Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 25, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
Page 3
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larch k] J Ei '·fcl THE PROGRESS-] BOARD the 1V39 Code of Iov *. Amoa and Myrtle Klbtxi " e " e ' amended' .---*£· ': county ^.clodt ·to the j jjiuneni. (der uui sn . March 15. 1»13. I ' j supervisors o£ ihe HJ.IK. n thu slate -c^lllar adjourned mrt house in Water- ol sa:J coumy. at a. ."., pursuant to of uud board, and to m C L t i n K was called roll call there were and Schmit seconded Faith! , C Kline Krcnk nuti nl i ait- Chahvan. _ Seek. John,P. Biller. Gee. B. Mil- ?"£a» Jtabauci.', Val Schmil, and ''-"" t?I8S5: -he st^vjat Df^K^' I DunkHberp. bp an- o 0 r, 'ed to rejireicnt Ih" Loard of su- .^lors of Hack JIawk county. lown. · : -" s . i the ;P«IJKX(.' ]la from^lhr _St of ,,, _ . :atc osane loathe County *·''·*? *'-..- flucb 'ajpointmi'rii ,1 v~'jiDTdaai»tto 1 ··'SCode.of.JOTvJ anted. tranpfcrrins by "5 Milgram Tor 1M2-19J3 aa Tu'bmuTed ^d riled by th* coumy engineer with the county auditor be and the same s hereby approved Motion carried At ten o'clock (10-00) a. m m accordance with prior action of the board of supervisors, the county au- purchase of oil a°nd CP Ba5011ri« :J£ the 7, LA PORTE CITY, IOWA Catholic News 5f* d . ing and And Views writing ... year beginning April 1st. 1S«. - After eiun B "a]i" ful consideration, it Taylor seconded by bid of ihe Phillips submitted care- was moved by Miller that the Petroleum Cor- r- poration was the lowest and heat bid f or for o the Phillips Petroleum Corporation in ac- tubmittcd; and that the contract the 1SH3 season's requirements and oil be granted to with their _bid submitted and authorized and Iloapiiai'for T^T Insane Hos- ' nal lh . e chairman be hems mJJe d ' r eclud to iipn contract for the pur veLtion 3.j27 of lhc | c n a s e . ol sucn fe'asoline and oil. Motion amended. Mo l carried I Moicd by Taylor seconded by Mil Sny"iniler seconded by Schmit J« r """ Ue county engineer be au "^ "of Doris Kinion. over- tlionzed and directed lo procwd to .r. for the month of Prepare plpns and specifications /or ·coned and pljcod on '"e irradinR of the Following describe! ·kd road.s for the constructions under Iht [Kr seconded by Tay- F ^ r m-lo-Market Road plans porl ol Lou Rogers. ,. County Road "H" from Northeast ibiir-sinff officer for the,£" rn . tr Section 17. Lester Township inry be recoiveU and. N ° r t l 1 ° nn and one-half (Hi) miles Molion earned | County Road "H" from Highway -'Eef.«h;iuf.'c seconded b y i A % ° ' CJ Ea -' fl four W miles. iHjnd or Leonard B. L, Coun . ty f-oaft "C" from Hudson r Blnck Hawk Coun-'E^' flve = "»ila be received and, ,, Count y Road "K" Jrom Hudson Mv.iun carried. I ooulnwest three and one-half (3 1 -) Taylor -sccondnd by. m ^ cs following domestic! Bounty Road "A" from Eagle Ccn- antl the same are I '". W 0 "'- six (6) miles. and that Ihe c o u n t y , County Rond "W from Gilbertville. ,rizcd and directed to,' 1 ' 151 "» I") miles. or such claims as al-i County Rond "T" Irom "L" North IIaKnenlir one ( l ) j U l r e c 3) miles. duns J3.CO: and Wi]1 County Rond "B" from La Porte. no (1) turkey killed' Southeast one and one-half !'-,) miles. filler. Miller Ref- T.ivlor. and Kline, carried. K Sthrnt T.ivlor. »· KoaKfll'ition «d by .''Beck tcton Ayes- Beck, Miller. RefihauRc. Tuy- , T. ..r, ^1 t-|,_« ^ . dcd by llillor lor, and Kline. Nays Biller carried. and Schmit. Motion ' and in a-i'l county" auditor' Minutes were read and approved us ,li!cclcd to sicn rcad - vinr- Blnck Hawk i On motion aifd vole the meeting adjourned Lo Monday. March 22r\d, 1913, at nine o'clock (9:00) a. m. BAILEY BARNES. County Auditor. C V. KLINE. Chairman. Board of Supervisors. interest (29G) in iddiLion to (he c i t y of (n Jof H Cratsley [on of S33.00; and the brdi paid. £nd tho dulv cxeLUled the i ril'"r I T'llnr, Miller, and Kl Re/- GOOD CHEWING Twenty dol'ar bills are L-O f t *V ·'"···· fcw MIC caua 's of the Proereas-RtTiew. By FLOYD AXDEHSON -ION SAINTS Practically every vocation -. avocation has its patron saint. The C;uholic Herald Citizen of Milwaukee some weeks ago printed a list of some of these. Here are *c patron saints in some of the more popular lines of work, their iiust days: Actors--St. Genesius, Aug. 25. and John Berch- Altar Boys-- St. nians, Aug. 13. Architects-- St. Thomas Apostle, Dec. 21; St. Barbara, Dec. 4. Art-- St. Catherine of Bologna, Some of the books that make the best reading are tho.« ten by m*n who arc not sional writers but who h interesting story to tell of own trade. An example is GOOD ItECORD The alertness of Odebr.h fire department has hrought to t n e city for the second year the distinction of being a towr, ' ' " lo:,s. The ««*- of the residents bv T^"' 1 ' their Slderable ho] P to ble-Shootcr. The Story Korthuoodi Prosecutor," by crt Traver. For nlrnoft ten has occupied "Trou- years Mr. tho post of nt '" nominal loss of insurance, was residents. son county Red Cross^thc -iS!^KH c = con-lservinp -\vjti th,. , r :be fire depait- - _*TMy^n-vr*i-a*. about this ier-1 ' \QT S39S, covered b v l the l ( | ; i col , n | by the | other day"!. '. "." lrl n p l l s ^ 'he Th Page Three (Xot findinjr the uelcome mat out |". B .f n ?... of . , th ° officcs ' ll made "B District Attorney in a lopginp and f r c ( j miring community on the Uppei .i rqv i Peninsula of Michigan. In thnt T ' * time he has devoted himc^.f lo .n'l' ' the veird and wildly comic brench- RETIRES Gcbhardt has bought t n c .sinesv of Dan H o f f m a n m '"iiur Us « : l v j n t , · t o u r i house th f :c'. on Mori!. Africa, outside and dld not SOUVENIR ick of Ida p:i'r* of Afri- her husband, it.itioiied in . The :iniiaK aie similar to Mom b\ the natives of GIOU- ro,nve,l t,TM ran ^laU from Mar. 9. Artillerymen-- St. Barbara, Dec Artists--St. Luke, Oct. 18. Automobilists--(and all travelers)--St. Christopher, July 25. Aviators--Our Lady of Loretto, Dec. 10. Bakes--St. Elizabeth of Hun- es of the hui- which the human inKin.ition can produce. Like the coiuitiy doctor, the country prosecutor is .1 general tirinp after F1 yeais service. He was injured several months n^o \\hcn he fell from hit, napon and he h;is been aclvi^vil to quit such steady work. Nov. 19; Dec. 6. St. Nicholas of Bankers--St. Matthew, Sept. 21. Barbers -- SS. Cosmas and Damien, Sept. 21. Barren Women--St. Anthony of 'adua. June 13. . Blacksmiths--St. Dunstan,. May 9. Booksellers--St. tfar. 8. Boy Scouts--St. 13. Brewers--St. Amuf John of God, handymnn for his neighbors. The| author's ca^cs have rsinjri-d from i church-social haii pull in); to nnonj Once a nild-eycd Finish worker arrived at his house and : yd thnt he goin^ to his wife, because s-he insisted on Iravinjr him every Wednesday night to attend :: double-feature movie with her father. Another time he walked into hi* office discover an escaped lunatic, -\\lio was clutching a length of lead] pipe, seated at his de=k The ma-| niac announced to him calmly t h a t ] LEMONS FROM IOWA ' L. Goieham of Odcbolt ha-; er IC " 1On l " e t l u t is now '» nL | b o o m ' Mr - Gou-hani is displav ho was the uc\\ Christ and that he had chosen JIi. Traver to be j John the BaptNt. On still another j occasion, he losL an ca,y case be-! cause the opposing lawyer could George, April spit tobacco! i Letters threatening lih life he of Mctz,| has learned to take as calmly as hif [Aug. 19; St. Augustine of Hippe. 1 morninp coffee. On the othci ^..-..,,, v.^,. «. ,,...., ,,.. ratner Aug. 28; St. Luke, Oct IB- expensive feed for farm animals, Nicho]as of MyTa Dec . 6 . . to ,-nt wihout m^\ Reinder Kromminga has discovered. He was and wthorn ing at the Hanson farm when his :?.,.'', , earr'VT ar0 billfold fell from his pocket. Lat- ··II 'tied bv Biller cr, Stanley Hanson saw a cow in t ni y rco'u"«ilife ^ e ^°^ ^°t chewing on a $20 · rc^d ilc.scribcd bill, and with the aid of his fa- . h j ^"mrnUtc^'for ^ ier Stanley found two $20 bills r ini-cqtiuatioii and two SI bills much chewed but ilit-lnvav No. 20 Ptll i i n her moulh. They called Mr. '. I E-i-t of Ihe T , . , . . . j. i o; tin- Ngrihwust Kromminga who had not discov- "vve?t or T °7' n '"F p 9 i cl ' ed the loss - Tlie billfold was not I'lt'iwmrv. i'(nv^''nnc]'f°urd, nor was Kromminga's army orn-half Aug. 28; St. Luke, , D( Anthony, Abbot, Fiacre, Aug. Butchers- |j an ^7 r ' h 'j-:,,,.-. ct ' ^ at) "rivers -- St. ' mile'registration caid, social security and two more dollar bills. 80*" North Ranpc P. M in Blnrk HISTORY REPEATS Al Falkenhainer of Algona was the . r o l h , l o ; v n , B , e e c e c a r m a n o ° a itli sccn'on 3828 092 of \ Red Cioss in 1917. That year and i the year following he headed drive 1 ; for donations. In June, 1918, Carpenters--St. Joseph, Mar. 19. Cooks--St. Lawrence, Aug. 10; St, Martha, July 29. Dentists--St. Appolonia, F«b. 9. Doctors--St. Luke, Oct. 18; St. Kene Coupil, Sept. 26. Druggists--St. Jameq the Less, . , SS. Cosmas and Damien, Sept. 21. | lectlo:l for Mav wil1 bc " Engineers--St. Ferdinand III Seal," a novel by Mark Engineers--St. Ferdinand III, May 30. Farmers--St. George, April 23; St. Isidore, May 15. Fishermen--St. Andrew, Nov. 30. Florists--St. Dorothy, Feb. G. Diggers--St. CREEK Feeds and Minerals MOORE'S Grave Diggers--St. Anthony, i l O F U U n i l L I U I l S . I l l tl U I 1 U , J.^J.O, A U U ^ i T - i n Mr. Falkenhainer reported that Hou'sew^ves-St. Anne, July 26. Jewelers--St. Eligius, Dec. 1. hand, some of his best fncmls au 1 men wlm have served a p r i s o n ' sentence for \vhich he was responsible. Time and Lime again, he ln= been called on ns a sort of miracle ivorkei who could .solve al] and sufidrv martial difTiculti'es. This is the kind of life that makes you either love or hale your fellows. Mr. Traver loves them--and writes about them with both humor and understanding. » » * The Book-of-thc-Month Club sc- Thr Fifth j Aldanov I a Russian. The book is described' as a story of character in the tia- dition of Tolstoy and Ttirgcnev. The scene is Paris in the 1930' Q. Joes an album fillcj w ii], Stamp'; nuioinalicnlly become a Ilond ihat will nio- lure in 10 years? A. No. It niunt he «*- changed for a Bond, and it will benr no interest until it is BO cxchjingud, Q. Can payment of a War Sav. ings Bond bo made lo tho receiver or iruslce in bankruptcy of the Kitalo of a registered owner? A. Yes, when bnnkrupicf or insolvency lias been odjudiciiicd and re- qucsl for payment has been duly executed. Q. Can I authorize my employer to set aside portions of my calory each pny day until enough is accumulated lo buy o War Savings Bond? Here's, a Ihoutfht foi Ihi- culled from "Iiuect Invader Kossuth county was the first county in the entire nation to report over-subscription of its quota. The present Red Cross drive is under trie direction of Cour.ty Chairman M. H. Falkenhainer, son of Al. NO STORE For the first time in 91 years, the villages of Stiles is withou a store. The closing of the B. L Daniel store leaves the town without a single trading place. 22. ATLANTIC BOND J^et terheads LEND DICMTV To YOUR BUSINESS CORRESEONDESCE Journalists--St. Francis de Sales,, Jan. 29. Lawyers--St. Ivo, May 19; St. Genesius, Aug. 25. Merchants--St. Francis of sisi, Oct. 4. Musicians--St. Cecilia, Nov. St. Agatha, Feb. 5; St. July 14; July 17. Old Maids--St. 30. Pawnbrokers--St. Nicholas Myra, Dec. 6. Poets--St. David, Dec. Postal Employees--St. March 24. Printers--St. John of God, Mar 8. Sailors--St. Cuthbert, Mar. 20. Scholars--St. Brigid, Feb. 1. day Ij.v A n l h o n y SUmlcn. If Mr. and Mrs. House Fly g-et man led in April, by A u g u s t they may look forward to 1!U, 010,000, 000,000.000,000 descendants Richard Massnck, Italy Fiom \Valnn," I ^tory before lit- left J the Italian optimist. are going to l l u a u t h o r of heard t h i « Home: Said "1 think war." Re St. Alexius,! b u t Andrew, . r d t h * I t a l i a n pc-, m i,t: "Ye.s Nov. JliJII'EI) Marvin Ptck of Cherokee Tailors--St. 13. Tax collectors--St. Sept. 21. Teachers--St. Gregory roat, Mar. 12. took the shortest route from the (bleacher in the .school j;im to the 29. main floor by jumping. As a ro Gabriel,, s u l t i he suffered a deep (jash in his right leg and his left leg was badly bruised He i.s having a vacation from school, but it m i g h t be more enjoyable to be at school thiin to have to lie around at Homobonus, Nov. Matthew, the Just Received! ED STATIONERY Ipite the current shortage of boxed ionery, we have been' fortunate to receive a shipment of high Atlantic Bond stationery in the ular "executive" size. are big boxes--100 sheets of and 100 envelopes--four times the 'ty in the usual stationery box. We both white bond in an attractive I finish, and a beautiful cream ! l n 'aid finish. Look at the Prices! $1.47 BAD LUCK Three sisters at Decorah have ad the ill fortune to be run over by automobiles in the streets, within the past few months. The girls are Marcella, Marion and Helen Thayer. Their grandfather, William Thayer, WES killed when struck by a car. Other incidents caused a few worrisome momenta in the home. They were Robert's injury when he cut his wrist while loading a truck, Ronald's, who fell and broke his arm, last year, the father's, Clarence Thayer, broken vertebrae. Last March all were quarantined for scarlet fever. home. A. lea, if your employer has installed a Puy-Holl Savings Finn. More limn 24 million wago and snlury earners are earing their money ihi» Q. Con I invest a lump sum in Wor Bonds and receive from the investment a relum in Ihe nature of an annuity? A. No. Tho purelume of each War Savings Bond is a acporulo Iruiune- lion. E a c h B o n d i H doled as of iho firm of ihe month in which payment for it in received by un authorized issuing agent, nnd matures CTnci'y 10 years from that dale. Bemcmbcr--Irie longer you keep Wnr Bondji, up lo 10 years, iho more valuable I hey become. MOTHER PRESENT Mm. Martin Hanson, mother o: Mrs. Thomas Knudtson, helpcc Mrs. Knudtson celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary at their home in Waukon. The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Knudtson also were present. 1 Sheets and es, not printed.. . . sheets with monogram or [address; 100 envelopes ~ n flap, only '$2.45 PROGRESS-REVIEW ConcentratespayDividend A farmer at Boonc, Iowa, saya "My flock of 250 pullets, hatched last March, laid two dozen eggs on December 9th, 1942. On this dale the Baird Grain Company of Boone, mixed my first egg maah, usin^ Biff Gain 32% Poultry Concentrate. After this flock had been on Big Gain five -weeks, these pullets produced twelve dozen egga on January 18th." Thia ia one of many like reports from our many thousands of satisfied poultry feed customers. Why don't you put your poultry flocks on Big Gain feeds this year! Big Gain Products Wewt Union Ion Victory speeds out ol the night Seem jusf , fhera'i no such Hiing on ffi» . . . . . - -° f -way. Forour froins haul the produdi ·isenhal to v.cfory; carry, foo, the men who fight so (haf iem day Ihe nat,ons,of Ihe wor ld may be al peace. This has been our job everifnee the call'To Armsl" woj sounded -and will be our job until America's foes are vanquished. Battles ore still fo be foughl-boHles on the transportation fronf no lest than battles on some far-distant alien shore. But courage end resourcefulness were ever American traih. They help our fighling forces to overcome the enemy, just as , hey help the railroads to do Ihe seerr.inaly impossible in transporting vifal man powor and the equally vital materials of war. And of great help, too, is the splendid cooperation of patrons. Thar Irain speeding through the nighf is a harbinger of the peac« that is p come. Whether or not it carries the SOCK ISUND symbol means little-all of Amenca s railroads are united in Ifiii war-to- the-fln,sh. We of the ROCK ISUND ar* happy that wo on prfvf- legea lo have a part. Victory will speed out of rh» night'. . ; n fo o dawn of p«o«- ^ ROCK ISLAND , ' ' ------KEEP BUTINO WAB BON « K C A K K A A 1-1-1.1. ASSOII ^IK.M' OF Farmers Scctl and Nursery Company's GARDEN SEEDS 214 TAN' I'AUFOBMA 17o I'OIV I S -rouxn CAN SANTA ( I . M i A U I'OINTS 17c S I'OINTS Lb. XO. 2Vi CAN SKEULKSS Spinach i-rouxn (·.^^ Prunes Peaches XO. 2Vi CAN Grapes N l - 2V4 CAN Peaches '0. 2 CAV H|;n Cherries ·N 2 CAN 1H-II Green Beans 15c Uurn's Educator Crax (hi- Ofil-illill llullrr CrjrM-r 12 o/.. box--17c Milk 27c TOHACCO in 1-Lb. Pkgs. r M-..I1.T I t i l r i E h , I!i c IWn, I'rirm A l l n r l , » c l r l , Mnilrl, iincl T r u n t K 75 cents ·i i«\t x. n 13o Shreddies 25c 1(1 I'OIVTs 2-4 CAN SL-.N-.W , !AltI , l:x IMEAKFAST FOODS ID I N D I M I H - A I . I10XKS FOIl 2-' cents Jl POINTS I I 1 ) 11 I'OINTS H roivis 1.11. IIAC Flour 1.85 1)1 M r 110X n-o/ i\it Pimentoes 21c 25c Fancy Larjrc Almonds, M M . N I T s OIE I I I X K I ) ^-|·T^ Pound--2!)c in ()/. r,i\, ,n\ri:ritrir Juice 29c Raisins I CANS S'loiu.l-, Baby Food 25c i ro NO. .i'i CAN ( - l i o n Tomatoes 37c Softasilk 27c ·J I II I ' M K M , I . |M)V1 1 ) 1 , 1 1 1 |) Sugar 17c l.'l MI I!A(, D I A M O N D S Ul ST Flour $1.99 u roisrs D«vj.s Cup AI'JtICOTS I"jnr\ I'riill in J l o a v v Sjriip No. 2/ 2 can--23c 21 J'OI.VTS NO. 2 l , \ N S 01I..1IA.V.S Carrot Chips 9c I li MM, I , I f Ml \ M I U V I I s I'.M.1MM,;\ I. Corn Starch 13c . , I It M M , I , I Flour I U V I I s I'.M.' Toilet Soap 22c I . A K I . I . i;i,i i I:D\ Super-Suds 23c Flour \1 1101,1- \ 1 H h j \ T 'O. 2 CA.V 1ILJJ Wax Beans 15c 14 rOJMU ALL colons Onion Sets u. 3Sc Kix Boxes 10 Ml I!A(, GUM) Ml UAL Flour $2.35 Monticcllo PEACHES FAVCY I.,\M,K I f A I . V h S I.v H K A V i SYJU;p No. 2'/ 2 c»n--23c 21 I'OINTS A P P L E S WILIXJIV THICh A.VI) Oood Kiillnc null (,oucl ( ookln L 4 Ibs. 29c; hu. $2.75 WINKSAI'S 3 Ibs. . . 27c IJUAJIT .JAIt I'ICKI.KD P O T A T O E S NKIIIIASKA TltlUMPlIS pk. 48c; 100-11). bag $3.15J^ TRA FAJiCV NORTHERN SEED POTATOES Cobblers, 100 Ibs. $4.50| M ' LD TM"'»TM Early Ohios, 100 Ibs. §5.00 t'/j i.n IJM; in.ri'iATioN Pancake Flour 14c 10 Olnnt II if. ( r m n ! « li,(,, Soap 45c riCKI.KD 33c )9c 19c 27c Pig's Feet 4 CANS .SLMiltl Cleanser IB-OUNCE BOX Oatmeal EXTRA FA Rice CKKEN TOP BOX ·yr.jj,ow DKV Carrots 2Bch S . ISciCake Flour .12-071. JAB FICKCH Mustard 32-OZ. JAR (JATIDKN Onions, 5 Ibs. 25c 2 LARGE HEADS 18c lOc Head Lettuce 25c|DiU Pickles 25c CALIFORNIA Cabbage Lb. 7c ID TEXAS MARSH SEE TO TAKE THE FLACK OF Ammonia --USK-- 2ANSER iHn Work 6--15C IF.WSPAPKR

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