Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 5
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 5

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 5
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KIMS DEPARTMENT Groceries. 49 pounds pat- «» -a /»Q ent Flour . «p I .017 10-lb. cloth bag fine A^J granulated Sugar T 1 1 C 5 dozen good -f o Clothes Pins . . . A OC Meat Market. 27c 2 dozen fresh Eggs Young beef Roast, -· ·· pound . . . 11C Young tender Steaks, pound Beef Boil, the pound 3 pounds of Hamburger 4 pounds of good Lard . Osier's Sausag-c, 2 pounds Oysters, the quart 3 pounds of fancy Prunes 2 pounds of -| Q Raisins . . . . 1 */C 2 pounds fancy Soda Crackers Karo Syrup, No. 10, dark . Karo Syrup, No. 10, light Pop Corn, all pops, 6 pounds Nuts. Walnuts, 1933 crop black Nuts, full of sweet meat, 10 pounds Mixed Nuts, 1933 crop mixed Nuts, 2 pounds PROGRESS-REVIEW BY M. F. L1ZBR. E. L. E9H£R . . Managing Editor. Entered at the Posl Office at La Port* City ui Sacond Claw Matter Published Weekly. TIMELY AT LEAST THL-USDAY. J A N U A R Y 11. 1WI ' MUST HAVE HOKUM; ' AID TO LOW SPIRIT j Cnrolja Wells, a writer who knows her stuff, discusses h o k u m nt some i I f n - i h -- i n its sociiil rL-hulmis utid " l U i u i i L rorKPtilnir Us a d n p t i i b i l i t y to c-conmnlcfil rond"lions. We can't J;CL jiUni^ H . M I O L I L IIIIL.HIII. In id-lilu-s i t is an j i l i i i h n p nccomslty, nnd In u boci:il \vj\v i t N lirt aid to a low spirit. ' Iini un:u is h u k u i u ? Well, ilie won; , lti'li is elnstic. Tlio dlciiiUKirli-s h u v e | trputcd ii In n ni^^arJIy manntr. The I n u t l i n r of tlie hokum stuff flvos one j thai is s t r i k i n g . Kereavod. n n'jirrn- . tii-iirH'il friend sent her linfs which rwid: "Ho nut weep t h a t you Lost him L sinili- iliiit you had him." !1\ :ill the rules of hokum wo sliould U.ok iipun t h i s depression t h i n y as a blrsMiii; in di^guiso. rather th;m In (llFKJ.^l. We should not prievo ih:it we li-,i inoticy; smile ilint we luid monc'V in lose. However ihe cold tnitli Is we shall rate present condl tiori^ nnu'li higher as Q blessing when we t i i n t u l k of them In the pnst tfnse. Vi-i e\cn a f t e r the bright day dawus i n t o full i:kTy we shall need somotliln^* as dependable ns hokum. If It Is Important, now nnd then, that we kid our selves.--Toledo Blade. ··i Handiest place in town to unload Produce at Highest Cash Prices. Plenty of parking space and handy place to shop. KLINE'S Xo small bor e\cr wanted IOD^ hfilr, "I'll see" Is a gentler form flf say- In^ ao. n\**r.v year, at least, one great man Is boro. \Ve,ik puns are worthloss. eveo to CM Up mth. It takes a stranger to find un old town's beauties. Deference Is The privilege the old CMU ^?rn.-nilly win. r.:ihii"5 nnd robin redbreasts are always ehwnr In HIM mornln?. Al:nnnJs arc \Vn.v li^li. If they are not fn-sh. tlit'\ are lasu-less. Try to fii]low the fashions. Don't tie more t h a n n behind. "-\\cr:i/e Intplli^once" need not re- m a i n inert, ll ran be Improved. LIFE'S HIGHWAY De;icl beats appear to be very mueli nlive. Pily nnd laughter rims In the com i mon ivays of man. [ Nature, time and patience nre the three crc.1l physicians. Higher mental training can brill:*. 1 horn leaders to the front. You can't mnko your Oreanis COIIIP i true by reinainins asleep. Dieted arc the peacemakers. Tbcj j usually furnish the money. | W i t h nil the new business rules will self-made men he scarier? j Plnylnc out of dnors In t h e SUD Is food for persons of nil a^-es. On£ ruiiy guard nirainsl sin, but can he iln It nsalnst Indiscretion? Your friend Is pretty sure to rp sped you If you make money. To enjoy Q celebration, be onr of the performers In It Instead of a looker-on Benin n disasrccuble Job as soon as possible; I t will be less OWiisn-fiil To hpcomo "your own boss," you u s u a l l y have to double your wcirrlc* A "nood neighborhood" Is one in | w h i c h the neighbors don't nnnoy i-uHi | other | Golf Is about the only h i g h l y sue ce^fnl mciins of i n d u c i n g plclerl} men to play. tf one doesn't know to do. he cnn exercise patience. M n h r n l i l n m will npppar. Nature lb not only, or chlplly. u IMI tleficld. but a workshop In which there Is co-operation, n* well. No writer knows when he Is joins to produce n mliMprplpce--mid n f l c r It Is done, he Is not sure of It. Doom i day The end of the world Is In slclil. :»· cording to HIP i n h a b i t a n t s of T ' i l c n l r r Island. uml the? :ire m a k i n g nn pn v l h i o n for Uic future, says t h e M u n i real Herald. They arc not pinning younp coconuts this year nrr storiiu- up a n y t h i n g for thu f u t u r e . The W\ people" of the iblnnil arc Ihe lp*cmd lints of English sailors who ninlini.-.l on the worship Bounty In 17WI :ml Tnhitlan women. ttccausf of their ls Intlon In ml'1-PacIflc, the Islander? an sclf-siipportlnp. Coconuts anil olhei fruits brought to the Island by tin crew of the Bounty are Still grnwln? there. Sonic of the agricultural Implf roent* still used were made from the Iron of the Bounty. Visitors nre noi allowed to smoke there. Neither nrr they permitted to drink alcohol or wear shorts. Animal. Do Not Riik Livei Big game hunters report Hint wild animals seldom die from Bccldenl« The elephant weigh* n couple of ions; he has a thick hide; when aroused. no IMnp thing can withstand him. Inn he tnfces no chances. Is there not t\ lesson to be learned In this for h u m a n beings, who are so much weaker? WP ID America are thoughtless; both as drivers nnd ns pedestrians, we t a k o wanton chances with our own live'- and with the lives of others. MOM accidents occur either on the street-or ID the home. Curtis Billings suz- pests that mankind should Iparn the lesson of safety from the a n i m a l s , for tbcy hove learned when fear la not cowardice.--HyRelQ Health Magazine Dinner for · Farthing Package foods, ID this cflse nnts have been Introduced In the omrk'-i of Mahcngc. Tanganyika. This native delicacy Is put up In email packet" and sold Tor a fartlilnp each. The nn tl^es catch ants by topping on parched earth Dear the hills. The Insects. IIP llerlng rain Is falling, swarm to the surface and are scooped up. Unjuit Movie SUr--I've decided to dcmrinr' n new trial. Interviewer--But why? You wnr the case. Star--1 know, but ] wasn't fcali^rn 1 ' 1 witb ihe publicity.--Life. Her Gucn Him--"\Vhot mutes tlial kid cry sr much? She (wearily)--1 don't know, unle? 1 the milkman has been bringing nn mill from discontented cows lately.--Clncln not I Enquirer. No Reifoo Parent--What reason have you for marrying my daughter? "No reason at all, air; I'm ID love with ier."--Pathfinder Magazine, N a t u r e Is lne\hauslih!i\ which 1 her ^avini,' u r i n e w h e n she lacks common Ilmv hi»h niv Hie moraU t h a t lead one in iir.idkc deceit "lu-cause- It is A w r i t e r li:i i\\^ ad vantage or n | peaker ik i-.ui use hit nfu-r- | \\ IUMI \ our ]i«Tlr,iit N put In a i-;i\ y x J I t rriiinp, you set 1 in to lit? t'lu-.'ip cui !··]·-] ii Is [he most prevalent niiil iirfNuiitL 1 . C'vtika.1 w i t uut-it bo h r i l l i a n t . I n ^ i L ' l i t U Pi-emu w h a t slmnlil Im loiji\ fiii-ru'v \* t i d i n g It. One wlm hat l i n i h is K i i u - r L Tin- ^rc:ir lliiri:: In [lie world U not so n n u l i |» ··]: linppincss :is to rarn [t* i arc .mil .*« If-rospr-i t l l ; i p r i n ( " ^ ^ i ^ In the Iic.irt, \v:i ~ riml h a i r a dn/.rn i l n r I n i t - r n a l organs may h n \ L« t l i c l r intliicncc. Hi* *.iiri i \ nn nre rij:lit. p s i r l v In t h e prnri'i'illn^s. Ymi can 1 1 -o alit-ad wlten ev*Tliodj Is i:i»in^ Immi-. MII-^L o \ h n i i - l i n ^ of nil links is ro try in prcM-iii a foolish tiinn I'roin U f i i i i u lulu i rouble ; mid. the most W i ^ d i i i n \* not lc:iiltr^]iip Snnip- t lines a lender r«-()iiIrL-^ J u s i enough wii]«nn lo t' ( 't liy. Cnuni^'o Is Ills One of ihe chief emit, of man Is MM- p u r s u i t of li!ip[i|ii(" Si ', but lie !*· iK»t n|]|,n.|.(| [·. uho|) !ii[:ilu It u i i l l l hi: Court Clarics the Meaning of Railroad Probably we aU thlnt we know what a raUroad Is. but It Is Interest- log to find an elaborate scientific definition laid dowo with cvplcal German thoroughness by a German court. And It's all in one sentence «hlch ihe United Press reports from I'.erlin In a decision of a hipb federal c o u r t : "A railroad is ao uoiJrr!:ikin^ d.- voied to the rppeatwl m o \ i n ^ Hloin; of people, or goods, over noi o u t l r o l y nn essential distances, and upon a u i f t a l Me bate which by its consistent'.', wn- structioD and stuoothne«s is iiu'.nit i" make possllile the iran^pori:iti'»n nf heavier weigh is. or to achieve Ji cmn pamtivelT grpjit speoti of IIHUHMI. nml which ihroush this qu.di fit::ii:-a in cnnncciion wiili the n . J l u r i ' forces us?d for the gciHTiiiimi of tin* motive power (nnniL-ly. elot'irlciii. nn imal or h u m a n mii^ulnr a c t h i r y . or, on a sllphl doun pnnle. ev»-n l«y i h u momeDium of the \clilcle it^i-ir nr iis csrpo) Is In Q position (ai-i-nrJi; 1 .,: LO clrcuuisinnces. useful to n linnm] il*-- pree. or destructive or l i f o or dangerous to human h e a l t h ) to e\er* else a coiuparailvely important function by Uie operation of the enterprise." The Standard d i c t i o n u r y dL-llnitioii of a railroad Is shorter anil simpler: "a pradeJ rond. having one or more tracks, usually of metnl rills, supimn ed by sleepers, and tlo^ii;nt'«l for the passage of rolling stock."--l.ju-rurj Digest. Duchen Adopti Donkey for Joke I5t'iiiL; n il«»nkoy in n Juke Is noi PO |j;id. for ULC "lie Iiiiw-cr" since It.'il.Kiin was t a k e n for n ride hap been ii'loplfil by the duclifSM uf I'ort hind. A f t e r ;i ride In a l u x u r i o u s lmre cur u l t a c l H ' d to an L'xprc.s^ passi-n^T t r n i n it a r r i \ e d at Weilicr-k abbey. \\liL-re It unw rcccMt-s oilk-rs. The dniiltey w:is cruivlgiipc] to nil Kp'-oin ( K i i i r l a i i i J ) ir:i:ricr by priiclluul Jokers In Ire).nn] u l m described t h e a n l u u i l n?. ;\ [irnniNiii^ entry for t h e f n i n l i r i d ^ f - s-lnro. The t i u i n e r :i\\uiU'il IL w i t h mix- Ion?. ^rloin-, ;md a mofr horse ^ nn. :im' on luiuini: tint .some one had been i r v i n . ' lo "iiKike mi MSI" of h i m , p u l i l [lie m i l fluir^t'S iirnl sun-rmleivil nil ritrills iti ihe ilMiikcy to th* 1 rallwsiy r o m p , i n \ . A UoKen peofik' ofTen-'l to ^ i \ ( - [he h e i s t n home, hut ihe durhesj ^·ot hi-i 1 . And Is that donkey proud? Sacrifice to Elephant God A b[i|ii:in sacrifice to the elephant ami. i m n l v i p s the dealh of a f a m i l y of M-ifMi pr-rsoiis. h:iH bi'pji carried out Jit V i M i i i ' i i n t i n (Madrid), f'ollee discovered i he Imillos of a m n n . his wife arid five chllrlrc'ii nt the foot of a s;irrr-rl h i l l lemplc. Hefore the flay Idol of t h e e l e p h a n t gnil were found broken t'ncnrurl'- liurnt camphor n n d other of- fcrin^s. u p p a r e n t r y Inrllrallnc tlmt tlio f a t a i l j had performed a sacrificial ritual before olTerinc lliemPi-lvps, A letter Tnuri'l Is staled to have contained HIP consent of the v i c t i m s to t h e i r «jicrinp It Is IhoiiRlit t h a t the fat h e r k i l U ' d his f a m i l y a n d then coiri- m l l t e d suicide. Poverty li an Id to liiue been the rcnson fur the tragedy. Kc«-p an Ey« on Him M l U c Willli---Mom, you said the h a b y had your CJTPK and daddy's nose, d i d n ' t you? Mom--Yep, dfirllnc. \Villlo--Well, you'd heller keep your n \ e on hiui. llc'fl pot ^randjiop'fl teeth unw. Only Appropriate Sort f'.firf--'Von know I am very fond of birds Yi'sleriluy one nrlnally si'ttlcd on my bend, ("'·(] u[i l.iHleiKT--It must have been n v.'i 11 iflp"··!;r-r !---Slrny Storlew. Only U*e for It II,. _| \ \ i s j i you wnuld use your head a M i l e more, my dear. U'ify- Good' I v.Jll (,'0 to Hie mil- llnr-r's tonif.rroA' n n f l use It trying uft h n l s -- S t r a y StnriPH Matinxlnc. Earned W h a t He Got .Icnies--I 'lid not marry beauty, my lm\ : I did nni marry wealth or jnifil lio:.'. I II..irnc'cl for Hyinpalhy. r.rmi n -- \ \ t l l , you h.ivc mine. --Strny Storks. FederM Income Tax Has Been in Force Since 1913 Tht federal Income lax li:is IHTM in force since 1013. t h e j w i r lb:U the Si\ tconth A m e n d m e n t to ihe r n n ^ i l l n t i n n n u t h o n z i n ^ tliu luromo hit. W H S flel. In Jummry. ISOI, :in IIH-OUH- i:it bill had been pns^^d iiv con^r.'s-i, inn It w ns declared u n c o n s L l i i i U o i n i l by t h e Supreme court In May. IS', 1 ," The d" nmnd Tdr Q urmlusitoil Inenino li^, in. 1 - conllntr lo n newspaper wriier. ciimi 1 espooinllv from t h e f:irmerc of ihe \Vr.-i find S o n i h . whose artriiment wii 1 - e\'iii-esse(l I n [lip platftn'in of one of ihe i h i n l [innips: "A ^ r i i d i i . - i t r i l In- c(jine lax Is the most equi^'bh 1 ^--leni of inxiillon. p l n c i n z the burden »f irnv eminent upon those « l m r:m ln-;[ n f ford in pay. In.^ieail of l n \ i n ^ It u j i n n ihe Cnriiicr-i and prndiu-rr^ nnd cv e m p t l n ^ iiilllioinire I m D i l l i n l i l i - r ^ u n t l corporal LOUS." Pur in;; the ('ml \\.\r and down to 1^72 tliere ua-i .1 federal income t n ^ , lex led as a « n r ia\ The m i n i m u m tax rule whicli ivus h n p o v n l u n d e r tlie v n r i o i i s I:LT l a w * l»een i per cent In ]in;i; 'J per ci ill In 1'JIG: 4 per cent In l'.HT; J per cmt In 191S; -I pnr cent I'.H'.i LO !!»-':[, 'J per cent In 1!'1I I ; 1 l -i \vr cuit In I'J^S; 4 p«r e t .in In I^VJ. "Carillon" "Carillon 11 Is ck-riu'd from Hie I , ; i l i o "quudrillo," four. lit-raUM 1 ilu-^e progressions were pl,i: n d fnrnierl.i nn f o u r hells In a Thirteenth r e n l n r y psulivr there Is :in i l l u x r a t l o n h h n u l n ^ Klnf; DavliJ playing on n rnu of four bells, though Ibis Is p r o h a h l i ::n orria mentation of Ihe tevl, r.utier I l i a n tin- rucord of ft fact. A l e a d i i i u n r e M - T i l U«y EncllMi h e l l f n u n d i T s:i? s t h r u tn a t t a i n t'» the d l t r n i l v »f a r - n r i l l n n , a set of towpr hells muit t'omprNe :it lenst t\\o chronmllr orl-ivps--'1~ ln-ll-: AnolJier etinnlly w e l l k n o w n fmnid'-r Is of opinion H i n t u ^e[ of 'J.'l bclK -two diatonic ot'inve.-i w i l l i r l c l i t semi [ones--constltiites a c u r i H m i Seis of IL lesser number lire, necnnllnu i n t h r - M expert rullncH. chlmrs. It nmy lie well to supplement Ihf IHSL ^ t a l i ' i n e n t In ndcllni: t h a t sets of five, *,[\. el^lii. ten and twelve bells v p e r l : t l l f i l l e d an-! huii(i for eJianirc rlnt'lnp lire "rinys" of bellfl. fnr I n s t a n c e a "rlii^" of clplit bells.--Montreal Flenild I n t e r t t a t e Commerce Body The In tern tale OniuiiL-rce ciJiiinl slon IH a government fit'eiu-v eslnh lisliwl in 1SS7. It consists of scien members, each receh In^ n «inlnrT of STJ.OOO. inlniiH tin; 1." p»-r cent rcmi omy cut. The ilulles of the nommis hlon arc lo remiUile Iritcrsliitn trallir on all common currlorp. It reynlaleK railroad rules, p r o v i d e s s a f e t v incas ·urcp. receives reports of a c H d f f i l s anil performs other diiUe';. T i n powers have been Increiised from lime in t i m e since llfi foriuation by a r t s of rmi^rf-^s TelegrHph and loir-phono companies. express cornpntileu. [»l[ie nnd gas lines, bunsua arid bouts iloinR Inlerslate l»u«i. neHN all come under Its Jurisdiction, Jav*'i Tea And Quinine Much of the h i l l dl«Urlu In the l'r-- nncor ItpRcriclcs In Jnva Is dt-^olnd to loa nnd rlnchonn plnriLallons. The cinchona proveH of .Inva. which h a v e developed from n few Imported Romli American trees, now produce i i P n r l y nlne-tenlliH of tlic world's snuply of quliilne. Behind harrlcnded wall.': In n factory In Unndoentf, qu.intillos of the Invaluable malaria Rppclflc nre pro duccd, n o j the DulcJi protect llielr aocret formulns by « n r n K l i l n K the f a r - tory'e surrounding walls with bnrlied wire. Just ftB If U were a d l u m o n c l - m l i i e compound. Bible » Beit Seller The Bible Is allII the world's best er! The Bible society sent ont dnr- JDC the twelve months ended March 31 --3,005.002 complete Bibles; 963,804 New Testaments; 8.517,758 Integral books of the Bible, mehlag a total of 10,532.2a4 volumes. Lftat year the society sold 633,H1 EDBllah Bibles--fl larger number than In any previous year? of Ua history. Volnmcf IE Welsh, Gaelic, Irish, and In BralUe for the blind, brought the total nnmber of home B«»lca *« Herald Summer 1 Time Finland Is the latest starter north of the Equator so fur us isurnmarLlrm.: lg concerned. The cloch.s there du not ^forward until June !M. South of the Equator, of course, HUinintrllmo doesn't ntBrt until September or October, and carries On through our winter. In one country It's always daylight saving time. In 3o\let KussJa oil clacks n , one hour ID otltance permanently-Bummer and winter. Agricultural Briefs A IbHP'i bornj shrink In circumfer ·DCC with age. · · * Taylor county, lo Kentucky, bu eliminated all trade and scrub male hogi from Iti farmi. · . · Farmeri In Tbornan county, Georgia, bare planted flboot 2,000 acres In cu- cumben for the full market. · . · WlBcociln'i cranberry crop tbli year la eitlmated at SO.OOO barrel!, or ·bout GO per crat or tbe 1932 crop. Katharine HEPBURN America's i-lec-tric tar in the picture thu xvorKI h:ii \\ailed GJ years to s-cu! "LITTLE WOMEN" by Louisa M:i.i Ak'olt --\viLh^ JOAN USXNKTI'. PAUL Ll'KAS. K K A N C K S 1»EK. J E A N P A R K E R . K D N A M A Y OLIVER. IIOl'lil.ASS MONT- G O M E R Y . 1 I E N H Y STEPH- EXSON. Slarls 1:00 P. M. J a n u a r y l:i-T h r u u ^ h J:\nu;ir 20. IOWA IN WATERLOO Shuw.s at l, :!, 7i, 7 ,iud H d-iily Kvery i-hiM - h n u l i l wv Unr. DeL l n \ e t l inniiit'ce of lu l iM- biNiiiiy, I t V nilnul.s ciulil :iny- trnio. I.o\\ pint"- fur t h i s now .*.en-:ilion of llu 1 i-trei'ii-- 2!ic ar.y cal in UkUTiuum; 'I'-n: l)ulmiiy in e\ i-nini;: II."K- m a i n floor. Tup^) . l n r v v "Jit" . i'ld " A u n l M:iri-li" . " H t l K " . . n i r l a l i u u * f i n i d i u u s " A i n " . . "l!rooks" . . "l.Liurii 1 liny in-\l dtior . . "l:irilH'u" . . inul "\I "I-'ril/" . . Uir i i : i u l i r n l »[ts". llu- See iiiul Loio Thorn! U. S. Wi'W'o!.:, M u c h L.ind The r n i l e c ! S ' l i l c - M i l l i . ' i i r i i u - lln- ·ir;;c-l l . l l i ' l c c u n c " i n I I - ecu M r l s l l f There arc 17''.!»»' (mi n i '·- "f p u b l i c a n d 111 t i n - P i n en vi- I c r n M a l c - Im-h M i l l r r i i r i i n n n i I'M-] v i - t ] anil 1111 ;ipni|iri:ili'il In i n l i l i i ; , ' ! ! . l - i l . i . . i,r»»i rk-ht-;. piuvcr '.iti-^ a m i S':M'|.II' f c i l c i - M l IM-. 'rin-i l a i n l i-^ ii-i-il - i l i i n i - i cnln-c y, \vln-li llsi'd. for L - i . / n r |niipns|.^ ml I l l l l i - nr nn i ' n » r l i^ in n l i - lo k - « | i h H lli' iiimAil.'in 'if 111" I- oil" If III,' III ij'.l- |in.li1.MII* ,lf I I I " fl"ilT!|] ;i.icrh'u. MI i f ..:i-n|.'.-i-.| in III.' li-hl Shortrr M o u r n i n g C c r r m o n i e i | M i H i r i u n ^ c i ' i - i ' i i H . i i i " v v l i a l i FI..W l.i-t , lirce i l . i v - I n - ' . i M i 1 i ' f l ' " r l I n ^hy-;- l a l l " S . ' l : i - - , i - I ".\ n l i ' i l " i:."l i.iiin nt .I'.nl.ili aii'l Kinpi'i'iir ni i:ilil , ,|,i:i A r.U'Mili- .|;i;i'.-l,:ri' ·! \,, .linl | ..ri'Mlly I'lirlhiM-niMri' i; I rilnopl i UK may W". |t 'iilcnllv 'ir Ir.mlly anil nay |»n a lilac I: bnncl im llii'ir c'niili..,. j nit' Mic'.v -.liall licit M-r-itc-li llic'ir r-ici--.. ] Pip. lake' olT 11" ir c Ic.llic^ c.i c l c ' Ihc'lr UlllIC'-. | c | l | | | . r l l l . l c - l , C l ] J C ' 1 ' " " ' Not Bad Br.Minj! Do \n\ inc-aii H' k . i ^ \ c i i r l i i i - l r i i n l H'at n n u-li'-a i c i u r n i i v i ' i l h i ' i i i " n n « - i iilclnislir' 1 "Yes--hut cmh li\ -it i n l n i l h ' - " ' -- O I I I I ; I N M. i [hi- Disiricl I "in I of HIP Slali' of l » » a in and fi.-r Itlai'l. l l : i » k C n u i i l i . .Man-li '1'rnn 1 ' l . i l . To Uic Above Naiiic-cl I IclVniliint: I Y o u arc I I e i p b N u l i l u ' i l i h n l U I I - H - J now cm lili' in tin- ciri'ke of the ; Ckvk nf tin- l i ^ l i i i - l C O U I L c,r I S l m - k , lawk C o u n t y , I o w a t h e p ' - h l i c i ' i of j liN i i l a i n l i l l " i i r a y m j ; t h a t -In- m a y i^uirllc'cl a clcticr cif cliv'ci;, 1 .- f i c j i n j U on t h e i^rcjiincl D i a l , \ r n l i a \ i bcjun , n l l y of s u c h e r n e 1 ! and i n h u m a n i c a t m c n l a- ha' ciiclan^i'i f l liei l i f ' ' : ' ilsci i M i i y i n i r t h a i -lie may be a w a r d - ' 'd the .-um of T w e n t y F i v e D o l l a r s . .SJ5.00) a \\t-c-!; jii i i n a i u n l i i l i i u o t i y ; hilt t h e f o l l o w i n g i h - i ' i ihi-il l e a l . ·slate M t u u t i ' l in I'.l.K I; I l . i v . k ; loiinLy, I o w a , n a m e l y , .Nn-. lo S inelu.-l.'e ni J I l o c K 1 in Uie own uf J u n e n i l l e h" a u i u c l c ' d ;ind ;eL oil lo her: t h a t ^ h c \v u l l o w H [ he sum of T»» I l i i i u l r i ' d F i f t y Jollars (S^WI.OII) a- mini in y fee-. | ind lh:cl a writ of i i l l a i ' l i i n ' n l in Uic ,um of Two l(iovi-,:iiid Dollar-. [$2,000.00) i f M i e , v. i t h o u l Ijcmcl, ycnir pi c»|J'i L y ; and L h a L -he- iavc- j u d g m e n t i c ^ i ^ u c b oLln'i a n c l f u r t h e r relief as may Ijo c r i u i L . - i h l c in Ihcj Jjiemiscs, lo^L-lhel -.vilh t h e ' co.sLs of this action; n i l of v.-hih mori 1 f u l l y appcjnrs in .-aid p e l i l i o n KM I'llcj ·is af'ircKaicI and L" u l n c h you an 1 hereby r e f c i i e d . No\v, unlL--s y o u .iijpc'ar t|jc r ol'j and di-fend on or l,efon' ri''"ic cf the econcl day of the M a r c h , l'.i:i I Term of Ihe District Court afore- aid which will bccin and IIP held at Lhc. Court I House in tin- City of Waterloo, Black Hawk County, lov\u oo Uic "'111 day of March, I'J.'il, ill f n u l i w i l l IIP t n t i ' i e i l ainsl you and c h - c r c " ' rcndi'i-ed ·rc"li as prayed in ' " i d pip'-ilioli. I.OXdl.KY A; I - ' K A N K , Aloornc'y.- fur I ' l a i n l i i r . Safe Driving Hint By~ T gw» Motor vtblcla Dept. "Weaving" in and out of traffic is a dangerous practice, Q*t only 10 the driver doing it but also to other driven ·· the highway. There is liitle to be gained by it. and everything to be lo«t. The amount of time saved in 20 miles of driving in Ihis unsafe manner is almost negligible and certainly is not worth the risk. For every yard of headway made by ihe "weaving" driver, scores of other d r i v e r s are t h r o w n inio confusion and the orderly progress of traffic is d i s t u r b e d and delayed. Moving the greatest number of vehicles on a highway at the highest safe speed requires order. The weaving driver is a menace, both to himself and to others. Slay in line--be orderly--respect the r i g h t s of others. Pies That Make Pleasant Surprises P II^ i,; ulwiiya n WL'Icunic 'IrdHi-n und (Toublv wi-lcnmp u l t h i IUH- cioiM "hiirprlse" llllinj; SiTv«- utu- of Hi. -ic pii-" sunie day noon. «iiip',ln w i l l nn^li- for rintiLhor Invitutlon t u ilmni-r nnd Hie f u t n l l y will y i \ L u u thrte ruu'iiili,' chccri rj.inlki^u (' I'lo 3 aqii'in 1 ^ uii'jw'L't'lencO cliocolalc: i t " . cui'S ir.llli ·' i cup aucar 5 i i-\\] H i i t o d caku Hour ^ lLMH|)U(in HIlll 1 i-;;i: or '^ VKK yolltH. all(;hLly bualcn 2 tivtili-siiLjDu-i buiii-r 1', [en j'HKins vanilla 1 buln-il 1.1-lnch ]!· Hhdl \'j rup crcrnn. whipped nnd swccl- onod '.J cup cliopjx'd ruiiini or tl^U-g ',; (--ui) hrnkcn nut mvits Atld choLohttu tu milk nml hnnl In double LulliT, WliL-n chuc.ilnLi- l ^ mi'lU'd, lir-iLL wllh rotiiry rjru- L r n l i - r until b k n d f d Corntjlnu suc-'ir. lUmr ,'ini] Hiilt; ud-,1 Hinnll amount uf cliocu- luit- i n l x L u r r , Hllrrlnh' u n l i l HPiuolli ; n-turn to doubli- bullcr and couk unLil lhirlu-ne'1. .nlirrlnp connL:tntly. Th^n continui- coultinff 10 ntlnuivs, s L i r n n K (jccnslunally. Add Hiriall .itnmini of m i x t u r e IQ VKK. allrrin^ vlKOrimsly; ri'Lurn to double bolter and t-ouk 2 mlnulcH latiK-r. atlrrln^ canal. inily. lii-inovu from boiling writer; r.rM Inil- ter mid v n n l l l n . Cool wlik'htlv nnd [ u r n Inlo pk- nhc-ll Chill. Before n p r v l n p , rover wllli Hwecit-nc-d v.-hlppcd cri'sun to which mlHlnw or dtiiL-o and nm. L i hiivu bc«n adduJ. Vanity Fulr Coconut Custard I'lo Pic crunt bcjatca % cup -HIKO.T- 3 cupH rnlJk, Hcatdcd 1 ru]i -ilu edtlcd corunui t.lnc pie plat(- with p.isiry, rollfd to ',-liK-h llnr Itncsa. ritluMinf; pnglry to i-xLcml 1 inch bc-ond »·(]«·· Vil Iv on philo. I-'oUl cdi:* 1'k tc. form s t a n d i n g rim find Ilu'.- v r h llnn-r.^ Combini- o.'rps, q.ilt. :intl Aiitfar; add milk ^r:i(lLi.Lil\', Lin-n ndi! rocormt, nnd mix. Uiorouclily. 1'nur mio |IL- ihtl]. P.fLltr in hot m't-n (100" K,) IS nn n u t PS, lln-n di'rreise lient to modoruU* (,'triO" F 1 .) nnd U n i t e 10 minutes louder Cool. I'PHL'll I'lo 1 packn^t ^^L-nnvori'il ^-ulalSn l * j cups wirm po:ic)i julci* and W llL'T 2Vj cupq cnnncd .illcud ptftuhi's, drain* d 1 bnki'd 9-inrh pic .iliull Dia.HOlvu f,'« latin In warm p"-ach jiiii?.- ,ind WHIT. Add poacli^-s Chill, \VhfMi J-liKlitly tlilckonrd, turn into c-nlii pit- iiiPli. Cliill until llrm. Servo ' . \ l l l i v.-liiii|ni| Novelty Huh In 1'ln \ cup rrfipf-nuts ·''i cup rnisma, chopjied \ cup brown HURar, Jlrmly pnckod J'i C U J J M hot water 'i cup ruler vinegar ,'{ [nbtfHpoonn b u t t e r Pie Combine crapc-nutd, raisins, aupar, ·^^at(!^, vincffiir, and butter, and cuolt 10 uiinuli'.'j. Cool. Linu u 9-inch plu plate wllh pii-slry, rolled to ^-inch thic-kncff, nlloivjnr," pn.ilry lo uxti'nd 1 inrli beyond ed t ;c'. J-'old cd^c b.ick to furm olandlnj,' rim. Till wJlh prupe- nuls mixture Mniwlvn L-dRu of pic «illi crdd water and arrange lattice of nay- try strips acros.i top. Flute rim with flnficry. Bake In hot oven ('123" F,) JO mlnutofl, then dccroanc hont to mnd- urate (3M* F.) and bak; SO mSnutGU longer. Many men invest in mortgages or bonds at 4 per cent, and yet think their advertising does not pay unless they :-an see a hundred per cent return the next day. Do You Eat Meat? NOTICJC or TIM; .M-I'OINTMKNT OK A D M I N I H T K A T O I t . .Stale of Iowa, Bl;irk Il.iwk County, s». I'robatu No. \ l l l t i i . Nolicu i ll'Tcliy ( i i v u n , th:a Lhc undcrKi^nod ha 1 - Ijffn d u l y ;i|ipuintod and 'jualificrl us A « l m i n i K l r u l o r of tlic c i st:ilc oT Kdwiird I 1 '. I'arks d«'L't!astd, laic- of Bhick llav.k County. All persons indebted to .said L-slat'j arc re qutstcd lo make immediate payment, and those having claims against thi i same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersicned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. ROY E. ASHLEY, Administrator., La Porte City, Iowa. W. M. Blough, Attorney. Dated December 28lh., 1933. Read the ads in this issue of The Progress-Review. W K mean do you eat enough INC:U? An important g r o u p of modern (loolorH liolJ: ' l i n t man from onrly childhood on should rul meat three UKICH a duy. In comparative anatomy, these pliyaicliuui say. Ihe luTlii- vora, or vtKetahle catcrH. have a IOIIK how('l, anil the carnivora, tr merit L-:iterK. have a short howcl. Miin'.i i n t f ' r i n r jihows most sliu- llarll)' lo that ol the wildcat, bul lila diet hin changed from that »[ thin carnivorous animal much more t h a n It should. There arc difficulties In the wny ol rating meal nowadays becausr mml meat hoa become so expensive. Fortunately, however the canncrs have come to thn rescue, and (Uinned corn beef nnl canned salmon, acconllDe to t h i n group of physicians, arc botli excellent prownder. They believe Uiat these proilucla should be re- Inforced Ihrco or f o u r times a week wlm some fresh kidneys, or t r i p e , or sweetbread, or chicken or cLilves liver or raw bone marrow. The canned products do not cost an muca as fresh beef or flsh. A Tasty Recipe Thorc are m a n y ways to serve lli'-si; succulent foods. Here, for instance, is a recipe for an excellent brcaklast dish. Cnrncd Href llaalt jcifh Baked Kgas: Make hash of the contents of one 10j4-ouncc can of corned beof. moisten with thrcM tablespoons water, nnd divide amonK four wide, shallow, buttered ramckliiH. Cover with buttered crumbs and place In an oven until browned on top. Then place a raw CRT on top or eech, aprlokle with salt and pepper, and return to oven until eggs are dona. This B«rye« [our eenoaa.*

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