The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1937 · Page 24
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 24
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SS«28sE2s!Sg3SS£HSS^#iSmiSiS^.JS{e^^ TWENTY-FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 25 ·[ 1937 HOGS FIND ACTIVE, HIGHER MART CATTLE PRICES CONTINUE RISE Top of $10.60 Paid foi- Several Choice Loads at Chicago/ CHICAGO, (#)--Hogs foujid an active and higher market Thursday with a top price of 510.60 paid for several choice loads. The bull; of sales was. in the $9,73 to $10.50 range. Cattle continued upward, with shippers and' those buying on orders active in a strong market. Best steers went .at $15.35, with good interest shown in other classes in Uie absence of strictly prime animals. Vealers were extremely .scarce, with .. the top around $10; With little early, trading in lambs, indications were that prices lip to $12.25 or better, up around 15 cents 'from" Wednesday. Representative Sales MASON CITY--For Thursday. : HOGS Thirty cents higher on lights and butchers and up 25 cents on sows. Good light lights ...· 140-150 $ 7.15- 8.05 . Good light lights ...150-160 S 8.25- 8.55 Good lights .160-170 S 8.05- 9.25 Good lights 170-160 S 9.40- 9.70 Good light butchers .180-200 s 9.70-10.00 Good light butchers 200-220 S 0.90-10.20 Good me. wt. hutch. 220-250 $ 9.SD-10.20 Good me. wt. "Dutch. 250-210 S 9.90-10.21 Good mo. wt. hutch. 210-290 5 3.90-10.20 Good heavy butchers 200-325 S 9.BO-10.10 Good heavy butchers 325-350 $ 9.70-10.0[ Goott heavy butchers 350-100 5 9.55- 9.05 Good packing sows .· 275-350 S 9.40- 9.70 Good heavy sows .:. 350-425 S 9.20- 9.51 Good big heavy sows 425-500 S 9.00- 9.31 Good big heavy sows 500-5JO 5 8.80- 9.10 - (The above is a 10:30 truck hog rnarke for good and choice hogs. The diffcrenci · in price is for short and long haul hogs. · ' . CATTLE : Choice to prime steers . S10.00-ll.5i Good .to choice steers S 8.00-10.00 Fair to good steers S 6.00-8.0Q Low grade steers Choice to prime yearlingd Good to choice yearlings Fair to good yearlings .... $ 5,00- 7.0* Common to fair yearlings .. S 4,00- 5,0" Good to choice heifers Fair to good' heifers .... Common to fair heifers .... Choice . to prime cows, Good ; to choice cows Fair to good cows Fair to' good cutters Common to fair cutters .... S 3.00- 3.5C Fair to good canncrs S 2.75- 3.K Common to fair canncrs..... s 2.50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls S 4.50- 5.50 Light bulls S 4.00 Calves, gd. to choice 130-130 S 6.00- 7.00 Calves, med. to good 130-190 . S 3.50- 6.00 Calves, infer, to gd. 13D-190 $ 3.50 d'wn LAMBS 'Lambs, gd. (o choice 70-90 S 9.25-10.50 Lambs, med. to good 70-90. S 8.25- 9,25 Lambs, fr. to. medium 70-90 s 5.25- 8.25 Lambs, common 5 a.25 d'wn Yearlings, gd to ch. 70-90 S 5.00- G.OO Yearlings, medium to good S 4.00- 5.00 YcarMngs. fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Ycallinss. culls :.. s 2-00-2.50 Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes S 1.00- '.50 Bucks S 1.00- 2.00 Wethers.-2 year olds ... ...V. - S 5.00- '6.00 Wethers, old . . s 3.00- S.oo Buck lambs 51 lower. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. · , · 5 4,00- G.OO S 9.00-10.00 S 7.00: 3.00 S 7.0 0- 9.0 S 5.00- 7.00 S 3.30- 5.00 S 5.00- C.OO $ 4.50- 5.00 S 3.50- 4.25 S 3.50- 4.00 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. · {-.")-- IT. S. department of agriculture -HOGS- 7,000; including . 3,00n direct; market active, lOc to 15c higher than Wednesday's average; top $10.60 paid ·for several loads choice 210 to 240 In. averages; most good and choice 150 to 130 Ib. kinds ·S9.79@-10.5Q; pigs scarce; packing sows generally lOc higher; bulk 30.65 ' , CATTLE 9.000; calves 1,000; shippers and order buyers active, buying strictly good and choice steers and yearlings; comparable grade cows arid all grades heifers; general trade strong to 25e hiph- er; weighty steers and. heifers showing most advance; best 1,731 Ib. steers §13. strictly prime offerings absent; several loads '$14^15; highly finished yearlings absent; best 313.35; bulk medium to good grade sold freely nt 53.25.tfi! 11.50; stockers and feeders strong to 25c higher for week, J very scarce; heifers around $11 wilh common medium grade at §6.23® , £.50; cutler coivs $5.40 down to $4 according to weight and condition: weighty sausage bulls up to SG.65; vcalcrs 25tti."flc higher, very scarce; mostly S8.50£?a.50 few S10. . - . SHEEP 5.000; ; Including 1,000 direct; /a Jamb supply practically all Colorado wo died lambs; very lEttte early trading indications unevenly higher or arount S12.25 or heller for best kind; fat sheep strong. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market.) SOUTH. ST. PAUL. (fP--U. S, depart ment ot agriculture-CATTLE 1,700; "slaughter steer. 1 ! open inn stronc. asking prices higher; earli pales medium to good grain feds $8.15# 11.75; best held above $13: she slock strong; medium to cood heifers $75?o.50 pood cows S6.75'G 1 7.50; plain and medium rows S5.250G.nQ: low cutters and cutler. S4rf?5 bulls.steady, 25c h i g h e r ; ' b u l k $ STG; calves 900; about steady: most goot Io choice $7.50^9.50: selections $3; some held higher; stockers and feeders scarce HOGS 1,MO: noeninc sales 10^25c hich nr: 13ft io 300 Ibs. SiO.25rTrlo.35; odd lot M0.40; 150 to ISO ]bs. $Q.85/??10,30; l i t U i done on lighter wciphts good sows ft j,io; Average cost Wednesday *$a.D3 weieht 205. Ibs. , . : . . · SHEEP 300; riot'enough here early t. rstablteh a market; undertone firm on al classes :copd to choice lambs Wednesday $11.50; common to medium 1 0 . ; . . - ' OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) OMAHA, .P--U. S. department of gg Ttculture-- HOGS 1,500; TO-lSc hiohcr: top $10,45 150 to ISO Ib. weights S9.fiO(f? 10.40: liah lichts $9.25fii9.65; pips $S378.50; sow . S9.75: average cost Wednesday S10.02 weight 233. CATTLE 1,000: calves 100: steadv to 50 higher: - steers SS«cl2.60: heifers S3i79.5l rows S5.50g 7.5(1: cutters $3.755S5,25; bull $6.5015 6.65; vealers $9 down; calves $7. down. SHEEP 2.5011: 'mostly killers: lamb slow, $11.75$ 12. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK (Thursday M a r k t t ) KANSAS CITY, (fl--U. S. dcpartmen of sericulture-- nOf*s 1,000; no directs; slow, mo.stl 1 50-lQc higher t h a n Wednesday's average spots up more'on weights below 170 Ibs lop'$10.35; jrood to choice 180 to 310 ibs Sl[)fl10.35; few 140 to 110 Ibs, $9.2.i 10: odd sows $9.85; stock nigs scarce. CATTLE 1,500; calves 500 fed slee find yearlings opening steady to strong she stock comparatively scarce; full steady; vealers and calves little changed fair! demand for well bred feeders bu outlook narrow for thin stockers; Jib era! "carryover In dealers' pens; shor load choice 1229,Jb: steers $13.50; carl Rales medium to pood lightweight steer S9ftll; few loads short fed heifers dow froip $9: odd head choice heavy bee cows up to $8.50; most butcher cow S5.50gs.50; good to choice veslers 58® 9.50; - ' SHEEP 4.000; very little done; opcnln, wiles lambs f u l l y : 2J5c ' higher;, shee Klcadyj oarly v sales f e d : , tamos rnosU; INDEX OF DEPARTMENT STORE SALES 1923-25'100 (ADJUSTED FOR SEASONAL VARIATION) SOURCt. BOARD Of GOVERNORS. FEDERAL RtSERVE StSUW. BASED ON DOLUAS SALES OF ABOUT 4Z5 R£POHT«5 DCFARTVENT STOfitS THBQU6HOUT tHC UMIEB STArtS- A^3l«TS FOR UOflE; THAK '/Z-W TOTAL BU5tNtS5 TRANSACTED BY tU- DCPARTUENT STOflES. AfO ' H)X Of ALL BCTAt SALES, JtCCOSOKS TO CEWSUS OF AUlfiXM BUSWESS Of I INDEX 120 no 1935 1936 1937 Hog Markets MIDWEST H O G S Hog prices at midwest markets Thurs day: AVATEHLOO--HORS lOc higher. Good Io choice 140-150 Ibs. 57-8508.15; 150-160 Ibs. $3.35S8.65; 160-170 Ibs. $8.95iS9.25; 170380 Jbs, $9.5003,80; 180-200 Ibs, 59.30® 10.10; 200-290 Ibs. ?9.30(S10.20; 290-325 Ibs; $9.80® 10.10; 325-350 Ibs. $0.70(^10; packing sows 275-350 Ibs. $Q,4Q@9/*0; 350425 Ibs. §9.25(59.55; 425-350 Ibs. §9.10£9.40. CEDAR RAPIDS--Good hoRS 140-150 Ibs. $7.35:8.25; 350-160 Ibs. 58,45^8.75; 160-170 Ibs. $8.95(59.25; 170-180 Ibs. $9.50 9.80; 180-200 Ibs. $9.8Q©10.10; 200-325 IDE $9.90®10.20; 325-350 Ibs. $9.75©1CM5; good puckers 275-350 Ibs. $9.30@0.60; 350-425 Ibs. 59.1509.35: 425-500 Ibs. 5903.30; 500550 Ibs. 58-85^9.15. OTTUMWA--Hogs lOc higher; HO 150 Ibs. $7.90@8.2G; 150 to lO Ibs. $8,4(1$? 8.70; 160 to 170 Ibs. $8.90frT9.20; 110 to lO Ibs. $9.5Q£9.80; 180 to 200 Ibs. $9,70^10; 200 to 290 Jbs. $9.900;]0.20: 290 tc 323 Ibs. $9.8Qi'10.10; 325 to 350 Ibs. ?9,10!?i'10; X50 to 4UO Ibc..f9.fi09.90; packers 275 to 350 Ibs. S9.3afTS.65; 350 to 425 Ibs. $9.25g9, 425 to 550 Ibs. S9.10t!19.40. AUSTIN--Hogs lOc higher; good to choice IfiO to 200 Ibs. $9.80(^10.10; 200 to 230 Ibs. S3.Q5f»10.25; 290 to 325 Ibs. $g.B 10.15; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.75ft-10.05; packing SOWS good 275 to 550 Ibs. ?9.23(g9.85. COMBIXED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, tD--U, S, department of agriculture-- " . L Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards .and 9 packing plants located "n interior Iowa and southern Minnesota 'or the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Thurstiny were 5,100 compared with Ifi.nOO i week ago and 24.400 a year ago. Very uneven. 5c to as much as 30c ligher than early Wednesday; mostly iQc ir more above average Wednesday;-trade indcrtonc strong; loading heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 10 GO Ibs. good and choice $8.35ft9.35; liphl ·eights 160 Io 180 Ibs. 59.250J0.10; 180 to 00 Ibs. $9.95(?i;10.25; medium weights 200 o 220 Ibs. 510.05^10.45; 220 to 250 Ibs. L0.05til-10.45; heavy weights 250 to 290 bs. $10.05(^10.45; 290 to 350 Ibs. $9.SO^ 1,35; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs. good 9,5003.90; 350 to 425 Ing. S9--*0£9.75; 425 a ,550 Ibs. S9.35G9-60- II.50fi? 11,75;' Arizona spring lambs §12.75; age shorn Arizona ewes $5,50. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) SIOUX CITY, (/n--U. S. department ot ^·[culture-- CATTLE 800; calves 50; slaughter ;cers, yearlings and she slock: largely rm; stockers an d feeders imchan ged; ew sales fed sters and yearlings $10^ 0.50; -prime absent and quoted weak bove 51^-50; few medium, short feds [own to S8.5Q nd below; small lots me- lium heifers $8^8.75; most beef cows $5 7: cutter grades largely $3.7564.75; few lackagcs good 'light stockers up to 55; ;omc held higher; current stocker and !eed cattle Quotations: Steers 550 "to 800 bs. good and choice $5.SO(iJD.25; common ind medium S56.75; 800 to 1,050 Ibs. d and choice $7^9.50; common and nedium $5.5067; heifers good and choice ?'7,25; 'Common and medium .$5.50 I tJ:7; ie if ers good and choice $G®7.25; commor ind medium '$4.15®6; cows good $i.755f 5.25; common and medium S3.75$T,4.75; calves (steer) good and choice $6,5Q medium S5.75S6.50. HOGS 1,000; mostly. 10-20c higher; «ood and choice 200 to 300 Ib. butchers ·§ 10.25ift 10.40; lop $IQAG; mainly a packer market 180 to 200 Ib. lights 510(jj;,io,25; 160 to IQ Ib. weights gQ*B510; ,140 Io 1GO Ibs. averages $9® 9.65: slaughter pics scarce feeders 57Q 1 8.75; sows $9.65^0.75; stags 59.75 down. HEEP 1,000; no early fat lamb action, asking higher; choice fed woolcd skin, held above £11,85; - fat ewes opened steady; two loads around 110 Ib. averagea $7.2$. IMVESTOCK FOUKCAST. CHICAGO. (A*)--Official estimated live .itoclc. receipts for Friday: Cattle 1,OJO hogs 9,000; sheep 5,000. Representative Sales (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, (/P)--U. S. department o agriculture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy Weight-- I Light Weight-48 .143 1040| 81 1!)7 10.5; 52 324 10.43|92 IBS . 10.51 61 202 10.50|79 173 10.3i 73 253 10.55165 : 164 10.21 Medium Weight-- JLfght Lighl.s- 77 248 lO.tHlja.1 157 233 10.60] 02. 142 221 10.60| 203 10,60] CATTLE. | Heifers-15.35|33 880 15.00|75 1033 14.00|12 852 13.501 IB B24 13.35113 730 12.00] Cows-- / 3!) 76 Steers-20 17 IR 20 II). In 10.00 1.171 1268 HB3 1169 1044 1124 1082 385 - - 2 24 385 O.EO 4 1230 |3 1125 15 550 14 875 SHEEP. Colorado Lambs-- jFerl Westerns 00 flit 12.701116 12.60]74 12.COiRR 12.50) F.wes-- 12.40121 12.35itR ]32 113 . 108 121 147 II.: 10. 9.00 8.23 7.25 S.50 7.2." 6.00 5.25 4.2; 1.2: 7.01 6.51 C.O Miscellaneous NEW YORK SUCAU, (Thursday Market) ' NEW YORK. W|--Raw sugar steady unchanged at 3.50c. Futures steady. May No. 3, 2.58c, July 2.56C, unchanged to point higher. July No. 4. 1.2B'.4c, Sentem her 1.30 ] /3C to 1 point higher; Refined un changed at 4.80C. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. M l -- Flour, carloa Jots, per bbl. in 38 Ib. cotton sacks: Fam ily patents, unchanged, S7.55fl7.75. Standard patents, unchanged: S1.50® 7.70. Shipments 20,063. Pure bran S 3 5 t f r , . Standard middlings CORN FUTURES HIT NEW TOPS Climb More Than 3 .Cents, Help Wheat to Score Late Advance. CHICAGO, (/P)--Corn futures climbed more than 3 cents a bushel Thursday to high prices un- reached heretofore this season, and' helped bring about late advances in wheat. Buying o£ corn was the most general witnessed in some time.' Corn purchases for shipment from Chicago were the largest in many months. At the close, corn was 14 to 2% cents above Wednesday's finish May, $1.141,4 to 51.14%, July' $1.09 to 51.09'A, wheat unchanged to 1 cent higher, May, 51.4094 to 51.40%; oats, % to % cent up, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 7 cents. CICAGO CASH GKAIN. (ThtrsiUj- Markel) Corn: No. 3 yellow SI.18® 1.19; No 4 yellow ?1.IB'/.iff 1.18: No. 5 yellow S1.I4- 1 19ai I!?' 1 ''0 ^'· 23 ^ 1 - xs '':j, *·'"· ·* white Oats: NoT'3 white 52lil?53c. Rye: No. 1, $1-22%. Buckwheat: No. 2, 's2.45B2.50 Soybeans: No. 3 yellow 51.615-1 Barley: Feed 71©75c: malting SKJSI.33. Timothy seed $4.75ff?5.5o per cwt. Clover seed $3flS?36 per cwt. c 512.37; tierces Mosoh City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday Vo. 3 yellow shelled corn . .$1.05V o. 4 yellow shelled corn SI 04 ar corn . . . . . . 940 "White oafs, No, 3 ^ Q ar l ey ·'·«· '/."eb-aoc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.30 \VJIEAT-~ THUrtSDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, High July 1.2 Sept.. 1.2 CORN---y new . May old .. July new . July old .. Sept. OATS-May July Sept. SOYBEANS May July . RYE-May July Sept BAKLEY-May LARD-Mar. May July Sept BELLIES-May July 16.7(1 1,15 1.11 . 1.06 . 1.04'A 1.62 . , .,1.00 12.70 12.05 .13.22 Lo i.aay. i.25y« i.ny. . 12.82 13.10 1.14'A 1.11 i.on 1.08 I.fi2 1.58 1,12 l.UR .99 .76 12.4(1 12.B7 I2..TO 13.17 MINNEAPOLIS OK A IN'. (Thursday Market) rs MINNEAPOLIS, cars; "ic higher. eat receipts n k northam. 60 i v , « = av ' Q a r n o r Ibs. S1.51iA01.61iA; No. 1 dark n = 9 Ibs. SI.50'AWI,60'A; 5 8 Ibs. S ' 1.50!'.; fancy No, I, hard Montana 14 per cent protein $1.47V«it?.l'.49'A; No . h a r d wltiler .42'/«; hard amber durum: No'. 1 "'.i: No. I red durum ?1.33vi{f Corn No. 3 yellow I1.20tiQl.22£: 3'Ac hiphor. Oats No. .1 w h i l e 45?i(fi48',ic. K A N S A S CITY GRAIN (Thursday Market} KANSAS CITY. Wj-Whcat 53 ca: 2e lower to lie higher; No. 2 dark ha nom. SI.36'/,(!J1.45'A: No. 3. 51.36%: No. , ^£,, Sl.39^4^1.35^: No. 3 nom. $1.3R',4 1.42,'; No. 2 red SI.4H;ei.44'A: No. nom. $l.38Hei.42%. Corn 19 cars: V, to 3'/ic hicher: No. 2 Stock List NEW YORK STOCKS. {Thursday Final Quotations) By The Associated Press Al Ch Be Dye 2W Lib O F Gl 71) Am Can 107^A Alaytag 12'.^ Am Sm Rcf-94Ti McK ' Rob 15'A Am Susar Re/ 43V1 Mid-Cont Pel 32?i A T T 169!i Monts Ward Clli Am Tnb B B2% Nash Mot 22 Am \Vnt Wks 23?l, Nat Biscuit 30 Anaconda 63V. Nat .Cash H 35 A T S F 00;l Nat Dairy Pr 241i Auburn Auto 20!i Nat Distill :i21i Aviation Corp B)'. Nat Pow Lt tlV. Bait Ohio SiiV. N Y Central .'jO'A Barnsdall 3iy. Northern: Pac ^B Bendix Avlat 25 ! A Oliver Farm 501'. Beth StJ 3.5/« Packard Mot 10% Bordens - 2 G J A , Param Pict , 23V'3 Bory Warner 7S'A Penney Ifll 1 /. Can D G Ale 3H4 Pcnn H R 4G'A Canad.Pac 14TV Phillips Pet 54»i Case 13:1 Hadlo ll'/n Chi N W 5'A Hey Tob B ai^b :hi Gl \Vest ;j',-a Scars Roeb OVb C M St P P .", Shell Union 31 C R t P .1^8 Soc Vacuum IS'/a Chrysler ' 125 Sou Pac say, Colum G i El IS Sid Brands 15 Comw Sou 35', Sid OU Cal 4MA Con Edison 40 Std Oil Ind 4:.'A Con Oil IG^i Sid Oil N J 70H Con Can, li'iy, Stewart Warn 13 Cont Oil Del 42=, Studebaker ViV, Corn Prod 6T/i Swllt Co 26V4 Curtiss Wright T/, Texas Corp 53!'. Deere S: Co 123 Tax Gulf Sul 3DH DTe Co pf 30 Timk Holl B 67!i DuPont de N 161 Un carbide 105 len Elec :,?'.', Un .Pac 141!i en Foods 42'A Unit Air Corp 31 Gen Mot 633i United Corp B'A etto 17-li Unit Drup 14% Good'r T i R 42=A U S Ind Alco 3iy. Unison Mot 2Hi U S Rubber B7!' llinois Cent 31 U S Steel 117?; nt Harvest 103 Warner Pict 14V. nt Nick Can (if)!'. wcst'Un Tel 71 T T 12% West El M 140V4 'ohns Manv 142 AVoolworlh 52'i trescc 255'. Wrigley Jr W, CHICAGO STOCKS (Thursday Final Quotations) By Tht Associated Press. Cities Service 4% Natl Standard 30,i Jeilmann Bre 9^i N W Bancorp 12% atz Drug I4^» Quaker Oats no ollege Swit 10»k Swift Co 2C^ii Jbby McNeil 14'A Swift Intl 31','. lidwest Corp ll?i Zenith 34Vi l Leather IV, Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office in BagJey-Bcck Bide. Telephone No. 7. , , .NO. 2 yellow nom SI 25'Art? 1.28; No. 3. $1.23AfJ1.24: No'. 2 mixed nom. Sl.24fil.26: No. 3 nom. S1.22C1.25 Oats 10 cars: */«c lower to l'/«c higher- °- 2 white nom. 50'/,e54',',c; No. 3 nom. C H I C A G O POTATOES. (Tliursday Market) CHICAGO, m--U. S. rtcparlmcnt of ac- ncullurc-- - , Potatoes 75: on track 271; total U. K. fhlnments 700; old stock, table -stock slifhlly stroncer; supplies modcraie; Idaho Russets demand Bood. olhcr slock modcrnto; seed slock about steady, demand fair; sacked per cwl. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. $2,85/^3.15; Colo- TM«° Red McClures U. S. No. 1. S2.754J) 2.00; Maine Green Mountains U. S. No 1 S2.45; Wisconsin Round Whiles U. S. No I. no early .sales reported; Minnesota SPSSS? U - S ' No - '· n n d mt "y Kraded S2.25ff2.40; showmc decay 52.15; Minne- sola Early Ohios u, S. No. 1. and partly Graded S2.75; North Dakota Cobblers certified seed $2.75«?2.80; new stock slisntly stroncer, supplies moderate, demand irood; carlot track sales bushel crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No 1, S2.17Ka2.20 a crate. now J O N E S AVERAGES Inds. Rail* UC Close '. 184.08 G0.83 32.00 Total Sales 1,250.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Bulicr Eros 1IPA Key St Sc W 14?. Cord Corp 4% Marsh'l Fields 27V Kalamaz Stov ItlVi Walgreen Co .10 NKW Y O R K CURB Am Cyan B 30V. Hum Oil Co HO'.i Am Su Po Co 2V» Lockheed IS'.S Ark Na Gas A 101, Nlag. Hu Pow 14 As G E! A 37n Pcnnroad Corp 4 7 ,i Can Ind Alk O'A S O Ky Co 2l)'/i El .Bd £c Sh 23',, Un Gas Co 11 Ford M of C,i 21i!« Un Li P Cn 71: Ford M of Ens 7»i Util P Li Co '.i Hud B M S So?, NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska J u n 14V* Intl Carriers 8 Am Fo Pow 10H Indus! Rayon 39 Am C F Co Cl Kelv Co 22 Am Pow Li 12*1 Lambert Co 20',a Am Roll Mills 40!i Lelligll Pe Co 45 Am R S Co 25 Liquid Cb Cp 51 Amcr Tob Co B2 Loriliard 24 l ,!i Armour Co 12% Mack Truck SBVz Arm Cn pf 97'4 Mnthiesoii Al 37 As Dry Gds 20}'. McLcllan Slor 16'A All Ret 33»« Minn, Mol Im 13T» Baldwin Loco IPA M K T IU« BrigRs Mtg Co 3014 Mo Pac S1 Bcndix 2."'A Mot Products 33V-4 Budd Mfg Co 12'.', No Amcr 27% Bycrs A M Co 2HV\ No Amer AvI MU Cat Tractor 01 Otis Steel Co 21Tk Cer de Pasco TS'.i Packard Mot 10 3 ,i Ches Ohio 5814 Park Utah Cop ( Chi Gt W pta 151, Pillsbury Fl 6 CMSIPP pfd (!·! Plymouth 25',' Coca Cola Co IRQ Proc i Gam 58^i Com Solvents IRIi Puh S of .N J 45 Cont Motor 3 Pullman (il?* Curt-Wr Co A 2il*i Pure Oil Co aub Douglas Airc 6*^4 Purity Bakery 20'^ Eastman im'.'t H K O s Eaton Mfg Co Sll^a Tlcm Rann* 2oH El Auto Lite 41 HCO Motors Mi El Pow LI 2331 Simmons Co 53!^ Erie R R Co 2l' So Cal Edison 27',a Fire T Ru 37}{i Sperry Corp 20'£ Foster-Wheel 47'.4 St G E 12 Frceport Tex 27% Tide W As Oil IBM Gen Am Tran 7411 U S Ind Alch 30',4 Gliddcn Co 45Yi U S Smeller UG Gobel fi Util P Li A 3'A Gold Pust 14 Vanadium · 34% Graham Paige 3?i Un Ga sS; Im 14 Gt Nor pfd 49^4 Warren Bros 9=1 Hahn De Slor 18^1 Western Un 71 Houston Oil I4'A Worth Pump 3G Hudson Motor 21*1 Yellow Truck 32V'« Hupp Motors 2 Youngs S T 01*1 LITTLE CHANGE IN MOST STOCKS landful of Industrials Go Up; Traders Inclined to Step Lightly. NEW YORK, (/P)--A handful of industrial stocks moved up in Thursday's market but many issues did little or nothing. Sentiment seemingly \va, bolstered by the Chrysler labor armistice and evacuation of sit downers _from the corporation's plants. . In view 01 Friday's "-.oliday closings, 'however, traders were nclineLl to s^ep lightly. Although small gains were plentiful near the final hour, there was an assortment of losers in evidence. Dealings were about ai, light as Wednesday, transfers approximating 1,500,000 shares. Curb Market NEW YORK, (fp\~The trend was to nigher price levels in Ihc curb market. Thursday with some metal and specialty shares showing fair advances. Gainers of jrom a point Io 2 on light volume included Aluminum company of America, American Manufacturing, Cascu Products. Ncwmont Mining, Niles-Be- Jnenl-Eond, Pennsylvania Salt and Duke Power. . · Fractional advances were recorded for Northern Stales Power "A." Pan American Airways, Lion Oil, St. Regis Paper and United Wall Paper. Off a bit were Wayne Pump, United Gas, Atlantic and Pacific and Sunray Oil. Bond Market NEW YORK, f/P)--High grade corporate loans worked higher in the bond market Thursday but U. S. government obligations leveled off afler a two day advance. Volume was light In the federal list and offerings were not in quantity. Losses were as much as ll-32nds in some Issues. Among corporalc.1 demand was fairly heavy. Advances of from wide fractions to a point or more appeared for American Telephone 3V 4 s, Hiram Walker 4'As. Anaconda Copper 4Vis, Remington Rand 4'/4s and National Dairy 331s with warrants. In Hie carrier division price changes were Rcncrally upward. Higher W.TC Great Northern 4,T "G," Illinois Central =Us, Erie 5s, New York Central 5s and outhern Railway 4s. New Haven Gs dropped more than a point. Foreign bonds were quid and mtxed, -oscrs Included Brazil 6^5. Colombia Gs, German n'.^s and Norway 6s- Higher levels prevailed for Buenos Aires 4}' B s and Cuba 5'Xts. .LEGAL NOTICE ORIGINAL NOTICE - [ In The District Court of Cerro G o r d o County, Iowa. April Term A. D. 1937. PARK HOSPITAL CLINIC. Plaintiff, vs. i ' · H. H. STICK, DAR1CG HILTON, GEORGE M. HILTON, her husband, MARIE EVERS and WILLIAM L. EVERS, her husbnad, AILIEN STICK, single. Defendants, To Darlcc Hilton, George JM. Hill cm. Marie Kvers. William L. Evcrs. and Alllen Stlch. Defendants: YOU and CJiCh of you are hereby no- tiffed that there is now on file In the office of tha Clerk of the District Court of Cerro Gnrdo Count}, town, a petition for an execution in the above mat- ler alleging that H, H- Stich, defendant, in the above matter, is now deceased, and that he left surviving him as his sole and only heirs at law the following named persons: Darict Hilton, daughter Marie Evers, daughter Ailieu Stlcli, datifhter That said petition further alleges that Paul V. Nichols a resident of Fremont County. Iowa,' is the owner of a judgment obtained in the above case on January 4th. 1333. in the sum of SH2.48, with inlnrcst thereon at S% from said date, sai-J judgment being a lien from January 4th. 1929, upon the following described real estate located In Fremont County, Iowa, to-wit: Lot Four (4) and Ihe. S o u t h Twenty- seven (S. 2*) feet of r,ol Three :() In Block *'F" In the Town of S i d - ney. Said Petition alleges ihal H. H. Slich during his lifetime was the owner of the real estate above described and that he is a resident of Fremont County, Iowa. - and that no administrator has been appointed for his estate. Said Petition »rays that a Special Execution Issue In attachment upon the above described judgment and that the real estate above described be levied upon and sold under said Execution as is provided by law. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS SEE PETITION-NOW ON FILE. NOW. unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of Ihe second day of the next term of said Court, which will be the April 1D37 Term and which will be held «it the Court House at Mason City, in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, commencing on the 5th day of April 1931, default will be entered against you and a Special Execution Issued upon the Plaintiff's Judgment as prayed in said Petition. THORNELL, THORNELL NICHOLS. Attorneys for Paul V. Nichols. Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations bjj E. G. Morse Sggs, current receipts 19c tlcavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over . ,l*ic Jnder 5 Ibs 8c Stags, 5 Jbs. and over l i e stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks .Gc AI! No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Rlorcnants Quotations Iggs in trade ;. .. .2Q-21c* Iggs, cash 19-20c* Sutler, Iowa State Brand 43c Suttcr, Corn Country 4ic Butter, Kehyon's 41c Butter, Very Best 43c Butter, Brookfield 41c Potatoes, russets, peck . . . . . . 7 5 c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 57c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. GOVERNMENT RONDS (Thursday notations) NEW YORK. (,?)--Unllcrf States bonds closed: Treasury 4Vts 47-52 115. · Treasury 4s 44-04 110.30, Treasury ^i.q 40--H Jim* 105.2B. Treasury 311s 4.1-47 lftfi.2. Treasury'31'is 4(1-49 101,20. Hides . Quotation-. Furnished D; W o l f rtroi,. Inr. r.nx F i f t h Street Southwest Horschide. 1 : 54.25 ·GREEN BEEF U1DE3 Up to 25 Ibs. 'll'Ac 25 Ibs. tip 9 e Bull hides , 7^0 ·Curen ntrfes h a l f cent more a pound (On above prices a cent and n half higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) MARKET, BOSTON, (/T"J -- Scattered sales wure closed on a' number of fine domestic and foreign spot wool lines Thursday. Fine Marino Australian wool suitable for topmakers received a fair call at firm prices. Graded 12 month Texas wools and fine territory wools-of French combing lengths sold at nrour.d $1.05-1.08, scoured basis, (or spot supplies. Pre-shcarinj: contracts for fine territory wools and average 12 month Texas clips moved al around $1-1.02. scoured hnsls, a J l h o u c h some houses were nol w i l l i n g lo sell freely at this ransc. CHICAflO PRODUCE (Thursday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, \fP)~ Butter 4,223, firm; prices unchanged. Eggs 23,121. firm: extra firsLs local 23','jc, cars 24c; fresh graded firsts local 23c, cars 2,1\'4c; current receipts 22Hc; storage packed extras 2S'/ic, storage packed firsts 25c. No butter or cgp market Friday. Poultry, live 1 car, 19 trucks, unsettled; hens pver 5 Ibs. 20c. 5 Jbs, and less 20'.6c; I-enhorn hens IGVac: colored f r y e r s 2Tc; White Rock 27c; Plymouth Rock 28c; colored broilers 2Cc; While Rock 2G!£c- Plymouth Rock 27c; barebacks 23c; roosters 13c; Leghorn roosters I2c turkeys, hens 25c, young tonis 20c, olc 16c, No. 2 turkeys 15c; ducks 4',i Ibs, up white and colored 2214c, small "white anc colored IRc; geese I7c; capons 7 Ibs. up 28c, less than 7 Ibs. 27c. NEW YOUK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, (A 1 )--Eggs 27,161, steady mixed colors unchanged. Butter 11,507, firm; creamery higher than extra 37 3 ,iff?38'^c: extra (92 score) 37Waa7'Ac;. firsts (88-01 scores) 331 rT7'/c; seconds (84-87 scores) 33',£G34'£ centralized (J1Q score) 36Vie. Cheese 9S.33R. steady and unchanged. TJve poultry: By freifiht steady: ducks HQlSc; other freight prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. (/TV--Butter futures clo.sed: Storage standards. March 35'Ac; Novem ber 32c; fresh standards April 32 3 /*c. Egg futures: Storage packed firsts March 25'Ac; April 25ttc; refrigerator standards October 2G'/ec. Potato futures: Itiaho Russets Apri grade A $2.67; May grade A $2.78. INVESTMENT TRUSTS · (Rid and Asked Thursday} By The Associated Press. Corp Tr Sh 3.03 Corp Tr Sh AA Mod 3.75 Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser .. 2.89 Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod .. 3.7.1 Dividend Sh 2.11 2.2* Maryland Fund in.35 11,31 Nationwide Sec -1.78 -J.RI Nationwide Sec Vtc 2.20 · 3l Nor Amcr Tr Sh , 2.80 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1555 .1.B4 Quarterly Tnc Sh 1R.R2 20.K2 Selected Am Sh Inc - 15.0B 17.2 Super Corp Am Tr A 4.2R U S E I L P A 18.50 Ifl.rifl U S El L, P B 2.52 30 U S El L A: P Vic 1.08 1.16 ORIGINAL NOTICE In The District C a u r t of Iowa In antl for Cerro Gordo County. April 1937 Term. EUa Wilson Sheldon. Plaintiff. vs. Jennie E, Blnir, Herbert Blair; antl all unknown claimants, nnd all persons unknown claiming any "right, title or interest in and to the following described real estate, to-wit: Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter iSE'A SEVi) and Lot Three dj Jn (he Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SWASE 1 /*) except the South One Rod of said Lot 3, all in Section Thirty-four ' (34» Township Ninety-seven (97) North of Range Twenty f20l West of the Fifth P. M. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, anct all Ihe heirs, spouses, assigns, grantees, legatees, devisees and beneficiaries of each and all of the above named defendants, Defendants. To the Above JCamcfl D e f e n d a n t s : You and each of you are hereby noli- ted that the petition of the plaintiff in he above entitled cause is now on file n the office of the clerk o( the District Court ol Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. taiminR that the plaintiff is the absolute nd unqualified owner in fee simple of ho following described property to-wit: Southeast Q u a r t e r of the Southeast Quarter (SE'.iSEVi) and Lot T h r e e (3) in the Southwest Q u a r t e r of the Southeast Quarter (SW^SEVi) exccnt the South One Itod of said Lot S, ail in Section ThiHy T rour (34) Township Ninety-seven (D7t North nf RanRc Twenty («n West of the Fifth P. M. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. - " and t h a t the plaintiff is credibly In- ormod and believes tliat tho defendants make some claims adverse to the title if the plaintiff in said property and that he said unknown claimants (o said pre- ritscs claim some interest in or to the aid real estate as the plaintiff is in- ormcd and believes, but that the plain- lf£ has no knowledge or information and docs not know how said interest ,is claimed by said unknown claimants was derived or claimed to have been derived or the method of obtaining the same and Ihe plaintiff avers therein that the names and residences of the unknown icrsons" are unknown to plaintiff and hat plaintiff has sought diligently to earn the same and the plaintiff in said petition sals out certain instruments of records which clout! the title of this plamtift to said real estate and lo the pretended cla ims or questions which have arisen with reference to said title and you are referred to said petition for i more particular statement thereof. The plaintiff in said petition states that none of the said defendants or unknown claimants have in fact any right, title or interest in or to the above described premises or. any p a r t ' thereof or any color of right, title or interest therein nnd thai the plaintiff and her Immediate grantors have been in the sole, complete, open, notorious, actual and undisputed adverse possession of the said premises for more than ten years last thereof and have been the undisputed past under claim of title and ownership and u n q u a l i f i e d owners thereof for over ten years, find that by reason thcrcol and of the lapse of time and the laches of the defendants in failing to assert any pretended claim thereto and in permitting valuable improvements to be made thereon relying upon such possession and ownership, the defendants arc es- topped from asserting any right, title. claim or interest therein adverse to the Plaintiff. The plaintiff in said petition prays for the establishment of her estate and tide against the adverse- claims of the defendants and that each and al! of them and nil unknown claimants and nil persons unknown having or claiming any right, title or interest in or to said premises nnd all persons claiming by, through or under thcrr,. be barred and forever estopped from ever having, asserting or claiming any "right, title, or interest in or to the said premises or any part thereof adverse to the plaintiff or Hie plaintiff's title therein and that the plaintiff's title to the said premises be quieted, established 'and confirmed and t h a t the plaintiff have all such other and f u r t h e r equitable relief as to tho court may seem just. And unless you appear (hereto and OMAHA CiRAlM (Thursday M a r k e t ) OMAHA, OT)--Wheat, d n r k hard No 4 51.31; No. 5, $1,30; hard No. 1, S1.30Q 1.42; No. 2, $1.37F£MO'£. Corn, yellow No. 3, $1.21; white No 2 $1.23, Oats, white No. 2. 50ttff52c; No. 3, 47 ; No, Mrs. McGce President. HAMPTON -- Officers elected Monday at a meeting of the A. A U. W. were Mrs. H. B. McGee president; Mrs, Leila Barfier, vice president; Miss Maribcl Kratochvil, treasurer, and Mrs, D, A. Rice secretary. defend before noon of the second day of the next term, being the April, 1331 term oE said Court, which will convene in Ihe Court House at Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, iowa, on the 5th day of April, 1937, default will be entered against you and \ judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided by law. Dated this 4th day of March, 1337. RALPH S. STANBERV. Attorney for Plaintiff. NOTICE OP THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTRIX STATE OF IOXVA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No, 4963 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t h a t the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix o£ the estate of; Frank Rice, Deceased, late of Cerro GUI do County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; nnd those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and /He (n the office of the Clerk of the District Court. RUTH DULL, Executrix. Remley J, Glass, Attorney. Dated March 8th, 1931. S. H. Mac-Peak. Clerk District Court, By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. NOTICE OF AMENDED AND SUBSTITUTED ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE NORTHWEST SAVINGS BANK OF MASON CITY. IOWA. Nair.e and Place of Business. The name of the corporation shall be "Northwest Savings Bank," and its place of business shall be in the City of Mason City, County of Cerro Gordo, and State of Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation shall be that of a Savings bank, conducted under the provisions of Chapters 413, 415 nnd 416, Code of Iowa, 1931. and acts of the legislature amendatory · thereto; and this corporation hereby assumes and takes to itself all and singular the poiv- ers conferred upon Savings banks by the laws o£ Iowa, including the power to act in n fiduciary capacity, as permitted and. provided by said chapter 416, and accepts all the duties and obligations imposed thereby. CnpitaL Stock. Section 1, The capital stock of this corporation shall be One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000}, and shall be divided into shares of One Hundred Dollars (?IOO) each, and shall be fully paid before the corporation begins the transaction of its business. Soc^ 2. The holders of slock of this corporation shall not be held individually responsible as such holders SOT any debts, contracts, liabilities, or engagements of the corporation, and shall not be liable for assessments to restore impairments in the capital of the corporation, nor shall such stock be liable to assessment for any purpose. Duration. The existence of Ihis corporation began on the date the Secretary of Stale issued bis certificate of incorporation viz., March, 26. 192E, and shall continue fifty (50) years thereafter, its corporate existence may "be terminated at any time by a thrce-fotirths vote of the stockholders at any regular or special meeting called for Hint purpose, in conformity with the articles of incorporation and in accordance with the provisions of the statute. Board of Directors and Officers. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted and managed by a board of not less than five nor more than twenty- five directors, who shall be elected from the shareholders at the annual meeting of the corporation and shall hold office tor the term ol one year or until their successors arc elected and qualified and nave accepted of/ice. Ait mini Antl Special Mretlngs of The Stockholders. The annual meeting of Ihe slockholO- Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Bid Asked Cent Si El fi pet pfd r$2-i p a r ) 10 12 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($2fi par) II 13 Cent Si P U 7 pet pfd 14 lt Champlin Ref In 7 pet pfd .. i n o Creamery Package com 25 25 Hearst Cnns A .. 22 J ,k 23',' Ceo A HormcLI A pfrf 101 107 Gco A Hormcl com 21 Vi 2-",- Interslnlc Power fi pet pfrt .. 13 l.i Interstate Power 7 pet pftJ In 17 Town Electric Co fi'/b pet pfd 4H Sr Town EEcctric Co 7 pet pfd . 41) :! la Elec I..t Power R pet pfd (M fi.s Ta £tcc LI Power 6','j pel pfd R4 fifi Ta Elec Lt A: Power 7 pet pfd fiR 70 Tn Power Llfiht 6 pet pfd 100 102 Fa Power Lifiht 7 pfd .... Ifll 103 la Public Scrv 6 pet pfd 05 07 la Public Serv fi!£ pet pfd.. 36 08 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd . . 9 7 93 la South Util G pet pfd 61 63 la South Util 6!£ pet pfd - . 6 3 65 la South UU1 7 pet pfd 66 63 Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd ., 86 88 AHnnesota P L 7 pet pfd . . 93 95 Northern St Po\vcr 6 pet pfd B5 87 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd 91 03 *N W Bell Tele 6'£ pet p f d . . 105 N W St Portland Cement com 30 31! Rath Packing com 37 30 Sioux City Ga* El 7 pet pfd ffB 100 United I-t A: Rya fi pet pfd . 7fl BO UnUed Lt A Rys fi.36 pet pfd If) fll United Lt Rys 7 pet pfd ., 90 92 WcMern Grocer pfd ' 57 101 Western Grocer com 17 13 'Called April 15. ers shall be held at the office ot the corporation on the second Tuesday in January of each year, at which time the stockholder shall elect a hoard 01: a rectors and transact such other business as may lawfully come before them. Provisional Directors. Until the next annual meeting of the stockholders, the following named persons shall be the directors of the corporatfon: . ' ,. Jay E. Decker, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. , , i, Rcmley J. Glass, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. - * F. E, Johnson, P. O- Address, Mason City, Iowa. , Dean H. Llehtner, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. Lee P. Loomis, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. E, S, Sclby, P. O, Address T Mason Cily, Iowa. C. S. Thompson, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. L, S. Thompson. P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. E. H. Wagner, P, O, Address, Mason City, Iowa. MIer Wolf, P. O. Address, Mason City, Towa. Annual Sleeting of Board of Directors The annual meeting of the board of directors shall be held immediately -following the adjournment of the annual meeting o£ the stockholders, at which time it shall elect a chairman of the board, a presidc-nt, one or more vice presidents and cashier, any may elector employ such other officers, clerks or employes as shall be deemed necessary for Ihe transaction of the business ,ot the corporation. Until the next annual meeting of the board of directors, the following named persons shall be the officers of 1he corporation: Chairman of the Board. E. H. Wagner, P. O. Address. Mason City. Iowa. President, Eean H. LiRhtner, P, O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. Vice-President, Jay E. Decker, P. O, Address, Mason City, Iowa, Cashier. C. S. Thompson, P. O, Address/ Mason City, Iowa. Assistant Cashier. I. C. Jensen, P. O. Address, Mason City, Iowa. Indebtedness. The Corporation may contract Indebted ness or a Imbil ity for the follow! n K purposes: For the necessary expenses' in managing and transacting Its business, for deposits, and to pay depositors, and Io maintain proper legal reserves, and for other lawful corporate purposes, and the Board o£ Directors shall have the power and authority to pledge, or cause to be pledged, as security for the pay- nicnt of any lawful indebtedness or liability of t the Corporation, such assets of the- corporation as may be necessary. Private P r o p e r t y of Shareholders Exempt. The private property of the shareholder. 1 ? of Ihis Corporation sfta71 be exempt from corporate liability. Amendment of Articles t( Incorporation. These articles of incorporation may be amended at any regular meeting of the stockholders, or at a special meeting called for that purpose, by a majority vote of the capital stock o£ the corporation. Dissolution, This corporation may be dissolved prior to the time fixed in its articles of Incorporation, by an affirmative vote of its stockholders holding three-fourths of its capital stock, at a meeting of- the stockholders called for that purpose in the manner required by law and these articles of incorporation; nnd in · the case of such dissolution its affairs shall be wound tip in the manner provided by statute. In conformity with a resolution of the stockholders we, the president and cashier of said corporation, have executed this instrument, and do hereby sipn and acknowledge the same, for and in behalf of the said Corporation, this 18th day of March, A. D, 1937. D. H. LIGHTNER. President C. S. THOMPSON, Cashier. H O R S E S A L E Monday, March 29--/ p. m. 70 HORSES--Good, native farm horses, colts, mares and geldings. 200 CHICKENS--White Rock Hens. 8 DAIRY COWS--Guernsey and Shorthorns. These are all consigned by one man who is quitting farming. MACHINERY--10 fl. disc, lanning mill; hnff and chicken water- crs; separator; harness; hay rack; steel wajron, and other articles and hand tools too numerous to mention. FEED--Hay, Oats, Ear Corn, Shock Corn Fodder. COME TO THIS SALE! Clear Lake Auction Co. PHONES ggA CLEAR LAKE, IOWA Market Day Sale! Kanawha Sales Pavilion At Kanawha, Iowa, Located IZ Miles South of Britt on Highway No. Ill Friday, March 26, at 12:30 p. m. 50 HEAD OF HORSES--Consisting at all kinds of horses. A large per ecnt are the kind Buyers are looking for. Will have any kind of a horse that farmers want. Some good work horses, some eooil colts 1, 2 and 3 year olds. Our Market has hecome a Good Market for both Buyer and Seller. It you arc in the market for a horse, don't miss this sale. A square deal is assured. 150 HEAD OF CATTLE--Some (rood milk cows, some fat eattle of different weights. A good listing of stockers and feeders, and butcher stock of all kinds. 100 HEAD OF FEEDING PIGS--Weighing 50 to 150 pounds 25 HEAD OF BROOD SOWS of different breeds. And a £ ood listing of Bred Ewes will be at this sale. You Horse Buyers and Cattle Buyers should make it a point to be at this Sale as you will find a good offering here for you! H. B R U M M U N D , Auctioneer ond M a n a g e r PHONE 118, -KANAWHA, IOWA REGULAR LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS! Every Wednesday and Saturday 'Important Notice! Saturday, March 27th, we will have 200 good to choice Hereford stock steers, weighing from 450 to 525 pounds. These cattle are direct to our barn from Amerilla Texas and are all one brand and the quality will please you. They will be sorted in load.lots and sold by weight. We are having big runs of all kinds o£ stocker cattle and lots of butcher cattle. Remember we have packer buyers for all the fat cattle you care to consign to either sale. The demand is nood for all kinds of cattle, hogs and sheep. Consign any cattle hoes or sheep you may have to either sale. We will do the r e s t ' Expect to have some choice Hereford breeding cows direct from the Nebraska sand hilis, some of which will have calves by side Horse and Mule Auctions! Every Tuesday Receipts of horses totaled 104 head in our last sale. We had a lot of buyers and demand for more good market horses than we received. We believe that our next Tuesday sale will be the outstanding sale of the year and want at least 150 good market horses.. We would suggest that you advise us early as to the kind and quantity of your receipts. We will take killers again as usual PLEASE GET YOUR STOCK IN THE BAUN BY 11 O'CLOCK MARVEL SALES CO.---WEBSTER CITY, IOWA il s _^^« r ^^^^ / ^r^^^w^ 1 ^'»s-f^«{»ri'5j-^»'-^^'f»W r '*!- ji T--CT" 15 ^^'""" "'^" 1 *·" j r \\t r v ' i ' ' - " .. x ! f *~ f - I"*"* ' ' * - * 1 - - ^ r / - "· ,. r \

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