Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 3
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PROGRESS-REVIEW. LAPOHTE CIT\, IOWA. ^ Fourth Lovely Lady -By- THERESE BENSON · The B^tu-Uerrlll Co ·VTNU Service CHAPTER 1 --l-- Tbe wedding was over, [n the litter of confetti that concealed the pat. ttrn of the rug on tlie tloor the foyer bore silent witness to the tnct that the bride and groom had departed. The catering had been l a v i s h ; the wine. In days of supposed drought, veritable; and the apartment, among [he most b e a u t i f u l and spacious in New York. entirely suitable for B function th.ll hod ui.iied an American f a m i l y of distinction ivith the English nubility At lust most of the guests had pone or were reluctantly m a k i n g ready :o which clrminitanres the dn . that SO. : three elder Lovely sisters (ili they were free to I n d u l g e their desire for p r U n l e conversation w i t h o u t civ Ins tne ImpressJoo of a f a m i l v council "Cyril had to rush off to n p a t i e n t Just afier Ihe ceremony," Luc\ said. "\Vlmi (lid you t h i n k of ll. Lnurn:" "It was a b e a u t i f u l wedding. I don'l believe 1 could have improved on It,' Laura conceded craclously. "It will cost poor Bill-Lee n foriuup. Ridiculously estravn^nnl. I call it." Luc.i 1 wont on. Louise nodded briskly. "Tlie Seotch blood ID the Lovely ancestry It- cnmlns: our in you, Lucy. Why should you worry? It Isn't Jioln£ to cost you any thin;;. After oil. It would iinve been deplorable If this had been n shabby function. As nn international affair nothing else bns been talked of for the past month. This marriage, and Smire stape management of It, won't tnke a penny out of your purse nnd certainly reflects preat credit on the family." "How Smlf baa done It on what she bis a your Is more tlmn I can understand." Lucy hinted. "The ftrj last letter I hnd from Bill-Lee said business in South America had gone to pnt." slio went on; "every year he had hoped he would make a klllins and be jible lo send Smlf sameLhinc: but this year There waa Just no UFe fclddlns himself--there wasn't a Chlnamnn's chance of IL" "Bill-Lee's way of expressing himself--" Laura began, only to ho Interrupted by Louise, struck by more than the wording of what was plainly a quotation from their brother: "Ynu can't mean he never has sent her anything? Why, Cintra 1 ;- education alone--and this wedding! You're rich l. Lucy. It must have cosi a fortune." "Oh. not so much perhaps," Laura tut In. characteristically unwilling to borrow trouble, "nfter all, Susan Phelps helped substantially when she lent Smif this apartment. I think It was awfully decent of Subao." Lucy sniffed. "Susan wasn't entirely disinterested. It wns one way to make sure that hor prccjons Pamela would be invited lo be a bridesmaid. She never offered any cf us such a chance. If Cintra hnd been marrying a plain, everyday American I doubt if SUSQD would have been so generous." "Perhaps she's fonder of Smlf than she is of us--" 'There's no need of speculating on that." Laura Interrupted Ixnilse. "she let Fmif use IL FIndn't we better po? We'll be the last, If we nren't careful/' "That's all right," Laura reassured her. ''we're the family. I mean to stay u n t i l I've seen Rmif. I've nerer dared to ask her, nnd I'm wondering w h a t she'll do with herself nnw thnl she's lost Cintra." "I'onr old Smif. It really Is a trne- edj w h e n you come to t h i n k of her side or the affair. Sou can't deny t h a t She hns given up her whole llfu to that child. I've said It before and I say It Dsain, Bill-Lee had no right to saddle her w i t h his offspring, young ns she was then." Louise looked nt Lucy challenging!? and Lucy took up the challenge. "Louise always talks as If f h e were the only one who cares for Smif. I adore her and so do you, Laura. She's the most COD si derate, the mosi goner- aos person 1 know. Bat neither of as Is blind to the unfortunate facts. I shall always Insist that Blll-Lw saved hor face by providing her wllh on occupation In life when his wife died." "Smlf'a going to be awfully lonely." Laura expertly managed to give the effect of agreeing with both of her Bisters. "Oh, dear, she was the best- looting of any of as when she was a baby. Why did she have to turn out like this? It mnkoa you feel too conspicuous for words to take her around with you. You all know what I mean. 1 don't mind If people stare at me because I'm specially well dressed or looking better than usual They stare nt Smlf us if they believed she must have escaped from a sideshow. Yet can't you remember how proud poor Dad'l? was, showing us off to his friends? The lovely ladles.' he'd say na If proposing a toast, 'my four queens. Then he'd snatch Smlf up find set her on his shoulder. 'And this one's the trump. Isn't she?" he'd ask; and every one would fierce with him." "Smire complexion's One and fine hns nice eyes with curly lashes," Louise he can, "No one denies, my dear, (hat she would be passable If she'd lose a too or two," Lucy snapped. "Talking about me." B rich, almost unctuous voice declared with no uncertainty and the utmost Indifference. "Well, what do you suggest that I should do about itV The response was prompt. "Hollywood diet I" from Lnnrn, "Cyrtt would prescribe thyroid extract, salt free diet and flre meals a day--If you can call them meals," Lacy contributed. The chords was eager and earnest, and Smlf laughed "Forget It, girls. If anything wonld make a sylph of me sorely this wedding would have. How did yon like It?" "Perfect I" the sisters agreed In chorus, but Lucy had to add: "Regardless of expense, wasn't It?" "Practically." Smlf confessed. "It Isn't cwry day the Lovely family «c- quires it belted earl It seemed suitable to celebrate the capture. Moreover, his earldom's a good fellow. What he saw lu Cintra's beyond me. 'She haso't the brains of a mosquito ' I told him." "Ton didn't'." Lucy cried Incredulously. "I did. Why not? I always play fair. I said those very words--and be said: 'Good. ] don't like bnlny women. What I wani to know--Is she sound and kind 1 ! Warranted steady In double harness! Xo kicking over the traces or l u m p i n g gates lookii; for better pasture? 1 '.No.' I said, 'she'd no! have Imagination enough to t h i n k of such a thine.' 'Gnod again,' sold he. "my last fancy wrole novels. I'm off Imaglnn- tlon for life, [low's her temper: said he. 'Sweet as apple-blossoms, said I, ·and Jusi a b o u t as s t i m u l a t i n g - 'She'll he _ . w , 1( , n , , M H , e m e n , 1 can no to I n r h a after I1; giime. 1 no longer pine for temperament In the home.' 'Please rion'l t? In a h u r r y about this. You're n l,il voi:ri2 n, scitlc 10 Chun's pate.' I earned him 'llpmetnbor. slip's al- w:us the same- IViiimrul. perfect. n e \ e r n hiur oul ol plnre. as as n rice pudding.' 'And ai wholesome, lie cul In. 'It's no use. Smlf. old chap. I'm for It.' 'I soo vou nro. my lad,' I agreed. 'So t:\ko hct--with my sympathy. 1 " Lucy regr-.rded her youngest sifter with extreme disapproval but mM"d h o p e f u l l y : " N a t u r a l l y ho d i d n ' t think you were In earnest." "You f a n c i not?" SmlC looked bad; at her owlishly. "Al any rale It was n pretty wedding." she ended, bringim: the conversation sharply back to where II hnd started. "Claire Gooc]huo said It was nbso lutely the most c h a r m i n g w e d d i n g she had ever seen, and she meant It. For my own part. Smlf d a r l i n g I don't see how you did I t on your Inrome." This suggestion, surprisingly e n o u g h , came from Lnura. It was more In Lucy's line. A distinct pause followed. "But of course I didn't," S:ni( returned nonchalantly. Before nor audience had Crisped tlie significance of tliis, a worried looking little man h u r r i e d tov.-nri] the group. "Sly tloar Smlf, S u s a n Una decided to run up to the M a n o r for the rest of the week. I'am hns I m i i c d the whole bridal party. All those English people, you know. To the M a n o r fnr over Sunday. Pam wants them. Do you care lo go?" '"Goodness, no. Charles! All 1; now Is to he allowed lo forget t h a t there arc such things as marrying and to ao entirely desirable man irUboui assistance or advice from aoy of us. I'm ready to risk a guess thai ste'll continue ic manage her affair* it* tier own way, ttd 1, for one, am cuotent to let ber:" "I'm sure no one waots 10 Interfere If she Isn't In a hole financially." Laura baznrdod. ea^er as always to sidestep trouble. "We were only afraid from whai she said thai she might need money--and where it was [o come from In the present Cnaucial deprea slou--" "Enactly," said Lucy vaguely. "She's not the only person who's bard up. With four children thai becomes a chronic condition. And this Is so unexpected. Louise, [f we hfld ever had to help her before It would be differ- enL We woulJ have saved up for IL whereas now we are utterly unprepared." Louise had never liked her elder sisters less. Or a sudden Lln*\ seemed to her selfish and velf-ccnlorpd. A.» fnr as money n u n t , she and Ned Carter Nad le«.* at their command tl'.in either ot the other faru.Ue-N. Tbey M i c d on Louise'* Income and p u t nil N1 ninrlo hick I n t o his hn^'ne.^s Tlioy h:id n o u g h t a l i n y house out on l.ons Miami p r o t t y a 6 ; a 1 Mitch my nnd J u s i rijilii for Q !ridp, winch l l i o a r r i v a l ol tv, o In'ties In rapid succession hnd "If S;uir ntMvN lielp, she can le pen') op No'l (inil me." l.ouHo rejoined "I'm sorry If yon t « o art* c o poverty s l r i r U e r i t h r u \ o u c.'in'i nfToril 10 dn a n u h i M s fnr your sister--·" I1e r ore llio others li.'id milled t h e i r forces 10 repl to ihis ntt:icl; i\ Inch IVHS as unexpected ns n pi'i lanih't. Ipuin^ oin ilie roar of n l i i n . Sml! Q^-nin horn down on HKMII "It's too litid. ^irls I ' l l iiuve to so al'o^d of llic n'luTS w i t h Svi^un She's ](_'[»Gndir]^ en me 10 help her i l i r o u - h t h i s p a r l y of I'atn's " "P.m. Sr.iif. when will we FCC ymi a?.ini*'" Lni;Kp nj-knd. h^r snlicl'iide creeplns i n t o her voice and swisuhp litllc Tuce, I m p u l s i v e l y Smif kissed her. "We w n n L 10 know where you fire JToins to live now thai Cintra's jronc? 1 Lnura askod. "U'ill you keep y o u r npurLmem? 1 fancy it's hlfjaer than you'll nectl--" "A litllc house In the country--" Lucy ljo n 'nn, u n t i l ihc u n d o r ^ L n n d i n c o\pr**a'ion on Smlfs broad fncc cut hor sliort In mid-'^^eer. " I n v l i e us all to lunch «nh you. Lnura. n wc-ck from tnduy. P.y t h a t Li inn ' ou^'lii tu have escaped frmn ilie nfier-eflccis of the woddlns. I ' l l tell you nil my plans ihrn." "Then you have plans?" Smif griuned. n Rrin of sheer aimise- mcnl nt the thought of tlie rccvpllon llio older Rirls were certain Lo occon) Uio^c pliin^, "I Fliould sny 1 have! Kxcitlne pinna "Forget It, Girls. If Anythiog Would Make a Sylph of Me Surely This Wedding Would Have." glving In marrin.-e. I ' l l run and "peak to Susar.." W l t l i a nod to her sisters and n casual "I'll be back." Smlf v.ent off with Charles Pliclps. "Now, what do you make of Ihal?' 1 Louise bent her brows as she stared after the mismatched pair: Charles Phelps, so drleu-up and nnxlous-look- Ing, for nil the millions thai ehoultl have lifted every care from his shoulders; Smif. so miissUe. so capable, so protective In pose. Laura shrugged her shoulders. "Preparation for n campaign In London this spring. A good move on Susan's part." "That Isn't what I mean. W h a l do I care for the Phclpses uad their social campaigns? It's Smlf I'm thinking of. Don't you sec bow pathetic she Is? Actually doing her bcsl to scare Leister off In the hope tlial she wouldn't have to part with Ciutra." "Nonsense!" Locy presented her view In answer to Louise. ".Srnlf was very clever there. Leister can ucrer soy Clntrn'B Tamils Jmniicd rtnwn bis throat. And Smlf knew that nil Englishmen ore bnllhcaded; oppose tlietn and they're twice as bent on gcttine their wny. Wliat I'm worrying aljou: la the money question. Do you suppose she Is going lo ask us to cou tribute to the expenses? Because I may as well iaj nl once t h a t It !s l:n possible for Cyril and me to help her. vnib I h e slock market collapsed, n fashionable doctor's Is the Insl bill to be paid." ·Til do whal I can," L.iura said. "Jim Is nn angel about money matters." "Smlf wasn't hinting." Louise faced the other two Indignantly. "You ougijt to know her belter than that. Ned always snys she's 'damnably Independent.' Uoncstly, I'm worried about her. Left alone like this--" "What she ongbt lo do," Lucy Interrupted briskly, "Is lo buy n small pln= c In the country. She could raise chickens. or dogs." ·And we could send the children to her for the summer holidays," Louise submitted the suggestion drjly. "Just like Blll-Lcc. Dump cor responsibilities on her shoulders. Sou mnke me positively savage. Why don't yon apply for admission for her to a Dome for Indigent Splostera? Srall hasn't asked yon for anything. Ion don't even know (hot 6DC needs help. When Bhe does will be time enough for yon to decide for ber what ebe had better do. She succeeded In educating Cintra, brought her out and married her --lint I must h u r r y . That's I'nrn call Ing mi-." "Nut without t e l l i n g us w h a t you're going I'l do!" Louise implored her. "I dnii't mind telling you." said E m i t , "only I'm rather a f r a i d you won't like It wbon you hear It. I'm going lo be an adventuress." She passed out I n t o the fuyijr and a moment later the clang of tr"* e!e varor door as It closed behind her told them that she was really gone. CHAPTER II At glance the history of the l.ovelys, of Lovclylea, Vn., presented little of Interest to the lingering new^ monger or novelist. They were nni the legendary penniless patricians, lm- molaled on the altar of their pride by Ihc Civil war. On Ihe contrary, the war t h a t pauperized many of their neighbors brought developments which liad made U'C Lovqljs of that day rn|. garly rich for Ihelr time. I m m e d i a t e l y t h e r e a f t e r , heartless Ill-brer] c a p i t a l IMS from the hatc'l Norlh hnd peire tratccl their fastnesses to discover on lands belonging to Iliem In VYcsl V i r g i n i a ; and w h i l e It was ft regrettable fact Ihal o higher price mlghl have l;oen rr.ill7.nd had tbf Lee Lovely Ihcn reigning boon les« scornful of advkc nnd of business m c t h , II Is pleasant to remember for a property regarded ns so w o r t h lr.cs that the aforesaid hearties? cap ilalisls had lo convince him t h a t (11? alonn owned and could give t i t l e to II. lie received a sum thai p e r m i t t e d him v i n t a g e wines and every Indulgence and of which enough remained al the lime of his death lo make his son n ricli rnnn. Mis heir. In his t u r n , died before lie had lime to Impair tills In herllnnce. ni9 son, another Lee Lnvcl.v, married, the day h« come of age, n girl who proved 10 be a re- s t r a i n i n g Influence, nnd that earlr marriage was Messed punctually every two years by progeny. All the children were handwme bul the youngest, named Matilda Smith, after her mother's mother, was 0 picture. Before she conld walk, her mother being dead, her father carried her In front of him on his saddle, exhibiting her to friends and relations. His pet name for her was "Loveliness." a name which as Boon as she could talk sbfi repudiated with scorn. "Name Is Smlf. Smlf. Smlf I" she would shout. And be accepted, as did every one else, tbe name of Smlf for nia rouD^osi norn. She was the Da by, the pei of the older children and of the whole f a m i l y connect loo. Sroll was quite a tl£ girl before she learned to speak plainly. Uy that lliue ll would nave required a rlolenl effort to 'ireak the hnbli of calllns her Sralf. and no Lo\cly was Riven 10 effort except In the search for amusement. Loiely was Killed by a fall from tils mourn reinrnlnp from a hunt, aotf youns Bill now Lee Lovely In hi turn, relzned ID his sipr.d. To every one's surprise, when the will was read he proved to hflve come Imo nn empty Inheritance, Lf* Lftve- ly :he eldpr had divided his money equally among his daughters, all minors, who had no power to assist ihelr brother hofore thoy c^nip of app how ever niiH-h ihoy ml^hi desire m do go. Rnch of t h e m rocvlvpd a round him- j *Jn?d r h n u ^ n n d dMinrs Iilll-1 vv "'·· i ton-lrmn^nntl-.Tcre e^tnir oj Lnvt-ljloo, ' Hie non esl-tpiiT resl"Innry e s t n t e nnfl t h p In M m r i i o n to sUe his ^Isiers o ho r in« ns Inns n^ t h r v remained un ainrrh'd. i V o u n s Rill'l.cM*. n l f h n l time t w ^ n t v tv o yours old. t n k l n s Smlf w i t h h i m j for compnny. r«"lo o\cr to h l ^ Cran'l . mi'ilHT ('nlpi'i-rr's t o di^cu^ t h e ^ i r u T I I ' M I . h d i h f n i i l n n d iTinlc lik*- H n.olsi'.i li.-urc annul w r i n k l e d w.if- yol a r»'r i ^ " i K i l i i v uinf-c n p l n l o n ^ e:irrk'il w o l ^ f i i ' i r , i i n l l ; i I her 'ulptT-'T lunl hwn c;ii h , nrml [n his f a t h e r * ynar-, iierorc, tun 1110 n|i) l;nl% s t i l l dlsppnsn) Jnstli-p ] ? n r l n d \ ire In his n;inin j "As« I see U. C l r n n d n i n n i n , " Hill-Lee | (*\poniidn(l. 'l^ii' only I h i 112 for me to rlo Is [o llnd snme rich V n n ^ n hii want's to him l nr nlsp hiinier*; nnd i rent t h e place* in M i n i , w h i l e 1 co nivn.r I nnd try to mnlro t l i p money I'M tirrd to | live herf» ns ti Lorelj n h o u l r l " ! I l l s ^ r n n i l n i o t l i r r riccepied i v l t h n u i ' proieM the fnci t h n i B lean life on | ^ t a r \ e d JILTPS could Mold n u r h l n TM to j lempi one of his blond. | "Laurn s:i\s I'll be the rlrlipsi of the- f i i n n l y by Ihe t l m p I com*- of nfiv. ; Hill-Lee I ' l l jilve yon nil my inom-y. so ilon"i worry." Smlf hml listened tn ilipir conversation w i t h Imprest nnd i precoLlous u n d p r s i n n i l i n ^ of f l i p s i l u n lion. i\nd llill-Lce smiled n* tliolr K r ; m d i n o r h r r o\cr uor Imrnlbhcd head as Smif WI.-DI on: "Lnurn c;in'l bjiure any. She «Jajs slio nnd Luc will need all I h p y hn-in In Nnv York--" ".New Vork?" l l u c n x n l z l n f ; the vjilidii.v of this FccomHuiml In for million, her L'rnndinothiT had solved on It w i l l ' e\'trc'ine d i s n p p r i M a l . "Yes, ina'iini." Sinil nodded. "They're ^olr,; up there to be married I o m i g h t y rich '^I'liHeinen," "Tlnnk jou. Smlf." s.ilO Bill-Lee fjr'U-eU and In cood f n l t h , "when 1 npod help I'll c e r t a i n l y call oti you- all. . . Now, Grnndiniuna, this la my pl:in, nin'an). I'll rent the place, .viih Masters to s t n y on ns superln- endent. A n y u s i y , It w o u l d n ' t he rluht for t h u ^'Irls to In c (here wld no one lnt mo lo look a f t e r I l i u m , even If I uaw my n n j to s[n.vln«. They ou?hi lo po in £00(1 bnardlni; schools. The education they ROI down IK.TO with cs.sus Isn't worlli (wo hits. I'm 30! OK lo Chile. Nil rales come from there, you know, ma'am. I've been t a l k i n g f o Cross[nnn Harden, who's Jusi brick, nnrl he snys there's every o[)])oruinity for men w i t h push and n l i t l l c c a p i t a l . " "Hut the caplial, Mill-Lee--1 mean Lee." "lijll-Lno Is ri^lii. G r a n d m a ma, Time enough lo he Leo uheii I lake OUT Lovelj lu'i. Tliu tiiftltiil. ma'am, « I I I come from my Ienain. Mnsicra u l l l f o r w a r d nn,' tht; excess OVCT ta^es a n d oilier e:\pt MM», ami I ' l l i f i k r n Joh i n V a l j i o l l h a i ' ^ ivlml Iliey cull V n l T m n i t ^ D ) , \ \ l s i l f 1 Ifam Uir imiKU-.^o ··irifl lfol; n l i o i i t fiif; r a r e f n l l y hofore I lfi\ r"-i. | inf;in in rri'ik-p my r i e r n a l f o r t u n e :inl ton.*- Imrfe lo V i r g i n i a In .style" his y n n i h l n l c n l l i n v i . m m nnd saying n n l h l r i ^ ' in dlsc^iira^e ll. since she « a s too M r a i i e n e r ] i n clrcurnsianrcs to ofror Hie nld she wo;ihl h n v u liked to extend. ( " i i i i r n her ilau^lilc'r, nnd Snilfs m o t h e r , f i n d been Ihc youii^ff,! of hr-r sis children nnd thu otliera nil had f a m i l i e s ns n u m e r o u s ns tlip Lovely hrood rind, helns \?** airiueni, were conslani d r n l n on her resources In one wny or o t h e r ; moreover ehc felt t h n l nill-Loc hnd hi! upon a scheme t h n t held onl home f f i l n t hope of SMC- COBS, Lei the hoy RO To be on hln own resourrns would m n k c a mnn of him, nnd m r n n n h l l c Lovelylen would be kept up. On his r e t u r n n wny mlclii open for h i m lo l i v e there as llic head of the Lovely clnn should. From then on, n-lih his Kfindmolh- cr's Approval. RIIl-Lof had carrle-1 his arrangements rorwurd w l i l i n r u s h , Follow Inc t h e plan he hnd mndc. he Jiarl cone lo CIiIU; and h N i,'rnndmnlh er n r v n r s:r.v lilrn ri^ahi n i l hough ehc bad lived lo see Oliilra. l:h dnn-hter, whn nt lh- riL-' 1 "I pl^hl « m Beni north to i h f rare of her A u r i l Smlf, Uien only i\ven:y t w o hervelf, P,!ll-l^e had re- m e m h f r ^ d his youri';cM «.|SIIT'*I prolTer of nld nn-l Had t u r n e d 10 her confl- d n n r l y uln-n he nr-fdr-d help after rbc (lenl)i of his n l f o . I la- penniless dnn^h lor of thp AnnTlc.-in con«;iil nt Gunya null. I'.y t h i n lime» Lucy nnd Louise w o r e married, r-omforlnhly If not b r l l l l : i N t l y p e l t l r j r ] .Smlf had be- Kiin tn change f r o m the cbarrnlnK chlbl ho rcmemliercd I n t o n hnye woman. BO ovpr-wel^'liled «'||h fle ( ;h Plic wn^ always j u d d e r ) to he fnr more t h a n htr n?e. l^iiir^, tlin most b o a u L l l u l «s w u l l ns the cldfst 'if t h p Lovuly tibttcrri. at thnl date wns also s t i l l unmarried. Khr; had one pnss:«n and one only; the proer^ation of I.or beauty by n a t u r a l , not a r t i f i c i a l , imam. To Insure t h a t she took many nrecaullona. She wna vcrj popular, very nandsome. and, as tho years went bj, she kept Q place for licrscU In the .voting scl O3 It matured by a carefully calculated gen- eroBlly. Her choice, for n husband, had fallen on James Hammorsley, a man verging on fifty. Jim Hnmmcrsley wag rich; able nnd willing to gratify bcr whims; his Boclal position was, as dhe expressed It to Lucy, her sole confidante, "entirely suitable for B Lovely of Love- lylea." There would be no necessity for her [o strustfle lo Hsscrt himself. (TO B* CONTINL'BD) ICE-BOUND FINLAND MASTERS HANDICAPS One Debtor Nation That Meets Its Payments. iVasuiiiKi'iu. -- I " these days of war Ji-lil ileuiill^ NIK) "hikei! i,'ivineuls," Kiulatnl. lb« lai nonti "hind of forty thousani! Ink.'*,' c u i i i l n n r s to sei B good e\am:tle for EuripMn dettior na- am tl eath I I L I U H U I I I I c o n n l n : i l i l sm.i [.,,,nil.ili,'ii Inn, Is s n i ' l t t l n u i^lr.ile Hie A n t i r (.·omhiLi\ ^ tit gr.MI u-iu n'i:i. F i n l a n d n:is mei lull. MIT (It'.il 's li-T lluii liu»l Inn ln'i I.| HIT tiK'il ircle Is not HU':i re i'rr«' t» ' l l l l l e ol» l l . Mini. i-il' a tn,i;. lln IlirJ.v unf. l l i r i n y r v p n l i l i c i:ivii'lllllj t r ...... In' I J . i l l k - Si'H lu tin- A r i l K I I I - -in ''ii'. I I'"" siiliTlMt l i u j - i HUM It". r.ruUli Kli'^. M ^ -i 1 ' i i l V M M :r-im i l n - N . i t i - . n a l KH ; K n o w n 0^ Its A t h l e t e s ""I'd m i l - - ! A l l l l ' l . I ' . l l l ^ . I ' l l l l M I H l I * k::uv\n L-;IH..I itiri'iuli UH- .-M'l'in- -H l t r l i j l l l | i n · I t l l l i ' l i - l n ' . n l i ' i l ! ^ I M . H " .N'lll-.lll i ; i ' ^ l ! . ' l ! l l ^ v M l b I 1 "' IIIIM-- (t l l . i l i l n ' i - K o ' i ' l i : i L , i n i | . | i llnl::i j a t l i i 1 - In I S ' l - I ' ' tltU-J. m i n i n g l u i i l n - i l ) o lie:ilcill D i m ed MR-II i ' i i i i i i u :ll t i n ' 1 uip ot tin' n o r l u HI t l i i - Sp:iri:iii s-pori l ol l u n g r i i n n i i i u i " l l r l i i ' i i M tn M i n e i i r i K i i i . i U ' i i In l l " ' \U\^.\ I I . I M I I 111 M I I I I I U T I I I S l l S - i . i . M i l ' I Killlia IMTL- ilriM-n ^r.i.liiiillj n n r l l i \ wanl 1i l-NlotlKi mill lln'iice cnisscil in | tin- r i n t u s l i p L ' i i l n s i i l a d u r i n g I|IL- Iron I «^. "Tur Minn.- M\ I'l'iiiurit'S t i f l i ' r 11-n l - ' l l l l . l l l d «.!-. J o l l l l - i l 10 S l l l ' i l l ' l l " I l l l l 1 cuiibtiint wars ,\LTI.- wa^i'd «'ilti I b f Ku^sl.ins r n i i i l l j t a p l i i r o d n K n s v l n l.'lnl.itul III ISIJCI lii'C.ilnc u g r a n i l dilch}' J ot Ihu U n s ^ i l l i omi'lrv uinl remnlni'd In j i h a l sMllis u n t i l the led rovolullon ol l'J17, "I!y u di' of linli-pt'iiilrncp. Uuivmbcr 11. I'.UT. tile r i i i n s broke tin" j"k;. n u t a b u r p c h l l «:ir enMicd lu ^ l i i c l i UM| forces w l t t i I t n s falilll b:l«'l;lllg were di'lfiil ed by I l i e W h i l e g u a r d s lllldi'r l i e m - r i l Carl Gusliiv M j i n n e r t i e l m , c.illi-'d ' t h e George \Y:i.vliin;Moii of l'nil:unl.' " A l i b o u g l i forced to borrow al Ihc oulsut, i l i e c a n n y ruins, l.iillng In deiienileiici! for Ihe liral lluic In i h f l r ceniurlus of tlnu'gle, c i n i c U l v placed t h e i r counlry un n M i u n d lln.'ini'lal fool Ing. I M i i v a l u i i u i l facilitii'h ari' K»»1 "Woman s u f l r u g u has long been e.s tatlliblied In Flnl.llld, Like Ibis conn try. K l u l n i i d tried n a t i o n a l p r n h i l i l llou afler t h e war nnd I n t e r abuniloncd IL Instead a system of slrlc 1 governmental vuntrol has biN'ii sol up. "l.yiii^ In the sjine i-.jim.des as Alaska n n d tile fruzen iMisli'ij of il Uvr:;i, Finland long. IcirO winh'rs bul thv clluutn.. Is tetni'iTi.''! siinu-wlitii by i t A many hikes, ll*. in\\ alllMidt:. the p r o x i m i t y of ilie r.altic. and p r e \ a i l - ing southwe.^tiTly winds. Hot and Cold Baths Popular. "A n a t i o n a l custom b.uuK'd down from rt'mt'le uut-i, Is Hie hath. lolli'wed b,\ a slunver. llrst w a r m , ilien k-. In llu 1 e m i n l r \ dislriL-ls. t h e Finns o l l c n dri-ss nuliloors In t h e cold iiinl it:e mitiu"'li-'rs roll In tlie snow- d r i l l ^ 'for I illi. "Finland's p u ] i i j l : i t l n n In recent II.K p.iKMiil tin' :i,rjHHKHl m:irk. h't-l^t-fii tin- I ' i n n ^ and Hie SwelUb 'li-lii|.|il a'nol:^ t l O ' l l l sii'UK' feeling esil I'lii' poui-r ol Mil.' - ln- i Milli Horses and Lambs Admitted to Church Province. Frani-e - Iteiniiie lambs are cnrripil to ihp u l l u r al the I'linsfnias li^t rna^a I'rovence chums B distinction -ibareil w l l h Sleniui. lt:il. ilie onl oihti city where Q i i i i u n l s nre ptTinliieii in en- l»-r t ' h r l s i i a i i clinrciies. ITlor ro ili» rniinin,: of ihc I ' n l l o n. Sicnnn e.ieh year, em-li liors^ ts i n k r n to Us onni'r's Llinrcli u n d bl«sseil before tbe :ill:ir. nli:il curllllk'cl. 1 IIM^. '» ' n 1 ·r mil; iihoni I I :\± the . seal or ginerliim-nl Is now ill lliMslng- fors. a modern I l i n u u l i iiinck'si capitaL ~ l l M l l ol F i n l . i n i l :-- L'loiheil with valu.ible lunlier. H a l l w a y locomoiives b u r n wood ol LO.IL "In Ilie il.iys ol wnuilfi. slujis Fln- Iniid Hi-Id un i i i i p o n . i n i place in ship- b u i l d i n g and on the ^,'as. .More nnd more of the siiuare-ri-xvil Cape Horn gi;lin .ships n . l \ e f n l k - n inlo Finillsb li:iuil Dill n'llh il:i- Sli'i-l s l i l p diim. In.niuji modern iiiLinne'n., Inch of iron ore- li i* iTouiU-d llu 1 Fin-is from Ibi'ir OIK-U i m ; i o r l , i i i l pl.u'O in general s.iii;'i»iiK on itiL' OL-I'.HIS ' · L u r u l i o r r i u . l i n n t i n i ; . ILslnii^, furm- IIK. iinil i l , l i n i n g H I M " I'erii sii||)le- uii-iili'il l»y ;i urnu'lh of i n i l i l M n i ' s turn- I n ^ o u t M i f h iTi-ihicis as |ri;H'r. linen, lolint'co. and li'iillior." Davidson and His Rcosavelt ,lo I n n l(l»nii, w o r l d liliiions n ml |ili-tnrcsi|lio sculptor ol SL-W V o i k , London illiil I'arl*. pliologiMphod with I l l s bust of President Kousciclt. which lie hn.s Just cuiM|ilulcil In W a K h l n g l o n . Exhibit "Holy Tunic of Christ" Sacred Garment to Be Shown in French Church. Argcnieiill, rrnni-u.--The "Holy Til nlc of Christ" w i l l lit c Y l i l l i l i c d lo i l n 1 public In Ihu L'linrrli of A r g i ' i i l r u l l ns a r u l i n g t" l l u 1 Holy Vcnr coin n i e i n o r u t h c ot i l i u l,!ill()ili i i i i n l i c r s a " of the criR-IILvlon. u m l mill the m- Iborlly vf 1'ope Pills X I - II w i l l be o-i ilcw from (loud Frnl:i to K i M e r Sllli'Iay ( M n r c l i :«» lo A p u l 1. !!«!') This Is Ihc garment Mi|pp"scdly « o r n nnd colored In I b i ' V i r g i n J l ' i r y her si'lf, nnd Is nbiiiil '10 lin'bi's lonj. i c Pi-milling a s h i r t , it Is inadi- or wool. IH purple In rolor. nnd St J l . u l i d-li:ip- Icr -iri. VITM' 17) refers- lo II us Tol l o w s : " A n i l I h i ' V i ' l i i l l l i - d h i m « i l b SWISS PRESIDENT purplu." ll Is ninilu wllliout n seam uml Is iiiiiliahl) MIL' "M'ilinluss robu" ri'fcrreil lo In I l i e gospels Acconllng lo tvcU'.sliisili'iil niilhorl- llcs. t l i l « l i o l v t u n i c tt.ii w-iirii by .K'suh on Ins win lo I ' a l v n r y ; ulinl la 'e Hi.-.i-il lo be n i l c l l n l t r irnce of the M a r c e l I'lh-l-'Jola?. bus IICIMI i-lccicd presidi'iil of tin- Swiss Confi'iliTatlon for t l i c year M'.t. I-'nr l l i c II-IM j c a r he lias been lire |in-Milciil of Ihu federal coutiril iiinl I l l s p r o m o t i o n wn.s v i r t i r i l l y : i i i ; o i u r i l i i . iliT i l u u i i u u n l diiigoii.illy aurosa the li.-u-k. F.vpiTls of tbe C n b c l l n s Tapes i r v w o r k s , wlio exiinilni'il the l u n l c In 1S:U, tsliiiuili.' ( h a t U ilali'J. Iiinl: lo Ihe b e g i n n i n g of tin. 1 C b r i s i l . i n crn mid pel haps lii-yoiid. T h i ' i u nrc M-I.V fen- n t i l l i c i i i l c relics ol JCSUK l e f t , »nil Ihe tuiik' of Argcn i i ' i i l l I.H one of t h r t ' o -- t h e oilier two I ' l - i n g in Trows, O n n i i n i a n d Turin l l n l v . They h a i c I " · x h l l i l l i ' i l to II c f r i i i l i l ' u l d u r i n g IU.".", I n n n.s n i'll- m n \ l o l l o h Yi'iii l l u - A r g i ' t i l i ' i i l l relic In. c . s h i l i i l n l Tills Is Ihc llrsl h:is In en i i i ' i ' t i i i l l i ' i l -luce I i n n 1 IS'JII. C.l ll'llll ,n l.onn'lon ol HiL 1 A l g c n I n i r r l i mil: "ThlH holy lunli 1 wus i l l s , - m e i Ml by I l i i i i i i c - . ( S t i i n l ) I l i ' l i n i - In l .'i"'l x Li. n l i o n i llu: s:une l i n n " slic f o u t i ' l t i n 1 I r u i - l l re- ui:nni.|l l l ' r » i M : i n l l i n | l i ' m i l l l till' N i l , I h I ' M i l u r j . n l i c n I j n p r o s H Irene. i- bo ii'Tilril Milihi-rs lo l i ^ l i l t i n 1 caliph liri'M'iili'd I I I n r l i i i r l i i i n a g l i e I h u crciil k i n g , who In n u n , ni.'nli' n g i f t of II lo lil.s d i i n g h l c r , Tlicoilriicln. l i c n c h i i ' Lrcss nf ihe pi-lorv of Argl'iilcnll, Conk - r i i i i ' i u l j , II IIIH l'"en In Argcmcull more I h n r n n i l l l t ' n u l i i m . " Ion. n lovesk-k I'rench conscript soldier, and piTMlmled l i l m to steal the new rlile uml give It to her. 1'loslon [iliiyed hick, h i d Che rlllc nnd lliin]l delivered II to his enchantress. She wn.s caught w l l h the gun In an ·.niliiinohlle when frontier g u a r d s -- e v i d e n t l y warned bj counter s[)les. w e n t i h r o u g b her Ijelonginga. Soiiliic Is In n military; |ii'ison The pciicellnic penalty for a woman spy ciiughl In Ilie ncl of ben eying a m l l l u r y hecrei Is long Imprisonment. She cannot he .shot as WAS .M.iin-llnrl, fumed II ^1 of Ihc G e r m a n y spy service; Fellde I ' f i i d d i . "11-I7" of Ihc Ger- iiitui hi'rvlce, who \vns c.iught u n d executed nl M:ir.sollloq d u r i n g llio war, or "Ln Dnlclmet lero" and M a r g u e r i t e l - ' r a n c l l l a n l . Spies Swarming Around French Frontier Fort* Purls.--The recent by French Fccrot [iollt-1! of llio mosl famous worn- nn spy since Ihe wnr, "Ln O'llc Soplili. 1 ," us she ftonght lo smuggle n now I'ruiicli u r m y rapid-lire rille acro.s.i iln: fjc-rninn border drnwa pub lie nllciillon lo Ihe .swiirin uf MMCS h o v e r i n g n round lliu now French f r o n t i e r forll/ii-ntlona. "Ln Ili'llc Suiihle" K lln- ol Lhesr; .spies ill-rested w l l h [irool of Inir g u l l l In her hiinds. H u n d r e d s or olIuT.s li.'ive been lugged iinrt ir.illed iiinoiig t h e Iiirlillcallcins. bul Sophie riltiiic bus proved n rich iirrcat. H l i n l i l i - hail all Ihe i r l r k n of III" M a i n - I I n r l m hnol of women i-plca. Slip'd her wlle.s lo ensnare lime ''Ic.s- Builds Own Tombstone, Leaves No Death Space L i ' l u l i i u i , Mo. -- l : v e i . \ pei.son who l-onii'S lo l.aclt'ile c o u n t y iiiiikes a pll- gnin.m'i' to A. A. \\"iNon'h nioiuillKMlt \Vil--i,n. n ^ioi-(.l;i.i.iier and poslinas- UT n Pi-ii.-piTiui', U mile-, from Le- |j:inon. li;is j - i i i ' i i l ninny years creeling i i n i - L i l i ' i r a t e l o i u l j s i o i i o In I l i e gravc- \ : i n l in-ill- I n - slore. '1 llu i n o n n m e n l la n i i i i l e of roliblestones iiinl there. 1^ u linv 1 \ ^ i l ! 1 OIH losing Ihe spiire for Ihe i;iii\e. ( i n the Vonr corners lire elec- i i i t - Ik-Li bulbs. A \ bollle Is i h r i i s l in |iu- riMitcr of t h e m o n u m e n t . A iik-fi- of f.inu inacliliici-y Is cetnent- ei! nl ihe botiom. There Is 11 m r t a l lizard on one side and u f r i n g e of sea- hliclls on the wall. In the middle of the monument Is n pluu- bearing his name and date of b l r i h and that of hi! «'lfe. Hmran. There Is no .sp.icc left for the date of his death. "Uierjonc'll know Dial, anyliow," Wilson declares, Ten Cents Worth of Seed Produces Record Crop C'npe Gli-nrdcaii, Mo.--L'hrlsi Freeman, a farmer, planted ton cents worth of t u r n i p seed t h a t grew Into a crop w h i c h was considered record breaking. Home of Ihe turnips weighed G 1 /! pounds w i t h the "scrubs" ranging do\\ nw'.ird to 4 pounds. l.'rcciniiu h i i i d H i n t when lib piled t h e t u r n i p s from Ill.H 10-cent Investment hi* eoulil lible n molor truck be- I l i n d t h e v|.;'olahks. Berlin to Build Vast | Stadia for Olympics Uurlln.--'I In: p l a n s of Hie (JiTio.ui j O l j t n p i c coi.:miino for C M C I H H I I K Her- iln's sport f n i i l i l i i 5 f o r Ihc l!i".(l K.IIIIC/- lire u d i i i i i ' ' ! i i K since lln-y wen- up |iro\eil iiy I ' l i a n i i l l o r M i l l e r . Hi: l i a s griiiiled g o \ e r n n i i - n t limineliil support, ati'l lui a i h i s i ' d f n l i i r g c m e n t of l i l t lll}lii;j!c M i i ' l i u m lo lirild ill ll'ilHI ](XJ.VJ ·.pictaiors. It i.s I n t e n d e d Hint all e x i s t i n g sporl fatllilics :il ;riicnew:iid--llic kUullum, race course, lennls, b'cyclc irnck and jipryr* lorufii--ivill Le eslendeO on a hitherto u n p l a n n e d scale, not merely for llic Olympics, hul for Ihe benell' of llc-rlin's athletically Incline'l after Ihc gnmcs are over. Ben Franklin Memorial Will Be Opened Soon rhila.t1elphlri.-The new S3,7uO,lKXJ Fraoklin Institute, combining a memorial to Benjamin Franklin and a museum of physical sciences, will be opened here goon. A memorial ball on the main floor, upjicd hy a dumi: rising ,SiJ feel, w i l l b o t h e p r i n c i p a l i n l m l c t o I ' r i i n k l l n h l n i M ' i r . A v i i i c ' l i i i n r l i l c l i g u i i - "f Hi" S I l l l f H I l i l l l . I h e S I I K I . ' V I I I g i f t o l l l i c I r i l O W i l l i a m L .Mcl.l'iin. Sr.. w i l l be creel- In Ibf ci'lill'r of llic h a l l . I;CK!I|C« lioiiMiig i-iisl exhihlls of 111 iiillon-i r e - ' i l i i n g from Ihc s t u d y of physical "cienrc".. UK., l i u l l i l i n g will c-oiit.-iin c l i i s - r o i i i n s fur I l i e li-.u-bliig nl iislroiiniii.i. i - h e i n i s l r v , phj.slcs. en ginetrliig, iiK'dicini 1 . surgery, and Ike graphic n r l s -- sulijoiis which rrank- Iln sliu;ii'd extensively. A g i g a n t i c p l a n e t a r i u m , g i f t of Sam uel S. Fels. coslins SSo.QOf) and rcqulr- Ing S.'irj/X/J lo b u i l d , will be a feature of Ihc b u i l d i n g . Rockefeller Gives Aid to Church Restoration Paris.--More than ?2,500,000 has been contributed by John D. Kocke- fcller for restoration work on the cathedral at Reims nod the palacps of Fontalnbletm and Versailles. All the work now in process \vill be concluded by December 31, 1035, These enterprises have been under ihe ilirceiion of Wells I'osworth, Amorie.m architect, for llic last tco irs. l l t h e r members of tbe commit- In. I n c l u d e A n d r e Tardlen. Illdgly I ' i i r t i r . c.iiiriel l l n n c l n u x n n d Maurice I'nleelogue. Tlio work nl Fontnlneblciiu has "·n llnlshed and Hie palace lias been, resiored exactly as It was when first constructed. It now houses Hie Aracr- IIMII School of Fine Arts. At Helms the u n d e r s t r u c l u r c of the i-atliedr.vl has been completed nnd Ihe work of repairing the roof over the apse Is going on while the tower !ind bell cluster, destroyed by German gunfire, arc being restored. This work likely will be completed during 11131. Stork in High Eilcem The original cause of the high es- ;ocrn In which the stork Is held In Holland |9 EQld to have been the Rood work It used to do In keeping down boring animals thnt used to undermine the dykes. Although its usefulness on this account hns been nullified since concrete has been used la the construction of the dykes, the stork has not lost Its good name. lEWSPAPERr NEWSPAPER!

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