Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on April 1, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
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IBS IT READ 3,43? at the date after your : at the top of your pa- If it reads 3.43 your ·iption expires this according to our rec- I. 73, No. 13 REVIEW LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOQJ^i^^: oe Ann Olsen Wins the OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER ill Wilson uneral Rites ead Sunday itired Farmer Dies Fri ay at Presbyterian Hos ital in Waterloo at Ag f 81 Years :neral services for William A ion, 81, were held Sunday aft .__on at 3. o'clock in the Barn ;lMrt and Johannsen funeral horn Rev. E. E. Clements of th ;hodist church at Rudd offi ing-. Rev. Ralph Supplee of th church assisted. T. Wilson died at the Pres ·ian hospital in Waterloo on ,,_ lay nt 1 o'clock, where he was ;tilBen ten days ago. Death was ·vjsffl to complications caused from meed age. was the son of Anna At and Truman Wilson, born 3, 1811,. in Clinton county |was married to Emma Van lilin on Nov. 25, 188C, in Mt. ni-n and they farmed near La City until 1933 when they to town where they have sinci-. After coming to town [Wilson built several homes he afterwards sold, bey celebrated their 56th wed- anniversary last November. is his wife; two fnters, Mrs. Harry Kober and ' Mamie Peterson, and one son, bur, all of Waterloo; nine ndchildren and five great- hdchildren. Also surviving are fe brothers, Andrew of Mt. turn, John of Waterloo an rles of La Porte City, and on er, Mrs. Ella Brooks of Lo feeles, Calif. sister, Mrs. Silp.s King New Flag Salute Is Adopted (American Legion) The 77th Congress, second ses. sion, passed a joint resolution H J. Res. 303, to codify and empha-' size existing rules and customs pertaining to the display and use of the flag of the United States of America. It is generally known as Public Law G23 and was enacted after long effort on the part of The American Legion Later in the same session certain amendments were made. One of the amendments sought to do away with the extending of the right arm and hand while pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States. This particular amendment was sponsored by groups which claimed that the position of the right arm and hand was very similar to the salute of the Nazis and Fascists. Draft Quota Is Set for Late April Smaller Number Than Usual Expected to be Called Into Service in This Area This Month The Cedar Falls has received a call Over a year ago the national county died and was buriec week on Tuesday, and hi ·ents, two brothers and anothe: |er preceded him in death, he casket bearers were Andrew hnerman, Henry Niemeyer bis Larsen, Charles Garling pries Rupprich and Elmer Rei llr. and Mrs. |g appropriate Clifford Burr selections ac panied by Mrs. C. A. Brust out-of-town relatives anc ids attending the 'funera Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wiland family, Mr. and Mrs Kober, Mrs. Mamie Peter- Mr, and Mrs. John Wilson, Will Brown, Mr. and Mrs, Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jd, Mr. and Mrs. John bt and Mr. and Mrs. William fcomcry, all of Waterloo; Mr. . Harold Ingle of Ames; an Wilson of Beloit, Wis.; Bnd Mrs. Cliff Wilson, Mr. rs. Arthur Wilson, George and Andrew Wilson, all of lubum. GOOD SALE old-fashioned pie social real- ought in the money at Mays- hool in Franklin county re- Eighteen pies sold for i.OO in bonds and $32 in s. The pie bringing the high- ·ice was paid for with |425.00 S- The original plan -was pies to be sold for war ps, but the first pie brought ¥25 bond, so stamps were little in the background. RECORD BROKEN the past 21 year3, a mem- · the 0. L. Ruggles family fedrick has been a student at State college at Ames. Hubert Rug-gleg left school ly for the army air forces |21-ycar-record of continuous [Iment was broken. Eight cr s of the family have en- v; ith six of them graduat- Amerieanism commission of The American Legion studied this [uestion and was of the opinion hat such a long--established American custom, as extending the ight arm and hand toward the lag at the words "to the flag" in he pledge and holding it there ntil the end, should not be hanged. The similarity with the ""ascist salute is not even a close ne, and certainly an American ustom such as this would live ong after Hitler and Mussolini ave been defeated. The Legion's opposition to the mendment was filed with the enate Judiciary Committee, but lat committee, without hearing, eported the amendment and it as passed. Now all that is neccs- ary when the pldege is recited that the right hand be placed over the heart at the beginning- of the pledge and held there r jntil the end. However, civilians will always show full respect to the flag when the pledge is given by merely standing at attention, men removing the headdress, Persons in uniform shall render the military salute. Since the amendment is now a draft boar for another quota, to be sent to Des Moines for examination the latter part o; April. Size of the quota was not revealed, but it is understood to be somewhat smaller than those for recent months, none of which have been large. Names of the men to be sent will not be published, under a new draft headquarters ruling, until they have been accepted by the army. This probably means that names will not be printed until the last issue of this month, at about the time the men leave for active duty. The quota for April, it is understood, will include a number of men previously deferred because they are married, but only those married since passage of the draft act are expected to be affected immediately. The board will soon; have to start dipping into ranks of men married for a longer time, but without children, however, since ranks of 1A registrants arc LETTERS From Men in Service river ,ui.-:i, valiant K L , I ir,, 0 |).s. part of the law, we as Legionnaires must abide by it. Red Cross Gets $603 · List of Contributors to be Published in This Newspaper The Red Cross War Fund drive in La Porte City to date has totaled 1603.24. Contributions will still be accepted by any of the workers. Lists of donations will e published as space permits. The local chapter officers wish to thank all who donated and the workers who helped with the col- ection. The motion picture theatres all over the country are sponsoring a collection to be during the first week in April. Local members of he Red Cross have been asked by Mr. Hermann to assist at the ocal theatre in this event. All money thus collected will go to be American Red Cross War Fund. badly depleted. There will be a number of additional single men available in June, when schools let out, but even this group will not be of too much help. In the meantime, state hend- Jefferton Barracks, Mo. . Smith, I feel rather ashamed that I have not written you sooner to thank you for the paper I have been receiving for the past two weeks. I don't know whether you inandos Strike at Duwi,," after that we I/ought our 1'. !·'. C. chevrons and went back for supper. I did mure saluting there in one day than I did in all the lim was in Miami Beach. There lot of naval and army officer.-; tin So will now tak time to tell you a l i u experience.-., t h , . o ,;,,,| people. To 1,^,,, wi(1| lo i-.\i] h . i e f l y H K . i I had coming iu-ioss. To rnv \ i n mirpris. get seasick. .\;;J r , Will Enter Senior Meet Next_ Week La Porto City Divinff Star Also A n n e x e s Another State Championship at Cedar Falls Zoe Ann Ohi-n, I. ; , p, )r H- City's !imim live s w i m m i n g an,] divine. star, annexed an aiM.tio^al .--tnte diving chnmmonshiii mid won the 1 j u n i o r n a t i o n a l lowboarrl htlo at ] last week-end 1 -, M a t e meet at Cc.. lar Falls. Hoi- two first places, I Phih a third in K i,i. s ' thirty-yard freiityle. made hei ePcond high KCOHT of the meet, one point behind n \VAAC, Alary Pntricin O Ilarn, former Pacific and Cuna- Jiiin distance freestyle champion. Zoc- A n n , who is Hearing the heights in her swimming arid diving career although she is just a few days m.ire t h a n 1L years old, will enter a n o t h e r meet in Chicago April U, 10 and 11, where :'xr-;tm P trip she will compete for the first time in the- senior national indoor meet, entering l . n l h lowbnartl and high- hoard events. Mrs. Olsen and Zoc Ann arc- Inivine; lodi-.y in order . J t h a t Zne Ann will have a chance opportune about my l ', and u s try ther realize how much you arc doing, but I for one can tell you that I Huston is a Ljg- place and nothing is so welcome to a soldier as news from home. At present I urn at Jefferson just outside the city about twenty miles we saw tome negroes hunting with beagle hounds. They had quarters officials have started ^ Qrracks taking my basic train-1" 0 Runs, they ran the culling through the lists of 4-F men in each board in the state and are calling up those defence for defects no longer considers as making- a man ineligible fo service. A number of men put inti 4-F several months ago will b called into service this spring un der the less strict present require meets, it is understood. Biggest difficulty confronting the Cedar Falls board at the pres ent time is^the question of jus where to draw the line of deferment of agricultural workers There are as yet no specific instructions on this subject, and the board has to decide each case individually in determining whether or not a farm boy is essential and irreplacablc farm worker. In this task the board has the co-operation of the county agricultural war board. Richards Buys Lots Implement and Coal Dealer Asks Permit to Erect New Business Structure ing, but I am expecting Lo be moved soon to" some college where I will begin my studies us a cadet in the army air corps. I'm q u i t e sure that by (his tir.ic, almost everyone is familiar with the routine of basic training so I'll not. go into detail. In gtncral, the- weather here is rather bright and mild hut we do have frequent short showers. I think t h a t n.nst of the iioy-, will agree Unit I his early train- rabbit; ing is no fun an I I'm sure lhai they lies. down. Thcrc urc sure lots of rabbits in the south. I noticed use small logs for railroad We seen Randolph Field, and I believe that is thc largest I've ever seen siiicc I've been in the army, nnd 1 think I've seen every kind of plane of a U. S. style. I was in San Ar.tonio for about an hour on our way out, again I trip \ia.s a long drawn oul voyage, but the army knew w h a t was going lo happen, « 0 L \ Ky made ai-ran K cnic-nl s to nuikc us ·'is comfortable as uu^ible. We li-id all kinds O r e n t e r t a i n m e n t s . we all look forw.'^d when we have it f i n ; thclcss, I'm wo trade our uniforms for clothes until tins thine; saw the extension No. 2 of Kelly Field, another \nrgc air base. While passing thru the wide open .spaces I saw a coyote, he was of gray color. We ^aw jack · Ne^1 rabbits, rabbits ami pri.ii'i.-.s chiclc- woukln I t n s ga | orCi tlKT( . nre . l]so t | l n u _ c i v i l i a n t . an( j E Qf juci^ j n l n c swamp.-, and - over, l ow | an d s . j n o Lj C cil the farm lo the lime i such us moviriK ,,ic(u,-e mutches, wrestling matches oui- radio for music and n cws. Ami I will take t h i s lime to tell you that the I*. S. navy denied Ul . top a month ago in the junior na- tionnl indoor highboarcl meet in Chicago. Her mother, .Mrs. Art Olsen. will be one of ihe officials nt the meet in Chicago next week, The boxing mwt wi " L"' lR 'liI in the same pool used for thu j u n i o r national event and puss · i- I , * t ., - - . - . -- . . - . . j . i inj-ii_i_ u tin: j u i i n e r ' ; even ,1 we could At present, the ]lkc lo U6e t h c ,,, ,, thought of wmmng my wmgs I J)ccre trilcto| . K bold above everything else and I wcro ,, fcu . am prepared to put fnrth my best efforts. Allis Chalmers. We've been traveling i n the T , . ., , . Davis mountains and now arc leav- I feel that yon are doing more j n( , lnc . m Trom El PHSO we crossed the Kio Grunde river where Jfcxico is, there we changed lo ;n hour early ,han your share and I would like to give my lave appeared in your paper. Yours very truly, (.ilcn l-'k-ck Jim Emerson Is Safe Overseas Jim Emerson has cabled hia mother, Mrs. Earl C. Emerson of Volga, la., that he has arrived safely overseas. A recently commissioned pilot officer in the Royal Canadian air force, Jim had expected to be sent to England for a final six before or eight weeks to active did not .' tell where he had landed, but it is thought to have been on the British Isles. Ted Richards has bought six lots and the building where his implement and coal business is located, from his sister-in-law, Mrs. Gyneth Richards. He is attempting to obtain a permit to erect a new building on the location, and if this \a granted he is expected to raze the rambling old buildings damaged by fire a short time ago. , to western time. Didn't sec much · in New Mexico cxecpl desert lam) r wilh plonty of Mexicans nnd Indians. They sl:][ havr; their old ndobe houses, mosl buildings arc- nothing but shucks. I bought ,i little trinket Sunday morning, March 14, I IMS Dear Mow and all, Well I finally K ,,t to my ile.ti- ,,,, I n d i a n # r] u t y ^ j - ^ - nntion, we wound up hr-re ,n San- Seen the stnte prison there ami ta Anita, Calif., the prcat race |,,t s o f horse track known all over the slayim? here f th swell. I u s u a l l y n,;,de each d: in regularity, and found oni tint one could pass tin time HO »·, iwt to notice tin long trip v, c had before us. I would K ei -i,, ;,, Hi- m o r n i n g about ft ti'cloik, eat h r e a k f a s t and last month. K t t hack In n,y m a k e m y l,e-i, (juartci.s. T h r i I lifr; belt ;ui-l v , (,'t't u l i t t l fr. in the b u n t i l I h (lay after day. All we coUd .see was other ships in thc cotu-oy, water and flying fish. C u t I usu-il- ly stayed on deck u n t i l about noon, (,'0 down and gi-l^ ixidy for d i n - u r , follow Ihe ciiow'lui'- t h r o u g h ar:l .le pjjg quarter. 1 -, i ,| l -iin n,, the I ! , i u l d p u i on my n,, on ileck to air, also take- i n i i , i j u t i t wasn't ion^ n - e i i r i y was the sami 1 then lie un my I.unk for a-.vhile lo rest. The-.. I m.nld take off for the show, in- ivl.alever kind of en- t e r t a i n m e n t .scheduled for that cc-rtuin a f t e r n o o n . That would priicticnlly ti.k-' up my time until Hujiptr. Af i c r suiiner I I would t a k e a :,a!t v,,iU;r biilh( by thc way did you ever try tn make country. Wo section ganp. They have long hair., j t ' ' . ' ,,,,, '"-' -- on their S l a t ' , 1 . 1 ,, -- ' 1J "'vii nuitu *vitn iJiK.s. the stables and they arc really Leaving there WG crossed the nice B,n e Crosby u^d lo have Colorado river irilo California his horses here in these .same Thcrc w char)KC( , OU1 . ££· barracks or stables I'm sleeping a n hour early to Pacific lime in. You remember when the- C °v- Now we arc nearinir thc Poc'kv emment moved all the Jap, out of mountains, there are V LONG CHASE dogs. Walker hounds, Be- *° Joe Keltncr of Wapello a wolf 25 miles before " adt the "catch." Keltner, by Bob Erwin and attempted several ' he ad the wolf off in their w ere unable to do so. The JT chase proved very in- a s most of the time the dose enough to see the FROM AMBULANCE A fall from an ambulance as she was on the way to a Cedar Rapids hospital caused Mrs. A L. Dean of Tipton a broken collar bone, a deep gash on her beat and severe bruises. Mrs. DeAi was accompanying Mrs. J. W. Dean to the hospital when the incident occurred. An egg laid by a White Leghorn hen on the Clarence Vincent farm of Lacona was found to contain another small one, complete, ONE LEFT ^th soften « n d all. The or the eight boys in the smaller egg was about the size tern family of Little of a' robin's egg. been called into active and naval service in less year. Vinton, a sophomore 1 school, is the only remain- n at home. Mrs. Wittern «» her boys each week, and does not use duplicate In dif- Victor Henderson of Folk City had a letter from a brother, Aug. list, in Sweden, the first in 16 months. No mention was made of war conditions in Sweden. A letter sent by Mr.-Henderson by air null, took nine months to be delivered in Sweden. Bud Froning Safe In North Africa Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Froning have received a cablegram from their son Bud, somewhere in North Africa, saying that he la well. This is the first word received from him for some time, A member of the American air corps, he is believed to be flying with Montgomery's British army. snow caps on nnd they are about 0,000 - __ove sea level. We are about were moved lo the central U B rt GO miles from Lo, Angeles and ahout all in these stable., too until they f« t of U. S.A. so we enjoyed il. Then I would shave and he ali-cady for I ho bis evening, which v. as devolrd- ti listening to Lin radio, or maybe there would he :L fi lendly (,'amc- of cards Says Soldiers Prefer Letters'from Home More Than Food "JMin in the camp.s will miss their meals h e f o i c I hey will drop "lit of ,'ine u h e n mail is being distributed." 'lYt-hnii-al Corporal Elmer Lueb. an ,mn.v mail clerk .it Tamp While, OIVJMH, (old the I'rocTi us-Review M'edm-.-rlay. Corporal Lj"l). .-tin f .Mr. and Mrs. 1-corK'.- I.Lt-li of the .luliilee comm u n i t y , is home I h i s n-ei k on Air- Ile urged (hi. folkv til home not to wail for loiters from t a m p he- fore writing In the hoys, .Soldiers and failors ilou't akvuy-, have time fo write Idlers hut n o t h i n g is more i m p o r t a n t lhai ilicy should KI-| letters from tumiu, "I've blown my whibtlo for mail call at the .same Imie ihe whistle for chow sounded," he eornmcntcd, "und e!:nosl wilhouL exception the men have come r u n n i n g to pet mftil and let their meal, \\tut." Corporal Loeh said that newspapers from home towns were especially appreciated. Thc boys look on them ai "Letters that don't have lo be answered," he aaid, and enjoy them all the more for that reason. aboul. We had a post ex- you and can sec now orchards, orange We arc stationed 20 miles from mountains Hollywood. We can go over there groves -m t f r°o r iley 5 oTbus TMte n 'are lo'l/of arrl ' Vcd ' i n Los An B el " ^ "TM good looking girls here too. "uT to^camn!" ^ " ^"^ My trip out here was really Well I K ue S s this i.s about nv . lh tll .. nice with the exception of riding know now. I believe I'm going lo only on day coaches. At night we ] ike it he-re. We a,-o going to have tore back .eats apart and made c i B ht weeks beds, but they were so hard. We to mechanical thcn on going training here, then school r or f o u r Herbert Halbfass Is in New Zealand Herbert F. Halbfass has formed his family tbat he is sta tioned at a base hospital in New Zealand. He is a pharmacist's mate third class in the U. 5 Navy hospital corps. "COWCATCHER" ASSISTANT Pvt. Robert Brereton of Em- metehrarg, home on furlough, "hat tried for a day to get · pheasant, during the recent banting season, 3Ut without success. Later in the day, after hunting in rain in ankle-deep mud, after bidding- bis sister goodbye at the railroad station he saw a pheasant lying be- ,twwn the rail* afWr the train had (polled out. Y«, he got the bird. Tfco.. ,, M.7 f ^ i , lp · ""·" "" la a permanent They really felt good when we base. Thcrc arc- a few boys here ^°^° TM ':!'. "'£ T ; (l " v '' f «- Iowa, v,e have one'in our went outfit, I'm ,,(,,·,,£ to | ook tht , m u p ^^· t '~~" TnP. Kf'l'f Piirit in /Vint-nn i n /··_ i:*_ _ Sunday, our day off. I through eipht different state Florida, Alabama, . n Anzona and . in charge to Califor- Missiaaippi, nia Wa3 f r o m A | dcn ;' Jo - Mexico, a f j n e f c |j ow . We n]1 hl trip nnd a good time. Vm Citing tired so gucs, II When I left Miami Bench Monday nitc we went to sleep and close-." Write' "soon' slept thru most of Florida. We saw where a hurricane went thru Jacksonville, tearing up trees and buildings. We changed from eastern time to central time at Chat- tahoochie, Fla. We ate supper at Pensacola Field at one o'clock in the morning and left immediately. change aboard, where we could buy ice cream, candy, smokes und muny other commodities that were essential, Ucd lime was ten o'clock, from t h e i c we dreamed thc until dawn. K v c i y t h i n g went fine unt ahout thc twelfth day out. Who the sea really j;c-t rouifh, th waves were from 40 to 60 feet in height, They would splash ove the bow of our ship, till we hm to stay below deck to keep from petting wet. I recall one morning in particular when I went down for breakfast, I set my plate down at one end of the table, and before 1 I,AIU;E IIHAVKU P(Mmis.siori had been yi to Love to all, Pfc. Don Berryhill Co. C 27th Bn. 0. T. C. Camp Santa Anita, Arcadia, Calif. Somewhere in Africa March 12, 194.1 I was asleep when we went thru TO the Progress-Review nnd my Alabama. When we woke up we friends in nnd Around Ls Porte were along the Gulf of Mexico. City, Iowa: We crossed the Gulf in one place First, I am asking for an on a long railroad bridge. apology for not -writing to We stayed over in New Orleans much sooner, but of my letter I any place in townt ate breakfast will understand why, at eleven and dinner at two. After thought of you most *Wty dinner we saw the show "Com- since I arrived u ' " ' knew it, some other guy wna eating oub of il nt the other end o thc table. Boy that ia %vhot I real ly call rough. Although I stoo jt very well was where a loi of thc boys started getting sen sick. And I can truthfully say thai you had to have a cast iron slomnch to lake it. Well, our fun wag all over soon after, as we had reached our des- Linalion, and thc time was grow- ng near for us to disembark. You can't imagine what I was think; about that time. We were mak- ng our landing in the dark so that did not help matters as far as I ·as concerned. We anchored the arge ship about six miles out to and 'at a set time we were ilde of it the gnmc warden near Bedford to trap beavers Ihut had tit-en proving nuisances in thc neighborhood. Harold Frcc-myci- has been displaying a '1U-II. female buaver he cuufthl in u steel tra[» The fur is prime and \vnrth about £3,', however, he- iva- to turn it over to the Slate Conservation Commission. PISTOL percussion-lock pistol given him by Martin Mc-LaiiKhlin is now in thc hands of Vic Znll of Wau- ton. It i.s estimated that the pis- ;ol is 100 yeais old. Thu ;un was 'ound between the walls when the HcLaughlin home was razed omc time :i);o. The trigger action s still good but the pistol has no means for aiming. GLASS BKOKEN A windstorm causer! about two- thirds of thc glass over the doorway and ivimlov.-s of the Leach Thompson slorc in Spencer to be broken. No jagged edges were left although shattered glass covered the'aidewnlk in front of the building. ashore, I weighed about 95 pounds more than usual. With all that load I was not sure if I would make it down thc ladder It was about 60 feet from the large ship dawn to the small boat .- ' : 1 know it w»».a relief iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAPEr

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