Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1943 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1943
Page 14
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 30, 1943 CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE T R A W ^ Showing Which Way the Wind Blows Rationing Calendar the bedroom u r n n g on the lights,. hung his jacket on the ack of a chair and sat down to BED AND BEGAN TO SCREAM! ,1928 Olympics Not until this week was it learned that the long arm of coincidence placed two of Mason City's present ministers in the same sealing section and almost side by side at the Olympic garni* at Amsterdam, Holland, in !928 Doctor H. C. Helfeinstein of the Congregational church, then serving as pastor of a church in Dela' ware, in the summer of 1928 was one or 14 men from the United States who went to Europe through the sponsorship of the council ,on interchange of speak- , ers and preachers between the churches ol Great Britain and America. The pastor, who spent most of Ins time in England, also spoke in Scotland and Holland. He occupied the pulpits of two churches at The Hague on Sunday and then accompanied friends to Amsterdam · to take in the Olympics. While his friends were watching one event, Doctor Helfenstein snapped a picture of the group i One day this week while looking through some o'f his travel pictures he came across the snapshot taken at the Olympics. Seated in the row back of the Helfenstein group he now recognized another Mason City -minister, Doctor Paul Arnold Peterson of the Wesley Methodist church Doctor Peterson corroborated · the pictorial evidence. He too was m Euro-ye the.summeKof 1928 and had taken in the Olympics in Amsterdam. At that time Doctor Peterson was pastor at JPontiac, Another coincidence: While in Amsterdam Doctor Helfenstein bought a new suitcase. On going through customs on re-entry into England the cus- . toms officer asked him: ' "Any silks?" "No, none, whatsoever." "Open this bag," the officer commanded, pointing to Ihe new Piece ot "bagffage. Imagine Doctor Helfenstein's consternation lo find the bag llH lvith "'omen's silk fineries. That's my bag all right," said ,, *??, ' but these silk things Just then there was a scream By a woman, who wondered how male attire had sot into her bag She had bought the same kind of a bag the same day in Amsterdam. African Christmas Cpl. Winston R. Whitehead, son of Father C. Burnett Whitehead somewhere in North Africa, became the envy of everybody in his outfit when on Christmas morning he received in the mail these items: ' A copy of the Mason City Globe-Gazette -yank 'h oliday wishes' edition, packages from at. Johns Episcopal church in Mason City and the St. Matthews Episcopal church of Iowa Falls as well as a parcel from the Metropolitan Life Insurance company, m which organization he was an actuary. * JACK BRIGGS, THE YOUTHFUL MARINE EX-ACTOR, WHO ^.,S^ NTLV WAS MARRIED TO S* c R i?? ERTS w 0w -\^ AGO WITH "THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER" TROUPE ·*· Lemons, Home Grown They had lemon pie at the Oeorge Buehler home, 318 Virginia avenue southeast, last Sunday. Mrs. Buehler baked it out of lemons vaised in the Buehlc greenhouse. That wasn't the only triumph of the Buehler greenhouse this week Tuesday large beautiful orchids appeared. . i . . . '""·riedly switched on the light and was immediately confronted by a pajamed roan in the doorway whom he had never seen before. The woman in (he bed was just as much a stranger. But it was his house! Explanations followed: During his absence, Mrs. Stevens had an opportunity to rent the house -furnished for the summer and had moved to the Stevens the lake. cottage at "Chel" put on his jacket again and the tenant let him out the back door so he could go to Ihe ffarage for his car. But the car wasn't there. Sirs. Stevens had taken it alone to the lake. "Chet" admitted that he had lost his patience by that time *o he went'to the hotel and rented a room for the night rather than chance any more adventures * Symphony Music _ When you enjoy the strains of Beethoven or Tschaikowsky by the Mason City Women's symphony orchestra at the high school auditorium Monday evening, it won' be out of order to pay a siien tubute to the one person most re sponsible for the creation ot thi line organization. That person is Mrs. Harlan Mac Millan. The orchestra, which now comes into full recognition as one of the numbers on the North Iowa Concert series, is her brainchild it was she who conceived of the idea of an all women's orchestra m Mason City and did most of the spade work that set it goin" Mrs. MacMillan got the"' idea while on a visit to Long Beach Lai., which has a women's synr- phony. She invited herself to its rehearsals, asked questions, got information ,i. went to b ed on the Pullman car of the IHHwau- Kee tram here Sunday night. He exp«cted-to wake up in Chicago. Imagine his surprise when he awoke and found himself still in Mason City. A snowplow derailment near Lawlcr delayed the train for another day * Chet's Fish Story "Chet" Stevens who died last .Monday after two decades as city engineer of Mason City was an ardent -fisherman and. naturally had his share of stories. But the best one, recalled by his sudden was a true incident occurred in May of 1941 f and an automobile load of his friends, including Erdix Sn-ifl. Ralph Stanbery, Cal Dwan and Dr. Hardy Pool, took an early -season trip to northern Minnesota to fish, the trouble being that it was loo «arly. They nearly froze to death and decided that, one night in the willds was enough £? ? . co »sei«ence they staged' back to Mason City the second 'Chef The car pulled up to the Stevens home late at night and "Chet" Jet himself in quietly as was his wont so he would not disturb Mrs. Stevens. He proceeded to COAL You Will Never Have to Wait for Heof If You Use DIXIE KING W A G N E R COAL CO. PHONE 986 MRS. HAKLAN MACMILLAN --Her Brainchild, * She came home full of enthusiasm and iii November, 1J37, the first rehearsal was held, consisting, then only of string instruments. Later wind instruments were added and on June 10, 1038, the first concert of the full orchestra was held at the First Methodist church. It was accorded an enthusiastic reception. Ik- Miss Marjorie Smith became the director of the orchestra from the start and has continued in that capacity. Mrs. MacMillan served as president the first year and since then that office has rotated among members. Concerts have been given in number of surrounding communities, including Hampton, Charles City, Rockford, Rockwell and Garner. The members include n number of musicians from surroundin" communities, totaling 43- · Mrs. Dorothy Weston has been a soloist with the orchestra from the start and will appear in that capacity Monday evening. This concert is open not onlv to concert series ticket holders, "but to others wishing to attend. For tnpse not holding tickets the admission charge will be SI for adults and 30 cents for students including the tax. * /WANTED--I d e n t i t y of the driver who one day this week drove his car upon the sidewalk west of the Hotel ll.inford entrance brushing against Ward Hamilton, who was walking up the street, accompanied by Karl Klalh and Dr. C. E. Dakin * Banker's Marathon He^dood it! Thompson, vice president of the GARDENS TO AID IN WINNING WAR SAYS HOUSEWIFE Mrs. Warren Davisson Gives Talk on Forum About Food Production True value of America's victory gardens, realized as canne food rationing takes effect, is th contribution to winning the wai a Cerro Gordo county housewif said Friday. In urging ,-ura dwellers to plan and plant lar» gardens this year, Mrs Warrei Davisson of route 2, Mason Cit pointed out patriotic effect in sav ing commercially canned food fo others, the health benefits of hav ing pure fresh and "home-canned food and the. satisfaction therefrom. Mrs. Davisson spoke Fridaj evening on the K.GLO Forum. "With the rationing of cannec food at hand," the speaker said we now realize the true value o those vegetables and fruits we have stored from our victory Hardens." * . * * Conservation of (ires and gasoline and saving: of money are other considerations in having: a sood slock of home- canned food, Mrs. Davisson said. i * * * Let townspeople with no oppor- umty to grow gardens have the commercially canned food she uggested. Be sure the men in erviee have ample supplies by efusing to deprive them of food his way, Mrs. Davisson said 'Most rural homemakers have Iways canned from their boun- ful gardens and always will" said Mrs. Davisson. "I learned - · - * i^rtll l i e u from childhood up to like gardening and what a pleasure it was to always have all we wanted and needed to eat, and most of it Tu lsed , b ? the combined-efforts o£ the whole family. · * * if "Not only does it provide food "' she went on, "but it provides a splendid family relationship- that of co-operation and a means of developing that spirit of ambition every child possesses to a gainful end. Citing England's food production increase to a point where the people raise 60 per cent of their own food, Mrs. Davisson said conversely, it was a startling fact that last year 40 per cent of all Iowa rural people did not have a garden ot any kind. Mrs. Davisson named the several garden crops she planted and harvested last year, showing a broad variety of selection. Tips on TM~!^^^ of Euroi Red Cross Announces - - Speakers Bureau for Drive H. R. DUNCAN 6RAHM,74,GETS 3 YEAR TERM PLANS MADE TO RAISE $40,00(1 Speakers Available for Clubs, Meetings H..R. Duncan has been named chairman of the speakers bureau for the Red Cross war fund campaign in March. Serving with Mr. Duncan on the committee will be Wilson Abel and J. w. Poland. Speakers will be available for any organization meeting or club during February and March in connection with the Cerro Gordo county campaign. F. \V. Osmundson. general chairman, has a countywide or- unizaliou preparing plans to quota of $40,000 as- the local Red Cross Pleads Guilty to Lascivious Acts The speaker reported a canning crop; of 517 quarts of vegetables" Pickles, relishes, soups and fruits Mrs. Davisson remarked on th enjoyment of giving fresh vege tables and fruits to town folk- saying such co-operation would build a strong relationship be tween city and rural dwellers I say to you people of rura ancf urban America." Mrs Davis son concluded, "is it not "a challenge to us to raise our own fooc supply 100 per cent strong and our part in winning this war?" COFFEEX BUY'S FARM DECORAH--A. R. Goffeen. extractor, has purchased the Henry Lubkc farm of 133 acre's in Decorah township. Mr. Lxibke, who is county supervisor, and manager of no Ice Care creamery, will move to Decorah to make his home. · Buy War Savings Bonds and stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Bill Brahm. 31B Madison ave- ue southwest, Saturday faced a maximum three year term in the State penitentiary aiter pleadin«* guilty to an indictment charginS T?,TM-^ lasciviou s acts with a ; child. The 74 year old man was sentenced by Judge T. A. Beardmore who permitted a delay until March 1 before commitment assista T^' i %· i · , - - - ~ . ~ w . ^ v u, ( ( I C J i irst N a t i o n a l bank of Mason City --he got his man! Tommy has an imposing title but if we don't miss our guess, he is secretly more proud of the fact lies one of the city's forenjost auxiliary police and was once a star athlete in his school days Now auxiliary police arc usually the ones to help out the regular police, but Tommy got the done himself--an * of the city's "finest" in three trol cars speed to the tcene to help job and then had three - . °, y "finest" in three oa- !| Uo th ? armv - nrce OJ i rf w h a t they decided (o pass a bad check. When Tommy became suspicious and began questioning the youth he ran out of the bank. Tommy took after him--and there bc- san a cross-country race through the city's busiest streets. * South on Federal avenue went the 20 year old. South went the banker. East on First street southeast went the 20 year old East went Tommy. The 20 year old was leading by a nose at the turn 'at First street and Delaware avenue southeast. Tommy was pressing hard on his heels. And the crowd was growing. Up Delaware avenue raced the iwo m a dead heat, with the banker gaining inch by inch. The youth was giving all he had on the back Wretch. When they reached Seventh street and Delaware avenue north- cast--Tommy dood it--he got his nan! Anyway the officers found that the boy was headed for induction He really hadn't Thursday a 20 year old walked into the bank and attempted the army would do more for him than a prison term. And Tommy is convinced the 20 year old will make a good fightin 1 nifln. Idle Trucks Must Be Reported to ODT The office of defense transportation Saturday reminded owners M comm .?'' cial mot ° l " vehicles that all -.-idle trucks, buses, and other vehicles--except taxicabs, rental cars, ambulances and hearses-must be reported to the ODT. ^JS? 3orts snoulcl tie made on ODT form CWN-3; a simpTM single sheet form of only ei«ht questions which can\be obtained from and should be returned to the Mason City district office. Owners are required to list all commercial motor vehicles which were idle during the last 14 days of the month. The report should be filed within five days after the last day of the month covered by the form. Commercial vehicle o w n e r s with no idle equipment are not required to submit a repikt. Purpose of the monthly repo'-t is to enable the ODT to determine what proportion of the nation's commercial motor vehicles are actual y m use and also how many trucks, buses, etc., are being unused and might'be available for essential war or civilian transportation work. District Manager F C. Eslicfc said. raise the signed to chapter. Co-operating with Mr. Os- ntmdson's chairman is a public nformation committee headed by Mrs. W. Earl Hall. -All sources of publicity in connection with the war fund campaign will be handled by the following group: ..Doctor Roy C. Helfenstein ministerial association; F a t h e r Carl Kurt, Catholic churches: Irving Jensen, theaters: F. C Ei°h- S e ?', f ler , iu Milligan and Jean Strickland, radio; Henry D Afri- w' EcUt ?r r ' Rockw eH Tribune; Warren Nelson, editor, Thornton Enterprise; J. c. Davenport, editor, Clear Lake Reporter; T J Farnan, editor. Clear Lake Mirror; Enoch A. Norem, Eleanor McLaughlin and Thor J. Jensen Globe-Gazette, news; Mrs J C Dickinson and Earl Dean rural communities; Mrs. John Senneff and Mrs. Charles Grippen women's clubs; H. B. Fai-rer and Jack Shumater, billboards and displays: Lyle Moore, camera club and Dick .Norton and Emerson Decker, news reels. THREE HONORED AT IOWA STATE Given Membership in v Phi Kappa Phi Chapter Three students from Mason City and vicinity have been made members of the Iowa State college chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, nationa honorary scholastic fraternity They are Elizabeth Hanson daughter of J. O. Hanson of Plymouth; Jean Peterson, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Archie Peterson 100G Pennsylvania avenue northeast, and Alice Ann Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Moo-e, 6(1 East State street. Miss Hanson is a senior dietetics. Miss Moore is a sen in home economics and Miss Peterson a senior in chemistry. All three ranked in the upper one-fif- Mason City Calendar Jan, 30--President's birthday bal at armory and Hotel Hanford. Feb. 1--Women's Symphony Concert, high school auditorium 8:15 p. m., second numbei North Iowa Concert league series. Feb. 2--Don Holt, second lecturei on Institute of International Understanding ."Co-operation Between North and South America," high school auditorium, , p. m. Feb. ft--Salvage grease collection in Mason City. Feb. 23--Cerro Gordo county district Boy Scouts circus, Roosevelt fieldhouse, 8 p. m. ROGER LUTHER SERVICES HELD Burial of Farmer at Clear Lake Cemetery Funeral services for Roger :iark Luther, 53, farmer who re- ided two miles east o£ Mason City, were held Saturday afternoon t the Major Memorial chapel. nth the Rev. O. Mall, pastor of he St. James Lutheran church charge. Mrs. Harold Wolfe sang "Soft nd Tenderly'' and "No Night 'here." Mrs. Roy Servison accom- anied at the organ. Mr. Luther was born' at Aneny, Iowa, Nov. 30, 1889. He had esided in this community for the ast 17 years. Surviving are his wife, and iree sons, Deryle, M ason City; arl of St. Ansgar, and Herbert n the navy; a daughter, Mrs. Joe lajwki. Mason City: mother, Irs. Mma Luther, Mason City wo sisters* Mrs. Harold Reed, os Angeles, Cal., and Mrs. Ed- 'rh Koller, Mason City; a brother ole Luther, Mason City, and our grandchildren. He was pre- eded in death by two sons. Pallbearers were Earl McGown, Milton Lewis, Jchn Brown Jra Theesfeld, John Rice and Ray Dunlap. Burial was at the Cleai- -ake cemetery. The Major funeral ome in charge. DISTRICT OFFICE CROP AND FEED LOANS IS OPENED Donald R; Adams, Field Supervisor Here, to Serve 15'Counties Donald R. Adams, field supervisor for the emergency crop and feed loan section of the farm credit administration, announced Saturday that he has opened ai office at Mason City and will service Emmet, Palo Alto, Kossuth w,innebago, Hancock, Worth Cerro Gordo, Mitchell,. Floyd, Howard, Chickasaw, Winneshiek Fay- etfe, Clayton and Allamakee counties. The emergency crop and feed loan section is furnishing credit to farmers to pay expenses and purchase supplies needed to plant, produce and harvest special war goal crops, victory home gardens, regular cash crops, feed and soil conservation crops and purchase or produce feed to increase the production of vitally needed dairy products, beef, and pork, Mr Adams explained. The loan funds can be used to purchase seed, feed, tractor fuel and OJ i 7 machinery, repairs, fertilizer and other supplies. A first lien on the crop produced or livestock fed is required as security. Farmers who are unable to arrange for credit from local oanks, production credit associa- lons or other local sources easonable terms are eligible pply. The interest rate is 4 per ent a year. L * ¥ * The opening of the office at Mason City will give farmers in North Iowa much better service and permit the feed and seed loan office to have checks for the loan in fanners* hands within a week or 10 days after the applications reach the regional office, according to Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams will make his terri- ory on a regular schedule and armers in North Iowa can obtain nformation as to when he will be n their county by writing directly p him at Mason City or by «* e t- ng in touch with the county ex- snsion director or AAA county or wnship committee. * Wesley Methodist Men's Club to See 5 M oves The the college scholastic HIS 88TH BIRTHDAY--E Adams, 88. will observe 88th birthday .Monday at C. his the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. C. Johnson, 1T07 Delaware ave- nus southeast. His family includes four other daughters. Mrs. Slay Anderson. 1707 Delaware avenue southeast: 3Irs Grace Carter, Twin Falls. Idaho; Mrs. Ella Sampson. Strong City. Kans., and Mrs. Luiii Brownell, Wilscy, Rails., and one sou, Hcurj- L. Adams. Wil- scy, Kans. Mr. Adams, who was born in Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 1, 1855. keenly enjoys sports of all kinds. teenth of averages. Initiating 71 undergraduates and -u graduates in this year's ceremony. the group will be enrolled ieb. 17. Graduate students are chosen to the group each year for outstanding work in their respective fields. Most of the Indian tribes in New Mexico speak three languages . . . theii- native tongue English and Spanish. Although the Pueblo, Navajo nnd Apache'In- dians have different languages they c;m usually speak to eacli oilier in Spanish or English: Even among the Pueblos, the native anguage is different, but they have no trouble in carrying on a conversation in what is to them a foreign tongue. Buy War Savinss Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette earner boy. FOR PAPER VALUES BUY AT Wollpapcr Walter H. Miller Given $345 Judgment for Auto Collision Judgment for S345.34 was granted Waller H. Miller in district court here Friday against Melvin and Lloyd Alborn of Hancock county who failed to contest the automobile collision case before Judge T. A. Beardmore. Mr. Miller stated in his petition that he was traveling west on highway 106 west of Mason City on the early morning of June 18 1942, .when his car was struck from the rear by the Alborn car He did not explain the cause of the accident. ? earclm ° r e awarded hinv c - n automobile repairs, ^b.oo for towing charges and S60 for loss of the use of the car for one month. regular monthly meeting f the men's club of the Wesley lethodist church will be held at be church on Wednesday eve- ing at 7:30 o'clock. The program red "' '- _.-., - announced by H , Steffen, president of the Uub, includes five moving pictures, all in technicolor. The pictures include scenes on a hunting J-and fishing trip i nto northern C-anada; scenes in the Big Horn mountains of .Wyoming and a trip £w · 'fTM 0 ' including a bu I fight in Mexico City. The pictures are loaned for this occasion by William C. Dau Algeria, a friend of Mr. Slcffen All men of Mason City ;i!-e invited and a fried chicken lunch will be served. The North will meet in the Y. Iowa Camera the Hi-Y roo club of a f f t · , - ' at 8 o clock. The program w n clude print competition on "Roofs. evening ill in- TIRES--Class A ration: First inspection deadline March 31; Class B, C or bulk coupon rations: First inspection deadline Feb. 28. Commercial vehicles inspection deadline Feb. 28. GASOLINE--"A" book coupons No. 4 (4 gallons each) good until March 22. i FUEL OIL--Period 2 coupons (10 gallons each) good until Jan. 26, Zone B; Jan. 27, Zone A. Period 3 coupons {11 gallons each) good until .Feb. 20, Zone B; Feb. 22, Zone A. Period 4 coupons (11 gallons each) valid from Jan. 31 until March 26 Zone B; Feb. 9-April 17, Zone A. C O F F E E--Coupon No. 28 (1 pound) expires Feb. 7. S V G A E--Coupon No. 10 (3 pounds) expires Jan. 31; Coupon No. 11 (3 pounds) valid Feb. 1, expires March 15. Here SHEPHERD'S 16 First St. S. B. pho ne SPECIAL Clean III. Lump COAL 7 ·5Q TON L. A. Page Lumber Co. 415 S. F*d. Are. Ph. 47 in Mason City A daughter weighing 9 pounds S 1 /! ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Gilchrist, Sheffield at the Park hospital Thursday. If he's in the service . . . give him a money belt. Abel Son, Inc. Pvt. Robert "Buddy" Palmer is visiting relatives in ChavJes Cfty Mason City and Nora Springs while on a 15 day furlough from Camp Roberts, Cal. Refinance to Advantage your home contract or mortgage M C Loan Inv. Co., 109 E. State St. Cocoa, spices. Ph. 3013. A daughter was born to Sir. and Mrs. Wayne Sheka at Seattle, Wash., Friday. Mrs. Sheka was formerly June Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. c. Johnson, 1707 Delaware avenue southeast Mr. Sheka is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Siieka, 613 Delaware avenue northeast. Glidaen's time tested paints at Payne's. Firemen were called to the home of Frank St. Peter, 40 2Jst street southwest, Friday when the roof of the dwelling caught fire from sparks from the chimney. Robert Graham, Jr.. Clear Lake was admitted to tile Mercy hospital Friday for an appendectomy. A daughter weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces was born to Mr. and Mi's Sam Zahariads, 341 1 /. South Fed" eral avenue, at the Mercy hospital Friday. ' 1*1 A daughter weighins 6 pounds a ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs H. M. Richer, 229 Louisiana ave- lue.southeast, at the Park hospital Thursday. A danghter weighing ^ pounds J. ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs Loren C. Fickley,.riear Lake at the Mercy hospital Thursday. A 'daughter veighinsr g pounds ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs Sianley Zobel, Joice, at the Park- hospital Thursday. Mrs. Clarence Johnson and sou Roger, 24 Virginia-avenue southeast, returned Friday from Buda, 11., where they accompanied the )ody of Mrs. Johnson's aunt Mrs George Cole of White Lake, s' Dak., who was buried in Buda. · Firemen were called to the base- nent o[ flic Newben-y store 4'i '·irst street southeast, which' was flooded Friday when'a pipe broke 'amt owned by the Ralph S. Shep- lercl paint and wall paper store I vas stored there. Firemen assisted plumbers in Jutting the sprinkler system back n operation at the Klipto Loose Leaf company building, 15 Delavare avenue southeast, Friday The system was put out of order ecently when part of the pipes Birth certificates have leert lied for Joan Lee, daughter of oo S nd Ml ' s - Myron McClucsfcy, 23 East State street, born Jan. 0; Cary Dean, child o£ Mr. and -Irs. Harry Grant, 1143 Fifteenth fleet northeast, born Jan i;- JeraUl Nicholas, son of Mr. and Irs. Kenneth Moss, 902 Eighth treat southeast, born Jan ]·· _Mvin Carl, son of Mr. and Mrs!" Carl Sexton, 170S Carolina ave- ue northeast, born Jan. 13, and ·iacnel Kay, daughter of Mr. and Irs. Melvin Scherf, 630 V- Eighth treet northeast, born Jan 16 PHONE 546 DELIVERY SERVICE CENTRAL FOOD M A R K E T Southeast Across From Postoffice A-l BROOMS 49C each Fresh Sauerkraut Full Qt. jar 19c Qualify Tender Beef Roasts 32c lb. 2 lb. Jar Quality Mustard 21c YES! You Con Buy Here on SUNDAYS All Day Fresh Quality · MEATS x · FRUITS · BAKERY GOODS ond AH Kinds Can Goods Plenty of 7-Up COCA COLA and oil kinds of Beverages All kinds of CIGARETTES and BEER 2 lb. Pkg. Quick' Cookin? Lima Beans 28c With Stamp No. 28 1 lb. Maxwell House Coffee 34c "Aunt Jemima" Ready Mix SOUPS 2 Pkgs. for Me Large, Juicy Sweet Oranges

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