Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 6
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,11 " Clothing;. The Best anJ Cheapest and whore you will got the most for your money is ft Problem that everybody is trying to solve. TUB ANSWEII--Go to HAMLIN, WAGONER CfviPANYS. ,11 some little trifling not buy somu- Don't waste your hard earned mouej present that is piotty fon ft short tim' 1 only, thing that is duruble, uiid (it llin Mime tirur; Cheap and Useful? You cannot find autyhing anywheiej that ia cheaper or better than our QVEECQATS, ULSTERS and FUR at such Low Prices that will yon. Men's All Wool Suits for S5.0O and up. NEOK.WEAU inaKes a very desirably present bccauafj it is Daesul Pretty and cheap. HATS CAl'S, SHOES, H O L I D A Y .SttoPEXUKlW, CUFF HUTTO.N.S, SOABF TINS, SHIRT STUUS, GLOVES, MITTEXS, LLN D E U W E A K , HANDKERCHIEFS. -SILK WKIS I'LETb. IIOSIJSIU', OVXKSIIOES, BILK MUFFLEIIS, BEAVEH WRLSTLEK, A I'AIH OF Any of these irmko u desirable Present and will not Distress your Pocket-book. They are chciip and Hiiro to please. We wish to call your attention Lo oar Boy's and Youth's Clothing. We have a largo asHortment and will make prices in keeping ·with the times. Jn fact we will mnku special pi ices on all clothing, for our entire stock must bo sold to runko room for our Spring i-loth- curialu9 CD aud r«fu«i lo go othrrv,1»e. ·-.Sborlle,' Dow U your cnance. \V. U". SUwctn \s not Improving, Jr+v Guklus n-[Kjrt-s belDG in quiui j lillz- x.ird Sunday. Ttroyouug i n v n o r t h U l m n U i ) ars cfnunii- Utlcg a Tip K ··V.iM-rJoo soon- L«rt lu-r ,'O a* your lelmire Bill Tne swx.KlloIdere ur Ihe La Pone City Creamery are bu"y IbiullnR I'" this wr«-k. D. O. lJ.ulli.-y. or roynar. wan a busmen caller herr j fiw u;, ya »K anil bought a bors* of A '.V. iluubard. FKOM ANOTHXK. Mr :ind Mr». IVrcival Hummel urn keeping ll'iu-i-Mr Mrs. J. V Humu.el wullr she 1» vN- UlHK friend* .n Owl ir lUplila. ' iujwn uuisDca DIS woou sawiUK i.« L Mail Mayen waa MI w«ll plt.Liixl al gvl excused fruin court limi wer-l: mil he bad an oyster supper at hin inoiLer-in-law'u and Invited hh broiber.ln-l.iw incl Hereto sup "1th tlicin. Emery enjoyed the ineil vi well thai he fell through the D uom of n rocKlng chair: MalLcomplalnwl or being *lck, and Joe »M [lie lucky fellow that round the crab ID bin ll.ih. Tno Udl«.-5 »ald, "Oysmrs oai of season." Jacob Anton and Joe Mcllrlde nay iherc- Is more money In feeding cattle Iliad In «llln(; milk. Jacob Hold two COWH. one lor 410 nnd tbe oilier Inr lit, H u d J o « sold one forSS. H o w l s itiai! The Down uchool commenced last Monday MS nlclcne»» bus ceased In nclKhborhovd. Jiitob Anion In the imfiriunau tiiai) i thin iielKhborlifKKj iiu ne loit the wbiiel ofl hl» windmill In la.u Monday's blizzard. .Mcllrlde Uro8. patent (,'at«i stand the bllz y.iirdo btit«r thun the wlndmllla Spavin Limmenc removes all hard, soft or callou.ibd lull pa and blernialiea from hordes, WooJ spuvinB, curOa, apliota, awueney, ring-bone. itillcH, all swollen throats, coughs, etc, SoQ by use of one bottle. Wnr- IDg. Remember AVC will niulto Prices that will Please You, iD, Wagoner Company. DEALERS IK FIRST-CLASS GOODS ONLY, Shady Grove Ncvvslets. John Uzer w,i« In our city lait Tuesday, D»M fanning and n l l o vlnlmd nl tni-hoine of Prank Clark Ust neeli. T11 Uerne sppnt a law days at Ragle Ueuift thu Urat of thu week. Z, A. Comfort, of .lusup, wa^ In town Uit MrH. Frank Clark, uhohoH lwcn r;ult»' sick lae lim ftw dayH, 18 convalescent. Fr«y SchuLlo hiul hlH year's aupply of wood sawed Isal Saturday. Uurl n u n u c l l aiiwcd i h o TTflod I'ein Sulllvin purchaHcd a lino b u n c b or two year old tutors of Quo. HoiKmlon week MlMTcuu Peters U keeping h v U H C for .Mr. Frank CUtrk d u r i n g tin, lattor'b lllm-HH. Thomas Hcrnu HuM H Duo Mu.'in of Kr.ty ooltrt to Lu Porte uuyera A few dayH ,'igo, Will Render haj hlr«d out to w o r k for Win. Wllkltmon at f.1) per munib. WllHIllUjn wue e. buxlucsn taller :IL V],,,,)n thin we«k. He went with cattle Mlfla Alma Houck, wlio han been attending school at Waterloo came homu baturdiiy. Fred Htumiun purchiiBed a llpe, ue\v seal fjliln oYcrcoui Iu La I'orto lint week. Juylluncd )ud thu m i s f o r t u n e a row day* »go to bv kicked In the facoby i vicious cult. t\ C. Sturuma aud wiro were Indejtendence Culleru luat Saturday, 0. E. lUibluuoti'H Halo lutl Tu'.Mlay wan not Tory well attended. No mall was received on tbv eur rauui u«t Houdayou account of il,o Ijiclfiiiunc} or tUe weather. Our llulo village wan thrown liiio a flurr or uccltoment Friday p. in., wbln two brutlu r pUKlllulH became Involved in a scrap. Jlev, J. C. Kopfurd w i l l begin u n u i l e r t o l ro- Tlvul mtiallugu In the Uapiht cburcli iuxt Tuesday uveDlnR. C. B, Foblaon haa irudmJ Ills farm of 11.1) acret ni'ur Littleton for u lMg« luivonul of Ur. W. E. Cloriaon'H remedies and will KO on thu load ID tbo near future ;ia a lull-lli'diicd medicine peddler. Cnrroll Martin and will Ham no louder Ii uuy (our of being Uikeu Hick with lover, r tho clgaxu and we'll say uo inure n b o n t l l About a do/.on iiitUujs wcit I (if. While returning from the creamery 1 Monday tt. D. Chirk nad a lively rnu.iviiy. u[i Betting hie milk wagou. Eagle Center Items. J u h n A N b u and sltitur Ma^^lo, or your city, .ijirnL H n n d a y ivUli filcndR at Lbls pUcu. J.IH. Conry.Tr., JH the champion rKbblt hunt- IT u( Lhi'sc juiriH, ij.iBUlnu II 'imnule.'i one day rec'-iiLly l V i n . T # i i l i u bad a "bcu" one ilay la-.liveek haullnt; Minibcr f r o m lluUKon, Mr. Tivulia In- tcnili b u l l d l n K a barn In the biirliiK. H.ill carrlur .lolin Durgt-r ropurtH Ills trip to Waterloo liibt Monday as ouo of iho mom dlu- iiKrueablu no u v u r exnerlunccd. rrank Prost, u no IK hi u pi)ilUull to know, rojJoi La a c'oinct In Lbo iiorthorn slclus which Is vury urllllant abuui, inldiil^lit, John Over, our city buLchur. ^hoHU blltilnu'MS IH dally Inciv.nlug, will build an addition to lill leu bciuBG A n u m b e r of our German nulKliTorH went to HnolH hint wock to Litt«iid tliu \voddiiiK of a rlond, Ons clay lunt week r. K. AlcGiirvoy louk hlu n i H k o t f r o m Ihe wall, loaded lur for "ba'r" nd hied blmoulf to u fodder lie d \vlu-rc lie had pli-d Hmu clilclicnu, Coining \vHhln ran^o of m c o i o y ho cocliu'Jl bolb IjarrcU M Itu the ill! erinlnatlou of a n n i h i l a t i n g thu (lock, and roiiKUt the cnitly weapon to bis uhonliler, ucli a rupori 1 Xel^hborB thoUKbt It wan tlie cbu of the lluito explosion. Thu tild inu.s airly roand; dlie lurched forward uud then maibed bun DUD on lue nose, rcichfrt out uud c.Lino buch with u doublu header, atchlug blm ou thu Jaw aud then wretitliiK It ell from Ilia uraop lllie a thing ol lift, tunifd ack boniorHault.1, kicked at him am nd then lilclied H.soK acroau .14» aoic lot. At .at uccouulu tlio n u n naa Htlll In the uiv.vdoM nd P, E. wu.s trying lo dlbcovci' If bu brought \owti any gamv. It la UD evident fact that nouiuonu led the north door open laat Sunday n j f h t , and Iht eutle uoutlmru zephyrs which wtre playluK vlth our iiinjo.H|l]ire on bunday, wuHdrlvY-n to Lu native clime, Early Monday inoniliiKol^ nituru let iv lew Unhh out ol her bucli and (jot own to bunlne^. Tho .supply ofbll/.uird» Uopt In the cold ytorn^o warobouye up ID Iht 3tHlsh IHuulnloUH. whcru thi-y lucp thu v 0:1 Ice, wiu'i called upon nnd nil old rip Hiiortcr turned looHo. which bin i-down upon UH u 4 i i inllcM an hour. If our nor --"1 know an old soldier who had chronic diurrliui.-i oC long standing Lo have been permanently cured by tiv klDgOhrmburl.iln'f) Colic and Uiaril.o?ii Hemedy," Bays EdShuniplk,ft pcom- inbut druggist ol' Mlnouitpolis, Minn "I hnvesold tbe remedy In this city for over eeven years and consider it super lor to any other medicine now on the market tor bowel complaints." 25 and SOu bottles of this remedy for Hale by JJluachalne McUaheran druggists. UUcumntlam Cured In a L)«y. "Mystic Cure" for llheumatism and Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to S days. Its action upon the system remarkable and mysterious. It re mcrvea at once tbe c«use and the dig ease Immediately disappears. The tint duM greatly benefits, 75 centa Sold by IJlanchalne A McOahermn i'orte. hem brethren Imvo any mure of the kind Iu lock wo hopo they w i l l uncork them w h i l e we tru In iho mood to receive. Kk'lu went to St. I'.iul last Tucsda} u purcbuHu slock. The suit fur the rlglu or possession of I|IL 'arm of M. J. IMahcrty. utxwveu that genllc- :mui and Oscar Casoy, uf Dysart, |I:LS boon net- Lleil by cacli party paying tliclr own costs In the case thus far, and Mr. Cntvy gcUIng possession of tho placo. Jlr. l,"l"hurly'.H family au\ricil for Dubuque last Monday. A Soldier's Love Story Told with consummate skill is our new War Serial by Capt. F. A. Mitchel, entitled CHICKAMAUCA J-OF tne flext 1010 meeks We will sell everything in the line of HEAVY Winte ranted tlie moat wonderful blemish jure ever known. Sold by F. S. Hoyn- i, druggist. Mooreville. Received too lat« for lajt week. Harry Harrington cut bin knee while chop- Dlni; wood, An intensely interesting' story, full of thrilling adventures and dramatic situations. Read the First Chapter Which will appear in this paper soon. O. J, l i Is on tho licit Hal. Tim L. idles' Aid locloty held d sociable lit Mr Carlwjn'H Wedneaday evening Mr. D. R Campbell has returued from Wash Bullly sawed wood for M. Harrington Thursday. Jim C.i3«y wiui taking In iht..jlglun m Cbl- i;il Uri'imun Is VIHILIIIK hit [iarfui« this wln- ;r. Iliinry CiiHey'n b.iby In tjull* alck. John Harrington found cno of hie horni'a isid In Lhp Hi-Id laal Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Iledard are rejoicing i-L-r tho arrival or u lltllo baby Klrl, bom Saturday, Jan. luth, The young ptsople Improved their t i m e katiug moonlight evening^. --There IB good reason for tlie popularity of Chamberlain's C-iugh Hem. ecly. Davis liuznnl, of West Mont erey, (Jliirion Co., Pa , any: "It. has cut- I people t n u t o u r pliysiuians could do nothing tot. We persuaded them to try a i - o t t l e u t Ohiiniberlain'a Cough llemedy and they now recommend it with Hie rest ot UB." 25 and 50c bottleB 1'or a.lie by Jil mcliaine McUnheran Spring Creek Gleanings. Owlne l» thu colil wave we aro unable to gather many Uem^ this wuulr of particular lu- it-riMl. J. u. DlNon sold 10 your buyers tbli week u nice buncb or fat ciutie. As Spi-lDg Crcok Is in our Jurisdiction 1 pro suinc we have a perfect right lo the whole Fanulo Muotera, of PocubontM county, litai or Mr. and Mm David Masters, Is .; her parents and othuru along the cnuiny line,-. Tbe many frlonda of Chaa. Dlxou gave him a happy aurprlBo Saturday evening, hla birthday. Charley IB now n mun. J. V. MorrlH, of Irelon, 31ou\ Co., IB \ifiltln(j hit brother-in-law, B. C. Taylor and lie stoppca on hla return from Chicago, uu luil been with lour cur loads of sheup. Jim in one of Sioux county'ti foremost farmorB. It It Spi Is a jjei uK Cruuk ^bout founeun years ugo. He il ^cuilcm:ui and nn old time ropubll. llrotbcr Sh.-idy, Juit licep silll and rend Newton's tbrue l»wn of mutton, "which will convince you that buddy In ;ill rlfjht tor u btgln nor, And Hrother Aj:ix wo did not whlno bl c,uiaeou klrlu'J IIB, only because we had noiblnK cl»e to do. Let MM hear from you ug.iln Uro AJ.n. SODDV. Orlton Cornwell. foreman of the Middletown, X. ,!., bolieves that Chamberlniii'a Cough Hcmeily should be iu ovury home, He used it for a cold and It cfTectnl ii speedy cure. lie says: "It is Indued ;i gruurt remedy, I can recommend to uil. 1 hnve also seen ituaed for whooping cough, with the bust results." So and nOc uottlfi for sole by Hlnnchnlne .S; McU.iheruD. Cedar Iterna. n change la the woailior last Monday lor ibc boys \vbo wore out Suudny evening. The scnrici levir vlcllms in this vicinity are lm}rovlng :it prcaont. Geo Rlpp«l nn£ tumlly hmn moved WWla- consln, tholr former bomo. Cluu. Thrall T.IS Uikon seriously 111 while vlalllng nt A. \V. Hubburda Sunday. Frank Humor returned to his home In Jeaup Sunly. One of our young ladles roporla Ihc ·lyle || rldlORTvlih B young man wilt the side FROM ANOTHER. Calvin llarmo-i, who camu Irom S. D. last fall and has been uuipplng with H. M. Anhlcy, lily bruther-ln law, ban bought uharlle JJar- moii'H f a r m of fourte;n ncre^--confederation $10 per rcre, and loaficd 40 acres more of 11. M. Ashley, roriuorly a part of tho Dave Ilanuoii C'barlle Harmon v.-![| put bla goods and cbai- a« In a car hound for northern Mo. about thu Irat of February, "linrd Scrabblo limn loses one of Its best cllliBCm*, but \ve bop« It wll ulu ono Just as good. Succ«i,!»toC U Graudma Howiey celebrated her 83d birth day .1 few day« ago by Inviting In a few of her t;tib irs and Irlcuus to eat lurliey with bnr. Shi' IMI.M been n very strung and rugged woman durlug her life and Is reasonably BO yet, C. K. and Ed. Ashley bought last nooli, four he;vd of thoroughbred registered Aberdeen AURU9 cattle, connlsllng or a cow and three yearling hellero. Tbey.pronoio to atari n lll- tlolierd of the cattle, which are tbongbt by many cjittlo men ui DC the Dno5t for \jeot of iui) breed. IJcsldos every hWo guts Into en over coat or robe, moreover they ure very bandnome c.iulc to look nt. The head of the herd, ul present will uo "Hlack Joe V," n registered iboroiiglibretl about four jira old and black ah u We ate told Him the vow above mentioned w;i» wloucr at ?nc or the Iowa Hllil-o fairs of a aecund premium. ChRTllo Hartlng hua completed a One, large hou«o east of the Ocr. Lutheran church. Lint Clark also hai a nice large houso completed. Both of those are crvdliublft to the prosperity and energy of ihese gentlemen. It Is said. O. B. Gates will build next summer. C- R- Oren U buying) tailing nl«en. Tho "rreaa" mlgut be IndlcMd by the Onind Jury for lla blunder!) In Iu local column. V«ry well Alax and Soddy, wbllc yon cat each other I will pick up lot at**, 'Cour. hT VIBMKNT f Ilii- ( J o i i i l l t l o n uf U n i o n Ktlite l i n i i k Oripinl7rd tinder thu luvrn or Iowa, lucul cd ul l.u Porte City, in tlio county nnsl.ii'k Ifftwk, »l t h f Mo0oor buHlnciMnil tli« 9 l H t (Uy . i f IK'i- , A, D., iritll, muile to tlii. 1 Auditor »1 State, UH reriuirufl by law AHSICT.S. Aniouutof blll.H, hondu and oth- ur evldcncL-H or dcbtu discounted or pnrchaned actually owned by LlmBrink ( r k d o u t ) I I O O I I 01 (The condition or tbf. fnron'i Inn particularly describe .1^ followa:) J Good, (carried Insldo) MID.IIM (M I P.iatdue (carried lualde) 7,a?l 4« AMOUNT OF CASH ON I1A.SU. D U d C H I l l K D AH FO1.1.OWH; Bold and allvcr coin yj,ai700 Legal lender and national bank noUjH aud suU'skll.iry cinu (1 uic 20 Drafts on solvent bankn on Hand anil cash Ruins ^ 2 0 j j 9 ^~^~ I5.3C3 7» TIIEAMOUNT suiutario UEOHAWSAT SIC.HT ON DBVOSXT IVrril SOLVB,\T HANKS Oil H A N K EH"! (BPIU11TYIKO SA'lEBAMj LOCATIONS or HANKS) : Merchants Nal'l Hank. Ch'go ID.5W "^ Chase N a f l Dank New York 1.730 IS Lcavlit u Jobnson, W a t , la. C2830 ,^.1 |D B7ISO Overdraftn .................... The v.ilui- ot rtal property (owned by the bank.. . . 8,16012 The value olpcraonalpropcrty (owned by the bank) ......... SI.WT 70 IfJ.CtM 63 Toul Assets ... . UAIIIMTIES The amount of capital stock actu.ilb" paid up in caah... , «JO,OttMW TUB TOTAIj A^IOU^T nut J J K I ' O H I l O l l h AS t'OM-OM'S Amount sight deposits ____ ?25 WJI 7 AmouaiUinedunoHliH ...... 7i,aij -) THE AMOUM OK U N D I V I D E D IMtOFITS Ay KJJ.I O\s S Surplus tuud ............. J7.0OJOO other pronis on hand after deducting luxe 1 , and l U7 O.COO 07 , , s Total ll.tblllllcs ...... Amount »f all liabilities Ki the Dank on the p,irt or Ulrcctorn A» borrowers ........ -- ,,.Ili,V7i An endorsers ............ J l.iaouo 13'JWH) STATJJ OF I O W A , Black Hawk County. WH, G. W. Uayzloii Prca . A V in Valkcn- burg C'ashlrr, .ind B. S. Stantou and VY A. Walker of the bank abovu named do solemnly bwi-ar that tbe foregfiln^ it-ue- ment Is f u l l , triii 1 aafl correct to the bcstol our knowledge and belief', that the . net forlli are bonalldc Ihe property of s.ild Uank In Us corporate capacity; and ( h a t n o p a r t or the same ha.s btton loaned or advanced to H.ild Hank For the purjioic of being c\lilbl[iti as a portion of Its assets G W. HAYZLTTTT, President A. VAN VAMCENUUHC, Cashier. D. S. Suuion I V Dlrcctor». W A Walker ) Subscribed and sworn to before me. by G V. . Uayzlett, A. Van Valkenburg, It S. .Stantou and W. A. Walker this 7th day of Jan. A. D. iBK. 1. J,. llAYzurrr. ISGAL,.] Notary Public At an ENORMOUS REDUCTION. We are doing this to get rid of our stock before our spring goods arrive. If you are in need of Dress Goods, Cloaks, Underwear, Overshoes, Blankets, Overcoats, Heavy Suits, or Fur Coats, come and see what we can do for you before buying. 1'ubllc Sale. Thn iindorulgnc'il will eell ni. 1'ubllc Sale DD ibc John A a h u place, 7 miles North ivcslof i.n' Porte uol 1 miles youth or Wasliburn, on WcJ- ncadny Jan. 30, 1BB6, commfnclng nl IU u clock u. m , , the lollon'lDK Ucacrlbetl iirapcriy: Onebsy m»ro 1 year; old wltli fool! one b!tc!i n-.aro3year3 old; one bay n. arc -, yenrb old: OQO bay borao a years old; ouu ^orrcl horse; one bay mare: uu» laat spring's coll. «o veil h e a d e r choice milch 'cows, comluff In 60(ja-. two 3 year old hclfcrs: rue yearling heller: four siecrd coming 3-ycara old. six sl«erfi coming one year old: one liolrer coming one ye.vl old; 'X bc^d of 1'oUicd China shoals, trolghlng Irom "0 lo 175 Ibs. each: ucholcHol of brood sow»: une boar: one lumber wn^ou. one Walter A. Woods binder; one Walter A. Wooda mower: one SO inch disc Uudlong pul- rerlzer, nf arly new: oni- S-socLlon levtr harrow: one broadcast seedar: one in lucb Nilr- ring plow; ono 14 Inch etlrrliig plow. Iwo X Departure ^ corn plow;,: hvo Gopher plows: two set double harnesn; ono hay II bushels ol seed com: eltrht tons of good lalilL hay, OHL- st.n.'U of straw, a lot of corn fodder, two milk t am. u lot of Innibci and 300 (more or le^s) bimhels nf corn In crib. Free lunch »l noon Terms:-- All sums of S1.00 and uuder, CAS'II; over ibai, mnuunt a croillt of 10 months will be (rtvcn on approved HOICK, dra^lng C per cent. Interest from lau. 2 per cent off for cash W. M. ItUTI.EK- J. K. Terry, Auctioneer. --An exchange sftya a patch on the knee, caused by holding down wood on BMW buck, looks a whole lot better than one on the gable end caustd by holding down a store box. Dr. Price's Cream Biking PowdOT ED. E. SCHUCK Try it yourself. It will pay you to trade at W. L SGflUTZ f GO'S. Lot 3 live pairs L-idies 1 Kid button shops, II. C., -33.50, now 52 50 Lot 4. four pairs L idles' Kid button shoes. U. C., S3 00, now 2,00 Lot."). 17 pairs L'ldles Gl. button aimed 52.50 and 53 00 IIOIT 1.75 Lotij, 20 pairs L idie'a Hand turns S300 ;iii() 54 00, no\v 2.00 Lot 7. ·! paira Ladle's L'ice tip shoes ^,'JD, now 2.00 Jjcit !i. 23 p,iirs Jj«die's K'dd button shoes S3 00 :ntl-5-1 CO. now 1,50 Lul ia. 7 pairs Ladies Goat O'ltton th cs 52 85, now 1.00 1.00 1.50 SO .50 15 25 . Lot M Ii) niiirs Misses Kid b u t t o n llccl, %2(KJ, now Lot 18 10 pairs Misses Kid Uuttun spnii? he"], .?2.G5. now 17 pairs dlnlds Kid b u t t o n , heel 3 to ijt^, $1.00, now a Hoys Plush Caps, ?1 00. now 5 Hoys Caps aOe.. now 27 rfcntc.h Caps, liOoenls, now Also a Full Line of (rent's Furnishing Goods, Cheap. The above prices arc o n l y a fc sv of the well selected stock formerly owned by Geo. Bung CM- Son. Yours for Business, W. L. SCHUTZ Co. The Gash Shoe Man. All kinds of Repair Work neatly done. Mt. A u b u r n News. From the Star. --II. J. Lamb returned from Clncn- go Tuesday. --A young l.uly from uenr Cmrml Grove who has been Heise jiiici iKUii'y Tor returned -'lome Tuesday, --The well drillers who ;iro down the public well worn I|I|VMI t cover Monday on j i c c u u n t o f t l i i 1 sltirin. Tb«y resumed work Tuesdiiy. --John Wiegund returneil from his trip to Geneseo, 111., l''ridny n j s h t . Il«- report? things in a nourishing oondi- tion over in Illinois--One of the funiilinr faces on our streets 18 Aunt Sill}" 11' l!l - A l l h o t i p h she has always been a hurd workinir rv-oman she has lost cone of hir enerpj and industry, nml gets around wtih un elasticity that would do honor to inij O f o i i r y o t i n g misses. IMlbllc «»lo. Tlu- u n d u i s i g i ed will sell at public « n l c in l'oner Lwp. 3 miles north of J. i I'm tr. -1 miles southeast ofCiilbetlfl- \ i l l r . mi Thursday Feb 7, '!I5, at 11 oVlnck Hit 1'iiiowuiK property. 1 span in.'iiciird iron pray N o r m a n horses I'lnimiLT 4 yrs old. weight, 2,800 Ibs. ; 1 lii\' ·;«' |1 I" I B coming f rs. old; 1 buy imirr, I;IIK: d r , v . r , i n Told to Ilile- iii:ui.-i Wilkcs; 1 b!i) gtklin? coming 3 v i s . i-iii; 1 j,)iin ol nuilched bay mares i'dininu; 2 jfiirs old. The above horses urt- mi soiiiid. 'J head ol cows, gome will be Jnsli by t i m e of ^le, the rest I'oiuiiiK in soon, :j head ol two year old steers; 1 2-yrar old heifer; 8 steers (·(·iiiiiic 1 vcrir olu. 2." liend of Poland C l n r i n siioius: 13 choice brood tows Irom 12ii to 175 Ibs. Notice of the ApyoliitniiMii or A.dinml" 1 TM 101 '- SIATK OF I O W A . ',,.,, Ulachhawli County-! Xotlctf Is lidcby given tha: tho undersigned his been dul!" appointed and (iualli:»d I ji? Artnilnlslraiornf the F.^Uii* M . I f h n G a l lat*of Bl-uil'bfwk county. AU persons maebicd 10 Bald Kat.iio are ro- (iuesl«5 to make Inunfcaiate payment, and those having claims aEalnM iti- aamc will present them, duly, to the undersigned lor allowance, FLETCHER SMITH. Dkled JoiiU7 -*· 1M. One "\VmiiT A. Wood harvtsler; 1 Jno. J i e c r corn plHii'er and check row- or conipli U-; 1 flymg clutcliman nd inc rlov. n e w ; 1 14 inch siirnng p i i i u : j |i,,v rnke: 1 cultivator; 1 lumber wagon; 1 2 stat-ed buggy; 1 2 seat i'(! o u i t e r ; 1 s u i of bob sleds; 1 corn suullcr: 1 fctd boiltr; 1 single Harpoon fork and imllijs.; about 300bu. of corn; IWI.I l i n . nl "\Vhitc Dnlrh oats: 20 tons I'M, i, t inn- Hit h:iv: C bu. prime seed eotii ni'ii 1 ' i h f i M i u c U s . T f r m s : 85. .·uid n n d i r «,iali; over li;it mnmiiit 12 r'n"Tiilis ' rr'ili v.i!l he given oo bank al!i' i .)H"* « ' i b upprovrd security, xviilici-.ii inli-rest if paid when dueiotb- oinim- in d r a w 8 per cent interest from d;.!^ 5 per cciiV o)T for cash. Free luiii'li ;it T'onn. (}. W. SAW1TEK. J I!. T i n \ , i\ncl. tJiiHton. who s-iot himself recently rvhcn licensed ol rape, waa tried last wc-^u Thy geucrnl impression «M thai on account of expert testimony lie would bt acquitted. Bat the jury brought In a y-rdicl of utility of aa- aault with intent to commit ra?«," a victory for state-- Via, Cor. to HUr. IN £V SPA PERI iWSPAPERI

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