is that the onrushing red forces are actually in Rumania, having crossed the great Dniester river and smashed through the German defenses on a front of more than 40 miles. The red forces arc straining every nerve to take advantage of the nazi collapse. , Tension in the Balkans, especially in Rumania, has intensified as red troops push into Bessa- rabia. The British radio is bob- barding the panicky Rumanians with warnings to desert the axis before it's too late. COUNTY RECORD 139% OF QUOTA IN BOND DRIVE North Iowa Counties in Heneman's District All Top Iowa Record Cerro Gordo county was credited with 53,474,581 in war bond purchases during the 4th war loan drive, against a quota of $2,497,000. it was revealed Monday by F. C. Hcneman, district chairman during the drive. The county's 139 per cent record compared with a stale mark of 1Z9 per cent of quota but Cerro Gordo fell down on K bond purchases, reaching only 96 per cent of its quota as compared with a state mark of 124 per cent, according to the final report on the campaign by the federal reserve bank of Chicago. E bond purchases credited to the county totaled $1,052,844 against a quota of $1,101,050 set by the state headquarters. Other North Iowa counties did better, every one in Mr. Heneman's district topping (he slate's percentage on all types of bonds sold and all but Cerro Gordo beating Ihe Iowa E bond mark. Here are the final sales figures for the district together with the percentage sold against the E bond quota and the total quota: CHERVIL BASIL 3-It Six Easily Grown Herbs for Victory Garden By DEAN HALUDAY Released by Genual Press Association COUNTY SALES Cerro Gordo 53,474,581 Hancock HumbokH Kossuth .. Winnebago Wright ... 1,119,077 1,034,098 1,819,009 953,231 1,423,135 9G 181 180 175 202 193 139 145 149 150 166 160 Comparable figures Cor other North Iowa counties were released as follows by the federal reserve bank: Butler 903.073 Chickasaw Emmet Floyd Franklin ... Howard Mitchell ... Palo Alto .. Winneshiek Worth 698,703 1,009,646 1,281,346 1,149,883 679,447 999,145 1,032,551 1,422,252 726,034 141 149 137 113 133 117 161 128 136 208 127 123 140 125 137 126 144 133 169 162 THE GROWING ot nerbs for dally use naa always been very popular m EngJan^ and in many parts of Europe, out we in America are fast becoming Oerb minded. If you nave never grown nerbs before why not Degln with just a few in trie Victory parden and then next year--well. Just watch the list jrow. Plants can oe purchased trom seed nouses or nurserymen, yet six nerbs wbtcli are easy to grow from scea are basil, chervil, dill, marjoram, sage and savory. Basil, illustrated in the accompanying Garden-Graph, 13 a small, spicy annual winch grows about one foot bigtL It Branches profusely, it is a good all-around kitchen nerb, useful for seasoning soup, -neat ana salads. Chervil, also illustrated, is an annual Known as a Pot Serb. Successive sowings should Be made. It is used mainly as an added in* gredient ol salaua, dut it also makes a delicious cream soup. This herb deserves to be better known. Dill, famous m the making ot dill pickles, is, ot course, well known. Its leaves are also used to flavor soup p and sauces. Marjoram, called the Queen ot Herbs, is useo to flavor soups, roasts, stews and salads. The leaves and ends ot shoots are used during the summer and also dried for winter use. · Sage, illustrate a, is useful tor all seasoning purposes, out especially for Havering poultry dressings, some kinds of cheese and strongly flavored meats. There are two Savories, the summer savory", ac annual, and the winter savory, a perennial. The leaves and young shoots are used for Uavoring soups, meat dressings ^3 well as other culinary preparations. Worth, Winnebogo Rank 2nd and 3rd i DCS Moines, (fP)--The state war f i n a n c e committee announced Monday that Iowa ranked 3rd among the states in the percentage by which E bond quotas were oversubscribed. Sales of E bonds (the small denomination b o n d customarily bought by individuals) totaled 582,075,000 or 124 per cent of the $66,000,000 quota. North Dakota and Wyoming lopped Iowa with 181 and 152 per cent, respectively. On sales to individuals, including E bonds, Iowa ranked fourth behind Florida, Oregon and North Dakota, in that order. Iowa sales totaled $122,975,000 or 119 per cent of the 5503,000,000 quota. Sales of all bonds in the slate during the drive totaled $228,000,000 or 129 per cent of the $177,000,000 quota. The figures, announced after final corrections were made by the federal reserve bank on sales by counties, included approximately $6,000,000 worth of bonds bought by Iowa men and women in sen-- ice. Their purchases were allocated to their home counties. Heading the Iowa counties in the E bond sales was Pocahontas, which sold 211 per cent of its quota. Sales totaled $889,690 and the quota was $420,900. Charles E. 'Watts of Pocahontas was county chairman. Worth county was second with sales totaling $526,596 against a Finnish Government Reported Ready to Move From Helsinki Stockholm. (/P)--Finnish government departments were reported Monday to be preparing to abandon Helsinki for a temporary capital in the north if necessary, strengthening the impression that Finland's last chance for peace with Russia has now slipped away. Travelers returning from Helsinki said that Finnish officials were getting their affairs in readiness for hasty departure and declared that virtually all children in the city had been evacuated to the country. The belief prevailed here that in failing to accept the armistice proposals submitted by Moscow the Finns had closed the door to further negotiation and that they now have no alternative except to fight the war to a bloody end. The main barrier to acceptance of the Russian terms still seemed to be the soviet demand for internment of the German troops now in Finland--a demand the Finns evidently regard as impossible of f u l - fillment. | How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly In Place Do your f.ilsc teeth annov and cm- Ibarrass by slipping, dropping or wnb- 1 hling when you cat. J.iuctt or t;ilk? Just I sprmfclc a lldlc FASTEETH on your 1 plate?. Tins alkaline non-ncid powder hold-: fnlsc lectli more f i r m l y and moro comfortably. No summy. poocv, pastv lastc or feeling, Doers not sour! Ctieciis "pl.tte cxfor" (denture h r c a l h i . Get FASTEETH today ;tt anv clniR store NEW LOCATION Dr. Horace S. Beemer EXODONTIST 302 Foreifen Bldg Extraction Teeth, X-rov Real Estate Concerns Report Recent Deals Clarion--The Eel O. Turk real estate company announces that the Wright county Monitor has purchased the building it now occupies from David G. McCaskic of DCS Moines. The Clarion Insurance and Realty company announces the G. T. Eldridgc property in west Clarion has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Latch. The house is now occupied by the Lester Bergmann family and they will move to the house now occupied by the Lnlch family. Tiic Lynch farm west oC Clarion bos been purchased by Stephen Unthun of West Point and he has already taken possession. Homer Ness who lias operated the farm for the past 2 years has moved to a farm northwest of Clarion. wood was chairman. \VinncbaKo county was third with 202 per cent of its S332.G9D Chewing Tobacco Is Important m Barter in Southwest Pacific Washington, (/Pj--Chalk up new kind of "secret weapon" contributing to the allies' success in the battle o£ the Pacific. It's chewing tobacco, a highly flavored type known as "IsuiiK Twist" and "so highly regarded by the natives of the southwest Pacific islands that its use for barter is considered essential to the conduct of the war in that area." So said the office of price administration Monday in elimmal- quota of 5253,760 or 208 per cent in S the tobacco from price con- of quota. O. J. Wardwell of North- . trol lo encourage plentiful production by the American firms make it. Nearly the e n t i r e a n n u a l supply OSCO DRUG SAVINGS Monday Through Thursday VITAMIN B COMPLEX. $3.00, Large Siie HAND LOTION "lame Thrower Platoon knocks Out 8 Enemy Pillboxes in 2 Days Bousainville, Solomon Islands, )-- During a 48-hour period in :he bitter Bougainville attacks by the Japanese, a flame-thrower platoon led by 2nd Lt. Thomas B. Allen, Savannah, Ga., knocked out 8 enemy pillboxes and killed 36 Japanese. For 2 hours, they held a hill without ammunition. Sgt. Rennie Wilson, Hazard, Ky., wiped out 2 pillboxes without refilling his flame-thrower. During the 2-day action, Allen's platoon neither ate nor slept. Their operations had a 2-way effect -- they set up prime targets for supporting riflemen and they terrorized Japanese to surrender in cases where they normally would fight until killed. $1.79 Brewers' Yeast T SS ei !i« 1 £ t . 39c Hot Water Bottle ££·-£". 39c Phillips 6c o u c E r iNGCREAM '.. TRUE AMERICAN Large 12-oz. Bottle . Lady Hilde Xi v !.5to..... flair IT InS 72 Pin P a c k a g e . . . . Mar-o-Oil Shampoo Ladies 9 Hose S£ Foot '.*"': J9c Sal Hepatica $,.» *« package 97c RUBBING ALCOHOL Uc lie 5c 60c 4Q r Bottle. . £7\ Chickasaw Poor Care Hits New 5-Year Low New Hampton--Cost of caring for the poor in Chickasaw county during 1943 totaled S27.7G3.83. a 5 year low. In l!H2 a total of S33,- 530.80 was spent and in 1939, §42,- 309.54. Caring for soldiers also reached a new low with only ,$2,865.60 spent last year compared with $4,317.37 in 1942. Prescription Filled Over 15 Million Times Recommended to do just, two things: relieve constipation and gas on the ctomacb. This successful prescription is now p up under the name of ADLERIKA. Get a bottle of Adlerika next time you stop at your druggist's and sec for yourself how quickly gas is relieved and gentle but thorough bowel action follows. Good for oldand young. C«r AJlerika trom your ft'uggitt today. Osco Druff Isopropyl Compound, Pint Bottle WOODBURY TOILET SOAP 10e Coke ......................... 3 for 1/C Jergen's Lotion 50c B o». e 29c Carnation JH2.E2 P k 9 ..... 29c STRAINED OATMEAL, For | AM Baby. Large 8-ounce Pkg.. . . *VV BEZON WkoU VITAMIN COMPLEX $1.9» "ft* ORANGES Just Arrived--Large Shipment of Luggage! All Sizes -- Priced Low -- Get Yours Now! (Tax on Luggage Increases April First) KRANK'S AFTERSHAVE LOTION 50c Bottle PREP SHAVING CREAM VELVET TOBACCO Large Size Humidor)JFw quota. Sales totaled 5650,387.'Burt of about 240 Ions | Mrs. Johnson Honored on Her 87th Birthday jVorlhwood -- Mrs. M a 1 1 i e M. Johnson was honored Sunday on her 87th birthday anniversary at her home, 202 South 13th street. Those present from out of town were her son, Walter C. Johnson, and family, her granddaughter, Mrs. Elmer Filker, and children, all af Mason City. DENTIST PRACTICE LIMITED TO .PLATE WORK 18 FIRST ST IEOAR RAPIDS SOUTH EAST DES MOINES MaSON CITY SIOUX CITY J. Thompson of Forest City was chairman; Those three county chairmen will receive captured German rifles as awards. , V. L. Clark, executive manacer of the drive, said Iowa made one of the best records in the nation in the type of securities sold, with what he described as "a very even spread" of all types of securities. "We arc proud of the record chalked up by the people of lov:a in the 4lh war loan campaign and we want^lo express our grateful appreciation to the thousands . . . who helped us so much," Clark added. ". . . We must continue lo sell bonds, for we have a quota for every month in the year. We should all bear in mind t h a t our t f i g h t i n g nicn do not stop fighting after making a successful drive. They keep right on at it. We should emulate them by buy in. bonds just as often us possible." FUEHRER GETS HIS Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., (U,R)-"Hitler" couldn't lake it when members of the Engineers Replacement Training Center discovered it had snowed during the night. A crew quickly built a large snowman with a realistic model of Hitler's face and used it as a tar- gel for a particularly vicious bayl onct practice. The "frozen Fuehrer" failed to survive. Lt. P. Riordan Killed in Italy, Report Says Charles City -- Following the first report Friday of the news that Lt. Paul F. Riordan of Kansas City, Mo., son of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Riordan, was missing in action, word was received by relatives here from his parents, thai Lt. Riordan had been killed in action in Italy, according to the wai department. The Riordans are former residents of Charles City. Lt Riordan \vas a nephew of Ll. R E. Riordan. Charles City dentist uo\v m service. ts now being | used by the United States armed forces and, the Australian army, the agency said, adding that Australia uses the product as part of the normal ration ior natives ot New Guinea. Fined $100, Costs for Violating Game Law Xorthivood -- Ivan Shaffer, 41, cafe operator at Hanlonlown, was arrested north of Tenold Sunday by J. E. Stevens, state game warden. Shaffer was arraigned before Justice of the Peace Morris Bakketun at Northwood where ho pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a'pheasant d u r i n g closed season and was assessed a f i n e of S100 and costs. II. takes a rubber tree Ei years to mature. Asthma Mucus Loosened The first recorded almanac was written in 1380 in England. Say J ho v sands of Sufferers Chofclnir. paspjne, whcczinp. rcctmlng at- tacics ot Broncnla! Asthma ruin your sleep and rob your blood ol Tllall? Important oxygen because you can't Ret air In and out ot your lungs properly. But now it is no longer necessary to suffer Irom these terrible attacks without the benefit you may receive from * physician's prescription called Mrfttec*. 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