Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 7
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 7

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 7
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(Squire Gulliwum, ,,-lioiu l-.e fonnfl | wa-.tinjr for h.m, ovhal'n!- an r.l-nos- "'""" T E u i j j n j t y t'ut was po-,ilivelv outru-c,' "Hav UTCIILEY was at its wit's end. Who could, the mysterious stranger be? one haj ever been a jnonth in the place w i t h out h a v i n g 3 (.021- p 1 D t e iu-ventory taken of all 1:'' '-i-'L .. j prisoner. .. or.a',' n".n." ;u]77ion- ISIll'U III.! bljll.,0 '!(.,,·, t, v o l l r o'iliT crimes you aj.i t'.ie b.i'.I la.'iri- hu-aous, one of c o n t e m p t of c o u r t . ' ' 1 may at V j s i kuo-.- ol what I am accused," p.r-,biL-d 11 iy, -.j.istsrln- his anfyer. = ··Vou'll have .-.n u \ a R M i a t i o n tomorrow," repl'.c.l Im l.iniir. .'i n t h e meantime it ii m v d u l y to commit you."' Tin- m . t t i m u s , O.L.-CT ly m-iilo out. handed ta one of '.'.i; ollicvrs, and t a e n o al is o '..ii o c v r s , an , ancestors and be- l »e l i n e of marc 1 ! talsua MO for tbo i ""-" ' l l t l c between times w h e n wo A n d jail in the order b-ifore. indicated. tlu hour five 1 for the c \ a m i n i - ' !s " ol *'·"-· jet for more than double that period .... _ f u o e r t Kay had abode there: but be- I tion a crowd lu'l assembled, t h e like , thing 1 . ** 1 . . , . , _ , ! ,,/ ...i · . i. i -, _ ' i i. . ONE'S ODD M O M E N T S . Tilings May Ho Accomplished In Tliem for \lh1i-li Oao lias "o Ollipr Tlmr. A m i d the whirl and bustle of this busy ag-e one of she problems \\hich o f t e n presents liiolf forsolution ishow j to keep -abreast u i t h the times w i t h o u t ! incurring the d.m^cr ol cutting short one's, existence « i t h nervous proatra- I u'on, which is sometimes very fitly i termed "Amcrieanilis.'' There are bo ! really tilings which demand tiniL- a-jd , a t t e n t i o n , the days arc so ^hort and I i'y by M ray.Mly. ll,at there is little- cause- for woucier w h e n one becomes , dibcour:i"ed. There- is hnwn .·-. 3 ', secret of. importance to us, :itl i:i the , use of the odd m o m e n t s -arc of r.b very apt. lo feel thill, there Highest of all in Leavening Power.-- Latest U. S. Gov't Report 35 cent Patterns 10 to do rciilly any- voml Irs name, which miyht be au i °' wluch lud never been -een m alias, everything connected with him j H u t c h l c y since t h a t memorable remained in profound obscurity-. ! I'ourth of J u l y w h i c h Squire Uulli- wum had r c n d r r j d ilii:st:-io'is by dc- livcrinir an oration on horseback, in f u l l u n i f o r m , in the c e n t e r of a hol- squ-irc f o r m e d ol the "Gorv com- wjth a ·'ENCcedinjfljr suspicious ir.entcd Squire- Gulliu um, shake of tlie head. And all Gutchley shook its head in cnisoc; for toe- Qulliwums were the creuia's creaia of tlic society. None of your upstart aristocracy were the CuiliwumE. They had a past to point to. The ancestral G u l l i w u m had come over in the first convict ship that sailed for America, anil, after many ups and downs, had met with a fall one day that broke his neck. Hut for the rope that chanced to be around it at the time, more of lnJ boue.s miijht huvc been broken. Jlr. Hay boarded with the widow Pcelic, who fuiled not to put in practice eveiy widowly art, to break the ice of his reserve. Which was quite n a t u r a l . In the first place he was a nice-looking younjj 1 man, and the memory of the departed 1'eckc had already ceased to be green. Secondly the \viclow, in common \\ ith the body of her sex, possessed an inquiring mind. To have a boarder in the house and kuovv nothing of him but his name was a thing- out of all reason. She afforded tlic 'gentleman every possible opportunity lo explain; in- vitcrl him lo VSB communicative by first being communicative herself; in fine, l e f t no means u n t r i e d to carry liei point, short of the rudeness of dounrig-ht questioning. But all iu lain lily's reserve remained impenetrable. 'Xo t r u e woman ever yet gave up the pursuit of :*secret. Foiled in the use of fair means, Sirs. Pccke deter- m i n e d - w e will not say to resort to foul, but to any that promised success. Mr. Kay, she k n e w , received a f r t a t many letters. On the chance that .',omc; of them mig-ht happen to Le leit exposed she took upon herself the daily task of putting his room to rights. But never a letter or scrap of paper wjs visible. Mr. Ray kept all Ins papers securely locked up in a- portable writing 1 desk, and none ol lier keys would opcu it. U u t perseverance is apt to he rc- traideil in the end. One m o r n i n g the widow found a freshly-opened letter on Jlr. Hay's dressing table. With that thirbt for knowledge boi'n with llic first, woman, and which will die onii v..lli the las:, slio cauTMht the 1 1 an acfiuaintunce vho-.c systc- 111 itic pl:innin.' for the 1 -!! odd tinie. has taught me a lc-,;,o-i from n IHL'II I have derived great prolit, s:iys » H i i t c r in CJoo I Housekeeping She .u'coinplislui!. | low Grays," s t a n d i n g - at "pre'cnt " W i i h some cliaicnlty the prisoner j wib ushered through the crowd i n t o t!ic magisterial presence and con- 'routed with his accuser--no other i than his fair landlady, whom the very ' si^-ht of him seemed to ffue a turn. ' The magistrate bc^ccl her to compose herself, which she did lo some I extent, and after be ; .n£ duly sworn, ! and having- chastely kissed the book, she proceeded: It was not her n a t u r e , ii slic knew ' herself, to be suspicious. The Itilc , 1'r. IVaku (tears to his memory) had j pronounced this the wcjk point in j her character. Still, .she noticed a ] maikcd want of openness in her i boarder. She had observed, too, oc- I cdsiunal symptoms of I c v i l y in h i s I cooduet. .Shu w o u l d scorn to pry i n t o other people's secrets, but when people; will leave their letters lying 1 about other people can't h e l p seeing what's in them sometimes. It was in this way she had become informed of an atrocious plot a g a i n s t her own life. Here the wiLne-s q u i t e broke down, "Uid you ' f i n d tint p a p e r in the prisoner's apartment?" interrogated the squire, producing ll:c letter before r e f e r r e d to. "I--1-1--f di-di-did:" sobbing Paper marked auil i-cid. "D.'ar Hay: Your idea of Icilli.iir the \\ido\v is capUal. C:-.rry it out at once. Will seu you iu a day or tv.-o. A loud laugh in t h e roar of t l i c crowd i n t e r r u p t e d thr- proceeding.-- 1 "\Vlio's t h a t conteninmcr the com t?'' shouted the squire. "No oft'ense intended," Mid a jolly, good-looking- ^ c n t l e i n a n , p u s h i n g l i i s v.-ay forward; "but this is too (,'OoJ.'' "Hullo, Quarto!" cried Bay; "a pretty scrape that c o n f o u n d e d lettei of y o u r s has g-ot me i n t o " "Do I understand yen tn bo the author of that e p i s t l e ? ' i n u u i i ' e d G u l l n v u m of the stranirci. The latter o w n e d i:p. "Arrest him as an accomplice!' c o m m a n d e d the squire. "Beg- pardon,' 1 i n t e r r u p t e d Mr, Meclt. the village pastor; "but I I m p pen to k n o w this This is Mr. Quarto, Die p u b l i s h e r . There must be some mistake lierc." "Let him explain it, then," tJid tlic squire. The stranger nslccd no belter. Mr. Bay was an author u ho was u i it.iu^ a norcl for h i m , f i e heioir.c of w h i c h was a y o u n g w i d o w , w h o m it had bi-cn decinc:! a d v i s a b l e lo kill oil in the concluding- c h n p t e r A n d t h "bloody busline's' r e f e r r e d to in the p u b l i s hcr'i n o t 2 "had t h a t c::tc:it -- n o more " Mr. Q u a r t o n a ^ s l n r l by a. ronr of liin^hler in w h i c h e v e r y b o d y j o i u i i d but the wi.'.ov.' a n d the ."-qiiiic. ir.ore t l i n n any otllei qiuiiiiianee, and at the ^',\eso:ic ;iu impiestiou of e o m f o i l a b l e , | lei-.ui'c-ly living-. She never .seems to bo u n d u l y h u r r i e d , i.s never a p p a r e n t l y disf.-rbcd by a m o r n i n r r call, has time to devote to h e r I'amily and frieiul 1 ., and lie:- home is cart-fully :md nicely kept. \ V h a t , t h e n , is the .seeiet of it all? Hie uses her odd moments. One v. ould not believe how many odd limes eoiue into the very busiest lives, nor how much limy be accomplished by p l a n i n r r to m;il;euse of them, u n t i l one hiis tried for oiif'.s self Sluli Km!-* or Thonijht. Jlope sometimes ba j-s at ti'.e knees. A man'h ri-solniion 10 bo (ii-cfnt i^. i»- novcr btr^n^thoned bv a'lrink. \Vry fen' men can make dollun* anil friends at the same tiim. 1 . Modern love is larpely a. commercial commoilily. Cynicism ii the salt of disappoint- men*. Time comes as fast .is it poes. 1'luek i.s tiic search warrant w i t h \\hieh to find opportunity. A man w o u l d bo surprised if he « t r o :iks he i^.--Iletroil I 1'rec l-ie-.v M'a'.er fras was Si-^t suc t- es-,(iUh- pkned :n inctallur^y in lfi'0. IX iito ItH^.v i» CU a'ul u^o IhiteM m l « \ SjoTltl^c. STTP fo The \Vax Caudle cuinp.Kiv of don \\as incorporated in \ P.»'l. Lon- co*'c "·I 111 .1 L- ··! ll llnlHnm ^ 1:1 I-IV.L:: up 1 ' ' r-nia nulcl:. aic. Try It. Silver cniullestics n e r e Knou'n llritain as eiu-lv as A. D. P.10. n of my ac- , , v , ];i[ _, , 1()m , u time t.hc Piso'^ CIIIL- t-nret^ilc" of n T L l ^ i t Ijimir trouble or ihrxo \eai-s' aUnidius. K. L'M)i. llimtin^ioii, . Nov. ll.'. 1SW. :i'.ul These -aiti'TT.s retail in fashion bazaars And Mo-i-s for lwpE!;,--(i\o lo rort cunl* L-ach. tut In o.-iltr lo miriM^c ll'.c tjenl.ind mnouK slniap- er* ne orrur llii-in 10 llic Jauy readers of tJiw puper for tlic rcir..irl^aM\' J o ' nrk'o ol only 1O 1 Cents ijaqll I'oii -;'e ono Ler.l cxlr.i Tho riMlfrns :ii-o -ill or ihc \erv laics: Xcw i York suit's., jiru! are uncqi alrd for siylc ncca- \ rai-yot 111. sluipluliy niului-ououjv. l-'or iwcaty- i four jc.lrs Iho^iMi.ilIerns l*on used Ibo i L'ovnirv o\i?r. Full iH-SLrip'ions iiiul alrcctiona | --^s ihu nu:ntM?r of vir.l.-- ci uiiilorKLt ivtjulrod. ' llic nuir.Vcraml n-unes of Uiu dllftrenL plwvs In · *.r.c riuitrn. 110^- to cr.i niui in :inil JHIL lln; par- mvm to^olbLT-- are ^cn^ \\nll r:ich luttrm, vltli n pkiuro or Hie n:innouL to RP b.v- Thcso I vuincrns ,iro conipli-'.e In every Inrlii-ular, thcr^i LelnK ^ i-oparJii* ii'i'.lcru ror ovor\- single piece Q! I ho tlrcx*. Your order will be Illlcd llic soa:c ' ti'.u K is \-ccci-\eU. ' Order luiicrna ^y numljcr and. Rt\-o sire In Kien paLtern sriinr-inlccd lo I'D perfect THEY ABE GtOVE MTTIHG. 1 TocPll.'1'l DUST and lli;i:.\ST nicn.iurc, put tin 1 i.iic ini'.isunj ALL of iLiu i\ay around liM Lod\. o\i-r llio ilrcs.s Llovj \iniler llic ami 1 . I Fiice of each p.xttcrn. 1O conn, vbcs I ordorixl o-i (,-ouiou imuli'd uelow ! I'obU^e one Lent cxtni on EACir pattern. Tlicy tell llii-. story of an abscnt- inindei! professor in llic L ' n i v e r s i t y of rennsylvaiiia. l i e was w r i t i n g at his dc-^U oni- evening whon one of his children entered. " W h a t , do you r i a n t ? " lie asked. '-I ejn not be d i s t u r b e d iio«." "1 onl\ «.mt to s;iy good night pa pa, 1 ' replied Ilia child. 1 Never mind nou ." a 1 - ho m s l L i u t l y resumed bis AVI i t i n g / ' l o - m o r r o w moni- iii!.'' "ill do as well,"--I'hilncli'lpln.i Call. Amclio Hives (.'hauler has boon iu Europe g a t h e r i n g material for a nev novel. Take the yuocn Crescent Route lo Kiioxville :ind A s l i u v i l l c , Only Thiough Car line C i n c i n n a t i lo Ashevdle. Tlir ^VoudcrH of Irrl^attan. Tlic e l e v e n t h census makes somo s t a r t l i n g revelations r e p a i d i n g - the in- | crease in value of irrigated lands in | t h e i \ e s t . Tracts which :i fc\\ j v . i r n , n r r n w i i e n o t w o r t h the rjo\erniuc:it I prk'c of Sl.23 an acie, arc now n o r t h :i)l the u a j from P I O U lo SSOw an nei e, I :.ndsome e o m m n n d even h i g h e r / i g u r e s . I n i m e i i b e crops and no f a i l u r e s j u s t i f y , T h o u g h irrigation in the L ' n i i e d States is still in its infpney. Lhe \ a l n c in ISJ'O of the irrijj.itcd areas, n i t h t h e i r Wdtcr ( :i^'l'.t 1 ;. about t i n e ^ qu.irtui's th:it ol nil the fold nnd sih i. r mines in the U n i t e d Suites, with t h e ^ r lailroads and i otlici- n n n . ovcincnts. | The .ev, York Sun r e c e n t l y c o n - , t a i n e d a very i n t e r e s t i n g :irticie on the l R i i a t v. ork of r e c l a i i i a l K i n now coin % I on i\\ tiie 1'ceos x . i l l c y of (.'. Mexico j This i i the hugcslirrigation biitcrnrise i in AiiH'riL'i\ and w i l l e v e n t u a l l y reclaim l nvei UliHlOU ncies The 1'n-os valley j is;: r. underfill f r u i t country,-such lli^-h I i n i l h o i i t y :is Tarlier K:n k'. ]res t h e America.i l l o r l i u i U u i t i l in;" t h a i its apples, 1/1 iiartieuhir, surjt.iss Iho 1 -*.' y r o n n ;:riy i heie else in the world. I t is said t h a i l a n d s c:m n o w 1 e bought, in I M P l'"cos valley at. lust pi ices sure tn c l r n i b l c ;ind quad- r u n l c \ v i L l i i n i h r n e \ t jVw yc:ir.s. J n tl-.j Moi.k K \ c l i . i n ; r e , b u i l i l i i i c i n Cliieajro is a displa;' of fru-.'n fi DM the v a l h y wliii.1. is \-.eli u o i l h ;, r jiiin' a lonp dist a n c o to --co bv arn- om 1 interested iu 1 T h a l \ aboui the most hopclrssly f o o l i s h aehicvcineui. of my existence," ho moaned. " A V h a t have vcn done?" asked h i s ivifc. '·Lent an umbrella." "I t h o u y h t y o i i knoiv better." "It'-; tvor^c t h a n that. I lent it Lo its oriR-inal own or. "--XVasliin^ton Star WoofTcr Ocu I'uiidrcil Pollnns Reward ^ for nnv cnst* o{ CiU:irrh '.liat LQII not bq currd W Hidl'fi C u l d r r h f ' n r o l F. J. CflEj:Y*c CO ,Props .Toledo, Ohio. \V~e, thft undcrsignul, l:;i\o known F. J. CLedoy lor tho Insi J."i ycnr*, nud bcJiovo linn pprfcctU boTiornblo in all busiiU' .s luiu'-nctiuns mid n n u t i f i n l l y nlil« to curry out .-my obli^iLtlnus Jil u!o by tlic-ir firm U ir Tit LAX, \\ holu^ido Dru^ Tolrdo. OljJO. V.' IMJIXO. K I N N A X ft MAUVI.V, ^Vlio Dru^pJhtp, Toledo, Ohio. J l f j i l V Cnl.irrh Cnro is inkcn i n t o r n n P v , r n U'UK directly upon llio blootl mid i m u a u H surfaces of Llio f\ lU-m i': ii-n 7. bottle, bold by ull Urugci-.tis. Tcbtuu frco. HiUl'sKumily rilla. 2^r. T u t nf S l l l r . ^ l o l h c r -- T h a i n o t u paper i s c p r l vcrv q n a i n l , but are you shuru fashionable-. 1 l);iu^ r l.Lcr---Oh, it nnist be. J t ' most impossible, to wrUo on i t . -- ·^ uil; \ \ c c k h . , I ' A Gentle Corrective \t «hat you need when y o u r l u c r bcconici inactive. Il i xihal vor. ^ci \ \ l i e n you I n k c ]Jr. P i c r r t ·, ricn^nU l*iiii:ts, lliey're ficc f i n n i Lli'j \iok-nce :nid llic piipiuir that conic w ilh lliir iiiiliinry j The IJL-.I tULUicn'l i i o i i L i L s nijici" that :nihl melhruls m e pit-f- ci ible. l-'or every do- rnn^cKic::!. n f 'he liver, ··loiiiricli :ui'l b o w e l .. Liu s« L i n y , si;tj,\r cmtcd pills an* niosL fftcclU'C. Thcv go iiboiiL llic i r \ i o i k in an cnsy ;ind riirfittuf \\ ,iy, :inu t h e i r pood ^rr/j. OIIC^IIM:*!, llicy MIC. uliviij " iii Isi- VIM - IlL'illtr C O t l l D O S L d oT Uu choicest coiiceii- Ir.iU il XL^'I lablc ox- Irnct-. tht cost H i n d i m m c Lli.m oilier p i i l s foniid in (he i!i:nl,L't, YL'l fioni forty to fn:iy- iiiui :tic put up in L-riLh ··c ih'd ^ \ i il .is ! »t the pnct of L l i c Gini. H Ilm:^ 1 ;. J'nllcrn No fi-jnii |g cut la ihrcc fri/t'fl \i/ · H, IDiiml i-ypfirn U l i i r l i m blu' 1 iiMii'l mul fniiry lrncli plaid lir-rc sti llthlx (Oiiihlnod A nlmnJaUid r-i ilu upj)cr iwrilon-i or tlio U'lir intidi) 1-, ilcslr.iblo Tor drc-SMPi ullhi'r or Hilt u r u o n l i n fiibrk- :i!id tjni lie sull.ilrtv Ui*Ai*.10'^e4 in \arlons iniulilliailoiiS of tnlors or ninlrri^L One iilont) e:in lid UHH!, vnrlciv Iwlnt [.hi 11 b\ di (Or.ition of L r j l d , (.'Imp, rlblHJD, vci- \ci lii'-cr-ilon or liu c Tlic rei.ill nrlco ofiiaLtcrnJa !B conu. 1 curr I n l i o i i ^ i i c l a n d Inbuilt lie vl.ichc, du--iiif-i i I n c i ^ , o i - eonsliti ilion. sont slum.tell :d I n n y n e , i i i d i c ^ ' s u u u , lo--i uf Mr^. I I Avnoo -- i \ \ i s l i \ o u \vnuld not i sjieiid your time i'L;jdin^ tlio-iC cmo- | novels. i ~\\ i-s I 'Ai nou -- ()li t h i s is not emu' tional a b i l . It".- puri \\ h'nrineinl. 'J l i e | h u r o i n e inarries Hie m:tn Jier motliei 1 ple\- out. The l i u i linglon route is the only r u i l ^ u y l u n n i n g "personally con- d u c t e d " c.M'ursioiis via nonvcr to Colo- I clii iiVe: miidi' pills 1-ado kpriiiLT-., Suit l.r.lte. Ogdcn, Sacr.i- | " I'K-nsani I'clU Is Iisr-ntci, iS::n I''i,iriLiseo, Stockton, Mcr- eed, Fresno, liakei-ilield ar.;! IMS \ An^'clus at the lou-cst r.itei. I' ! U.-srisl hli.cpinj; car Uiiough w i t h o u t | j^j;^,!'^^^.^^!··rTil'insr V m i i k V i V d i r . ! ck-r uicjeiir-nls (if llii- l i M ! , sL(»nl,icll .mil l.ov '.N Pill H J i in sc.ikcl ^1.1-4 vl.ils, V l j e i c fun- .lhl.^^^ noli nnd l(-b il.le. W l i u l h c i is i i a x a i f v c , Hi in lalKi-r ili»^ci,.Tia K c n l l y ;iciinir hill H C i k n l i i n ^ t M L l i a i i i e , liiesc i i i i l e " 1'cllcls" a i u u i i ' i ] J.ili'!. As .1 " i l i l i u e r pill, ' lo nrniili;L( rliivcsl m-i, a l j i l t - d - !iUc oiic ejcli i iy i f l t i d i n i i c r . T o r i ' I n - i e l Llic u j s l i c ^ s ii i-iinj- M I I I I I ov».r-L-3liiuj. nolli- ·i. equ.iU one of lime l i L l l c " 1'rlli-li." i T i n y .ne l i n y . H i i i r . i r c n i i l t . i l , :inli-liilioii-, · ,~.-uiuii.s Any c h i l d i c a m l y i i h v i l l i r . n i . Accept lln s i i l j s L l l i i l u iliJt m iy be icconi- I/i'avc Chicago e v e i y ^\'t Vrile or c;i)l on T. A. Cnulv, iiina^ur. L'i 1 ( l a i k s t r c L l , t Ii Jl.ilr;, In;.- In rhr.i.kA Is .1 p]"r)hl;ibl( L iritlu.sLry. 'J_]ic- f u i i i u l LlicTi- :n(; rxcclloul :intl ant. Snilabli; l;uid can Iju bnu^lil llio l f t \ \ e - . t prices :md nti easy it-i'i Write l o I 1 . S. IhisLis, ( I'nvsi pcr A^'-ril, C 1! i Q. |j. j:., Cliic-i 111. for dci.'iilci! i n f o n i i n l i o i i . I at .iny. n -- J t o u is 3 t»m Oiir ill 1'rog Kolioiv C i t i / t ·^un (loin in lli' Lily 1 .' I J i i n g t o i v n Mini -- 1'ust r,ile. lie s i t s ?1". ;i ^'. eek iis eai i l - h i - t on llie Steunl ll si' eel line and -mikes "-'i more a week as Xcu Vorl; .soeic!y i-iirrcspondenl of Tim licarlfiunrltri tit llic Kir.sian c l i n r c l i i n AniL-rioi arc :it .S;in J-'r.'in- CISC! 'J'liii ly ve.ii Lo iciidcd lo be " j u s t ns Rood." Ji ni.iy ifdfl- /'"· Hie rtr.ilrr, liccmi«c of iinj-iuj; l i n n n bailor proiU, but It- !·» :iol Lhu one me 1 Ii, Ic 'J'h t lie sank i-.Uo a chair anil rL-Liiaiiu-il for n t-imu motionless and lei'ror- f'-r!(jl;cn. T h e n . «.pi-iiisfing u p , s'.ie li=.lencil to her e!in:nbi: l i n r r i c 1 on ] ' r b o n n e t and rnsh='l fro.n llic '"'·'M c'.n'pinj in her linnJ t!iu ter- In the cuyrsc ot ad lionr Mr. Ray re- tupncd from his morning walk, and hal liarcly seated hims. I t at Ins desli v.iirju n, Ijnoclc came to the door. It H a s opened before he had t ' m q to ·H5;vc7, and in stalked a rough look- l n K "parly" whose face and h'yure re- . the opening couplet of the employed.--, McSniUcm's "Kleyy on a Di- lln C A inamif u;t'ni sieged M ith a; h r n g .'. t i g u no^i Help W s n l o l . ' 1 Ono 71 ap, caved b^lo'/i; '.'^c liO'i lo w h o m h^ '.'as !::)0",;i. do^i-ell. '..h^) d i - ' O t - ' d d-. -;im ( I ; ' : , lic.'l -'to lo |j O.H .:!.."! c. want ".'.' '" ·*- J-" On yn'J ^ i l - · · · ' · Ml'. S-- 1- 1 f · '::·" a p p l i c a n t . :·"..'! ' . * cliai'fj~.' l'" n '· °' ""' .'is for g :ir r. 1 i ' · dov. n t- f;ro l .' fcllov,' I'm '.cry : ri;. - b ;co Ilia', sig.i v.ii'.-n jo-i baid Mr .'--- very k i m l l u ilo:. i 1 n W'li"ll \\a-. b -'-.ini; · of iN O-L:H!. "No .·:ii;i" i:i"iv Mr ·ly ( i r npif iinu-'i foi' ·i.'tcity to -, 01 !c. ':'. t ',-:! t h e lu d s- ' llf ^iu ·!. knuckiy i ·:V.\ dear i didn't you ' iiiinc in?' 1 s. J ' r r n l i k L Tinii' K l n r Iliidc. Monon Iloiilf i l , .X. A. ct C in efTect *n - f i i n l.'i llic f^st Mh ud n l u ever inarh 1 l i c l w c c n rliic rim', .l.ieksorn'ille, I'l.i . U-rn irir^ f'Juci nt s .-'p. in ;in i\ ii 1 ;' .iL .Iriclcvjru i IT.i.. at '.Hid a. iu. t i n si eond m u n i i in.ikin;: d i r e c t e o n i : i L l i o n n i l l i I h f m o r n i n g tleiuirtur"-. Irani l!:at p'-iul u i l h n i l d i i T S K i i i i ' I n . ' -. and arrive .it i i i U ' V i n r a:»l s o n l h r . n I loriila points !»·/ d - i . i i f l i t , St A i i ; n v ' l i c f o ' V noon : C l c n l ' i fii \ V i i i U i I ' 'ii. H a i t i , · i in t! f. : i f l .. .1' on. 'i , . . | L J;r t 1 c(,'.; · i.i.i i ll' TOIL- Ill-ll t . l ' C. 'i J . t h u k ' i . l ' i n t i - e ! i h^'iili 1 l c-1. \. i l i i t i n Inn ·-! o n ^;.i iji ~i ue in t h e -..o f o r i n ' i t i r j i i i'C'7'iidi.-i/ ;iTnl : i u o n j r / i '-lucjiin;'-' Inc. ".lonon li'onli. t C m i l t ^ rei't. ' hieairo. Koiiiiin slali.stii-s, f u l l ; Ji,,n()ri i i i h a h i t a n l s o f N'orlh Aincrieii :ielcno',\'lo«lged the C/.H of Kiis-i.i ,ts the head oJ I h u i i chin cli. To New Oilcans the Quten it Crc.s- ccnt I t o u t i- llio direct laic 'JO miles shorlc',1 from Ciru i n n . i t i . V'eslibiih.iJ '1'r.iins Cafe- iind jiarlor ears to Chat- la noogu, u iiu needs IK lp A fnc sample f I lo - i l o ^ c s i ,, ; , /,;,,!, M miik-'l to my nddrci.i, poil p n i i l . on iccuii.i | u[ mine :irlil uldrc^s .'ill postal c n n l ora . a ^Ti UK-Irn 1 . schoid ni ^ l n l u ^ r i r , 'i a d l i a t e o' Lmi 1 .,-. Iji'cn a d i n i t i C ' l to t l i c bar i n M a ' elir.sflls. Bottles Double Size AT OLD PftiCE. PERRY paas-ijsa i PS D A V E S ' B 3B% Pii^LBB TRY iT FO^ D Y S P E P S 3 A . W. N. U. CHICAGO.VOL, X. NO. 1. When Ancworin.y Advertisements, Kintlly Mention 'his Papqr. . Thy NorFullc JarlinL H n$ rlny an ll ^:if In (H llrst IIIL.H i h n m e r l i n of liclif; \crv (;cnL-nlly lccornlmr. c.iilly niljii.'ilcd. fornforlAblo and M t J I i i h looldnc, bfffdcs bclnn uvnU'ililu foe ii'.:irlr fill ir-jrlH of f,Ltrlc. AM hero rci)ru- .SL'uir/l mudc or vh un.i In u. sort of hf.illicr riiix- '.uru. H TfjrinH purl nf ji diX-'-sv lollci [DP Kcncroi T%C ir. «iin piling or iMEMiiix r-|i '1'lin IKIK pllftfl; arc Tonnnl tn Uiu IroniH :iuM V'HL!. UKJ HTJ^IJT HliJuH hcln^ s L l u l i r f l lo^rLhor lo u fciv in c lira b'lv,t tin' n.ilsL Jlii" U n d e r a r m tforotf rttLho Hldrs H i n o u l l i l y nud !ho brinqiip ran IK mntla over UK; Jjody Jliilut,' lilted wild donhli; (UrLH, or lluiL portion c'ln |,*» omliicd If so prcfcrral. 1'lie clOHlns IH I n t N I I j l " In ccnl«T jfruiu under llic rnld'JJr plnll. lm( bulioni and bulton Imlui ((in he iiflrd If dfilrcd Tlif, flilliloiwiljlr, liirtt- O\T coll'ir Ii In l.itc^t nioilr; tiriU Uiu licit ot r f o l h fiisH in w i t h :i ili.IJ r i i t TiULlclu. Any of (In? s^iHnii iidr '.voolrn rn;ucTl:ilK 'PllL make up H l i l U l i U In Hie mod'' ,"· -r^c, chr \KH. Iu plain ' ilnr II f 'ili't A \}\^\:\ llnlih 14 ,\11 ibaL L-* rkc nf t i l l s ptUlcrn Ih -"» cniiL I'::! . T i i i i i p i i early l i e :.nil lloei · i ! J..ikc- \ V o r t h ! nri , ;ve i'1-sti- (l sti a m In ,i1 - i I. J'or f u l l in- r ti';i[('!s,i'Ilil It ;i '- oflii c. ,'i.' :. 11 dress \V U. .«««« 4 «« 4 -CaijpOM«a.« · lu nrtlcrlnfT. %''·: No . . or'il Hunt .. :m'MV:iiHi . n i t i : l i l n e nl ll , l o ' iiv i»iilr""«'ir J ·ilLM-.-nr'.l.iinin \ closul .ililKHl-r:! e Sprains? a?itl SSetcarfis ^ i l l i rn'. v.ill \K' "lit r d p L o r Ii) '-'cllli In liirt (ijiipon 1 * cute coal .'9,-jic.,[.i',": Lli vour :i'll :'f . .VlUl-L-i) COUPO1T SATTi'KIT CO,, h LockEOE V4V,) 1 /cv,-rorlt. J I'r.-iul: J. UeL rent'. T-.II- CORDOVAW, FHEJICH t LMM^CLLCQ Cf L~ *** it ' I-- '' I' 1 ' '!· ;. mt I" often told mo I .n .... ho.,). I-- , ,,,.\," lie d-m.-.!rli.d. i U was rusird. " _,, ,.u;iK'J'' A m l h l s n r s c l i w a H p n ^ c d . ! "arc j ou -50 iihili . "lil m the background stood another j ··! must, needs.' ivjoincd 'ho °' ^e same ilk. ccag.soiiicwhatargumentat.vely, " J Iay I i n q u i r e y o u r business, jfcn- senc my ro:nj!Oii'ro. ' llimcn?" asked Jlr. Kuy, visibly sur- ] The knight l a u g h u J m * ' P'iscd ! crcpitaiit lati;jh "Yes, y c r may," replied the fore- | --'this cold storage prm- I t has i-oiiie lo hi- lli.' c i l s t ' i m t o w O n l j ' - t u e l l y bigli n ' " - k ' I r t Aes at any nllicr liiuir e v e n i n g . A diew, ma., be e.\!re,iiely Iianii:-oinc. indeed Us c!r:- [pnt :is one chi/o-ics, but should he l lose :;L tlic throat. K-.en a L t l . i ' most formal rcci'ption^ :mrl weddings, be. f u i o il o'clock, t h i s --ni'' i.s observed by the bcsl society. In Oliirn Tlin"' P«ople ovBrluokeJ th» importance of per- jnunDtiily ^ueficiftl c'TecVH nnd Tvere eali^ f:?ij with iraD'I'nt notion; but now Urn: cure h a u j t u n l con^Llpa- Over Oso .Million People wear the W. L, Douglas $3 $4 Shoes All our shoes are equally satisfactory Th:y itlvc the best v«luc for She money. They equnl custom ihocs In ntyle «nd III. The prices arc unlform,«*6Lnmpci1 on sole. Fn-iSi !·).! «Tve1 ov«r other mukes. If -, n- 'f'"i'i"i r Tir,r.rit *i,miv --OUT/.- can. i. s t,n on: v -- -3 llic J^ir^c-^t ."MaimfrH L U i c r h ol ( t fj''t t PURE, HICK GRADE ' COCOAS AND 'CHOCOLATES J7^,Oa IhU C'onl^nM, 'i»7c rccelva HIGHEST AWARDS tri EXPOSITIONS 'InEunipB ana America. In order to i n t r o d u c e our line of Standard N o v e l s to t'ie p u b l i c we v/ill. i f o r a ihort t i m e , send one or a" of i'nc i f o l l o w i n g books F R E E on receipt ' of 12c (stamps accepted) for each | book to cover postage, packing, etc. Good Print Good Paper, Handsome Coien. IillIif J)n(rh I'.otr... ni. lln (,r ollifr LhFfnl'.U or U/P. ii.r.1 In .nr or lli'lr prrponitl K A ^ f A^T tO'.OA I. pb-JjJu il4.u \»H limit eneeentotiip. SOLO BY OBOCCRS^EVCnYV/HEHE. WALTER OAKERtCo7DORCH!:STER, MASS. . H. B. Slows, . Ik Marvel. Bulutvr L/tton m A. Canon Doyle. . Bertha Ctay* :lXKXK" "re Iho I!S|l anil Mo« Kc'ir mill- .airy,ll;iniandf;ii(Tnivorn: llicyureEiailfi o f f i n o i lolh boih milr-flliiiili«lnllko. nnd. bcliizr(!Tcri- one collar la wiual to Iwo 'if any olhtr kind. 'lltOjftl Kilt, inir Xfll anil hoi ·rfll. A h^- "I Ten Collanor P.rcrairjotCurTi forTiTenty-FKo A]^ r^ll-ir nnl P.tlr nf ClifTl 1 Michael llass. hnvc already .sncnt over te^^mln^r^^^';^ ! Pro,esso, Sratth-So ono can con- ; ^TM oi^buildi^jorjhe town, '·-arc manacled. Dia liat w'as placed i celvc ol the s,ow an! awlul lap« oE . T , ie Q .. ccn f. Crescent Route is the on Ins head b~ the a{tdnfiv c Jim and jfuological t.rnc. . .^^ c .. , a n d thortrst ) i n c Io the trro constnhles marched UicU 1 prls ! Brown--I Urin . kno.v. l \o nzn a. ( ^^..^ .^,, } Vcs-libuled Trainb and oner off I^UVCCD tlicm. · I carpenter woiKiOif Wl 1 ul ° gv -- j Thrc-^h »i.'cr:ers. Parlor cafu and . «ay was taken otriighi before ' flay--A ogu-,-. I Ob _. cr7 ^jon GITS to Chailoaooga. "COLCHESTER" SPADING BOOT. - BCCT i:J MARKET. r,-L's r I'IT I N QL'AUTV. irTordipro'ccx, |-tcii(li( MiiM^llnlfj k'n^Lh U'lI M t l l f l l l r f l , |.K). i l i i E i h u linotlri tile- f nml In oilier 1unl i Conlury Cook Boolt . U n d o Tom's Cabin . Reveries ol a Bachelor Last days ot Pompeii Beyond the City . . ' Dora Thorne . . . Poems and Yarns . The Wife's Secret . Wobsler Vost-Pockcl Dictionary The Gem Songslcr, withvordi and mu Address HARRISON BOOK CO. 88 V/st Jackson St., I Bend 2c for caL-ilo-uo ol booke. M.E. Holmra. r /!01 Wrl " 1 ^ !,4bJ A.\D I nuLliiliv Mo . rnr Trr." nT[i|ilo copy L l A jrntllcnl f i u l i n i - f l I/mm ii.ircr, Knll. l!in^ . -tttr n J *nr : ilnruliitlon, afcfl rioc- T l r ' - C l r o n i or ll.c Cirrin"-- j:lvc» the Uwy - ' ' br . loljnvnmlirnd n(ncm inn'* of Mi rrnln Ilirin nil, whnt lin frn wioi ron)i| t9l i! Mm M»U.,,r.K)i wli.t i in fLi^ " XALL IHCUBftTOi 1m wkli I'ufurlor K COLCHESTER CO. IN EV SPA PERI

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