Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 2
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POPTE CJBT7. IOWA SAT. SUN. MATINEE SUNDAY, 20c WIECK C R A D L E . , S O N G I i l u r i l l t s -I I . n I^don ill " \ I C o . l . l l l l l K K o i l H O " I'M.iinoimf I'nlorial WED., THURS., FRI. ' / T//1 SCItlll'l gliitllll i', ~" An ;.'jii ii" "'ill i -YOU may ' ! ill 'lut.H - Y U U may ' lunl: K U L I I ^iiii/ii.' M 1/1/3 ' \ Wilh SPENCER TRACY I.OKETTA YOUNG (;ii'lld:i r u r r e l l - D i i l i i e .Modre C O M E D Y AM) CAIl'l'OON All Evening Shows lUc :md 2oc gmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmummmmmummmmmmmmmmmmmmmi J MID-WINTER FOOD SALE FRIDAY SATURDAY · If it's Jack Sprat it's right. POST TOASTIES, "the wake up food", 2 packages NAVY BEANS, 4 pounds for PALMOLIVE SOAP, keep the school girl complexion I-ELS NAPTHA SOAP, 2 bars for P A N C A K E FLOUR, -I- Sprat, 3'/ 2 -lb. bag for SYRUP, while or golden, 5-pounrI can for CORN .MEAL, " Ibs. for l.'k; Aspargus, No. 1 can MUSTARD, .J. S., pint jar, lOc; Kraut, No. 2'/ 2 can, R-GIcOCER WrTKK, I II)., 2-'k; Chocolate Cream CORN, .Ma.\i!!)v. or, '.', cans 23c; Tomatoes, 3 cans PEACIIK.S, APRICOTS in heavy syrup, 2'/ 2 can Dfs^cri, I pkjfs., 17c; Carrots, No. 2 can 7-ql. Mixing 15-jwl Free with 4-oz. extract P. H. PAIGE 19c 15c 5c 9c 19c 29c 15c 15c 31c 25c 19c lOc 49c D'gcsl (,'ouncil Proceedings. l ) i i i mUi a'.ih., l!.i:i. Coii'M il n u t in u K u l u i ' m o n l h l j r mi-/ tini;, al! r i i r n l j e i s j i r L s c n t M i n n l i -, ( f j,r ( '.lous rncctin^'i and t n o n t l i l ' , i ' p o i i "· T U M S U U I were rc.ul. T h e folio v U K l u l l v i i e allowed fiii p : i n i e n l : ·.luv I). Spri.(rin, I'o I $2.W\ !·'. \V. Kol.ei. S i i h i i y m i l l f u n d s ad- vaii«d ' M'J't\ C. 'I h u l l , l.alior $ S O O O i; n. Ai,d, .s.iiM.v, sii|,piks 57. r S t . i n f i a i i l A i t j d i n t , I n s u i a n c e Co., C o i i i p e n . u t i o n I n s u u m i e SV. C A Hi l i s t , h u l a i y \V. I ' ' ' h i i s U i p l K i , S a l a i y L. J. Tuti. Sal.iry I. II. Conn, Snliiu John M i l l e r , Salai-v \V. M. UloUBli, S ' l l a i y .1. O. Kobei-, Salai'v, postage, -le. t. [·:. SU-Mmis, Sal.iry iMntL I ' . i r i o t L :HI| Sons Co., Supplies C e n t r a l Static I^lecli'ic C o i n p a n y , I.i|,'hts »nil wutei C. W. Uai il, l.aljor IlnljcrL WeiseiL, I.ahor Kichuid.s K i L ' h a i d s , lv| mcnl I 1 '. A. I t o s a n i i ,,or, etc Lehman ct K i n k , Supping, etc. A f l e i d i s c u s s i o n of (;i PiojLLts, Count il a d j o u i n e d , (I. K. STKHIHNS, C l e i k . 510U ?'i.OD Sfi.OO SC.OI) $12/)0 57.10 G u l f S l r - i m C l ^ i r r ? f ' o n t r f ' M r'.\ o i r \ \ l i e t l u r Hie C J u l f S t r e a m h IH i : i l " i l h ' i i ' i u " - d Us posl- tloti 'mil Is tlov I t t ^ lo^er to the .\nier l i n n v l n i e s . N si I I r.isi.-iK I'li'-h i i n d forlli. SIIIHC sc'ent:-!' s n l l r i l t h e t i l i n g h Instil) l i n p r o l i i i ' i ' c . lull I'npt. ',i-oi»i- O r a n t of l l n - Mm I!I is l i n e r re [inrted In i t not Hi of ''.i|'" l l n t l e r . i H Hie slie.'im h j s n l l e i e d I I . i-uurse u i i l l l i t Is \r* miles i loser In I'm New Knijiiml n.'.st In VJil Hie dnlf Siriini- w a n noleil to I n n · · Ir.neleil l i o r l h of Nor\\.\-; i.'insliii.' a ( n a n ^ ' e In the \ v i . i t l i e r u n i t eilni.ile of region mid nrounil S p i i 'l,ei ^f-n Now, If llif f a m o u s C u i r ^ t r i no, KO naiih^l l,y B e n j a m i n I r i i n l . l i n . Hlionld he e h u n ^ l n ^ ItH i o n i s e and i i u n m c closer to our A t i . i n t i e mast line, It In Intere.slinK to s|ieclilate on the di.uiKea t h a t " I I I III! in.ide w h e n the' soiitheni e l l n r i l e r e i i i ' i e s MI fur II.H New England.--An S U M S M.i^'a^inu. S5.00 i S'iO.OO ' SM.CU il Works Limit Export* of Platinum T:v[ioitH oT p l a t i n u m from Columbia. S A uorld'a nccolid lur^i-vl JIKHUUT nl I l i i i |irocluu.s lui'hi], u l l l he linill'-'l lo ilinsi' licrnsed ly tltc board ut con- Irol, :in onllnK to u KO'Ornrncnt dc i ri'i 1 |m'l''] by the rnluiiiMnii const! IlLtl' KONITIll III .VOW York. NO |jllLtl limn iini la 1 e x i t i f r t r i l froin ()loiiibl:i except \ l u llic iiorti of ("iirtiiKPiiii. liiiciiuvuiilur.i, 'I'lirho, unil 'I'liinuco Kead the I'rogtess-Iteview. We have Iriled s t i a w for sale. Itichaids Itichimls. W a n t e d : Stove wood on ,subs e i i p l i o n at t h i s o f f i c e . I'hone Hi. Wctlding a n n o u n c e m e n t s printed w h i l e you n r u giltinc,- m a m e i l , if you call this offici 1 . · Don't skid, don't take chances, don't lose time fixing punctures with those thin, oUI lircs -- come in, find out the low cost of new g u a r a n t e e d Goodycars in y o u r size. All types -- all prices. Let us show you why more people buy Goodyenrs than any other tires. Play safe, come in today. G O O D / Y E A R S P E E D W A Y GATES ONE STOP SERVICE STATION Phone SO. La Porte City, towa Telephone Your News Items to the Progress-Review. Let the people of the community know that you are alive--Advertise in The Progress-Review. Many men invest in mortgages or bonds at 4 per cent, and yet think their advertising docs not pay unless they can sec a hundred per cent return the next day. Cnlhcdrnl to Bo Theater 'rin unrlil-riunoli.s f u l l i e i l n i l of Si. I n n K, In Leningrad. Is I" hu cunvcrti'd I n t o a thciitcr. Us f i r s t produr tlon u l l l ho u H.itlrL- on the H f o of tin: M i l l l t i i f l i T u l i n n i It \Mi.1 nanir'd. Till 1 c i i l l i n i l n i l u : i s l l n l s l i c i l In IS"' 11 , a r i e r .T.I yiii-H of lulmr, u n d cost S12.WKl.OlKI It IH b u i l t In tlu sli»[j- of a liii n -e iros'J u n d rro^TTM'il by u nlll''d dome ^1 !0 Icct liluli. - W i i H h l n K l o n Snr. Booki Aro Balanced Now A d.'bl i|iiLhtlon littn-rcn tbp red mail and pulcracc IIIIH buon .HoLLIcd M l t l i oul rocuurHC to rllli'^, Mix Hluiotcru or toiniil^Mvk.H. Indliir.s of the Colomdn Ulvor rL'^LTMitlon oucd the TiierclmntH of I'arlior, Ariz., 510,000, nnd the mcr c l i n n t H were Indented to the Indians for a like amount. At n cnnri-renco It mis decided to umrk nil dnbts pnld Warm Storage Is Best for Potatoes at Start PolnLoci should I)* stored nt n tcin- pcruturc around 50 dcurccs Fahrenheit for the first few weeks, unys I'rof. Orn Smith of the Now York Slnte College of. ABrlculturc, as this temperature "111 allow cuts and hrnlsrs on the tubers to heal. Potatoes -.ililch nrc stored Immediately at a temperature of 35 degreed, fall tn hcnl nnd iosc as much ns 25 per CPU! In weight by decay. They nlso lose nmdi nddltlunal wplght hy Blirlnknce. An iipproilmntc temperature ol 50 (leKrccs rnny be obtained by keeping tbc doors and windows of the storage open during the dny, to let In worm air. nnd closed nt night. Or, If tho wcnlhcr la extremely cold, n wood or coal stove might be uied. After the flrst few weeks, the temperature should be lowered to .10-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and this temperature should be maintained during the ontlrc storage period. The h u m i d i t y Hhould be between 63 and 05 per cent, or Just below saturation, so that no moisture condenses on the will Is or celling or collects on the top layer of potatoes. If the temperature Is low, usually no hnrm rtf- eults evca Lf the top layer of potatoes IB molsL Friday and Saturday, Cash. Soil Absorbs Limestone Tests recently completed at tbc Ohio experiment station Indicate that the reaction between finely ground limestone and soil acids proceeds with surprising speed. Under practical conditions, however, the rite of decomposition Li not BO greet, because commercial ground limestone Is not so uniformly Dne and cannot be mixed with soil 09 perfectly. The moisture content of the Boll la Important; lime- atone IB not decomposed ID drj toll. Although tho limestone u such has disappeared by reaction with the soil. It has not been lost The lime content has simply combined trUli aoll ncids, neutralizing and being held by them. This active lime 19 gradually removed by cropi and lost by solution I In drainage water and by surface wneo. Hills Brothers Coffee 2 large Post Toaaties 3 cans Tomatoes 3 cans School Girl Lye 4 Royal Gelatin, now 2 packages Morton Salt 5 pounds Sugar 2 Super Sud^ HAVEN'S-- Phone 5 33c 23c 2.";c 20c 25c i 1 Player Piano Bargain.' Instead of reshlpping LO factory, $700.00 Player Piano, like new. tan be had for unpaid balance of $22.10 remaining on contract. Write at once to Edgar 0. Xetzow, (Department of A"' r 'UnU), 4713 North .Sheffield Avenue, Milwaukee, \S'ibconbin, who will advise where piano can UL- bten. Kindly furnish references COOL PLACE ESSENTIAL IN C U t t I N G HAMS, BACON. Temperature Should lit About 10 lo ·H DeKrtcs F. to Insure .Meat W i l l Kvep. If you have been unsuccessful \vith curing of hams and huoon, you may have left the meat in too warm a place. Iowa State Collect: meat exports advise a temperature of aljout 40 to 4j degrees K. for curing meat and warn uyamsL c u r i n g it in a room with a furnace in There arc fjio leading method-, of curing- meat- the dry and l,r, n methods. The iliy mtlliod U I L S S pounds of s-alt, H pounds uf h i u v . n suxar and 2 ounce's oC ^ a l l p u U M . t n o i u u g h l y mixed tu|ethei, to cun,- 100 pounds of One-half of iln- mixture is rubbed in Hrsl and tln mc:iL i4 stored in n b u i l d or box. After it has cured 5 lu 7 d a j s the- rest of the m i x t u i e is applieu and the meat is icplaced to c o n t i n u e Lhc euie. Hams anil shoulders a i e cured 2 days foi eacli jiound in the piece and bacons are c u i e d 1 clav jicr pound. After the c m me; is e o n i p l e l t i l the pieees are n.ivhed in win rn u.i- ter, hunc; to dry '.md then smoked. For the brine method, 5 (rallon, (.1 water, 10 pounds of salt, :j pounds nf «u(;ar and 2 ounces of saltpeter lire- used. The dry ingredients are mixed first and i uhbed on the pieces. The pieces arc then packed in a h a n d , w i t h the bacons on the bottom and the hnm.s and shouldei.s on top. A brine is made of the remainder of the cure and pouicd over the meat, completely coveiini; it. In 7 days lliu meat i.s repacked. Hams and shoulders require 3 days per pound per piece und batons 1 day pel pound to cure in the brine. When the cure i.s completed, remove the niejt, \\ash, dry and smoke it. FARM ADJUSTMENT NEWS. It. M. Evans-, Lam ens, chairman of the Iowa Corn-Hog Committee, has announced the appointment of district rcpicsenlati"cs of the slate committee, field men w i l l « o i k with extension .specialists, county agents nnd local county corn-hog committees in explaining Hie plan and the con- tiact to f u i m e r s . Sign-up meetings will be held in practically cvoiy township in the slate where the contiac-ti will he explained and farmer*, will have a chance to sign. A new development in the Agricultural Adjustment program is a nation-wide experiment in the use of land. Farmers who have ciop reduction contracts in ceitain tectjons will be permitted to remove then poor land f i u m production of the "average land" specified in I the contracts if their f.nms are located in one of 10 areas \vhere the soil erosion service has cbtalilihhei! erosion prevention projects, r --0-A farmer substituting poorer land for average land, of course, will be required to .substitute enough of the poor land to cquul the pioductivity of the amount of "average land" that \sould be removed f i o m production under the contracts. If fj aci es of the average land would grow as much of a crop as 10 ncrcs of the Hubmargmul land, the i n r m c i would have to take 10 acres of the poor land out of production for every 5 an e.s of average land called foi uruloi t h e contract. --o-- Pincticiilly every county in Iow;v now has completed the p i e l i m i n a r y .series of educational meetings at which county agents and others working on the piognun lunc ex- r'nined the economic reasons making: the corn-hop piogram OeMrable nnd how the program proposes to gel al the fumlemcntnl ailments of aj-yiiail- Une. Many farmers are wondering whether they have to pay the processing tax on pork they bulchor on the fnini. If the meat is used for consumption hy their own family or by their hired hand, the f a r m e r does not need to pay tho processing tax. The tax must be paid, howvcr, on un meat sold. This tnx is collected and the law cnfoiccd through the nearest internal revenue collector, from which proper forms for making reports and tnx payments may be secured. Advertise in the Progress-Review. At your service. Dr. K. S. Lnmes, Office phone 70, Residence phone 23, Dysart. FLYING CHAFF Wars :ire o.'icii the norl. of ambl HuUi IlK'i. M,,,: t h i l l s t h a i are dlst mt arc W O l l ' l i - V l l l l C i . - l u - - h a i c nni sri-at : dinntjsc. KKHIU silo" s iinvv cl-niuiJ on^' i l n . i l l l:i face and T l r . .lu before and ihc il o aflcT i the p en i - o u cnjo.i i: mo-[. | Win M I rd . " i n c . prp['.'.rc f.T i!.c nr'.i il : a vi- "· d Kid. ', n in il'if-ni .v"!"-"" r " r a ,, .,. i ,'. .. l i e s [ i r n ' i d »r ·'.. U V n :i f i n s I i j n . n - . tl'.il' 0 t h e n- :i' to s t n p s i r , i I II,' lu'ii ;, ·! i ! other, d r i n l imd' r-t.ui'l P.-ll'l r: I r l l ' i r ttll'ilC HUM \HUZ. Mli..1:1 i l l . i n iro-pi-n!\'' Wlnt is i t ' C i r . i':n- nit"; arc I n'l 'J he( i h i i C ' i - » i e - w o r m s i r n n i d . l j to «!·!. j r ( , , ] r l i u ' w a n t n irrn^\ l . i u n 'infl don l I r n i i d o n r s l i i d j t h f pruliletn. No 'MI,- r o i i r t i - o i i - l i 1:1'.ili": h i t ·· il l i i lop" for ilio-c c o m i n g u p i T I l T l l l l l l II i.|-|. In- \ i i s e d i ^ p m - i U r m "f I'rov K!I ' i f c Mi it l'ie ,\ M I I I ,,· il"i 't c'l-c H h it yiu l l i i n l . i ; \ r . n - i ^ f . in ^ i l l pou er Is to h u e ,ui npi n I H K »r i h o ' o l . n i . ^ in the room a m i M i t ili 'in. v i l - l l an a , i p l f 1 d'u dnos Is \ e r i \M-1I k i i O i \ n An onion a d.i}--nialTS cine v i n [ ' i . - i l of onions. If il is a n n i n n n , It Is I l l u s i o n s she e n ' r - i i : u n s ; if It Is a man. It Is !M!l u i!"!!-. In s u f f e r s Troin. Mn^t i i o n p l i 1 are deadly ccriou^ T h i s i s u h v l l i f v w n t p p o e t r y ; u l n l c h r i n l l ^ any f.'in w r i t e jokes. In n m i r n l cenlurios. Inrd limes uer" \\orse It was In HsM'l H'-Tt t h e r e u e r c s · on I f a n years IV'n'1 b e l i c \ e you li.i^e "person- ·ililV i i n l n e s ^ome one tella \ o u so. I t ' s I l;e i i i i U h n t u n c In t h a t w a y . Q i r i r r i ' l i n ^ \ \ i l h people because one Is fond oT t b i in bi'fomes t h e must l i r " ~ " l r i e to c u r y on n l t ' T a \ \ h i l o . A i-re-it ile-il of music, e \ e n by firsl rale coinposfrs Is oliscure. Perhaps 11 ouzlit lo li'ivr- horn blue pemiled. mmmmmmm SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Sugar, 5 pounds, 26c; Brown Sugar 4 pounds Loaf King Flour, 24'/ 2 Ibs., 90c; 49 Ibs Whole Wheat Flour, 5 pounds Big Boy Flour, a pounds Ralston Wheat Cereal, a package Buns and Cookies, a dozen. - - - Peaberry Coffee, lb., 19c; Folger's Coffee, lb Corn Flakes or Post Toasties, 2 packages Clabber Girl Baking Powder, 2 cans Granulated Sugar, 10-pound bag Lux, small package, 09c; large package Big Four or P and G Soap, 10 bars Johnson'sBakery p# 2k i FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FOR ( Coffee, Peaberry, 1 lb., 19c; Corn Meal, 10 Ibs Sugar, granulated, 10 pounds Crackers, Graham or Soda, 2-pound box Vanilla, imitation, 8-ounce bottle Kraut, No, 2'/ 2 cans, 2 cans Pancake Flour, bulk, 4 Ibs., 19c: Oatmeal, o-lb.| Sweet Corn, No. 2, 3 cans G.:ipe Fruit, 3 large, 25c; Oranges 19c, Celery, 2 large bunches Lettuce, 2 large heads Soap, Palm Olive, 2 bars Soap Big 4 or Royal, 10 bars GOODWIN'S GROCERY F i n d f t Mitten* Aid Pianist TJniisiinl trclinicnl n b i l l t j I n p l a y i n g llir pltino liii^ hi en devolnpor] liy ;i tnu- ^ who WOITS lionvy woolon rmt- ronq wlille n r n c t i c i n ^ anci in r a d i o nnO ^ t n ^ o work « T \ S Poptilnr Moclinnic^ Mii^:\7lno Tlif nni^kift.n U Ilonry ScoLr, w l i o rinn]itof] the mittens when he f o u n d M i n t imrnuil motliods of prnc- tlco did not irivc him Hie finder Etron-ih n n d ^npplenoFs of li.inds re- q u l r n d oT ilic concort pinnlst. Tlie nillLon*;, Inr^o nnd pli.'ililr, fit snuply n l m u t the u r i ^ t Tliey nre not Rlovos- Scott ^ay.H H i n t practice ivlth m i t t e n s Increases ( o r l i n i c n l f a c i l i t y , p i i c s Kronler Tinker n r c i i t n c y , rrsults In H clc.'ir-cut s t y l o :md ndils to tlio reach of llic l i n n d ^ Srolt o f t e n prnctlcos In Iwo p.ilrs or inlllens. When lie re- mo\es one [nlr, lie can p l a y [ir.ictic.illy i i n l i i i r T i j K ' r r d l i \ M m hr:n\ n i i K c n s s t i l l on his IniihK Blind Vir.-vr W h i l Winner A U h o u e l i I n i . i l k h l i i i f l . I I i - \ . O. r. Nichols, \ i f i i r ti f O n r l d m ^ l n n - u i i n T i \ over, EnL'liiiHl, r t r i - n l h .»nn :\ [in/c n t n u l i K t d r u o \ f llu' t n M c nl u l n r h IIP plnyod *.[n. i,il l i r . n l l i - r u n K u c r c u«il HP « - i ^ (oh) u h . i l oilier-- h;ul pla.icU n n t j n i o m r c /c-d pvon c.inl Itc- c t n \ l j he ilclrcu-1 an n r r n l r i t l i i l revoke bv an o|)[Hnn nt n-lor ciu'lil i n c l ^ s liaJ boon in in It; Rcndin? in the Onrk A no\ c l l y li;m hron Inirnilnc^O In llio proffnini ,-n .1 I ondon ilir-ntor This Is nn Ins-ot in I hr fDI in oT n I h i n hl'icl; Rlicnt of paper on \ t h k h llic proyrjin Is rcpiocliicoil In w l u t e letters. When the curt'iln 11 raised nntl Llio avull- Inrluin Is d n r U e n t i ] t i l l s s^lieet may he lielil t n w n r i N Hip fooLUplils and the pro^nirn rc:ul ^ j l h o u t u n d u e eyestrain, » The Book "Do yon lic-llex-p En studying the classics' ) ' p "I'll «;iy I do I don't propose to have nil Ihe^c linniKoincly hound volumes 1'ic heen p i l i n g on for j'carg put c n t i i c l y out of fashion." Wuc Man Blink'---You see-in protty cheerful, Had a u-Indf.ill or Mirr.ethinj:? .Tlnk^--No. I'm drid hrolie, and have decided, since thrrc isn't n Jem thins I cnn do about tl.i'in, r ml^l't ns \\cll quit " o r r \ m z nhont my dehts. girl. But What n D i f f e r e n c e ! \ c got U," Uoastcd the popular CLEARANCE! SALE ELECTRIC APPLIANCE! In checking over our merchcJ disc we find that we are ov|| stocked on a number of popul appliances. It] order to redi our stock -we are offering d| counts on all overstock items. This is your opporlj nity to buy the appliance y| want at a saving. TM ° kee f '· rC*Tf · -* E L E C T R I C CO/vx.PAN "·*nd I. 1 ' srowlcd the old mnrrlcd mnn, "nm iilnays {.'Uflii;; I t . ' -- Cincin- I natl Enquirer. j ··························in PUBLIC SALl I will hold a sale at my place located 6 mif of La Porte City, and 6 miles West of Bran) gravel road, then 1 mile South, on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 193J Sale starts at 1:00 O'clock P. M. Shari One bay gelding 4 years old; 1 black m foal; 1 brown mare, 9, in foal. 12 milch cows, some to freshen soon - 2 9 - heifcrs; 4 yearling heifers; 4 heifer calves- l"' hull; 2 yearling steers. This is a richly bred'set stein cattle and all are pure brcds. Some of th cattle are not registered but arc eligible. 35 feeding shoats. Machinery, etc. 1 McCormick Dei ffi»e, l'/ 2 h. p.; Galloway manure S pre and box; 1 grain drill; 1 disc; 1 j]cCo cream separator, No. 4; 1 De Laval mil other useful machinery not listed. Usual terms. H. H. WIE TONY SCHMITZ, Auct. p R , BUYER M u f3 ·=«i - ·*£ C B 5. S f - ^ s H i S '·** i £ « » . - - , - « ! ,, *s Z i -g » · 7J 5= TM « - ° f e csi g « ».'33^i = jij"Sai !S to o-ei! X £ = .» -- -- 3 S - S . o . E . c ·a fc M X vr 'C o .K - « I :«! 1 t %k -at' vi _ c S ·- I , n J 5 5 3 , 0 U IB B ,, W 3s s s : 5 ~ o S V Q a L J u i - l 0 "3 .-£ o. a ^- :Q ' B ^1 o ^ a a U : Q ' a Z =,«. · 3 i S * 5 ^ - iNEWSPAFERr

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