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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, August 17, 1818
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r.OSDAY, &VL ,T 17 . TtieSrUiuteraaluaprovemeot abecoming very general l&roujhoul tlx CiuUd SUtos and iheijr tet'?nlfcTbtalf MeW - Yark, for coldness of design, enterpaz and activity, an questional. take lb lev j butWeraTof the uwr warn evsece a aeteraummoB noiwrvsin Car awbusL MassachuseUs km lor several y ears been eagagod constructing cutis, aad m torn reaping a profitable harvest from ths Middlesex .Canal Ut fint of her labors. Pennsylvania ha awakened, end is straining etery nerve to extend bey Commerce, by improving the etd, pwt cm - uof itv. chanosl of ntcml comiiwoiw. Nor is Uua species of antorprize confined to tbo . country easof U BMtlilu , Ohio ha aunl - tested a deep iulerest la the lUcce. of our Grand Canal,'' and snort ara making in tht vicinity of J tterpiJoftbaOUorJver - t9C0KtMittad ' convenient pattag round Urns. J. Wn regret, . Iuwmv. lrt Mot fc InhltufBnfl tj that : region are wot Baited poo their'pUn of opera - tiaas, aaJ Ua4 projocU luweafcoUacut a cn - zsai upon saca aue m mi nvr. i mo m - juugoa spirit of ririlihip, w fear, bUI defeat tha eb - Bv fha ltW date from iha MilWiaaf of V.a. topft it appear that Austria calculates tht di - ract German population, fbraiing tb immediate sUfee, Means! to 20,980,000 kihabitants. - - 'Awtria propotM iatim af peace the army shall muU IM AAA - ..Ll - L l I L a .1 ' w MWi W(IH W0UIU W at USB a .11 ft. M 9 . 4 - t ' ' nm m - iu par aaourcu miMDiiaou, in uim pi war aba propotM 2 per 100, tqual to 579,600 mea : fcaklit which, thera it to ba a corps do .reeerro of I par 100, wbkh wwkl add 289,800 aoa ara to bo allowed to artrr 1000 aicn. ma - ' ting ua wbola numbor 4,349 piocea. . Wica nirw Crmpan It would teem that tho 8uprat Court which lately decided at AlbaajYtbat the charter of Jhii coopaaj did sot ' gtra them banking pririlegea. wrfa by bo meant - naanjakoat Iq their opinion. Mr. Jostica Spea - car duteoled altortther from tha dednoa, and . mtijMUe ruirioreDora to gire aa opunoo, ' owfctg to iome peculiarity in bit Mtoation. ' ; Sidtnu H BWtttyWw leara. from Mobile that a rery frtal akkoem prevailed at Bhkely, and that a nambeir of the Inhabitaab had fhlUn . : 4T - Ik. J v A - V 1 - air. noottttaa Brmoruuohamc Root; Mr. Babbard, af the rm of Hubbard ft Sebra j aad Mr. JlemKead, alerk to Ptteri tt Stabbioi; ail Utol, afthcit. - ;;v; - ;4::.; ;,V ;,. ,J - t We arc desired to coatradict the d,eath of. Mr lkmM Allrwf nuhliv1t1 in tti. vJ. Curette thia moraine;. Hia friend have aimed Ui that It it a t irapoaltion.. Mr. All - port Wa a few day tine at Genera, in thi tate, on ttW way to Canada, n perfect health. Tl Intrata - wbo could thoa wantonly sport with the feelings of Vu relation in thi city aad abroad, BJerely he the gratification of play ing off what it fashionably called a hoax upon the printer.. At$tnu the execration of man Ptvmti, yuteiday piag.' Frederif k C JUppaaU Ile went batbe in the Hudson, mr tUabattaaiIle, got cut of his depth, and sot bemg abm to swim, wai swept away by the cur rani, befora aa tuutaoce could be abroU - M'm body wtt ibaod a few hoars afterwards, but erenr attempt tb. restore life proved iaefli;ctna'. Mr. RuppenMjal was a aatire of Germany ; he bad resided about ekrea years in this city, ami waa,ljlcbly esteemed. His friends and acquaint - aaee art inrited to attend hit funeral, at fout clgek tla afternoon. Carriages will be is wahiogeppositeSt.PauPsCbnrch. ' '; We UttTi another adrcrtisemeat ior a wife he. tore us, in a svnthern paper. Among other re. uknbts toba ignited en, the fair one must, be " saartf er fmtttti af from tuxlrt to tvenly ne grees. It worse plmUUim " For shame, gen tl - meaJ. , The writer of a wnmunicattoa signed wJVes (,' giricj an account of a boxiug - matcbyes tenlay, on board of a ship, while on her way dowa the bay, matt 'excuse as. Our reader lake fcj tutereft lu the science of boxing. He svles, we do ool understaad the technical phra ses ha makes ase of, such as nobbing each other Lb fine stylea good itlicltam kit oeer floorer, and unable to mm - o in time, iic. c. He bad better make his complaint to the police effice, whose business it is to attend to such affairs. ... , . .' . .' - v . . . frtm Efigland.fSj the arrival last erening of the ship Minerva - Smyth, Capt. Allea, from Xioadon, we bare received London papers to the fTth Jaae six days later than our former adri cas. ' "And tha mail of Ibis morning bring ui Loadoa date, via Boston, tea days later still. We' bare paticoUy. examioed the papers, but WUWI VUIW WgIpVI HMm VI im porta ace. Thsyare principally occupied wijh details of tha proceedings at tha elections, aad with aocoants of the vi - its, divf raioas and movel meat of the reat family and nobility. , Aldermaa Wood, Mr. Wilton, Mr. Waithman aad Aldermaa Thorp, are elected members for the dry of Loudon, bit. Caantog and General Gaicorae are returned froai Lirerpool. 8ir Ro - Itort WUtsa has alio been retoroed from bis bo - . rough - Mr. Wooler (editor of the Black Dwarf, Btteaded tha poll u Coventry, and attempted to address the electors j but was preaeatoi. . Mr. Cobbett arpeared at the tledigc by a represent - atira. tot the claims of neither of the candi - etates were Ctteoed to (or a saoreeiiL rarl paper to tha tM June bad been recei - val at Leadmio Tbey faraish ne mtalligeaosw aomiraJt bare hi fd three vassals te coovoy to , eUgbrs, Tun'f aad Tripoli, a targe quanttty of artCery, bsTs, powder, anchor - , cables, tc" Aceoaft I'l t - t'a rsicelred that a great nam UtsC Tmimti tii era WITSI BSBOr) BBrrng a ejl l!llt it Titan in Katrt I ; .larstuJaotl ale!: - t . lattrl.09 Jar - ca lUtot .that sir L.u Po; Lv - 1 toaiaaiider opes, the West faJU statioo, and the taaraCy, ar treated wUa ths atmost driUty aad atlsaOm by the haw president, geoeral SJoyer, who has or dered all his ports toba Ant against any armed scloooeiteBdarad - pe for tear they should be pirstes, and that ha might thereby of - tead Use English.. 6 Tha CaglUb merchaats enjoy his fullest pratectiao. ; It may be recollected tbat several smooths ince two of our countrymen induced a number of lodiaBS to accompany them to Europe. . A London paper mentions the Jntroduction of these people upon the stage at tha English Opera, in their native costume, where they exhibited their national dances, war - eeogs, and other ceremo feJes. - we presume these wuM men" will re ceive a full share of public attention wherever they may go and wa have bo doubt that the Jmtmlham who have them m keeping, .will fill their pockets, at the expeaca of honest John We Subjoin the following summary from the Boston papers, together with a few London extracts. " ' : " .BOATOX, Aug. 15. Lalal from Ens!ttnd' Tht fine rut - sailins ship Triltin, capt. Holcemb, arrived bete yesterday afternoon, m 37 davs from Liverpool. We are indebted to Messrs. Hooper ami foplilf for London papers of the la July, and Liverpool of the 61h..j , . - '. - .' - 1 fasaenzer in the Triton, Samoel Apple ton. Edward Brook, Wa. Dail, and John M. l'ren - tisa, Etq'rs. ' - The elections in England were proceedinr within uoufual warmth, and eveo vblence. Mr. Hunt had been attacked at the hustings by a Mr. Uowling, armed wilb a bone - whip. Uowliug was atkirxed in turn by a deaf and dumb brother of Hunt, who appears to bare inflicted some ha Jvy blows oo him. ' r The Liverpool Advertiser of 4tb July, says u Accounts from various placet coutiuue to state an increase ' in the opposition members to the new rarliameul. J be wbole amount otihe &c ceuious to the anti - ministerial ranks is estimated at about 35.' though that number is thought by some to Mever - rateu." A passenger confirms the above, and states that muoB will srau three members in opposition. and one tor government ; Westminster S opposition the Borough t opposition ; Liverpool t in favor of government. The Loodon Cooner of the 1st Julv. speakinr of the execution of Jrbuthnot and Ambriilit. says If they were really guilty of the crime wim wnicn tnev stood accused, their fate was such as the law of nations warrants. But as t the idea af their being emissaries of the Bntkh government, it is too ridicoloui a supposition to be seriously refuted. A duel was latelv fouzht at Lisbon with sa bres, between aa English officer and a Portu guese nobleman, in which the former was victo rious, although it doe not appear that either party was killed or wounded. It orqrinated ia an alleged inrolt offered to a Portuguese lady of no - DUity. - me nobleman afterward employed AVe or six ruffian to assassinate the English officer and bis Second, bat tbey failed in the at tempt. . . . . The king of Spaia ha issued a decree tempo rarily so - pendins; the lonner decree for establish - tug Alicant, Cadis, Coruuna and Saotander, ports oi deposit, until lb adoption of some preparato ry rsswauoos. Uulrmgt ess Mr. Ornltan. Tha chair ra which Mr. G rattan was ridior, was attacked in the streets of Dublin by a mob on the 30th June and broken to pieces. Mr. o rat tan received a con - ttuion in tho forehead. A second edition of the Dublin Freeman Jour sal of the 1st inst. is as follows i Droihsdm Kleclvin.'Wt lay before our read er the ibiloivwx extract of a letter from Droehe - ua, wnn ieeun;soiM)rror. - . - M We have had no less than three men shot here since yesterday. We are in the centre of massa ne and war. The military are out in all ouar iers, end aader arm. Mr. Wallace, itis thought wiuoe returnea.'f The Duke of Kent and hi German bride bad arrived ia England. tellers iron Petersburg, dated June 5th, ray, very large purchases of hump are making for the American government. ' " " Mr. Brougham, who contested the election m Westmoreland, in opposition to lord. Ixmsdale, save up the contest after four day' votinj. 1 lie death of the celebrated Human general Barclay do Tolly, has been followed t)y that of another distinguished commander, baron Win tingerode, general of cavalry, and adjutant ge - I : .u , r . i t d ncnu an tue wrvii.e w iae cuivror 01 ituseia tie had been about a month at Wiethaden, on visit to his relations, in apparent health, and with a cheerful Sow of spirits. On the 18ih of June, towards morning:, he was fouod sitting ua deraft uit tree, without any sign of life, in tho attitude oi a penoa ui n gentle clumber. The Qneen of Enlnd had had another alarm iug returu of her sicknsss, but she was sgaiu re - coveruijr. ' I be election to Liverpool resulted in the return of Mr. Canning aud gen. Gasroync. In London the elected members are Wood, Wii - on, WaithiAaa, and Thorp. In Westminster, ir Francis Burdelt, end Sir eamuel ftomilly, in opposition to the mmistarlal candidate Sir Murray Maxwell, and orator Hunt. At the huntings in Dublin, June 30, a riot took place, in which Mr. G rattan, who was a candidate, was wounded. The mob was quelled by a syeech trom counsellor nuiiips. The kinf of France has issued a decree, direct ing that a squadron of ships shall be maintained on tha coast of Alnca, tor toe purpose ol eulore inr the abolition oi the slave trade. Price of flour at Liverpool, July C, per bbL 44 a 4Ui fid ; sour 30 a4Ut. trica of Stock, London, July 4. Thrve per ceaU red 7(tl for acc 78J , 3 r cents 88 4 per cents 9o. The ship Galen, from this port, arrived out in Ziaayt. We have received our file of Lloyd List to June 30r but our time nor room will not admit of more copious extracts m this paper. Arrived at Loodoa, June 23, ship Galen, Tra cy, hence. - Arrived at Deal, June SI, Gen. Washington, Leak, tor Baltimore. - Arrived at Bremen, Juoe 15, William, Sortie, from Charleston ; Active, Tinchcrnitx, do; Mexican. Wale. MOrieani; Francis, Hitch, Balti more; MooticeUe, , Philadelphia; Venus, Burnham. Virrinia. Arrived; at Texel, June 13, Gen. HarnQtov, Page, NOvWl.. 20th, Rambler, Helherington, Providence. 23d. Diomede, IValdroo, nOr leans ; Minerva, aow, do ; , .Galatea, Briggt, Boston. : - Arrived at HelvmV June . 19, Dnimmond, Hattoa, Virginja. . - Arrived at Leghorn, June 0, Aurora, Wran vie. Alexandria. - Arrived at Graresend, Jane 23, Isabella, Mc Neil. Charleston. Anfvetru Bristol. Jade OneotaL Swaiaa, wuminsum. Arrive J at HUB, June 2U Swilt, Storey, llira. Arrived at Antwerp, Jeoa XI, iphio, Vd - uame Borton. . - - Arrived at Oporto, May t9, Msxdoewugh, Boston. 30th, Vaocoever, fntUadelpaia r Planter, do; Marsaret, Cotfin, Baltimore. JuaeSiLEa. Igle, Cook, N Torts. 3d, Criterion, JeoW and UMSUtf Baltimore. Vfrti4jury ;t diurtiiti ia Care LU'jpot s - .1. . n . - ... For Boston Live rpol Pa tiet, Tiboeis: rat - ceo, Lewis, without delay - ; .lirig LigUfeut, - mediat despatch. - - ' ." . For PniladeJphi - - ahis Factor,' nsBuMsBfto sad 18th i LttUe ChemU SJ'Keeyer. est .or D fore lOtht Rebecca Suss, - . Brewtea, in alLthe moeHhi nancy, Bray aneBaacreft; btnn - , or," Whitney. - ' ".. tor Charleston ship Hunter, Saflora. - Tot Baltimore ship Ceres InOiiut Hunter.,' v For New - York. SvbiL Turaer. wtthoat etlar i Ana, Crocker; AUen Meader, 8t Jaly; ftoi salie, Merry, 22d. . . .V - , - . For Alexandria ehip Potomac, Bradford. .' For Savannah Mary Ann, itubb. ' Portsnoulh, Julf 3. Arrived, Atteriraa He ro, Clement, from Hamburg, bound to Batavla. Brutal, Junt 23. - ArrivedfOrienlal, iwaiee, Wilmington. The Phabe, - Andenoa, and Bra toe, Gordon, sailed from Liverpool for N. York 23d. The Washington, Foreman, from NYork, at Deal 24. The Datdalus, Beese, it. Breoteo I2th June, from Baltimore. At Antwerp, gist, Uotpbsn, Williams, Boston, 31 days. I Sailed from Liverpool 27 lb June : Elizabeth, Sears, H York; JUontgomery, RUey, do; Ster Img, Johnson, do ; Thomas Gibbons, Brewer, Baltimore; Aim well, Pemberton, Boston ; Clio, Heath, do; Isabella, Carle, Philadelphia; Nan cy ft Mary, Barnicoat, of Boston, for Aleiandri a ; 28th, Thomas Wilson, Thompson, Portsmouth H. H.j Kecover, Owen, Boston ' Cleared at Liverpool, June 29: ' Enterprise, Pease, for Massachusetts ; 30th, Emulous, Chase, NYork; Minerva, Hodgson. Belfast. July 1st, Orion, Banks, Jamaica i James Monroe, Wat - kinson, PVork; Mary k Henry, Charleston; Horizon, Johnson, Newburyport; huperior, Ha milton, Philadelphia ; Andes, NYork. July 3d, Montgomery, Ward, W York ; Blancby, Webb, tirgiuia. 4th, America, for Alexandria; Ves tal, for Baltimore. LOrvUOS,, June 13. On Wednesday arrived at Portsmouth, the Rnssisn brig Kurick, Capt. Kotzehue, bavins: been out 3 years from CronstndL on a voyaee ol discovery towards the North Pole, duriue which she lost only one man, and the crew 'in all their visits io trie coasts antt islands, never nad occasion to use force with the natives. She put in lijrc for provision. She left Behrings Strtights in July, 1G17, having proceeded as far a lat 67. It is stated in a Vienna paper that the Emperor has Riven to the Prir.ce of Parma, (young Bonaparte) tho estates cedod to his majesty by tlie Grand Duke of Tvscauy, the revenue of which amount to 1,2110,01)0 florin. Ifl.WIKlSl l.nlSII Corn Exchange Having but fewboyersoi wiMsai at market mis morning, ue ssies were h - avy, nd full 2 l - 2perqr. lower for all dearrip - lions esrei - t fine samples of onr crowth, which ol.'tdined Monday' price. lu uuii. June X7. From the foreien iournals which came Io hand yesterday, it would be difficult to extract any thing of tlie least importance. The Duke ot Wellington was to set out for Cam bra on the 25th. but was expected speedily to return to Paris. E - .. - 11 . i r. ' - i . ' - j k uriucr Mrut:uian are 6iven oi mo tmarj aooe by the hurricane whirb rrxed - at the Vlattntiui towards the end of February and the begin log of oiarcn; wroucn ine vioiem c of wnim many shin were lost, end a nuiaber of individual perished. A letter from St. Peteiabureh asserts, that Great Britain has invited tlie Russian Government 1st To require a formal declaration from the Porte whether it consider Ihe Barbery Power as it dep. ndant ; and ia that case, whether the court oi Constantinople will guarantee the oiaies oi r.urope against any outrages oi tnese barbarian on tbeir subjects. 2d. bhoold the Porte disclaim the riebt of con trolling in (hit respect the African recencies, or reiuie to exerrise that right for the protection or Europe, then the cabinet of St. Petersburg will be invited to conclude a treaty wilb tlie British govermcnt simitar to - that which has beea almtriy signed by Great Britain with the Couit ol' Mad rid a - mi or ihe Netherlands respectively, for Ihe ueience oi tLeir several ugt agtiatt Ibe contain. . LONDON. July 4, (evening.) '' The Paris papers of last Wednesday were received tilts morning. Tbey do not contain one paragraph worth tranicribine;. - The French five per cents were 74 20c. Bank actions 1615. A letter from Dover, dated July, 3, 6 P. M. says the royal yacht, having the princess Adelaide o? OTciomgen oo board, escorted by Lord Viscount Keith, has com orer from Calais, and the wind being south - west, the yacht has ran for the Uttwos, where berbilines win. immedi ately land. . - . . IVtiminiter EUttion, Final close of the noil thia day at 3 o'clock ; air t llomilly 5339 EirF. Rurdelt . . " 6v3B Capt. fcirM. Maxwell 4808 Mr. Hunt - - ' 84 Sir S. ltomillv anil 8ir F Rtirifptt wtre re turned by the High Bailiff. Sir Samuel atten ded on the Hustuigs, and addressed the Elector He afterwards mounted the Chair, and the ceremony of t hairing commenced. t LivtAfoOu, July o. The revenue, continue to in Teste l the re ceipts of the present quarter over that of Inst year is no less man lour men nundrea thousand pound. friccs Current, Liverpool, Jitljf 4. Coton. Our market contiuues extremely heavy, attributable in part to the late large arrivals, 'sod In part to the. partial suspension of the (pinauif trade by the turning out of the hand employed in this particular branch of the Cot too manufacture i in conteaueiiceof which we have been vi sited by lew dealers, and though a red bon of l 4 to 1 - 3d per lb. would hve been acceded to, die pr haters hava been moderate. For Sea - Islands thrre been scarcely any inquiry. R .wed also have been very heavy of sate at Jd to id per Hi. deciiif. The privnte sale of the week are computed at about 3200 pack ares - Sea Islands at 3s Id to 3s 5ft ; stained 2 Id i Orleans, 193 4JM2. 13;Boweds,20dto2l 1 2d. B lh Pot and frarl Ashes are in very limited roquet, and prices with drtBculty supported ; w Yurk ard Boston Pots may be quoted at J2t to 54t ; Montreal 4Dt to 50s ; Pear! of all iK - s; rtpti.iM 55s to 57s pr cwt ?, iut Current, London, July 3 Cotton, 3iare the Last India Com..aty's sale, there ha been more bumess transacted in cotton than we have for Kmie time been able to ootice Bengals of middlirr oeality esperienca free in quiry at the currency of the tale. . Ine 'price of American ha been determined bv a sale of 138U bale of Bowed Georgia oo the 30ih nit when ordiuyy obtained 18da 19 - 14daod good Ma24 3 8d,mboad. LIVERPOOL, Jaly 4. The last account from France indicate a stste of perfect tranquility. The army of occupation is to be withdrawn the ensuing October. " - i Extract of letter to the editor of the Democratic Press, dated " St. Thvmu, Julg 30, 1818v M Of news, we bare arme since the last destructive battle ae&r Calabos The independents have retired to Aoguttura S and the rivers haviug mundatrd the plaint, the aiicie cannot, take the C'.'d before Aevembrr ; in Hie mean time, both parties ar preparing for the new contest. Rumor has deprived Bolivar of his Oo - mand aud staff and filed him as president of the council at Aogustura. It aim give the supreme command of the troop to gen. Pais and toMsiiho. Another rumor states that admiral Brions squadron has Joined Aury. and deprived 8rioa of hi command. Two rich Portuguese' prises, one loaded in Brazil for Lisbon, with iu - rr, cofee, hides, Kc sod the other from Lisbon with haens, destined for Rio Janeiro, bare lately been told at St. Bartbo'.oose w ; tbey m er brouht ia by privateers under a commission fiom Gen. artigas. Most of thi privateering it laid to the charge V Americans ; but I am convinced the individual of other nations, ought to bear considerable blame on that score : at alt - vents, the many transport with recruits for ths independent caase, from England, (a great part of them being diiappointed ia lh ir expectations, leave the patriots, and join privateers sometimes at tea. asd sometimes et Asx Csyes, end tsesy ether pUct,) furnUh a gntt many aea for this That it ! uivooorabl. Cannot te deastd, but saredy it is not less dishon orable ta lay to whois tiaat oo me amtn nation, when ether nave weir run snare. - s it a said here, that Christoph is marching ow Pert. aa - Pr iocs. 1 sjoderstaad Boyer i prs - 'oared for him, aad several gentlemen who were wen hoquamtea wan reuon sou ooyrr, mj iua the latter is a man of more military talents, aud ha a much mora energetic character than the former had. ... ' - St. Fernaodrx de Apura ba been made very strong by the issdependents, and is now eiclu - nmannwl h Kjilith trooot. in the inde - penuent ssrvice : as tbey have no expectation of - . t . l. . 1 quart era irom ine royausu, ii auppwsvu u - preguaoie." . '! From the JfoJional Intelligencer, Aug.U. The sale of public lands, at U unUville, io the Alabama territory, closed on the 1 8th ultimo. Although the body of land offered at thi sale is represeuted to be generally of an iuferior quality, yet such appear to be the desire to emigrate to the western and south - western country, or to acquire land in those quarters, that the sales were well attended, and the choice tracts con - tended for with aviditr by the bidders. These sales, it is stated, amounted to about 400,000 dollar. '."' The Harmony Society have, within a very lew yean, made extensive purchase j of public lands in Indiana, on the east bank of the Wabash, about SO mile above its' confluence with the Ohio. We are assured that, from a field of one hundred and fifty acres, they had reaped, this year, six thousand bushels of wheat, being at the rate ol forty bushels an act. The land cost them two aWfors aa acre, la England land is worth 20 or 30 years' purchase ! In Indiana, a single crop pay about twenty times the price of ths land. From tht jruieJjevilte JteJIeetar, Aug. 4. Capl. Obed Wright, the murderer of the Chehaw Indians, who. on the 29th of May last, was arrested and confined by the instructions of the Executive of this state, in order that the determination of the President of the United State with regard to the manner in which be should be tried, should be known, decamped on the night of the 27 ult. Gov. Rabun has offered a reward of live hundred dollars for bis apprrheneion. He is supposed to be about thirty years of age, five feet eleven inches high, slender built, said to be very active, fair complexion, light blue eyes, and light brown hair. From the National BeSiittr of Aug. 16, print - ed H'athington City. A gentleman, lately arrived in this city from Monticello, informs us that Mr. Jefferson has gone on a visit to the springs for his health, being a little inflicted with the rheumatism ; that Mr. Monroe had met with a fall from hi horse, by which he had been somewhat injure - ed j and that Mr. Madison enjoyed good health, and was much occupied with subjects of a public and useful nature. These gentlemen all live within 30 miles of each other. BOSTON, Aug 15. Extraordinary affair. 'I he Mobile Gaselte, received yesterday, contaios the detail of the proceedings of the inhabitant of that town on the conduct of Lieut. Beall, commanding a par ty oi u. ouies troops there. Adhn Lewis, Esq. wa chosen Chairman, and a committee, consisting of the Chairman, Messrs. H. V. Chamberlain. John Whitehead. Henry D. Merritt. Samuel H Garrow. and God win B. C - .tton, reported the following retolutiout which were adopted : Retotoed, At the sense of this meeting, that we view the conduct of Lieut R. Beall io marching a body ol United States troops through the streets of the town on the 14th ins t. ia a menacing sod insulting manner, armed with musket and a piece ol artillery, and demolishing tlie jail, aud cuing at iiucny uie prisoners c. uuuea uirrciii, as a most wuitoo, aud most unprecedented out - rsge against the ieeiogs. the interests, and the constitutional rights of the inhabitants of this WHS. . iHetolced, That the conduct of the said Lt. R Beall in arrayins the United States troop in op position to Ihe civil authority of this town, and that loo in a manner so iieculiarir insuJUnr. and so directly tending to excite the inhabitants to arras, and to deed of bloodshed aad hoiror, was an unwarrantable attack upon our most sacred rights and privileges as American citizens ; that his conduct in triumphantly pararline through the streets with his music and detachment, thus causing the inhabitants to assemble at the jail. and there turning the arms of his country against our peaceable and unarmed citisent, and threatening to fire upon them, and actually ordering his sentry to ore, were acts which we deprecate with feeling of horror and indignation acts which disgrace the character or an othcer el the American army. Htnlctd. That we detest the infuriate pas tiooa of a mob, though tlicy mieht have hurled vengeance on the beads of those who dared to arouse them ; that we will appeal to the competent authority, for the enjoyment of that sacred boon of our Constitution, that " the Military be suoordioate to the tmi rower." After which, Addin Lewis. John King jun. Jamoel It. Garrow. H. H. Rolston, II. V. Cham berlain, Alsia Robishaw, and Thomas Powell, were appointed to dralt a memorial to the 1 res ider.t ol the United States on the occasion. The same paper contains the following note irom L.t. Dean. Lieut. Beall re quests a so pension of the pub lic opinion, in reference to the discbarge of tit Inte unpleasant duty, until a proper investigation can cake place. In the mean ime, however, let it be understood, that the ground upon wbtcn ine county jair had been temporarily reeled, was the public hospital lot of the United States. Habtfosd, Aug. 17. Daring Roihery On Monday night last, the Jewellery Store of Mr. J. Sergeant, was broken open and robbed of good to the amount of up ward of $2500. The (tore wa entered by boreing the window shutter and frame with a Urge auger, until a hole was made large e - nough to draw out the bolt, and then breaking a hole through the window. It is evidentl) the work of experienced scoundrels, as tlie store is lituated in the most conspicuous part of the city. A reward of 3j0, is offered for the apprehension of the thieves. BALTIMORE, August 14. Report says, that the cause of tlie long delay in executing the sentence of death passed oo two of tlie person convicted of robbing the mail, i the refusal or neglect of the president of the United Stale to sixo a warrant directing the marshal to have the sentence esecuted, usually called a death uarranl. NORFOLK, Aognst 12. The Hnn. Mr. Bagot, H. B. Maiesty's Minister to the United States, has conferred upon James D) Ires, Esq. of this town, the appointment oi British Consul, pro. tern, for the Slate of V ire in ia vacated by the deceane of Mr. Savage. Among the Imfia papers late'v received by editor of the Salem Gsscne, is a Jara Gorerment Gazette" ot December ISHv primed by A. H. Huobard, from Norwich, (Con.) sn of Mr. Hub - hard, who formerly publiihed a pspr in that town. Mr. H. s'icrone voyage to Incia, embarked agaia at tbi port, determined to pursue fortune io that region, where, from former observation, lie wa conlldeat of that tercet be despaired of in America : and we are bappy to bear he hs not heen disappointed. MARRIED, At Hartford, Si Monday evening last, the Rev. Jonathan Wainwriglit, rector of Christ Church, to Miss Amelia Bhclps. - - - DIED, - At Rnr - kv RULoa Ratanla ttniwlul. afW neacbatt of thi city, ia lbs tblh year of bu age, m .fcrt kaf M illnma. U Li T IT;... eldest fiaf TJr Daniel W. Ewsitr, of Huatiej - f tOD, La I. i ' ' - ', . i , r At Tappan town, RocLland Jaunty, on the afternoon id tlie 14th kist after1 an illness of 12 day, completely resigned - to the will of Providence, Me. .TJtpmaLs Foyrof this city, ia the 34th year of his sg ' " At Owego, Broom county, on the 8th instant, MrAbram Hooglaad, aged 68 years, formerly a resident of this city,' and much rejected by all wbokoewhUn.. ' t m .'.:! - At Savannah, on Jfoeday evening, 3d August, fin consequence of Wound in the stomach re ceived in a duel,) Mr Avon Mead, a native of Charleston . ... u ' .. . , . . $yJWYQ POST JtURlJfK LIST; . CLEARED. BrizMary.Cailin. ' StEustatia G Smith : Hero. Manton. . Oibrallar N. ft. D. Talcott ; Gen. Ward, Sackett, CapedeVerd ' Suydam & Wyckoff. . Scbr Dauntless, Parker, Richmond . Belvidere. Marshall. Norfolk . Olive Branch, Tettiew, Trinidad - - .' Bunce i Woodhull Sloop Flag, Skidmore. 1 ' do jh rived mis tvRRyooy. Ship Ellen, Rowland, 44 days from Bristol, with iron, tin plates, elass. Vr. to unswolds Coats, and others: Left the following vessels for new lork.vix: hchr bertrude, uriuon, tosaii in 20 days; brig Mary, James, in 16 day; brig Mary, Swain, in 10 days; brig Catharine. Gay, for Boston, in 4 days. In lat 50 IO, ft. lone , 15, spoke the ship Wuhatb, Davidson, 25 day from Baltimore, bound to Amsterdam, in lat. 47 31, N. long 31 27, W. spoke brig Texel, Thaxter, 16 days from Boston, bound to Amtter, dam. ' BELOW. Shin Marv Aususta, 58 day from Greenock, Brig Julia - Ann, 69 days from Rotterdam, to E. Fisher. Schr Telegraph, 17 days from Curracoa, to J te C Seeuine. ' Schr Lady Tompkins, from Richmond. .iituiv no last m'exiau. Ship Minerva - Smyth Allen, 43 days from London, with dry goods, &c. to A Grscie and Sons, owners, I Carrow, S Norwood, J Bow en, Hattrick, Lee tt, Co. Murd It Sewell, P Remsen &Co. F Sheldon ft Co. H tt W Delafield, X Shapter, D Hossck, J at W Sterling & Co. A Kinder, L Usher, R Bach, it k H Sheldon, Wm Cairns, T Dixon, Calder, M'Lea ft Co. H Barclay, P Si J S Crary. H K Toler ft Co. G W Talbot, Mr. Alleuby, S Hawson, Mr. Paster, Wm Langdon, J Whetcbamer, Ellit and Flacknt r, T Uowrick. Shipman it Lord, Mollin, Rankin & Gallup, Day, Down ft Eastbum, J M'Call, B F Babcock, G Wragg, C Rsusham, W Urpwood, and J Williams. Passengers, Messrs. Hoffman and servant, J Fellows, Benj. B Carter, Jaflray, H Harris, Horspool, Miss Robinson, and 18 in the steerage. The M. S. has experienced head winds during her pas - sere. Lett London June 27, Down aoth, and the Lizard July 5y Left at London, ship Emi ly, Robinson, for N York July 5; brigs Rubin tt Eliza, Sewell, July 15; Aurora, Bacon, Boston, July 10 i ship Lucies, Russelter, discharging. Spoke, June 28, in the River, ship Robert Edwards, Shirsburg, 23 days from Charleston. Off Beachy Head, ship Tontine, Turley, 23 day from Philadelphia for London. July 4, ship Ocean, Fowie, from London for Alexandria. 6 days from the Downs. July 6, SO lea. west of frcilly, saw ship Washington, Form an, for N York , and ship Gen. Waahingtqn. Lea - cock, from London for Norfolk. July 27, lat 42 35, Ion 46 30, brig Caroline, Morris, 8 day from Boston for Amsterdam. Aug. 9, lat 41 22, Ion 65 30, sch Perseverance. Anderson, from St. Johns. N - B. for Harbadoes. British brig Flrick, M'Lean, 70 day from Dundee, with dry goods, and 12 passengers, to Boormsn 1l Johnston,' Andrew Robertson, A Reed, W Bissett, P Milne, J Johnson, A Taylor, U Howe. T Watt, J Jameson, G Barclay. and 8 Dalgiiesh ft Co. Left, brig Eliza, mid Hand, both tor a York In about 3d day. un Thursday, spoke British scbr Maiyaret, 17 days from Halifax for N York, with 24 passengerssupplied her with beef and bread. Brig Rapid, Smith, 13 days from St. Croix, with rum and sugar, to Reads & De Peyster, G & II Lewis, M Bathurst, B De Forest iC and G Gibb. Passenger, T W Moore. Sailed in co. brig Oroximbo, Ward, for N York - Left, brig Edward, Hunt, to sail tame day ; brig Hammond, Fowler, for N York 10th inst ; onr Commerce, Little, fordo. 15th; Jane, M'Lel - lan, for Philad. lOUi. The Merchant, Fair - field, arrived from Kennebunk July 24, and sailed the Ztith for St Thomas and St. Domin - go. The Eros, Boyle, arrived from Baltimore July 26, and was discharging. Spanish prize brig St aiartin, Jonas, prize - master, 150 days from Alicant, wiln wine and brandv. prise to Uie schr. Baenos Ayres, John f) del. F.kO. commander, captured Mar 12. off Cadiz, ami ordered for Buenos Ayres. June 23. near the equator, in a heavy bead sea. sprung aleak, which continued for some days, ana induced us, on the iiuth June, ta bear away for the first friendly port ; and the prize mas ter hopes for assistance here. Brig Oroximbo, 13 days from St. Croix, with rum and sugar, to tlie captain. Sell Jacquetnel Packet, IJomimck, 14 days from Port - au Prince, and 7 from the land, with logwood, coffee, R Cartmel, 11 Harbeck, Talman &Torrey, J H Leverich. Pitch, Goodwin ft Co. W H imly, J blidell & Co. Bunce ft WotxJliuil, J Cowen, u B t Meyer, and the captain. Passenger, Wm Trmholm. Left sch Petion, to sail next day ; brig Volant, in a week i tch Sally, disch. No con'ee to be had. and American produce plenty. Lat 30, long 74, spoke brig Governor Jones, 10 days from Charleston for Havana. Sch Nancy, Kelly, 3 days from Philadelphia, with teas, coffee, whiskey, &c. to L'Homme - dieu k Brown, owners, and others. Sch Eliza, Weeks, 5 days from Alexandria. with salt, flour, wool, dry goods, &c. to J M Lowry k Co. Hyer ft Rankin, J ft G V Lynch, J Robertson, Berry k Seton, S Goold, J and P tlone a Co. t Beers, aud It Barnes. Sch Betsey, Robinson, S days from Phila - deipbu. with brick, to order. Sch Carpenter Son, Hubbell, 4 day from Washington. N C. with naval itoret, to Rand C W Davenport k Co. British sch Margaret, Ferguson, 13 days from Halifax, with roman cement, and 24 passengers, to Ward k Bishop. sloop ICover, Paras, 4 days from Philadel phia, with gin, dry goods, ftc. to P Grim, own - er, and others. Sloop Atlas, Prince, ft davs from Wilming ton, Del. with corn meal and flour, to T Buckley ft Son. sloop uero, f ointer, 3 days from Indian Ri ver, Del. with corn and staves, to B Burton. BosToar, Auj. 14. Arrived, ship Triton, Uolcomb, 33 days from LivernooL Sailed in co. wilii ship Strafford, Rogers, for this port ; Superior, for Philadelphia i Franklin, Graham, for Baltimore America, Luckett, for Alexandria. Left shins Commerce, Peterson, for this port, July 10 1 Falcon, Lewis, do 23J ; 1 ho. Wilson, Thompson, do 1st wind ; Milo, Branson, do in Aug Margaret, Melius, do soon ; Montgomery, v ard, for K York 5th July ; Bell - Savage, Russell, do, 7th i Loan, Posdick, do. 8th ; Aurilla, Hewson,. do. 10th i Athens, Meader, do. do. ; Sybel, Turner, do 15th Atlantic, Matlock, do do i MasUius, Weeks, do 20th i Charles, Wilcox do do ; Andes, Herri hew, do. 1st wind i Mary, Douglass, do do ; Friends, Jtflery, Charleston, 17th July i Sally, Watson, do hcth ; Diana, Berry, do 230) ; Mary and Henry, J Cre,ighlon,.d 1st wind Mary Ann, .StuDbt? bavannah soon i .Oglethorpe, Jape, da nrtser FaUtx, Wilcox, do 15tl : And - Jackson. 5 mil h, - de 20ih ; Tukan lL,' do. fiith j Liule Cberub,M'Kever, phni i 19lh - I t.arranti fvm. . krintD. Tab. da Julv 20 ill pill ;.. r.. 4 I Indian - Hunter ' Maxwell. R,lt;'m 8.", . r - MaivtV VIHk . . '", cn no .crca, tracer New J oey. Smith, Alexandria 1st windV Un Johnston, Belfast do Hantonia, Hobbona fc' PnHinxuilli' An . Itl.i.oVia TO - l.l. - . 1 w . w. - ji " nonoik do The 6usan, Wm. Savory, Benj - Rush, Kabb. Potamac, Stranger, Addison, and Recover' bad lately irrired and uncertain hen 0t2 The Lancaster, West, went oo ahort in Bonfl " - J' - - "' mui uock tb. 6th, to discharge her cargo, being much k jured. Spoke July 17th, Ut 49 51, . it 10, W. blp Orient, 19 day. from UvertS forN York. 19;h, lat 48 22, N.long gaa shipGoaport. Bunker, 20 davs fromLim S for Philadelphia, with passengers. 27th, hi 44 36, long 46 36, British brig Commerce, days from London for Halifax. ; 31st, a Duw ship name unk&own, 13 day from Charlestca fqr lUruburg, - Aug. 6, lat 42 39, long 59 a brig Nancy, 45 day from Cork from N YorkT Arrivals at Quarantine. ihip Galatea Towt 48 days from Kio Janeiro. ft, ihioVi,!!. Fish, Fitch, of this port, 98 day . ham Carta?' Spoke lat 4041, kn 65 tt), shipMinervVSavnV Alh.u,40dayt from Ixndon for R. York. - t2 Gulatea got eshur on Marihfield beach, tl Thursday mcming, in a fog; but ncceeded ? getting off at 7 o'clock in the evening, wirj, .k, assistance bfMr. Coomhe, io hi pilot.ot Lead er, without any damage to vessel or rr0 lirig Henry, Johnson, of Bath, fidaysfrca Surinam. Left, July 16, brig Oca. Jackson Coring, for tlm port, tine. ; Resolotion, Asdrewt! of W ilmington, - fw E. Greeawkb, JTjij, juj Lydia ft Mary, Arnold, of and for douse. 1 Teks machii, Wood, for this port, cargo all on board: Abigail, Lee, of PhiIaJ.for - fiLndon, in 3 ori day 5 Catheriue, Stillmaa, for dmrc, ; Gmv pturo, Parsons, for .Gloucester, da; Cyathia. Holmes, Salem, do. 5 ship Charles,; this port, do. ; Waihinrton. Kaaon. nfTTi. dis. ; Marseilles - Packet, CoiSn. ofVnil.itJiS arrived. Spoke Aug. 10. lat 38 30, long 70, S Preev, 20 day from St. Domin - o fTRi. poit - 12th, Nantucket Shoal hearing N. by siea. aist or ynvie s Auce, 14 day froai Uatiano Fvw f malarias " AjnyHum ivi ucuuui 1 , - Brig Pallas, Rossignol, 44 day. from Juas, Coasfof Africa, f poke July 3fJ, British biS Dcnr rjiza ancy. Hedge, tl day from St Thomas. Left July 22, schr Mav - Ftower. of Cape - Ann, to sail in 6 or 8 day. for thi port; schr Eagle, Mitcliell, from Newhuryport, just nr. sloop Sally, for Nantucket, io 2 or 3 davs : sch t Spoke off the Harbor, sch Surprize, 12 days from I itivis.imiiii vs atiMHW) waej a UCVDs VI UU. Hlanilal B, Dttiuuiurc, uouuu iu. in ibi so OJ, song Bit XL (no date) ship Meridian, - Budd, 10 day froa Baltimore, for New Orleans. Is lat 27 12. low 68 30, ship Washington, 12 days from N. tors. lor rsew - vrieaas. The schr Hero, - Holme, 56 dart fro a Lives pool, arrived at Fisher Island 10th Inst Su it bound to Kicnmoad and o.ify stopped to aud Ui Captain, who is very sick. - SAuEM. August 13. Arrived, brig Marv Eliza, Beadle, 125 days from Sumatra. Lett sa the coast, April 8, Fraoci. Lord of Salem, near, ly loaded; brig Coromahdcl, Bray, do do; shim Janus, Endicolt, do none, out 5 weeks ; Herald, Grave, do 500 picul ; brip Nautilus, Currajvof do 1100 picul; Edward. Whittrcdge, do 1KU I'k ul ; Eunice, Townsena, do loaded, to sail next day ; Franklinr Kennedy, Salesa, ship Persia, Williams, Boslou, iou pKul i Saratoga, Leach, do do ; Otter, Seers, do none Com. Preble, Brsv, do partly loaded ; Orilia, Barker, do do atap John Adams, Downing, of Boston, sailed froa Sumatra, about a moaib previous to the M. k E. to touch at Isle of France for supplies ; ship Restitution, Messervey, of Salem, bad sailed with lull cargo lor lurope, about the muMle oTMarca; Ibe ship Eodeavor, of Salem, bad been spokes as the coast; barque Camel, Breed of Salem, let the coast about 4h April for Cak - utta. 2 Asset - iran ships arrived on tbe coast about 6th of A pro, name unknown. Ship Magnet, Bnns,ofBe too, bad sailed for Europe a Ciaatdeiabte tinW previous to Capt B's sailing. Spoke Juae 6, IU i Capt. B's sailing. Spoke Juae 6, It so ju, a. ionn lem, yx da' h ttmlm I i from the westward oa 6ta or JMey, ia lat 35 30. 8. loor 29 30, E. and lost his for. most anef bowsprit with alt bis bead yards aad sail. Aug. 9, Cap Aaa W. 0T . 6a leagse. spoke brig Fawn, 3 nee, t days froa Boston for fcurope. Ag. ll,l. awo, w.oo leagues, spate brie Mary ft Sally H2 dav from Salem for Liv erpool, fjiglaad. ' ' ' Baitimobs, Aur. 14. Arrived, sch Cesersl Jackson, Shiliaber, from Salem. - Brig Atlantic, Bassett, 16 day from Boston, Scli Helen; Basset, 11 days from Boston. Sch Dispatch Packet. Morris, 12 day too Salem. ATiip Congress, King, 56 davs from Liverpool and 40 from land, 40 passengers. July 14, ia lat 42 36. long 40, spoke brig Margaret, Cof fin, from Oporto for Baltimore. 20th, lat 40 6, long 50, vu boarded from ship Pacific, Clark, from Nantucket for the Pacific Ocean, out 6 days. Aug. 5, lat 33 14, long 71, spoke ship Homer, M'Cloud, from Bath lor Norfolk, out 7 davs. ' Brig Eagle, Isley, 13 days from Msrsgues; (Porto Rico.) Left, sch Five Sisters, Howard, for Philadelphia, uncertain. . - British sen Nancy,Bordingham,35days front, Halifax, 41 passengers. Brig Margaret, Harris,' 73 days from Amsterdam. June 25, lat 47, long 85 85, poa tch Weymouth, from Havre for N York. Julf 10, lat 39 22, long 52, ship U. States, from Nan. , tucket for South Seas. 1 1th, ship Three GeoV erals, from diaries ion tor Liverpool, zw, ist 40 25, long 65, brig Margaret Wright, from Norfolk for Lirerpool. . . . Sch Patriot, Frishie, 15 days from Jacaei, with apecie. The brie Com. Hull, sailed 6 . days before for Boston. Tlie sch William and John, of Vienna for Baltimore, sailed S days before The cb Hebe, or Baltimore, seiiea, for leeward, 4 days before. Passed a Urge' ship and an English brig off tbe Capes bound in. and brig Clotilda, with plaster, in tbe stay. - BsLTixoaz, Aug. 15. Arrived, brigCritw rion,Jenfe, 40 days frotn Oporto. ' " NEW - HAVEN, August 13. Arrived, scht Nancy, Richards, 112 day from Ivies, aad 75 day from Gibraltar. Lelt at Gibraltar, ship f' - I T r u., - 1 u 1 . 4t iliva from Ma tans as, wub Coffee and Sugar, for Mar ,' tellies. In Int 3o f. long 66 30, w . tpcas mr Tbaddeus, of Boston, La Bosqoet, 6 days irom hounil Ia I A.mmJ rM - irrf II fa tor from Cspt. La Bosquet, a supply of seudl ' stores. ... Schr Betsey, Fuller, 12 day from Lubec, wua plaster and SO passengers. - ' acnr lienry, uavis, &t croix, x oay. brirs Orizimbot Ward, aad Ldward, Heat, tosait , in 4 day. , . - oiouij r Kir nmriii ui. rkcvBuui. - v Wight, the Shannon, Falconer, from 81. Domia - : ruiLinuuin. juu iii.w go. On tne 4th June, in lat XJ 40, tons; ov spoke the American ship William, owr. day from Londondery for NYork, be had been 4 day beset with see on the Bank of Newfound - I...I in,.. o !. HQ i..n aa ir,lr ibe A men. MBV. W I .. W II.', . , t . , can ship Averick, Si days from Loodon for vu iB' - - i . w ' DEAL, June 23. Came dowaCbance.Fktcn - v er, New York. , . PaitABSLraiA, Auj. 16. Arr.vea ecu - y vorite. Fisher, 45 days from St Ubes. . Sloop Susannah, Alolierty 12 0ya iroro Johns. P.R. v '' Wiaxrsroroir, a. c. Aup. 8. Arrived sow 1 a U'k:. 1" a. V..sV ' rKRCtf II UUC, irVIU iffZW - BUlav. v.a.sivw a st. 14 1 i - a.vt teh G coriti tUBtrUhB nwS rst i nvwf w Butler, 8 dayt from Cape Francaia. Sch Hen - ... - . - .... l OOiB ry, Williams, oi and lor xora, u - Juty. Lea Aug 1st, brig Laurel, Pones, from N York, tor London in 3 day. ' ' r mtbL abio Lothatr. Foster. Lavcrpooi. . HICHMOiNU - itW ILOWR. - XU0 bbB. UihmnM now Flour. Mais.!! branrl. J"4 received per schooner Alexander, for ale by tor 17 - v r iI Vrl BETHUNE ft CO.

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