The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 18, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1818
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v I i i i 'J "' ' '''... ,;;'. - V. - .' .YV til!. O i;4ir - y', - - ' - .V. . - J(r - v. - .Vs ;'!' - :.'.?'$;? ... . ... f desday; august"! oi:j fire. ;v - ; - :it. .'., a? cj - : , l - V l r ' , . ttr SALE, :i' ,r.;ff spiled ftiumeJiaull, J") ' lieiu jrior .ckeulbop BOaTO.N, i - - tnanXii old., burthen 8j s.U rlsUlbrV Cut Us - lull in. &Za m complete order for a voyage L ni.m.ii board, east ide Bur - ABPlj w . wen v n ANSON o. PUFXV3, . T83 Front - street. ul 11 . - .Siifr. frtirhl tr Chitrter, - - The fln NewYork built lr w - flEKS IA. H. Graham, master, built by thetsema.i, of the bestmateriaU, and in S'JSt Wtfiful oer. hi lately been cop - . . i ..r ;n nmntote - order. and can be r. i; i tny voyage i. uuie w " 1 ... ( i for ;i ' " " No. 34 Front - itreet. v i homo aiul &U Btirtholomevt, A BKIO. of 180 tonj bound; to fiit,L West wiU Uke freight for S?Zrthelove - placet, if offered immedi .Several pwenKCN also, en be well ao 54 Sottlhtreet. TT'.' . for SAVAttMUi , . i - cl I T.lNV. Wr: Vinm. majttr i havius been UeUiueJ by it... lalie lotna mora uiTU irii,! fur which, ir pawajc, applj va boar J, at J - in - - - - . - South itr.t BritiA bria'TiPOMINCO. rftnf aim ReJmond. will take ficirht Pr STSort Grat - ?riUia or !raland - al.a is a tooduwd, and may b ileapatcbed iiuoiediavo - Aiol o board at fine - streat wharf, or U) . . iirDtiunil Itfv Tbeaubstantialahip ROCKINGHAM, j" 2.T. F. - Williams, roaster, is now load in t jTbavingeonsideiTible cargo engsicwl, is in - laded to sail on the 20U inst For the re - . pinder of freight or passage, having hand - fine and spacious accommodations, apply on Wrd, east side Fly - market, or. to ' M..... CT . tl tT'l'l 1, - n. t..M W6 74 South - street ttr JfHU' - OHLlUA'S, Tii rat &iinsr nacxet aenr. r. - tttNY t. HENRY, 'l ilford. master; is leaded, can take a few Urns more light ttigLt, if immediate application is made on bosrd, weit side of Burling slip - - 8115 liHHE LEAP, iiLUt: VI1RIOL, AL VV. LUM.Ax Received per ChauuCeyand Cskuabia, (rtxn Bristol. (Eng ) and for sale by in subscriber, on Jianligeous terms, fJi kegs geuuine grouud wMte Lead iu Sblb. kcs fc tO casus best dry White Iad tit casks 5 to 6 '30 do Red Lead ia casks from 1 to 3 cwL tach . ' . . It da 3pacisbBrwafroa3to4cwt.each 30 do Ivory BUcki"rcfntoacwt each ; . 13 h fUmni Vitnal fnTSOewtch 55 drf Veueiiaa Red frvm t to Scwt ewctr U tierces Alhias from 7 1 Is) cwt each. ' X) thds. 0 riMTM and bfels Rottoo Skate i'n,LamUitiek,.lirple Brwwa - Coicniwf ritriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Asjrf - A.CtfUttCM.' lYs - - r;r Rnsvory. TTT GERMA.N GOOU4. . RECEIVED by (lie ship l'ritnn and tl stup E!be, u - oa Haiabunr. aadolner late imp - rt - atioas, sa assortment of Uenu ui Lintus, such as Piatilhi, white tull bfo wo Bretasnes,Crea, " ' . Dowbs Brown Checks and Shirting Linens Hsswa Osnstburgs nnd Tn kk - ubui t, Hesuans, t!urlps, Brown Rolls, Bags - Taws,. SepatBae UroadClolbs v 5apkio, Silk Galloons an.) Pound ILbboot ' - Coir Mills, ; Slate fetKiis . . looking GI.1M Plattrs pscliet and Siatia Glasses - LeadPeariii . . r - ' Had an assortment of Cardwire. - ' - Also on hind, A few trmSt - Ftrrnrxli7iir - ViNt oualitv Holhind Sail Cloth, and Satt boxes Pategraas Cheese, entitled to d Matare. For salt on nmtonable tms, by " ' GEO. THEO. iWEILK, J 15 las . 12$ Washinctou street. f llOhACCO. - - CjJ Eesa lauding Irom schrs. X Hero aftJ Only Daoghter, and sloop Fair AsMTican, from Richmond, m. U Krgs branded It. IL Brady, 8', no. 1 k i A Ao. Geo. Fletcher, ti's, no. 1 t 3 0 do. T. M. Deanetco. 8's, no 1 & 3 57 do.. J.Gibb, 8s, no 1 Sit 0 1 - Sdo. . JtPLabby, 8', Ladies' twist. . IN S i ORE, 1500 Krn, U WiL'l half pound rolls. LadiM Tw'itt and Cavendish Tobacco of the , . followio bnuid, vis.. Coders, Ross, Ege, ' Millar. Uolu, Dattoo, Surr, J. Mare fc co. 1 ' HugScs & ca. F. Uancy Si co. Ander - ', son, RUir & M. Keage, Cantor, au J thellon ' . S WiUiamtou. Forisdeby . . CORNELIUS DU B015 ur'il !w TEW KlCtlMONU FI.OUll, it.' il bbl. supeifio Floor, II is all aixl Cuoaiug - loss's bvands, landing from schr. Cntharine, aud wtaie by . - nr. k p. ouaivj, 1. . , ' . ;' " 84 Front street. : ' .V STORE, 70 Lhds. prime Richmond Tobacco - ' 100 kegs ManBfvcfnred do " . 1 boxes' 4 - 4 Irish Linen It hbris. 6 pipes choice I - P. MadHra Wine t 1 - t qr. casks do. do. Mjlmtey Wine, ane It Iw ' ' ' To QliYUOQWi, iic A O Boxes oiovlins '. i . 10 do. 4 - 4 7 - 8 Irish linens , I do. pink ginghams . - 1 do. shawls . ' 4 do. brown platillat 6 do. Scotch otnaburr ..7 bales imiiatioa sheetings ., 4 do. brown liosa . 2 do. linen bed tick . ' 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeting. ' ' ' " ' , ALSO, Sau - - doth; ' : ; ..Cotto. bagging ' . .. . . . - Tidied sncfc'.B '. . Seme twine For rale by . . a ; GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julvt' - ' No. I S lout - lane. T0SEPH T11XOMB 1 CO. Q Pearl street, have just received 6 - esses, rout airing - 5 - 4, 4 - 4, 7 - 8, and 3 - 4 bUach'd Sbeetiojsand coinings Brawn bhirtines; Gmgbarn ' " " H7 ' Checks 5 Cbambran .d - Ticking and CMixnrcs - ; Abooa handj.anesteasive assortment of Jestio Woollen and Cotton Goods ' Wick Yam ; Bonis and Shoes Mrt Tack and Brads, assorted - - snvoiccof Straw Braid, fie. n sf whir - is wiS h tsii at tew prkc litest Weol, Cotton or Bale Coodi rectivtd for sjak 1 For for , . a - storage. gUg 5 MADEIRA IVLSE 6 ! Vb? W MadeIr, Woe., .2 1 - 2 Qr.Caila Maloua v do do - o( Scott, itouhaao, FeoiuUl it Ca. bramla.ij offered for aafefcr - ' W. 4tB. UKAIU, .bug! Ja v r Ho. 154 rom - rt. JEWELLKRY, WATCHES, to. CASE of aoudry Jewellery, fina Cutlery, iTi. 8ilref Hontitg and Flain iVatchea, Drearinr Caava and Ladiea Work Bof ea. 2 caaea Ladiea Coneta aaaortert. - . t sale by. - w J LAMBERT. ' . .... - o' . ,1 I . . - il'Ai, WlNt - Ai GKOCKKltB. - - No. 7 r"rli (late adisf Auctioft Koora.) TllKtuhacnber keeps cooatanUy. ibraawa ' ei - oeral anortmrnt offirit rate Urpceruii family ue, amount wuich ure ltllih - lidl ' : " TF.AS ! - ' Vourg Jfyaon ; Hytnn Skin Souchong & fof first tjuulity and litest luiportalioo. lnai, luuip, . ' f OUGAR3 . Havana wtia and brown J " ... . liou'iie Oluuoiter, r'tiFPv )tulland4;Aii,tricanic"I,l: - at", lmon Ji.e . iit tiv Lemun in good order U!i proof Coil.': brai.dy (genuine) ' Holland Ciin and Jamaica bpirita Madeira, i'ort, Claret, L. V. Teneriff fcuerry and otb"r Winea Sweet Oti Ui Hf.Uitt aud DuUlei f Picea. W. I. Pepper. Hibltflrt' stout Sjienn Oil and Caudlea ; wilb many other article too numeroui to pccify, which will be sold at moderatu advance, by "IHEMlCALb, COLUR5, x J Epv.m Salts, in casks ol ilcwt. . ,. l.tjmjiMajnesiv'ii c. - ises ht li smalt squares '( Culcined do in phhils Rrxhelle Salts, Acid Tartar Cun. Acid, Blun Verdiierin firkins Patent yellow. Kings Vellow Keeulus of Antimony ous, buttons, tc. Fowliag Pieces, assorted, well linuhed Do do iu wninicoat cases, liaely liaished . with appantus complctu Duelling Pistols, incases Gold Epau'ettrs Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copi - erplates foreagraveTS MatLeinatical Instruaients Rolling Paralel Rulers . Jilanners compasses, telescopes Opera gbsses, micro.cope 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise aiul turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMM - JIT, . je 18 3 Coui'tlandt - streeL G UXPOWDER, SHOT f.KAD, fcc 1000 qr. casks l.i t, tit MooqjOm p.iwder 500 do do musket and Car.non Powder 100 do do best Eoglifh do 5 J do . d.t Dhrtiord Cunnister do SOda do Single Seal do v . 4 tons aisirtcJ Pat:tSliot , ' 3 io do mouldad do , ' ' 3 do bar Lead 10 rolls Sheet lad " 'Knr 6 - s4).iti.nt lad tiii - e " 100 M. superior Freach and English gna and pistol r lints Also, an assortment of musket and pistol balls, powdr flasks and sun briis, lor si oy SBHOOVMAKEft, VA. BEL'RF.N ICO, nelsSw So. 91 r ront - t. WIM - 150 qr. casks L. P L Teneritre wine, imonrted in 1615 nad 1310, of the Pasley, Power, and Colegsn brands. A lew pipes Lue rort wine, irai ny NAT1I. PAULDING, auslS Iw IflZ Front - street f LAKE T 40 Uoieii very superiour Clurei, VJ for sale ai 13 the dozen, by GKORGK JOHNSTON, ; No 1 float - Une je SO tf A KEYED HARP. . A. GUTTWALDT respectlully invites the amateurs of music to inspect at his J Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, musical instrument that perfectly equals Uie harp in sound and far siirtiues it in point of easy treat mnt, as it is played like the pianu by jediis o ary t, anu tuusciucuuj m .o vaiitages of brilliant modulation ; the only one in the United States. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of fine tnae, musical variety aud workmanship, with an assortment of ditlerent kinds, whose good dualities il.ive been - testified by the undersigned eminent Droh - kiurt " . . Wetbe suliicriDeri, rroiesscrs w oi'i - ic, ao certify, that whavecarufully examined iir. t a. l.uliwaldl ililano - lorief. wimu, ior m;'ni tv nii,t Pif'lim - e of workmanship and unifriu briliiamry cf tone, we - rlesenedly recomiuewl to SnMic pair0Tj;c, mtiin. v,iue, r.utuuv, i leeis.C. 'IXioault, Charles Giliert." J 7 - - VAL.UABLE KEAI..L3TA1E rOKSAl.e, M TIIE CIT OS" FEW - YORK. brMVEIotsof grosind on tbe sestti.iofGreen - 1 wich - streei, between Vestry and Desbros - s s - streets, t5 by bO. ' Four do ia th rear of tbe above, fronting on the east side of Washinsrtoo - street, 55 iy HO. Ei - rlitdiiiu the block below, between Wash ington and West - streets. ' la Mnnt'"tnrv CdantV. CfMO arrrauf Land in Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Creek, on tbe norta side of me Moiiawk. - - - - In T rank lm CoantV. 15,16 - 2 acres of Laud, iu tbe towns of Mount Motri aud Dayton. ' . t - . In Esses tAmaiy, 723t acre of Land in U. towaof BarryiLore . In iha finable af Lewis. 1350 acres of land in Caslsrland, Chaisanis Purchase. ' In Saratoga County. 5C0O acre iu Palmer's purchase. Enquire at tUcostce of the subKriber, 34 Ce - dar - straet. BEV. S.OUlJ. w.h17tf SAU.NDEtw'S PATEM1 RAyiOK. STROP. You that wish to share with ease, Buy of Sacudkri if you pleas ; His Razor i: Iron's, neculiar such. That sliarps th Raaer with atoocii. G CAUUc.K3 resjieciiuiiy oncu w"e who have not tot his Patent Rasor Strop, to furnish themselves with his new invented Rasor Strop, aud Metallic Composition. No gentleman stho ence makes trial of on of the Strop now offered, wiil ever try any others; and sechis their formation, that ever so niech as wiil not give tl rssors that roundness which renders the best ol t tie in useless, and wDicn is wen ssovn always to follow the application of an loose hitherto invented. The ahave strops are in genera te in New York. and are distinj'shed (row all Uiers. Barber who have used tben say mon in their praise than I can myself. rl ail!irR4 ia WaHtraeL Also for sale. Rators. Boan, and every srten sil for Shaving, of the first qlity, with n upe - rtorassoitrMstof Perfumery, Hair,Powdr,vC Imn SaiTth'a. New Bnatd atreeL London. n. . lb bsom aDnrmi iirac sbbu iValer. - v HOKfeEa AND CARsilAGE. - FOR 6ALK, a pair of hfcrtyactiv black Horses, seven year old. Tbey match in surjt and a - tit, a ri fast trotters and ui excellent i - fMrlilioa 7nr a inurwl Also, a lierbt Coachee In excnnt order. In ,; . X ,J at at on i quire at tin o&x. aug 14 6t 1AR1UO.V, Actions Bar Iron - ; toussliect troar ... , . . .dozen Frying' fana . F&teat Chaff and brawios KoiveJ Iroa and steel Shovels - '' ' . ' Oermiu and eat steel mill, pit & hand saws . Cvaoti Spring SM el. For tale hy - - - A.NOtRSON at 8HKARCR, Hi ....,,... , ,Atl31 Watrrstrtet... - fiOKSKS. fXMlE. subscriber withes to purchase Ihree 6r I oar pair ol matcbeil llorss. and several single liortes lor the saddle, and also for draught. - . , v tt.W"W. . LtACH'USHIRTUNGs. 3casesbleacli d Shirtings, of an excellent quality, iut re ceived aud lor sale hy the , CUMAU3SIU3I WJirAJI, aiiR 13 . - 145 Pearl - street; W 1.VOOW ta.ASo. - 1000 boxes tdiotoi Window GlaM, few sale hy ' ' 11URD K 5KWALL, nus 13 ' 65 South strtet. UUMtm iC COV i UJV GOODS IM assortment of Doraitic Goods,' such as X. bleacld il unbleach'd Shirtings aud bl)6et - Vi kite L lla:k Millinetts. fossorted numbera) Flissr, knittiug ii sewing Cotton. For sale on reasonable terms by WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer,. aueO 107 Pearl street, (up stairs. AMERICAN CLOJ 11a. IOSEPHT1TCOMB&CO. No. 16t Pearl - street, have tust received 10 pieces American Su(erCne Blue Cloths, which will be sold p, lor casti only. rr. Alio on haud, au extensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodijof every dis caption, at low prices. 1 9 ' TO LET, A part of a house aud a front office in ly - street, within a few rods oirranKiin Bank. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - street. Jv 29 tf HACKNEY COACHES. nnR Parties, from Elizabeth Town f Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats Tri - ntou and Bristol, und the Miueral Springs Schooley's Mountains. iNotice sent to No. 63 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY U STILES, Eliiabeth Town, by mail, or by Ihu Stenm - Boat Atalanta, will be imiatdiatel v attended to. S 14 rr 'The tuns new slea iii vessel FRONTENAC, of 700 tons burthen,' Jusnes Mac Kinrle, master, will coiuuitoi a ruiiiuiiji on the urst day ol .iy iikxi, and will leave Kingston, fur Yitk. and Niagara, the 1st, 1 1 tli aud i! it day of each month, and .Viap.ira, for YorK nod Kingston, the 6 In, Ititt: and 2itu day of each month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to the ease aud coni'ort'of the passengers. Applications for pass.tge to be made to the captain on iHianl. Kinstnn, 6'h April, I0I. J 7dATtl)rl Nt.W .D ELEGANT CAblAET FUR.NI - 'f IMIK. ' Vu. 2.J IVarren - sl. afar donrs fnm Rmadiray. A CHOICE nt of Cabinet Furniture, particularly sideboards, patent diuing, card aud' eleriut work tables it is prwumed the like lias never before been manufactured ui America. 4 Mahogany Chairs, Sofas and Settees of the first style. The subscribers assure the public, none can undtr sell them, comparirg'iuali - ty. Upholrtry work and roller wiwtow blinds. All oidrrs in U.a above lines will b thaukluiiy received and punctually executed by - . i aue 13 GILLESPIE U WALKER.,. l.kkKNiVlCH LOA'VUlCiiOUaE. if ilalcd the tornrf of C reeuteich Lan - mnd Ma THE subscriber ioloims his friends and the public, tl.uf the above house is opened tor Uie accnuimodation of company. It affords a very healthy and teasant situation, tfuring this warm season. Its vicinity to the city, together with its beautiful situation, cannot fail to recom mend it as a superior place ol recreation. 1 tie Greenwich singe leaves and returns to the above bouse several times a day, and accommodate personals on ll.e. inon reasonable term, wtiu.ii frea'ly laciiitates Hie distance to uieciiy Ikianlers can be very agreeably entertained during the season. The subscriber trusts, that tbe convenience, together with (life preparations re bns made, wil I u..; - 1 with the approbatinn ol the public, and secure to bun their patronate. . a. 1 tie tiesl ol liquors, rc.consiamiy aepi on hand, fated UUi Aug. 1818. E. BALDWIN. Private will be furnished at all timet. at a more reasonable rate than ela - wlfc - re. aiix 14 3wt : . i. W. FORK E S, SSAISVrACTORKR OF S1I.VEII WAKR, No. ao Broad'.vay. N FORMS his friends and the public, that he I continues to manufacture ol sterling siiverrx - clssivfiy, and of superior wnrkmanthip, ...nV. .....IV.l... I .,11.. I ::Rer '1 ca aod Table Ladles, Urns, Si its. ' Waiters, Syphous . Fish Knives Cake Baskets, &c. &c Churrh Plate. Spoons, Forks, A the latest and most elegant patterns, and at Uie lowest prices. All order exernted in a masterly manner. N. 11 FAMILIES wishing to be supplied with the first rate" articles of Silver, are invited to inspect his work, as all articles ol his manu facture are sold only by hiuistll. J .w lm 'I HE sutisciiler having lyerinaiietiti) lisel his X residence in Uie town of St. Louis Missoii - li territory, offer histarvires as agent, either in the purchase or sale of ininls in the Missouri or Illinois territories : he will also act in Uie capa city oi agenf'geuerally, and execute such cow - missions as may be entrusted to him. : Persons rmuue landed property in the Atlantic states, UV4V make la vprable" exchanges for land iti the territories above - mentionefl, by application to the subscriber, and furnishiaf a par ticular description of the property offered for exchange, with an estimate of its real value. To the enquiries of such as are desirous of emigrating to either of the territories, he will cierlu!ly make prornut answer, without nny charge ; postage oi letters to him heinrpsid. m . ... aim a i. St. Louis. Missouri Territory. 1st Juue. 1818. Messrs. Irving, Smith II Holly, . JheesefHiroughfc ratterson, f neren - Ratl.bone ti Downer, V ccs in . John Ratl.bone, IN. York. gden Edwards, F - q. J J 15 di:c2awtm ji bAUOAI.V FOR LUMBER SPECULATORS. WANTED to exchange, for a farm, on Uie borders of Uie Hudson or Et R'vers, within tt) miles ranre of the city os New York. 4i83 acres prime oat lands, '11 of which are contumous aod sitnate'i in the town of Chatham. ia the stale of fliew - Hampshire. Chatham lies ia Uie state line adioinins Fryeburtr, in Uie dis tnrt of Maine, wbere there is an academy of Uie first standius. These 3451 acres re near ly all tbe cood land remaining unsettled in the lown, aad principally covered with the best vi timber : they are laid in iota m sou ana zuu a - cres: Saco river run through both towns, and afford a direct and cheap opportunity or convey - in tbe timber to n very profitable market. Tbe roasls la Baco ON rwnwh m uiisim - sh ov milf - a. ara rvsaarsriiNr rood. , - . - Tbe remainder 832 acre ir situsted ic Us towns of Elsworth and Orange, (also ia tbe state of New Han.PJl.ire) nod are susceptible of ma 13 AH ( luk f ' ' i - - . 1 of to t n It . king tbe best iarui., in tarn pine roaj uiai leads from Havmll to Concord run near aad Ui. - o - ogh 600 er "f " laswt ia EUwortb. For fnrther particalsrs apply to - r - : No. 38 Sotrth strett, Nf W - Tork. aag3 r?awla CSawlm ' , ' ". .'' v : . .'',.'.'' .. '. ''V'," :'v'".v' !,'. - . - . - 1 . . TO TUB PUB LICK, c - A GENTLEMAN fiom Franc, would with to draw the attention of the Citisens of New - York to Lis newly etUblubed Laboratory of Co - tours for wallt, prepared lor immediate nie, and cotfuipanisJ with directions for laying them ou. 1 be colourl are ol the bnzblcst tints, aim pre pared so that ao disappointment can take place. Et Joliu's Hall, FrunkforUst. , N. 11. A vary superior quality of Recording manufactured by the same person. . . July it tr . . UKOWN, sloueseul engraver and jewslj X' . lerr No. ICG Broadway. Coats of arms, crctts, cyphers, engraved on itone. Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals, tec. bought or cut to an form. LaJita seals engraved with moltos, devices or crests. . JJixjksof Ueraldry kept with upwards of G0,000 uauies. . .i. A large assortmont of Cue gold seals, chains, aoj otlwr jewellery. - JyS lm REWEKt. rorsale, a bargain, a Brnw M.J err A;''Malt House ccunccted, iu'thp city nudsoor llc iiuiidicgs are stoue, ana par ticularly well calculated for the business. Il i? situated iu. the midst of a barley couutry, and has many other advantages," It is certainly an object for those widiing to engage in lh:' busi ness, it is tiie only Drewcry in me couriry. 'I'his proiierty will - be S.M cheap. Terms line. ral ; title ood. For further particulars applv M. MULDF.M, iHo. 7!J Maiden - lane, rcw York'; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the prenines. Juno 13 tf JVcJK MUSI a. XUT published by W. DUiiOIS, at his Piano ,1 Foite and Music Store, No. 1?3 IKondway, William T ell Her Smiling Eyes Fanny Dearest Thine am 1 my Faithful Fair The Soldier's Bride Eveleen's Bow'r. with variations by Lozier. Also, all the Solids. c - ,hal are no,v UIK"'8 at tbe Concert's oy Mfi. Dun.e,iiouuan, j,ieii i.irw.i.m mid Flu ins. Kc. with agrenivano. v of ne . Music for the Fiano r prte and me t lute jy ! I ANCHESTEIl VELVETS, Assorted so - IVx lours and very superior quality, for sale low, by GEO.L NEWUEIIY, j ji s a - . ren wicci. i3 casks Roman cement, ju.t received and lor sale by " n n . . n i s. nttn s riTri A.UblU9J. n crir. iir.ii, nn 12 2w .. 131 Water - street. tt HAL".. A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres, two thirds under cultivation, the residue wood - laud, situaie on the seashore, a quarter of a mile hnl,,w (lm narrows, on tiie Slulcu Llan l sidt; and short rido Irom tbe steam boat lerry luliiig,V gives a very extensive vuiw ol the bax aasMii - virr.iuol New - York, within the Nat rows, and of Sandy Hook and the ocean For propect is eiual!ed by not e. The title is onquestionuble. Two thirds of Uie purchasa money may remain secured upon tbe land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, or to W. A. 5r.r.L,Y. 14J urtenwicn - sueei. Tf) LF.T. n convenient new t story tioiue. adjoining the above, with agardeu and bout an acre ol land. I or terms appiy o. t . snb 3 svxltf . . , cvkiti i; l six LEbsOAb. M'il - DE SPRANGll hasoblaine l Letters . Patent of the U. S. lor his invention ol tAl binff tbu art of Writine in six lessons. He wiU enable any pertoo. of whatever age, and notwirualaiulin: any bad habits they may have nnlri.rl. - il. l wnie - in.H a im NimmTtisf. ter havinx received these lessons. Persons of ifruMl cntMcilv will be able, by a strict atten tion, to write well ia four lessons, each lesson of one hour. Tiie solid utility and merits ol this system can Iw hitt ai - ea in its Darticubir results, in those beautiful a:id vfirmus spi ciinens it has produced, anil which cm be examined u. a - leacn - ing room, No. 48 Broad - street. Mr. D. S. huving just returued from W ashing - ! ton, wh - e he has taught With great success, and where hismediod has been much approved hy the heads of government, will remain only four or five weeks in New - York, after which time heiuust return to W avlui gtoo, to lulni fan engagement made at the solicitation ol a number ofsentlemtu of thatcity. N.B. Mr. D. S. will sell a patent right, and leirn his system of teaching to those who wish to pnrrtms! H. ."'""is It) MLVFjvALOGlola. T?OR SALE, variety ol'.plenilid and valna - P hla anecimens of Minerals, collected in Chi li, comprising ores of gold and silier, cubical pyrites, native, cinnabar, fee. Kc. For particulars enquire at Uiis office. ' aua 1 4 coda ORGAN FOR SALE. s FI VE toned finzcr Orean. lately imported f from london, btiilt by Ni. - hnls, (successor.! to the late Mr. England). It con' oi osiofis, tbe Principal, Diapason, ffeyofty, Flutt und IJulcimna, has a general swell wun iwn iiiiiiMig inoveH.eiits, and is calrulatcd for a small church, or private use. Enquire at Mi2leml6t. No. 13 Gold street. TO TUE PUBLIC. TT r II. LI AM HAMMOND. Hair Dreaser and V IVrfuraer. resneetfullv informs Use laibes and genUemen of New York, that he has fitted! np a shop, at No. i7i l'eai - 1 street, tne inirn uor r. - nn, Hnailair. in a stvle of maeuifieence. winch, he is bold to affirm, is not exee led, for beauty of design, taste or elegants. , by any similar estso - hshmcnt in this or any inner eiiy 'n un uhct. Slstetj and they are respectfully invited to esll upon him at tbe above pUee, srhei they will al dad him at home to receive eompai.v, aod anxious to serve them in the best manner. But, il tbe mou eommoa method of soliciting puwie sUenlion, is, by lisping foi th Ihe invitation in numbers, bis muse bas huid y votunieereii ie Inainsr iitcmnorr. Hantai." which n ay be tith er M said or sur e, as best suits the reader or amateur : , Will you come to the bowl - 1 have shaded for you, A ..Mrr nr fairer Dime Nature never drew t Yout seat shall be prae'd among flow'rs in full bloom. And your senses regaled with the best of per tome. Will ou, will you, will yoa, will you, some to ti;e bow r. r Would yon sbsve In a style seientifie and neat, Call on HAMMOND, wb can all your wishes aamDletei . Your hair he will dress and ytur whiskers'he'll traee. In a style all his own, of beauty and of grace. Will you, will you, ic. ' Would you make yourself I jv'd by the hard - hearted Vair. Take advice, dress your head, and never despair; Far - fa to d 11AMMONU can teach jouto uou with ease, A la Greaue, a 1 Torque a la Devil, if you please Will you, will yon, k. But, bard fortune alack, bare you no hair to dress, ' , Van may eoeqoer tbe fair on nevertheless ; r'or.Uio' you'd no scrip to over your brains, v A sev? would atoneo put an end to your pains. Will you, will you, tea. ' Then come to'fbe now'r he ba shaded foryou, A laeeur or faierno painter ever drew , , Tis a regioef beauty often grae'd, Tbe mirror of fashion J ptut ultra tf latte: WiU yow, iUron,l you.wiii yoa, ssaa totue bon'r. agiaeouiw - is ly . . JfklV lAW nQQK'(?ORK: ' '" " BLAKK'S CUACtRY.PRAC'ilCE. - - r Coi.tainiu all tiie nroccedinzs of a suit, tut well in the court of chancery as in the court lor the trial "oUmfieachmeMs, and correction of errors, for the sluts of Ntiw - York. This book contains atMMrt 700 page oc tavo, and is said ty professional gtatlemen to be all important ts tl IMkclitioner iu this courts being tle only Wsie riaMpruductuu on tins sunjeci : ana to Uie student it u invaluable, as it exhibits in a very clear and lucid omimer, ktep hy step, the progress ota suit, in all its niinutia, from the conv mcnceinent to the final tvrmioaUon of it Ac companied with an appendix, containing precedents of the most approved forms,' suitable' to every case that can possibly occur in the course ulasnit. Just publuiieu and tor sale ny , f D. BANKS, . , , Opposite City II all. . Corner of Nassau and Sprace streets. , nug 4 lm " "V , JHEtiUAMMATlGAL BAR. rpifK importance of a correct knowledge of L G mm mar, is too much acknowledsed to need comment. The unsettled and ' desultory j manner, in whit h it is ttracbtln common schools, highly e xceptionable. 1 Tt have arbitrary rules and debaitions parrattilse committed to mesnery, learned and conned by role without comment or elucidatiou, is found to be generally void of utiH j lor so toog as me principles oi runs ass noi nnderstned, they can oever he applied te actual ye. Under aach impressions and liiCuenced ny a desire to nromote so nsefid a branch of education. the subscribers vrooost a - remedial system. - hi Uie unuenatung, iney are conscious oi nu aiutr motive, titan the prouiotion of a branch of knowl edge, which is au iodispensible pre - requisite in evcrv other. The subscribers anticipate many objections to so complete a deviation Irom the antiquated track, which custom has long since sanctioned as Uie most eligible : but, to obviate tbi'tn, they ask a thorough and caiidid invesna liou of its Drincinles. It is a dictum, with out a knowledge of the reasons on which luws are miule, no one can know the law. A conviction of its truth formed the most powerful incentive! o the invention ol the Grammatical Bar,whichcoo - veys to the mind through the medium of the eye Ihe reasons, the whys, and th wherefores. To be short, it employs me perceptive laruities, us learner acquires a habit of attention, bis judgement is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. The subscribers have taken a convene ient' room iu Fulton - street, No. 139. where chil dren, young ladies and Keutleiucn may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty hours. A correct knowledge of parsing will bo given to new beginners; if not, no pay w.H be required. A new class to begiu on Wednesday. J.IIW1'l,iill. K. L). CROSSFIELD. N. B. Yonne sjentlemeii, who have been in structed in tl..e shurt term of sixty hours, will be preseoleo lorexaiu'iition eac.iday at a ('ciock, P. M. Sihulars received and instructed at any hour from b o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M. Terms ol tuition made known nt the above locu tion, d room, j 20 lm Law rtgutattnz llit (wua$m and Ini'itctiug , v full Oils. Fasted .Vlatcn ai, ltl3. jy lit it tnacttd by tlu ptuple of the ttatt nf A ic - Vortr, rriirtietiled in mule arid atsembty, That the purlin administering the government of this state, by and with the a - lvice and couscnt of. Uie council of appointment, suau irom urn to timeai'iHiiul one person for the city of New - York, tvnore powers snail exicuu 10, aim mciuue uie village of Brooklyn ; one person for the city of Albany ; and. one person lor toe city ol I roy whose powers shall extend to, and inchido Lmi singburgh and WaterCurd, to be guagers and in - snector of fish oil. " ' .4ndietf further tnaclcd, Thatit shall be the duty of each pcrsou appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper instruments for guturiug and insciwg oil, ami wnetever called ou to gunge and inspect any parcel of fi.'h oil, within tbe pla. for vuUk.b ka f.fituU. it shall also be his duty to inquire diligently and seek out any tmrcels of ah od witbia his district, and euage and inspect the same,and oraaa legi. bly on the bead of each cask he may so gunge and itispect, bis owu name and the name oi toe place for which he was appointed ; alto the whole number of gallons the same shall guage, and separately from each othor the quantity of water, th quantity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil be shall find therein, and shall make, subscribe and deliver to tho owner or holdar of such parcel oi oil to guaged and inspected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate columns the quantity of each of the aforesaid enumerated ingredients the whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaxuig, inspecting, brand - inr - and certifying aforesaid, he shall receive from the owner or bolder of the oil so guaged aod in spected, twenty cents for each cask, bo the same small or large, th one haU ol which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon tL purchaier of iho saruc. .. . And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty ol all pertous owning or holding Cab oil,' to put Uie same ui a coyveiiieuiposiiioaior guaguig and inspecting whenever thereto require J by au authorised gunner and inspector. And be tf further enacted, I hat Piny person or persons wlio shall counterfoil, alter or change anv of the brands or murks aforodid, on any ca?k of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate auy ca;k of oil so branded or maiaeu, or wno mihii uuy, k - ii ii barter any oil within the d' - tricU or places alore - said, ex:ept the tame shad have been guaged, inspected and oraiWed according u law, or wno thai I ship, export, or otherwise convey or cause to be couveyed any uil out of, or from the district, or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, iiirpccted and branded according to law, such person or penous co offend - in, .ball lorieit aod pay ui sum oi iweuiy - uvc Jollars lor each cask, the brand or marks of which shall he socounlerfaiied, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which, shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent and mcanine of this act : fronted, rxermtieu. that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any person or person from buying or selling oil by measures leiallf sealed. Aud be U furtlur enacted. That it shall be the duty of any person or persons who shall use ox otherwise empty the contents of any task offish oil, immediately to efface Ihe guager's and inspector's marks or brands from tbe same, under the penalty of twnty - five dollars. And be l further tnacttd, That any forfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, in any court having coxtiiranc of the same, to m sole use aud behoof of any person who shall sue therefor. vriTirF. 'nherab :iven. that th subscriber has been appointed by the honourable the Coon - cil of Appointment, Guager and Inspector of all Fish Oils hi tbe City ol New - York ami Brooklyn, and has oued hit office st No. 37, Water - st. where be will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. evory day, 5. B - Dealer in Fi"h Od are beraby uotiflrd, that any infringement of lb above, law wdl be imaecuted. JulvTO lm . Thlwo'fourstorv Firw - Pfoof STORES KflJ No. 1'I5 and IC7 Front - etreet, occupied kJ7aII A Redmond, and Isaac Frost. The far are 60 feet deep and SO feet front tbe Lot's ar8j feet deep Apvly to ROOT. H. BOWNE, aue 'O lt ' ' - 9 1 fSe - ret. - AUERCI1RON BAKE. 100 bads. fresh - tiie the the , O by 4 TC of ' . VaJ gniand, tot sole Urtsrctls, ty" - " iTif 13 GR12vS'OLD3oiC9ATES. l u' - fill FRANKLIN BANK x ;" fO".Th Fraukltn Bank, wiU be 'npeaed fcr transtsctitig of business on Wednesday next, ; 12 blast.' ; s . - The daysJbr ditconntirc notes aje Tuesdaift ' Saturday.' . - , . .. . . , . . . .. Notes oCerM for ditcount. must be lodked ca day preceding. . ., . . y. ; - . By ordtr the Boarsi or directors, uir lQ - ' - - ' H. POST, ir. Cashier. . . a0.i jo jloa"...'..! (Xt HI"! COLLARS to loan, in sums t I.UUU. suit applicaQt, cn bond wittv mortgage approved proptity , ,. ., .HAL$0, . ; - s' r.v tf 40,000 dollars ou approved jiayerj guarantee bank stick. EnqHire of , . x. WM. WILLIAMS, 437 - Water - ilieeL T Where oppliration - nay, bo generally mad7 through the year, and nio)gags disposed of. Je5fltf - : ' , f r'D0LLARS to loa on, J, JJ J bond andmortgagt upor.' property iu the city of New - .Yuik. Apply to.: , JyJ8 - 138 Water - st. COllAFJilUa BOGEKT, ' ATfORAlHYi.COCJfSKLLOIi, AT LAW,'. JIJVUJrUJAHI runvio. v COMMIbONER,utboriseato taks Affidavits and Special Bail in any Ccrart of' Record of this State, Us proof and acknowledge - . ment of .Deeds, aud discharge of Mortgages - Abo Affidavits, Special vail noo tun deposition witnesses fe ten rut, in to District and Cir - ' cuit Courts of the Unitad S'jsts, Coetiuuss hi office at No. Il Cedar - street. - . v )fii - lm r TO ALAU.iMA MKkUJXAXTS. PETER8 ft STEBBINS, ' v". CoMMiuiotr MtRrnxti..J - . ... BLAKELEY, Mobile - Bay. . HAVE extensive Stots houses and receive and forward goods, cotton, etc. Ire of cartage and wherl&ge. .Vessels and barge lay along side of their store. Shippers will pitas apply to CALVIN SPEAR. Bostoo. , '.' PE TERS & HERRICK, N. York, . EMLEN k HOWELL; Philadelphia. JyJS tf - " '' (ry JA.VJEf D. STOUT, Engraver and Seal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. Jy8 3m . rrr JOHN PROCTOR, Jtn. 106 Libcrty - C offers liberal anticipations on property consign ed to hia friend in the Mediterranean. Foe. further particulars, spply a nbove, or to ' Je 6 tf , f corner of Cliff FultoB - st. . ' - r .v . LAN DS. " "T fry - STEPHEN B. MUNIf, No. Kfl Pearl - - , Street, New - tork, purchase Lands in tbe lllin - oit Ttrntary. wlach has been set apart for the " tut Army Letter from the country erring a descriptiuu ol the patent and the price - asked - Ki - crh lot, wiil bit aiicoded to, il l oat paid. . . w my 1 t( . (Ct - .'i'b law Jind hotarial Busiucss ol U tu. - Bletcker, Ein. deceased, and also Uiot of eom - mistioner, will be continued at his Jute oilice,., No. 62 1 - t Wall street, by p. aug 8 tw FRANS R. Til. LOU. . 6ALT WA'IER LA I lit).. - . . The public are iniormed that tbe Stilt; Water Floatine Batl. continue, open Irom five'1 o'clock in the aioii.i.ig until lei at night, at Ar' , den's wnart, near tho battery, aitd V. the luovof, Murray street. North Rivtr. ."'' '. "':'. . FOR SALE,' a handsome Pleasure Sloorl, in complete ordur, with new soils i a very safe buftt, . beimj lined with cork '.. . .' ' - v ' t ALSO, a pair of large Patent Chain rumps, f made by Mr. Daniels. . ..'' ,t' - ' - Alto,ot. large Vat or Cittern. Apnjy !!. Baths, or te .. JACOB RAIilAi.AU, - (tr VVanted.'anacfKeV'mteibjilili1 attend ft Drug Store ono acquainted with TT.e" business. Apidy as above. - - nue T - " ' COPAKTNEltSHll'. rr KBENEZEK STEVENS bavin' admit - .. ' tedinto copartnership his sons, Rjiun K.bfe am. anil John A. titttmr. Iheir business will in future be transacted under the firm of beneicr. V dfenen k . . ', - , McntsttaurtMr.o. , lijnm K Aorri'i t', auglt3w l.tLOUK. aOO bbl. PluUtUelpbia superfine. 1? Flour, fcP plug, just ree'd and lor sale hy aug 7 BuOltMAN & JOHNSTON. - MU.XT - ALTA For SALEorto LET, aei" imnicdiate possession given, the beantiful? . place railed Mout - Alla, seven twle from thnv City - Ilall, on tbe NorUi River, adjoming Lord . CourU&A) 's. It contains 20 acres of laud under.. improvement, wun a large garoeu wen iwcsea with vegetables n variety of uuit, with every . convenience for a family. For term, which,, are very reasonable, and tf sold a long credit gl - ven if wanted, tpply to N. tl V, TALCOl I', ' 64 boutb - tlrr c I. Je Iff ' INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respeotmiiy inform' Uie I'ublic, that he has op, nod ao Intelli - ' gince otl'ire nt hia house, 131 Fly - Market, - be uvtep Parl aad Water - streets. Fanulie may be at conuuodated with seivanls, huute - kcepar,. Ic. He. Servants, 4:c. with satisfactory rccom inHmi.iti.ii. sui'idied with cood si .ualious. Oi ders from the country promptly utttnded to. - . aug 4 lm r - &1 MNG - HILL DloTILLERY. Voi tale, about 27 acre of land, adjoin - . . ., ... . i. . .r fti.iM.. - me i assaica River, in sue sqwhsihu ... - - oeld, in Uie county of Essex, in New Jtrsey,. whereon is large and commodious distillery," with rider works, oat buildmss, ice. that render tbe whole a very valuable property. Esquire of - EL1AS VAN ARSIMLF, Newarlr.or GEO. W. STRONG.New York. 'anfll 3w - ' " " : TLEiCIiEK'S CEI1C1IIIATKD VXCJtrABlX IALVK. , AM)RKVV FLETCHER inlorais the ioha - - "bitants of Ibis city, of no extraordinary ; salve preparr - d ami made by him. U u cou, - posod entirely of herbs, and substances and potsesaes, soooVh ''Seth - rr unequalled by y Ibm. U - e kind Jut the excellent uali'ieof mobfyiog, drawing an.I healing, but Sol .lightly, all luanner of wound runnings - tJ beuseJ i. everj' tase. wiUiout exceotion. where lb skin is broken. U case of thrrUrvV nd King's Ev. Lit wit) abMute.y. , Uioughit may arua - ar iucrecfible, perform U.u most V'fert cure. 1'he agonizingpam of wounds : cankered' Cold, stressor other ca - ses, it will mitigate 10 a lew uunaio. iraw.. seventy years It bas Oeen maire te uie a, fawdT, ami it well known as t leKhrr's Healinrf - aaivtA iu a wide circle, rouod the neightorhood ol Dalkeith, and Newbattle bi aativ place, Scotland. Tl.ere it bus, in case tb taosi bope - ; less, preserved the anus aad legs, il not the bye, - ol hundreds of peoplts - But the writer n aware, " that it i extremely tmproper - and equxlty no - . vailuig. vi him, to ut case wuku ok iu - . penrd in a country so remote it is only for hue, ty continued adyertiseweaU, to aaake it knpwa, ui this poHil(.tia city, and e ha the berry on - udenee, that a neneroea psiuin; , 6.. credit, until Ut t'of o! VeH XseiA eUn - lish it ova psent, aa4 provw na wwiwi true man aad no ini,ott..i ae wrnes m - s . bapny sa posssmg se IDis coumry an .m '" - ; rtf waking VhUinyaleahl saedH - ioe, CV' ch - e making pubhc in u. Z?uZZi ' ooss.litttKltfcilUiowaaii.1 vv - - - - r'.. . b.naity. ii - cxtramo, towards suficrmg , . . , k. nru - a I. B aOO - "J To t sow i is "";' L nroprie - . JOU - ? PRENMA?. ElSh shEfi. - . in. 47S l ean wwi - . r., r,.... closed .i... 4 U - - it VU UUwJWwas - .inn '!!:;; , . . - i 1 7 - ill t 'i. - t Ik )u mm mum it k .1 1 : if i n il :) I ; , li i i rJ i mi r - f 'i tr " .to . is H.'i r 1 s. i. !V f.' !;S'.t; . if. T' mi Ij '; t ' V. ... 1 ' . .i . ! i mm mi' faUi

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