The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 17, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1818
Page 4
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" - ' IT CMAKCIM.. , - ii. i . . . , - - .' k T.'.w - .t r.ooei:. aod others. 7. i , , t i. f Ve Terr. it. i 1, I. . I Jt niiKuanr. of an order of this honorable ti ,n .11 hmfi'aMafL.'ariuiuM Cii" n.i, Tm - (m to exhimt mnd prove tue debts iu la these respectively," oeror "" rr, a tt of the wasters of toil court, at htt ef - trv. No. 3 Law Budding, Ntan Vn.T York, BthtM,4tl.tMlMiMtt wid day of September next, et the hour of lOo'ctoek in the fgmm of Unit day. Dated S. 11118. JAMES A. HAMIUWi , - - . - Master ! Chancery, karS tawtwas dl81t ' . :M Emma Millen, 13 CUANCEiU C bar lei Debevoise la . f eret of - eivla nt no nuance of ft de - i . - .i I oruer oi mo couf Chaacerv. made in the above caate, win bo told under the d'rectiuo of tt tutcntier, el puinre . j - - tine CWTe Home, in the city of Stw York, oo Tuesday, to Ui day oT September aexV 'ciock ar noon, eu tnai - "t r - - . - - r - tel ground, situate, lying aod ('b .. j ' i v.wb - known anddis - tiMl, - ..i.i. i. V certain map or chart thereof . i.,r. ...... - - i. r t - i B,ade, hy lot No. 38, ooooflea io f"' Jr; aard lret ; southeasterly iy l no. ' - . rear by Jo o. 48, - .d ?MtHriV . SJj cootruninicro bedib in rrpot Md rear S5 JTm bwh or Ui n the ' CT"tJl (tie laid Ch'arlea i)btoiw, by Lffiia;iiai breeaod Alary bit wife, in d ff" deed, dated lit day oT Febru7, 18JI t t9Sth - or with Hie hereditament aad ewwtmancet. CC. aUd New York, , Aug. ' : iijf 6 awtd!w ' Matter in Chnc - ry. N CHACt - rt.V ff - fHrRriSJameiluue.' 01 WO town 01 limri .nKl. Sutl .eid, conoty ol Rkhmond, and at ate . . my k ? L 1 llaaie t IttlTtB. vi AmM m ai ar Minv iiuwntpn uuiu lie u t - ' " - i of the tae place, in and by a certain hnod or bii, wr tne year ofowLord, one tlioutand eight h.uvdri JiMMtnui. in itm uenal aamol teie . . hundrt - r! and nJitt' dollart, lawful money of v tho Uoitadbtatetonditiooed for the payBienlo. ia t....irMi rri lire dollart and bfty cent, lawful fcjoey aforetaid. witt lawful interett for the tnme, oo. or before the tenth day of May. then est entuiug toe daw oi taiu nonu orouii6i , for the better Kcuring and more aure ry nt tlyjtaid tam of money mentioned m the taid ' tend or oblijatloo, according to the tree mtcni rdJ maniof thereof, did, tethei with AU , hi mil, oa the toid t - oth day of December, in rt year aioretaw, monsi """ """V. Uaeie, aU that meaimge, larm, pUotalinn, .: weedow tad premitea, t.teete, ryincand oeu in the town oSoethfleld. county and elate afre - aid, and it butted and boaoded at followt : be - einnine by Hie eaeteroiott corner or the land of Corneliu Van Bntkirk, aad rwimng .fnm . thence by bit line, north forty wen degreet wid thirty minttet. west thirty 6 n rJiamt and itj link i tnence by aaid highway, norm uayj - tlirendeereet aad twenty mioutet, wt fourteun chain, to the corner of tlm land oflwac fcimon - aoa ; thence by the line of the laid Ifaac bimoo inn and rerine, touth fbrtj aeven degreet and thirty mitutet, eati wrry one cnum. wm ... link, to fc land o! Jeco Vreelandi thence a Ion tJ ritelnnd! Kne, touth fiity onelegrxKt forty Iro muioie, wt twenty Ui. chami : and aiitf liuks to the place of beginning ; con - tidnirg H ittoa the boundt and limit thereol eighty eifiM acn nod one half en acre o land; boiiuiied touthwetteriy by tJie eaid Corntliuj Van BmklrU't Iwid ; nori'.wf rter'y by the raid t. . BnHiMni he the land of the raid Itaac buBOtuoe and Ptrme, wutLeatt by the land tfaaid Jacob Vree!i.oJ. Alio, a certain piece or parcel or tan nvaaow, ij in; u i.iiu mu, near a place eallei Qld town ; beg.tmin at ot i aeu U corner of Cimelut Mart uio'i meadow, ..a M,.,in fitHB Urence louth twenty nine de - et,etforUwachaiBiand fifty hnkt; thence Lt.nk u.aut ftar decreelk eatt one chain lofty inrM Imki t thence nrth tweoty nine dtgroe, mat fourteen ichakit ar4 fiity linke, to tne c.wa inenre toeto twenW lour decreet, wcit one ennio and torty thee linki lo Uie place ol bee in m nf ; contaiomgttio acret of mlt meadow ; bounded eotbweet. byt Cori.elia Martino't ; touthcatt lit the creek i tortheast by John Ket - tMr,.and earth wee t hjr meadow IMepheii Martina. A'to, that cTUin piece or parctl ol aft meadow, eitaaw aid lying io uw town w ivorthneid, county aW tte aforetaid, on the OMterir tide rf'l'eewooHf reek (to called) and Cherry Ttee Creek l bouided westerly by thr raid twocmekMiortheit aad easier y by mt dow of Captain Richard Ceereoe, and toatherly by meadow of Jotm Sf rrell ; containing two acre and a half ofinlt inmeViw. be ttie rame mop or et j together withalland ingular, the edifices, building, rifiliti,Bwrtben, privilege and appur - teoaaces, theneuntr belonging or in any wise ap pertaining ; with i power in the laid mortgage tho imnfault should be made in the payment of tne tii mm of money mentioned m tbecooditionofwlsaid hood or obligation, am) the interest whifi nbould accrue thereon, at the time tpecified ff the payment thereof, that then it ihouid be lawiil for the taid Henry Davis, ti aiM - nlnrW administrator and tssiens, to .ti l Mi.ivwinf the taid wemitel At public auction, according to the act of the legitlature id tuch cateinLde and provided i which should i iwrmtuolf bar. both in law and equity, a - eaiutt tbe tall Jamet Jame and Abigail hit wife, their he and anign, and all other per ton claimingbr to claim the raid premite, by from of under, them, or any of Ihem. a n.l luiriiifiill has lieea made la the rust nwil bf the laid orinciKal turn of aix hundred and forty fiJ dollar and fifty cent, aal the rame with Die inte iett thereon remain due and unpaid Notfra it bethy given, that pursuant to the act ia auik case made and provided, all and tingu - ar the prenife above particularly mentioned, with te hereditament and appurtenance, will ie otl at pulilic auction or vendue,' at the Toe - ine Coffee iloese. in the city of Mew York, oo Vedietdat . the 4th dat of November next, at t o'tlock at aoon.. Dated tbe Mtlidavof May, a tbqyearof our Lord ooe thousand tiglil hundred na tignuea. ; , . , . . i myl51aw6m HENRY DAVX3 i IN CHANCERY. Dated July Ji!h 1CI JSO 1w6w 'l Wat of Iftit - Yark. . N pursuance of aa order of thi honorable court hearine date the blteentb da of June tlx. win h sold at oublic aucbon. at the u rJ Mhh Bae. inn - keerier. ia the vil t) of Utica, Oneida countv, on the Sd Cay . M.ntMaher next, at IS o'clock at noon, en tlL difw.tina of the subscriber AH that k - i ne ftareel of land. IvinsT and being situa tU thm (own of Rome, county of Oneida, - ie of New - York, beginning Bt a walnut ttump Bdingin tbetoutn tide oi tne wonsw nrer, aha aortheaif comer of lot 4, if tlie third al Jajeot of the Oritkaoy patent, and running ttaeMNib 39 de - re 10 minute, weit alone thtoetbeast bound of lot No. 4, 139ctiainano ulnktonbenchtr.e, cornered and marked 3a.Ui ihMu north 74 desrees and 40 minutes. wet itoeg the southerly bounds of said lot 4, 44 ctisfntMiinkttoa (take itanding I link S. W.ofaalroa wood tree, cornered and marked 1. CUB.; thence aortb thirty nine degree 10 SDiaste. eatt along a kne of marked tree to we cleared War) sow owned be Frederick Standley, aad along the et side ol bis farm, as tbe fence aownaaits.toUie isjt road leading to the til lage of Kort Stanwitkt thence weterly at the aid mad rani, t chain 54 links ; thence north 10 minute, east ic - v th line of said btandley's farm 130 thams S4 unk (on tlie whole line) to the olh bank of the MohawS river ; tnence at tbe taid river windt and run tnlhe place of beginoug (except we acre, old acH oeeaeaoy r'er tvott to Abel Burrow, adjoin tocuiewwn aiue m me roao and th lui.H. ni Oeorge Clark.) Containing SSt arret, more or kw 1 being the faria lately owned by Peter Colt, aad'tWldoybimtolriewidUeorceScrib!,. T - gettr with all andti:igu1ar the hereditauienUto theame.beVnneor ia any wise apperiaiaiD: A I.. I tft UK IPn - ' THOMAS BOLTON, ' - Master in Cbaiicery. JTUJUCE. 1QX YT - NfX t Storap fnr Dye W.vx! or Vy other artsele of a similar description, may be had brap'iKin at !ro. 7) South - slreet sa 8 ' ' - - ' .. tl WnfASrirrekitljKfltey of fli tow . i vb f . hurrlftia mueoture ol morttase. oearms tUu the twenty - fifrt ,ciy f Septeeioer 18 14, for the better eecurwsthe pT - meotof the mm of three hundred end fifty doJ - l.rt, Uwful money of theUoited Stetei of Amer - ice, together with the lawful tnlereit for the tame according to the eondiUooa of a certain bondbearrneeree date with the eaid mnrttage. did trant, bargain and tell ento John Crper, nt Kvm - Ynrk. boute PMOter, all that 1.. .r.m.i wiihlhc bnildinet thereon, being part ofa parcel of ground ie the citf New - bt, duUnjruitoea ana nw eeiee of Bayardi Wett Farm, and ia PUtKohr; r detignated in a awp thereof muo by i 1 Coerck, by number three hundred and forty - five, situate - oo the wet tide of iaurent - it bet weeo Broome and Sjwing - itreeU, and bounded eatter - lyin front by Laurena - ttreet, weiterly ie the rear by lot number three hundred end titty - foer, toutherly 00 one tide by part of the eaid lot, nnm - hr thrM hnmlred and fintT - five. and nortlierly oo titer other tide by lot number three hundred and fory - ti ; contaiiiiog in front and rear twelve feet in width and io length oa each aide tioe bendred feet be the tame more or lett, wturb laid lot of ground wat told by the Corporation ol taid city to Win. L. Simert,for exreariot taiee, on the 17th day of June 1811, forth term of 16 yean from the 13th May of aaid year, and by tne raid Win. 1. Simert conveyed to the taxi Jnhn Cramer on the 7th March 1813 I And whereat default hat been made io the payment of the principal and intereM due upon iu pomi aod Mortgage, according the condition thereof. Police it hereby gieeai that by irtne of pow er contained in the taid mortgnge, and in punt - anreof tbeatatateiatuchcateuiade and rc si Jed, the raid mortgnged premitea will be totd t public auction or vendue on the fif'b day o( Jno nry neit, at twelve o'clock atnon at the, Ton fine Coffee Houte in the city of New - York. Da - t.d, June 2olh 1818. TcTtR Db W'iit, Attorney. J j 1 l6in NO TICK It hereby given to all the creiit.n of Joieph Sittare, an imolvent debtor, tl,t a divition of the nioniut which hive come to the handt of the awipnect, from hi e.tale, wiU tie made among hii creditor on Mondny, the 4 1 ft day ofSctiWrnber neit, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the ttore oi thetu!trnticr, Daniel Uord, No. 77 Watcr - ttn - et, Haw 'urU; and Uie tame will then and there he paid to the creditor!, ac cording to the proviiiout of the art for git ing relief in catet ol iotolvcuty, pu'ied April 12tb, 181 J. Notice it alto given, that a general meeting of all ttie tiud credilnrt will be I eld nt the place a - fireiaiJ, on Friday, Die 14th day of Aueutt next, t 10 o'clock in the f ireuoon, for the purpose of examining Bml arcrlaining the debit due to eacn creunor, accnruinc io me proviiiunt ni thetaidact. Dated ew York. Jeue 17th, IU1H - DA.MKL LORD, I ILIdllA LY, i A"S" - Je 18 1aw3m CJT. JOHN'S iIALhOaUIAUY ! The contiguity of thit huiljia; to the trat of ba - linets, induce the (ubjrriber to open, for the accommodation of gentlemen connected with imUic butioctt at the City Hall nndoihen, a public Ordinary. Dinner will be eerved up pre cisely at half part two o'clock, and turtle tour, reli;he, with the moit tollable rcfrethmoots oi the teatoe, at all lioun tf the day. Aoelesant uall - uoom, decorated in a per fectly national Myle, it al.'O at tho terrirc of par - tie for dancing, tociely meeting, or for purpo - s( of our justly detrrviog and aJttiirable milita ry volunteer corpi, for their variout eiercise. I he tubfcriber uai tpared no paint to render uie building at pleannt as its situation would permit, and, by assiduity and the Jtrictest attention, will endeavour to deserve that patronage wiucn an eulightened and dicerniag pblic are at all timei ready lo bestow. au3 1m J4IK3U UKtK!UMlU. IVltDK ANGELI3. formerly practitioner of XJ Medicine in the Military tlotpilalt 4 rs - Diet, and admitted a member of the Medical So ciety ol Mew Kirk, where ne nat rettneu wncc the vear 1798, aiid bi rei - utalion and success in practice is now established iu the knowledge of the publio by near tweuty year experience, coo - tinuet to be consulted at hi office. No. Hi Wa ter tret, opposite Crane wharf. In Rheumatic and Venereal case, fir. De An - geli ha been wonderfully tueeenful ; and the must terrible efleel of those ilitorder hate fre - ouentlv been cured br him in a short nace of time without inconvenience to ttien(. tlhsirusikxts. ulcer in the throat and palate, stirTncn in the joint, pain in the limb, eruption VAtVABlaVrtorttTT AT JAMAICA, I U. .iVH BALK Tbal vert excel lent farm, (tne late reti - deuM of Geo. Codwiae, Jr. deceeatd) tilaate. at Jamaica, (U I.) ot the Koekatray Turnpike, witkia ball a aula of the village i oouttiuuig about uQ aere of good land, ia excellent fence td e w ditton. The taaatioa aonae it wtB twill e4 very Urge and eemmodiont, eonthting of a tve ttory ratio buUdinr. with too wiurt, aiakioe tc tether a front of nearly I jO feet. The nt - houtea are very convenient and in excellent repair I the kern pertieolarty, ia nearly new, and ai ppoaed to be the hrgett and be arranged One on the Wand. Oa the premise are, alto, a good orthard jtnd Urge giirdca, well ttotked with a variety of fruit. ACtO.a good piece of ealt meadow, withm'3 milet of the tana, containing about 7 acre, and t piece of excellent woodland, cental, fog. the one about 1 and the other alout 10 aerea, . ALSO, another frm on the main Jamaica turnpike road, about half a mile totilberly from the Episcopal church in the aaid Tillage, containing aboutSo acree. ALsO, 56 valuable building lot, at the ror - str af Jamaica and Kockaway tornpiket, opro, site the residence of the Hon. Rofoi King. Tne above puree Is of property will be mid separate! or toether, at may be agreed upon, and can be Viewed at a:i reatonaoie noun. ' The stock and fartuing utetuiit mny be had with the farm, at a fair valuation. The title it indisputable. - Apply to U. uouwisb, 13 jsassaa ax. Or to the t ubtcriber on Uie premise. - au 7 tf MARY CODWHR. RU.W Uhiid. iw ruin, lancing iroiutloop Sdtco, en - t side l'cck - tiip, lor tnle by - R. bt C. W. DAVEiNFOKT t: CO. aug 7 - ' sPKAR'a CALCINED MAti.VtclA, J lUincay fat a Sour itumaclt, H earl - Uum, and a Cart for huttslunt. CA I.CTN LI MAUN LalA ba been ome time in use both in Lurope and Amtnra; but latterly it ha bten more requently used than formerly. It wa fir?t hrouttt intu ote in Cenna - np, and wa highly extolled by I tollman, on on whose authority it was ii.trodn td, hut teiy cokCuedly, till the knowledge oi it, and itsexcel - leme, wat more extentively cliiTitsed by the author of a medical pamphlet, entitled an " Lttay upon the .Wn g and Alanagcment of Children," lr. Thit autlKir hat bcatuwed much time and attention in tbe investigation of the virtuet of the cnlrim - d utHgnttiu, ami la most instance lias great ludgeuieat and knowledge ol the tubject n which ue treated, and thereby hat bronchi tlii niedieiue into high repute. We cannot, therefore, more properly eip'ain it reputed sir tue. than hv nuotine the Dastace in which he re - cniiutDtl it ue. lie says that " Uie firtt aad general cause of most diseases to which infant ac liable, it the acidity which their food occa - i'liuia their tomat. I.. 'Thi acidity becomes sery ohvioct from the griping nd purging occasioned lUtftfj. it may not be improper to mention an easy nnd generally a cer' tin remedy, or rather preventive, if timely administered, which is the magnesia albs. calrineJ. This medicine effectually curet all acidities, proret a mild a lenient purgative, and keept tlie body gently o - pee, wiUiout leaving Denina it tnai cotuvc tiaie wlm hlayt the Inundation for many dangerous and iroulileioinediwatct." 1Ti author ol the above mmticncd essay fur - tlttr ohtervet, that " nolwithstandiug the peculiar excelieoce of thit preparation in removing imligestion, yrt still it latiort under a disadvantage diificult to he obviated, hi no chemist ha as yet pursued a method calculated todivett it completely oi ill rruilitiet, nnd give it that pre - eminence whit n i't nicriti (when properly prepared) would justly deajf.nd I. r it it a well estalilitlied fait,Uiat iLdig.sliniithe primary caused bib - ny oi the moat alarming and dangeroti diseases ir.rii'tiil to the human system ; comequently the magnutia alba, when properly calcined, would lc tlie most s - uicni'ioiN rtineoy utttierto unown." fucrestlul exptr:rtn nts have lul.y di - moutlratud, tlrt the mant - tiahr ie reoitmemled hat arrived to the rerl'ectinn at which the above author hints. toM cuilv (t'V SLi pciiitment) by JUll . MOltHISO.N, Druesist, ll'.U t .retuwith - t'reet, and HULL. & BOW NE, Druggis'.t, 140 1'eail - ttieet,.New - Vork. J 31 lui LOTS TO LEASK ATTHENORTH RIVLH d ITU ATE betweeu Uarclnr and Murray - streeb, Chamber and Recd' - ttreett, Jay ul Harrison - ttreet. aod North Moore and Ueacn - itreclf. at a rrice verv coosiderwWr lest than in - lrreion their value, and at the expiration of the term the building to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new It ue granted. Also, to lei ny tne year ai a tow rate, teverai Hs arising from aealeetor improiierly treating lumber, plaster of pariv&c of the most insidious of mladie have giveo wty Apply to PH. R11INELANDER, 31 Tarlr, to hi mode of treatment in almost tn inereflitxe Bear ln(. Theatre. manner. Hit extraordiuary success it, in a great geVeral of the above loU will be told at B mo - measure attributable to .hit well known AaU - Jeral8 - ce ,nJ a iiberal crea,t. A tmall rheumatic ana Ann tvpnine oyrups, moneT ODly will be required, thev eradicate every form of disease, restore the tV ' ' . . . .. ... , . ,. maaistcd imlient to vigor and betltn. N. B. All letter trom ttie cotn.try fport paid) ill be attended to, and the necessary advice and medicine will be given aiid tent to say part of the union. J 25 KDLCAlIu.W YOUNG LADIKb' SK1.KCT SCHOOL, No. 1J CCDAR - STRKBT. t It R. MEAI1 re'iifcttulle eivet notice, that A L hit School will be again open on Tuesday ti.e lit et Septemhtr. Youne Lauiet' win ne inttructea a usuai, in rAiirsi, of Edvcalum : embracing ad the un nnrtaot branches, from Keadinz and Penman ship, to Rhetoric and Natural Philotophy. - r - rem h ne ore Ol uie most approveu luiirmiun Rn.iuirer rusf atifv themMlves retnectirg the riiarar.ter of thi School, by calling upon any o th following eentlemeo, ibott of whom are a tnong its patront.' Richard Varick, Caleb S. Rirg, George GrilB.i, John nylain, and J30 1m A LOT Thomas S. Clarkson, Anthony Dey, Amata Jackson. Jaiues Renwick, Esqrt. Aary Agent't Ojfiit. Aete - lr. liOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and tree - nails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at CI Wa'hinzton - strert. Tr" The publisher ol tne 4w - ttrunswicK Times, Newark Centincl, Long - Island Mar, I New - Haveu Journal, and New - Itoodoo Gazette, I will please publish this advertisement one month. and end their bills to the iSavy Agent' uuice Jy 13 1m toil SAl.t:. of ground on Broadway, between Walker street and Cnnal - ttreet, 26 feel 10 iuchet wide and 15 feet long. Inquire or P. A. JAY, J 1 ff Tin. 37 Pine - ttreet. OWILL BE Ai WtVCiJOY, nn Wednetdar. the SdofSeptembernextl tli property of Robert Gourlay, dtceased.inthe village oi newouran. n . 17 boihling lots, fronting on Colden treet. It .do do do on High street, 14 iin do do oo Water street, .in Aa du on the S - Rood - sireet. nigtU 134GrensrknLNYork. Jane II tf NEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL il CAN DIX FACTORY iHo. 5t bKOAU - WAX IkJ tale, wholesale aod retail, t - HJh inter pressed and tun.iner - - iJstraintd optrmoetti Ic Ulut utl, at tlie above lactory, or at the old it and, I3U Fly Mar ket. Alto, SPERMACETI. WAX. ft i. . .f. fr.l rnnlntninr 04 fet front. "On I lumil. TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general as sortment of Lamps, Larcp - (ilatsps. Lamp Wicks : and for the accommodation of custnmert. Tin Cani'tert, (roni 1 to 15 gallon ; Keg, from 5 to 15 gallon: Jug, from 1 t'3 do ; with a variety of other article, all of which are warranted of the first quality, and a cheap a can tie purcnatvel in ftew - ioik. The above articlt ent to any part of the city free of exiieuce, where the purchaser maket it an object. , J 31 X I. COX, No. 4 J Courtlandt - ttreet, near Broadwav, im porter cf the LIVER POOL PA TEXT IaA.MPS. have the pleasure to iolono the p u bl ic and their fric'wls t tat they have just re ceivt dan extensive as sortment of tbe above Lamps, of the meet re cent improvement, LikeaiM A gen oral assortment ol jtanJ Lamps, for cb moey pieces 'de - bo trdf, table,A:c. kc tf new and elegant pattern, which.for or nmmt and utilitv. are unrivalled with a jreat variety of other Lamp, such a have .vr lcn introduced before : all of which are warranted perfect, and if olherww, may be re llat - a alto received a treat aatonmem ih. ffr. id nroiiertv there i a dwelling house nf i amD Glasses aad Lamp Wicks ""table for hv !i iwt. alto one sixteen by twenty nine I ,n kindi of lamns. tee I, and a store rwue tweniy nmy umij - N. B. All order in uieir une bvuim wiui also, a carriage makr abop 16 by feet, with f..,,fllinr rMioctuality. A liberal dedoc - . ,nr nVr the whole, and which at a tman iiMici uiav be converted i - .to a comfortdhU Th Newbnrgk nd Cochcctnn Nrnpike, with other principal road from the interior, rim through the centre oi ue arjove propeny, ju u tion to wholesale dealer. tag 5 tf A rarm on "the Hudson, aboat ana!e r7rZ.Vt..ln.h. rnntainine 133 acres 3J of hicu ie Woodland, the r.t i divided by good i... ....,11 K un, in r aliont tha vdlafe I into m dn irooortion of meaitow, araiitr uuus ,t.,... - - - - - - , - - - - - - , ,: . , .. The rla ai nnnWt aad advantafo foe trade, ami narture land. building are pan y new r . . - ' - v .. .i.. - :. ii, I . .i - nuiil lor a snail lamni . ' ' . ? .. . . P0S." C04CR ar STEAM - BOAT USEr run ppiLADCLeiHA - . . . I l o iiiutnaTuiv.t. f. (lUrough w wne tJI - i it. - - Jir JOS I. FH l.ON. fcONS Si CO. N. C Exprewe ent to aay part of the Con tinent, by THOMAS vtlllllt.l - w. Sit ' SWItT SLrti. MAIL CUACtsKs, n n rait.AnCLrillA. - d i - .y to dinm - r tween the two cities. fr7 - Leave Wew - torB K - ittiTl ete v inornire (Sundav'tex - vflPceiiU - ti) at Ko', and ar - rive ic l uiiaacipiiia oexi For eats in the above line apply to nw ner. Arm - AAT - ... I II II. It I. V, lltbi.l M " 'll - - , I At tlie Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - kettit'ld street, north side of the Battery, be tween Greenwich and Washington ttreett, orl to The CAf 1 AIM on board. ;,o i ice. For the further accommo - 1 Til r mmt Aei err tin JT.r.fA IT ' ' i ne iwpriciw, wu view of accoBiBtodating the uublic, bvextendlog the line jto Norwich, intend inakiag the experiment with the Ftjllort, Cirit. Law,aAd Uiis route (if found practicable) will be codinacd during Uie teatoo. - ' " The line win in ruiure b from new - xotb io Norwich, at followt r The Connecticut, Capt. f i,n. I Bunker, will leave fiewlork every Mmuiujf, Ivm . Mntdaj and thimi at o'clock, ia the mttwA l . . . .t it T - i. f ..It g .,, IUVIU1I1K, IVI llCW'II.ICUt IUC . MlWIIf 9y t III l. V 1 F. - ,.l,.b in ,1. . ... . ;.l .nru.lWI'l will Halt tvrwu.i . uw. A HEW Line of roi Loacue w.ui J - coming of the iame d ay I, touch at Jfttt - Unim veeieaccfor pnenger and baggage, , on . df f (beM.e fof jVrD - f arm at U Snriog, etart from tlie Coacn oiure, o. . olclor k towt at jtxt,.Hutn, Courllaad ttreet, near Broadway, , JJewj I wtk, MAev(KttxXkytMKj MotUay, Htdm every morning, (Sunday! excepted) at 5j o rfand 7 o'clockin the evenlng - the mine steam ioai auibui, . . . j Bruatwick. Princeton, Trenton tM Dnimi, arrive at iliiladelptaa the tame aiiernuuu, . A ..I,.!.. I a .a I Sns r Pott Coadiet will tUrt from New - York evert morniog, (Suodayt ex cepted,) at 10 o'clockin the Bteam Boat Ataian - t, kMijje at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, iu aSieaiuBoat, next morniog at 10 o crocB. r are S dollar, r, s. raenger, .rei - v.. to call and take Seatt at the oince no. i v United Slatet Mail Coacn, ror rniiaueipmB, BaitioKire and Wathineton City, with every convenience for paMeiiccr unn war,. princ. - ine u. s. nu h,lm Connecticat lor Vrc - Trt, and the ffctc - London, ario Morith. r'ultoa for mhl7 ilkHtikiia ami cAaAOAiiieAMAii. - TAuB' THBK TIMES A WKIKt I EAVKSlVewbtirgbeve - Am. J , a - l ry ounoay, j uetuay. aad Thursday mornings, at three o'cioctr, root tiirouea Monteonicrr. BIooBiineburch. Moolicello, Vy White Lake, Cosliecton, Mount Pleatant, Or. at Bend. Chenaneo romt. Uwcsa. Ithica, and ie neva, toCanandaieua. ' Keturninir leave Canandateua every Mon oa div. Wetlnesdav and Ytl tav niorninrr at tliree llart from I n'elnf k. and arrivea it Nen - hnnrh. the third Uie coach offke. No. 1 Courtlandt - t. New - York, j.y jn .jme to U),e tlie St earn - boats which ... . 1 L .1 ft. J . I'hl . . .. . . ewry day at o - t loca, r. arrive in New - York tlie ftillowinir morn in i;. aueipnianeiiootiHDguiwoc... h b. (3n,tcltd thul alaU limt,vhn the wngera admitted. . . . . ,team - bcU alter tSrtr layi vf runuwg, that tlm tor seats m the ahovenamed Linet, appy j j THOi Will irifcLD, at tbe old etaotithed lint vtU alter to a$ to tect Arm. r..i...i st..m itn.i nffir. No. 1 Court - The whole route will be pcTfomed in three w.n... - ; - !:.., l.i r .i . r. r ., , r uniii.,riMi. npr ire corner oi ornaiwai, 1 uays. irom mc uni ui ! York : or ij A. T. GOODRICH CO. No. 14 November and from the first of November Broadway, cirtr ol Cedar trett, ana at vo. 'l VVI.iltl.all.ilr.fl. New - York. ffrAil eood and baggnge at the risk of the until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the firat of May, .in four dam and from tlie 15th December, un - LT the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the citv cf New - York and run from tli to Cauardaigua in four days. Pasieiitrer ti - avfllinir from New - York to Cananr!igta,Kbgara or Hufijlo,cin leave N. York in ttie evening steam - boats, and arrive:!. Chnuiulaiirtia in three day a distanw of three hundred mil. t. The line it well furnished witii (rood, new carriages good 1 torses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten A tlisMraiag aibHc kaetr kew ttUianirh t. "fi iiuugi u;tc uiufjm j DOCTOR HORXE, forerit of the city br London, an . nwinber of tte facalty r phytic aadirrgerythwe,tleeaiithisda - - tf to repeat some ooservationi ca ' tbe mbuM of ADJRCt'itY. i rath, udiMrimiaate, and anrwan. fied use urereot, baa been proo. tive of ih&iuiM mitthitt. tv,. and are aneaally merturiihied out of en 1. 1 race. The due ate we bar in vie w n n. .'. lal reenlU chiefly to thiisonrce. . M Wk.s . . hat a young man, the hope of hi couatrr. aJ the darlmg of his parent, should be . tray from all the proeptct and enjoymeetacjy, by thecooequceeofone ttagaarded momeBi. tad by a disease not in its owe natare fatal, and '' which only Proves so from neglect or inTprop,, ' treatmeoL" A gentlemao, (lain Dr. UslX. . dent) now perfectly heary aad well, had beea , endtrphyHLiansor general practice, six year, and repeatedly talivat. d ; when mom mended U Dr; 11. (by a getitlemaa of thit city) bis boon - were canon, and bit Beth dropping from taetn - ' bis friend declared be could not poatibly sannl two months loager. Tbouiand exinmeatau. know with what ease and eaty Dr. H. eradi cates tbe severest cases, and confirmthe couti tuUoo. Tbe Doctor's plan (adverttiag) is bL cetsary to guard the public against tbe aoasa m , mercury, and ether fatal delusions, held fotuW ' Persons, therefore, Laving contracted a .'' vate disorder, or uspec ting. latent, poiioo, V,. admoniihed not to Umper with then coatUiJ! . tion, or coucesJ the duorder, till pest recovery ; others having the remaint. of an old cats. ' or other impurities of the blood, as well a oik - : er complainu of a delicate natare, ia it)lM sex. ahoeid remember posterity, and do jutke to their conscience, by niaking appliatitn to Dr. H. at bis old and respectabie ettafZ lithruf nt, No. 64 Water - street, low hotses wil ' of Old - slip, to obtain that prompt aisisUnes al ione calculated tti prevent disclosure. And seta let me claim your terious attention RememUt a tupt itkial cure it no cure at all ; anlets the t sinetti radically done, yon wir tl, fo - . Ibe duorder break out agaia with fedouhled ma lenity, at somfc.jrriod ; perhaps thra will " lie too late id remedy. DonH yoa lea meet ia : i U i.rT j miserauie. mutilated r nn . even a bit of note on their face . Take Take I beteech you. Dr. H's. character for skill end i warning, grity being universally known ia thit city, siatr IU)4, guarantee to patients that delicacy and m - The imhlick houses re good, and leBtonahle laon be paid to render the paasageof the Icrecy hitherto ankaown, and havinc confine k:I in tlitir charset. 1 hednven, horset aad coacn - yeUe,. g. esy and expeditious ; and it it practice foryears past, exclusively to the cure el e are not inferior to hny ntheis now running be - belicveJ lhat lhe accommodations on this line diseases of the blood yaUm. they may safely caW tween thee two citie. 1 be beautiful touiitry, . , cuate on the raott decided advanUees ii cca - a..d lire cxrellence of the road, on thit rout, con - are y.ta. ...y nectedwl.h theafcty, comfort, and rca.onabie 0 1 ;ARE from Ncwburgh to Canandaigua etincr.are heleived tobe ttrong inducement rOLKlhhN IXJLLAi.S. 1 T7 . ... . J j - t f - v n m I - r U.MA ... tUw. to iraveileri in tivine mis line a netioeu fMcier. i .i . u. - v ...n.u , iiitMum iuiciuiihiii . . . . . ii . . .i i.. i ... ...... . i ence. The strictest attention win oo timea a ween uom itnaca to Auuurn. jiito, a by the proprietor in giving generaHatulaction. I j;ne r,ms from Owego Tioga Tomt; thence terms exclusively to themselves, by applying onr Kor teat epply at Northern Hotel, No. S Lourtlnndl - ttleel, rvrw - 1 or. ....... r a my r 1. u.i, su.i a, y - . ap t Proprietor, CNION LINE. Bruninick and Trenton. owner. TiAGGACR, as usual, at the risk of the David Godfrey. Bloominghergh," E. C. St. John. Mount 1'leataul. L. ti R. Manning, Cheuango, IPrnpiie - Lutlier itere, itinca, j tor. Samuel Greeuliff, Geneva, Oliver I'helps, Lantioe, mh 14 d6m i Mi MKAM - bOj T .i TA, KOR ELIZABETH TOWN I'OINT, i.PHIA. - 2 .... Ted. frm the In n. - w po.t conchei . J Do god !aget 4 50 Do loreraslie or deck pacrgcr. 3 50 Counrcttd by the tteam boat olivb brajich aad rHLAUKl.rRlA. The tteam - boat Olivt hrnm h will leave New York every dav. sun .ln' ettetited. from the north side of tne Bat - - ' . , t it .ii i i t (try, at 11 O'Cioca, a. i. i niKustn i "f,e at Trtulon, and take the sit am boat Philadelphia, o a to arrive in Philadelphia at lOo'clockl the next morning, in time to take the Union Lint natliiauirn steam boat. Thi line has a connscticn with tbe bett boot on Um Delaware and C hesapeake to Norfolk at alto thate of the North River and Sound t aad Iheir teverai arrival are calculated lo cause lit tle, if any delay, i his is a i need T and ctrtatnlv the mot conve nient route, a tl peurnger will leave New - York after the bank open, and arrive in Pr.ila - deipliia before the hour of business, without fa tigue in travelling or want oi urep, i;,uu car - bethtown Toitit at 8 o'clock A. M. and half t ast 12 o'clock and h ill past 4 o't lock I . M. J 30 tf jKTU HI Vt.H S frUiM - BO.i l H, Kr Oatbe 1 1th of May, . la I ir suiting Dr. II. uieet eradicated intwe or three weekt - Strictuiet removed without houeiesre ana tL - er icttrument ; and all debilities ; likewue all old ulceration, Ostulh'i tic. A plurality of offices are provided, and so sir All bag;ie and Dacltasf t will go at the rik ol ,i.,.,.llo., Knumi and rainir.1 I'nit. in llath. I atcd that natients are not etrxiud inarKnik.. . lhe oh ner unless insured and receipted fur by the , " " observation. Open till half past 9 in U.e eveniae. rlrrk nf aaid orhce. Stare fare cole 43 - with a generous allowance of Xsmgi. turtles wishing lo travel at then leisure, mat eosise the Coach on reaiooablc i - .ii - . - . . . r - commenced running four 'tune a week. A Boat leave New - 1 ork. on Tuts - day. at o'clock, A. M I Wednesday, at 5 P. M; cj,ty, laboring under various chronic disease. . naay, at A. ni. ana . - Muruay, at a I . ni. oi tllrh raacer. o Id inveterate ulrera. irR.k each week and a boat l,re Albany on Mon - nr k:n - ;i j,tIa. diieates ." day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Satarday, at htmA,ier and kidaies. old complicated complaint , 9 A. M. ofa certain aatore, bilious and other obstrar TheFire - riy leave New - York on Tuesday, rjem. rhetisatisni, Ac whkh they coevider inc - Tburtday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - le, they can certainly be cured fin general) bureh. and return oo Monday, Wednesday aad h nrJ - int at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, New Friday, at 8 A.M. Js S6 I ' prck - lip, bating poetised in exUWva tiOOPlNU COUGH. hotpital ia Earope it years, tmder some of the DOCTOR BCOTTS Pectoral Mixture, first burgeon ami roysinans ia tne wonu, aaw which is a safe and effectnal remedy for the made those obstinate diseases his constant attd whoonimr coueb. it is oolv ten tear tinre it of the skin, toRether with a numerous train of e - lot or yard on the water, well calculated for h!Lee beine much less than by any other route be - wa offered to the pahlic, and some tlioutondt of . ' . : I . .: I i. . I ..... r :. f ... I " .. . . - I K.l.l.... llk In. .ml untS S. - iillftnI htvn been cured by it, after every other medicine bad been used without eflect. It i held io the high est estimation for it excellent nnd salubrious virtue. It promote eentle rerrpiration, re move viscid phhem br an easy and sale ex pec turatinn. and ia Liehle salatnrv to the lunc : it rr - T - All good and baggage at the risk of tlie trengtheo andrieiemlfthe stomach, giveigreat - VP ft III IllfCllV VI ItlCMlHIHS, IIU t tIH.. Ml sate, auiurv aod nappy enecii, oy prevent ing those distressing and convulsive cough, to which thousands of individuals, in cons aauon oi tne pu one, uie ae - . nr.m!,lirpw r,i . .arHf - ,. narture and Ne wburS ' " '"iting a temporary atimulus of New - York ,rk wiilbeUiutureonthe following da,. : - kii " uioe violent paroxysm uiat its quail - Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday ties are manifested, but by effectually remov - and Saturday, at9 A.M. Leave Newharjh on ing those uistressmg symptoms, by giving Tee lay. Friday and Sunday at S A. M. I vegnur tothe weakened frame, and renovated The above arrangement wmcnmmenre nj mr heaim lo tne ainicted individual Firtfy leaving Newburgb on Sunday, the 24th i ne vvetiens oiacc mm kcuuiii diateiy alter the arrival ol the Firefly . my Ti I.IIOI A9D OKTRLIHsM HEW Lini, VIA naw - BROswiCE. ' 'j QT - Paueoger will leave fin ew - York every Monday M . rZl ffADU riHIBT, Bill WHW.i ss 1 1 ii - i 1 M. in the steam boat OlivM Branch : lodse at New Brunswick : leave there early next morning, and arrive at Esston I at 4 o'clock in tlie afternoon, rteturning. leave i Easton every Monday and r riday, at a o'clock, A. M , lode at New Brunswick ; arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the steam boat Olive Branch, 'l he state connected with I thi line is a good four - horse ilage. I rassage from X. brnnswica: to r.aionf xjw; from Easlon to Bethlehem, 75 cent, r or seats I in Uie above line.annly to WM. B. JAQUES, at the Phiiadelihia L'aioe Line Steam - Boat Office, I aortli aide of the battery. KUBLK.I LMcu..rropnetor. Je 13tf fU PHH1i)ELI'WA, f ELIZA BE TU - TO I f '.V POI.ST. iUci - CO.Cn LINE Tkrotuh in n day an i bt dau - liiht. LEAVER New - ?e - rk in t!w steam - boat Ata - lanta, from the fj"t of Whitba.l - street, near tlie Cattery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Kiwi tun at No. 1 Courtiandt - street and No. 53 White - ball - street, at whir k f Uc Vs may be taken. Je90 tf n is pretumea inat persoo. wuouij w - r "7 " 7" haut br few oa Use river; I "!r - "'' ' jersoo wumaf to oi T'HE MISS for stores or private dwellings will not let inn I " m - " - ..' - - f . flonrMtv - 1 - - ooarnme wniot mr Teng iame. oa 05, W becoming oowetsed of those I 'be 'lf - "tfV '"T, worahio. society andl Brmtk ide of Powie Hot,k, in a titaatioa v 1 dwelling, will no pan, 'of becoming oowessed M. ii. imuik wvimin wwm.. ooportonity situated m the mot leaaot part of ue vilUgv. i erms to be mad known at the tun ot taie. - s or particulars, apply to MARGARET GOURLAT, Zxsi. . Newborrh. ANDREW C.IF FORD. Ex'lor. . AMliOV O.N fcli.NUAY. i a ..r..:,;..VirtiDa coon mar art; mm u '. - - , The Stem Boat OLIYF.J liltAMH will tail lor Am - ')oy on Sunday next, and ,t very succeeding Sunday. al It o'clock riri!y. fci.e will leaieit at 4 P. M. toarriteat? o'clock. ' Pa seiners n.ay either iline on board nr at aa of the tavern. Passage 50 ceritt going, the tame ! ante for rtt'irninc: dinner on board i5 cents. r. c. in makii.; t' - e trip aue wui tan ronnu Statea isiand. j nil tltlAKlllM. HJHvlOL. BENNETTS bav oriened the very healthy, aad aittioucb mavenient te tre city, seiiny, mmt aii iw tnai cngiun oranrnet ana with ew York, render it a oerauw r Needlework. French. Mtinc. Dancirs: aod Draw for a gentleman. ,4 L " . ,Z Cwiiilmf. Bretaurht. hy thtmteWet or by Mproved "ftbe rett will h made easy t tbeparebnter. Annie oa the DreJBUe. t JCUU VERPLA - C. , crt. for lenr. i:c. ep?:r to air. is. I GREEN l..,U,.r E, It WbC - ctiett, w at tl.etchool. i MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANf OF TBB CITt or BBW - TOBB. The eldest 1ml iufton for Insurante againit frt Thi Compnnvis incorporated for the nnrnnae of inurinz a - rainst lost e hv fire, and ha circumacrihed its operation chiefly within thi city and tmmrtunte proximity. In addition to the Capital Stock. $500,000. which is secured by bond and mortgage on real estate and oublic dock, thi Company Dooettet . . . - i . ..Land o:e turpiu luod, invested in like manner ; jvortiet assured may therefore repose (he lul - test t om.ience in me tonaitj oi iu capital, ana that any lort or dumage will be settled with trr rr otitude a:id hberahtr. Ttie difierent rates of premium Bad conditions of Insurance are itMlurm wiltt thote of the other Fire Insurance Omenta tiiitritv 1 lie rniblic are n - .terml for perticulan to the printed proposals iacirculatxn, and which may be bad on application at So. 52 Wall street. GABRIEL FL'RMA.V, President, JOHN P1NTARD, SecreUry. mat S3 JOHN HEWITT tlirl resides at No. 4x Water treet, where he ha a very handtome and faihioaahte assortment ol Cabinet Fsrniture on band, which be will warrant to be of tbe first qttality. He solicits his New York and tnattiera iriadt to give lute a call, a be Batters him serf they will not b disappointed. t( Jet executed et the ihortestaOiLn, . JsUtf a i. irciauna euovernco are inviiea 10 De Ire i calling, and speaking with which ia rt ol cotu And here the Doctor cannot avoid ti cipreisioa of gratitude for innumerable rn om . mendationa, and for the derided jxeference fit it pretumea wiinjaticauK) long gJVU Qua by a uieitv jniiuie. a. . aii letters mast be cost raii. lr. Ruchanau. Aug 27 H - NUTHLtt yUACKtLHi SiUH IMtVbl - !ftm foe 30 Tear. TltUf. . ' - vyi. EVA.S Mpecit JrJcnethod of Caring a cj tain Disease, u new btjt sally ackoowredred in ti ' ' city ; oi mmte ol treatmi is perfectly mild, sale, ei - SproJtintr. ana us cbarg reasoeable. fa every n - stnnce he warrants a cart. land will refers the pay if I I Iocs eot perform agreeab cootrawL - TnestrKtetttecrecy always observe. There are many person in thi city aad Ms f Oct 11 AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wan treet, gente - . men' dreuine loom, has for sale a few Ha - tnr of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marguin, of Paris. He has alto received aa ar - sorlmenlof the best Enelisb Rasors. which te Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, warrant good. If proved to the contrary,! - Apothecary, No. 82 Broadwav, and J. C. Mori - 1 ney refunded. son, Drufrgest, No. 1K8 Greenwich - street, N. I Alto, cuts and dresei hair in the latest stylo York. Druggests tliroiighout the United I anu ta a manner so as to aoapi it to toe poj Hvg states, may bo supplied with the Pectoral n0T, , . . . - .i a - c.k - i - - ... I Mr. FRUMENTO returns his sincere thanks .,..,.u,v,.v u.Mu, hil, ustomer. and tha oublic in rent raL for lowest wholesale price. ly 7 2m their very liberal patronage, and solicit a continuance of their lavoors. i He has likewise procaredBvery fine none, ana engage to restore rasors ton very keen edge. ana mooki tney not cat weu ne wui sweat nw reco pence. , . Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, will have their apparatus kept exclositely for theta - ive. w iaMi.tit,SHil,4i.ii);rj'.,sL!y:. f QUALITY NAPXfKS fXSURE againtt Lots or' Damage by Fire, iIR. FRUMENTO has received box of DwellingTlooes,Wre HoueH'Buil.ling in 11 tbe belt perfumed Naple Shatiso i sf I 1? I ii :A ,. - A UJ ti I wh,r - h h. w.rr.nli In h ni the firtt OUtUtV. atW general, liirmi.imiur1 n in rji, mju tire.i i .n. nn....w - - . i ..V. CargiH.1, Iloutehold Fnru'sire, and every oe - which he will elt any gentleman tuthrngtomaaej scriptiooolpertooal prcptrty, on terms as favo - 1 the trial of it, at No. I Wall street. - ' ' ' rah e a imi ar inttiiuiions iu uiitcuv. I x im may 27 Macl - els rmteet Metroaorne. No. 4 AtOSJSTAKf iappryofl3 diet Beaver Uf lreh from the nn nelactory, sri'V, Ue for the btk - . era market, aad packed at " kbortett B0tci. J. WILSON'S, , loOBroadw; NEW PATENT PIANO fOBlW;'' GEO. I. NEWBERY reepeetwlly and eean. dently .tsure hi frieadt aad the that at hitoffiee, 13 Pearl street, may U f - ol asrd the above inttrumestN lower than "T .c. alaa Bar IHlEr I UI. ... WHW. v w. M.W - lOKB.1 ' PR1STED AlfD PUBLISBZD mw ' - ' f . . . mm wwim m at A rfY. 1 .W.'Cfl JA1 owun Wiixiabustbbbv orrosiT t Basa CuFFE - i:cr:s

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