The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1937 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

OSSSg^^SSaSSSSESESS^SSSHSSBs^^ TWENTY-SIX MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 25 M 1937 BACKSTAGE IN IOWA POLITICS Soil Conservation Officials Take Name "Wallace" Off Their Headquarters in Des Moines. By GEORGE MELLS Iowa Daily Press Bureau. , Soil conservation officials (the eorn-liog state committee to you) moved swiftly to scoop the political paragraphers here several days ago. They took the name "Wallace" off their own headquarters, even effacing it from- the cornerstone, before anybody had a chance to make a sarcastic reference. ' .' , .'.;' ; The building was built and formerly was "occupied by Secretary Henry's farm publication. It belongs to an insurance company now. a - * * NOTICE TO SOtONS Notice to legislators: Assistant Attorney General Don Burington ·wants you to be sure · to adjourn ·within five weeks. The reason: Burington, a bachelor on John Mitchell's staff, is contemplating matrimony, to take place along about the expected time of adjournment. . Consequently, he doesn't want io be bothered with drawing bills, considering ? claims . against the state and the like after ihidspring. ' ' · UMPIRE OF HOUSE On a rostrum above the Iowa house level 1 sits, the speaker, acting as an umpire to keep the leg- isltaive stream flowing according to the rules of the game. Unlike a baseball umpire, however, the speaker may step in at any tune and takje a turn at bat. Speaker LaMar · Foster, present house mediator, hasn't done-so, but he is booked for.two appearances iri these closing days of the session.'. - - · He-plans to speak in favor pi the teachers annuity bill and legalization of the state .planning board. - THROUGH WRINGER Among the laws destined to go .hrough the wringer before the Iowa legislators go home is the unemployment compensation act. Doubts as to its constitutionality, caused by the fact that the governor filled some house and seriate vacancies by appointment in last December's special session :s the reason for its scheduled're- appearance in the legislature. One change already is said to lave the blessing of the administration. The state unemployment loard now is composed of three members, one representing labor, one industry and one the general public. . · 'Tis said the administration would have the legislature drop these designations. It is feared that a member appointed to represent industry would feel himself forced to carry the ball for industry in all discussions, rather than administer the law for the general public good. The same would be true of labor, it is thought, o » * FACULTY RAIDER Most! formidable "faculty raider" luring the professors away from the campuses of Iowa colleges is ho educational institution. It is the federal government.. Only at Iowa State college, however, did' federal offers' have a substantial effect. There 17 out of 50 professors and instructors to leave since 1933 became employes of the United States, but 14 others wanted to quit for government jobs. The latter group was talked out of it, higher salaries doing the talking. At the University of Iowa, on the other hand, only seven out of 475 departures can be laid to government competition. Des Moines Council Angered by Charge City Is;" Wide Open" DES MOINES, (/?)--Angered by charges that Des Moines is "wide open," the city council invited Rep;- C. 'G. Johnson, democrat of Buena Vista, to "put up or shut up." · ! ·..· · By a vote'of 4 to 1, the council adopted a resolution inviting Johnson to appear, before it and present specific information on allegations o f - l a x law enforcement made Tuesday by the representative on the house floor. Informed of the invitation, Johnson laughed and said: : "Next thing you know, they'll be wanting me to show them where the Des Moines river .is." "No, I won't appear before them," he declared. "I haven't time. They know what is going on without my telling them." Clarion Man Fined : $25: on Game Charges CLARION -- Del-Loux of near Clarion, who was arrested b'y Game Warden F. H. Davis, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Justice Old- :iam's. court to charges of-hunting without a license. Loux was fined $25 and costs. . Mrs..May Wilcox of Clarion, apprehended by. Ben Brasser, - drivers' license examiner, was fined $2 and.$3 costs in Justice.Glen Oldham's court Tuesday. The charges were passing a stop sign. ACTION ON BILLS IN STATE LEGISLATURE · DES. MOINES, tfP)--Bills introduced and passed by the Iowa legislature: · · · Introduced in the house: H. -F.-503:--By appropriations-Making counties liable for cost of supporting resident inmates of feeble minded institutes. j ~ H. F. 504--By,liquor control-Rewriting the beer laws. ..H. F. 505---By labor--Providing i for examination and licensing of ! persons -handling heating, motive 1 power or refrigerating equipment. H. F. 506--By banking--Requir- j ing payment to holders of ware- i house receipts of insurance in case ' of loss. H. F. 507--By banking--Fermi t- j ting guardians to deposit funds. } H. F. 508--By social security-1 Establishing a division of child I welfare in the proposed state de' partmeht of social welfare. ' 1 H. F. 509--By social security-? Providing aid for. dependent chil- dren'under supervision of state t department, by means of appro- j priation from county boards and 1 county poor funds. j Passed by the house: ' S. F. 192--Permitting city of ) Dubuque to issue $30,000 of anticipation warrants. (71 to 0). I H. F. 32--Enabling. cities with I special charter to vote oil granting ! utility franchises. (83 to 0). i S. F. 88--Providing for creation of Cedar Falls river front. commission. (84 to 0). S. F. 316--Re-enacting the 2 per cent sales tax. (91 to 9). Introduced in the senate: 1 S. F. 434--By highway committee--Providing establishment of secondary road benefit districts upon petition'of 35 per cent of non-resident land owners. S! F. 435--By federal co-ordination committee -- Permitting financing issuance and sale to th THE.BEER WITH A SNAP TO IT HEILEMAN'S George,^make it snappy-I can't sleep. Been lying here ' Just counting sheep, Rush me some OLD STYLE LAGER beer, I drink it home'-- I.want it here; :. it a krauiened beer made in fh slower,- old fashioned, more cosH way. Krausening gives OLD STYL LAGER an Individuality of chorac ter and taste that satisfies and win end holds friends. Old Style Lager Sales 612 S; Federal Ave. Mason City, Iowa Phone 149 ederal government · of revenue jonds for construction of munici- al utilities. S. F. 436--By federal co-ordina- iori committee--Requiring cities and counties to finance adminis- ration of federal housing projects. S. F. 437--Federal co-ordination committee -- Creating ,city and county housing authorities. S. F. 438--By military affairs ommittee--Appropriating $15,000 o improve Camp Dodge water upply system. Passed by the senate: S. F. 117--By agriculture com- littee--Establishing a - weather ivision in state department of ag- iculture (concurred in house mendments). (37 to 1). H. F. 155--By Kohlhass and thers--Revising building and loan ssociation laws. (43 to 0). S. F. 20--By Gillespie--Chang- ng provisions on liability of suc- essful litigants for court costs. 33 to 1). S. F. 158--By Murray--Permit- ng corporate charter renewal irough unanimous vote of stoclc- olders. (37 to 0). S. F. 225--By Gillespie--Chang- ng compensation for inheritance ax appraisers. (34 to 4). S. F. 39 -- By E d w a r d s -- trengthening slot machine laws. 42 to 0). Killed by senate, through adop- ion of adverse committee report: S. F. ,285--By Pelzer--Limiting equirements on title to real es- ate. (Rising vote). S.' F. 326--By A u g u s t i n e Changing method of recording chattel mortgages. (Voice vote). S. F. 247--By Gillespie--Providing city councils may authorize pay for civil service commissioners. (Rising vote). - Band Mothers Meet. T1TONKA--Twelve members ot the Band Mothers club met with Mrs. R., C. Ball.Tuesday evening. A benefit movie was held Wednesday night, the proceeds oi which were used toward the final payment.on the band's new uniforms. : · 60 Non-Fiction Books . Among New Additions a ublic. Library Has Recent*" Editions on Dozen or More Subjects. More than 60 new non-fiction sooks were recently added^ to the public library, according 1 to a check-up of new. 'books on the shelves. Among the books are Ire- cent editions on. such-subjects as education, economics,- science, use- !ul arts, gardening, architecture, ;lass, photography, literature,- his- .ory,.travel and biography. A partial list includes the following EDUCATION AND RELIGION W. E. Bain, "Parents Look at Modern Education;" H. N. Hart, 'Living Religion;" E. S. Jones, 'VictoriousLiving;" Francois Maii- riac, 1 "Life of Jesus." ECONOMICS Townsend Harris, ""Complete Journal of Townsend Harris, First American Consul General and Minister to Japan;" J. D. Mooney, ''Wages and the Road Ahead;" Julia Emily Johnsen, "Consumers' Co-operatives," compiler; M. L. Ernst; "Ultimate Power;"" Johnson Hagood, "We Can Defend America;" J. H. Magee, "General Insurance;" L a b e r t St. Clair, "Transportation Since Time. Began;" ' Rosita Forbes, "Women Called Wild." SCIENCE H. G; Garbedian, "Major Mysteries of .Science;" J. J. Guenther "Elementary Textbook of . Chemistry;" H. N. Holmes, "Out of the Test Tube;" J. S. and Haddon Huxley, "We -Europeans;" P. G Howes, "Hand Book for the Curious;" A. A. Allen, "American Bird Biographies." USEFUL ARTS A. K. Getman and -Chapman 'Young.Man- in Farming;" M; G. Kains, "Gardening Short Cuts;" Alice Bradley, "Menu Cook Book;" American Radio Relay League ;ladio Amateur's Handbook; G. L.- Wilson, "Traffic Control; Truck and Airplane Traffic;" Addresso- _ raph -Multigraph c o r p o r ation, Cleveland, "Letters as Business Builders;" W. J. Reilly, "Straight Thinking;" Harry Bennett, "Practical Everyday Chemistry;" Lincoln Electric company, Cleveland, Ohio, 7 "Procedure Handbook of Arc Welding Design and Practice.' GARDENING Anne 'Dbrrance, "Fragrance in the Garden;" D. C.: Fairburri, 'Plant Propagation;" D.. H. Jen- Mns, "Vines for Every Garden;' 1 Margaret McKenny, "Wild Garden;" C. H. Matschat, "Annuals and Perennials;" C. H. Matschat, "Bulb and House Plants;" L. (B.) Wilder, "Pleasures and Problems of a Rock'Garden." ARCHITECTURE Howard Robertson and Yerbury, "Examples of Modern French Architecture;" Kay Fisker and Yerbury,, "Modern Danish Architecture;" J. P: Mieras, and Yerbury, 'Dutch Architecture of the-Twen- lelh Century/' GLASS. F. W. Chipman, "Romance of Old - Sandwich Glass;" - H. -M.- Knit- tie^ "Early American Glass;" R. W.- Lee,- -"Handbook--of- Early American Pressed Glass Patterns." PHOTOGRAPHY Stanley Canson and Harvey Goldstein, "Photo-kinks;" C. W. Taussig and Meyer, "Book of Hobbies;" E. S. Squier, "Tricks and Magic Made Easy." LITERATURE L. E. M. Bautaih, "Art of Extempore Speaking;" H. S: Canby, "Seven Years' Harvest;" Paul Engle, "Break the Heart's Anger;" Robert Frost, -"Further Range;" Anita Browne,. "Homespun;" Maxwell Anderson, "High Tor;" F. S. K. Fitzgerald, "Vegetable; or From President to Postman;" Moss Hart and Kaufman, "You Can't Take It With-You;" A. L. Locke and Gregory, "Plays of Negro Life;" Kathryn Coe and Cordell, ."Pulitzer Prize Plays;" Helen Jerome, "Jane Eyre.", HISTORY Shirley Millard, "I Saw Them Die;" Walter. Millis, "Viewed Without Alarm:' Europe Today;" John ; Langdon-Dayies," "Behind the. Spanish Barricades;" W. E. Woodward, "New 'American History;" E. S. Bates, American Hur- POSTPONED! My Auction.Sale, which was to have been held Wednesday, March 24, has been POSTPONED on account of the stormy weather on Wednesday. SALE WILL NOW BE HELD ON MONDAY, MARCH 29, AT I P . M. At the former Orin Hogcn farm ideated 4 miles west, 2 miles south and '/i mile-west of Kensett. 63 head cattle; 7 work horses; 8 brood sows; full line farm machinery, feed, efc. J. F. BITEER, Owner Carl M. Sheimo, Auctioneer Citizens Savings Bank, Clerk y-Burly;" Dane Coblidge, "Death Valley Prospectors." TRAVEL D. J.'Akeley (D.), "Jungle Por- n-aits;"- Ishbel Ross, "Through the- Ijeh-Gate," BIOGRAPHY " Allan Nev ins, "Hamilton Fish;" Lola Kinel, "This Is My Affair;" Webb Miller, "I Found No Peace;" Joan Haslip, "Parnell," (Charles Stewart Parnell); C. S. Bowen (D.), "Beloved Friend," (Pete* Ilich Tschaikovsky). Talks on Cancer Control. . OS AGE -- The public welfare department of the Osage Women's club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. J. Gilles. Dr, Paul Richmond gave a talk on "Cancer Control." Mrs. A. M. Hegre led the round table discussion following the talk. \ low a Coal Provides SAFE Unfailing HEAT Iowa Coal is a SAFE Fuel ... . il provides constant, unfailing heat. And in the vast majority of cases it is the most economical fuel available to Iowa people. Bum Iowa Coed , . . provide work /or Iowa Labor ..-. * SAVE MONEY FOR YOURSELF 1 Public officials interested In an Economical Stoker Fuel are invited to write for detailed Information, Address the . - . WACOAL HUSH W. IUNDY, 5«V, ,ALBIA. IOWA Posts $2,000 Bond on Auto Death Count BEDFORD, (fP)--B. F. Wurster, former Lenox banker, posted a $2,000 bond after a Taylor county- grand jury indicted him on a charge of manslaughter in connection with a fatal auto accident north of here New Year's day 1936. Jane Jostes, 8, Chicago, and W. W. Van Houten, Lenox attorney, died of injuries suffered in the accident. Trucks Unable to Climb Slippery Algona Hills ALGONA--Kossuth Sheriff Casey Loss reported Wednesday one accident and several trucks stalled north of town on 169. The pavement was slippery and the trucks were unable to climb the hills. Mr. S. Nelson, Aurora, Nebr., going north on 169 south of town, near St. Joe, and his car crashed into antoher driven by George Scultz of Whittemore. Blinding snow on the windshield caused poor visability. The accident happened at noon. Both cars were damaged but no one was hurt. Twin Son's Funeral Is Held at Allison A L L I S O N--Funeral services were held here Thursday afternoon for Herbert Nassen, 15, son of the Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Nassen, who died Monday morning 'at the Mercy hospital, Waverly. He was born March 8,, 1922, at Allison and was a member of the sophomore class of the local school. His death marks the first separation of the Allison twins, who resembled each other so much that teachers, athletic officials and even their friends had a hard time telling them apart. 200 Are Present. THORNTON--About 200 friends of Mr.,and Mrs. Carl Christensen attended a dance at the opera house, in honor of their twenty- ninth wedding anniversary, Wednesday evening. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT WOLFS Complete Line Of Smart . New Accessories Open An Account Now WHERE ELSE CAN YOU FIND A Clothing Selection THE EQUAL OF THIS? SUITS, SUITS AND MORE SUITS! Here is a selection that we know is unrivaled anywhere! What have you in mind? Single Breasted? Double Breasted? Spovt Back? Do you want a plain color? Stripes? Checks? Plaids? Mixtures? Looking f o r ' a fine tweed or a sturdy worsted? A soft flannel or a durable twist? It doesn't make a bit of difference! Here, Ion one floor, you'll find everything you could possibly want for spring . . . including incomparable values! TOPCOATS, TOPCOATS AND MORE TOPCOATS! And if you think our suit selection is something, just wait until you see the great variety present in our topcoat group! 'Single and double "breasted raglans! Balmacs! Guard models! Fancy backs!' Polo coats! Single and double breasted box coats! /That should give you some idea of the extensiveness of Mier Wolf- and Sons' finest topcoat selection! And fabrics? Take your choice of fleeces, tweeds, gabardines, camel's hair and camel's hair mixtures, herringbones and others! Values that can't be equaled! MEN'S SUITS AND TOPCOATS 75 up to $35 Suits are with one and two trousers Your Hat Is Here.. See our selection of fine fur felts in the new medium and light weights. Latest styles and colors. $2-95 $0.95 Featuring the new perspiration proof in-bands. MIER WOLF SONS Listen to MEtODY TIME 8:30 to 9 A.,M. .Every Week Day -- KGLO --

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