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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1818
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K - i j. in' I" r, 1 i li i J J ) i ' r ' ' v - . - - ' - " ; Scra.,t m maruinfw 'af s7V - r.'o. Od yonder hill, whera w CWiiuoU m.led, And rtJl vhrtnyeMt,1eldtdwil4t 1 hart ia alatety mnM fhineara prat, 1 - .relator tuia ha kg tUtll t Aod irsot atNM, by rstrioliMa aaa pay, tw.ak speech, uws and tt - ht dollar per day. Oft hay t JovUrad, wham tlM nana - tids can, Witt, wonted summons bro'l thee to their hall, $U1 pleased each member's wcU known phis to " tract. - . And read. h diary ia his mbTtt!rrgs race s : Th tmsy Wight, wh buttle thro' the door, Prompt to begin, Impatient for Um floor, , ; E is, bis pocktU, aad his a very look Aa futt of baiine - a as merchant's book ; - v The Inii fop, with long and Imteriag paea Thai iwiUn oa reluctant to mi piece, Or spr.4 before the Are with vacant ttare, . Orestes of himi; his frolics, or bit fair ( , ' The ely intriguer with hit abtl gtaace, Tito bob4leteUhat aotwers it ; TVi wily ooortiar with Us heartless aaftilaa, Tk plain blunt sRa whoee rota thoaa amllet Tt.. k.t mW artus ateim fa taas - h t .; Flfa'depth of Wisdomby hi length ol speech t , t j. Ot buaihrrrhoricfi, who with fcer end doubt, ' ; J i : Aspires lo bring kJs wsklea talent imt : " ndt)M.ala patriot, Btaplf satisfied, ' wnhft,tHt,uxxrfptL' V , v - TAtt a moiley net, af various worth, r 1. ' , 0frm lh gorge soulkorthsSAy aocth. j - . . t Or where Um teeming, watt, aakU WiUa w9 " t J: - .. - arnail. i For fetor trinpk mn hartUrdy Wtl - ' '4 elranoa hart, arittua tha Mt of po Wf , A al felly biy, whilt the vtmot boor. Clett biav, Vbera atttramoa raady - aiada art " aoita, " . I, - ; - .! , j. - i' ' y Aad aprin for o?, Ura Abbea or Cora ! ! ! To oiaar raaiaa, tlirw aad toinona art Frayaraa tha la wgirct to play bit part ) , 4atwAioai,laa4arb0TdcniBO, Doet tha wtaaat work, aad ttrat oar toil aad Una, llow wa ejr (ovaraeMAt and goraraod bit, ' WhroaaaaleUahiaodaUarflt! . I3patM, ia bar airy tm, 1iCht fancy Sokw lUiar offbacf - ataaki; . Or tap Lytwryui AooaVd bit narrat to ttraia, To thuaap iho anril or impal tha plaat : luttach atraoiforautioa who'd baliata ? Yat fact oatdoe what hacy ca roacaire : ! for all caaxliiioea, a;ary art uvl trtda, With at eta farabh Solon raady auda t Aod arery boa art Criopia, if b choott. 8hal) cobble la wt at wU at cobble thoaa, be. be. , With doe deference to the bard, we think tbttatwe Untt rather ttUTaad closuy ' C4. From late Engliah paper, receired at the office ' - of the Sew - Fork Ereniof Pott , V . tO.XDOX Jao 21. , :WrVffn'. Oo Aktarday lattj a air Matthew Bloitm wai drirlnj a cbaiae down Ludjala - bill, lha hoe fell, aad threw - r Matthew out of thr rehide npoo the pareOMt, and broke Mveral oTbMnDa. The wormy keigtt axV Oaa in a bopfl ilQ&tioo. , 11m dinoer that Wa iotand led to bare baen firee yeattrday to air Murray ,' Max 9U aod hit Iriaada, by the PaU - MtU com Itoiltot, bat beeat deferred to a futare day ia coo - laeqiicnce of the melaarholy acckleat which hap - 'panaJ lotir Matthew Btotarn, who wu to hare Ukea the chain A Very 4ae ttrUo wat proeid - od for tha occaiioa. j A'atxmi euriMify. A sinu!ar and rare curl - oaity, wU worthy the attcoboaof tha aatoraliat, baa recently been picked ap at tea, aod it aow in tha poeteMioa or Mr. Dock, chemist, at liar - Wich. It it dewribed in BetnciU Kittory o birdt (rot - IL para 309), in an attract from GerriTi Utxbtl, pablithed io 1597, and it calUi the bar - Bade tree, or tree bearing raew. Tb shell it HmilArt6ihtrifaiucle, butcompoedof fivo dideneni parte, and attached to the wood by a wKw, rwmMif 5 the wiodpipe of a chick, lour or r. mchet to mvgm t ami, noiwiitjti - .oti - i? tha cniuy baudreda which hn to a few in be ef Die tree, the reaembUnce io part of a fowl yaAandUUartly'frtoi3lln. A aertaVarau;ie or "i" W'loderful curitiat of . fare waa exftibfted la Leodon, tad attracted tattta attentHio. t'mtr airnfy. A emniltation of itm ybj - " ridn toother With mitgwm JUcbtrda, w - held m Thornlay oeaio npoo a very reapect able arirrt, fi oaa tha cooaty of Gal way, who, oa lit OMdo to town npoo tome bailaeat of hi - own, waa requested, by th head of a re pert bla fiunity, iaUioj ia that comity, to convey With biaa a very large ma of money for cerium gnrpoaea, which, the peutlaoiaa wat confident, a 900 Id opt place ia nore eacure hantlt. So careful wa the pnea;of hia trust, trtat harin;, 00 the road to town, bronzht it for aecority a - bout bit peraan to bed, he Uncied, in the coane of the night, that a perton ttond over him with a ejittol ia hi band, demanding the aiooay, which wat the entire aubjeet of hi thourht. Deter mined to protect him elf and th mcoey (rota the (OpOdaed robber, he made a ludden blow at the imaginary pistol wkheuch force that he unbrtu - oMtlt ttruck bts arm aninat tha bed poat aa vio lently at to fracture it, and render amputation oecemry. The riofortunate clerermaa hid r qneated 43 boors time to consider whether or not he thould aubrnit to a tacrillre, which for ever render nun anllt for an duice, that, in hb early days, be bad aolemnly bound himself to , perforni. 1 SVafCTwi thehritof the tun on Sstur day morning lait, at Ttybach, (ilmorgrahirr, that atexMt,iOiin a tliort dittance of Mr. rbillp Jonet'i house, wnt actually erf aj(r, and partly cousumed before it waa ditcovered, - Fnm. the Dublin Evening Put, Jutu 30. ' VulragtMiJfr. G rattan. We resret exceed - ingly to atnte, tbat tle pnj'o.'ace broke oat into chef open out raze agaiiat their Repreerati - tivee. A chair of lootiderable value, highly decorated, wn prrpareU vr the Kepretratatitee, hat t'roia ttie moan; at they appeartd, they were received with hitaet and groaoa. - Tbt - y not procpMled SO pcrei ep Henrv ttreet, when t violent ae!t commeuced. The dag - brrtrert ia the front of the rar were attacked witb grrai fg - ry, aad were obliged to convert inetr dita; atavei latownpouofdeoce. The battle, bowiTcr, wa ihort , MUrilte b gfin tt Oy in altdirectioaa, aad w he (ortve Hitb a mixNiie.ot iodipn tme ed horror, tbat Mr GraMaartyived aeon touoa ia the lorehead ; he We - b'igd to de . aceorl frocn tlie car. whuh e inU 4JV lorn (r at itnt. The, Right Um. GillerrM.n took tb. Iter in a boo ia Alary - afreet, and Mr. Shaw retired alto. . Further aarrtijwior Tbe aeotJe in laree mal - tltuoV, (o.iiiiied (a collect amuud the huaM or Mr. rretton. (wnere mr. umw.ii vie, reiof; anamine; every moment a tpore ilett roiaca aai ferocioii itppcaraace. Mr. Guiruiei. Mr. aed ether, ad - dreaeed the m from the window, , bat it appealed to produce only the tranoaitity of a aomrnt. Lorfl Clareaoat, tiid aaamber of other cv tle tea appeared at the w iouw wDea Mr. Pil ire reenpuct - d ia ti e lre - t bf ibe abuiii - terte, who muatdiateiy K.ti - ttd tiiat be h.til . addreai theta. Me Wai MCHOmt admitte - : ntetae liwt, aM be, Mr. GeiwM, and Utd Crararat afood tofetUrr upon tb . plalicna be - aeaihthe window. T When r - uWe V stored Ions: rni.upiBjmie a taoaunce aeariy at. lot "f 77 ",J" - mrJ, Too keow weT whit 1 nwi mr ine naiaiHen maaaiua.t 1, " 'ne TitHaown msaaaioar - ttoa rc of We do, we do - eed7, huow iiw what 1 arH lor my eoaatry (Criee ol Brave) lo the aaate, lliea. ot the character, aot ruerelv of ih.i hast Meat man, bet 01 that coeotry akn, I rN m jm 10 reneeia nom irom (n slain Vk L . - J L I - . d . . . aj aooiairuioat larpinrae naa cast op 00 ft You have wrongs, aod t know ih m - I fret thaaa - btrt ia the aame ef U01I, wl(k theae wrona auoo vour eeemiei. and a - t aa - oa year tloat aad tndefatraable friwid Rrarsibcc trit wa ILti ft ya a eonttlto - iio and ram amber too, if all wart tikt rim, my p"oco'zatryaB wuU iill hara a J7 fApuUUt, Ilartooi, out tipwwiT, drtta roo, it roa. fai hofcaif of TOttmlraa ia )half of thattaaeltbapMpia, aad ttatidinf by tba on ti that rioriont Uaraxtuai. whom i ampoaucmuy .n ik - atha Ptoola. (Utr that waa aa asirtrsad bnrat of applaota, aad Lord CUrasaoat rtpeatedly maUa btt actnowieug - Btaata.1 RaaMwber 5782.. Rtmtmbtr Um parted of Um abtatinabU Unioa ! and prova by yoar orwdnct aow, tbat yon na aoc lor - oi uwa. umaa. (Wa wUl, wa will.) Thtra it only ta - way tu dams it. iM not m aa pit. uhmmi broasht wii J ireoto, at aiafrgw ' ia, wuh thtdaat and boat of dait imataOaa ta;u - hiiaf ateottWDrora Um oacawty of hit tatba - by act, aot word. Coom, (ira mat tiiret hearty cbaan, and than let arary aua go poaco - abl hoeM. 'ITiit aJJf eat happily prt)Jucdfb affect. Tbt holt nullitodeeava thrta dutidct rhaart, and ia a few Biuotea tlwr waj not a traca oi int (rigbtfal uproar which bad m terriOed tbt aaigb - bourbood. . .. i . Mr. GratUa raUrad, qolta aibaattcd, to bn carrtan, which wurted for bi at fha tatrcoiity of Abbay - buM. Ha wat atUadrd by Mr. li. Bmbo, Mr. Grattau.Jr. Jdr. Oumnei, lord CUraatoot, irc tc. . , jfKir - roHK xruwro post. TUESDAY. AUGUST 18. ftunirciftnf - The perfectloa to which thia art hat arrived, and the extent and tuccert witb wbkb4t lapractued, i truly alarming to tha a dally, and call lnidly for public visl. raoca aid attention. There it aot ft dy (hat ptueet, derieg which we do not hear of the ar - rett of eomt yillaia ia our aeighborhood for eoun - terfeitiog, or Aad afloat, tome new dinominat oa of countarfcit paper : There it not a mail that arrive, which dote not bring at tome doiea froth WMtancet of the prevaleace cf tbi abomiuable apecietof crime, aod the ugeatoo device re torted to by rwiodlert to inipoae npoo that part of the eomiaitoJly who are the least able to tuftsin the lot. . Unb'l withia a few yaar, the trirnce of coob terieitio; hat beea ao impcrfertly undentoml, aad the tporioa paper to rlumtily executed, that none bat poor Judgee of bank - paper, and comparatively bat few of these, were impoJ apoo but withia a few month, th cajo bat beeo greatly altered. Engrar:agt are now to accurately execated, and signal urea imitated with ach practsioo, that the best judge, and frequently the bank themaelres, hart beea de - ceiled. That, no person, unlet he make th (tody of baok - paper bit basinet or 'profession, can safely pay away, or receive, the paper cur. rency of our country. Thb deplorable tte of thing certainly ren der vigilance among our police officer in large town, and the officer and minister of juttice in the country, doubly necessuy. Indeed, it i much to be regretted that before thia late period, some general and uniform system or plan of operations has not been a - dopted throughout the United States, for the detection and apprehension of counterfeiters. nd again, on the part of the Hanks, as they are all interested in a great degree, it is very singular that some method hat not been devi sed to render the counterfeiting of any of tluir bill extremely difficult, if not impracti cable. It really appears to us. that tf the Hants would Macto some urhl erstand ing up on this point, a method could without difficul ty be devised in the manufacture of bank notes, tbat would place it in the power of ev ery one to detect erxirious paper at the first glance. The police of (his city deserve much credit or their txertiooi to stop the manufactore and circulation ef counterfeit paper, and also to bring villains to justice. But we think it not improper to give this body a word of caution repectui; the gents employed npoo this businret. One per son we know, who wa in the employ of the po lice, orof a certain association in this city, while out upon a mission to detect couuterfciter. and to intercept spurious paper, was de terted at tlbany a few montht since, in attempting todu pew of tome of the " fruits of bts labour'; foi hi own advantage. On being apprehended, he plead hi occupation" in extenuation, and procured letters from hit employer but the evidence oi hit guilt wa strong and conclusive, For ourselves, w are perfectly tatisneJ our laws for punching counterfeiter, are not tuffi cicntly severe. We are sensible that with rooie, recommendation fe encourage Ike cull are , hemp, will be received as rather nnpnpnlar ; but we are eanatlv tcnsiMe. Uurt the reruunn - lion of this article mast be tnrrearuf, in order to produce a rfiartuiuUon of crime. We mentioned yesterday an account in the laondon papers, that several members of the Tammang Order, have lately been exhibiting upon the linndon boards. It would seem from Ihi, and from the circumstance that John Bull Has recently sent at two of hi most exquL - ite and captiraiing kiogera, t'htlippa and Incledon, that the manager of our theatres and those of Lon - J'w, have negodated an exchange of performers. In thia treaty of exchange, we are Inclined to U.lok we have Ilia advantage of John for once, and not only so in the way of raft, but it gives us stroog ground to qaestinn hit taste and mancal refinement. For while we have been listening in rapture and extaciee lo the most tweet aod enchanting melody, John ha been roaring and making his lusty side at the tbnndtr of tha ft uiirub dance the thrill war - whoop of the Sagamvrt, aad the horrid grimace of the Chtluut or PtOaveolUcmit. F.migrttion It is stated in the Dath and Che! - obam Gazette of June 17, received at this of - jce, that w twelve hundred perron hive emi grated thit season from Guernsey for America, rMly to the United State 1 of tame 1,000 are iistivesof Guernsey ; fe grwat aomber, when ft a ronsiderad tbat the whole of the population ef that island is net reckoned higher than 19,000." Paruakrit at G ALtA'Tat. Mr. Can eitig at the bile ejection in Liverpool, conclude we of bis td. - iresae to the elecmr thus : "But, Gentlem, however remiss I hare rn hero. 1 1 m k. r .r.i.t...i .1 1. r cUiua 01 the female world ti'de nrtic'pMno : (h ttatten ofelcelim. Oftbo plint tPafHa - , meotary hafoia on whlrh, in my pjace ia Parha - Bftit, I hare bad occatloa to comment, i have commented 04 ecoe with tuore iadignatioa aeo rabuaathan oa that wbith, a - luMttiiig lli w001 popelatioo too eots, prcaneartaoiuiy eaclaed WHimeo from a tistit 01 irSrK, ally deamil - aate4 ir!. (Much laic,htr.) I Ao oot meaa to aty, for I will aot Batter cveUe far part of ay auditor, ai the expeace of truth, ( leait before to large aa ettcmrily M tbi i)"4 evt meao to aay, Utal e vro the aaaoi ittioa of the aofter aes ia the oewayttrm of elective Iranchwe would eolirerr - eoroaeile me to an extenuoa 01 n. whict, . j,. b, full ormiarhiei.' p thee r WcU ! 1 1 am cute rsarjy w tory 1 that I oarer will coaaent to aay plan of entvereai auurage m wnicn uej are eui (Applaae aod laughter.)' For te Art - Far Crenrff Pc$l. ' ' Mr. Editor. ia your paper of the 1st lost. I noticed an inquiry, whether the Alitna Ffontare (which ha lately been ao much extolled in the public print, at a remedy for hydrophobia,) I indigenous or not ? If there na Daea any reply lo Uus question, I have overlooked it, aod I there fore now take it upon me to give an answer. Michaox mention a plant a growing in Canada, which be consider a ruecie of A htm Plan (as. The character which he rivesof it, differs materially from the character commonly given of ine curppean piaui. Ainruruoerj, in rua logae, mentions Alitma Piantago as common in Pennsylvania, lligelow, in hi Florula Bostooi - enai, mentions Aluma Piantago a common in Boston. The character which ha fives of it U a mere transcript of (he character girtn in Euro - iiean works of their plant. Pursh mentions a plant under lb name of Aluma trnutlu, which he tells ntuthesara asMK:hsuxsj (na'a - lago, aod for wbichhe copies M irhaua'i charac (er. lie edits Uiat it it specifically distinct frefm the European, hnd fells us that it ia found from Canada to Florida. . hluott afreet with rartb, adopts his name, tneetiier with Michaux's cha racter, and tells us that he finds it from Carolina to Florida. ' Mr. itabnesque, I think u some pe nodical publication, has cornmeu'ed upon this plant, and confidntly assures us, that it it une quivocally a dulinct species from th Euroiean oue, and he has given it the preferable name of j Aluma tubeordnta. There can be no doubt, Mr. Editor,, lint Muhlenberg aad Bigelow in ton. I the ram flant. Thus it appears tbat the Aluma Plantar of European writer t$ not indtgauut iu the U. c tales. In external phyaica I character, oar Aluma Sub - ctrdulo, or Trivialu, is, however, very nesrlj allied to th foreigu Secies in question ; butnot - witlnt.iudini; this, fas the genus ia a poisonous one,) let your reader beware of mbititoting one for the other, without ample investi'atioo ol the qualities of each. The fact is, thai we have mtuy American plants, which the early writers apon our botany supposed cither to b identical witn, or varieties of, exotic species ; which, on further examination, are found to be not only botanirally tU - tinct, but widely different m me - Jici'ial iowcr. For initancc, the GratioU eu - rra of Muhlenberg was supposed to be a mere variety of Graliota rirtna'a of Linncus and in external haracter they are certainly much a - like. The European plant is, however, a drutic emetic and catbartic, whereas tha American appear to have no meJicinal virtues whatever. Tho writer of these remarks ht used it to a great extent, with no more effect than would have followed the um of so much pig - weed. The European Alarum and the Canadian Botanists tell as, are scarcely to be distinguished by external marks 1 and yet the former purges and vom:ts violently, whiU tho latter at a mild aromatic - , that may be taken to a great extent, without any unpleasant effect. The American F'e - ratmm unit was considered by Michaux to lie identical with the European reratrvm cueun and in botanical character they are unquestionably nearly allied; and yet 1 have good reason to conclude, that they uuTer materially In medi cinal power. Tha European May - weed, tho as lar as I know, not supposed to uBer botaaicai - ly from tha American, is capable of blUtoring, whilst ours certaioly ha no ucb property. Ihirs Hm thM - earticohM - , Mr, rxhtor, by way 01 caution to yoar reader I and I have a - voided giving any deacriptioh either of the Euro pean or American 'Jfiuma, becaue none bat scientific, and to a ce'rtain extent exerfnced, botanists, know howo appreciate the full force of terhuicnl botanical term and beranse, in pccies nearly allied to each other, people in ge neral, with tba best description before them, can not discriminate. A you ugget, I would ra oimmeud tu employ the Scull - rap in presence to this article, for various reason ; one of which 'as all KiMpvrici say,i "if it doe no good, it can do no hurt," being uneqairomlly a rety licrmltii article. A !Mbcriber. Prom the Voslon InltUigenter, Avgvtl 15. AVrnf AiucJult A pamgr - ph in the Balli - m - .'e 1 e!( "riili. ins Intel called the attraiiou I t,,o iulilir, t' ttii - rvicea and exploits 01 Capt. Isaac IIi'M., diiri'ig til - late war with ureal liritain and doM'i .( .II y claimed iht him the highest resprttcl his country m - n. 8 - ffi rlurument have - Iclien into rur bands, in rela linn to a bold m diet ment of that distinguished fhrcr in the year which places his courage, t annn'hti) .md Ct.n,luct in a striking lixht t ine credit of which, f. - om a mip int oftnsnamn, at that time. 1.1 'he n:vsn ipra nei tr ba been a vardtd to t' e r - ght individual. t Cant. Hull, was lirM Lieut, of the fricate Con rtituiion, commun ity! by Capt. Talbot, during tin? short war, which was wrei d between tlietloi - trd State" and t;i Krcnch ft - purUrk. The Con - Mi!uiioii was cruizing np - vi the coast of SI. Do - mingoiu the Spring 01 JK;, Copt. Talbot, h thit a Kicrch armed thin was Ivinc in '.Port Plate, though sh nas pi.necitd by rr " " - , trrniin' - l uix - .n cutting her out. lie, at first in b nded. to have silenced t: fort with the battery ol his Sjiiii, but BnrliiiR 11 oine. hat iSanemns to appriv - ch near enonU to perform this service, H iln l!.e Constitution, he altered his plan and entrusted the eBtirKie to Lieut. Hall. 'I be tio. - p Sally, a veasel belnngmg to RhoJn ItUnd, .mving leit l i rt riale witn an intenuon ol return ine, and being rtetaimil by Cant. Talbot am nc tourtof illicit trafhc, afforxteu an excellent opportunity to effect the intended object She was mrule ore ol as a oiiguwe, and a dclarbuieot ol ahout ninety volunteers, consntioc of r - - tuen and marii - e were pet on board under the direction ef Lieut. II ell. I he marine were to be commanded by Capt Carmick and LiesL Amory, wImo they thould ne called upon to act oa atiore. The Sallv left the Constitution oa gandav. Mar 11. IQ J0, and 00 ber route, waa bvarder1 by a British frigak - .the captain ol which.inlemled to have cut out the I rencb corvette on the following day, At run - ram, nest morning, the vassel wa a few miles to the windward of Port Plate, aad It Hull called aU hand Uion deck, detailed his plan of attack, and appointed the oiRcera and men to their respective nations, 1 he fauy bore up for the harbor, at a merchant vessel, whilst IteuL Hull, dugaised in th habit oi asai lor, took th helm hunself and stood ia. She passed the sort Without aiolesUtion, aod It. flail laying her on board of the enemy's vessel, and caUmg out ' hnarden away," earned her, s der cover of a Cre of mukery, without the lorn ef a man. The French rr'W, taken by sur prise, either Jumped overboard or were captur ed! among the latter were the 1st and ZJ belonging to the French navy. . Lieut Aeanry, with hia mariae, in a moment afterwards were ia the boat, which sunk eamgsida the vernal but, beading ass gallant party, who swam with their assets he soon reached the shore. Ksh - ing up tb hill with charged bayonets, they drove the pMnosfvucS nmaa Irom tne suet and spur - ed the coo, la the space of 15 mmtte. both tho fortress aad vesl were captured, f a rirevid lo be tba ?odrich, a hat ,!mg eopr botlnovd ship of 500 too; but oompteteJy dismantled, witneot either rigging or tails apea the ' matt. Rbe was tnoered near to the share, ia a 1 politico fe lililt ptst Ut battery, with tjwiog. OB .t.1 - . Tka mr.s of the Work ltd llxcas aoa Which had beea landed from the Sandwich, r so disposed, a to coutmaad tiie shift, eud the rutrsmce of (he harbor in a most ttfeclual aaanner. ' '. '' ' ' . . . " ('' ' ' lieut. Mull. I utr in n enemy's pottinpoe - session ofa diamantled ship, with a host ile population surrounding him, perceived the neces sity or promptness ana aeuviiy in ma r - menu 1 and he ordered ths cannon which i remained on board to be all brought in bat tery to bear on t he eider!) ieh commanded Ui e armroach to the shirs. A flag of truce, at V jtmCure, was tent on board from the governor of place, by bis .id to 1 earn lie furtlivr intentions ol the American commanumg ousccr. Hull promised him, if tbey would remain quiet, not to oiler violence to the twon or iu inhabi tant 1 but if any hostile attempts were shade unon the vesae!. he should repel toree oy wrce At ten o'clock in the forenoon, they hi gn to sway up the topmasts of the prise, at Rve in the afternoon, being entirely ready for sea they weighed anchor from Port Plate, and at noon the next day rejoined me oonsuuiiion. - FVem the Gevrgia JturnaL Cant. .Wright has broke hi parole of honor and absconded. On the26thlt (theday pre vious to his disappearing) he addressed the following note to the govtraor . , ' Sir On the 23th of Mar last, I was arret ted by order of your excellency. Since that time I have waited in the expectation, that a court martial would beordered for my trial. No .charge has yet made its appearance against me. It you should tninx proper not to io so, suiker1 me to call and see you, as I have busi ness of importance. - " . (Signed) - . OBEO WRIGHT. To this communication, no answer was re turned. His fears, we understand, were considerably excited by the premature statement in the savannah Republican, of tbt determina tion of the president of the United States to have him tried before the federal court for murder. Dreading a long and loathsome imprisonment m jail, an I prob&bly apprehending Irom the hue and cry" which had been rais ed kgainst h.m,.that his conduct would be inv partully investigated, lie took the fUl,resolil - tion to flee from justice. I A reward of v50O, has been ottered bv the executive for his apprehension 1 he deputy niarxhull and ass sunt agent for Indian atl'airs. arrived here on Thursday, witli a warrant to take him into the custody ol the civd authority but the " bird had flown." CHARLESTON, Aug. 10. Our pilot boats came up yesterday from the wreck ol the ship Margaret, bilged on Stone ureaaera 1 ia Daus 01 cotton, th whole ol her tails, pait of her rigging, cabin furniture, and provifion, have been saved. The foremast 01 tb el. bad been cot away in order to get at the cargo. Captain Week and thecrew have arri ved ia town. The wreck wat completely de serted last eveniog. licport of actual snfer far arret pasl. Cotton Sea Island, 70 a 73 cents per pound Shon.slaple, 31 a 33 cants Rice Frime, $7 ; second quality, id 1 - 2 Flour Camdeu, (sup.) ilO 1 - 2 a 1 1 Fhiladelphia, 10 1 - ta It Dry Goods Some speculation has taken place in woollen goods during the week, and tales art making at an advance on last year's price, tiroceries Office ia advancing t prettv hirre sale have been made at 31 cent, and holder are now asking 33. Molasses has been very scarce, and selling at oar qnotations. A lot of Jamaica Muscovado tutarttold at 115 3 - 4 other Muscovados support last week's price. Hollaed gin, ol direct importation, and good quality, at public tale, brought rl t5 cents; interior aold at SI 15 cants. '1 here it very liltl Cognac brandy, of direct importation, in market ; it would bring something over our quotation Cottons l'ricei remain the same as last week ; tales very limited. Rice I still oa tha rise ; 7 has been paid. rl aay are expecting 11 10 go sun nigner. Flour There i very little of good quality Iu mark it ; we continue our last week's quotatasos. Cora Support the highest quotatioa ia our last in imail quantities it is selling a high at 140 a 150 cents. Tobacco - 'Has become very scarce, and pri ce have conseqaantly iniroved a little. A aval stores But litti dotog ia this article, aad ao material variation in price. WA33AU, (.J. t'.J July 8. The American Sloop Amelia. Bunker, from N. Orleans, (sound to 8t Domingo, nut in here on sunaav last, aaa na ien eised uy in atari n - eroi hi Masesty't Customs, lor a ureach of the Law ol Trade. Jaly S3 Arrived, chr Mary and Elizabeth, Rae. from Havaaa. PHSteosers Mr. J. Arbuth - oolt, (s - a of the late Mr. Alxander Arbuibnutt) and Mr, Lewis Eel is, late water of Mr. A's schr thWChanc, ot this port wl vh veael waa captured on Uie coast ot t lorida, auu detainea by Ine American lortea under in. Jack son. Arrived, ship Favonte, Cock en, Philadelphia ; sailed Prig Nassau, ivard, wiimiogtou, Ki. SPRINGFIELD, (Mass.) Aug. 13. A rarsie reuM. A few day since, as a num ber of thicfceiis were reposing in the shade of a waggon at the door of Mr. trial Day, in Moo son, a large hawk made a plunge at them, slip ped ooe ol his legs under the book of the breech ing, and was made an easy prey of by tome girls, in the family. He measured about 5 feet irom the tip of oaa wing to that of the other. JfE.V - ORI.EANS, July 17. Indian eloquent The following specimen ol Indian elnqueuce it given in a letter from major O'r allon, U. b. agent at Prairie da Chien, logo ernor Edwards. Logan is dead '. but our read the fire which auiuated his soul still live amoog his descendants, On th close ofa grand council that I held a few srtrks since, with the 1 hieis and warriors ol several hands 01 Sioux, residing on and near the St. Peter's, oaa of them rose and addressed m as follows : American chief, tiore my remembrance my heart (medal) hat been that of an Englishman ; I have borne it upon my breast ; I have worshipped It as my God ; but the Big Knives (the AmencabsJ returned again masteis of my land, The red coals (British) appeared no longer gar, The greedy bet timid wolf (rtill ia allusion to British) ougtu in thicket lor a hiding place I became ashamed : I tore from my neck the on iaithlul heart ; not to destroy it. I kept it until lb last wntoo ( winter) when a difference oc curred belwaeumy nation and the Chippewas Some of my young men cried (suaered m the coo fiicl.) .Their hearts were blackened for re venge. I saw th gathering cloud. - 1 knew they (till wore aod valued much the Briiiib hearts. I yielJed mine, and dispelled the cloud. I looked back ; I look forward. I heard the Big Knive had made you our chief. I was told 10 tern my back upon the smooth faced chief. I closed my oars ; I wa an longer deceived. 1 heard of your arrivaL I am come, accompanied by boom of my warrior, to see you. I bare list ed with attention u your .words such a I have never beard before. I will remember rhm, carry theta to my nation, aad recount them to my people. M Aatericaa chief! yea have bung npoo my Beck an Aenericaa heart ; mine feels glad ; from ums aay tt is year. mrncan cruet i you talk of tisiUng a?trr land the eososngapruig. I will be glad to too yoB my nation, I am in hope, will treat yow well bat my friend, believe aot that I speak for my mighty aatina, which,! am sorry t say, ia tn much divided, cut up into small bands whtrh Ve ecaltmd ever aa extensive tract f 00 nMry, aad most rraerally.baaded b thiefj whoee ear are closed against truth, aad whoa eyes are bliwl to IW ewa interests, aad whose heart art attached to too designing en - l ih i If tint foe aialf aloua to tDeak. but ! so for Uiota tew tdlierantt which have followed ate Usee you. I have said enough. J have done. I am going. I wiU try to influence my tiib to yoor faver.1) .j. - . - ? - .t v.. REMARKABLE PRESERVATION. Extract of a letter from capt. S. Doten, of the brig Gov. Carter, of Plymouth, to hi owners, dated - r ' ' ' nAVRE,Janet3,ieiC On the 59th of May, in lat. 42, SO, lon. 60, near she easterly end of the Grand Banks, at 3 P. M. we observed some small islands of ic. It be in verv forv. with the wind 8. W. nnd coing at the rata of a 1 - 2 knots, we immediately look ia oar royal and steering sails, intending to alter tay course to the Sooth, being arter otiiiged lo luff and bear away for the islands of ice, which lay about as. While in the act of handling the sail. 1 discovered an obiect twice at high as oar witst beads, appearing like a trafer tpnd, bat did not think it possible that aa bland of ice should be so high. i immediately ordered the Btim a - weather, hoping to gat Ihe vessel before the wind, and clear of the danger, whatever it might be bat before thu could be done, we wuuu ourselves completely surrounded, and covered by this immenM mountain ol ice, wnicn project ed over our heads, so that the water, which run from it in streams and rivulets, ftdl over the vessel on th opposite side ; and although' our steer ing tail booms were rigged out, on the tido next the ice, making a ibstauce ot 7 tee I, irom trie centre of tbe brig, they did not touch if. Fortunately e succeeded in getting clear. and in lets than live minutes, and while so near that the rtbouuding of the water reached the vessel, this uoinense body of ice fell over direct ly towards us, with a crashing uoie resembling the heaviest thunder, and opntiuaed for the space of a minute aod an half. . - I shall always attribute tbe taring of the brig to the steady firmness and active exertion of the mate and crew, who have merited my sincere gratitude." Consulate of Ihe Netherlands, ) New - Yore, Aog. IU, tUlfS. T t L - .1 1 - 1. iv - jc na oeeu receiveu, uaiioo ngui hsuse constructed after the Englirh model, and erected on the steeple of West Kapelle, in the Province ol Zteland, fl.dand Walcheren,) will he lighted every night after the SOth of March lst J. C. ZIMMERMAN. The City Inspector report the death of 93 persons, from the Bth to the 15th day of Au - g'"L ' Cancer 1 1 Casnalty 2 ; Cholera Morbus 9 ; Consumption 8 1 Convnlriont 9 ; Diarrhea 3 ; Oropsy in the chert S ; Uropay in the bead 6 t Dysentery 7; Fever, bilious 1 ; Fver,typhasC; - Flax, infantile S ; Gout 1 ; li.fl iinrnation of the bowels I ; Inflammation of the brain 1 ; Inflam mation of the chest 2 ; Inflammation of the liver 1 ; Intemperance ! ; Locked jaw 1 : Mortification 1 x Old are 4 : Plenrisv 1 1 StiLborn 3 ; Stone 1 1 Tabes Mesenterica 7 1 Teething 4 ; Ulc;er 1 ; Unknown 3; Whooping cough 5; Worms 1. 83. GEO. CUMING, Cify Inrnrclor. DIED Lstt Sunday morning, at Newtown, (L. I.) Mr. Peter Manifold. EPEMXG POST MA RISE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Condor, Goodrich, Middlctnwn Amelia, Humphreys, ' Antigua R Gillespie Schr Ttll Tsle, Churchward, Norfolk fclocp Mechanic, Nve, ueorgetown, N U Polly and Sylvia, Weeks, Richmond JKUhKtf I HI 'itKKKXX'ff. Brig Sea - Island, Wheeler, IT days from Ha vana, with molasses, hides and 4 passengers, to Strong U luvens. British brig John b William, Nixson, 16 dsys C ora St. Thomas, with stone ballast, to order. , Schr Union, Ellis, 17 days from St Johns,. rorto mco, witn sugar, ate. . - ' . Schooner Ophite, Ntcbolt, 16 days from Port au Prince, wiihcoflre, drygoods, logwood, sic. to O H ft A Rickets. . Left., bries Volant, Conti, for NYork 3d Aug; Rachel and Sally, (.win, lor 1 blind do ; Homer, I nomas, i'r B i - tiinore 4th : Edward. Nanksin. dodo ?8th : Jn - no, Perkins, for Kennrlmnk 15th ; Francis F. Johnon, Allen, from Baltimore, arrived t9thJu ly ; Unity, Holmes, from Kennebnrk do 27th ; Jane, Towne, dotbidoischs Delight, Lark, of Wilmington for N Orleans ; Sally, Mather, from il XOTK ine tutn ; sen relinn, urace, on Aug 4, brig Cosmopolite, Campbell, of New York for Bordeaux. Aug U, 1st 15, 50, Ion 75. (poke Bii - fish brig St. Lawrence, Irom Greenock for New Providence, out 51 day. Sch Lycurgus, Potter, 14 days from West End, St. Croi. with sugar and rum, to B De Purest li Co J .hilinson, and Reade & DePeys - ter. Itt, brig Elizabeth, or Philadelphia, uncertain when to sail, and a brig belonging to nnrlolk, Sch Maria, Cliadwick, 3 dnya from Lime, in ballast, to Charles Smith, on board. BELOW I brig. AlKirt:u LAST EPEXUtG, Brig Jnlinna, Auger, from Rotterdam. 44 ds from the Channel, with gin, be. to E. Fisher, and J. Varey fico Brig Orozlmbo, Ward, (before reported) 16 days Irom Basse - End, St. Croix, with mm and tugar, to Lawrence At Belts. In lat 24 lon 69, spoke sch Archer, from MYorkfof Havana. 5h Telegraph, Whitmarsh, 17 days from C 11 rra roa, with hides, skins, cocoa, indign, Rio - de - la - Hache wood, and pea - nols, to J b C Se - gnine., owners, J. Bontten Graves, Palmer & Hamilton, A. De Mcza, II Hendricks J De Sola, A Hell, and the master. Left, brig Holkar, Cole, just ar. ; txh Friendship, Shane, for Philad. Aug. 10. bch Lady Tompkins, Butler, 4 days fr. Richmond, with coals and flour, to R. Jackways, Koorman b Johnston, Wahh b Gallagher, and ASHallett Sch Union, F.e!l 17 days from St.Johns, with rum and sugur, to J Bi andeger. Passenger, Mr Mary li. Doan, Mr. J. P. Doan, Miss M. Thomas, masters George aod Daniel Gordon. Lat JO lon 63 spoke ship Henry, Lewis, fr. St Thomas for Amsterdam. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. AatUuckel, HlA m, 13A, 1818. Arrived yesterday, ship Grn. Lincoln, Chase, master, 68 day from tbe Coast of Braid. The ship Lvdia leu the coast the 25th May. had b0. May 3i, ship Nelson, Barney, with a full cargo, 20W bblt. lor London. June 30, thipMassnrhu sett, Baxter, iftJOO bblt. reported io lat H, S Ion 32 , W. on hit passage lo France, all well Pfnambuto Hoadi, Ju'y 4. Weighed anchor in company with ship Lydia, of Nantucket all well. Left at Prrramboct, brig Amstel, Alkies, of and from Bottcn, dischnrning sad expected to sail for home in 5 weeks. Tbe Amstel, near tbe Cape de Verd hands, spoke Ihe brig Eltra, of and from Salem, for Pernambuco sad Bahia Jane 27. saw her again 35 mile north of rernrtnihecn. spoke July rz, lat 21, 30, long 57 30, brig Jane, Hopkins, ' aod Irom New - Haven, 21 dast out. Lat 34, 40, long. 66. 30, stoop Elixs, M'lnbre, of aad from New - Yoik, 4 day out. C rt A RLESTON, Aug 9. Arrived, sloop Eagle, Hatch, from Rom Key. Left thipNeatraiity, Morris, for Poniard, to tail in 3 day. The N. had beea blown out of l arks Island harbor, with the kits of an anchor, and put into Ram Key to finish loading. The brig Connecticut, Lvih - H, for this port, sailed from Ram Key on the' 17th ult. Cleared, brig James Monroe. Hall. Provi - Vnce, R. I. ; British sloop Greenock, LaifiekL Kinrs'i. (Jan.). RIGA CLEAN HEMP 10 rliga clean rlemp, cf a superior quality, for ule by aogl8 1w, U'ChER A CARTER, ; - BROAD WAV '. - ;' I i - abt wee rt two. i eeeeoOee . In consequent! ef tha short stay of Mr. Pepin in town, tbert will be a performance every Saturday evening during the remainder of the season,. ; . ., - . - THIS EVENING, AUG. 13, The - pwormance wilt commence w,fn Grand Equetriaa Entry. . Master Coty, the celebrated American hern will distinguish bimtelf Wilh saay brilliaLt teats of bortrmanship. t - - C l ire eieeant ra Othello wiB rcrftrm Uie part of a domeatlc, he will at command, orinc a whip, hat, basket, handkerchief ; also walkina; trotting, He, aad conclude with bringing a Belt! plnccd at tbe top of a board 12 feet high. Great Vaulting by Mr. Garcia. . Master M'Cmu, tbe wonder ol ine age, will on one horse, petiunn many wonderful iut, foi a youth, only nine years old, trap over 2 garter, and conclude by ruling oa his bead, bis borse ia' full tpeed. , . .,. . Mont. Cauvsin will go through many '"turnrl.' sinj feats with a stick, bvt recently iuUoduced into this country.; Slack Rope, by Mr. Mayhe. Coronation, or Learned "iiorsr ; in which all those horse willthow their wonderful sagacity the elegant borse Othello will stand oh a peih. tal asa statue, and aU the otber horses will ait down at the command of the rider. Mr. Bullen will on one horse perform many snrprisieg teats, and conclude by a woaderlid U - up through 4 hogdieads. . . , Grand Curidfai of Venice, or nv. - n piJ6j BBOa men. . , . , , . .. Snil Vaulting by the compony Clowa Mr Campbell The whole (o conclude with Uie Grand Asm. sicn, by Mr. Bullen. ... tft" Box it I Pit 50 cents. A place it nrnai.1. a c. pto))le or colour cliildren admitted to the boxes halt price. The rfornience will take iilkr. ...a... . . ... 11.. 1. c 1 . e every evenug 111 the week, Sundays excepted ixiors oiu at 7 o'ciot k. and the nennrn.,. periormsocs commence precisely at n. Nosmoastiua: allowed. Checks not tnuufer - able. ;5,000 ' - wiw4i ruuvi m rif L THOUSAND DOLLARS, upon tha security of vaiuanie real estate, situate about 50 miles from Albanv. The seenritv will ha amnU k ments, if required, will bo made at tilber of the banks of this city. Any perroa having tbe ahova turn to loan, will find it for hu advantage to maka immediate application to tbe office of the Evening Pott. au 18 H VW Ticket No. 4081, (first drawn number. which drew a prize of One 77i Tuianat Dllartt being the highert prize drawn at yet hi the Medical Science Lottery, - No. 5, wat told at tho Lucky J - ottery (Jlhce of JuOah s Laxarus, 74 Maiden Lane, to a gentleman ia this city, aug 13 try At we predicted Picket No. 812, came up this morning a prise of f 1000 the forto - nate number was sold and has been paid thia morning in CoAat ALLEN'S truly lucky of fice No. 122 Broadway. aa 18 MO HUE. fr7 The attend dividead enoo the estate of T. Ai. ROGERS will be paid ea th 10th Sept. next, at 3 l,nw Building, by - - k. Atargnee. mrg18 Feod&CtSlO tKEiUHt fur CHAHUTUA. k A quantity of heavy freight for Charlet - atoa. Apply to A.ssU.Y li. rHELPJ, Bug 18 v "lraFroot - st far SmUc, treigM er CAarltr, , The fine coppered and copper fasten ed schr UNION, 100 tons; cm be tent U aaa immediately. Apply to 1 : y anglB - 35goutht. for HAtJtK, tv. .k. - n n ttttif - rtftj . M U t lnllu. mu ..iww. - , - - - - 12C saaster 1 hivmr conndcrablsvof her car go raaity to go oa board, will eemmamce taking' is oa Monday next, and tail potkively Ihe first week in September. For freight or Masage, at - ply on beard, at Jones' wharf, or to an in , ro rr M'lunSE. Per Preiglu ar Charter, To any port except tho West Indies, the fine British, brig LLRtCIl, F. M'Lean, master, will bo ready to take in in 5 or 6 days 1 burthen perregurter 165 tons. Ap ply to Die master on bord, at Wmverneur wharf, or to . an 18 BOORMAN Sr. JOHXSTON. pTT tor HAYmAA. vtm To ttU 00 Wednesday next, (he fiss iiiit coppered ship GARONNE, Bterliog, master j will sad oa Wednesday next, with what freight may offer cn or before that time Por which, or passage, apply ua board, at pier No. 5, N. R. or to I G. G. k 3. HOWLAND, t aug 13 67 Washingion - tL COf iON BAGUL,sU,OSNABURGS,Ae. - - J 522 pieces heavy 1 1 - 2 lb. peryard Cottofe Bag - ing 2U4 piece heavy twilled Seeking 7 bales fctrelil Otnahnrghs 2 do brown Tow Shirtings . 3 do Sail Cloth, No. It 7 4 boxes bleached Osnaburgt ' ' 8 do Imitation Russia Sheeting 2 do bleached Linen, landing from brig Elrick, M'Lean, from Dundee, for sale by CUUA. - UA.lBJU11i31U.X, - aog 115 67 South street. LlOl'lOiV - 3i small square bales Upland ; Cott?a. and 60 round bale, in lots to tart' purchasers, for sale by . w - CAVIiakklili . 18 68 Pine - streef. au; TIM PLA I'Eb, bOl 1LES, IRON, ex - - BW. ROGERS At CO. No. 235 f earMreet, have iust received per shin Ellen, from Bris tol, and offer for sale oa low terms, if takes (Torn the vessel, 140 hampers Torter Rottlee . ; - 10 thousand Stourbridge Brick . 18 tent 1 - 2 to. iqnare aod 1 1 - 4 H 1 I t iorh flat Iron 0 do Grind Stones Tin Plate of all descriptions , In Store. ' ' 100 cask best English botflrd PrrrUr 10 do Bar Lead SO do Tract! Cbaint 20 do Glass Ware 3 cnte Slates - 6 craies Soda Jogs . ' ' . 10 ra Fjiglish flats. ang 1C IO f - l..t.L. - ..... - lW PtPES and 18 barrels Cranston Gin, For sale by GEO. W TALBOT, ea 18 55 Plne - tret. FRENCH and SPANISH BOOKS. - JTS f rwetved from Paris aad for sale try r. BUR I SELL, corner Wa lcS Bi - siveet, Gantbey 00 the Construction of Bridges, 3 vob ; qtinrto - - - v Prouey oa Hydraulic Architecture, 2 vole do Spanish and Freach Dictioaarira '1 French and English do , ' . . J. Dictionarie De L'Academie ' ' Cornielle. Raine. Molierc, Teleaaque, DC Quixote, in Spanish Amis desLniant, car tsergoin.izvors '. Lalande. Irfvgarithm Tl..a. aug 18 3t - 7 LOU R, 1 ObALCU el COe Feisi, - UVMjbbl new iUchnaoBd svpen. iioar, Ricbmoad , mills brand ' 1 ' 20 bhd. prime Rtrhmoad Tonacco - - v nA hurt ?r. Lsominta Coffae. ranihoe fromscBt Lady Tojnpkina, and schr Henry, tor anle by . angl8 - . ... 78ou'Jlstrttt.

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