The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 17, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1818
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T v CI ROUS - wnnMuenca of the short stay of, Mr. Pe nixM own tber ,u P?rf,nr,ce erery ' BgtUT&Or fuB urn5 "B rcuwuiucr ui uic T" THIS EVENING, AUG. 4? The. performance will commence with (lie ;; Grand Mameluke Entry. - Muter Thomas Will oo on bone perioral ma - Mnderfal feaU of horsemanship. . Jdr. Williams will display her asiooishinr '. miilibflaan od the slack wire. ' - "to elegant Spanish horse Romeo rill, after fcspiag Vw ooaroe anu our oi a pioaiKuiii 1 hdigmf1! COOCIUUO DJ icauing over iwa uorcc. ' Muter CotVt the celebrated American hero, will distinguish himself with many brilliant teat . .1. Kin ' uk Hone, b Mr. Mavhe Air Campbell, in the character of clown, will perform snaj leats oi nana aoa uunoonery . riiiuL Caessin will eo tliroueb many surpri ' air (bats with a stick, but recently iatroduced fcu this country. Muter M'Caro, the wonder of the age, will, "sjioee horse, perform many wonderful leatt tor i math, Mlyoine years old, leap over 2 garters, ' 4 conclude by riding no bis heat, his horse in 1yA speed - . Cm Vanltine br Mr. Garcia. ' . Batten will OB one horse perform many ' surprising feats, and conclude by a wonderful " Still Vanities by the company Clown Mr. Bos $1 Pit SOcents. A place is provided for people of colour children admitted to the botes bai price. Toe performance trill take place very evening m the week, Sundays exepted Doors open at 7 o'clock, and the penormaoce MiMHifnrj nreeiMte at S. Wosmnakinr allowed. Checks not transfer able. t a4 cwrmnt havioa demand aeainst tlie .. r ' x . . ci i fcT t f Mn r - r ...u nn.u. stale os uocwr onmii. . a win present them, and those tmtehua will please T "U"ClU"W JtJisN G. MOTT, Ato'r. - anwlTiW sr &oe. freuiht or l Aorler, The brig JOHN, of Philadelphia, .144 tons, built in Massachusetts, in llkM. and rebuilt in Pbtlad. in 1816 : a staunch good vessel, and well found i sails nod riggiug , hea at orookiya. or terras, apply at o4 eoutn treat JAMEi D'WOLF, Jaor i The fast sailinir pricket schr. II AR - !iRIET NEWELL, T. L. Porter, mas - ' tr, bavinf 3 - 4tbt of her cargo engaged, ail nil OA Tuesday 18th inst weather permitting. ' For remainder of freight or passage, apply on Doara east siue nurungiip, or to ' ' ASiSOX G. F HELPS, . su ir 183 Front - street. . P'OH SALK. The substantial fast sailiog sloop WIL - .LI AM, 4t tooa berth eu. four vearsold. Us at feck - slip. Pur particulars apply on board. IT Si s T. CROIX RUM aad SUGAR. w eossi u vvwlii ffiMlrla AriiMn.. A i let J D aow laodinc worn bng Corido.i, at Pier Ko. 18, fcrsaleby .: G. & H. LEWIS. - asl7 r UMLT AT TVllK.i lSLAMD. fllHE subscriber ar authirned to contract . - JL fat cargoes of salt deliverable at Turks bland. Bai as) America will b receiv! in atysaeat, and importers of the article will find it their interest to make contracts here. ' TUCKER & LAURIES. ' I?. S. . The curtoea heaae chttrger at Turks Jaand, on AmeHcaa vessels, have rocemUy been am aerani redaeed. aur 17 M ide C" of X8 OftEE. MC1ASSE3 and fcR - ANU.. X8,00)h. CcsTea. ' . ; z Perasfe b N. L. fc (3, tinlSWOLU, - aer17 88 South .tr - . l.UiaEEfoOhhdjfBim - yivaiiia Whis - f key, lindij from stoop Rover and schr. J5awy, ut OW SKpT wr sale K S11 JACKao?f L WOOLIET, SI EVENS fc U.VDERUlLt, No. 172 front. . street, offer for sale, . 10a ohesta Hysoa Skin Tea, Ontario's cargo do do - ' Tea, do do 9 bade, pritoe flavatta MoUms - 7 do . : do Antigua do ' ' 10,000 lbs. Lamp Sugar ' 15 kegs Tobacco, - Rou brand " t Pi pel Cognac Brandy 3 hhde, N.E. Rom ! 1 de Jamaica . 8 bbtt.SL - CroixSagar b bocea 1st oaality white Havana Supar IS do do . Havana Seeart 10 bag Pepir, 4 do erode Salt.reUe S or. casks Tenerine Wine . . kegs Pma Ginger. - . . . ' ' Tecaoter with a general asiortment of rroce - rat, vhutaile aod retail. aue if 3w (lOtttf MEAL 100 barrels yellow kUn ' dried Cora Meal fresh from the mill. f ly TUCKER it LAURIES. v S9 SodXhtreet. TIRER or lour fentlemn, disposed to live socially together 'till the 1st May neat. fWews, where there will he no other boarders, ise situation is on the It River side, within fi.e MvuteswaikoftheToaUne Coffee House. The aaisl objection to taking Mini iu a privet amy," cannot be made here, as the family is ac - " pieaseo who kk itiy, mo' they . Bgiui oeai wim it. i tie terms will n according lo the accommodation required. ryrm woauj, or oy n line directed to a. B. at OnooVe. m, 17 tf . O - - " Til Ui.f'uAVTC sv I'JUUtvnritllo, tm " j - wo "a it - airxvini'ir A rBmilV. amrKn Km Kan ,. Mk A... d cemwiuioQ buMMM for teyera) rear. 'cm aAjar cuiiuib ana rrencn ian niujcicsijj wen ror u me ordinar fssTlklUBl rtt Min.h.asM .iak. a. aT r . r - n. VB vvraianiM v;. v w lOriD VOIB - 2 soetbem port, in Conner Hon with some MinrMaMul.kL a: a v." fwv jxicrrovop, vi coarve. Wltf PttlAfb pMuk - . a . - . nuuira sav. uuiiiiMnrai "I 1 1 4lw LSTT in the reer So. 1 1 Fallot: slip, a doable - - wm, kw! u.i, m.'innj J - - ' u eoges, peeoant ana dot, enmee turn - "alargetopei key and gold sfrle. sospeeded t il Vr" """"su " ne nnoer oy tearing it at smL i w - 'Makra and Pawn - Brokers are WZTiT "7JrI',ptr,i wop the same if offered 8 17 UQ J Y H& patrons ofthis insti - ution and th e pob - ' ), ar respectfully kiformed. that the 'U be opened, after tlie summer va - on ine Mth of this mon.h. - v , LT." ocoooi u in the new and. handsome trmT w rear of . Conrges Chanel, "rooClifTtreet. It is provided with eetomroodat'ion, and completely furnish. n books, mape, r lobes. Ac The course . "'7ctron includes mot of the branches ofj ." liberal education pupils of the w eiu, ppeferrtA Nofte Wlll he j. d but ,uch u can read w.Ui i1incy. sear ft... . ' ioM . snstructions ana example, kkQjJm m degree . the hsppiaea. respec - Jttvh.'' ' "auioae oi wear pupiu, tne 1 dttoiiT endeevnur to dU - 'Profe,ii " nd rurfiane, art inrited to call v VM. 8. CR0 WX. ISDfAELISDS TABLE MATS, torsade X per package or otherwise, by r ' x . - i 'J , - CEBRA I CUMIXG, ; n - ign... . ' ' 7d Feart - slreat '!. .V vie Si yeart uncxpir hiHof the How flaMnafirh - m4U4.f a. - nl. bU a 1 13 Grttnnicb - rtrcet miset aotTl7 tf t tJtiHvffU - nHjjtfiX. A5T GENTLEMAN having tve thoasand dollars to spare, after settling with bis creditor, may have a chance of doulling his money in a small lottery proposed by, in the three following ways: . ' r ir - st. Any horse, mare, or gelding, being produced, (hat will trot one mil in lees time than the little grey mare, owned, br the subscriber, hall be entitled to (1500; but, thould the little rrev have most loot, then too subscriber to re ceive 1 500 from his opponent. Secondly, ror a wager ot $1500, the little mare shall trot sixty miles In sis successive hours. Third, and lastly. For a wager ef &2000. she hall leave New - York at fire o'clock iu the mora - ior aud arrive in fhiladelphia the same day at three, being a space of ten hours. JEr" Gentlemen desirous of trying their lack in the above scheme, will signify by letter, ad dressed to ...'. WILLI IM' JACKSON, . , ' 7d Chatham - street: Where mtKktuont may be had in abundance ; likewise, turpi hair, manufactured by steam, o tne Drst quality, caeaper aod superior to any in America.. N. B. W.J. likewise informs the public, that the gloss cutting establishment of Jackson k Bacfolt. is to full operation ; where gias will bs cut to any pattern, equal, if not superior, to any imported. an 17 3t NEW BOOK - I OitK, No. 104 Broadway, opposite Trinity Church Yurd. SCROOKES respectfully informs the public, . that he has commenced the bonk - selling business id the store lately occupied by Mr. Vulen - tine, where he has just optned. and will hare constantly for sale, a hnn'liome cnllectinn of taoiu in the various departuiciits of literature. His stoie trill be constantly runnlied wiih event new publication of merit that issues from the A merican Press. Hr hasnow for sale. Hohhoui - ' Illustrations of Lord Uyron's4th Coutoof Childe Harold. Narrative of an ciDedition toeiDlnre the river uire, niuany caiiei tne uonco. in ihio. dv James K. Tuck v. K. N. tost iu his added the journal of prrKeiir.rfefnith, and someohservatioui on me country, inr.KCaants, c. published by permiisioo nf the Lords ortSe - vtdniiialty, 2 SO ine tiacDeior huu .iirnea Bias. tJquili lriem to the Dalance ol Camlort 1 76. The possibility of upproachiiu: tlie Pole, as serted by the Hod. LI. barring'cii. schools supplKd on reasoir.hle terms. All or ders for periodical works thankfully received nu t trim Unlly attended to. Orders ror enzra vins, i urivcr plate printiDtf and hook - biudiMt eaecui'fa wiui eiegaoce ami uirpuicn. nut; ii J. in ciiAiW.ri ir Slate of .Veto Ytrk. ss. IN persuRnr.e of an order ot this honorable court, bearing date the 27th dayol June, 1UI8, wiii be snlj ut pohlic auction, at die Tontiue C"ffee llnusp.iii tlie city of. New York, under the direction of Ihesubst rilxr, as one of the mat - It rs of this court, ou tlie fist day of July next, at ISo'clurk at noon, nil those several blocks, pie ces or parcels of ground, silimtf, lying and beiug in the township of Brooklyn, in the county ot Kings, and state of New York, aforesaid, and knuwo and uistineuidied on a map made oy Jer - emioh Lott, the lytii dny of .March, 1002, by the following boundaries, to wit, northerly iu iront Dy water - street, southerly in thenar ry Front - street, easterly on the oue fide by Jack son - street, and westerly on the other side by Uold - stieet. containing four squares or blocks of ground. Also all those certain water lots, lyine immediately in front ol the before described Works, bounded as follows to wit easterly by Jacksoo - etrtxt, southerly by Water - street, and westerly by Gold - street, containicg in breadth on Water - street the distance hetweea Gold - and JacitnoaHUrawU aud ronwaeinto ih&Eait River a tares the icrant of the corporation ol the city or New - York extends, Willi the appurtenances. tsaiea June z,iui. ' M.UL8 A. HA'YIIfI UiV, Mutter i - i Chancery, Note. The above property will be sold in lots and parcels, according to a certain map to be :nade thereof, winch will he exhihibited in the Cotfee - bouse one week bcfoie the day of sale. Je3U lawzwdtw The sale of the above property is postponed to the Seventeenth day of August next, at tlie same hour and pljce. Jiilv 21st, IBltt. A. tl.01ILIU, J 21 dtds Mailer in Chancery. The sale of the nbove property is postDone'd to the sevcoU.diiy ofSept.inher next, at the same noor and pU.ce, when it will certainly take place. Aeg iu, ibia. . - at w a Srw a m m w m m jAiuca a. iiA.viii.iun, tiglTd'a Master in Chancery. ForUint iu turn hu some tmall difference made, One itr ju ui rags, one flutters m brocade. The pu.Tr g doctor or the parson gown'd. I he Inar hooded or tne monarch crown'd, Would laugh to linger our 100,000 The celebrated 5th Medical ocieoce Lottery, by the judicious and spleodid arranreoieat of its scheme, has called forth the talents of numerous poetical venden. On the one hand we are much amused with Butler's Hudibrastic style, but then comes the metre baltad - nionccr.wilh forced gate like wag, tuning his pipes with "clinking gold and turning keys." I be plain fact ts, toe Medical Science Lottery offers a grand list of fortunes, and those who feel inclined to adventure are invited to call on GKACIR fc CO. 146 Broadway, Where tickets may be obtained at 430 each, and snares in proportion. aus; 17 FIRST DRAWFNUMBF.R, tomorrow moraine, will be entitled to 1000 dollars, which. if sold at WAITES, will be as promptly paid as ine price ot l dirty l iionsand Uollars, drawn a (ew days since la the Medical Cotlere Lotte ry, and sold at WA1 TE'S Truly Fortunate Lottery aad Exchange Olhces, in a balf and two quarter snares end in a lew weexs win oe drawn the Capital Prises iothe Medical Science Lottery or Iew - I ork, vu. $100,000 i $10,000 50,0)0 I 5,0)0 20,000 O fc R. WAlTE have for sale in this splen did Lottery HALVES. QUARTERS ti EIGHTHS. Which nay draw the above prises, if an early application is made. - Several other capital prises have recently been obtained at their ofhees ia snaies m tickets ; amongit them was the bign - est erersoldat eov office in this city, in a half. quarter and two eighths, which were all paid as soon as drawn. Forcbasers will please to observe thst Waites name is oa the back of every Ticket they sell. All prises sold at their Offices, will te raid as soonasorawn. augi u rpO - MORROW morslic the first drara num I ber will be eotitled ro $1000, in tUt MEDICAL rClENCE LOTTERY, now drawing resularlronce a week, and than ia errerv reason to suppose that it wilt draw fatter next Septets - oer. . CAPITAL PRIZES. $loo,ftno $?o,noo 50, C00 - 10,000 $5,000 ' Tickets od Shans in n rarietv of Bombers. may be obtained on the bst terms nf - . K. TYAI I U Jan. 13S Brondwar, Who sold more prizes in the 1H Medical Sci ence Lottery than any ether OSco ia this city. casn to any amount advanced tor prises soon as drawn, and adveeterers are pnrticalarly re - qoeeted to observe that all Osrrts snid by R. Watte. Jen. will have bis name on the back, as he iatoodi to pay aJltbt capitals aaaooa asprs seated. nag 17 riptJ - trfORRdW, rjrrt drawa mtH&fJn X tM medical Bdeaee Lottery wilt bo eats - ueo to a prwe or IWE TUOUHAfrtf DVt LAKH, which, if sold at ALLEY'S Lucky Of fice, wild be paid in gold. 1 . . - t ' :. 7Ae ssAWeeniaitw, '' . ' ".1 of $100,000 I i S - S,000 ' " 1 0,000 . I S ' 1,000 v.'" - I 20,000, I '43 1.000 A large proportion' of smaller Prizes Only 15.U00 Tickets. , - ' - Whole Tickets 30 f Half do 15 1 Quarter do 7,50 ; Eighths do 3,75 ; Eiateentba i,tiH. For sale at Allen's Truly Lucky Office, No 122 Uroad way. ang 17 . f OK laVEKfUOU ITt 1 1 i . mo u aiiowo, regular iratuog cop llailpered ship IMPORTER. Dinzley mas ter is now taking in,and will be dispatched in a few days, for freight of 300 bales of cotteo, or passage, having superior accommodations, apply to capt. i). on board, at pier No. 13, E. it. (Gooverutur's wharf) or to tllARLtS n AL1, augl5 ' 1 Beaver street. r or UA VRK The fast sailing coppered ship ASIA, Aleir. S. Sutherland, master, will posi tively sHilon or belbro the 1st proximo For freight or passage, apply to the master on board, at Murray's whai f, or at No. 90 Coffee House slip, to LA ID LAW, GIRAULT Si CO. ao 14 16t tar UlttHALtAK. Sl The remarkably fine coppered sloop - niMMiiiiimr. PATTERSON, will sail lor the above port on Wednesday the 1 9th inst. For passage only, apply at No. 90 Coffee house sup, to LA ID LA IF, GIRAULT & CO. nuir 14 3t ' PAS&AUJi f'OH JAMAICA. The ship PACIFIC, captain Holden, kMlwill sail lor Falmouth, (Jam.) about the - oui inst. and can haudsomely accommodate a lew passengers, if immediate application is made ou board, a little above Catharine maiket, or to au;rl4 1w ROBERT LENOX. for HAr - HK, The (hip RUBICON, Holdridge, mas .,71, IUI Wilt BUI, WJVHL 131 .M .u:u :i ..v... ,1. i., pros, r or ireight or passage, apply on heard, at j ones wuart, or to POTT Si M'KINNE, an 13 56 Sooth - etroet, for M'fL.MCV't.V, JY. V. Th - staunch and well found schr - U.mui, iicnct, master, win sail wiui an possible dtspatch. For freight or passage, apply on board at r lyMaruet wnari, or to A L. GOMEZ, aeg 13 8t ' 165 Front street for ixtie, freight or Charter, . The senr. aiuk.mnu oi aii, vu iltons i carries about 800 barrels, and in complete order fir sea; lying at Dover street wiui f. Apply to R. Ai C. W. DAVENPORT Si CO. au 13 - as Perk - slip. tur Anttguas The British briz AMELIA, Job flamphrcys, master ; an uncommonly fine last sailing vessel. For passage only, apply on board, at Jones' whart, or to R. GILLE5PIE, 112 FronV street Who offers for sale, 200 bbls new Richmond Flour, Haxalls brand 06 bhds Kentucky Tobacco 1 1 do Richmond do 12 bales prime Upland Cotton A Chain Cable, ht tor a vessel of 500 tons Wine and Porter Bottles 2 piiesand 3 bbds Red Port Wioe White Portend Claret - do Rods Red Port, incases of three dosea each. aut; u . tar bmit, freight or Charter. Thesch HANNAH, Hampton, mas - vLter, ITO tons : II wen Knmir ruiy to receive a cargo. Apply at 07 vaiO - iogtim - street. an - 1:1 u. u as. iiuwlanu tor HAt'AXA. To sail on Wednesday, the elegant (looppered ship Garonne, iterlinc, mas ter, with what freight may offer before that time. ror which, or passage, apply lo captaiu a. on board, at pier No. 5, North - river, or to aug 13 U. U 8 8, HOWbAIMU. t ar CUA RLES 7U.V, The fast sailing packet schooner CHARLESTON - PACKET, Vail, muter i being detained, can take some freight, and will positively sail on Sunday morning, wind permitting. Apply on board, at blevens' wnari, or to SAUL ALLEY, an 13 90 Pine - street. far JVfh'.OJl LEAD'S. The brig MARY ANN, capt. Senior, will be detained by agreement un til loth inst. when she wilt positively saiL Mie can take a few more passengers, and about 50 tons of freight, application to be made on board at pier No. 9, E. R or to J. II. LAURENCE Si CO. au 12 4t .55 Pine - street. A (ViKKlCAN BKANOY 20 Pipes, of gjod f quality and high proof, lor sale by atg II lw CORNL'SDU BOI9. MERINO SHAWLS. A N eleeaot assortment of Merino Shawls, inst i. opened aod for sale at 1 60 Broadway, by, aug IS lw rnn.BruHiK. it rn r.ttg I M CAIRNb, No. IJ0 Water - street, 01 - V fers lor sale, revived by the late arrivals from Lirerpool - Flannels, assorted colours Rose, Point and l.ondoo Duffil Blankets btrouds, fearnoughts and Baises, assorted colours Low priced and One Cloths, assorted Double milled drab do Super Blue and Pelisse do, Black Bombssetts 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Medina 6 - 4 tlair Cord and Figured do 4 - 4 and 9 - 8 Bordered Cravat Hdkfi 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 Steam Loom Shirtings, Calicoes Red, blue, chocolate, plate and chinti furniture do 7 8 corded Ginghams Cotton Hosiery, and' a variety of other article. aug 12 Jw HOC 1 OR & MATHERS, No. 71 Pine - street, have received by the Importer, Euphrates, and ether late arrivals, the following goods which they offer for salt on liberal terms, vii : ". 40 bales Kendal Cottons ,' . 36 do White Plains 5 do superfine troaJclothi 4 do middle priced do 2 do Pelisse ttlis 1 do Castiveree 2 tranre Woe sav'd List Cloths I da Toilanetts 10 cases woollen Shawls and Scaifs 2 do furnitaro Cbinls of superior patterns and oealitr to 1 do super! oo London Hats - do containing boys Beaver and cloth caps, ladies and cbiidreoa SialT Boa - net, etc Hatters Bowstrings and Trimmiegs Jewellery of various kinds. do do 60 barrels Seneca Gin 3 tlo rectified Whiskey fi pipes Cogoec Brandy . t do L, r. Madeira WiM of choice qaali 19 kegsAfaaefactnrcdTebocco 'v 15 do Patent Yellow ' S caeks Moslard - S bhd, Slvie Pmbna. Ax. , nogll tw HUM At cUMAU 17 puncheons Antigaa Rons, aid ' , 'A lew tons Trietto Snmac, Leading, d for sale at 165 Front - street aug 13 t a. Lm. uuau. I ; rTLrJZ.tti &ui (5of, extra fin ar.tfcom - KJ asou islrand WireSves, oi seperi..i quality, lor Je by CEBRA A CUMLSU, aoa; IS ' : - " '74 Pearltreet. ? . slRoavlE 6TK.K: r AtliuY. , : P. j. TUrlQUAO havine taken into part - ershin hia brother B. TUROUANI). k,tA. ly arrived from Italy, respectiaiiy informs his patrons nno we poo uc, mat tneir academy wiu open on Monday nest, the 17 to August inst. for toe reception and education ot voulu of both sex ey sn hitrah ajfthntnU, in the following rencneaui Ulicnuure, VII I Latin,, i English Grammar Italiao, Langoagea, ' Frenchi ) T ' Matheinktics. - ruieiuric Belles Lettres navigation . Memuratioe, J surveying. 1 , wvKiauur wiui UM, ur vi UIV Globes, AstroBomr. accomnanled bv an Orterv and Sphere.' Book - keeping by single and double entry, the projection oi Maps, Reading, Writing aud Arim - luetic - ... . . I'wo enmnetent female teachers beinsr atUrh. ed to the Academy, young Ladies are also taught licrine r, uri. The accommodation in Hie Academy are inch as to admit of childien from the age of 3 years aad upwards. - Evening tuition in any of the above branches on moderate terms. A few Boarders may be accommodated in the family where the French aod Italian languages are spoken. Italian Books far sale. aug 14 Cw DUMfcoTlLaiOliitR WARE. Til E euliKribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following poods, VIZ Dutch and F.nzlish Guuny Bags, Poies Heads Crumb Hi utlics ' ' Bellows, luuty and common Do for Blacksmiths Brooms Duster, or Counter Brush ' Hearth Bruslu - s, fancy and common Hi. - iul do do do i Cloth il do do ' Weavers do .White Wash do Shoe il Scrubbing do . JPaint Blushes and S4h Tools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Rones Hall and Entry Mats rails and runs Whi.el - Barrows - Fine Wjr Sieves I n Hair do ' Whips of every dc icripiion f - einc, sewing, wrap ping, baleuig and ball j wine Fish Lines Shoe A Madiera Thread Dearborn's Kalian ces, Uc. Wrought and Cut Nails and Brails . Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li - oerai terms. uijiika a tuivnnu, . aug 14 76 Pearl - slrcet Cu J TOjV H - UOL U X. - WULVt. CAiJH. TlWi. WH1TTEMORE has constantly on I hand at his manufactory, No. 50 Ferry - street, next to the corner of Pearl street, a large nd general assortment ol cards of every dv scrip. tUa. vis 1 Cut! m Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 - Wool do . 5 aud 0 ''Machine do '. Clothiers' aad Hatters' Raising Cards '' All of superior quality, which be Mill sell on the lowest terms. J 44 lin IRIsii LtN.t, OiAPEKb, it. rfHE subscribers have received by the late LI arrivals from Ireland a very handsome as sortmetit ol 4 - 4 whites, some in denil pieces. Also 7 - 8 do browns from 7 to ltkl. very superior goods, which they will sell oo moderate terms. J.St .SILIIU.U fil,U. aue; 7 2w 4 1 South - street MARTIN Dir.Vllb, Mercantile broker, offers for sale at his store, 263 Pearl - street, 3 bales real West of England black and blue cloths 1 do white merino do 2 trunks men's and women's wlille cotton hose J package black crapes 2 trunks real 6oe India muslin bdUfs 1 package cotton balls 1 do fine Gimp Trimmings 1 do Artificial Flowers 2 do ine Clothes Brushes and Snuff Boies 2 da Haidnnre 1 d Slate Pencils " ; 1 do Bellows i A quantity Shvllod Almonds 5 square and uprigm l.unUxn made Piano Fortes, of modern fasnion and ol excellent qual ity. aug 14 Jt sHKir i him, cvftkR, . BRAZlEUS1 copper sheets, assorted siies ,, bottoms raised and fiat Bar copper, sheet brass Braziers' rods, sheet lead Tin plate, No. 1 l - 3x lag xxz Do. Di - xi - iix Do. SDi - h - jix Black plate, iron aud brass wire Best London sheet iron, double A - treble roll'd ,, Bristol single & double Lock plate iron KnglUb wrought nails, rose and clasp heads Spikes, tack ami clout nails Horse nsils, block tin ' . Trace chains, block lead crucibles Sand crucibles, shovel pans Mill, pit and ci oss cut saws Hatters and sad irons, anvils Vices, writing slates, spades and shovels Together with a peneral assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, for sale on accommoda ting terms by J. B. DASH 5; SON, au 13 lw 147 Broadway. fXJH .i Lt, An undivided moiety in tbe following lots of land In Kvans' fatent" Delaware County, state of New - York, viz t Lot No. SO, containing 176 aeres . lot No. SU, containing 134. Also, an undivided moiety in the etui half of tot No. 40, containing 104t aeres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent eontainiug 1051 aeres. I be above lots are well Umbered with nine, ace. Ice. and their contiguity to tie west branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of the attention of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for eash or approved notes. For fur - titer particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, Esq. counsellor at law, No. ti Pine street, New York, (who is authorised to make eotitraetavor the sale of the above Iota) or to the subscriber, by whom an uaquestionable title will be given. MARTHA BRADSTREET, .. .. . . - t , ' iiamraona street, uraenwico. New York, July H4th. 1118. " ffr - The Prourietors of the Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the above for two months in their paper and send their bill to the subscriber. J SS d2m e2m hOQLEJY MAJSVfAClXtUt fUH Hvt I. fc. O THE Eagle Manufactory at Greeuwich, about 2 miles from the city of New - York, is now offered tor sale. The establishment consists of 21 lots of ground, oue entire block, io fee, title indisputable. An excellent foar - story fire proof building, 70 feet front by 40 deep, with two wings ot about 30 feet each by. 25, and a Dye - bouse 30 feet by 25. The machinery com prise an excellent steam engine, of 24 horse power, and generally very thing complete and requisite for carrying on the woolen manufactory oo an extensive scale. 11e build inn and machinery may be view ed by application to William Torrey, esq Greenwich. - For terms, ahich will be liberal, appjy fo . JOHN G. COSl'LK, or . 1IIU3. U. UUILLH. on 14 dictOct.l O. a to la :r off iHA n ao. The Farm is sitoated nenr Newark, and contains about 30 acres of the best land, includ ing a cardan of two acre ; the proprietor will tarnish at! necessary articles. Any person of a good character, aober, honest, and indostrion, may apply at this Office. A good kitchen Gardner would be prefered. - - aug 13 lw : r - TO LET, SaJ Cstil the rst of next May, a store ehgl - biyWtested, No. 1 17 William street, three doors from John street. Eoqsure aeg 12Ct e No, 13 Gold stmt ssh - ssw mw rw nf uswyi W SSFC. rllj I I ssW" flM Where - wa have just proenred o sotf ' ' J thr. Such as we're sum will niease too well : ' Sugar aad Teas, that's eery dot, ' uiutberry and Madeira Wines Gin, Ram aod Brandy, very old, " ' v - And Eastern Candles, dips and mould. ' We have also Coffee, green and ground, And Raisins by the bos or poond : ' Nutmegs aad Cloves, and olherspices, ' And Swoak'd Boe( ready cat iu slices ; Spanish Began and Pepiier Cayenne, A aniseed. Peppermint, Life of Mao j And other Cordials, double and nice, Salt. Vinegar, Pepper and very good rim ; And rent Japan Liquid Blacking, , k To save year bouts and shoes from cracking ; And, farther, we woald you admonish, The glow it gives will you astonish. Slioy Brushes, neatly cas'd with wood, ' Sweet Oil ia flasks, that's fresh and good ; Black Varnish of superior kind, Lamp Oil, as good as you can fiod' ' . With good fresh Spermaceti Candles, And Shaker's Brooms with tern'd handles'; ' And many things we will not mention, : Allho' they're well, worth your attention. ' lo quality they are not lacking, - Pray dont forget our Liquid Blacking ; Which we repeat, lest vou should lose By grossneg ect, your Bontiund Shoes t We are complaisant nnd never rash, ' Aud sell our goods quite cheap for CASH. LEE ti THOMSON, ang 15 3t No. 4 Cotirtlaodt - street. BOMHAZK1 I CLOTHS. HA lb, Ac A few bales Bombasetts black and assorted colours ... 1 case superfine woollen Shawls, assorted col ours, tost received per trig Financier, and lor sale by DANIEL OAKEY, 61 William - street. A LHO. 5 cases Sheppards best London supf. Cloths and Cassiineres - 10 hales Yorkshire middling and supf. Cloths z no reiiase ci"W - 10 enses mens best London line Hats : - 60 do mens wool Hats lowpncod, suitable for the southern innrket 3 do ladies and chililrens blk& drab Hals 1 'J' mens patent Silk Hats 1 do Bands, Buckles. Cords, fcc. . 10 hhds. best London Glue a15lw IjlNGLISii GUiPOWDfcK. - Mi0 or Hi Butt's t F F and F F F Towcrpro don Gunpowder rasks crjiroof Lon 300 do large grain do of extra strength, calcu lated lor ducat shooting, and to he ultd in moist climates 200 do Butt's Cylinder Powder, of very snpe - nor quality lor sporting, each containing 25 tin canniatersof 1 lb. each, The alove Powder for sale in quantities to suit pnrrhasers, onas fnvorahle terms s any in the maract, at Of Boutti - sitect, ny , . - nug 15 MOORMAN' & JOHNSTON COJ7VJV. bales, fur salo in lots to attit purcharers. Apply 18 Pearl - st. up stairs. au 16 Y)0.M14AZE1TS, Kc.S bales elejjunt mid MJ black lionibazetts I box super black Bombazeens nut receiv ed per the lorn Hazard, arm for sale by L. it C. SUYUAM, au 15 3t 61 Maiden - lane. ANTIGUA MOI,Ae3ES,URUM. C9 litula. best quality rctailios Molasses, will he lan ded on Monday morning Irom the schr Pitt, from Aoiigua, lor sale oy iUCK.t - Kftl.AU Kl t.3. 29 South - street. ALSO A few hhds. fine flavoured windward Island Rnm. aug 15 IltO.S. lOOUMisOld Sable P. s. 1. Kuia Iron, for sale at 65 South - st. by ' an 1 - 1 HURO A - ttF.WALL. .VPluUA RUM sr MOLASbES. 0 pun - cheons Antieoa Rum. and - 30 do do MolKssts, will be landed this day i irom sciioouer rut, lor saie oy .. ROB El RT LENOX, "g'S HEMP itO.V. f vrtonsbest Russia clean hemp . .105 tons phi saWe iron, for sale in qu.mtitiet to suit purchasers, by P. REMSEN Si Co. au 15 26 South - st. a cases rich sewed flounces, tnmtoinei and robes, for sale in small assortments, of 20 to 40 slerhog each, by . BOUR.YIAN it JOH.'VOTOIV, au 15 57 Snith - st. - HlCUMOAO fJ.alH. . 200 Barrels Richmond Flour, new " Haaall's" brand landing from schr Alexander, and for sale by aug 15 IJIV1C UKIHUnCfiU. DRY GOODS. Received per Tom Hazard, 2 cases Silk Twist, well assorted 2 do Cotton half Hose 2 do Tabby Velvets Reiuaininr. of former importation. Furnitures. lamhncs, t me i nnli, lor sale by aug ts r. rtr.iviat.w w ' I Wl6'i'. stUOO lbs. Cotmn T wist, Crl quali JL ty and assorted Nos. inst received and for sale by WiVl CAMPBELL. aug 14 197 Pearl ttreet, (upstairs ) V ANUFACTUUKD TOBACCO 14 kegs IfX ladies twist" Davulson, Saunders ti Co." brand 58 do. No. 1 do. do. landing from schrs. Catherine, and Monroe, and for sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON SI CO. au 13 160 Front - street. IRON, blt.EL, Si HARDWARE. flKA Tons Engluh iron, assorted, in flat tdJJ and square ban, a part of which it entitled to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, from 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do square, assorted from 1 - 2 to 3 inches 50 do each flat and square Rusna iron 50 do country iron, assorted 20 do ploughshare moulds 10 do axletree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - shoe moulds 20 do bracier's rods assorted, from3 - lC to 3 8 loch V 30 do spike and nail rods, assorted 10 do sheet and boiler plate iron 50 do English and American Hoops 10 do English (L.) blistered steel 10 do Swedes steel 10 do Crawley do 5 do German do 5 do shear and cast steel 20 do Bristol and Nova Scotia grind stones anchors 500 anchors assorted, from 50 to SOOOIbs . 1 flo about 90001 bs. CO rolls sheet lead, assM 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 caMks spikes, uss'd from 4 to v incurs - 200 do. cut nails, trom Zd to zva 50 do. wrought nails, assorted Hi do. slate and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake pans, assorted from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to deb'n. 5 tons English spelter SO d. American hollow wsre, consisting of pots, kettlcx, bake pane Skilets, spiders, tea kettles - Andiron, A'C 10 casks Kace, ox and boat cliaias . AnvrL vices and beak iron . Forge, sledge and hand hammers Mill, cross - cut aad pit saw Cart, Waggon and Chair Boxes. Window glass of different uses - Shovels, spades, hoes, c. Together with a general assortment of hsnl - ware aod cutlery, for sale, on reasonable terms, bv abkf.l it puravoxBi Nfv 383 Wlr - tn - t, corner aliases - slip one 13 lw r ...... l'JNt'MVlTi. lOto - s, of vanoM daea, fur sale by TUCKER LAURIE3, 23 Sotith - rtxtiL Aug 13 XAnSItt TOR $Lil!OJA - Q, 4v - - proftrsJ (usTouUR - rtr marble qn&3 near Arj - r;e, g v notice, that osvJsaiid. and. are at the IXwife - Britge Marble eMt Xm - kV, met of Dacn - street, on the Huuc river, an enteaiv stock of marble lor budding, of the following d kriiuuiis, vis Ail ilar Coping ' - Foundation SlDde Cbimney - l'ieces Facings . Columns ,.. . Waterlablo Steps Platforms SiUs, Lintels ' Arcbos Also Lime of die oaality. Qjc A cocHant supply of the above materials may be calculated apoa;. and thote desirous if pnrobasiag, or snaking engagements, ,U sniily to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 - . - At the Yard. package sale. CO On Tuesday, the iCth inst at 10 o'clock, ' at the auction store; No. 144 P;arl street, XOO packages fresh imported DRY - GOODS, vis: A general assortment ol Clollis, tsiuDr, assortrtl Hosiery. liioiies. Brown l inens. Imitation Sheetings, Plate Calicoes, Fancy Muslins, Coi - ton Shirtings, Irish Linens, Cotton Threads, ia skeins and balls, Shawls, Cambric Muslins, supf, ' rnrai, r innneis, vtsungs, oiue aua assoneu Plains, Furniture Calicoes, Bleached and Unbleached Slteetings, Beaver Hats Needles, Pins, kti. Catalogues will be read yon Monday morn - oing previous to the sale, and the goods may be' examined tilt the h'ur ol salo - on Tuesday. Terms, approved endorsed notes at 0 months. A great proportion of these Roods are entitled to debenture. DAVID DUNHAM & CO, au1f5tt Auctioneers. 11 Or1 NOTICE is hereby given, that the part nership formerly subsistlug between i. C. Lynch ana John, burnatt, as wine merchsats, Kendo solved ibis day by mutual consent. New - York, August 12, 1818. an 12 1 w 0C" The bourd orMai.hgers oi (he society' for tlie Pretention ef Pauptritm, will meet this mternoon, at S o'clock, at the New York Fiee , School, No. 1, committee room. aug 13 J. CURTIS, Sec'ry P. T. - or Knetans, rto it uiox, sr. o. letters lor Ilia Britannic Majesty Packet Mcwtftgue, will be received at the Post Office 'till Wednesday alter noon the f d of (September aug 14 T. W. MOOHE, Ageat. - Xj - tilier Lake, Niagara, Eattern, ooutb. era bank notes, received at par lor lottery tickets, by BJlKJAMLV BVTLKIL - , A 1 .at . i . "K sivvaii - sireet. , - i',ii,t.i - ... .T7T . . . ........ !r lcv. i un.r. ahu nr.tvll A I IUINB. , U. DW Yt.K respectlully inlorros his friends and the public thai lw will Leetara M rerite at Washington Hall, tomorrow evening, f Wednesdav) Aueurt liih. IRIH. Periormance te commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets, at 75 tts. each, to be had at the bart of the w ..i. :..,,.. ii.u b..i. I, . - . .. . . iimuiii uan, uoiik vuuee uume, una iiry Hotel. aaglL b l KAiM BOAT BOILfcK IKOM. I UsT received, and for sale by AHEi L St ,1 DUNSCOMB, teutons Si earn Boat Btulrr" Iron, feet long, from 1 to 24 inches wide, and ' i - i men uiun. aug II lw AUrJLVlll bCllOOL is vacated till U, last Monday in A ngust instant. (Ty The public is respectfully iuformed. that Mr. Jolio R. Smith is So raced as dmwiur mas ter, and Mr. Schiffely as teacher of Ike French. spanun ana uerasa issguages. nog 3 uiviAug BOARD - 1 wogrulleutuu can he well accommodated as rermaiMnt boardvts in a nri. : vate French family, at ft. SlCourUaOdt - atrcel. nut 12 iw v - - 7 - ADVt.iUUfcMr.M. , - - , - PROPOSALS will be received nt the Navy Agent's office. New Tork, for onenrcek from this date, to supply a qiaulrty ol Jersey Oak Plank average length 4i feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith ot hat must be out, and clear of sap. Also, a number M Jersey Oak Logs, - Irom 35 to 65 feet loogi 18 to 20 inches square, and a number nf White OsM Koees, to side from - 8 1 - 2 lo 12 inches arm. 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, bod. - ies 5 to 6 1 2 long. The vhote to be flrst qaali. tr, A t to the insjection at the Kvy Yard, and dehveted there.' . The nroosals anerequind not to exceed 5000 feet of Plank I not mote tba 10 Lor, nor imvo than 60 Kneesas no couract will te aiven to a - uy individual to exceed tee of the above named quantities ; the shortest Sme, not exceeding 6 weeks must be meotionw. Monev to be oaid ' on delivery. Any exntunss'o Unit mav h r quired, will be obtained at the Itavy Yard, where - a bill will be given each Mivdoal arte he ba contracted, and by which be Is W be governed, i . J ZZ lSC II hoomh to Lev. ' A GENTLEMAN and bis Laly, can be accommodated with Board, aid large and ,' rtl a asnvtinn wm aar strs mA Hvnsita Ar.lm' ing, where there are a few seiec. boarders - : Apply at No. 20 Veseytreet, apposite ilia Church. ' au 14 lw ' BENJAMIN BUTLER'S prise list of. the Medical Science Lottery, 2d usy's drawing - No. 15,577, i 000 Nos. 1152, 3973, 18593. 13409, 13541, .100 each. First drawn nomber. t Sold en i'atorday at this office, r 07 The sabscriber's offico will be open (bis evening until 9 o'clock. Tickets rite tr - morrew, . previous to which they may bo had at j28 ; parts '' in proportion. BENJAMIN BUTLER, aug 11 . 27 Wall - st. 100,011060,000 DOLLARS. EDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY Third M drawing oo Taesdar tnoroinr next, when the first drawn No. will be entitled to one thai - sand dollars. The whole of the floating prises enumerated in the scheme over ooe hundred dollars, are still io the wheel, and may he drawa M Tuesday, viz : 1 of 20,000, 1 of 10,000, 1 of SOW, 24 of 1,000. 1 Cbauces for the above capitals at 30 dollars cacn, may be ousained at vHAiir.'9, tin sroaoway. augl52t . .. . sTt VALUABLE REAL ESTATE. tiU For sale, lease or let. in the healthy anf beautiful village of Morristowa, state of Newj Jersey, about thirty miles from New - York twl Lots ol uroend and an eiegaot tnree story onq .. House, twenty eight feet Ireal and rear, iodapf thirty six feet, and containing ten finished roomi large garret, kitchen aad cellar, baid boose b , been ocrupird the last seven years at a Yews Ladies Boarding School, for which purpose it . well situated and constructed, having ia the rri thereof, and distant about twenty feet, a coramd j:.... mam Aft m tmi In in4h mn m . bouse, acqnedoct water, lufficiont y soft fa , washing. Ac. Ac. Ta a ladv of emioenoe and expectcicav mno wasdisDosed to ostablifha younr ladies' ooard - ing - school, rent would be put low t or in ease of t purchase, terms of payment would be) made ear. f or lurtner particulars, anpiy to - ifir. tvavbt - senber, at his book and paj'CJUTare - ioom, No. 45 John - st. New - York. RDVXllT DONALDSOJT; v n. a. it. u. jns tor sate at bis. warwroorn. print ng, wvrrog and sand pipers of the ket quality auwn; bookbinder's and bandbox boards on ' - the Mwtst term. Likewise. U. Waeetoa's Re - porta of Case argued aad adjudged ia the Sa oresao uoortoi lb unassi smb. a J aomsaes. a't woevag, and en wnleA a Isaeral Atseount 1U be mede to booksellers. . - ar 15 J TO bs let hill the first of May, or im Uui tor fonrtMfl run that larre and seocfoo . family Hons, sitoated No. 45 Broad strt, with or wiuioui coaon iou '' - - r - . mises have been lately pot ia thorough repair r a larre family, or a respectable Bi"C liousertle pr 200 ta W the front in Broad street, to the coiurh boiise , New - etreet. whh a large gardea ao4 an i ext tn. ivwwinectller. "13 tf

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