Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 10, 1931 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1931
Page 12
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12 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE APRIL 10 1931 Decrease Is Reported. ST. PAUL, April 10. UB--Gross farm- value of milk and egga .produced on Minnesota farms in 1930 shows decreases compared to estimated figures for 1929, according to the Minnesota Crop Reporting Service here. Tho farm production of milk during 1930 was 9,042,725,000 pounds compared to 9,322,380,000 pounds In 1929, estimates show, with a gross farm value last year of 5140,810,000 in 1930 compared with ?180,433,000 in 1929. SATURDAY S P E C I A L S 25* IRISH BREAD ; 15c--2 for . DANISH ROLLS N dozen ... . 2O ALL COOKIES 2 dozen For Economy and Goodness' Sake Buy PURITY Bread Purity Bakery 216 SOUTH FEDERAL PHONE 86 TUNE is-- "JEST FOR FUN" every Tuesday nlgttt Columbia Chain Stations-- 'WCCO'-WMAQ--9:15 Central Time AMERICAS BIGGEST SELLER. light when it goes the oven v Winners Are Announced for Local Hobby Show Prizes Will Be Awarded to* Boys Saturday Night a t Y . M . C . A . Winners of the Kiwanis Y. M. C. A. hobby show were announced Friday. The show was opened to the public Friday afternoon and will be open until Saturday night, when the prizes will be awarded. The winners, in the order of their ranking, were: Natural History. : Rocks, seniors, Thayer Curry, Lyle Norquist and Dick Martin; juniors, William Leffingwell,' Bill Wagner and Clarke Gage. Fossils, seniors, Lawrence Kohler and Armin Kohler; Juniors, Ralph Thomas, Billy Bennett and Dick Holman. Sea shells, seniors, Starr Yellaad; juniors, Emos Lloyd Jones, Bob and Billy Bennett and Paul Curry.' · Butterflies and moths, seniors, Arthur E. Rowe, Paul Foote and Ross Smith; juniors, Bob Campbell and Guy Bemis. I Birds, live, seniors, Dick Price and Truman Ambrosen. ,TWD-TO-pNET\A/a-TO-ONETWQ-TO-ON^rVV/O-TO-ONE *£·«*' J}ough should start to rise when you start '- £*»*; to mix it When put in the oven it should^be f^ . i.two-thirds leavened. This permits the.;h.ak- TM *"" % 4 ing' heat to penetrate evenly so th^K/Srom 'd-crust to center the bake is just righfr^-never! u ' ^ry and 'crumbly, never heavy-^nd soggy, jattbaked right aU the wajyfkraugh. lord leavening y called two-to-one sning, because Jfworks this way evefy iv "'oithi^s'always takes place in the remaining third in the oven. S takes' place in this perfect proportion only -when an all-phosphate pow-. der such as Eumford is used. Get Eumford from your grocer and give Animals, Shephard. mounted, juniors, Bob Animals, live, seniors, Dick Price and Warren Adklna; juniors, Ian Ebert arid Atwln Lunning. Plants, Juniors, Paul Curry Woods, seniors, Paul Foote and Lloyd Wilson; juniors, Ralph Thomas, Paul Curry and Roger Huntley. Leaves, juniors, Clair Bemis. Seeds, juniors, Paul Curry. Flowers, juniors, Clarke Gage^ Sand, juniors, Ralph Thomas. Soils, seniors, Harold Randall. Coin Winners Listed., American, seniors, Jim Pauley; juniors, Bob Shepard, Clarke Gage and John Pauley. Foreign, seniors, Thayer Curry, Paul Satter' and Robert Ditzler; juniors, Bob Shephard. Paper money, American, seniors, Thayer Curry and Tom Yoseloff; juniors, Arthur Fischbeck, Bob Bennett and Bob Shephard. Paper money, foreign, seniors, Paul Satter, Thayer Curry, and Tom Yoseloff; juniors, Martin Yoseloff. Medals and badges, se"nior, Lloyd Wilson. Verne Wilson and Dick Price; juniors, John Pauley, John Armentrout and Orris Herflndahl. Stamps. U. S. collection, seniors, Jim Pauley, Truman Ambrosen and Robert Ditzler; juniors, Merritt Milligan, John Pauley and John James. U. S. precancels, seniors, Ralph Fischbeck and Tom Yoseloff; ju- niora, Clarke Gage, John James and Bob Campbell. Foreign stamps, senior, Paul Satter, Jim Pauley and Truman Ambrosen; juniors," Merritt Milligan, Robert Parish and-John James. Covers, seniors, Ken Leonard, Tom Yoseloff and Robert Ditzler; juniors, Merritt Milligan, Bob Shephard and Martin Yoseloff. Airmail, senior, Tom Yoseloff, and junior, Martin Yoseloff. Best display, seniors, Thayer Curry, Jim Pauley and Paul Foote; juniors, Merritt Milligan, Robert Parish and Bob Campbell. Blocks, seniors, Tom Yoseloff, Robert Ditzler and Ralph Fischbeck; Juniors, Robert Parish, Merritt Milligan and Martin Yoseloff. Miscellaneous. Buttons,' juniors, William Hartman and Bill Wagner. Magazine covers, juniors, Merritt Milligan, Martin Yoseloff and Dan Allen. . , - ' . Cartoons, senior, Paul Foote. T- Marbles, seniors, Jack Edwards and Thayer Curry; juniors, Glenn Sperry, Francis Logue and John Beaver. Headlines, seniors, Lawrence Kohler and Starr Yelland; , Junior, John Armentrout. · Postcards, seniors, Lyle Norquist and Starr,YeUand; juniors, Robert Parish, Bob Shephard and Martin Yoseloff. Cigar bands, seniors, Jim Pauley, Paul Satter and Lloyd Wilson; juniors, Vern Redecker' and John Pauley. ' ' Ribbons, seniors, Lawrence Koh- Gum wrappers, seniors, Paul Satter and Lloyd Wilson; juniors, Ralph Thomas and Dan Allen. Samples, seniors, Jim Pauley and Jack'Edwards. . Nails, seniors, William Gundlach, Scrap books, seniors, Robert Ditzler, Paul:Foote and Lyle Norquist; juniors, George Potter, Robert Parish and fan Ebert. Flags, seniors. Ken Leonard. Pennants, seniors, Thayer Curry and Lloyd Slock. Pencils, juniors. Wayne Johnson and Robert Shephard. Pins, juniors, Dan Allen. Candy wraoper, seniors, Lloyd Wilson and Starr Yelland; juniors. Bob Camtibell, Dan Allen and Osborne Smith. ' ··'·'· Keys, seniors, Robert Ditzler and Starr Yelland; juniors, Bob Whitney, Ralph Thomas and Donald Klitsch. Confection prizes, seniors. Lloyd Wilson, Wilbur Yarges and Wlnton Roth. Furs, seniors, : Paul Foota and Starr Yelland; juniors, Bob Whit- nev. Blotters." juniors. Dan Allen, Oscar Ketchurrt and Robert Major. Photo albums. . seniors, . Paul Foote; juniors, Melvin Decker. Bottle covers, juniors, Ralph Thomas, Wayne Johnson and Dan Allen. Stickers, seniors, Thayer Curry, Meat Specials LOW. PRICES ATAPMARKETS 201 NORTH FEDERAL 122 SOUTH FEDERAL stu)o-to-on£ JedVener your baking the advantages of.two-to-one leavening. RUM FORD ALL-PHOSPHATE BAKING POWDER TBE nUMPORD COMPANY. Bamtiot OffvM, BUUFORD. R. L TWO-TD-ONETV\/O-TO-ONET WO-TO-DNE TWO-TO-ONE Pork Loin Roasts AVERAGE. ... .Ib. IOC Hamburger, fresh ground, 3 Ibs. 25c Pot Roasts, young, tender.. .Ib. 9c Sliced Bacon C^L^W^PPED .. .Ib. 25c Beef Ribs, boil or roast......Ib. 8c Hams, Whole or Half..... .Ib. 20|/ 2 c FRESH KILLED CHICKENS » AP FOOD STORES The Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Co. r Spring Cleaning HURTS ONLY D)R« ·SCOURS Ken L«mar3 and Lloyd Slock. Match covert, seniors, Richard Barker, Henry Witzell and Donald Dye; Juniors, Jack Daugherty, Orls Herflndahl and Dan Allen. Spools, senior, Harold Randall. Soap samples, seniors. Ken Leonard and Jim Fauley. Puzzles, Junior, Ralph Thomas. Auto pictures, senior, Starr Yelland. Knot tying, senibrsfTnayer' Curry and Lloyd Slock; junior, Glenn Sperry. ' ' . ' - ' Drum heads, seniors, Lloyd Wilson and Rons Smith. Golf tees, senior,' Eugene Cota. Chicken ringa, senior, Carl Bachne. Metal shavings, junior, Ralph Thomas. Tobacco cans, junior, Dave Allen. Dogs, junior, Bmos Lloyd'Jones. Auto albums, senior, Jack Edwards. Poems, junior, Bob Whitney. Magic'tricks, junior, Paul Curry. Courthouse records, junior, George Wood. Tinfoils, senior, Stanley Nor- qulst. Matches, senior, Dick Barker. Newspapers, senior, Jack Edwards. Are Listed. Guns, seniors,' Ross Smith, Ralph FlBchbeck and Morris Schultz; juniors John James, Jim Wagner and Otis King. Swords, junior, Otis King. Other curios, seniors, Ross Smith, Dick Martin and Harold Randall; juniors, Melvln Decker, Dick Hoi- man and Bill Wagner. · Special South America curios, senior, Ken Leonard. History and Belles. White civilization, senior, Harold Randall; junior, Melvln Decker. Indian civilization, seniors, William Gundiack, Dick Price and Dick Martin; junior, Billy Bennett. Aquariums are Entered. Aquariums, juniors--Jim Wagner and Glenn Sperry. , Handicraft Winners Listed. Furniture, seniors, William Gundlach, Jim Pauley and Louis Vega; juniors, Glenn Sperry, Merritt Milligan and Wesley Htckling. Articles of play, seniors, Vincent Nordahl, juniors, Vern Redecker and Clifford Easley. Bows and arrows, juniors, Melvin Decker and John James. Kites, senior, Floyd Olson. Metal work, seniors, Dick Martin and Louis Vega; junior, John Pauley. Boats, juniors, Vern Redecker, Jim Wagner and Paul Curry. Toys, senior, Vincent Nordahl; junior, Jim Wagner. Ship models, senior, Eugene Cota, two prizes. Model stages, senior, Paul Foote; junior, Glenn Buchanan. Covered wagon model, senior, Gofdon Hill. Log cabin, junior, Charles Lovell. Rabbit hutch models, senior, Morris Schultz. Bird houses, small, juniors, Bob Whitney'and John James. Large birdhouses, junior, Glenn Perry. ; ' . ' " : " · · ' - ' Art Hobbles Submitted. Landscape, seniors, William Gundlach. Painting, seniors, William Gundlach. .. : · . Soap models, seniors, William Guodlach and GHbert Grimm; juniors. Glen Sperry and Ernest Roth. Posters, juniors, Glen Sperry. Basketwork, seniors, Lawrence Kohler; juniors, Glenn Buchanan and Clarke Gage. Mat work, juniors, Jim Wagner and Wayne Johnson. Weaving, senior, Lloyd Wilson Wilbur Yarges; junior, Ralph Thomas, Dave Allen and Clifford Nasley. Carving, junior, Dick Holman. Tin foil work, junior, Melvin Decker and Robert Collen. Landscape models, junior, Bill Wagner. ' Water coloring, senior, Jim Wagner and .Tom Yoseloff; junior, Jim Wagner and Merritt Milligan. Candles, senior, Clay Woodhouse. Sillouettes, senior, Paul Satter. Technical Awards. Radio, senior, James Schultz and Ken' Leonard. ; Electrical apparatus, senior, Vincent Nordahl. Erector model, junior, Robert Buchannan and Glenn Buchannan. Inventions, senior, Carlyle Baehne and Harold Randahl; junior, Ralph Thomas. . Drawing Awards. Mechanical, senior, Robert Dltzler and Morris.Schultz. ' Free Hand, senior, Paul. Satter; jurior, Glen 'Sperry, Jim Wagner and Paul Curry. . Cartoons, senior, Richard Larson and Paul Bey. Camera Graft, junior, Jim Wagner. 1 Father and son, senior, Dick Martin and Thayer Curry; junior, Mer| ritt Milligan and Melvin Decker. Cooking. Cakes, senior, Jack Edwards; juniors, Glenn Sperry, Melvln Decker and Wayne Johnson. Cookies, juniors, Wayne Johnson. Pies, junior, Wayne Johnson. Candy, seniors, Jim Pauley and Donald Dye. Project Work. Pioneer Manuals, senior, Verne Wilson and Lloyd Wilson. Letiieroraft, senior, Dick Martin, Paul Bey and Donald Dye; 1 juniors, Melvin'Decker, Dan Allen and Robert Leibehdorfer. Cartoons, Juniors, Edward Legard. R O G airplanes, junior, Arm in Kohler. Endurance tractors, senior, Vincent Nordahl; Junior, Melvin Decker. Fuselage models, commercial, seniors, Starr Yelland, Vincent Nordahl and Lewis Dawcs, juniors, Richard Larson and Glenn Sperry. Handicraft, senior, Dick Martin; Junior, Gilbert Grimm, and John James. Friendship sticks, senior, Lloyd Wilson, Donald Dye and William James. Leather burning, senior, Donald Dye and Paul Bey. Bows and arrows, senior, Lloyd 1 Wilson; Junior, Robert Lelbendorfer. J Mrs. Stott, 72, Former Titonka Resident, Dies TITONKA, April 10.--Mrs. W. H. Stott received word of the death of her mother, Mrs. John Perry, at Fonda. Mr. Perry died about four months ago. They were residents of thb community until about 10 years ago when they retired from the farm and moved to Fonda to make their home. Council Bluffs Man Is Convicted Second Time in Death of His Wife COUNCIL BLUFFS, April 10. UP) --A district court jury yesterday convicted Walter Johnson, Council Bluffs, on a charge of manslaughter in connection with the death of his wife, Mrs. Millie Bertleson Johnson, here Dec. 23, 1927. Johnson was convicted on a similar charge in May,-1928, but the decision waa remanded for a new trial by the state supreme court. : Graf Zeppelin Nears Egypt.' CAIRO, Egypt, April 10. Iff)-The Graf Zeppelin, enroute to Egypt and Palestine from Friedrichshafen, neared the Egyptian border today after passing the Island of Malta at midnight. UNITED FRUIT COMPANY 33 EAST STATE FREE DELIVERY PHONE 749 SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY ORANGES, California Navels, extra large size, 126's, dozen 45c GRAPEFRUIT, Extra Large, 4 and 5 f o r . . . . 25c -ORANGES, Florida^. extra sweet and -juicy, 10 Ibs.... 50c BANANAS, 4 pounds .. 25c ONION SETS, WHITE, RED, YELLOW, 4 LBS. 25c BERMUDA ONION PLANTS. 3 BUNCHES 25c ASPARAGUS, Large Bunches lOc LARGE 2-lb. bunches 39c RADISHES, 3 bunches .. lOc BUTTER, Fancy Creamery, pound 30e YOUNG ONIONS, PEPPERS LEMONS, Sunkist, Extra Large, dozen 30c SUGAR. CANE, 10 Ib. Bag 55c POTATOES, Western Russets, Fancy Quality, Bushel $1-20 V E f C T A R T E C Artichoke*, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Heud lettuce, Celery,I Peas, i L u L l n D L L O Green Beans, Parsley, Cucumbers, Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Spinach. MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME BAKING ~ ~ " MONARCH'S WORLD'S FAMOUS PRODUCTS AT SPECIAL PRICES Mason City Fruit Co. PHONE 320 OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE SPECIAL SALE! SATURDAY .ONLY! BUTTER, Fresh Creamery, SPECIAL, Ib. . . . .....28c GRAPEFRUIT, Extra Large /· size, aiarsh Seedless, special ---- Dfor ORANGES, Extra Large, Juicy, peck, 10 Ibs CARROTS, Fresh Large Bunches,. SPECIAL. BANANAS, Fine Quality, 4 Ibs 25c SPINACH, Fresh, Crispy, 3 Ibs 25c PEAS, Fresh California, Ib. lOc .RHUBARB, Fancy, 2 Ibs 15o FRESH GREEN. ONIONS and GREEN PEPPERS, bunch. ..... . . ..... . 5c HEAD LETTUCE, large Solid, Crispy . . . for WINESAPS, 4 Ibs.. . .250 DELICIOUS, 3 lbs....25c CHERRIES, Red Pitted CAN ' ' 13c GALLON CAN . . ' . 78c CANE SUGAR In Cloth Bags, 10 pounds ^ORANGES, Cal. Sfinkisi, .dn*..25c, .4 RADISHES, 3 bunches ..lOc FRESH GREEN BEANS, Ib. .....15c V Endives, Tomatoes, -New Potatoes, Cucumbers, Cauliflower, .Asparagus, NEW Cabbage,.Parsley, Parsnips, Strawberries. CATSUP, Large Size Bottle, SPECIAL ........ lOc FREE DELIVERY . --:-- PHONE 320 There's only one real Fig Newton and that's made by the UNEEDA BAKERS--who use the finest figs for its filling--who tailor its cookie jacket to oven-brown perfection--whose label - is easily recognized, for it's the Red Uneeda Seal. ' i Uneeda Bakers NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY

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