Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 30, 1943 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1943
Page 13
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SATURDAY, J A N U A R Y 30. 1043 Classified Advertising Information RESET FOR WANT AD PAGE . TABLE OF ECONOMY WANT AD PRICES 10% discount if paid at time of insertion. 3% discount on all classified ads paid within 10 days of last insertion. This It 6 point type The rales lor this size type are-1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 2 Lines .. 3 Lines .. 4 Lines .. 5 Lines .. 6 Lilies .. V Lines .. 8 Lines .. 9 Lines . . $ .30 .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 S .75 3.13 1.50 1.88 225 2.G3 li.OO 3,38 $1.32 1.98 2.64 3.30 5.23 5.D4 This' is 10 point type. The rotes for this size type are-- 2 Lines .. 3 Lines .. 4 Lines .. 5 Lines .. 6 Lines .. 1 Lines'.. 8 Lines .. 9 Lines . . 1 Day 3 Days G Days . 5 .40 .60 .80 . 1.00 . ' 1.20 . 1.40 . 1.60 . 1.60 51.05 1.58 2.!0 2.63 3.15 3.68 4.20 4.73 SI.92 2.88 3.84 4.80 5.7« C.72 7.68 8.64 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY , , 1 Day 3 Days 6 Days 1 Inch ... S .80 S2.25 S-i.35 JUST CALL 3800 AND ASK FOR AN AD-TAKER Index to Classified Classifications are numbered according to the position in which they appear in the section. Acreage 7f] Agents . . . . . . . 26 Apis for R e n t . . :ta Amusemenls ... 7 Auto Acc*. c ories. r2 Autos for Sale . CQ Auto Trucks ... Cl Auto Financing. JD Beauty Shops . n Board. Room .. n BIIF. Locations . 30 Bus. Op'tuniticj 13 Cafes . . . n Card or Thanks a Cemeteries ... A:t Cleaners. Dyers la Cottases . . . . A33 Death Notices . .1 Dogs. Birds. Pets 1'i Electrical .. . A2a farms for Sale . S3 Farms Cor Bent 40 Florists . . . 4 Foottj 45 Funeral Directors :t Gardens A45 Belli Wanted. Male. Female 27 Help Wtd:. Mat*. :o Help Wanted. - Female ., 21 H e l p Wtd.. With Investment .. 19 Houses for Sale. 35 Houses for Rent. :4 H'sehold Goods 54 Instruction £a Insurance 10 In Memnrinm . A:i Investment .. , g Livesfk for Sale 42 Location U T .-nlcd i/1 Lost. Found G Lots for Sale ... 3G Machinery 41 Mi.=p. for Sal? .. « Mi*c. for Rent . 46 Money to Loan 8 Musical Inslr. .. 48 Nursery Stuck .. « OplomelriMs . . I I Offic« for Rent. « Office Eauipt. .. 5ft Personals r, Poultry. Eggs .. 5r» Radio |c Real Estate .... si Real Est. Loans An Reams for Rent Si Sale or Trade .- .11 Sale or Rent . E:t5 Salesladies 24 Salesmen 25 Seed?. Feeds ... 17 Services Offered :!:'. Situation Wtd. . 112 Su-ap Service .. 2!i Wtd. to Borrow. 53 Wanted to Buy. f.G Wanted. Mi.=c. 53 Wanted to R e n t . f»7 Wear's Apparel 53 Money to Loan A Good Credit Record is al! you need to get money at The First National Bank Make a valuable credit connection and protect your credit by payin" bills will) a First National Loan. Lowest Possible Rates INVESTMENT DEPT. First National Bank "The Logical 'PJace to Borrow" COMBINED FACILITIES of thn Help Wtd., Female 21 WANTED--Waitress and Melt's .Ice Cream. kilchcn help. Services Offered 23 MIURORS rcsilvcred. Factors- process Guaranteed. Afae^et's. Pliojie 78^. Salesladies 24 CALL ON FRIENDS with Greeting Card . Assortments. Easter. Birthday other occasions. Personal Stationery: Gin Wrappings. Big profits. Experience unnecessary. Samples on approval. Wallace ' Starting Your Want Ad Today-Phone 3800 J=2SJfei!2_J« J^LSi__i! J *···· « s* -«I N ,,·,, f i,- jTJi nrnnnr IIITI ri. ,,^,,,,,.,, FOR SALE--LIU-i-haiii., ,.!,,...-.. '.:.,~,\7 ,T77rrTr^r^;.'~.--*-*·;--·· I l i a i l o v^ialin F . r\._ U L U I I U I UITI rn HOUSES FOR RENT Sis Second N. w.. 7 room modern, fireplace .. MO 00 la:: N i n t h N. \v.. 8 roc in modern, double J'PJTWtd'N.' W..'3'bedrn, S ..'firc ; ) j; »7M f i i s . Louisiana. :·· bedrooms . . . sa- :! 1^ --mi S. W,. tte;v 4 loom house sny tin 3104th S. W.. 4 rm. brick b u n c a t o w!ou BECK BROS. CO., Phone 134 o u s c TM N c $12.30 mo. Pli. -H113-U. 331 1211, S E FOR RENT - 5 r,7nT ciose In. Phone 1031-J. duplex. i room house, close in. Ph. Salesmen 25 FEED SALESMAN' WANTED -- y,,,, t . :111 i " "'" ' ' 'ishcd I L T - ' FOR REN"i--a room hricl: Fcc'erat. .March 1. duplex. B740-W. Houses for Sole 35 I FOR SALE~-Lo« chains, electric and battery radius, wind charter. 515.01): Move PiSf-N!"^. J ° r :br - "' * °- "«"»»«. I.-OH SAUE-Dcflco li E :vt ptaul. 4 cylinder. "· "· '-Ululf. Nora Springs, U miles K. fOlt SALE--Sueciol Delivery 1.500 Ills cual lias us much heyt as I'.OOQ |[j a . hiaixy oilier coal. Anli-sool Nut. SS.4y. S'J.OO. Arkansas Smokeless. 5311 "v"' C N' Monroe-. Ph. Louis Sn-elila. 4K Ba'terv charaed .Me. M proof Ami-Freeze in your container. 881; e al. Oil.' lie quart. Res. Ci.isoilne. 4 E als.. 5Bc. Hl s h Test 70c KOK SALE--L. C. Smith Elite 10 in type IL-V I . P P - t-^-,,^11 . _ . j ... ' * l -M'- wvlU-r. Excellent Globe-Gamte. L-ond. Write * j f - n i t , e " "! !0 une of " eve ' al ^taiiiishcd iLT-i nouses ror bole 35 Midland Investment Co. pr^,^ sl -^S-^-j v ' v "|l:ir. r.,j)eat buyers Will De turned ovrr t i , »-*^nH.lK) ; and the j -V 011 - TM= is a IK-IV. scientifically balanced ! 4 1 ' nol ».- ; . modern, recently buill ' n j r--- - l r. . "''Wok-cil mineralized. vHamized, iodized' ' Well located. b u n g a l o w Never ·' I ^t.1^^1 Li . I C ' dry and irrad Liird vn:,wi r..... t.-.,~ I ... J u l ' » ^ i » J \ \ . I S L V C I .1 Foods NO KT H E K N W A X F D RUTABAGAS 45 ---.- ..-.^rf ·»»*. h»iiiuij|] v/un civner company. The double facilities speed up loan application* no Ions delays, to" ean save time by visiting j o u r joint offices. United Financial Service Over Ford Hopkins Drag Store Phone 57 man. ur company is torly- three years old and liighly rated. Compensation plan will ho explained at personal interview. All replies treated itric-lly con- fldcnllnl. Write, s i v i n u age :mcl experience. Write- R-30. Globe-Qazetie. ! i ; i ;;|Bag$I.29-71b s .25c EARL'S FRUIT MKT. 1COT-I609 S. Federal Avc. |. houe. 1 A. sroimd '·n Daynitiil. Ph. 24HH.J fort SALE--c rm. lino all mot] Write O-22. Globe-Gazette. YOU CAN BORROW t h i s j months it you ca'iMay "aside 0 SI 75! ~TM??? n !l. ' or Rent per week to make the payment. Kon HENr-n Mti ,,,t i.-,rg, :l. auto, eoat heat. ° r 4M ' 32! -. £u add.. '2oth SI S W nioiuh rent. -127 lOlii w. E. Federal Discount Corp. ?f. Wash. . studio Alter i; FOR BENT-- Large. pleasant room. 102 South Connecticut. sfceuin" V. ZEARLEY, Manager M-iN. Federal Phono 51ti! TOP 'REKT M t H L . * O H h t M -- Mod. hskpjs. rm.. auto, liot - . Mfl water. Man prcf. K. Fed. Death Notices 1 It's TIME That Counts! The TIME to do your share is NOW! Remember t h a t staying hea!thv! F 9 !t RENT--Hsiip nne or'ouj- first duties! If you '"' Fl '- - gc "- w - water, reins. . .. Olh K. \V. FOR RENT-Lee. si,, rm. Aulo neat Mf 1U87 7 0 j Acreage 37 U ' A . N . TED ~ Acrca -' : " c ar Mason Wrilc- J--'U. Globe-Guicttc. Citv FOft REHT-Iioom. close in F T-''o S 'c;iSr."' "^ sood Iand ' Wrilu Forms for Sole 39 yOR SALE--HANCOCK COUNTY 113 Acres Near Britt _; ! AH level blade land and tiled. and sing. mis. close Electricity, low tax, f a i r buildings. . Ph. need cash for doctor care or other bills, we can help you promptly. Home Loan Finance Company 205 Foresters Bkig. MASON CITY FOR RENT--L'je. .sip. rm.. l g! . clnsrt clean. Vvarm. hot water. 121 N. Jeffcraon , , S135.00 per acre. MARK F. MILLER BRITT, IOWA Aprs, for Renr Musical Instruments 48 NEW SIlIPMEN-r of Used Records 13c ° r 5 '' 5CI - '·" " m1 Musi: ' C °- NEW RECORDS in -lock. "Mr Five bv Five." "Tlicrc's a Star Spangled Banner Wavins Somewhere." "Touch of Texas " "There Are Sue), Tilings." "Der Fuehrer's face. "Moonlit-lit Becomes You." anil ·}0!!c! lit- Sa Kke to Come Home To" Lea Reed Musie Co.. 10« N Del Household Goods 54 FOR SALE--Sanitarv Ph. mi' FOR SALE--Ice chest, iron bed snnn cltce.-a clulrf. labk'. KM Ulh St. S, FOR SALE--Voss condition. l!U[ti\ hi];s machi Adams. aaoii VACUUM Cloncr ueacquarlers. sales anil ' BranOl, ' Pll. ; " oov;r Factory Mcrkcfs Ph. 133. WASHER REPAIRS, till make- Quid; RADIATORS cleaned, f e n d r r s cticd. wheels balanced and al Birum-olEon Company. fOK SALE--INO ford Tndor^TNcTT" Claim F. R., ^j Churchill Decided on !°'°a Invasion of Crete We Will Buy "Your ZENOR MOTOR CO. 21 Second S. W. 643 S. Federal Winterized .Used Cars at Reasonable Prices HART MOTQRS, Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Opposite the Post Office 120 N. Delaware . TERMS - TRADES Phone 080 FOIl SALE-- By DrivatiTawn Tudor. S1-'J. Ph. L'SO.i. FOR SALE-- 13« L.-I SaltL- "J lion. Mrs. U. K. Lundbci's. KOK SALE-lt'33 V-a Tudur. Jus! overhauled. John Graverien. ftoni Sprinjjs. Lodge Notices IIAItUIN'G LOOGi: NO. r.ln .A. F. A A. 31. Kebf 10. 7:30 P. M. M A V N \ K D V.'ul/rKI( W. M. Telephone -J4GO-W C. C. liALI'lllDE. Secretary Uy UNITED The Gci'inan propugundii ministry said Saturday that President liooseveit and Prime Minister Winston Churchill had decided at Casablanca to invade Crete and (he Italian Dodecanese Islands tins spring. "In the Mediterranean area, an o/;eiisii'e was to be conducted asainst Tunisia by a stronger employment or United States forces," il said. "Air raids on I t a l y are lo be I'urther intensified in the | 1O)) e liial Hie I t a l i a n people's morale mijiht bo H-calccjicd." Tlie German propaganda ministry, through a Irans-ocean ajjencv i chspalch broadcast by radio Berlin, purported to tell the "true story" of what happened al Casablanca. Although Cliurchill and Air. Roosevelt were al Casablanca 10 day.s. the Germans'we're unable to find oul where they were, u n t i l the participants announced it themselves. OriKinally. the dispatch - said. Mr. Roosevelt and Churchill had planned to meet at Casablanca only two days, and go on to Teheran. Iran, lo meet Josef Stalin. Stalin could not conic, the dispatch said, and they decided lo draft a separate American-British plan for 1U43. Married or Single Quick Cash Loans $25 to S3 00 SECURITY LOAN CO. .-.°-f. S±?.·£· Sel? Ssi,S 321 First Nat ' r Bank cvcnins folloivine an illness. Funeral riln,- will be held al the 1. O. O. F. chapel ct ...30 o clock Monoay afternooji Burial ivill be at Shelby. Iowa. The MeAuley and Son funeral liome in charge. . Fred A., former Ccrro Cordo county tanner, died at Huron S Dak Thursday. Funeral services will bo held at the Major Memorial cbapol at 2 o'clock M o n d a y afternoon. Burial ivlll be .11 Elm' 1 " ' T 1 I C Maior funcral i - e Phone 412 STINEHART. Donald Grcgs dav old ton of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stinehart V4 JacKscn avenue northwest, died at a local hospital Thursday. A coinmitla] service xvill be held Monday ailcrnoon al ·· o-elock. w i t h the Rev. C. A. Hinz. pasloT o[ Bethlehem Lutheran citureli. in charqe ?«.'"« Wlll , bl! "' E1 TM woo 1 Mmctcrv. The .fatlcrson funeral home in charge. Funeral Directors MAJOR Funeral Home. 203 Sccond~N7~E. Efficient Service plus Rcveccncc. Ambulance. Phone 511, REAL ESTATE - LOANS F. H. A. AND OTHER TYPES I W. CLARK CO. 205 Foresters Bldg. UnfLirnislicdJ:! room a p a r t m e n t neat und waler furnished Unfurnished I room a p a r t m e n t " llcjil and water furnished . '.. unfurnished 4 loom apartment. lieal and water furnished U n f u r n i s h e d 5 room .·ip.-iruneiil ' licat a n d water furnished Also some yood houses. W. L. PATTON. ItcaltOL- JOS Katt StaCc F ° R SALE-Attc . tors, i forms les f a r m tmvers-invcs- 5 mi Ins Mason C j l v A " '- " Gravel « · » » / ' · c r m s - r l e for price s '"-"° i and tcriiM. Pox -HI Washington. la. .-' " aa ' es ""·''· A " ""illihas dilioncd and uaintcd. too.l fence". ' """· C " ad t c r m s - V/rlle for Farms t REKT--2 or 3 downstairs opts. Phone FOR HENT-2 rm. furn. or Ul]l. f u r n . Sa.jQ wk. Ph. ^4| nturn. apt. Eves. FOR RENT_Sm. fur,,., pleasant 1st f i r apt., prj. balh. yi(i N. Del. FOR RENT--I rm. unfuni. .-,pl , v |(h i ur . nacc. also 2 rin. a p t . Ph. 2717-J 4n East State: St. rOIt KEMT-Fcti. 7, t-loTM i f u r n . apt. Adult*, pis. 2U ~ rm. nicely LOANS FOI: fiENT-- 1st fir. ar!. Good U t i l - ities f u m . 711) So. I'cj-j). F ° R fir. a FOR ItEKT--ICO aere tirin 40 Krar Jl. C. wcil I'OR SALE-- I^irsL' circlilaliiiE oil heate He now. Joe Daniels Service I 1 '! Delaware. I'lionu 3tTJ BABY CHICKS From the only store in town t h a t 1 guarantees UtKi liability ut ^ weeks of age. All ChicUs come from U. S. Approved Hatcheries and they will arrive this week' ;it ; *", tlie Farm Store. MONTGOMERY W A R D FARM STORE UENCVOIXNCK LODC.E N'O. ll.i A. T. .V A. M. Monday, Fell. 1 W o r k in t h e Firbt Decree CJEOflCE C. SEIWC. II'. .M. DON O. GILBERT. Secretary Plionu joyti M A S O N CITY l.OIIC.K NO. '."it I. O. O. F. Meeting every Tno? n i - h t FOSTER ELLIOTT Xohle Gr.-iiul Phone IJiUtl W A Y M A K CLOSSO.V nceorilliii; Soerelary Phone ::ic? CHIGKASAW JURY MEMBERS NAMED NEW HAMPTON--The Chiclcu- s:iw county yrand jury for lo-i:i REPORT HITLER IS IN BAVARIA Astrologer, Guards Arc With Brooding Fuehrer By KOBKKT DOWSON LONDON, (L.R) _ Adolf H i t l e r opened the grim, forbidding 10th anniversary of his accession lo power Saturday by prolonging the Icrm of the nazi reichstaj; uii- lil J a n . 30, 1!)17 and thus cxtcnd- ins his own one-man rule of f,0.- OOo.nilO people for lour years. It u-as reported t h a t IlillL-r. sliding- toward disaster, was liruodine al his mountain retreat la ISavaria hi the company of a few sympathetic friend's mrludiiiK his astrologer, in ati- ditiDii to an uversi/e ^'uard ·V- -V- V Reports came from continental turopc t h a i as part of a desperate Ainling of all German resource* to stop the crcscendiny d e f e a t s lie is s u f f e r i n g in Russia, H i t l e r had named Hoinrich Hicinnicr, chief of the German police I he most dreaded man in all Germany, general commissioner lor tolal mobilization. Berlin announced t h a t the obscure Austrian traitor Ernst Kal- tenbrunncr had been named chief, of (he secret state police. Kaltcnbrunner. -ID. who helper! betray Austria lo Hitler w h i l e posing as a lawyer, had been police chief in Austria. A Berlin | broadcast praising him .said: "Of- i fici;)l reticence as to K a l t c n b r u n - ner's personality probably is absolutely in keeping with "his own wishes as he never desired to be in the limelight." He succeeds the l u t e Ucinhardt Heydrich, the despised yestapo leader, liquidated by Czech patriots.- As Germany observed lint LEGAL NOTICES FOB BENT--240 acre /.irn ; proved: conniry ifbool aeroxs i.^ri- ; thcap casil rent, pasture and hay land" ' share in crops, w. F. Urinm. P l y m o u t h ' Iowa. ; Machinery NUTIL'K 01 T I I K . A r i ' O I N T M E S T OF I i..\i;ci; p ri:ix | STATE OF IOWA. Ccrro G o r d o County. I -S5. Ko. 5317. ] Notice is hereby jzivcn, lhat the u n d e r - ' ' -- jiisned lia.s Ueeji duly .nnminlctl and \/tn f+l 56 I q u a l i f i e d as Executrix of the estate v! ^f U V.nOSCn to ,-.,-. v~r-- ' -- ~ } H"rry Kcbkcr. Uece.-.scd. late of C o i r , , ' '··"»»« I I » U V V A I V T L D 10 B U Y -- F i i c p l a r u screen and I Gordo County. All nelsons iiulelt«l lo ·vaslnns niaeliliiL.. PI,, ·j-jtc. ] .said L-SIMC arc requested to make inisnccli- ~ ia'^ii^'iNii'.'"' U .' Kl tl '° sl= l " lvi "~ L ' la "" s ! N E W H A M P T O N -- ickasaw county Wanted to Buy was announced here" Saturday The j u r y w i l l convene tor the Feb- I ruary term of court which w i l l I open Feb. 22. j ' NatviK. Lawier; Fred Bcii;-., KrederK'ksljury: O. N. Ferkenstad Lawler; William Spurbeck. I o n i a : Ilarry Kane, Lawlcr, and Carl H islier Bassctt 1 .... ,' , ,, , ,, f tiinuuciors, rcsmurunts. cafes M k h a ' i ' R , y i i ^ Ham P'°»: ! bars, shops and movie heaters' Michjc Rodiford, Fredcncksbury; i "All Italians will answer cn- H ClJrStfi?' Nfcw ' la , mpl ° n; W - ' lhusii ' sl '^"- « "'« new appea K. Clam pi t of Nashua: Guy j a Rome broadcast said "and A l l f v i s ° ma A r l h U r G l i c u k C l CVP ' T cilizon wi " bc P'roud o AIM VibUi. coDtribute cither on the battlefield or the home f r o n t to Ihc t r i - sturtiuK Jlay 1 women would IIP conscripted to replace men in many branches of work'inulud- iiiK railroad, street cur and bus conductors, restaurants, cafes, FOR SALE--AH elcclrie Iowa Crc-am sen- aralor. Waller 11. Lausler, 4 miles norlh Meservey. FOR SALE--H Mnmpomrrj- Ward - . n p o m r r j - Ward lumimcrmm. used lilllc. H. c. Toppin miles west Fertile. Ph. 4I1C. Kerlilt ' Livestock for Sola room .-.panmenl. 1st - . . Pciin.. aflcr ^ p. FOR UENT-2 rm. f u r n C[ilr.. hot \vatcr. Ph. apt., pri. hath OR SALE--Pm-cbrcil Clyde Van Elair. one Falls. FO ., R ^F NT --' '««-·- u n f n r n . rm. on lit Dot. Clear Lai fir. Close in. Rcas. Ph. 2U17-J. FOR SALE-:! (ull-hlooded Berkshire Wars, Ivi. j.i!) each, riert 1'reslholt Kt miles N'.. i i m i! c w . Milwaukee de- i _ REAL. ESTATE LOANS · Prompt Service · Attractive Rates BARNES AGENCY FOK REOT- D8 ^^rKS5r7Tr s i r °?^ L ? a -^^ il £,^ n TM -m. apt., turn., u n f n r n . .2:,.... N. Kcd. heifer Af« c.vlra KoSd.tocl-'addle "and .! year old Arabian saddle horse. E. II. FOR RENT-- Mod. opts. Reas. 20S Tel. 1300 Optometrists 11 CHILDREN cannot Judge if lllclr f i s lu Is C00[| or bad Have their eyes examined. Dr. htntitson. Opt.. U'cir Bldj;. l Chiropractors Al 1 PATTEHSO.V funeral ,, omc . K , lown I . :_ .,,. Wa 0S hine C1 TM CC phor,' ral i'l4? l " C ''- ^ Nor "' H ^ ALTH »««*n normal nerve (linc.ion. Washington. Phone 1140. ( Dr. n. J, Garner and Dr Lucv E ; Garner. "70^ North Federal. I McAULEy ancf SON Funeral Home. Com- I nlcle service. Day and ni s ht. a South Adams. Phone C5I. f apt. . . 3rd fir. over . . . Piggiy Wiggl y/ 12 I s r N. W. FOR DESIRABLE APTS. see i. B. Youngblood. Phone 36. FOR RENT-API.. c ioe in liclil Ph imo-J alter 5. neat. · an s a e orse E II Barllcy. !· miles S. w. of Rockford. Iowa FOR SALE-- Pi.rcbreif Red Duroc hqj: wilh Pli. 1MR1 papers. Clarence Paulson f o n SALE-Salllc and driviti" horc- E h c l l a n d ponies, v.-lulc Cullie and h-it Jl-rncr io s «. liocer Oleaon. forest City rOIi SALF.-- Hereford h u l l - v r ^ year old CIIK.K.T Whilv stoct Im. car corn: Manchu feed hca Caliban. Carlcrsvillc. luwa. old" 1' ' ' ' « KENT-z-Mod. 4 room apt. anrt'car. 'ID'.- North Federal. Plionc 2BC7. FOIl nENT-Unfum.~t "Vln apis. 113 5lh N. W. Ph. isa in Prusia - c c t a r i u m for unmarried Rirls. Low rates 14?4 C,*/^ 03 «" cn sc3 Confidenlial »H tjat Kansas Cily. Mo Lost, Found LOST--Fri. noon. H.x22 t r u c k c a n v a E o i ^y} \" !i TM! xn State Park. Ventura. Reward. John Voss, R I. Clear Lake LOST-- Fri nisht at Roosevelt ficldhouvc uiuc Parker pen. red leather billfold' locker Keys on chain, sold and white compact. Reward. Ph. 2026. ! a f'; ! cilll ' cr jnvclopc purse with 11 , initials. It. C. E.. near Palace theater. Reward. Ph. 1210. W /'"" *°^ W for reward. Sunday r.ile. . m j" h , lac jf ind "'hiuTdoB. child's 0 Tenth N. E. Phone 4i!S)\V. C a c u e 1 , n ' Rcward ' nursi: n TM M r - ' C 0 1 mounlms. Liberal reward. 5lj Adams- Phone 4393. Soulli LOST-Larfj.-i Elfin wrist watch, cxpan- aan band, at Surf. Clear I^kc. ric- ward. Rcl. to Irma Jensen. Montgomery RADIO CLEAN-UP! Two,12-Tubc Covonatlo Mahogany Finish Radios. Phonograpli Combinations. Let's dicker GAMBLE STORES 201 North Federal FOK RENT--3 rm and li.ilh and 4 rm and ' hath duplex, unfnrn.. hardwood cloac in. SZo. Phone 1509. fOt! RENT-2 turn. rms. war.n; tnratc rsn objection to uaby. .|10 12lh N. w". Houses for Rent 34 Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE-- roo hales hay. and timothy, mixed. miles N. FOR SALE-IB l,recl cwc.-7lsr TIKU i and ;o .vrv. Si,: Oswald. 1 n i l nil. jv. Ventura. TOR SALE-!., scrvicrahfc ilampshi, heap around Mil Ibs. Rt B . and i m i n u n , Joicph A. Sliou-. Wesley, la. FOR SALE--litTrnoriTu .ld Sliorth"oTirT^ Hereford hulls. Joseph A Show U"'" ley. Ja. i ' ' Misc. for Sole Eradu-cll. 2',_. milcs'easl Carrier WANTED TO BUY--Good small e! dm. WrilL- CJ-ao. Glohe-Gazette. WANTED TO BUY-- or 3 bedroon hnngalow for cas). Priv. parly. StiilL price, description, cte. Write w-22 Globe- Gazelle. ' of « of the ney WANTED--Good pump or automatic IG ' or 12 saso shol r;un. Write X-L'it, Globe- i WANTED TO BUY -- Furniture, dishes, tools. Ph. 1822. nxithen!ic.iIccJ. li the uiKicr^i^iicd ffir :il- " " ~ ~ " --** -- . · * * . ! . « « « * « »_ut«iiij lownncc. ;md file in thu office r tuc - P c »^ Jury for the February term c,e rk ,,, ,, IE g^ court i or the district court were issu« BE-sit ZEUKErt. Exccutns summons Saturday. They arc: Dorothy McFarland Fredcncksburg: Frank Kachcr. _ i Law'ler: Emma Bender. N c w NOTICE i»- THK Ari'fu.VT.iiK.vT OF Hampton: Otto North. A l i a Vista" AI e* ·'· McNally, New llamptoir cocmiy.; Charles Bartz I o n i a : Michael O Mullcran, New* Hnmpton- U'il- 1.. A. MOE. Atto Daleil Jan. ^I'lid. 1943. S. 11. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court tty A1AIICARET BII.EV. Deputy STATE WANTED-To Iji.j- i ; .=e,i fnniitcire "'rraclfl y o u r old for iiev: luniiuire Ju 21:: Soutli Ketlera). WANTED TO ISUY-Iland PI). .HI. .... No f.D24. Notii-e is hfrcliy «lv«i. Ihc tinder- Jii;ned l.tcn dnK- L i p n ' i i n t c d ;iml [jnalineil as Administrator of the estate of Cow, j f ^ n r y J Mruz, Deceased, late of Cerro Cordn cnunly. All ucrron^ intlelitcd 10 said estale are rc)iiesled In m a k e iinincdi- liarn Whitnable. FrcclcricksburH: alit'Ilci. WANTED--Second-linnd u-liccleliaji. John P. C-liristiaus. Carter, ft. I. CASH FOR Used Washing Machine.-: Used Sewing Machines Used Delta Power Tools Used Gas Ranges Currie-Van Ness Co. Fred II. Marldc. New H a m p t o n - L' C. Russell. Frcdei-icksburg- Marvin Burjjart. New Hampton, and a'«ai,m' v t'he"''\,TMTM'iii"T "?'!!'" t '' a1ims ! K ' C Ho ''slcy oC Frederieksburg. .iull»witic.,led. to Iti.' .m(ie--"ien'''d"foi al i r- '" Culllli11 - A l t j l Vista; E. C. cStro^crc^,"' 1 '" ·" ""}K*TM^^\^ ^^EVTg^S^^er'". !"' W '^ : · I ° l! " Con); Not"?^ Eoted Jan. ssntl. io«. '" lor "" , ion: Maj-yie McCoy. Freclcricks- n._.\incPEAK. c/erk nistrici^coiiri bui'SC Stuart Hat?.ky. Nashua: Mrs. """' T% , ,, Hampton: Ray ... ...i.^. ^...IL. v-.-ui*. M i ^ t r i c i Lourl By M A R G A R E T nILEY. Dciiuly Wanted to Rent 57 WANTED TO~1;N"TO^r"n7r'T.. pjT. ca.sli. Write O-2U. Glol)e-Gaietle. i-eascd. l.nic of Cerro Gordo~CoVi persons indebted to ;.aid ebtate quested i o ma k e i . n m e d i a l e Carrie Reich. New H u f f m a n . I o n i a : Mrs. I-iv; ,., New Hampton: James Collins. Lawler. Charles Reilly. i\ e w H a m p t o n , and Majella Koudclka. Lawler. Frank Coleman. New Ilainplon; NOTICE OF THI: .irrnixT.iiFN-T OF K.VECIiTItl.V STATF. OF I O W A . Ccrro Cordo Covmly .·'s. No. 4909. ! Noliec is horclj.v civen. that me u n d e r - i t'uTmiMi"' 1 - h - ce " "· uly a i 1 i' oitlli;tl ·""il -·' . " " S E-i. : ' l i Llll /i ri: i., 0 ' " !L ' l ' Rl ' k ' c f 'M i i.iiuv ^uiL'inan i\ew Jiamulfjn' t -- - - ~ - j'.»."i..j. r o/ Si S» Gordn^oS '^ \ ^"^ Anderson. Waucoma" w!l,: i ^ held Monday. The body was arc re- j lam DeEctti.unies. New Hampton- Ulkcl1 '" lhc Shecklcr f u n e r a l n y n i c n t : ! Lawrence Roths. Ionia: Dora | ilomc al -··-«.·; Schwickeraih. umph of the n a t i o n a l cause" JOHN GANSEVELD SHOOTS HIMSELF Was Worried Over His Induction Into Army N O R A SPRINGS--John Ciinse- vetd. :ts. son of Mrs. Fannie Cause- void, committed suicide with a -IIO sholaun at the farm home about fl niilcs north of Nora Sprinys ;a 1^:15 o'clock Saturday morning ae.ocrding to Coroner Carl Mauser of Charles Cily. Mr. Canseveld liad returned home w i t h other members of the family from Nora Springs shortly before he shot himself while in thi- kilchen. Some of the family had already gone, to bed. No reason lor the suicide was determined other than he had been worried over his near induction mlo the army. Surviving are his mother and seven brothers and two sisters. Funeral services probably will In V.-AXTED TO KENT TYPEWRITERS du-iilii.-illy Ovvned_Good Condition MOKTHLV RENTAL BASIS Phone :iU5-:)0(i !IA. H A R D W A R E M U T U A L I-NS COMPANY II.1 1st S. t:. . Nashua: Frances WANTED TO REiVT-Acri-ncc nr -cl (arm bldps. by responsible "-ity FOR RENT ^,,-r, ~ De S irab]e4RoomHouse|STRICTLY BUSINESS bv All Modern -:- Fireplace $27 50 othy. mixed. ATOuH"Engc!j.',":ii ! ,, , . , . ., ,. _ E. o[ ftockfarci. i Cal1 «eibergalt Brothers Cro 830 T~; .T.~--.-- Scc il at 205 S. Louisiana Good clover 1 _ WAKTED-- Married .man f o r - a r o u n d farm work. W. E. Lewis. Orchard. Iowa. WANTED -- Bal.-cr Steady, joli. Write «r hal;er's helper. l.-^[. Glohc-Gazctle. - my farm. 1 white nnd 2 brown horses. Wm. K u r t z . Ventura, la. Otvncr claim. Identity, and pay for ad Money to Loon 8 LOANS UP TO $300 ANYWHERE IN NORTH IOWA No Fees--N n Deductions--No Delay. On your own signat-re and security. No inquiries made of friends relatives or employers. Convenient repayment termE.--Specia) terms to Farmer^ Scc. Phone or Wrilc us for FREE INFORMATION C. L. PINE LOAN CO. Second Floor - Slate anc' Federal Phone 121 WANTED SERVICE STATION OPERATOR Highway intersection combined with go«I residential trade. Greasing fiicilitics. W i l l finance and lease to reliable party on gallonagc basis. Write J-27'or call -HC? after 6:00 P. M. Wanted Jlcn for Welding. Truck Driving, and General Equipment Assembly Work. Preferably Middle Aged men. LESSMAN MFTG. COMPANY Dos Moines, Iowa FOU RENT--Bungalow, s. liousc S, W. Phone SCT. .. E. 7 room Uedrm. house, located S3.- per mo. Ph. ;j9i u . FOR RENT-- flth W. . W. F ?I! i , ! . E 'T r ~ e room house, located «3 nth \. w.. s:r mo. Ph. 3310. FOit RENT--l ,m. pnr:. mod. l,,,,, sc . s ,g. '. FOR RENT--Dandy room huncaJovv. fireplace. Korcst Park. Olcson. Pli. I.W. FOR UF.NT--r rm. nun».-iW all fn 2 lots. Phone 33S2W. HclpWrd., Mo1e v 20 IVA.VTKD-- fl l,ovf. 15 ycnrs or over for pinscttcr.t. Apply al 11.-, E. State any . .. j lunc artci'ncou. FOR IiE,NT-.1 rn,. hourc at I4I.1 .V. J c tf avc. tnq. at lOlu N. Jeff. FOR HECT-5 rm. house. B a heat. S 7- "rc. nctrly dec. close in. Ph. S040. FOR RENT ^ Immediate Possession Bungalow. M Birch D r i v e Ilot^c. Central ·Heighls IM flcor Apt.. 7iH So. Pcnn Upstairs Apt., -mi, So. Pcnn K l t c h c n c t l e Apt,, ~jlh Fed. So... Phone 11B2 or 321C SI5.00 S2f. 01) i S22 r.O I S2U.OO f f a r m !land - Wr ' l: Kelp Wtd., Fcmole 21 -OR RENT-Now. :, rm. h lm « a | 0 Monrop ^rh. Ph. MO. M. J, j tarl Sprinacr , KANSAS CITV. tit -- Ndril, k. i\.isiui;i, and | Kansas Cily residents. Irving in ^'·_ stretch their coITee ' ullotincnls, ~ | H-crt- tunt;(lixccl by a faintly i»l "····"··"·' K'-ECT m i l i a r aromji. It v.-as i- t;nn cxM?K n |Srr ^^ r^ce^ir .^^o--t !^ 1 tl£n^T,^^r-i. a p^^- lot by Clly '^ ^ '"' - i "But is it necessary lo say that Jin-lcheimurs Itell Weevil I'j\ I r:t cl fipi^ -i T-« ·**.. ^ n . . H l . . t * i ' u _ T * i , - . .. .. vriii prcscin "iiri.iri"""d'i'iiv'""aV]'iiicriiiri'!"tr i ^"wickeralh. Ne\v Hampton:; lo hr I'lVlm-lsncd for nliovvancc. and rilV I Hr ""° !t ' Hcyina. Alia V i s l U ! Fred couri? °' '"" Cu ' rk ot " 10 D!«ri« I Bai-lz. Now Hiimplon: G corse V a n ! M A K HOI.MAN. ENCCiltrK ' ' ' E. «'.-SCHILLING. Attorney Dalcd J a n u a r y Hlh. 1UU S. II. JlacPEAK, Clerk D i M r i t l Com By M A R G A R E T RILEY, Dcpuly DISSENSION BY CHIEFS DENIED Eisenhower Says All Approved Solutions By mil. AUI.T | A L L I E D HEADQUARTERS NORTH AFRICA, U.R)_Ll. Gcn" ! Dwijjht Eisenhnwcr, nllieci com-. j mandcr in North Africa, denied ;:t I :i press conference Saturday t h a t i there liad been (lisscnsion bcltvecu 1 j British and American staff officers! over the conduct or united nations | affairs in North Africa. [ Solutions to all problems liave · ; liccn approved "by the whole j wori;s." he added, l "So f:ir as I have huen able to | detect.' Eisenhower said. "I h,T.x- ; j never had anv difference of adcicc I from my British nr A m e r i c a n ' staffs--whether civil, political or military--based on nationalism." His statement was made al n '· time when there was considerable discussion about a unified allied I command in North Africa. One! report t h a t gained considerable-! credence was that Eisenhower j would remain as supreme allied! commander in North Africa, that I Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery I commander of the British eighth I army, would be placed in charge I of all land forces and that British) Air Marshal Sir A r t h u r Tedder would head liie combined a i r ! fortes. · i (A United Press dispatch f r o m ! !ized by Smel of Burned Coffee WANTED-Cood bcanly operator lowing nol necessary. Call In J07I at Your Beauty Shoppc. fol- licr- f ( ) H RENT..! rm. duplex orlcrt. 51:1 (J44 5 i a lt;.ui~, Ncwly^occ". I kton. , m i o eev -H arc m;tdc only hy.The Jinglchcimcr Holt Weevil Extractor Corporation?" r i n c t o tive husincss-scttcrs. Phone 3800. London a u n i f i e d command i a i lor Tunisia bad be-j;i one or the decisions made al the Roosevelt- i Churchill conference in Casablanca. and the members of Ibe command were expected tt be a n - j mxmccd when oporation.-, boain.) I PUBLIC SALE As Ijint movinR to n smaller |i!;ifc I will hold a public auction sale ,, miles south ami K. miln west »f rlymnutli: Z«. miles cast «f Slasou City on tzt|, s t r( ,ct northeast ami ·.. mile nnrlli on MONDAY, FEB. l SALE STARTS AT 1 O'CLOCK 14 -- H E A D OF CATTLE -- M 2 spriiiRiiiK COX vs: 2 Miirinsiii): heifers; 6 heart Shorthorn calves wt 100 Ibs.; I ycariiiiK Holalcin licifcrs. 5 -- H E A D OF HOUSES -- 5 1 well matched bay team, li and 7 years olil. wt 310(1 I b s - 1 YiT- b ' acl ; marc - "' )7;i0 lbs - : ' 51rrcl mnr - comiiiR S vcars ota, 1 .,-ycar- oltl black RcldiiiK. M A C H I N E R Y f a r m a l l F-12 tractor with ciillivator: I .Tonu Deere M in t r t c t o r Plow, new: 1 Xo . , 0 , ohn Dcere s , n R l e rew p u l | t ( . or ; ^TM ;""''. c T^' It -" " : . l . si L 1K i c ro "~. To| } n 1)ccrc TM r " 1 '»'^'-. »«! -t -Jccrinc mowers. 1 nearly new; John Deere Morlcl F mamire. s,,rca,I cl , new; U ft. Oliver .Use; G section Pfcr« ta£U - row horse drawn corn planter, used .1 years: new International tt ^ufv-ftor'V 11 - Jlh " UCCrC SilllB '" mV: Z *'"«'" «" JoTM wi/m, 7 \, ", CU ' "' aEO " boxcs: ' ''"".rack; 1 steel wheel ^fM- i "^11 VI LTM'.1TM7°" : b . ol L*"=- 1 ' fl - r -" "»»1«: ^ «x.1 arliv"s ' l k C " C " : ' CC 1l::: circu1ati "K heater.' Oilier smaller TEK.MS: Cash or make arraignments willi yotir iwnkcr. No prop, crty to lc removed u n t i l scttlctl for WALTER MAASSEN Ora A u r l R. V. Wilkinson. Itock Falls. Clerk

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