Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 5
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 5

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 5
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Time Card OO1NQ 8OBTB. Altll »nd £ipreis. t.t.:iB._ 7 L i« u m O'hlnzo Expreti. !S~o. 1 n.. _ ._. s ',·» m Darllnnton Puienicer. No. (J A-._ D-'-f · m W»jFrelKht.No. 8 B ..... -- I Mi p irf Tbrooifli FrclKbi, No, 10 A ...... eja p m KrtlRbt Xo. 12 A --------- ---- 12-06 p. m . S Q l t f Q M O B T H Million Erpw«, No.lH ......... _10ft» m OdM FlUFUtnggrNo. 3 D ____ 4-i? n. D MimmpolliExpraiii. No-D. A l-.u i m WIT Freight rfo 7 B ------- ...11.00 .iS B-- Dally except Sunday Rock Creek Herd CHINKS- 9HNDBH3 CHIP. NO. 27445 SC.IC]H th L . berd lib sire took Hrat In hli clu.s.1, llnd sweepsukes at the World's Fair. His service can b« had to ,i limited number or rcBlMereU I'olanil China sows, at *3 00, payable strictly in adrance. Am now booking order:, (or bred lowa. Barred Plymouth Rock and lliown Leghorn chkkfns for sale. BEN. MANWELL, Prop. Firm 3 miles b E. or l.a Purte. J53 JB S AWS HEARS _^3 KATES jgj EWING MACHINES etc., put ·n working order at Ward Cooper's ,01 Main Street. = --Hard Times dance Feb. 6th. -The place to buy shoes a at I'aige's. -Go to Bannister'sfor pies.10 cents, at 1'^ige's, latest --Go to lunches. BAnuister'3 for first class -New York apples at Paige's. --Potatoes and onions at Paige's, --All kirds of can Roods at Paige's. --Go to Bannister's for pies, 10 cents --tio to Bannister'.-! tur first class lunches. --Iowa has ceased to be a winter re- aott. --Buy no sewing machine until ou see Trietn. -Polar Star Hour, the best on earlh at Paige's. --Only 32 OO a dozen for cabinets at in yester- --The bi-autiful snow set day morning. --Very low pncea on sewing machines at Tnem's. --Bndey Fuller, the popular Main St, touioriahats. -W. T. McQuilkin offers best hard wood at 93 50 a cord. -We pay the highest market price for butter and eggs at Paige's. -Have you seen the improved Rock « Washer? it's a dandy. For sale b B.S.btanton. -Don't forget that Blanchaine J. McUaheran have an expert jeweler m dmrge of their jewelry department. -Anti Ilust tin ware 19 warrantee not to rust. If it does, you get you n°ney buck. Have * look at it at B ^ Staiiton'a. -The liquor taken from La Porte "·jluon keepers was placed on tria Monday before Justice Keed, con detuned and ordered destroyed, -For Rent;--A good desirable resi «»«e, flo. BOG 3rd St., IK Kailroad art a ion, i, ft p orte Cjtv E n U l l i r e at «Hjollice or of P. Dunkleberjier. -Competition is the lifa of trade JeBcomb reports from five lo twenty nt * negatives a day since Christmas ·M they ,ti|| i ead . Ollice over ^^ "Rnts restaurant. ·II is Dot a miracle. It won't cure rything, but It will cure piles. inata what De Witt'a W]tch Hazel liul 7 ?.*!" do - be «"«e it has done it in °f case*. Hlanchaine Me --iled Cross Stoves, none better, at L S. Stanton'a. --The weather is a muchly discussed subject these days. -Goto the new firm of Uodey to f u l l e r for a good shave or haircut. -A complpi« jroerry stwk aiways m hand at I'aige's .Syndicate lilock '.ore --Ed K Si-lmck Announce-* great re- Miicl'ons on w i n t e r jjoods in his ad his week. He rt ii It --Clocks, watches and jeivelry rp- aired by an expert jeweler at Hlan- --W. K. Uurke. of the Cedar Kails tlotic, has retired from the firm, w h i c h i--.ll hereafrer be known as tormerlv-- *ackard Fabnck. --Miss Mary Fenner gave a veri 1-aaant tea party to a n u m b e r of her riends in honor of her guest and sis,- -r, Alice, at Mr. J. H. Li/ers, Tues- ay evening. --The three dav racp between W. (\ ones and .1. .1. Engl d r u m at Greene, ·hich we mentioned in a recent issue, i h a v i n g b(-»n arranged for, began 'hursdav evening. --The Waterloo Courier report,-, the c" in the river at t h a t point irom 20 o 22 inuhes thick. The great d e p t h of freeze is accounted for by tli2 sur,ice heing iiiiprolec-led by snow. -- Dewilt's) Witch Hazel Silve cured J. G. Gorrell of ihe worst cage ot eczema ever known in the state ol Indiana. It cures scalds, burns, indolent sores and never rail; to cure piles. Blanchaine M r C a n e r a n . - Do not be d - i e i v d by the ten year old gag ot Ivory f i n i s h on Dhotos, but go to Kewcomb's ind get genuine hard finish that will aland the test in comparison with anybody's work. --Promptness 13a commendable virtue. That's why we offer you One Minute Cough (Jure. It is prompt in relief and prompt in curing. T h a t is what it is made for. Hlanchaine fc McGaheran. --Rumor has it that a new life insurance company in to be organized in Waterloo, and only members of ihe M. E. church will be eligible. A Du- juque business man and capitalist i t is said will be presid-at. -Three foreign gents, experts i n ll.c Manipulation of the paste boards, honored La 'Porte with a visa this week. IVe have not been able to Bl.inciiuine Jc .\(c miiiranleed --For an e.isy shave or A ^ood cut go to Uodey Fuller's. -- Remember t h e Hard Times dauc* on Wednesdav evening. Feb lith. --B. 5. Stautou sells t l w celebrated Peoria stoves. Hound O,tk in.I Cook. -- Have vour watches, jeivelrv repaired ·· Uaher^ii's SH wish to star* to our patrons that One M i n u t e Couzh Cnr is n sale aud reliable remed for c h i l d r e n t r o u b led «uth croup. cold». hoarseness aim i u u K iruuiiira. Ir is pla.isailt to take and quickly cures. lilaucbaine Jt Me- Galieian. --The Farmers. Co-operative rream- ery Co. have been busy ibis week putting up their sirjiplv of in- lor the coming MiiniHer. Tin- jiv 13 best qiulity iud about 18 im-lie-; thick John Kox. our veteran ice m a n , is s u p e r i n t e i i d i n a t l i e job. -- I n the^s days of tclepnon". telegraph, electricity and .-.UMIII. people cannot dfiord In \\*\\ .(.us or .is m a n y hours lor i\liul. Tins is u u r reavm for uttering \ on O'i" M ' l i u t e (JouKh Cure. X e i l l i e i d.u-. n u r I . - u r s , nor Purely Personal --A. It. M i Q m l k i u o f Waterloo was in town Monday. --CUud FreS/.s was u V m t o i i vl'iitor -- J . T. Uowding iviu n W.ifiluo I'M tor Wednesday. --Mr. Morris, uf Kipnls, was in the citv this week. -- M a t o i Kolpli I\MS t business visit- r .u Waterloo Tuead.n --K X Meiers was, a busings visitor in Waterloo ThiirsiUt School BY PKOF. II. U. J.ast .Monday's storm caused a large nurulipr of absences in all the departments. Sirs. J. II. I't-hller were Wednesday. Lr^r and iliSs Alice High Sclios! visitors niadf it trip to -- II .1. Hhiicliaine Jaieuoort \\ eunesdiiv -- ·!. M. l l l l f m . t n took t \ i ( i i a r loads f hortei to Syracuse N. Y. Tuesdiu . -- A t t o r n e y G. \V. T o m p k i n was ,1 eurfr Rapid-, v i s i t o r IVednesilay p. m. w i r e .tiul d a u p h l e r Tlip rooms have been perfectly hejted t h i s week and the v e n t i l a t i o n IMS b"en good. * * The latest addition to our remlnlfr tJUiie us u copy of the La L'orte City Pim. PiPiise accept our thanks, Mr. E.litor. Awarded Highest Honors-- World'* Fair. DR, vi-iten ^V uer t h i s w i t h I r i e n d s even m i n u t e s Upse |,-|. afforded, lilaiicli.iiiie A: M i i . . i h e r . i n --Samuel And-raon of Imli-iiHiidi'iice attempted to Ml, hi,, H I . C . I H U then k i l l e i l hiinsell by c u t t i n g his thro.u. euiirely sev^rniK the j u g u l a r veii:. last Minday morning. Th- r.isli act is supposed 10 h.ive heen the clU-ct Ol ,\ lit nt deal ondency and Ihu H i l e had appre- hensii-n-, m h .s.niity II,. « a s 1^1 years, olil ,,i .1 I , ijeen a well n specled Cltr/wi. I t is ii...ir_;lu the w.fc will r.j- covur her injnnc-, UistressiiiR k i d n e y anil blad'ler d i s eases rsluv.-d in six liuurs bv Uie "is T «u ( J r e a t .-south Unencan K i r l n n y Cure." Tins I.BIV remnl i» , i ^ i u . i t surprise on account ol its exceeding promptness in r e l i e v i n g p;iin m |i,,. blauder, kidneys, bdck .nirt i^-ery j i a r t ol the urm.ii-} putisagun m m,il- or female. I t relieves i p i e n i i n i , ol water and pain i n passing it almost immediately. If j u i i w.iut quick relicl and cure tins is \ tin. r r m e d i . ·S. U o v n t i i n i l n i K w i s I -- A l l o r n e v Sle irs a t t e n d e d at t l i e c-oiinly seat thi.s week -Mr A I Q I I (luesl, of Koch. Hi i« .i unii-st ,11 Hi.- home of iV. I) iinei tins week c o n i c III his . I l l s , Wag- Id bj J' ioraii ye.i- unitliikled to thru- l i i r l i n l e n t State Declamatory the next a n n u a l -0. W. Uavlin is |«Utiieni land scttc- going to run a e xcar5i«i, from on Feb. 5. The objective ississippi and Alabama. v' lat he saya about it in "Hav- -thia week. is the rtirect re «uJt of aDd ""ra^h disorders. ie E i these by usin » De Witt ' B Lit ' i. RI 5fcra, and your headache |' Pt " 1 "' The Favorite little pills i e ?»-here. Blanchaine McGiher- bu y' n S a sewing machine Wheeler Wilson new It breaks no thread U ran ward. Tenpion needs DO chang- lr" tbread is changed. Has 8 in 8tand - Al1 attach - Ca " at Triem3 ' the CMeof Bros, of which we »eeks Issue, receded spoke in the case , , the deliberate o?er it Bornins, when ktttto ascertain whether they took any La Porte money away w i t h them or not. --It is announced by the executive :ommlttee of the Association thai meeting will be held at C«-.lar Falls. April 26tb. supt. 0. J. fv.iylander, of that city lids been nun lied to that effect. --A gentleman of this county who nag excellent judgement remarked to us the other day that he knew of no pill, so good for constipation, dy»pep- and liver complaint a» De Witt's Little Early Risers. JJlanchalne A; McGaheran. --A n u m b e r of German musicians discoursed sweet band music on our streets Tuesday a, m. Our January blizzard proved too much for them however, and they were not so persistent, as usual. The hat wad passed of cnurso;'lutif the receipts compared with Hit size of the crowd they must have beau light indeed. --Clergymen along the line of the li. C. U. A N. R'y are ic possession of bananza thii year, that is, thole of or them who hold half fare permits over the above named road. These half fare permits will enable the clergy -- Tin- i n o w i t u i n i « : i , c ) i l terday i n n i n n u r raged mill fur,- n i l d,i From t w o inches of snow fell, b u t III.- w i n d kep; u w l i i ^ t l i n i r i l i n n i i ( l i the air so r.-ipiuit Mr.u i n H I , I M \ places then- is no n o H , Hy t l i t nine the s-now ce.iseb r.illin^ ^, u w n n l A-il! no doubt 1 «iv(. it piled u] on Lbe side- nalks anri n [he fence r n r n e r y in such fine shapi- HS i u p i ' d i i ·· :he pos- si bilit} ot its b r i n g utilised /or sleighing purposes This is tlie w o r s t storm this locality has seen tins w i n t e r --Mr II. IF. Cluy, ol (Vdar Falls, assignee for W. M. Fn-M. A; Uro., has made a full s t a t e m e n t »f Hie c o u d i t i o o of Fields Bros, allaira Mr. Ul.iy liiuH t h a t lliere are about J i l O c l . i i m a a i n o u n l - ing to about 51)20,00(1. I lie ahsela con sist of real estaLu and a stosk ol norHcs and a small a m o u n t ol other pe,ruon,i| property. A few piects ol the ren.l estate possess some value but the value of the greater part of it is t r i l l i n g . The assignee traded the horses and aboi;l 30 head ol callle fur North J),i- kola laml whicli is siid in be valuable and upon wluo-li Cometh i n g tangiblL- may be realized in the near f u t u r e The cost of holding tlie land w i l l be trifling while Hie expense- a i t e n a i n p the keeping of the itock iitnounted U) about .SI 000 per mould, while .it the same time there were no fuiidn on hand, nor tould any bt realized from the property with wliicli to me.el this expense. Very much ol tlie assets are practically worthless. The usargn^e has thus far received n o t h i n g for his services although the court has made an allowance for the purpose. lie tins paid out for expenses of v a r i o u s k i n d s 87,700.89. -- H a n k (iaj. ol M.idi-ioii Dakota visited 4-nli Ins parents, Mr. and M r s ' K. (!:t\ t h i s week. -- A line! Weise ol Davenport,. .1 n c p h e u nl l l c n r y Wi-i.e, »a* ,i "UPS! nl Ihe laltcrs hoiiie tins week. -I.uiH'i LevHrich was e illeil to Shellrock ly hv a l*l-grain an- n o u n c i n g the illness ol lus I Ulu-r --Jllloi N.iyeii IMS bofii absent Miu-e \\'idne.i(lii a t t e n d i n g ilu iiieei inn nl tlie.-trd District IM;t(iri,il As o- CMIIOII at l l , i i i i | i o n . --,' It \ k i m \ e r l e l l lor 1'illsbiirjr, I'd.. \Veiiin-sJ,iy ^veiling lo Ijy in a lot nt ii-ii s u p p l i e s -iseil in Hi- well d r i l l i n g InisiuiMs Cor Ihu uoinini; sea son. --Mri. F l'\ Kn.ipp and t w n cluld- n n led fm ilihvaukee, iVis . Tuesday evuiiim; u h u i i - I h e v will m a k e Ihoir I n t i i r e home, .11. K u ^ p p l i u v i n g gone to Hi i l u t y soiiiu t i m e auo -- Kred G n s k i n s lell last n i g h t |nr i^J 1'orte i l i l y , n i ' a r n h u l i place he "·ill v-njiljol lor a t i m e over the old hoim'-in-ad in search nl rabbits ,iml oilier «-nne. {ointi'i Jnn -Jl). -- MIHSI s T u n a Qiiacki-nbush, 1,1/yic Hecli'liliiiniler, J o H i e Wi),oi: and Mi IJDII Qil i c k e n i i n s l i . u f this u i i i . u t i u i i - . ded tho iiMrriaL'e nl M . i r v J:ilen H a r t n u l l and Lawrence Tokin at Ml. rit, .loti ph'S c l i i i r c h at \ V a t e i l u o U'edncs- clay i n n r n i r i g . -- Mr. ami .Mrs. KobniHoii, of Minnesota, ,V|ID u-eic in tli« city lor a week p.ial In iitli'iidacf ttl lli« beiliuliv oT Mi ll't laiher-iii-lav.-, .\ir W o r t h i n g , who was s t r i t k e n » i L h p a r a l y n i s some' ten days ago, K-Luriiud Ui lli«ir home- on Wednesday --/. C. .VcG.ilu-idii, a i i i e n i b c r of Hie populdr ilrug linn ol J J I a i i c i l i m i i , - ,v Mc(;alj"raii, le)l lor Colurad-i S p r i n i t s Monday niiflit. .Ine'i Iriencls, unit t i n y aru legion in this v i c i n i t y , will lie sorry lo learn t h a i he Hikes l l n u i n p seeking an i n i p n i v ( m e i i i in ins he-illh. nnil no h i n g »-i)uld pli'asij iliem in in- i l i a n tn see t l i e gi-nial pill C'linpoiiniji r reliirn to La I'urlii Hlraiig and rugge 1 as ol vore * MIPS Miller's "A Class" have been doing some very creditable .vork in I'nlp Maps. Their latest eftorts have been a relief map of Kurope. » ?· * Our p u p i l s are becoming more t h on ij lit nil and more appreciative an i.ssliowuli\ their kimlly i iterest in t h p c n r e of school prnpertv.-- iiiinks to our pleasant and b e a u t i f u l s'.rrou nul- inirs ^ * -* The Library received :i valu.ililo acqiiuitioii tins week iu the onn of a Iiook presented by Mr K M \ e r s . H i« :i copy ol Kdward i:\-tr Lc Uale's "Lights of Two C e n t u r i e s ' ; i| a w l u u e ·i vrrv u s e f u l book to b u t h teachers and p u p i l s H j s n vnr y .icci'jitnble g i f t and shows a corumendiible mter- es-t on the ] i r t of the i l o i i o r . *** The f o l l o w i n g is clipuud from thr recent issue of the i t l u u k Hawk Co. 7'to-tiPr: "Our schools are tested too · i i n c h b mere i n t e l l e c t u a l acquisition. The education t h a t doen not result i n m i l k i n g tne boy more gentle, more t h o u g h t f u l of others, less lliouRirul o r sell, mure s y m p a t h e t i c , more h e l p f u l more a p u i t ' c i a i u e , more obedient, more connigeoui in the m.iintenuncu of nifhr, more l i i g l i - n i m d c d Ilian lie was on e n t e r i n g « iiool, n, :i lailum, no matter how much i n t e l l e c t u a l k n o w - k"lgv li, may li,iv« acijnirod " The above is also t r u e of Die girls In our schools-, nnil s t r i k e s at i h u fountain head ,' ,he true worth ol our p u b l i c school vstiiin; \Ve believe Unit m a n y ol the m.irks of character i{iiotid above are bem/ developed m our pupils. Ciisi's i)l open disobedience are rare. 1'upili yerv seldom m a u l l e a t a (juarrel- some di-nosilion. All rnle« iind n.-gn lauons (or the good ol llie'sciioul are c n e i - i l u l l y complied w i t h . CREAM BAKING POWDER MOST PERFECT MADE. A mire Cupe Cr:aru pf Tartar Powder. Fret iron) Ammonia. Alum orany other adulterant. 40 Y F A R S THE STANDARD. to visit most all points in Colorado, Texag, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois md Iowa by the payment of half fare ,o tbe objective point of travel --Many stubborn and aggnratlng ttujes ui" riiL-umntism that were believed o be incurableand accepted as life leg icies, have yielded to Chamberlain's J ;i,in Balm, much to the surprise and gratification of the sufferers. One ap- ilication will relieve the pain and n u f - ering and its continued use insures an ffeciual cure. For sale by itlan- baine McCJahtiraii druggists. --Reed and Company of 755 West ake St., Chicago, Illinois, are mann- acluring a complete telegraph outfit --combination key aod sounder-mounted on oak base, 3x5 inches, all tacked in a neat woodea case, with nstruction book; which they will send a any adrlrea, charges prepaid, for 1.00. This is an unusual opportunity or beys, girls, young men. and women o leara telegraphy at home and fit tiemselves for paying positions at a rifling outlay. Those desiring to ·am more concerning telegraphy and hew instruments before ordering can btaln cut and full particulars, by addressing the mauufpctnrers as bove. -No instrument of this kind u ever before been offered for I«M Low lUilei vo - h u Soulli mid Wcul On Febnirary 12th the li. C. H. S. H'y n i l l sell Excursion Tickets to points in the following territory at Hit Extremely Low Kiile of One Fare, plus 32.00 for the Kouiul T/ip. TicKcts will uf aoid 10 dil points In Arkansas, Colorado, Indian Territory Kansas, Nebraska, New .Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utahatid Wyoming. Also to a large n u m b e r ol important pointa in Louisiana and .Southwestern Missouri. Tickets w i i 1 t, -ond Sudays from date ind stop v.--r u i l l be allowed *t pleasure. This rale \ ill be in effect One Day O n l v , Februrary 12th, and those who desire to reach any important point in the South or bouthwest. Including St. Joseph, Atchiaon, Leav enworth. Kansas City. Denver, Colora do .Sprioga, Ft, Worth, Texas, ptc., should go via the U. U. K. X K'y' on this excursion. For f u r t h e r par- tlculari inquire of stalion agents or address, J. MOHTO.V, G. T. A; P. A. Odar Rapids, Iowa, Tnz JlooRn. The Union State Uwnk lias the tax book for Bruce township and taxes can now be paid. Charges will be only 10 cents ou e*cb receipt. Respectfully, I I l | k l u \ u U ' N l a l l s c l \ U L - l u r l.n I'oi I". Tlireu w e e k s ago Mr. It X M i " s 'I UlU l'l!U(.l!i:ss-U|;t/||;|f i;ln-'ll.ltC(l j)[ tilion U I I U I I L ; our liiisine..b lue.n. tin- piHlal i i i l l i o r i l n i li. ir ; s l o r » ' t h e in-ill c - l e i k on L i a i - i s \i a anil 1 In rcspoiiM' tn LIU4 pi-Ul DII .Su|)L 'I roy. nl I he li. M. s , rcplir-d lliul (o restore t i n - m a i l clerk wnnU; In- i r ! i - jinshible. l i n t i n n if in *-xchaiigc ol jioiiches w o u l d be u l am- lj'iii-!il it unild lie airanrci| |,, r . l'i^tmaste,r l i . i v j i n m a d e apphciiLion last u e e k f n r Hiicli an \ch.inge. and Hie new service commenced M n n i l a j morning. i'oslrnHNter l i a v h n is e n l i l l c d to thu t h i i n k s of Ihe r j o i n i n i i i i i l y lor I lie w i l l - ing spiril lie lias- ilisplayeU i n Ihe mal- tur, ai it means more work lor him and lus lorcc, w i t h o u t an) increased com ''lolcn n n i l norm wed. H.i 'lin's soiiLliein articles, winch ap lieur i / u l a r l y m the J ' I K K I I I K S S lit vi b u . aie lieuiK used Irealy by siiuLI ern laml ,i(;eiilH in the N o r t h , as well a by n u m e r o u s n o i i t h e r i npivsiiapcri 'I his hr; docs not a u r i o u s l y olijerl to uu les' i h e agenla above rcloirud to art tiespassing on lus territory, but says UirjHu s o u t h e r n papers expect to ton liuiiii using iln-in they slimild under stand Hint Iheie is :i royally in c-acl and e v e i y o n c so II.SIM!. I l i h niclhod ol r r l i K i n g is e n t i r e l y new and is cui 1 ' a m l y i i t t i a c l i i i g Ilie allenllon ol people in Ilns v i c i m l v , r | i n t e a i i i i i n l i e r of Whom uXpfcl Ui gr, v.-jlli 1,1m ,,,, |,j H .. x cnraion .^oiith J'tb. Titli Mom I JII.M l-l, UB ,.d. Those, fanners who h a v e taken advantage ol our liberal offer of a years subscription f r e e to I lie Mnrthweileni A g r i c u l l u r i s t , to .ill lIuiNe p a y i n g their arrear«gei. and one year in advance, prefli themselves as more than pleased w i t h the Agriculturist. The Northwestern A g r i c u l t u r i s t In issued every Iwo w»;ek.s, iind i.s peculi arlv adapted lo tlu; nreds of the N o r t h - weslerri l,lrln^r It ia the BHine with larmTs 'AH it is with DICII en K ag';d m oilier lines of business. I f he want 1 ) U) sneered he must be up Lo d-ite, and ,1 good a«ri- cullural paper w i l l h^lp to keep you U:%re. C'oiue in and gel a sample, copy Iree (wriLlld J u r y The grand jury of this county made its final report to court on Wednesday afternoon. Its l i n d i n g s are nt follows: Alonzo Adams, indicted for m u r d e r In the (irut Jegrc» Charles Adams, murder in the llrst decree. \ V r n . C a l n l l , assault with intent lo do great bodily i n j u r y . ijeo. IJahl. two indictments for lar ceny of bicycles. Frank Fritz for ki-eping nuisance. Joseph Holler, tor rape. (Jeo. Thurstoa, for adultery. One other whose name is not yet made public was indicted for adultery. --Don't neglect that cough, it leads to consumption. One Minute Cough Cure possesses a double virtue. It cures and cuies quickly. Blanehaine McGaheran. A J l o i l H c l i o l d Ti c i i M i i r r . \. W. Fuller, ol Canajuliarie, X. V., says that ho always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery m the hniise and his larnily baa loiinil the best results- that he would not be w i t h o u t it if procurable. (J. A Uyltein.'iu. druggist, C u l s k l l l N , V. sny.s thiit DC. King'.,' N e w Discovery is unuoHljiedly the bent cough remedy; that lie has used it in lus lamlly for e.ighl years, and It has never failed to do all mat is claimed for it. Why nol try a remedy HO long tried and tested. Trial bottles at U l a n c l i a i n e ,fc AlcGalieran's. Nollcc, I/living jiiirchaied the grocery Hlock of the lirrn of Klini- fc Uryiint, \ dtslro toinlorm my friends and the p u b l i c in general llial 1 w i l l contn.uc- (I/, business at ihe old ularid, and respectfully snlicil a Hharn o f y o u r ptilronnrc. The books of the rilrl lirm ivil! ut in u y ion u n t i l Feb 1, 'l)j. t \\ itiosu knowing IhemHelves Indebted will - call and settle. A. E. K U N K . Notice. We desire to lhank our old friends arid customers for Hi B trade and palronage they lavored us with while In business, and to say that all ac- connts due the old firm will be left with our successor, A, fi. Kline, for settlement until February 1st, 1895. Af K;r tliat date they will be placea for collictign, KLINE A; be it llcniih in Your Vcm Pockov A box of Kipana Tabults can stowed ;v,vay in your vest pocket, costa you ouly :o centa, and may save yon as many dollars' worth of time and doo'^7 bills. Ir AyerK Ponltivo Cure. Home, Treatment for Ladles. Call for free samples of Mrs. Katie Hall- heim, 213 Alain St. will be taken at the PHOO office on subscription. Bring It cow. A Lollop From TUo South Land. JKXMNCS, LA., JAN. 14, "J5. ij. K. DUKK N A V K X , Ln Porto City, I own. DI:AK SIK---I'lonau dQud the Puoo- KViKW 10 mo duriujf the iioxt iht-io mouths. This is but a short umo but think the I'HOUKKSS-KEVIEW L-iiu koopmo, 119 it wore, inoro among' Xoitliui-n frionda imjtbing also. Am ivull pluiisidd wall this country. Thought, it mio wliou 1 w;is hero throo yoai-i, n^'o bub iiflor orijoyiuf; two woc-ks of beautiful wo.ithor with tho ihumiuuiuiur about "U, iu fact hi^h as SO in tho xhudu on the "tli. urn bettor "loused limn cvor. Think porhupa if 1 .should uomc3 lioro onco more aud flnd ovui-ythini; so cliiu'mintr would bo inoal tumpLocl to aiay. VVhllo oui for 11 .-.troll yo.stoi-day I luol two fair Ci-oolo dumsols walking noil i u magnolia, giovo Now if you w a s n ludy you mighl nondoi- whnt thuj wuro wmiriug-. Well! I WUH not, a lady, b u L i i a limy didn't BOOUI to blusa at all, I just stood nud gnzod ut their bui-o foot and slcaw hats and wrolo iu m j noLo book: -'Gruou mnguohii trcos--Ci oolu (firls-- buro fool--Hlrftw hM.n- on ,]un. li!, '95. Tho north aocina to liavo soul all her boiiiiliful birds to this lutid foi- siifo kuoping d u r i n g - I h u winUji- luouthu aud tlioy smjin to b u g i a n i l y uujoying thuin- Soon iia Iho u u u COIUOB up m Lho illuming Lhoy nuL na if it wiia llio d'lly ol eiiLh to out aliig tho othor. AH .vou hoar tho f i u n i l m i - uotca ol our ·obin blackbird :iaid muiidow lurk, of winch tliunj a i u lliuuxandH boi'u, you k n o w ihoy aco eufn fromjiick from and · i l l l rotiirn n o i l h lo uhcur you m Iho nud tho happy light Wbon tho nun COIHOH If you onjoy a ;ood hunt, come horo anil wo will show you duck, geoeound ti-.uiu Ijy thu thousand, or -jo with us up HID (JiLlrimliMi pivor aud wo will hrid dcor, black bum- and wild turkey. Thu Uvo lhni(,'H I liko ubovo nil ·tliui-H in ibis country ia Lho bonutiful Hllimy ulnualu llOlll-UXj |)OOplo. ip in thu inorimiij ^ i v i n g H U u h l l f u n n d j(iy :LI tlio HIIII ciui give iu Ibid climo, w« rt.iy Lhih i» ti'u S n u n y Soulli; but. l o l m l o o l c from tho riLya of old sol d BOO Uio kinchioBH dud hospitality of i puriplo, and wo muy W it]l miy this IB indix-d the .Sunny Soulli. lint. I IIHIBI not cunlinuu looking at ii liuiinlifiil pic.iiu-0 aud try to imituU) it in such ilaubH ;IH tliia, no willcloaa, lopiutr all iso, k. with you. Voura Truly, J. W. PA run Tlie aick. l'\ VV. Enhor'H condition is somewhat inprovrd. Torn McAndrews' condition is not riuch ImprovBd. Pearl Alli.sori is con lined toiler home with a sore throat. Frank fetaljnke IB still iu a very enous condition. Mrs. 11. JLuiibinau is not much im- iroved at this writing. Miss Mildred Moore is confined to ler room with a attack of the MM. J.ewia, who lives three miles outbwest of town, fell down cellar L'lmrsdiy and unstained aerloua lateral injuries. Mr. Worthing, father of Mw. V. dBllI of this city, who waa stricken own some ten days ago with paralysis t the left side, does not seem to Itn- rove tnucl.. Ilia condition remains list about the same as when first attacked. Specimen CHUCK. -- S. II. Clifford, New Caasel, Wls.. .-as troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach waa disordered, is liver -was affected to an alarming egree, appetite fell away, and he waa educed ID strength. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured him. Edward hepherd, Harrisburg, in., had a run- Itig eore ou his leg of, eight years landing. L'aed three bottles of Elec- 'ic Hitters and seven boxes of rJucb- OC'B Arnica Salve, and hia leg Is welL ohn Speaker, Catawba, O., bad flve aige fever sores on bia leg, doctors aid ho waa incurable. One bottle llectrlc Bitten nad one box Bucklen's irnica Salve cured him. Sold by Blanchalne t McGaheran. Dr. Priced '*3$$ii^--:.J IN FW SPA PERI NFWSFAPF.R!

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