The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 20, 1944
Page 4
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Grover Cleveland Was Firm Leader DIRTHDAY anniversaries of il- *·* lustrious men are intriguing in that they serve to recall interesting incidents in the careers of such men. One of. these is Groveland Cleveland, born at Caldwcll, N. J., March 18, 1837. Cleveland was elected mayor of Buffalo, governor of New York and president or the United States, all within a period of 4 years. Reputation gained by cleaning up the corrupt city government of Buffalo made him governor, and he was doing the same thing for the state when nominated lor president. Cleveland was a man o£ firm convictions, with the courage to back them. Like every strong president from the time of Jefferson, he had trouble with congress. The senate rejected some of his nominations, attacked his vetoes, of which there were many, and exhibited hostility in divers other ways. In one of these historic tattles, opponents contended that the president was powerless, without the consent of the senate, to remove an official whose appointment must have been confirmed by the senate. This was under the "tenure of office laws," enacted in 1867 to curb President Johnson, also in disagreement with congress. It was during this controversy that Cleveland coined a phrase that attracted the attention of the English-speaking world, for "innocuous desuetude" was a new one. In a special message on the subject the president wrote: "And so it happens that after an existence oE 20 years o£ almost innocuous desuetude, these laws arc brought forth." .The supreme court afterwards held that Cleveland and Johnson had been right and that the senate had been wrong. DRAGON'S TEETH Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin EUlTO'S NOTE -- Rtatlen a v i i l m f themselves of this service for question* of fact--not counsel--should tisn tlieir full jumr and address and inclose 3 c e n t s for return posU-*, Add res* G l Q b e - ( * v e l t c Information B u r e a u , Fredrrie J. lUskhi, Director, U'jahhif* lua, 1). C. Where was Ihe first born son of Catherine of Aragun buried and how much did the burial cost? The infant was buried in Westminster Abbey and the cost pf the services approximated 10,000 pounds. How many stars are commonly used in navigation? There are 55 navigation stars listed in the Nautical Almanac and the Air Almanac. Is Kinj Peter II of Jugoslavia taking; ail active part in the war? The young king has taken flyr ing instructions and received liis RAF wings early this year. Do many persons visit the Look Out Below Nazi Radio Tanks r-ERMANY'S latest contribution *-* to the war effort is the remote controlled tank, which nazis in Italy call the "Goliath" and our boys have dubbed "the Beetle." It was tried unsuccessfully in a desperate attempt to crack the American salient on the Anzio beachhead, and proved ridiculously ineffective. The German radio made much of this new tank, reporting that they could be sent against enemy positions with'lhousands of pounds of explosives, enough to blast almost anything out of the way. These mobile mines were supposed to be radio controlled, but that myth evaporated when disabled specimens were^shown to be linked to the nazi command outposts with 600 yards of electric cable. The nazis have tried out a wide variety of electrically controlled 'tank mines. Some are obsolete tanks, which are simply filled with TNT and sent rolling toward our lines. These have been quick victims of bazooka fire, and have seldom reached their destination intact. Others are small torpedo- like gadgets, which carry about 140 pounds of TNT and are powered by 2-cylinder gasoline engines. The typical Jules Verne conception of warfare included such devices as radio controlled lank mines, but what have been seen so far are sad failures. It still takes human brains to run a tank over uneven terrain. Artillery fire and rocket guns have stopped practically all of these robot tanks in their tracks. So it's unlikely that the first waves of our invasion forces will have to face these juggernauts. Like a lot of war ideas, they look good on paper but not under battle pressure. What do you suppose housewives are doing with the time they used to spend trying to convince doorbell ringing agents that they really didn't want another v a c u u m sweeper? * * * Maybe De Valera finds comfort in the fact that his government's so-called neutrality policy has enthusiastic approval in both Berlin and Tokyo. * := * For inexplicable action Stalin's recent recognition of King Victor and Badoglio is unequalcd at the moment. Your Health By Logon Clendening, M. D. MARIE CURIE MOVIE ON THE same day that I saw the moving picture "Mme. Curie" I received from a London bookseller a paper pamphlet containing the review of the 'Academy of Sciences of Paris of July 18, 1898. One review was "SUR UNE SUBSTANCE NOUVELLE RADIOACTIVE," by Curie and Mme. S. Curie, presented by M. Becqurel. It is the first anouncement of the researches which led to the discovery of radium. This epoch- ill a k i n g announcement, covers barely 2 pages- of print. : They ask me whether "Mme. Curie" is a good movie. It is far more than that--it is a noble work of art. It lifts the onlooker out of the selfish and degrading conflicts of the world around us into the rarefied idealism of science. "The man w r ho discovered that geometrical design," says the Professor Perrin, of the picture, to the class of which Mme. Curie is a member, "accomplished at the moment of discovery a feat of the imagination far surpassing that of any poet. To each one of you, loo, science gives the oportunity to reach out and hold a star in youi Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges G. O. P. Successes Eagle Grove Eagle: The Eagle frankly admits the GOP successes In recent elections ait; no justification for thinking the November election is in the bag. But these elections do afford hope and encouragement to those who would restore this government to the people and end the mis-rule of the Ickes, Perkins, Hopkins, McNutt clan and forever stop government y bureaus rather than government by law. t Has Nothing lo Give Norlhwood Anchor: So you [link government gives the people omething, do you'.' Listen! Gov- rnmcnt has no funds of its own o give; no credit of its own; no nagic formula to create wealth, t has ONLY what we give it. "In he showdown," points out a smart tudent, "tiie government cannot upport US. "We must support the overnment." Let's keep that fact traight in our thinking. Democrats for Willkie Charles City Press: From every ource comes Bricker's Inadequacy pOV. JOHN BRICKER'S claim to *-* the designation of "1944 version of Warren G. Harding' 1 is pretty well borne out by the weasel words he is applying to foreign policy on those rare occasions when he mentions it at all. "I am quite confident," he said in t a recent talk at Springfield, Mass., "that the United States would join in put!ing down any threat to world peace, but the decision must be left to ourselves. "The United States would not consent to an international police force operating under the orders of any super world government." In short. Mr. Bricker knows all the reasons why a thing that MUST be done CAN'T be done. What he's really proposing in his entirely negative approach is that United States return to the very plan which made this war inevitable. Such defeatist thinking may be all right with the type of politician who nominated Harding in a smoke-filled hotel room 24 years ago. But it won't appeal to Ihe rank and file American citizen. To me it is astonishing and encouraging that this picture car make the plot and all the suspense hinge upon the working out of a scientific problem and yet be so thrilling to an average audience The love story of the Curies is present, or it wouldn't be a movie but subordinated to the scientific, problem of finding what substance there is in pitchblendes which gives out so much electrical emanation And it is worked out so that the minds of the movie audience follow it by what is known in scientific logic as the Canon of Rest- dues. By a process of eliminatioi the Curies prove that it must be in t h a t one-millionth of one pei cent of "extraneous matter." Henri Becquerel does not quite as much credit in the movie version as he should. It was hi discoveries and ideas that renll; started them off--when he provec pitchblendes is radio-active. Anc later it was Becruierel who dis covered the only practical application radium has--its dcstruc- tivcness to human tissue, including cancer. "Henri Becquerel.'' wrote Mtnc. Curie, "had by accident a similar burn ns a result of carving in his vest pocket a glass lube containing radium salt. He came to tell us of this evil effect of radium exclaiming in a manner at once delighted and annoyed-"I love it, but I owe it a grudge." Too much is made perhaps of i. I U3^. A I Mill U V t T l J ' the word that all democrats are for Willkie for the epublican nomination for presi- eni, but after the nomination hey will vote for Franklin. At he last convention Willkie and is banker and democralic friends lefeated Dewey for the nomina- ion. Will the republicans let it happen again? Blood on Nazi Hands Boone News-Republican:' The pope has asked that Rome be spared. That is the hope of the greater part of the western world. 3ut the nazis are in possession and before they leave, Rome may be made the shambles that they made of Naples. Allied shells did not do as much damage to Naples as did the nazis in deliberate wrecking. More Shotgun Shells Hampton Chronicle: The latest good news for a lot of crack shoot- Washington monument in Washington, D. C.? In 1943 visitors numbered 472,004, less than half the loial of 1941. Have whales ever been known lo attack and sink ships? One notable instance was tha; of the 3-masted ship Essex of Nantucket, which was sunk 1819 in the Pacific Ocean. , What is the most popular nighttime radio program? In 1943 Fibber McGee and'Mol- ly headed the list. Who popularized the phrase "the New South?" Henry Grady. Who wrote the poem Life Com pared to a Game of Cards? The author is unknown. Are there many gypsies in this country? In 1938 there were approximately 100,000. What is the pronunciation ol the word ye when used in titles such as "Ye olde Inn?" The "Y" is pronounced "th." When was the popular government publication Infant Care firs published? In 19H. AVhat paper was the first lo be sold on the streets in this cnun try? The New York Sun. What states allow the fewes causes for divorce? South Carolina does not allou divorce for any cause; New Yorl for only one, adultery. How frcfiuent is the call of the whippoorwill? John Burroughs once heard a whippoorwill call 1,088 times in an hour. At whose suggestion was the bust of Longfellow placed in Westminster Abbey? It was placed there in 1884 by "the English admirers of an American poet." Did the .Japanese attack Pear Harbor and Wake Island on the Wrong Dictionary understand that Iowa's Henry Wallace, who speaks Spanish with remarkable luency, has now turned to mas- ering the Russian tongue. It eems, however, that he got hold if the wrong dictionary in his ireliminary lessons. When government officials were asked to participate in a campaign p send packages to Russian fami- ies, Henry readily agreed and vclcomecl the opportunity to show lis knowledge of the language in a greeting written on the 'gift. But when one of the sponsors if the campaign took the inscribed package to the Soviet em- assy with a show of pride at- aches smiled broadly. They pointed out that the V-P must have been studying White Russian of about the 1880's, for the signature could only be trans- ated as "Lord and Lady Henry A. Wallace." Had his dictionary been modern, they explained, it would have OBSERVING provided the Comrade." proper term for --V-Explaining the Cotdness frequently hear it said that the coldness of the high altitudes over Britain and Germany is something to which American flyers aren't accustomed. At 27,000 feet, flying fortress pi- 'One Continent" _ sense in these "air time ± distances" a reflection of how close to each other | the Americas have come through the miracle of air travel: SEW VOKK To-- l) a y A s u n c i o n ( P a r a g u a y ) . :('- UotfOla ( C o l o m b i a ) li~. Hueuoa Aires ( A r g e n t i n a ! . :^~~, Caracas. La Guaira (Venezuela) H- Guatemala City ( G u a t e m a l a ) J Havana C u L a l i* La Paz ( B o l i v i a ) 'i:^ Lima (Peru) .' . js-. Manama (Nicaragua! '.'.'.', , » , Mexico City ( . M e x i c o ) 3, .Montevideo ( U r u j u a y ) . if, Panama City, Balboa ( P a n a m a ) |-^ i'orl-au-Prince tlJaim IT, Quito ( K c u a d c r ) ]*, Rio tie Janeiro {Brazil) ·:'., San Jose (Costa liica) ... 11, San Salvador (£1 S a l v a d o r ) .. l ' ~ Santiago ( C h i l e ) -;*\ Tegucigalpa ( H o n d u r a s ) },' t "If. not ne««ary to mould fat for '^.He *"'.. P ':" 0 """"""" «- ,, salvage into ·hclli, Mrs. Janet'." -V-Information, Please! The Day's Bouquet lots sometimes encounter temperatures of 75 degrees below zero. Fifty below is normal at that altitude. 1. The product for which Alen- con, France, is noted is wine, lace, gloves, perfume. 2. Those persons ! who are members of the Ananias m. I .- , i IYIIU iii: jnduut.1 s wi me .^imnicia The explanation is a simple one' · --innuub id it rests in neglected geogra- i c l u b ave seekers alter truth, thirty nnd pliy. England is much f u r t h e r ; people, liars, spendthrifts. 3. The north than the flying stations to ] counterfeit animal which caused which American aviators are ao i the downfall of a great city was customed. j the Trojan horse, Indian w h i t e The ground temperature of the ! elephant, Indian sacred cow. British Isles, mild by comparison to the cold that sweeps the plains area and New England, ov. r es its mildness to the influence of the Gulf stream. But up in the skies, where the Gul£ stream loses its potency, the American airman comes face to face with the true realities. China pig. 4. The motto of the U. S., "E Pluribus Lfnum," means One out of many, United we stand, divided we fall, to the heights through difficulty, to be rather than to seem. ANSWERS--1, Lace. 2, Liars. 3, T . . ,' ny limn J muni rojan horse. 4, one out of many. | By mail i mom] _ .. CHARLES E. CORNWELL-for his re-election as president of the North Central Iowa Rod and Gun club. A. L. Schmidt, Les Valentine, Luverne Sweiger, Dr. B. C. Higgins, M. P. Zack,' Leo Berry, Dewey Smith, L. C. Posz and Larry Birch are officers and directors. The organization has been an influence for good in outdoor Iowa. Meson City Globe-Gazette An A. IV. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Every Week Day by ttic Masuti City Globe.Gazette P u b l i s h i n g Co. - East State Street Telephone 330D Monday March 20, 1914 LEE P. I.OOM1S - - - - Publ i sher W. E A R L UALL - - Manacini Editor ENOCH A. N O R K M . . . City Editor 1.I.OVU L. G K E U Advertishir M f r . Entered as second-class matter April 17. 193t. ot the posloffice at Mason City, Iowa, under the act of March 'J. 1870. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Associated Prets is exclusively e n t i t l e d to the ilsc for republicalion of all news dispatcher credited to It or not otherwise credited in this pajjer and also the local ncv.-s published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City and Clear Lake by year, slo Mason City and CJear Lake by week, 20c Outside luu M i l e Zone--Per year, S10: 6 months 93.50: 3 months SJ; 1 month SI. O u l s i d c Mason Cily and Clear Lake and Within tou -Milrs of Mason City and O u l . i d e at Ihe Carrier D i s t r i c t s of Mason City and Clear Lake: Per year by carrier SIO.OO Per week Ijy carrier S .20 Per year by mail 37.00 By inall li months S 3.75 same day? The 'i places were attacked almost simultaneously. When and where did General Gotsis.ciir? July 4, 1920, in London where he had gone to study plans for investigation of the yellow fever silualion in West Africa. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Little fairies and sprites from the Lotus land were heard from Tuesday evening and they brought a message of sunshine and happiness all bundled up in a silvery lined cradle of lotus leaves to the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Ransom. A girl is betrayed in the ers, and many others who are not smil ' ing features of the father as so good, is that we are to get more te received the glad hands of num- shotgun shells this fall. That may erQUS friends help to reduce the pheasant crop Thc members of the cast who somewhat, so that one "open sea- have undertaken the play in be- son' in this state in any one year will be sufficient. German Dunkirk Just Ahead Austin Herald: Now it is the Germans who are to try a Dunkerque, with Odessa as their jumping off point. Thc allies and Russia should be on hand to play their part in that retreat. No Place for a Republican Webster City Freeman-Journal: Cov. John W. Bricker. Ohio, candidate for the republican nomination for president, is wasting valuable lime, also his breath, down in Florida. Referring to Henry Wallace Ackley World-Journal: It is only natural and a matter of parly pride, that real democrats do not relish the idea of a renegade republican In their camp. Is This a Possibility? Albert Lea Tribune: If Senator Barkley's revolt kills off the 4th fcnn idea, it will not have been A Wedge of Disunity DERTIE MCCORMICK has now " shifted his cannonading from Russia and Britain to the Australians. He charges t h a t they have been making it an easy war, shifting the burden of the Pacific fighting to Americans troops. "Rather than carping about the pay of American soldiers.'' the doughty colonel says, "the Australians had belter be KciltiiR into the Pacific war themselves." ' Naturally the Australians don't like this. No T Australia doesn't like it. But Hitler and Hirohito do. death. He of Pierre had lived to Curie's see his work completed and recognized by the award of the Nobel Prize in 1905. Dcalh is not a tragedy to those who have gazed so steadfastly and faithfully on Nature that she has revealed even an infinitesimal part of her workings. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS \V. T.:--Arc gold shots of any value in arthritis? Answer: Yes. it i? a very valuable treatment. 1.EXTEX REDUCING DIET Tuesday--450 calories, break- fast--luice of one orange. 1 slice whole wheat toasl--no butter or substitute. 1 cup coffee--no cream or sugar. Luncheon--1 tomato stntfcd w i t h celery--mineral oil mayonnaise. 1 .slice rye bfcad lo;ts; -- no buller or substitute. 1 cup tea-no cream or ugar. Dinner--Average helping s t u f f e d essphint. 1 bran m u f f i n -- n o butter. 1 cup custard--no cream or sauce. 1 small cream or sugar. Editorial of Day CANADIAN THISTLES R AY SPERBECK in Swea City HcrakI: One argument we do not cnrc to mix into is this Canadian thistle business. Heavy moisture last year was favorable to the growth of the plant, and it spread to an alarming degree in some plncc.s. We claim io know how lo set rid of dandelions in lawns, but Setting rict of dandelions in lawns is not going to shorten the war. Parenthetically, our method w-ith dandelions is based on persistence. Wishful t h i n k i n g gets you no naif of Co. A and the University will meet this evening for a rehearsal. Prof. DuPoncct will have charge. THIRTY YEARS AGO Dr. Hardy Pool delightfully entertained the new and old members of the board of education last evening in the dining room of the model flat of the manual arts building. The elaborale dinner was served by the Misses O'Leary and Greenwald. domestic science instructors, and by the Peck and Bryant, eighth grade girls. The reason Dr. Poole gives for entertaining the board was that as they are now going to force an economy . system he thoughl it would be wise to give them a good feed before they start in. TWENTY YEARS AGO Paris--Spring styles show a tendency to shorten the skirts in some cases to as much inches from the floor. Generally, however, the garments fall to a {joint 4 to 5 inches above the ankles. Mrs. Kob Roy Ccrncy is entertaining a group of Mason City friends at luncheon al her home in Northwood on Thursday. TEN YEARS AGO D i a m o n d cagers met Friday night as Bread's high ranking Billman's in the third round robin play in the Y. IU. C. A. league tournament, a record was achieved. Not by the team, in this case, but by its manager. C. H. "Chuck" Lcnniin. "Chuck" played in liis 505th game of basketball. Oddly enough, it birthday Saturday---the St. Patrick's. Ronald Fallows. Arnold Frascr Spcnce and Woodrow Sher- where in a bout with Mother Na- '"·. Mason ci 'y students at the ,....,, University of Iowa, have been cup coffee--no Hire. But the Canadian Ihislle is not like (he ubiquitous dandelion. Methods of riddance may work at one lime and f a i l nt another. Varying stages of plant srowlh in a single patch, weather concli- i tions and cropping arc factor?! which give il wide o p p o r t u n i t y to | survive. The Canadian thistle is like boogie-woogie music. Somehow you have lo manage to live with it. initiated into Sisma Chi fraternity. Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center YOUTH MUST BE SERVED jinl Morlv from *nn It A n d I h u i Hut i v n m r n Thin t h e y ouirhtcr. worked mart t h a n they f ..SO SHE JUST WAITS FOR ' EVERY RETURN FLIGHT, AND JZZESTHE 60YSABOUT HER WE'VE SOT TO GET V NATU(?ALMENT£, BACK TO OUR BASE \ SIG NOR I / WE ALL MIGHTY QUICK. \WANTTOGETRID GlACOMO..THeKe'f?eJOFTHE FASCISTI A LOT OF THINGS r^APlDAMENTE'SOON WEWILLBEATTHE HIDING PLACE OF THE UNPERGKXJND.' MEANWHILE, BACK AT FIELD M... GEE, MIKE..-WHAT'S P'/HATTER WIT' THAT NOISE...SHE JUST STANDS PERE. LOOK- y£AH...rr'SAWFui. SAD. ..THE WAY I HEAR IT.' SEEMS LIKE SHE GOT A ScORCHV AND HANK DISCOVER THAT THE PRIVEE OF THEIR CAKT IS A MEMBER OF THE ITALIAN UNDERGROUND WHEN HE SHOOTS THE NAZI GUARD... POPPING NOW, THAT WE WANT TO BE IN ON/ N6 FLAK-HAPPY?.'/CRUSHONACO-PILOT ...AND HE DON'T COME BACK WITH HIS AIRCRAFT ' VfSAY, WHERE I'U. SHOW SISTER SHE CA,M'T PUNISH MB FOE A BA£ REPORT CAR.D. SO QOODBVE PA.U 1 . 300oeVE OU 1- SISTEK SURE =OIMj TO MtSS VAIHEM . TROUBLE \S,....I e-e HOME V_ TO LAViSY, 1C K£ soicW HOW IMPORT ANT THE JC6 S, ME'D COOL O?= A BIT AMO GET OOVW TO BUSINESS/ SEEMS TO TrWNK HES TOO BiaTOR THE JOB- ACTS AS IP HE EXPECTED TO BE MADE GENEQAL. MAN (USER- OR NEVER SAIN SUCH A MAN.' FIRST; HE WANTS A JOB, NOW THAT HE'S GOT ONE IT'S JUST SQUAWK.SQUAWK, ,,, " BUT THEY AHJT ' AFTAH MI5TAH M15TAH DOAKS/ LOOK OUT/ JUST HANDED A KHOCKOOt TO THE FEROCIOUS BOLWHEM A HEKDOF THE DUKE'S COWS BURST IWTD THE LETSS=E-"NESDS THANKS TOTHATh HELLO. MISS KETT'- HEARD THE ARMY CAMP PICKED YOU AS THBR'PiN-UPGIRLV COMGCATULATIONS' -- A LITTLE MOKE · PHOTO VOUMACfc HIGHLIGHT CW THE CLlOiSDWiTH WEBOVS.' ETTAS HWJNG HEE PICTURE TAKEN"-I'M GONNA WATCH 7H2U iH MY BUSINESS CONCERNS THE NOT YOU 5TAND SIDE , MY GOOD CAPTAIN -- OR ISHAU. HCK 1HTO THE CITY- ANtTHEN,WOE --r TO YOU ANtJ YOURS · WE HAVE ESCORTED VOUFt CARWAN TO.THE. GATES OF 5AMAR. O,ILLUSTR1QUS PRINCE- 1 ERE YE ENTER, I MUST KNOW THE NfcTURE OF THE BUSINESS WHICH BRINGS YE HERE '. WE GOTEfiOUGH TROUBLES TA ! THAT'S Aft0EA! IF ICOUiO iOAO Tff K£AK END WITH STOftES, THAT WOULD H£iP Yfft, THAT M16HT WORK, BUT I Tf/'J££P TA GfT TH' STQUES,' SAY, I O/PH'7 NOTICE BOYlHEQETAM---I Of m- JEff MIL FALL iftTA TH' - - I OSffT BACK W££f Off W Tff HWffiS DM'rBfff TCKJCH Tf tWUD! TOOK OFF A', BfLT ---

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