The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 17, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 17, 1818
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.... r - ;r 44 co, - - , r i.f f,hieJ fr hnmeMiMtlu. 1 ' - mono ay, iiiDS'rvi 7l4ftiti uj. If J ;W0 49 .WiLLJAMTREkT . a . , .,t JLj - ' " ' - ' " - ' ' - ' - - . - ) y. - rv. .HMvliir nacket tloOD BOeTOX. a ipr r - - i. ;r lp hntt bolted jtiv a lai - ire in eeole order for a voyages '''. m htwL east hide Uni - ' to - A50.if'l,BU,3. - ps ' '. - - iw. - xmlm. ytrttrhtr Charter. ttt Tll fie Ne - York built ship HI - !)arMit H.Grshetn. master, built bv ".eesertin, of the best materials, and in m feuutiui maimer, u uito j - . nr wwff t little expeiwe. For fPy ; WtVt b SAMX CRAlO,' " 91 lwrm w w il ' A ood' UKIP,tfl80 ton, bound to itfie West lndk.ill tk freil't for ."Wtheabovo ilcw.Mf offered jmrneu - STeral pmengv !, can i . in ," t; - - . - i 54 SiMil.tret. ' LMn hATHibi detained by .Tether, can ,Uk ioii mor. lijht frtighi. thich. of pact, pp.y bB.buard,t Joac' .0 7 " 1 .' - ''6 South rtwet ' - tk' UritiA brir ST. DOMI.XGO, llontaiii Rcdiuood, will tke (etiehl for ltToVt fa ?fet - Britain or Irahod Ac it 4 Vttii. uia may uc ueipiLicucu iumfm - ' ' X.L.LG. CRISWOLD, , tatO , ' . t5Ai?outh - t. . W HhUMlM.t. r" i The fine fast aloop HOPE, ' Jobn Wilon, matter, bu three fourttii U i tara ready w pon ooaro, anu win Ipofiiitly nail on or befure the 16(b inst For M.aaaimerorireiKuiwpawjp:, Bjipijr ui I.,. LJUULA , buiaui n w ii 7t No. 90 Coffee - House - slip. fr JTv thetitbatantitdahipUOCKltilfAM, TJT.F. Williams, maeter, it do loading wtWiog1 eomtderable cargo engaged, it . toted to Mil o tlie eOUi intt lor he re - aider of freight, or paiaagt, bating htnd - tdt and tpaciutis acconn.odtlonia apply on tad. cut id riy - marfcet, pr to . trav tort 6 . 34 8outiw - trcet. M. AJL - 14' 1 1 f X A1 J Atr a , JH" Hie raet wiling packet ecbr. FAN - iiiNY ft I1MRT, .Tilford;. master; U ktIh LiuIm. ran take a few (on more lik'ht bt, if immediate applicattoa made on d, e8t aide of Burling ali - :. ' att 4 ! 4 MlTt LlAl'i BLUfci Vi rhlOL, AL I IV LUM.te Received per Chaum fraud AmWa, frnoi BrbtoJ. (EcfiO and for aale by ai'wNcriheT, on fcdvantu2t'outar,,,vli.. ' W genuine groom ivnna icau 19 soio. kk ' '"" tt calk boat dry White Ud U to Lel 1 from f t 3 bw(L 't do FpaajABrmta iWib S W4cwt. racb 'Si dil'ltriirv Rl.irk V Anlrtttf fit cM Roman Vitriol from.ti 8ewt each ' ftSdo Venttian Red from t to 3cwt each 13 Urrrea A Hum fruei ? to 10 c't encb i in Lk.l ? 1 a a.i.i. I - a . Cokotbar Vitriol, fiatb 3cor1ng Brk ka Apply to , . A.ClftmCH, 115 184 Boarery. (it KM A.N t.lOUS. RECEIVLD by the ibip Triton and tbe ihip Elbe, from llambut - . and other late import - fitiiaetMiAtiortiBeiitof Uermsn Limfni ancb at rutLlraa, while and Drown retagoe.Crca(, ' . . . ; lorn laa, Brown Checka and Shirting l - inroi H cib pea Oiaabyrp and Ticklenbatga, Uctuans, Burlaps, Brown Rolls. Bags Taiiee, Sueifiae Broad Clothi itpkios, Silk Galloneiaod l'ouad Ribbons Cafiee Mills. Slate Pencil Uokiiig Clnte Plates Pocket ndStatia Glasses - 1 . ' ' LtadPwd: Aad at assortment of Card wire. Also on band, A few tons St. Fetersiiurs Hemp - f intouslity - Holland Sail Cloth, and 6u(t boies Pategrasa Cb':ee, entitled to debenture. Tor tale oa reasonable terms, by GEO. & THKO. MEYER, JlSIm . . .149 Wathinetoa stre - t. BAR IRON, icc. - 5.tona Bar iron 5 too Sheet Iroo SO do ten Frying Pan Pateat Chaff and Drawing Kaiyes Iron and steel ghovcls . German and cast steel mill, pit & hand saws , ioacb spnag at!. For sale by , . ANDERSON H SHEARER, J ' At 131 Water street fnoBACCO. 353 Kegs landing' irons schrs. A . Hero and Only Daughter, ami tloop Fair taerican, from Richmond, via. S Xegt branded B. H. Brady, 8's, no. 1 k 2 do. Geo. Fletchex, 8's, no. 1 & 3 do. . T,M. Deane&co. 8's, no 1 & 3 U do. v , J. Gibb, 8't, no 1 k 2 0 1 - Sdo. .. Jkf Labbr, (ft, Ladies tw'itt " IN STORE, 13) Kep, 8's, no's 1, 2, 3, half pound rolls, Wies' Twist and Cavendifb Tobacco of the following hrands, Vis. EnJers, Ross, Ege, ' Miller, Holtx, Dutton, Siarr, J, Hare & co. ' R. Hogbe k co. F. Daacy ii co. Auder - son, Blair & M. Kaage, Cantor, ami Shclton I ft Willi anon. - - . ( ' 1 r sal by CORNELIUS DU B0I3. Mgll . Sr . . Mew ' Flour, ac ji i't bbl. superfine Flour, Haxall and Cunning - brand, laadiag Iroo scar, Catharioe, and btaleby . .' W.& S.CRAIG, . . 84 t root - Mteeu ' . J.V STORE, ' , "70 bbds. prime Ricbmood Tobacco . . IW keg Manufactured . do . - . bote 4 - 4 Irish Linen 11 Lhd. 8 pipe choice L, P. Madeira Wine M qr. casks do. do, M Jmsey Wine. j1 n iw ' Uetaa mmliiM. lft do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linen H do. piuk gingham ' ' - 1 do. shawls - i - 4 no.' brown platilla - " do. Scotch otnaburs ' - si - 7 bale imitation sheetioji v ., r A d. brown linen ? do. linen bed tkk V da. 5.4 cotton check 'J. ",' - v . do. carpeting, ' - . ALSO. Sul - doth, L atlm bagjlng - - - ' c willed sacki - .ij J & ine twine For sale by r - - ' GEORGE JOIINSTOt, J,tl.T Ko. 1 Bloal - laae. MADEIRA wine. . . . 6 5S. - 1'c tjfwiii. . 3 1 - ftr. - Cask Malumy. Coo do of 8cott, Loughaan, Fniold t Co1, brand, and offered for ale by . X.i 8. VKAlU - . - tut r Int.; - , no. 34 Front - it. " j i W ELLKR W A J'CH ES. trS.f CASE of loodry JewelWrr, firw Cutlery, L 8irer Hunting Ml F!in Watclter, . - Dm line Caiei and Ladiei Work Uox. t caiet lattice Coneta atiorted. ' v ForiaUbj , J LAMBERT. No. 7 f ark (late Ladie Aoction Room.) . THu,bscriber keepi conitaatiy or ialei Eenerl aMorluHMt of firit rate Groceriea Tor family wt, amongst wbicb are . . - v , Imperial .' , r 1 , . Hymn, . ' , . - TEA? . Youiig HytoD' - f of flrrf tnmliiy am) latest HyionSkin '. ioiportatioo. J ' Souchong fc . , - Pichoii8 ' , " " DoaVie Glouccrtor, rtirrcr ' , Holland & American J , . Ix'uon Juice . . " v. " . . ' ' Sicily Lemons in aoojl, order v ' ' i 4tli proof Cognac UraWjf (eenuins) '. , HoliaiufGi'i arid Juataita BpiriLi ' .Madeira, Fort. Oiunt, U k. Ttatriffe, '. " SUerrv Ud other Winea .' i i BwvH Oil in tr'.lkl ajtd CuUlt ... ' v v - rki, W,?. feppe ' " - ' ' Mibber:' Brown fct iot : Spernv Oil and Candle ; will many other irtidea too numtrous to fnutilV. wiiicb will ba aold at a ujtxlcrate a Jranct, by ' aul 3 J A.MK3 V. A."IDOE, JOSEPH TITCOM B CO. 1C2 Nri street, tinTejust received G cases, containing ' 5 - 4, 4 - 4, 7 8, and 3 - 4 bleach'd Bheetiugt and ' Shirting . . . Brown Shirticgt ; Cingbtusi . Stripes ; Checks ; Cbamttraye 1 , Btd - Tii kina and Cass.nieits. Also on hauT, an extensive .assortment of , 1 oinestic, Woollen and Cotton Goods Wick Yarn; Boots and Shoes , Cut Tckand Brnii, assorted All of whirb will be told at low 'prices for cash or short credit. ': - - Wool, Cotton or Bale Goods received for sale or on storage. " auga r.tiltMlCALS, COLORS, c y Epsom Salts, in cask of Scwt; l4ump Marnesia, in cases Do,;, . do snail tquarti Calcined do in phials Rocl.elle Salts, Acid Tartar Citri Acid, Blue Verdilt - ria firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rcgulus of Antlaonf GUNS. BUTTONS. &c. ' "Fowling Pieces, assorted, well umshrd Ua - mm waioscoai cases, nut ry naisaea , 'witliappaututconinlete . . ., j Duelling I'istols, incases. . .. Gold LpBultttet Kaval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Coppetptates forensravert " Mathematical Instrument ' Rolling Paralel Rub - rt Mariners cnmpasnca, teleteopea Opera gtaea, microscopes 3 tetu splendid chessmen carved in ivory ' Tortoise, and turtle, shell tea caddie f 'Vtient c(rktcr!, ulrer pencil eases FoPteJblbfi; . .0AMIBERT., je IB. , ... . IkiurUaudt - etreet. - G UNPOWDEB, SHOT LEAD, &c 1M) qr. raakt t .I I, at r r r Uloomfield r rowiier 500 do d mnskct and Cannon Powder 14)0 do do best Engtih ' do 50 do do fart ford Cannister - do SO do do Single Seal . do 4 tons assorted Pair nt Shot 3 do do moulded do 3 do bar Lead 10 rolls Sheet Lead . 600 fret patent End pipe 100 M. superior French tod English gun and pistol Flints Alto, an assortment ol musket and oil to! balls. nowdt - r flasks and thot belts, for tale by SBHOON MAKER, VAN BEUREN It CO. aug 8 tw No. 91 Fmnt - tt. 'pENEMFFE WINE 150qr.catlit L. P. .1 Tenenlle wine, imported in 1815 and 1816, of the Paaley, Power, and Colagan brand. A lew pipe One I ort vv me, lorsaie By NATH. PAULDING, sadltir 162 Front - ttreet . tvHTEH HOJ'1'L.ti, ttU&AMlAU COPPER, Ac. Y3RI3T0L orter bottles, in hamper of one MJ groceeacu Sheathing copper, front 1 4 to 28 ox Stat, assorted for the season Spanish brown White lead, ground in oil Crowd window class, 8 by 6 to 1R by 12 The above gwd are just received by the ship Phocion from Bristol, and are recommended as being of tlie best quality and in tho bet t order t or sale by ausll Iw WM. NTILSON PO. CLAUET - 40 dozen very superiour Claret, for ale at $18 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, je 30 If No. 1 Sloat - lane A KEYED HARP. JA. GUTTWAI.DT reeetlully invhe . the amateur nf music to inspect at hi Piano - Forte Manufactorv. No. 75 M aide a lane, a ni'itical inUrument tliat pc - rtectly equal the harp in sound and fur uriases it in point 01 ea sy treatmtnt, a it is played bke the piano hy means ot key, and coosenoeotly ba all the advantage of brilliant modulation ; the only one in die United State. Aim, an elegant Piano Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, withaa assortment of different kinds, whose good qualities have been testified by Ihe undersigned eminent professor : u .We the subscribers, professors of muMC, do certify, that we have cart lui:y examined air. A. GuttwaldPs mano - fortes. which, for insenui I v and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to rmlilir. palmonge. .viettrs. uiik s, r.ncnne, ieet,t;. ITjioauit, unariet u inert." JJ. . . VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR BALE, IK TBS IITI OP MW - tOJUt. I IVE lots of r round oa the west sids of Green V wich - Hree", between Vettry and Uesbrot - scs - strrels, t5 by 80. Pour tin in ihm rear of the above, fronting; oa tl ! aM ! Wnahiivtae - etriiet. 15 bt HO. Eightdoir tbe block below, between Wasb - mgtoa and vvett - nreeu. la Montromerv County. 6000 acre of Land ia Lawrence' parcbte, near East Canada Creek, on .the aurih ide ol the .Motiawk. ' In Franklin County. 15,16 arret ef Land, in the town of Mount Mom and uaytoa. In Emcx County. 783t acre of Land ia tna to wa of Barrymnre la the 1 Inn i, fv of Icm'it. - 1550 acre of land ia Cuterlaad, Cbaatanit Purchase. , . ; In Saratoga County. L t tOOO acre ia Palmer' purchase. ' ' lioaire - at tte ofice of the lutecrsber, 34 Cc dar - atreet. . EEV. B0BIN3ON. BblTtf 53 ri in, tucsenher srtihte.M pvsetiate tlirce ev X fow saif at aatrbW IIorMa. and aeteral iiigte Horse for tbe saddle, and alto for dfajight. . , It. iCXOX. ,, tug - II I IT - , ' MOAlKiiJ'iVCLiJ 4GJ: UUOOtt . . AN aatortoieat of Dorae'tie Gooda,'ach at UaacJj'd & uibleath'd thiniori nd Sheet' MIES ' - v ' y 1 , , - White black Mfllinetts, f assorted nunbersl Moat, knittiAc K eewine Cotton. For tale on reasonable tenet by WM, CAiHr - BbU Manulacturer, . . a us 6 197 Pearl - street, (up stair. KMa.RIC.AN C1A1 Ha. JOSEPH TlTCOMBax CO No. 161 Pearl, street, here met received 10 fjtces American Suaerfioe Blue Cloths, wbkb will . be sold ciiesp, fur cash only. Alio on hand, an extensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsjof every di. chition, at low prices. . J v , 'toTet. . A part of a IwHise and a front offica in j - itret, within few rod of Franklin Bona, inquire nt No. 17 Cod - r - ttreet. Jy29 If UUil. 40 puncheons first (jaalify N. E.Rwn, for tale by . J AS. D - WOLF, Jua. lift . - S4 Rnnlh.aliwvt. . G.bAUADEH'b f Alt.N 1 RAZOR 31 UoV. - Yon that with to shave with ease, , i v Buy of Sadhoers if you plesse ; r; ; Hie Rasoc Jitrop's, peculiar tneb, " "lliat thn'rni U Raior with atouch. , G SAUNDERS resrectfully tolicitt tbete . who hae pot got hit Pnteni Reaor Strop, to furaitii Unielvet With hit new inventwd Ra - tor Strop, tmd Mttoliie Coinpesition. in gentleman who once, makbt ttiut of eiie ul tbe Sirups now olferoil, w,ill ittrtry any others; and such is their forjBatinn, that eves to much use Bill not erve the razors Ihatoivndness which readers tlie best of them useless, end which it well known always to follow the application ofall those hitherto invented. The above it ropt are in genera! ate in flew Yoew, and ere dittincaithed from kli others.. Burhenwbo bnMtd them ey more intiicirptaisethan I rn myteit.i .. ... : ii. SAUNDERS, 18 TVall - tlreet.. Also for sale. Razors. Soap, and etrery aten it for Shaving, of the first quality, with a. aope - riorassoitrbiBtot t'enumery, nwrri - ovruer,i& from Smvtl.'t. Mew Botid street. London. - N. B. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. !. - . - . - - tny it MAf.'K.VkV t OAt;H.S. . I70R Rlwl Hftie. (10m Llilibetlj 'Town r i Point, for Pbiladeluhio. aud tlni Steam Bouts at Trenton and Biitol,aod the Mineral Springs at Schoolenr't Mwwtsu s. ". J . Notice tent to No. 3 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY to STILES, Elitubelb Town, by mail, or by the. Steaw - Buat AUlantiu will tie immtdiafefy attended to. " J 14 ' . FLEtCHER'4 CKI.KBRATKO VECKrABLK AtVVv .". A NOREW FLETCHER ioforut the tflha - J. biuntt of this city, of tn nxtraeediiiary Salve prepared and made by him. ; It it composed Entirely of her bt, and oilier vegetable substances, and possesses, ia ad'gree nltogeth - tt iinrquulled by any Xbiiig of the fcina known, the e 1 eel lent qunliUetof uoitfyiog, drawing and healing, but nut slightly, all manner of wyoad od lunninss to he used ia every cate, without eici - plion, where the broken., in caaet of the Scurvy and King's Evil, it will absolutely. tnouKh u mav aixwat increaioie. penoim site amtt perfect core. Tlie' asoniiuig pam of wound. cankered thro' cold, strul, ot tbr cause; it will xilirit in a few minutes, tor mora man twenty year it hat been made in. the writer's family, and it well known at Flelcbar't HeaUnc .aalws, an a. wjdn circle, trwtl ttiJ$ifibKbto4 of Dalkeith, and Newbattl bit aaliv place, in Scotland. There it baa, in case the most hopeless, preserved the arms and bga, if not the live. or nnnareos 01 people - 001 ine wrner it aware, that it is extremely improper and equally unavailing for him, to ttate cases which have happened in a country so remote ; it is only for him, by continued advertisements, to make it known in this populous city, and he hat the happy confidence, that a generout public will give bim credit, until the thing may tpeak for ittelf, estab lish itt own menu, ana prove lit auveruser a true man and no imposter. The writer feelt hBppy in possessing iu tint country all the meant of making thit invaluable mediime, which to decline making public in tbe midst of more than one hundred thousand people would De criminal in the extreme, towardt suLTenog humanity. To be sold in boxes, price I, 3 and 3s. hy Mr. JOHN DKENNAN, sole aeent for the proprietor, 475 Pearl street. New York each box inclosed in a tmall paper, containing a few print ed directiooe lor using it. aug i.i imx The hue aew steam vessel FRONTENAC, ol 700 font burthen, James Mac Kintie. matter, will cuiniueuce runniuj on the Brit day of May next, . ii i . . . ir . . T ami win leavn iMngsion, lor lorn ana inagara, on the lit, lllh and 1 1st day of each month, and Niagara, lor York and Kingston, the etb, Intt and 45 Ui day of each month, during the teatoa, w lie re every atlention will be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. Applications for passage to be made to the cap. tain on board. Kingston, 6th April, 181ft. J 7dctOcl NEW ANU ELLGAN i'CAkLNLT FURNITURE. . At. 33 Wmtrtnrti.mftwinmt from fireediMy. A CHOICE assortment of Cabinet Furniture, t particularly tideboards, patent dining, card and ladies' elegant work tablet it it presumed tbe uk ha never before been manufactured in America. Mahogany Chair, Sofa and Settee of the first tvl. The subscriber assure tlie 'public, that noa can under sell thrm, couipariig quali ty. Upholitry work ami roller window blind. All order in tlie above linet will he thankfully received aod punctually executed by a iic 13 GILLESPIE K WALKER. HORSEa AM) CARRIAGE. FOR SALE, a pair ef likely active black Horses, seven year old. They match in spirit and gait, are fast trotter and in excellent condition for a tourney. Alto, a liebi in excellent oroer. in quire at this office. aug 11 6t GREENWICH COFFEE - HOUiE. SilxuUtd Iht enrntr of Grtenuruk Lane and the tigUM wirtnue. TMIE subscriber ioloimt hi frieed and the X public, that the above bouse it opened lor the accommodation of company. It afford a ve ry healthy and pleasant situation, during this warmeaon. It vicinity to tbe city, together with it beautiful aituatioo, cannot fail to recommend it a a (uperior place of recreation. The Greenwich ttage leaves and return to the above house teveral tim a day, and accommodate personage " 'be mott reasonable term, which greatly facilitates the dittance to tn city Boarder can be very agreeably entertained du ring the teuton. 1 he subscriber - mitt, max ine convenience, together with the preparauuot ne hat made, wil 1 meet With the approbation ol tbe puuu,, anu prime n uiui iwk .iyuKv. N. B. The bett of liquors, Sic. constantly kept on hand.. LUted I4tn Aug. laio. t - BALDWIN. Prlvafe carritget will be furnished at all time, at a more reaouaiie f te Uian titewoere. aug I4twt Trk liOXAX CEMFJiT. , i J cask Roman cement, jur j - civeJ aad tbe al by ANDERSON A SHEARER, aug It tw . ,131 Wate - treeL fl ERRING. 1K1 barrel Cowwcticit Riter l - L Hemng, now IwdiBg, tor aie uy ; - . .. liUCK A COIT ESS 14 St 33 Bur!ies - !rp ( : - - ' ; HORSES. .: : ink - . and nt (lie . to of to .' in of rian .erv (ho or titl T J i 1 1 ted or tbe Iv or sis a gle I of ai On in it u to rum piini.wK' AGtTLEUAft from Franc would - wish t drtw the aUratioo of pi cilweos of Nr YorkloU smwI asAsbJUbed LspnUorr ef Co lours tor.walia itrapared lor imuadtaU one. and atnotnjmniad Wtm direction! for laying them am Thalcelouft r of Use brightest tints, andpr pared st4baU6disappoiutmMt cao take place. Joan - rjiaii, r nmktort - tt. - . N. 67 A very tuaarior analit of Racordinr manimctTd by tbatamt parson. JUIVZZ U ; M. i : . - .., fil BROVV ii, sioo seal eiigravr'fcud jawelj lr,TIt. ICO Brwdway, ".' CeaU of Km, cresU, yuhert, 'eiirateJ 00 ttooe. V t - ' - " OUitoadr, ametbytta. topu. - crntali. ire. bought or cut to an) form. . - . Ladie teals eugmytd wi;h nvrtlot, device or cTertt. jt - iBmtlt of beralJry kept with upwards of 60,000 namee,' - r A large kucrttnrct of fin gold teals, chain, oinorwellery. ' - - . - Jy S3 " Im ' . " - V i, W. r' O R B K S, , MAjrwracTiiREii op scveh wue, ' , . t ..( . W, Hm.,. ' INPORF18jifiwo,land trie public, that he centieaes e manufacture of steriwie silvern - cfiiesvelyj arid of superior workmanship, ftaMtv ' v - I Waitert. Svnhont amrcb Plate. 1 ih StKKwa, r otks, n Cake Baskets, fcc. iic. Urn latest and BnotJ elegant patlerii, and, MWSM)rice. - .. - . Hf All ordors executed in 4 mauler v m..nnr. y. B. f AMHJE3 wiJJni to be tuunlied with tbe list rate article ol filter, are invited inspect nit worn, a an articles ol tut manu facture are oJd, only by hiuiseli. RtWEKV. For sale, a bMrgm, a Brew MM etj It Malt Hon connected, in the city Hudson.' ' The - bmidicgs arc ston,'itiiu par. licurarly well ciif)ulatel for the business. It is situated,, in th m,Idt of a bailrjr country, and haiaiikiy tbr''aUvnoln;es. it is certainly an object for those wuhmg to engage iu ths busi nets. . It 1 tbe Only brewery 111 the rourlry. This property will ba sold cheap. Teraw libe ral; title rami. For lurlhtr particulam apply H.JttilJUt:N, Wo. 78 Maidan - lane, New Vtfrk: or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June13 tf '' V' - A FARM, UMUiuinr 300 acres, on the baukt of tbe b'ortb River, a mil tomb from lb village of Jlyda Park, and righty - eix from New. York. - The land" it equM in quality to the best Dichetj coDtlf aod it iu high oriler and good fence. ' Od the' premms h a good plain farm bonte, a good bam and other appendage necet - ary to Conducting a lurgo farm - , A I",, a building spot rottinaoJingAB xttn5tv ant beautiful Tiew ol'theiWlh Rive. 1 Wilkin Half a mil the farm Muse i an eminent Academy, and within tww mil an fifOM! aod a Presbyte Church, "hi eadl of Which there'is Yejular1 K - prij!)lcin - xwr landings ooe Of which Steam - boat drerfits at a landing place, stores, Ac. It.' Tbft Whole will be tuld togeUier divided la son pnrchaser. Ihe term of payment will be made, easy, and an indit puWble given by be ubtbribr. '., WILLIAM BAvllf. ' JlydaPar. Julvt4 tf ) 1 UST paitlihed bjhv . uubu3,i nis riann FrteafldMusiqtor, No. IW Broa4vay, rerteana m William Tell 4 Fannv Deareti Thinerakn I my Faithful Fair ' ' The SoKhVrS Bride Eveleen's Bow'r. with variation by Locier. Also, all the Bone. Sic. that ant now thcinc tne sjnncert'soy mrs. tfurie,Hoimo, niesr. Incierton and I'billips. tic. with a great variety of ne Music for the Piano Forte and the Flute Jy : INDIGESTION, OR. SOU II - STOMA C H. 5 acknowledged by Medical writer to be a complaint of stubborn kind, and at all timet very dithoutt of euro. Ton it turaciently illuttra in tbe disappointment ol those wbountortu nately suffer under it, at they, for th most port, And, that after having tried many things to little no purpose, they are at last obliged o use, for perbtpt the remainder of life, such artiste as eta best but pslliale the disease. Under ueb eir - anutanees, any tnediain capable of removing complaint, must surely b aa artiel high detervinc tbe attaation of all lliose who are araiated with it s toeh a eomblnation it to be et with in Dr. MEAIrs AN I I - UYSEPTIC STOMACH PILLS i thetueoesiof whieb ha never yet been equalled, for tbe enre of Dvinen in its most complicated form, such as nt of appetite, musea, heartbura, Batuleney, gmwtng iain id ine iiuraacii, pain hi viic biuc, ;rv u - uvenes. ptlene in the eoanlenanee, lanruor. town ess of spirits, pain in the bead, vertigo or giddinets, and disturbed sleep. W noever applies these pills ia the above diseases, (Mottling to the direction, will never be disappointed, they have never been one known, to fill in producing radteal and permanent cure. 1 he use of a sin ana will convince the most unbelieving of iheir eraeacy. 1 hey win mott eneetutuy remove n sourness of tbe tomch, not merely by neutrali ting the acid, hot by eorrecting thtt morbid stale tlie secretions which gives rise to it, and al In ism time will restore to the debilitated organt uicettioo that tooe and vigour whieh i uo lutely necessary to the well being r.f the animal economy. For lebv John C. Morrison. IIS Greenwich street. Hollk Bowne, 146 Petri street, Abraham Brooke. 403 Pearl street, and Ilenj. It'itekln bath, Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich strecti. oear Stat Prison. N. B. None are tenuine without tbe denature in oie proprietor, , tugii UKU. a in. A NURSE WANTED. A MIDDLE ged vnras, who it anlied to take etre of chi dren, and i ilisiiised to travel. KetpeetaMe reference will be required, aone other need apply. Apply to if Cystic HALSTED, Esq. Elixabcthtovn, New - Jersey. ug . txjti sjLl, A farm of Itetwen tixtv and seventy, tcies, (itnate on the west bank of Lake Olsogo, and one mile from the village of Coopetstown. it are anew stone bouse 54 feet square l a new farm house, oaro, ;c. it forms a desirable ct tablitbinent trra gentleman wishing to retire into the country, at itt ritual ion, at to proriiect. coavenitce to market, tie. i not surpassed b any ilh interior of the stale. It will be cold loe for cash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in uiuciiy, gooot, c. ppiy w ii. e, at n. cr.uoiHA, my 7 tf Law Buildings. FOR SALE. The HOUSE & LOT, No. 339, Broad way. The lot i 28 lt front and rear, and, 1BU feet deep. Tb boom w 65 feet deep, tlni'bed tbe best manner, and replete with conveuien cet for a targe family. On th premise are bncfc stable, two rain - water Citterns, oa ol which i brick) and a well ef excellent water. Tbe situation h considered equal to any ia this city.. Far particulars, apply to Batmin O. Minium, on U prmi, c'o ROBERT BOWNE, - . JySS 'lat . . No. gjg, rar1 - r MANCHESTER VELVETS, Aasorted eo - loor Mdvcry superior quTity, for ! low. by ', i 3 tiEO.t NEWBERY, . J81 - mPwrlitraet, , AA7F LAW BOOK STORtL. BLAKE'S? CUAiCERY'PRAC'tlCE.i Contaiaiacali me Droceediataal acuiLaj Welliatbecmirtofehaacerr a lathe court lot tl)e trial of impeachment, and i:orTecfkp af errors, for the t'kte of New - Vork. TN book contains about 740 pagtAoctSVo, andUanid by professional gentlemen, to be all important to the practitioner in this court, hsing the only Jin - rican productkn on thiatahjeotT and to the student it is invaluable, as it exhibits in. a very clear and lucid manner, Mephy step; the pro - fret m a tun, m sji nt unoua, irons iiie commencement to Hi anal termination of it Accompanied with an appendix, containing precedent of tbe most appnofetj forms, luttaMa to every rate tbaj can possibly occur in the course of a suit . Just published and for sale by ' BANKS, " - " ' J 1 f - Opposite City Hall - .' . ' Corner ol Nassau and Spruce street. . aug 4 Ids : I Hi URA'M.'dATlCAL bAK.' 'THE importance of a correct knowledge - of X Grammar, i too mack acknowledged 19 need comment: The unsettled and desultory manner, ia whi h it ia taaeiitin c4maton cbool, is hixbl exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules and deiiuitious parrntlikecommitted to memory, learned and conned by rote without comtiieot 01 elucidation, is found to be generally void of nlili ty ; for to long at tlie principles n( roll are not understood, they can never be applied to actnal use. ' Under such impressains and iiiflucnced by a desire to promote so useful a branch of education, (he (ubsctilter pmiosr a remedial system. ' la the undertaking, tliey re contcio of no other mpiivc. than the pronrotion of a brauch orkaowl - ed(e', Which It an inlisenilile pra - requuile i very ottjer. The ubscritet .anticipate mv onier.nnnt t to cnmpine'a oevinuuo iroiu nit anliurinted track, uliirb enttom has l. nzHc tanctiom:d at the most eligible : but, to obviate cliem, they ak"a ttKiroHRli and canJidinvesliga' lion of itt principle!, it it B dictum, tint' with ,oat a knowledge of tlie icasoa on which law me made, no' one can know the law. A conviction of itt truth formed th most powerful incentive 0 the invention ot tne it rammaucnl liar, wtuclicon veyt to the mu d through ihe medium ot the e Ihe rea'rtfis, the why's, and the Wherefore. be short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learned ncqiiirt t a habit of olirijtion, fiis judgement itexeeciertl. anrl heodvnncrswithcHi and delight. I he subscribers have luktit a convenient room in Fulton - street, No. 139, where children, young Indie and eenllemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty hours. A correct knowledge of partiusr will b given to new beginner ; if uot, no pay will be rf quired. A new ciattto begin on Wednesday. ,. J. BROWN, Jun. ' ' ' E. D. CROSSHELU. it. B. Youdp eenUenien. wtio have been in - structed in the snort term of ixty hour, will be presented lor examination each clay at 6 o'ciocK, P. At. Scholar rtceived and instructed at any hour from 6 o'clo U A. M. to 10 o'clock P. m. 1'erms ol tuition mad koown at tle above men tionedroeui: . .J SO I in Law regulating tUt Wuaing ami' imputing tvfi Otif. Pasted March 31, 1818. ' ftjr' lie il enatltd by th$ ttopl tf thalat of JSIu - lork, reprettnltt i ttnult and atitwwly, That the person aJuinisteriag th govrnmnt of this slate, by and witb th advice ttml content of the cocucil of appeintmMt, sbaU from tim to time appoint one person tor i,tuy atiseyr - York, wbos powers shall a tend to, and includ th village of Brooklyn t one porsoo lor 4b city et Albany ; and - on petseti lor the city ot I roy. whose powers shall kite ad to, and inclada Ltk tingbargh and WaUrtords W) be fuageca and if.' utetortof tUb oil: . " ; AiMatU ftirttter tnattol, Thatttsbali tie tit doty of each person aopomud by virtue of thit ac Ao provide biattelf with prosier lntrument (for guagmgWlpwwtangsjil.'aaj ttewnawwaenV led on to gunge nd inicct any pared of uh ml, within rhafmca tr which he a as appointed, it shall also be his doty to inquire diligently and ck out any parcel of ffib on within bit district, and guajre and inspect Ihe tame,and brand leg! bly oa the bead of each, cask he may to guage and inspect, rn own nam and th nam ot lb plac tor which h wa appointed j also the whole number of gallon th tame shall miage, and separately irom cat n omer tne quantity oi water, the quantity of sediment, a wall at tbe quantity of pur oil he shall ixl therein, aad shall' make, subtcrib and deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel of oil to gouged and inspected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate columns the quantity of each of th aforesaid enumerated ingredients the whole parcel thall contain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand tig and certifying aforesaid, be sbaH receive Irom (be owner or holder of the oil se guaged and inspected, twenty cent for each cask, be th same small or large, th one half of which (hall always thereafter be chargeable upon the pure hater of ihesam.. And be itfurihtt tnaettd. That it shall b the duty of all persons owning or holding Sib oil, to put the tame in a convenient position for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager and ui'pector. A nd bt it furthtr enneltd. That any person or persons who shall countcrlett, alter or change any of the brands or mark aforesaid, oa any cask of oil so branded or orked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall liny, tell or barter any ml willun the diuncuor place ainr - said, except the tame shall have been guaged, impacted and branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or cau - e to ba conveyed any oil out or, or from the district or places aforesaid, exorpt lb same shall have been guagrd, ippctcd and branded ac - cordi s to law, ritch person or person so offending, tball forfeit and pay the sum ef twenty - fire dollar for each cask, th brand or marks of which thall be so counterfeited, altered or changed, or which shall be e bought, soVl or barter ed, or which thall be so shipped, exported or otlierwire conveyed tioutrary to the true intent and mcauing of (hi act ; Proviatd, HtvtrlMtu, that nothing herein contained shall be. construed to prevent any per - on or persons from buying or selling oil by measures lej - ally sealed. Afdbtxl further tnaettd, That it shall be the duty of any person or persons who thall use or otherwise empty th contents of any ca - E ol ash oil, immediately t efface the guajrerS and in - .lpcctor't markt or brand from th tame, under the penally of twenty fiv dollar. ' ' And be U further tnaettd. That any forfeitures arising hy virtu of this act, may ho sued lor ami recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, in any court having cognisance of the am, to th tola ate and benool of any ptrton wno tnsui so therefor. NOTICE it hereby given, thit the subscriber has been appointed y - he hooourtDl in iown cilof Appointment, Gugcr and Inspector of all Fich Oil m th City of Nw - York aud Brooklyn, ami ha opened hi office at N. 37, Water - rt. wbe be wi'l receive order from 7 A. M. to 8 P. Mevery day, Sunday excepted. ' JAMES MAURICf. IT. B. Dealers m Fish Od are hereby ootifiM, that any infringement ef lb abv law - ill be proscutd. ' JulygQIot ton bAi.b, The tw fowr story l ire - Proof STORES aj.o. 189 tna io r rom - iur - - wvtin;u h. Matt m Htetnta. noa is - k rrpn.. tne stores are 60 feet creep and SO feet front th Lot are 8j it deep ifty w : i - Kuor. n. notvkn v kag 10 Mm : CI Pioe - ttrecL - VUERCITROX BARE 100 Msda. fresh groaad, fo: sale in pare, by ag 12 GR1SWOLD3 ft COATCS." ,J FJCAKKUR BANK. "5 - QZrTi rmakkk taak, will be opened (bt , the irssiaeihig of buaet etj Wedaesdty pexg ' the ISthlost. - v, - '.... ,r . The "y 1 for dicajUrt not air Tnedak '1 Satardat. ' . - ; Notti offw'd for tlbAiabt, matt be MjeJon : . the day preceding. i - . - By order Hi Board of Director. " ... aagW'" - H.POST.jf tfci?. ' ': ' sMOAiLk UO LO.. T irifDOLLARa lslouBiw' U ,UUU, suitpplirurs,on bttUb wstja'.. ! ALSO, . , - 40,000 dallart en approved - napeT) taABtJ by bankUock. Eoqwe of " ' - ' ' t ' WM - WILLIAMS, 137 Watewrtreet, i ' - Where application' mty be gtaeia If aoadi ; ihroagb tlw yr, smd martf ge Snmikiof. 4 r t r r dollau9 u, io - t JiJ J vJf bond and morfrtje rpba property m tbe utt of Naw - Tort. Apply ta . ...... rs. n!iui' Jy tfl : .' v . 138 Katf - t..f. .A : iXJllNfcLlUS BOGEKTi - c 'r A TTORjyE F, COUJVStCLLOK AT LAW ' ...Am) NOTARY FVPi'V - f . COMMISSIONER, aulhoriicd to - 'take AA - . , davit and Special Bail in arf Court eF .' Record ot thit State, the proof ana acoiogv. - ' meut of Deeds, and, discharge 0 lortgg - )t ill!0 Amuwvis, Dpouu uau ana us avpoauon f witneste it bait esse, m the JjWrtctntMl Clr - - ''' . euiUCoail.o( the - Uaitd8li,ewitun tui' i - office at No. UCedar - ttreat.. ;jyu - im PETERS STEBBISS, - r - V "'(; ''t', CuMwiwiew McacHAat, - - n a .li - l a J fe.t;l. - rt ' BLAKELEY. Ubil - fiav k TTAVE extentive itore bouses and receive and XX mrwiird good, Cotton, be, lre of cartage ami woanase. vessel ana Drgea lajr.aioei lajr.aloef . side of ihtir itore. Sbhper Wi.l pleaaa to CALV - Et SPEAR. Bviston. ' ' PETERS i ilERRlCK, N. York. ,. EMLEN s Ho WELL," Pbiladetpbiaf Jy?5tf - it - 1 trr JASiES li. STOUT, Engraver and beat Cutter, removed to 90 Libertj - street, aeay, Rreenunchjitrect. ' ' " Jv8 3m irj' JOHN PROCTOR, Jua. 106 LibertyC oflcr liberal anticipation on property coniign - ' ed tn his, friend tn the Mediterranean. . ior further partictrlar, apply a above, or tq; j ,v , ' AUUAMA.M UCLA Je6 tf cosrirr of Cliff t Fultontf. - ! .. .... . , . I.AMlS. CV STEWlEN B. MUjlN, No,' $ter. . street, New - York, prrcbat Laid fn the flfil ' oi Territory, wlw ha bee set apart ft 4k ' lid Army. Jetir from tie Coontry gr? ing a ' ; description of the patent and the price isked lot ' each hdta in oeauenonn to,si)ti pai,"i lay ia fl - . , ' .X ,. y iri - "i h Uw aad Notarial busii' ot Was. .t Bleeckcr, fcsii. deceased, and alsdtbal bf O jn - " missioner, will b tentinued at hti late 'ffic. No.titl t VCallslrtet, l - y " - aug 8 Sw , , .RAWS R.TILM3UJ ii . bALI' yvA.lkH BAirS, . ; iM, Th public re tutormed that the 8U Wale Float iac Bath coiitiiiui tmn woui bva bALT WA i liK BAlHa, o'clock iq the aioroiug until lb at akbtr at, r - . den's wnart, near tne iiiiery.a - w at Ui uutoi. MvaywiiWNethILIvrri 7 - ' - " FOR 8AI J, a bindaosM PhsMure 3ioon,lo. r . .. complete order, with new Mill i a very af beata J being Hned wtlh eork. 4 - - ' ' I' ALSO, a. pair of lrg raV.tBrtxvTampI - s AlilnUOf Batbsorto , .. JA;CBJlABlJEil7, - ''Vj I 9i8Vrodwty. ;i fry Wanted, an aetKe, fctcltiirca BOY, i " attend a Drug Store or ticqaaiated. wiU) tlie - . bdsioett. ' ApfHy a above. - ; ; 'gt fcr EBENEZKII TEYN9 hamtpm .m0iV. te luto eopurlnei - ikip hit tons. ,'.vi'. A ' - rent and John A. 'lUm i, tliair butme wiQ Its full.. - I.S. Ir.M.At.rl u - f - v ,ka (ml n UmnM tttvtnt fc Smu. . . ' r t.x . - e i , Lltntur Sitrent. , .( , ftytim K. Sitt't.1 . JIuAn A. S(tttni. .LOUR.bOO bbl. rhiladetphia iipetnoe " V Flour. Si plug, just reu'd trd for le by i. - ag iiUDllVlA.N A: JUHiNS TOU. I , MONT - ALT A - For kAl.Lor lo La. f, andL H immediate hcs - eisiou ein, tlie beautiful . place called Mont - Alla, seven mile hot. (he City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Covrtenay'. , tt contain 30aerol land nder,. '. improvement.' wiUi a large garden well lockt n, with vegetable a variety of fruit with verr ' coovcnicnc for a family. For terntty - Whicb)1 ' are very reasonable, aad if told a long credit xi - ., - ven il wanted, apply to N. t. D. TALCO.'f I - ! 64 booth - street. Je It , I.N 1 ELLiOECE OittCE. ' JOSEPH D. 'OGRADV rrspeotfurly inform the iiuhlic that ba liasouened an lutrlll - gence oflu - e t hi house, Ml Fly - Market,' be - ' , t iweeo l ean and WMer - itrter. i amine may be accommodated with arrvaiits, bouse - keepe ' am:. Sic. Servants, Uc. with satisfactory meem - luemlation. sol plii d with aood si ualioe. Or der from the country promptly attended lev 1 . - aug i itn , . . . lEN I loTRlT. DOCTOR ZKKAII HAWLEY informs the ' public that hisciliee itttNo. VI Nattatr , ' street ; where be txtraeti ttelh, tUaruandKtir . fcei,and performs every opemlinn ia dentistry. . Th following ceniSeat of (kill, be tliinke tt ' ' sufneient recommendation. . - it WBlOM ITMtl COBCERtr. , Thit ceitilie, that Dr. Haw ley H rr olur bred physician, and in good tandmg wnt" hit brethren tin place t that be baa paid par - . (icnlar attention to the ait ef Dentistry, bu etoJ . died the bett European work en the subject, and) ' 1 ha given very good tatitf action in tbi brandy . to his customers, who am person ef Cue first i - ' , uiectahiiity iu thit city. , W therefore, with entire couooVnce 1W00V mend Dr. Hawley, to tbe tititen ol A - Yl5 , ainiicnfuf. - - ' . . iJEneai Munson, ) Profctnref Nathan SouUh f , lb Med. . EM Ives ( l?'!"" - ' Jona. Kntgbt, ) YaleCoL - - an II 1w - ; ; - r Oaf Ki.Vti - tilLA. DleTLLERV, , - t Vtn sale, about 7 acre of Uad. adietrV - n g i assaick River, iu the township' of Bloom - - - 4 Oeid, in in coumy w encs, w i - w xiwj l whereon it Urge aud comuiodioe rUsJiUery m.riA .Ark. wt hthlfliim. Ar. thftt amtulmr the whole a very valeable iiroptrtfV - . Eacmr of .1 ELI AS VAN ARSDALK, Nark, o , . GEO. W. 81 ROTiG.Kew ToiK aug 1 1 .Sw . ,s . . . ?ff , LOW I'ttrVl - D V AtCMH - . - vr. A CE.NTLEMAN lutely from France, wh - t. et to dispose of a hi - rrr attorfioett of G4J end Silver Watcbea. ecb - at iaio, reralinc - t - 3 L'Epine, hucciAg, Udie and stop yatclie. ut . . warrjuit4t. ..... .... Also. - a number w composition mid waahu wutT acd wdie work bo - fel with music tod otH er fancy article. Litrtwiaa eeoeral arttAn( nf watch ebn - ' ker tool, and watch and1 clock materihls, tmH a springs. Miidv dial plat't, glaMa cmiu. fte.Cc. Apply to No. 141 FUon atrett, near Broadway. Aa ' I 'RAVELS throw - h - o V?" 1 Poland. Moldavia - , an' Tsrkryvky A - torr Neale, M. 1. jt rece.vedty m ? ; and. (or hK By . - : x v X1,"7 ZZZ St WaJigreaeU aug 11 It f : '(' V I . i. : h i r f .' "A

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