Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 2, 1895 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1895
Page 1
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OGRESS-REVIEW. VOL. XXV.--No ti. LA POUTE 'JITY, IOWA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2. 1895. $ 1,50 .HE!* YEAE. DR.A.U.EVARTS, PHYSICIAN AND SL'ltliKON'. 3ff.ce in'Marshall bul'dlui^.ov r r l l a m l i u , V/;ii; oner SCo.'s OH. G. W. FISHEP HOMEOPATH 1ST Ke.lld«nc« OT9 Main Street. OOlcc over St*nt«u's sturc. L-\ Porte City. l;i. The The followm;.' '·csolution. introduced bv StiNon, «~:i* adopted: li'fi!rttl. That tht- Committee on --.--,·_- ..--_--..-._._-__ | oo| . , irt , ] ie |. L .],y jnsii'iiried and au- D U K E N A V E f M . j'.borized to advertise f o r b i d s for tho "" j (illKv of .St-j'.vri'-cl of Poor Farm n n d to rvtl at .'hi-' TJO^I o'!i'( . :\: L-.i Porte City BY | from J.,11 malru euuii : :u-' with such person ns nsay bi» appointed. '-ou::iy b i l l of \Yalsli Wich- J. C GHAHAIW, PHYSICIAN ANJI S U H G K O X . OIEe two doors east or oneni tiuu^i', l^v VnrU City, I»wa. DR. I- S. MAHAN. peml Parlors over Dr. J. C. Graham's L» Porte City. loivj. GEO W. TorwpKiN, ATTORNEY AT L A W . la Porte Cliy, lovn, Ofllce ov*r Flri Isaiional Bank. Collections mmle. p;i|L-i drinvn, and :i yeii=r;'.l l»^Lil tms*Incsn c i t r t tullj- and promptly attended to. P. L. HAYZLETT ATTORNEY AXI) COUXSKLOI!, */Mi5, Heal Kst-.ue. Abstract*. Insurance. md collodions. ornw f i v u r C o u r t r l n u f s .{idtauranl. L:i Pnrli- Clt.y. loir.i. -IS SHERMAN T ATTOIINKY AT L A W . .xravtranclng, Insurance and Cullcctinus. Office opposite Syndicate l:loc!:. CATC SELLS, ATTOKMiY, VINTOSf. IOWA. Practlco In both Stale and Federal L'ouri.i. Will attend to HIM- business or allkluds. In i-'.ndlDK tlvr MUlemeat ot «suu«s iu lllucl: Hawk »H wellHS Bculou Co. courts. M-IO JOHN T. DOWDING. Th n u i u , the s r u s i U I l ' T I O N f l . w i A Ylv.Vit. i snma not bein^r o. '· .-ed by '.ho Board Mobile tt Clt]', lo Alabama. tlmo one cont iwr mile Is the price for iwr nl February Did. 18B. Tnln lenvwi atS;»^. in.. dun'i m]a3 tbe ':bance or 11 ILIetlmoto.s-e^ this wiTnl-r!iil country. FOR SALrX .MllUnusor ;ici-i-sur In Mlsil.1- . . slpnl anil Al:ib;iui:t from gl.O to ijo.00 nto* aciv. Tbla land lies a - ' both limber land an' 'entires. The .sugii ILU Is M. o. l:. wh:u « T e wnuliicnllonk 'he soil in ihn liard WOCT! couiliry Usually found In oib«rcor.ntrles' i h e C u u n t y Board o f S d ( , , V f .,, j v l U , v ., s J p u r i i s o r s . j ,,,, (; 0 i U U _ v |Y, i at April st^ion. ; , b ,, ... .,; ,,, , r , i . , 15 ,, ,,, -v.^ s x n c i its n s u a y oun n o i - i - c o r . r u r e s i On iiiu'.nisi c , f .\u B i - i i n d l i u r s t . the where silne kluJs or llmlx-rurow. Iu thrrx. : H I : I I : L - V uf ;hi-.i:;' Icifuiiirj" oil win- '"··»"· wwih or plue couuirr. UIB lanil la-tar . ..' ~ " . Mij-erlur 10 pine lands nt tho north. TD.u«« to ConimlUOO ;-c-]ior provcd. its f o l l o w s : , r f t Je:'',.i ijHiiikii). .r.'.'. Tilt- pci.:L public hi^'h not yi'iuil-w' J o h n T i n i i i ' . i i n o i i , ^U 1 ,!. i 1 !.:: j. .^!:c. mi: J l t i l j ' t 1\ Mc- i.UU. ) i i of And i'^'. 1 ," IIiH:MiL; for ii v ill W a i r i ' l o o T M M -,-.-as . l i o i i i ' i L I n i v i n ^ - no Tile p e t i t i o n of to .1 T Km 'o yrsintut], i) a i i u i t hills ci({- · t i l l l:ilO o'clock 21si«ru work and Plastering In all uf "s brin its given Special attention. Estimate* chow- j fully furnished upon application, T.'H. -HOLLAND, ·JINERAL AND LIVK STOCK AUCTION EER. Bills m»de out and -all necesuary Inlurinntiun given. SallsUciloD guaranteed. Terms irasonaolo. AJJrtati L.H Porte Uliy. Iowa. J. R. TERRY, UCENSKD AUCTIOKEEK. ·Vlli jtteoil to all sales Iu tills nnU iidjoluiiiK couDtles. Tcnus reasuuab'ie. Cuntriu^ts Uates and bills niaile out free ftf cluryc on application at tke REOISTEII onicc. RlTTER GREENE, CONTRACTORS AND H U I L D E R S . Lalttl styles ot ArcULwctnre. I'lana !inu ullnbti-9 rnrnlsbed. 11. Li I'OBTB CITT, IOWA. A. L. DAY, OAWENTKR AND BUILDER, fU!(l, SMCiriCATIONB AND KSTIMATKH A SflCJALOTf. M ' La Porle Cliy, lo«'a. CHURCH-SOCIETY DIRECTORY "ETHoPiar if IKUOrAL'. SeiTlces d u n 11 0-clBcH a. m., SftSbatb gonday CVODIDK nt 7 o-cloclt. Pjuyor RKV. C R. Vf. COATT.S. Pasur. Ucrvlcet sundav morD- i|t«lll i'clock. Sablmlb School Imluu-Jlutol) »tnr mornlmt imlces. Sorvlcos Sund.iy eron. " o'cliwu. frajer mmilnK »nd Lecture HBV. S. £., Pas. EVANOEIilUAI: Scrvlcos d U D - Blrnbg ni n ··clooli. SabbE.'-li School al J " d"*. Serrlces SundBy ii«ioln» »i T «'cl»=t r '*T«DM(loK ererr Weduexltty ·rinlnic. HKT. Jl. Knoll. Paaior BMJI.ISH JSVANGEI.ICAJ,: Scrvltci S niu..» ·*-M,anil7 P. M. SaLballiricliool S'loll » at iu A. M. rrayer meetlni; -v rj aj avpnln" »r. 7 fv'nj^lf. "Jij!V. K. F. MELI.. Taalor pATHOLlOCHUKOH: Servl;v,s ci'ery tbird 'o«r, anO:30 i, m. K*v. M. F. McIsinMEY. Pwi'.or. Lodge No. 1W. . ay ,renlng ai ihctr bull In the T.aop. m. A cordial all visliine Knlfhts. SieTEit3:-Irls TcniFlo ' """is tne First and Tnlrd Fr:uay ol (Mn m ** (lc i (jaauo Hall, - - welcoui)d. Mi»a Mlldrtd S,, MU)» J«3l» M»ori, LAXE TEST No. 33, K. O. T. -lln Tuesdajs In each 2nd - ot p - "all at 8 .R.K. E. Simpaon, 8 p.m , Com. m. John Me- A. F. t A. M., mecw o» rrtr.lnj on or be/ore full mooc. iOB. Sec. A. N. FtltQD, W. M. CHAPTEtt. 129.-- O. K. S., ni?«l!) *· D. n "*ay liter tbo full moon. Mrs. M. K :. w. M.; John VAuiersoa, Secreury, WORKMEN. MM13 on Hrtt and «fenlne In each moatb. M. W. Jno. MeQollkln, Kte. Thompson Po«, No. IK tnird Moadar of «acJi Con " n «" 1 ^ : «·- J - Mi .EX.0." Corpn, No. t, m**t» to* flM · montt *it:»p.-m; Ufttncmemaenwiteoracd rnuStnt dn. H. WH ninst tliccouiil.y. Board i n l j i n i i ' i n - d p rn. AFTHU.VCIO.V. Board couveniitl [iiii-sujuiL tu ;nljoui'mneui: nu!inb!i-d ;iU present. Buard prot:eijilc M (] tu ;iudit bills a;_ r - iiinst thu cunuty. Board adjourned ' t i l l '.) o'clock ii in tonioi'i'ow. TUL'KHUAV -MORXJ.Vi:, .|;ill. 10, 1S!I.". - t l r[ pursuant lo ail- joufiiiuujil; moiubui's n i l pi -use lit. Tlie minulos of tlio proceedings ol Jau. !). !!).", ivei-o road and ajiprDVL-d. 'jnLy bill _\u -li. was ru-cunaid oruu. JJuard pi'Of'.'tjdi.'d to .sule(-t L]IJ uflieiul ]r.ilM_-i-s For llu; ^^5'r IH'^'J. and the ijty Auaitor lu-ouuedud tu o|)un tin; lists of subscriber!), as provided by Sue -128 of .McClaiu's Code. Board adjourned ' L i l l i o'cloru p in. tu visit poor farm. AFTHIt.VOO.V-- 4 O'lJl.OCK 1". ii. oai-O corn'ened piirsuant Lo a d jo'iiruinent: niL'irbei-s a l l pi-G.-5ent. TUu eomimimcalion of -I C Hai'tniiiu, of tho Waterloo Courier, and ul 'V !·' U u r k , of the Cedar Falls Globe. in rojLfard to uJerical error pivscnted their sLatement of subscriljurs LO this Boat'd. ivuru I'ucoived and orderud placed OH lil«. On motion of Mr Slilson, thu Waterloo Courier and Cedar i'ulla Gn- ,were dedignaled as thu olJicial Tim i-omimiuieutiou of II U Hoxie, , J .Slii'ri IV, s-'.:t'i!i^ r l u i t he had :ippuin',rMl \ V i i - l l ' H o x i o a s .Oo|)ut -Shi/rill for ·.in- year IS'.". was roeeiveil, und on m o t i o n , said :ippointm«nt iv:is ap- pruvyii VL-i'.r-. -i: nay Tin. personal l a x o f W W U'eller, of 1- S 7, w:is ordered remitted, lie having Kiiil !.--. OM (lii» sv.nio property in M i n - ncsnUi fur the sumo vi';ir. Hoard a d j o u r n e d ' t i l l 1 :;iO o'clock p tii. M - T K U N i n i N . lioi-rd i-'nin'cTiirij p u r s u a n t to ad- jt^vtrniii'.'iil: n i C ' r i h i M - r - a l l prosent. J J ' j a r c i i/nx-.vilml iu a u d i t bills asf- i l i l l r - t Un; c u l l l l t y . On motion. Ihe Tournior cauo for setting asido tax as^fs=?d under the intili:!. !a\v, Y.-.LS set ftir lir:\rin^ AjJi-il 2, IS'.'J. Mr l i a h l moved thai c u u n t p bill No. !U. of IHU.'J. be u o t u l l o w u d . f k ' i t f i -- l i i i h l . l i r a n d l i o r s t . Hnrbcc, McD.HI^al, liu-vinl ui:d A a h l u v . X ; i y - - M i i | s o n . Thi: ix-.-.uluiKiii offered by Mr Uriiiid- In/rs-L. i n r a s j u j r i a l I'lcetion to voU? on thi, 1 i]tu-!-iioii of itinuiui; bonds to lUe extent c.f .Wi.lldll, Tin- papers fur tiie year [MirpoHu of b u i l d i n g a JM-.S'uoiii I ]KII:?I... 'Tl.'ijOUO fc»r ptireha.^in.,' a aiti: thi-ivfdi 1 and .TilO.UOO for | of rri.-cuni^ n ntsw eoniily j u i i v.'ns, on motion, l a i d over 'till lilt) A|Jl'il seadiuil, Vean--; Buhl. McDou^al. Stilnon and Ashley. Niiys--liriinilborsl, Jltirboo and Uoivnd, l-'Joard adjourned \ m t i l Ji a. in tomorrow morning. SATURDAY MOKN'I.SC, .Ian 12, 1894. lioard i:auveuod purtiUiiiil to ud- joii-ninuut. i j reheut--JJahl, Brand- hornl, McUou^'al, j t u u ' r i d , Slilsou and Ashley Absent--ljurbuu. .\JiuiiLijs uf proueeuin^u ol .Jan llth read and approved. Hoard proceeded to audit bill.* against t l m c o u u t y . Xhij oih'cial bond of G W Davvson, County Altornoy \vart appi-ovod. Un motion, the proposition of tJoetjinler aheorer tu wrap the pipeu to heating a p p a r a t u s iu babemeut ol ,. . , ''"" ,' " ,, , ..... poor h u u s o for the sum ol aJllMi.OU. «van ic-as--liiilil, Uurbeo. Kownd, bill- ' ' son and Ashley. Nays--Brandhorst and JieDon^.... , ' . . . .. ,, n ., " i iliu report ol eoiuimiLee on On motion ol Sjtilson, -'Der Duuisch ' AmerikiLULM 1 '' v.-iis desi^'nateii as one of the ollieiul p.-i]K.-ra fur the vcarl-'illO, as provided by Chapter SO, Laws of tho J l s t li A. The matter of assistance to lidward McAdiiui, of Cedar l''alla, was referred to r^lr i'.uu-ud, lo report at April session. · Mr U r a n d h o f s t moved the f o l l o w i n g rt-suiuLiun, «hii;h ivu,s adopted: That tho chairman of the Committee on 1'oor is hereby authorized to ascertain the amount of woolen underwear for tho comfort of Lho inmates at pour farm, and purchase as he deems best, tho bill for the r.iijr.;: to be mv-jiMilcil ;U the April session of thib hoard. Mr.Stilson offered tho following resolution: J!c?ol::d. That the C o u n t y A u d i t o r be allowed the sum of six h u n d r e d dollars (*i;ui/.00/ per :inmun for clurk hire and that ho hu authorized to d r a w vi-ar- ranta monthly to the atnouui of uno hundred and f i t l y dollars, ai l u l l payment of hia salary ari Couitly Auditor und of all deputy or clerk hire, and report tho aatno to the IJoai d at each regular session. Adopted. On motion the matter of assisting Mr?" Peter llansoa, o f C u u a r i'alls. , Yeas-- a bridge, Cedar '-LVp, r i v e r bridge, neur La 1'orlu Cite and lower Spring Creek bridg'b adopted und placed on lile. Tlio matter uf n:-plaukiu^ Cedar river bridge, near La l'o:-to City, WHB relerred tu Mr Ashley, to aut au he dw'UB Upland report at April tiObaiou. Tho ru.ittei of I.. - huuo at, court house was refi vvi · . L . I Committeo on County J'ropvrty ami Buildinifa and report at April session. On motion, the nmiu»r on iron Wap- sio bridge, in L/OHtcr TIVJI, waa referred to Asnloy, McOuuyul, Slilson and Balil. with power to act and repori at April uommitteo on atlcudaucu und mileage made the followjuy report, which was adopiud: H M Ashley, 0 days, J')raileji,S25.!r2 C F Uraudborut, (j C B .Stilaon, li W G liurbee, i PtUir Bahl, U 10 1 1 « 8 tlmb»-r ]audH must iiu verj' ueur f u t u r e , nnt only on account Umber lull .UMI (or Ihi-lr . i l i l l H y u i produce »!1 klcil of Irul:, v^^M'ttiiic-s. i^ralas or ^rx^va i:rov\-n lu lh.' L"n!l--a SI:UL'.H. llundredn of olj pl.iu- iaiion siiuui^l In'n sixu of America lire wiiitln^ in U? occupied by the-hartly lllkr4 of tin; s ,-lt. rrnm Lh casl. uorLh mill w»sjl, as well :L- rorclRu r o u n i r l M . Tlii'sn furinfi proii- i!i'ly ill!.*! :md lmpr«ivL'il IIIUSL soon riurpiwH fu ;iny Imtils I n - i-he -L'nltoil-SiAie.s.- Tin* liB'Alo iiiul \oc:illon i\n. all ibL- pvlUfii!:L- itry i prove uir a.v.4ert]oQ. .TliyyA-jin bi 1 bouphi DON- Tor rroin f5 in ¥-JH]or rtijn 1 . Don't soil. t If y6n t-vcr t'i vny a - limuu. 1'htae prices must mirely adi-.ingc rap- Iitlj- noi iu ibn fir dlsu-int faluru. Iml liriiio. ili»ii-ly. NVylc'ci Uilt, npiiuriunliy :mi| you will liv| IIIIH KCltlnj- iu-lho ilbrlli Sldo of :i Iwrh J wjn-:euu:inil hi ·Itlniryourwir lo dvnib. ipcr ivll h 'cro oil i^rins In i'iKiuiiN nfiicrvs of liiu.U In cuDrvnk-ui Uj -itllrouJ, for trom fir. i-. Will inltu gooil burs. '9 x s i a r t lone UTMC on ibu bnLuic.i. Tin il.cnisninl iicn-aof Un M Inn . :it from SIO lo .SIT. - n i l pcrclniHrrs. W n h ' i - e In t u t u locality quliu alarue lint of di'.^lraljle land.-* for Milch 'KOoiP hbnU'.i^Tlll bo i:it;eii»i fair prli:es for a oiiDKlilerablu portion of purtliiisB price. Nnni! lime will l»v flyen cn.balanee allow rate ot InwrvM. : 1'eoblc who have a .tnrplUH of homes would do wall in imil liivestigaui, a rare ciiauce- for tho rJuhi nmn. The·bUNlQO.Hlj localJoil III La Porte This properly IN In gn Oc i rejial.-. l l u U u l n ^ ix I JO. br)ck. and ir properly managed would ailily rent lor *!in a nioulh. The Katlnnal Hotel llvi'iy Uaro. MX72, wllh Vi lots. This In ihe Iwst,location In lown for the ant] the burn ]H Jcuown. far and wlile as tbc best bultilliu; of the kind In Illack l l a w k coiiniy. Uolh of thu nbovi. uro put on ;he market to aell .for what ibey jire. ivorili. Time U-ILI t«j tfvm k. null iiurqhauer, or will irndo lor «ood farm landa at falr'prlceH. TH-U ol ihe llncsi ilwulUn K H JD La Potw iu very reasonable priced and ifriiis lo n u l l Owners or ihe aUove mciin i-iHlni)Hs imi) th. Drojiony will be Sold. Ix dwelling \nitt vnrloui amouiilH of t:iud -uid prJciis 10 Null the purcha.s.-r. Doti'l f u l l lo call If you desire to jiurchiLsn a hoiun iu i h l x cliy. Quick xvli« and umall jiroDi.s' Is our The P. G. Conner Store Sells fine, sun-dried Michigan Apples at 8 eta. Which will pleaa» Ladies, Childrenjarid Gents, Potatoes, Apples and Onions at right ratea; Also Candles, Nuta, Figs and Dates. All -kl-nde of fruit in cans or d r i e d , Warranted to giv e satisfaction if tried. We want B u t t e r , Eggs and Potatoes in trade, For all of which the Highest Price is paid. . J. MILLER, Proprietor. A line nw residence In Wcm Waterloo. A v c r y l l D c home 'or Home retired f:trincr, n'ud c a u h n honuhl vory reasonable. Some vgry tine tarmn In ihe vlclnll-/ of t.a F'orte at prlc^H 10 nult the thn..*. If you have, unyihlnji to Btll or ir.'ulc .loii't full LO cai;. l r w» uiive mil K t what you want w u w l l l Hnd ll. Du.HlncSK will be lively thin year und 10 necure ihe Iwni liarualun you Hhiiiild call eiirly unu bo proparwl to ullk Hllle.l^. l f t y hoilhrM md low fn lUe clly or. Deli Molnrs ;n o;ir J iimeH [irktH or will irnde for [mvu lanuH. G. W. jr lh« ComliLlon ,,r Hilton. Ht»te ll«Bk Urfraiilx«d Uiid^r tho ItiwIi'uF ibwiil' locat- «H nt I.u I'ortn Clly, in vho coimljof Hlwik H a w k , nt int clomint biulnniMnli,!))* Dial l.y ..r DDL-,, .V. U.. i H t l l . mulle 10 Ihu Auditor of .NIuLe, KI rnqalreii l*y' l«'w er- L'VldL-ncbn .of dubuf .dla- counuH] or purctiuHid rictij- ully rmiiL^l by DID U;iuk, L (c:ir- r l u d o u i j . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The coDUtllon oMhv .foreHO luiC parilculiirly du^rlbcd UH rollowd:) j GwJ. (uiirrlrJ lonldi-i (110,011 in l l ' . m l d u u (carrlt-U In.ildO T.371 49 AUODNT Or CA.11I ON IIAKU, AB fOLLOWH! cola GfJ97Uii aot«Munrl Hiibhldliu-y coin..; rrtfL.1 OD nolveiH ljanl{M on build utul eaib IMinK ........ THE AMOUNT HUBJKCT10 UK HFI.AW.N AT HICnT os DKI-'JSIT WITH HOI.VENT 11 ANTCK OUIIANK- KII.H (HrEClf rlKU NAML3 A.VU IXICA- TIO/iH OJT l l A M K H i : Naft Uivnlt. ( Chase N n f l U a n k , NBW York I.73pa ivlufe Johnson, Wai., la. 3,i r .l tU - OTI so dret .Our Prices on (Lumber. i~~ · « Our facilities for ^buying lumber-GmAP, is as good as any in Iowa. And our disposition to SELL it CHEAP better than some. 'ESTIMATES, figures and infor.mgti.QH cheerfully given. $. C. BUtiM^ Main Street Lumber Dealers. At The SYNDICATE BLOCK STORE SELLS .±2x37- a-o©as, G-xoceries, A Full Line of Winter Goods on Hand. I Pay the Highest Market Price for Butttr and Eggs. ·* Free Delivery for Gity Customer* . The ^alue of real properly (owned by tne panic ».\'/\'l ftai value of pcmojial propony 'j-mel by the bank) ·. tl-.W! TUItlAfrtjg I.U.DILIT1K3 The a m o u n t of capital Htock dually paid Up In cailb MQ,(M).ntl TBK TOTAL AifOL'ST DUX D K P O H l T O l W rufcn-ud Ly llio Cf.nuuiiU--- on I oor, to act in the piemisua as thcj- best. Board adjourned 'till 9 o'clock tomorrow. FRIDAY MOUSING, Jan 1J, 1*05. Board convened pursuant to adjournment; members all present. Tho minutes ot Jan lUth were read and approved. The petition .of J A Johnson, for remiKgion. of tax, was not granted,' the Board having no jurisdiction. The petition or John Tynan, fpr.tei- niuioh ol tai, was not granted.. Xeil Jl C A Koivnd, Mr bli'son moved the adoption of the following- resolution: ]ii:#il':vl,, That tiin County Auditor is boreby aulhorix.etj lo issue a warrant on the Poor Fund of this county for the sum of il,'MJ in payment for the heating" apparatus and pil»c* bolon^in^ thereto^ Upon the ordor o/ Committee on County Buildings and -Property when tho work is completed and aeceptcd by this Board. Yeas--all. On motion, a committee ol three was appointed to aicertain what they deem the beat method of building county bridges, and report at April B^sfiioa Tbc Chair appointed ag such coni- miUeo liownd, Stllson and Brand-, horat.- Board adjourned 'till 1:30 o'clock p in,- 2J.12 iO.12 i").Ijtt AaiouninlKbidepoiilm,,..:,K5.t»l 7.1 .11 ,M Amount Uroe dnpwllfl . 7j#Z,7J;)jnu.OfU ifl M.JU Till AWOCKT. Of CNDlVJBr.D PIlorTIH i4.»t Surplus fund ................. . I7.UUJUJ ihcr proliu on hand after ' Total llibUlllea ....... Aroouni oC all UablllUea u lh« Uanlf on ibe part of Directors Ae borroirerB....- -------- t\Z,t!l 60 A" endoraern -- . ....... I-I.I300 l?,2iuao STATi'. OF 10 iVA. p lilick Uawic Coumr. f *·*· «Vr, G. W. Uay^lctL PreJ).. A, Van VilUtn- burij C'intiler, xnil U. S. Sianton and W A. Walker of tbc bank - abova named dt noli-raniy nwear ibat .the fpregolns nlate- - ·· but !*·§·.) . ment l.i full, true and cOTreet, - fpregolns ,-to tb« bn lof oar . kaowl»d|;e sad t b«UcT; Ibal, too a*?ou tbertln YOUP W I L L EXPECT A V^SllCfttitlC" WE HAVE A VERY HANDSOME SELECTION THE ;A^D[ ifopERATE IN PRICE. ALSO A BIG SELECTION OF COmilO ; VALENTINES. --^.- ; ; :.,/- ;^.': ?I SPAPLRl MEWSPAPERI

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