Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 6
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THIS AND THAT Dihllas ire native (loners of Ma j Ico Make tlic handiJiake hearlv , also brief Time to raonei but a good time Isn't Anjono cm enjoj scenery without o n n l n j It. Ability docs not run lo f a m i l i e s , and nohodv knows u l i j Jf H imn i i l k s v i t l l be never glies a n y o n e eK' i !' nice Jt I' j ,i ' I Uiliin- ML soon forget a ·jl'l iii SH I'K r t s 01 er \ \ l i i r j u s i l i u i l . w l i o i t cjke wltK Clou U h i i a C i l l e r lining, It Is trui hut l l i e r Is dr mr nUi/nJ A l) t l u n i i i n i r f hen in H i l i l lo be fin r ' M s l i r i l J is bi n p Milii'") \ M i n v i u IMnl, \ ju nei 1 Mil ludi vMt i MHI I M F r i s rl In tin vilnlei U h u i v e l i i I l n ' «e in not post rd "n «li i t i" rr I 11 !",, about let us M m w i n il n t l i u _ l i m i l ' ojipn-s Hlvr I i vi a mil ir ii n ho ilo 1 i u n h break Uiem An osjiri i in vj ir vi IlluiUt anj el ortlou or "I"-' lli|'[ili(, for ten mlu u t i " nt n t i n * A J r l n r l i r ilhl ij compinv la cl pennier tin^ i ill) rulibT w h e e l s for tome of Us ' irs Mo 1 -' uT tin nr c i s t l ' S ire not sub st i n l l j l m i u * l i lo proudi steam heat Ullrl f,' od j j l u H i JIII K 'Ji-uiH Is i \ | i r l i n i l i l l l i g n l l b cotton rmds in ili or einiv in und tar nullt up In ;illi s as In tires I'oiorly br n^s lu o\\n penalties, anil hit to; tloi s rleh'S This In not a wprl'J r.HI out pi n iltli"i J'otulo's IIMI be used us the base of «n Im *;'ii'.he p i l u t H u l l n h l e for pilnllrir, feiiecs nnil inuchlncry MENTAL FOCUS HAS SPECTACULAR TREND It HfeniH tli it the human mind Indl v l i l u n l nr collective, Is not able lo fo eus ui on more tlmn one thing at a time 'Jhe imei-r thing If) tliiit this human inlnd prefers to focus upon the Hpeetnculiir rather than upon the lluck In lWi u lonely Moravian monk dlucovcreil the laivs of heredity which lion sland as tlic bedrock of the life sciences No one In 18WJ cared I" take · look at this discovery, for every one wns iirgiilrn; about Acme Incidental gouHlp vihlch Krew out of Darivln a 'Orlfln of Speeles " pntillahed In 1850 Ily ]1KK) thcj vi ere tired of the Incl ilenlul mill rutlior »pectaeular gouslp Ing liboilt Dnnvln Ihlp gave the HclenllslH a ebiinee to rosurrcet the uionk And BO the world of f u n d a mental Information took on new life Here we ire todiiy wr iiu;llmr "bout economic CPU slloiis bpecllleully iiljout dollars or t u x e s Sneh Lliliius urc lo- clddillll un] ]inn or less spetlacular We w i l l uf ( u u r b i , keep on ullh uueh NubJeelH u n t i l some oni Unild a way to focus " r iilteiiilon on men out of wiirl. 'I he iniiii n bo suiciciln In foeua Ing the publle llUntlon on tblH point will be e l l l l i i K us buek to NOIMI thine f u n d a m e n t a l J h e i c are lliose vvbu j seem to t h i n k that dluiovco Is sui to be m i d e -- ^ i i N h l n h t o n Mar Cecfic Do No Dams go riirrncfiH nt ir Cluir Lake, Cttllf complnlri(,d l.isl spring the iJilnrulInK gccsc \icrc (1 iiiinciiK,' prill u h cll[i pini: It short ' I \ \ a u l d n t (,'ht GO tc'its an ncn for It ' Mild one frinncr after InHpCLtlJir; Ma Held IJit (jccsc up])iircnl]j did no UiunUKi ltoue\tr, for win n t)i blolor/lcul fliir\ ov In npcrtor lookul o\or the Hold In T u n e IIP found llic train aliouhlor lil^li Tho blolnglt'il survey polntw out M i n t UiC CUnr I tl L ttpLrlpuce Is t}nkul, Unit gcevc nipping ofC ffniln In the nprlriK oitpiruitl} do OH no duini ye to the crop 900,000 in Cremation Society In dcllu rln^ MIL prlnclpiil speech Tt the recent calibration hi IJerlln of the tuciUU tli iinnke'ruury of the founding of tlie L'oople'u Crciiuitlnii Socl»ly In the German cnpltnl Dr Ernst von l l n r n n c k noted that the organballon Imd sprciid lo 30 cities and about 1000 snmllcr places and embraced more tlmn 000000 members One of tlic orj/nnl/utlon a Important functions Is the lonnlnt; of funds for the construction of now crematoriums In touns w h e r e tlic local groups are uunblc to DnaiiLc the work themselves Boyi Learning to Cook The next generation of boys at Queen Anne high school bentllc, are either koliitf to be bacliclors or hen pecked husbinds A goodly pcrcentnKC of the prcplcrs are taking cooklUR lessons ID tlic home economics department And tlic funny part of It Is. they actually get better grades tuan moBt of tio girls I BRIEFLY TOLD loung folks nocr BOLD) to care how cold It Is KuiiiHlon Is In Lsencc a slrMnc towards fuller ilfe Our drcjiin do not conic true because they rcimiln ilreiinn llo« dispcritc pcoplo nre Is shown by sonic of their piisllincs. So Ions an Ihcrc nrc allies llicre n l l l be a mine of a n t i q u e s The I m i p l n i l K o rlrliiuit Inspires sclinic Just us niiiih nb art One crises to circ for skatln,- about the lime he llrcs of dinclne Memory la subject to accretions which deceive tlic rememberer Divine grace sometimes descends In the form of rl»in n^moion sense. Peicock Stuff Pill* "Strutting jour stuff no longer la popular In America, according to ·n offldol of Ilotdry International The 'peacock strut" has all but dlsnp peared, Lc told British Rotiirlnns in London "America baa lost the curse of orerconfldcncc and Is trying to 05 · ume uorld resuoublbllltlcs," he sold Alfalfa, Clover I Bees Need Right Bring Late Crops Kind of Quarters May Be Used Where Chinch Bugs Have Riddled the Corn and Barley. r i i- ii cKll. I," Sr. ErKri'-hP i i is I" e m t r i ' an'J north corilnl I l l l n is " l i ' r e i l i l u l i bu.'i h i v e r u i n I H i lurn or b i r k » croi s , n I i - I b ] l i n t i d lo a l ' i H i or rod in li HMilil ]. ii i f n i i i I iinl Hi H i I ' li I Ih' is 10 UH I I n t v l n r Hi v ,, n m i l i i ' n in -f ·. in'iri nf n tin i M I rr In fil'l 1 i l l i i_-i · in 1)1 v i I I ' T l i Mini In ',11 I I !,,· i i r i l r i ii I rul i l o u r on 1 i . l M l M re II i i i n or h i r l . \ b i^ b i n I 11'il hv 111" ' i l n li Inl,,'- provided 1 1 1 V ' l l I S I I I I I' I II I s l i i r " i i ' " t i h i l B "l c n d l t l o n s In Hi n M 1' I in n I" fori- i i l n i ul f i l ' i or n I rl m i Is v I il J l i ' Mini iniisl bl 1 s l u i t nr (1 in 1st 1 in 1 a suf 11'n nt nnoiint 'if iilio^i IM rn 1 - Slrn pli tdts iro u i l l i l l ' f i r i l i t ' i i n l m r s Mils Tim S ' i ' l b f ' l ilr Hlv I is I , r r n [ir [are'l in'1 by o f ' isain il ic] l i l l o n 1 ' l i l l n i t l n n s cm In k |it In ' M i l l u t I I M h t i o n for soiilnu l " l ' l o v ( r n i l n l f i l f a rnn b" w i l l e d In mid siiimmr 'Jbls i v l l l be'p to solvi tllf prfilllfin of crop icrci^'is mil "ill m i l ' It in i t i r l a l l j c i s l i r fur f i i r i n i r s u put c crop n'ljuslmrnt procrnm Inlo i f f i c t for 1911 Choosing KCIIIII Illln,; to n j l i c e mrn that hafl lie^n rulrir 1 '! by r l i i n e h bius Is doubly illlTleillt licciUM 1 the cr'ip must be one H i n t Is I m m u n e tn the buj.'K inrl tbnt cin it the v line llini* he plnnteil at Intf dnti Sud ir gras-) and m i l l e t s ivhlrh rnulil bu HI "I'll lit thin qonson of (be n ir, arc out of Hie question bee lliHr- t i n y ur" h i g h l y f i vorcd fooilM of c l i l n t h bll n s A b o u t the onlycnhh (,rnln crnp ni ill able nt this 'Into Is b i i e k n l u i i t This will yield from Ion to us iiiariv ns t w r n t j five buHh'ls lo Hie aero ilc ponding upon snll fertility and s' ison si conditions 'J lie bnst v n r l ' t l r - s lire lapanmc und Silver Hull Finds Phosphates of J S Worth Billions T I l D flOOOOOOOO world uf pi OS plinlc ro(k \\lilcd the- p h n v p h ilc df IiosltH of llu Unllicl Stulci I m r yldil ed In i] ill" h n nni ill I K i n rnnipnriil lo tlic l o l n l plirtsphnte ri'sourna nf llilR coiiMlrj W o r k e r s of llm h u r f ill of cticinlslrv nrid solli l i n ' ioinp1(Lul n survey of A n i i r l i i s plin^jili ILO re BDurccq %-kliIih him In tn p n l I K I u « l Itv tlic Unllnl SllilcH r i M ' T l n u n t or \ j r l r u l l u r u 'J \\ty pMlin Ui A n i n r l c in I'lio-j plMile n-.0111 u s lit C200WK)(XK) IOMB tiini. n o r t h i p p i v x l u i n l d y SIS 000000. 000 l l t i Hive l h plwsphutp (It poslls of tin' L n l t u l S l i l i s form Its iii'i't l i i l i l lihle 1 n ilnr il r r t l l l / r r I I S O I I I L C nnil Jiist pliosjjli i t n r n l l l l / i r s ire used more \\ldi 1\ Jin 1 III ^n i l l r rjn mlltlr") bv Ami I K U N On mi i H limn f i r l l l l / i r q conliilnltn, o l l u r pi int food oleinenli llicsc Iliidln^s irp (if I n t e r e s t to f i r m rrs mill fi i l l l l / i r ni i n i i f n c t u r e i s '1 h N -\\T\t \ discl'tse s tin- o nil renco proihu t i o n uifl r( ··( i \ rs of phosjili lie renk In llic Unltnl Stlli-s ami pri splits d i l i l U d I n f f r n i illon on t l i d r chl inleiil composition w h l i li I n d l c i t p s the com p u n i l K e Milue of n'l lllc dompstlc \ I rletlps or plioR])li itc rotlt Mi it nre of commercial Imjioi Inncc nt the present tlmu. Replace Weak Queens and Weed Out Diseased Colonies Before Packing. lly OoriT. H rn, Se- I«rK »I"J» r ll-hu ut Airrlcimure--WNL aervicr I,erore piigilng beta for winter, r u k queens Bhould be replaced and am dliejsed colonies destrojed 1'ipnt} of honey abould be le't Tor \ Inter \ \ h e n the flnal surplus Is re- nioitd. t l i ^ l e u t o r y colonies bhould l i a i e the upper ten combs full of lioni-j It Is a mistake lo remove too uiueli lioney anJ to depend on feeding I'ei s bhould be moved out of a nloely 'oeJtlon for the winter The move m a j mean the loss of raanj bees but thr loss «111 not be serious as only tin ioun^ bees reared late In the Bea- bon the o\tr the winter W i n t e r Insulation may be applied any time after the colonies Lave been prepared for winter I'aiklng cases of \ u r l o u n sorts may be used Wood casih made of e"od grade of sldlug are i xpenklve but v.111 last tor many yciirc 'Jiir or asplult paper IB satisfactory If properly applied ' Slatcra 1 f e l t ' Is one of the most economical tar papers lo use The. colonies should be about 4 to 0 Indies from the ground If two or more coloulcn are to be packed, it IB more cconoiuleul to place them In pairs, both facing toward the uoutb or rant If pobSlble feet then) tl(,htly a n -aiin.t caeb otber Tbe upace be tKeen the bottom boards and Ibe ground should be Oiled with packing material llicn place tbe slaters' felt nround tho two colonies standing It on edge as tightly as possible against the (.round Use laths to hold the fell In pUce Four to nil InchcB of the packing Iniitorl-il ebould be packed between the felt and the hive «ldes Then put on the lop pocking and fold the fell over Use an additional piece of felt for a coicr Twine should b» tied to IiroJictlnK nails ID the loth below and c irrlcd around and over the hive until MIC whole package Is securely tied U K i l u s t damage from wind I or best results the packing should be done before the ground frcezo Feed foi Work Hoises nillclciit uorl: horics rnn be dovel oped by feeding less grain tlmn ninny fanners arc Inclined to use At tht Missouri experiment stntlon It tins found Hint one lot of colts which had a total of 4239 pounds of grain and 1721 pounds of hay ench up to the time they were three years old, made just us good work horses as those w h i c h had 7038 pounds of grain and 4 GO] pounds of hay They did not prow q u i t e as fast, and were slower In elm eloping, but there wnn legs difficulty ID keeping the colts sound In the feet and legs and an work horses they wore Just n9 satisfactory as the ones that had more grain--Successful Furmlnff Millet for Hay Like sudan, millet makes a hay rein thcly low In protein content and his about the fume adaptation For best quality hay It should be cut early be fore tho heads cat too plentiful Hud before they mature The Japanese TBrtctlci yield heaviest, but the foxtail types like the Qcrmnn and Hungarian mike a Oner stemmed and more leafy hay From 25 to 30 pounJn of need ire required Seed should be planted from one half to three quartern of an Inch deep--Hoard's Dairyman Mother of All ArtuU Man; an artist In Purls la mourning the death In Qagnes sur-Mcr, France, of Rosalie, the 'good hostess of Old Montparcasse," who was known to thousands as the "mother of all or- tlats " Rosalie left Paris not long ago to seek rest among the Oowera In the Sonth Her eating place, on the heights of Montparnnsse, was for years the rendezvous of every famous artist and model. Men. now world- famous, have eaten there when they could not pay "E^ery man has the right to eat, money 01 not," Roealle used to say--Montreal Herald. Cojolci Travel in P.clu Coyotesi In the upper reaches of the Cascade mountains are becoming more and more -wolf-like every year, says Boyd Hlldebrand, Okanognn, Wash widely known coyote and cougar hunt er. He asserts that the coyotes, driven high Into the mountains by mao'l en croachment on their doma'n, are trav ellng ID packe Their depredations will result In u 25 per cent decrease o the deer fawn crop this year Hllde- brand urges employment of competul to indicate Uw Girlf Kiit Policemen Policemen on traffic duty In London have been embarrassed recently by requests, "May we kiss you?" from pret ty girls In automobiles In some cases the klsi hiiH been auatchcd without permission It Is part of the nutomo bile 'obstacle race" craze among young society people Kissing a po llccman la considered a "hazard." P0pp«red Mother had repeatedly warned Hkli ard abont eating persimmons thai WLCC not ripened, but chlldllkf, he had to try one He rushed In to bis sister exclaiming ' Oh h h h, Marjory, thfit persimmon peppered me I" InterrofjBliDii Merger "lou are. not starting any more In v OHM en lions" "No," answered Senator Sorghum ' W e have asked Questions until vie know all the answers The question cow Is to decide what to do aboul thorn " Almott Too Familiar Arthur--I left a batch of f u n n y R'o lies here for your approval Do you happen to have read them? Editor--lea, many times--Stray Stories No Doubt The Boss--The lut boy we had was north twice as much a* you arc OlTlcc Boy--Old he get It? Good for Him "John talks In his sl«p" "How's thutr ' H« recited In class today " Greet Idee Mm, Snapper--You can cut some people by Ignoring them Mr Snapper--I wish ! ;oold cut the Inwn that Way of All Haibudi Jones--I've come to the conclusion that women are puzrles- BmUtv--So have L I've had to give leveral of them nn Putting 'en AcroM ·Who Is that man over thefe snapping his QDgersr" "That's · deaf-mute with the hic- coughs "--Pointer. A Different Kind London child Con her Brst view of a rainbow)--Oo-mummy--what Is It, advertising!--Tmtler (London). Agricultural Squibs More than 200,000 goats and sheep ire being raised on the Aegean Islands. e · · Colored llgnU are being used to protect California's crops against Insects. · e · Brood sows thai will produce lit ten this spring should have plenty of exercise They should be In good fleah but not too fat at (arrowing time. · e · It Is estimated that If the purchasing power of agriculture could be restored, the farmers of the Dnltei States would Immediately purchase m less than 1500,000,003 worth of pain alone · · * Cull potatoes can b« utilized by feeding them to bogs, cooked and fed to replace part of the grain. · i · On the average, German workers eat 24 bushels of potatoes! to the person a year; tbe worker In the United States eatsi about 3 bushels of pota toes a year. e e · Compressed air machines hare been pressed Into service of tree pruneTM. I Is said that one machine can do Ih work of 30 men In an orchard ax of 8 In s. Tlocyard. Save Vegetables, Fruits by Drying Simple Screen Set in Sun or Modern Cabinet Get Good Results. r M i r i a m J IVHllamj Eitelulon "Su il l l o n U u e^jlorado AErl^tnmr^l Col U L « -- VVSU aer»lc« Drvlng Is a simple and econouilfil icthod of preserving vegetables and rultfl for winter nse Dried proilu'ti eep wll refresh and cook cislh "nil re ubuallv of good texture and f l n o r boy are easll stored since tbci ir»* bout one fifth of tnc fresh proiliifis n sire and weight There In no nuos on of nomcld vesctaMis buns wife" w ben they are dried Provided vegetables and f r u i t s irp ulekly and tliorou^bN dried ami { torcd away froia ]ns'cl3 tbcrc H no oubt as to thcl- keeping q u a l l t h s | E'lulpmcnt for drying mav varj from lie Hlinplcst screen act In tbe hun up D boioa or chairs, to cupboard like n^eincnts with several trajs us ng urtillcJal heat Chief c o n s l d i r i Ions ure protection from dust ami lea high temperatures and free elr ulatlon of dry air A sloping roof with a heal r e n e c t i n j u r f a c c n ilits for a higher tempera uri- llian a horizontal surface P u l r l y auilure vegetables and fruits with a high sutar content are uvier o Ury tb in the qulek growing. Imiim ure kind Green vegetables such as reen beans and Hplnacli ucterlor ilo o m c i v b i t d u r i n g storage after drin,- Hliousli gr'ens especl illy r e t a i n h e i r fresh color when ilrled q u l e k l v lany consider dried greens superior o canned greens Ve^etiiblcs to hi* dried should be rrcih and In prime niullUon for the tnble- Colorado Farmers Find Trench Silos Valuable Stxenl hundred Colorado Tinners i l l l Ai£ trench silos on their f a r m s his -eiir according to present indi ; I t i o ' s Moie 111 in r 00 farmers w h o apprc- c i i t e the l a l u e of ullage In fecilliiK Ivc stock due auch silos last year A ilow, n slip or fresno a spado a team mid the farmer B labor lire all tint are necessary ID digging n troneli silo Many farmers have found It con rcnlcnt to dig their slloa w h e n their bor and equipment »CTG not needed 'or other farm work Sllaee from trench nilos htia proved ully us coou a feed as silage from upright bllos according to II B Qs l a n d associate In anlrail Imesllgu- lona for the Colorado Agricultural v.ol- Icgp experiment stntlon and C V Smith, extension dairyman. Beekeeping Suannlne should be modcrnl/ed ns much us any other hranch of beekocp The old method of climbing Into the lop of a tree with a basket at tli» risk of being severely stung or bclns njurcd hy falling from the tree should be n thing of tlic past The risks taken n such cases far outweigh the \nlue of the swarm Swarming can bo Inrgcly controlled jy modern methods of better maniac menu The percentage of colonies tlisit nttcnipt to suarin la greatly reduced ly clipping the wings of queens prior to the awarinlng season Those «ho cnnnot be present vthcn an arms Issue In which case clipped qucona may be lost, may put a queen and drone trap over the entrance for a few days nhcn a colony In found preparing to uuarm The beet policy, however, Is to treat such colonies BO that DO swarms will Issue Ibis Is done either by making an artificial swarm or by removing the queen --Montreal Herald He Hud II "So, after stealing my heart \ou ro- fuse to marry me' I I I go and e n 1 IT alll" ' Y o u haven't the heart I" N.lurallr Lopftcr--Lust night I dreamed llm I had died Lazier--What woke you up? Lopher--The heat of course. Same Remit "The single tax" roared the orator, "will save the country It will cut j o u r bills In half .Nou, folks, cnn jou think of anything else that will do this' A listener replied 'Sure--a pair of scissors '--I'athDnder Magazine NO Eicap* -Its an n n f u l business going to t neddlng "Then win jo?" "Idiot I I am forced to go It's mi ow n ' Duped ID l)i* Dark Mrs A --My Imslmnd hns no Idon u h u t I go Ihrough n h c n he snores Mrs B --Mine never mlssc* his small ellhpr Plans for Corncribs For the convenience of the farmer, working plans and bills of materials for a simple and Inexpensive corncrlb and for a combination crib and grun- ary have been developed by the bureau of agricultural engineering, United States Deportment of Agriculture Either Is available upon app'lcatlon to the bureau The cribs arc oC frame construction and are rot proof They have mldd'e driveways removable ventilators and drying racks, and drag doors. The devices for ventilating and tor rat proofing may also to nsed In remodeling oil structures The details of con- Btrnctlon can be app'ied In building cribs of greater or smaller dimensions or oC different types. Aren't W» All? "So yonr boy Is a short story writ «r "Its, even time he writes home It's the game etory about how short he bj."--3DSVeri (London). Ffctfti Accuracy "How did you lose jour ptilrion? "For being too accurate." r-vum the Tilt. "I took down the boss' gram tu exactly u kt ipoki If Have You Ever Seen Your Home Paper Thrown Into the Gutter or Waste Basket Before it was Thoroughly READ O But gutters and waste baskets are filled every day with unopened, unread expensive direct advertising, sales ammunition shot into the air, and cheap publications promoted by fly-by-night artists. A newspaper always commands an audience with prospective customers, especially your weekly home paper. It is never thrown aside without first being read from "kiver to kh- er." You never see it littering the front yards, or streets, annoying the housekeeper or marshal. That is why intelligent, attractive newspaper advertising is known to be the most effective form of advertising for youi business. An advertisement in The Progress-Review will reach the buyers in the local trade territory and will be read by hundreds of people. Progress-Review La Porte City, Iowa Pure Seed Needed for Beller Wheat Gio\veis Should Test Vaii- cty. Adopt K i n d SaiL'jJ to Community. TV Tr T lun k \l ! 11 *, ! « iMir \ rlli ( n ( I n \ -s,l ·- I n 7 ( d i m i of ul il f. i c T l i f t l i m n nf !( i d n m l i r |1 i , u l muni iif (In \ r i i h ( n i i ! i i n t liii|)ro\mu nl i^ ·· « i l i n n Ji (^ r i i i l I Hie- T i t t [li n «="' ll U H t III I ' l «, S, 1 ( IS L l ( l l \ m ^( (I \\ c norJ «- nf~ rn nl ^f i n 1 n ill/n in t il 1110 1m, i MI m i PS MinUrs IH il r\ n i l i - ^ i r r ·. 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Creamy tomato 11 Mi.carani.lf cheese in Grilled carrots 05 wtth chopped ^g§.W itute with ressing 10 Bread c butter 05 Ice box dessert n I T l3n t much lo Hucnd--but It s a lot to eat Thin dmntr I 8 not only Ineipensivc and delicious but It 19 Kcncroui in food value because It Is dlelctlcallj sound Ltls sec w h a t Is in U o[ upecia.1 value Tomatocq, In the cockta'l contain a vitamin uhlch helps us to Ret Iron out of other loods and spinach contains some of tble Iron So do carrots contain iron Lettuce la that leafy vegetable n h l r h Is so essential m lu cai clum content for our teeth as well 11 for our central health Clip It out and add It to our lint of dcllcloni th'lll ilnnors Creamy Tomato CM 11 jii j] 1lc tho contents of a 12V= ounce can of tomato Juice and one hulf O r a nix ounce can of evaoorated milk cold Pour tomato ji"« into the milk, season w i t h il and pepper Serve at once Orange Ice Box Dessert AJJ one fourth cup of orange Juice inJ two tablespoons of lemon JURE w one-halt the contents of a I I f nTM can o[ condensed milk Soft's one-half teaspoon gelatin in one tablespoon cold water, dis=olic over hot water and add lo th« "Ilk Add two tablespoon' "ppped walnuts Put a lw.r "' split lady fingers In a nol.l ad 1 ni « of Ihc milk mltturp Pu- f. nolh " layer o( lady flnR"" ·"" "« rest of the m i l k m i x t u r e mil ' h raorc lad y f" 1 "- 8 chl " Vsc Brmrdare Coffee and vour breakfast will be Rood Brust. The Progress-Rex icw i s equipped to get out wedding invitations and -innouncemcnts on short notice Up to-datc stationery and good workmanship 11 guaranteed Prices rcos- I ············· MONUMENTS Way to Wash Hair Stops Dandruff N" more lak « on dark clo'the's no it-ore t h r A suitable Alnrkcr is a Inb- ulo (o the departed Take advantage of (he reduced prices offered by the Waterloo Monumental Company, Inc. First door east of First Presbyterian Chcrch. WATERLOO, IOWA = hair caused" by smother* uandruff' Now you can be Jr" » just by -washing our h amazing new way. I ' tcl1 s , f Remover Shampoo docs i wings--it dissolves even, bit oi * .._ a "d removes it absolu " n e n o u rinse your hiir, o- n(J1 I Uirt go together' 7 Bc Size 63c - T ^ *' 50 size II 20 J Blanchainc . Co II III Eight For Sale. f ooiu modem house, e or write Mrs NFWSPAPFK!

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