Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 4
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U i! If 'if 53 I ·tj ^* » * *u Progress-Review E. DUKE Pub. LAPOP.TE C1TV, HISTORY OF A WEEK THE WORLD'S N E W S SHELL. IN A NUT JpjporUn* 1'ffjiin, Dmnentlc and FportlnC Obllumy, celJuneoui CondriiK Criminal mill -Illl- WASHINGTON. The story that the young bride of i;cn Cassius f l a y had departed him is denied at liichmond, Ivy. One ol t h e u'as v.ells near Klwood, Ind., lias ciasi-d y i e l d i n g gas and is now flowing oil :it the rale of several ban els a day. In a sc'i-nion on the power of the d a i l y press at Allegheny City the I'ev. J. II, Craig said: ·-.Malign it, criticise it, tear it to pieces as you may, it is a Gibraltar lit in our n a t i o n a l d o m a i n , ' 1 The Nebraska, sujrever". h a i e sent a p e t i t i o n to Ullsuurg. Kan., praying they be sent coal to keep tlion from freezing. I''rue trunsportalion has been granted and a t i a i n l o a d of f u e l will be made up and sent :is boon as possible. liobcit L c o n a i d , w a n t e d at Warren, 0., for s h o o t i n g Constable Cralf-le-y, has been arrested ai Lyons, N. V. In a q u a r r e l over a woman :it Middlesboro, Ky., .lames Gilleinventcr hiiot and killed Dan L'ochran t-tid escaped. llou-ard Jolly, alleged d e f a u l t i n g Memphis' agent of the C h e s a p e a k e and Ohio rond, was arrested at Kansas City. Near Marietta, f i f t e e n m i l e s f r o m Ardmorc, I. T., P.ube I!arr, a farmer was called lo his floor at i: late hour by three mounted JMCII and before he could recognise "itm was shot dead. Tlie murderers c f :aped. Ex-Hanker T. K, IJurlingamc, who was brought to Springfield, Mo,, f i o m Oklahoma to answer to three new indictments for grand l a r c c u y , was p u t in j n i l , being unable- lo givu bonds. There arc seven indictments against him for receiving deposits in t h e Jiank ol Commerce w h i l e k n o w i n g it to be insolvent. The hix S;0,fiOO darnage suits filed against the A l e x a n d r i a Natural Gas company as a result of the tras explosion which occurred at Klwoocl, J n d . , last M a r c h are lo come up for trial iu Tipton county bcfoie Judge Kirkpalriclr. The Commercial U n i o n Assurance company has w i t h d r a w n f r o m tlic han Kianeisco insuimice compact and announces it will w r i t e policies independent of llie combine w i t h the privilege of c u t t i n g rates if it so desires Other companies are expected to tnlce Ihc same altitude. I n a. sawmill boiler explosion at HifiOn, A r k . , ,1. T, Kumcron and Charles Valeutlne were killed. ISd Valentine, ,1amcs McCullough and Will Gray w i l l die.' At a ghost dance being given by a parly of Pawnee I n d i a n s on their reservation northeast of Guthrie, Ok., the mother ol Chief Spotted llor^.j went too near tho lire. L'm clothes w o r e ignited ;iml she \vas b u r u u d to death. Charles J o h n s o n of Si. P a u l l i i i s been matched to light Cock Jiobin in Lon don for 81,000. M i t c h e l l is backing the American. In the c u r l i n g match at Milwaukee, Jloucrt.sou of A r l i n g t o n defeated bniilh of Pardccvillc In the l i m i t s for the consolation pii/.e. C. 1C. G. I'illings' pacer Tony I f . was the w i n n e r of lliu Chicago snow road r;ieu, v.hich was w i t n e s s e d by '!,OUO pcisons. A h u n d r e d ami i v i o n l y . f i v o n o m i n a - tions have bcrn made for the Soutl b h u r e h a n d i c a p for 'J-yuar-olds, tu Uc ri'i.i at Il.'irlem, , In the i n l c r n a L i o i i a l shooting inalel ttt H a m i l t o n . O n t a r i o , IJ. IX made a clean tcoi-e of 2obiids. umsed one, C h a r l e y Mitch,-!; lias clinlle:igcd Peter Jiickson lo light a c c o r d i n g to Qnoucsbciry or Lcmlon prize l i n g JJales of O n t a r i o and Elliott of Kansas City weie tied iu the intei-iiaLioiial s h r t n l . :i1 l l n i n i l r o n jiml ('sivirlfd. first money. I'ight between llumpscy and U.vmi before the Seaside Athletic club of New York, wus ttopneil in, the third round. W. K. Vandcrbilt, E. I). Morgan and C. Iselin w i l l form the .syndicate to build Uio America* t* cup dcfendci. In llic i n t e r n a t i o n a l curling contest nt Milwaukee the American rinks defeated the Canadians by one stone. Charliu lU.itchcll has challenged Pcler'Ji:ekson lo fight for g:,,odO n tide, Hie battle to lake place' in Mav o r June. ' ' . - , · Senator lierYy^i'as introduced a bill Jn tlic Illinois ley-isla'iurc to' establish a iiate'liomc for wayward girls. The annual, bonspiel of the Northwestern Curling association began at Milwaukee, thirty-eight rinks parlic:- A t a special meeting of tlte-'N'uiv York Yacht club-Dunravcn's challenge for.a race for tho Aineilca't cup was tvns (icceplcd Owing to the opposition of Ihc Union Pacific western freight officials Jiavc been unable 1o reach an agree Chicago members believe the nou"ic will act favorably on the bill for a new pohtoflice. .Senator Lodge is planning to become M!crftt:.rr of slate if the republican-are successful ;:·· electing the ncM President. Treasury dc-parlmcr.t regulations Vr the (foi-en'iinciit of scaling vessels have been .signed by the President. In a statement to the public Pri-si- df-nt Cleveland says the .sending of a warship to J l a v i t i i i docs not indicate- a ohunirc in the- policv of llie admini-s- truUoji. Majority report linds Judge Kicks guilty ol fraud, Itut agri-es to reopen the case for f u r t h e r hearing- Senators from the Pacilie coast have m a n i f c s t i d hosiility toward the nc_w Japanese t r e a t y and it IIKIJ he iimendod. Senato lias passed l l i e a r m y appio- prialion b i l l , (jarr.ving SL-'i.fK O.UOII, tml the bill a d v a n c i n g f-en, Scliolield. S l a t f c i / j f j i l s prepared by trcrisrry inicials s'.io-.v Hull tlie ii'!\v t a i i l V l.'W is c a u s i n g a m a t e r i a l increase in 1 h'- rcccipl 1 !. W i l l i a m J l a n d a l l Ciemcr. m e m b e r of the Jiritish house of Lommons. pic- scntud an lu-bili'ati'jii petition to I'rcsi- dc-n!, Cleveland. Attorney General Olm-y lias ilcvi-.ed a labor arbitral ion bill, iiliich has been introdui.-L'd by C h a i r m a n McC.'iiin. j-i-nntors I'u^h of A l a b a m a and Sherman of Ohio havi' introduced bills to relieve the financial s i t u a t i o n . Demurrers of President 1 lavenicycr of the Sngiir trust and others u e i u overruled by Judge Cole und they nuif,t bland trial. Speaker Crisp, who has been suffering from illness, has been oidercd south for Ihc- balance of the .session by Ira ;:lisieian. D u r i n g llic debate on the I n d i a n appropriation bill in the house Wcilncs- lay Messrs. Walker, Warner and Iti-cd engaged in a discussion of the currency question. C R I M E . Tl:c bwly of Jlarrctt -Scott, the def a u l t i n g trcasurer'of Holt county, Ne- l,ra.-ka, was found in the Niobrara river, a rope around the neck and the hands tied. '·Parson'' Phaw end five other rnoon- .shincrs were captured in a raid by federal o n i t c r r i n Pike county, Arkansas. J. P. Campbell was fatally shot near Djinvillc by Frank Itichardson, for « hmri he had been lying in wait. W. M. Seharf, one of the captprcd Momcncc bank robbers, has made a dct:iilcd confess-un to the ollicer.-,. L'_. rii .^i ij^'cll;---, a "Cus" f^rr n( - r °f K u l l i i i g i-irccrj, M i u n . , killed his wife and her p a r e n t s :ind vas slaiu by pursuers. Mrs. Cofiles, a « idoivof Milllin, Ind., confessed just before death to the m u r d e r of Jacob Wmtcrmycr twelve ycnrs, ago. Mi-x. 1'cruinand Wk-gand. v.-ife. of a b u t c h e r at JaeU.sonville 111., t,ring of his abuse, fatally shot him iu self de- frnse. Dominie ]'a/!insk. who "recked a I r n i n near Ilcafl'ord Jiiiiciion. M i s . , k i l l i n g Ihc e.igmeer. was senlcneed to t w e n t y live years. (',. W. Wallace, charged ivith alien- a t i n g tilt tiirections of Mrs. W. II. Classen, was fatally shot, by her husband on a train lit Kdinond. O. T. D u r i n g a f a m i l y quarrel at Cowdcn, 111., Jesse Severe shot and killed his f.illmr-in-!aw, Joseph Xur.tx. PLANS FOR THE WEEK P O L I T I C A L . Michigan's solons started on their ieiinial tour of investigation lo the upper p e n i n s u l a at the expense ol the state. H o u n d e d to desperation by ollice seekers, Sheriff Williams, elected b.- jiopulists at Prague, Wash., icsignvd the ollice. Senator Cullom, recently re-elected lo succeed himself fiom Illinois, says lis light was won by Chairman Tanner. Indiana legislators are endeavoring to f r a m e and pass a law that will prohibit prize lighting in the state. Senate of Nebraska 1ms been notified t h a t it must reduce the number of em- ployes to comply with the law. Shelby M. Cullom of Springfield was elected to succeed himself as Knitcd iilCH senator from Illinois on the Jiist ballot. M o n t a n a legislators who voted for Carter, Catholic, for United Slates senator have been threatcocd by tile A. P. A. I n d i a n a r e p u b l i c a n s have prepared n. ^·apportionment b i l l , the .success of which will permit t h e m to elect a senator. Senator T h u r s l o u outlined his position on the tan.T am" silver in an address to the Nebraska legislature Wednesday. Ohio wool (Towers convention tit Columbus declared t h e t a r i l t lau to be a "colossal political crime.'' A resolution looking to s t a t e control of the Lincoln m o n u m e n t at Spnnj- licld v. ;i3 adopted by Uio I l l i n o i s house. O B I T U A R Y . Remains of M a r y G. Slevenson, daughter of the Vicc-Prcsidcnt.reaelied- Itloominglon, where the- f u n e r a l was held Monday. H e n r y Tnunbull, son of ex-Judge Lynian Tnunbull, died at the home uf I l l s father in Chicago, aged Ti yoais. M a j o r Joseph W. Paddock, govcru- ment director of the Union Pacific road, died in Omaha fiom pneumonia. Augustus C. M c r r i n m , professor of Greek archa-ology and epigraphy in Columbia college, died in Athens from pncmnoDUi- f i c n , James S. ]!uekney, fonnrrly a d j u t a n t general of Missouri, was f o u n d dead at his home 111 Jcirer.son City. Miss Mary Stevenson, eldest daughter of tliu A'iec-President, died of p n e u m o n i a at Asheville, X, C., after protracted illness. Mnrcellus Strong, the oldest editor and printer in Wisconsin, died at Oshkosh after a brief illness, aged T'J years , Illinois railroad employes nro or iranl/lng n gignnlie bureau lo secure Jjvorable trcutraent in the legislature. F O R E I G N . M. Poincr.irc lias consented to accept llie p o r t f o l i o oi tirunicc in a rri'n cabinet headed by M. lioiiigeoise. The modus v j v e n d i w i t h the United Mate 1 ) was finally adopted by the chanilicr of (leput-.L-.s of Spriiu K u c h a n , Per.sia. M h i c h liad but re- c e n t l y been i c l i u i l t , a ^ a i n tlc- btroyud by :m e a r t h q u a k e . Many persons were l u l l e d , German}' has struck a n o l h O L - blow at America by foi b i d d i n g the iinpoi tation of hei cuttle through Great lirit.-iin. lOlcctioil of M. 1'aurc. us president of Prance, is v,cll r e c e i v i d l i e is t h e tirM prolcslnnt l u l c r the conulry has hud. Revolutionists in H a w a i i s t a r t e d a battle in w h i c h tevcial men wcr'e killed. The iL-bels arc no" u n d e r complete control. Advices from the Fiji iilnml.s icports a terrible l i u i r i c a n e which destroyed much shipmng and killed n numlier of people. The Japanese army u n d e r Gen. Nogi raptured Kai Ping a f t e r four hours' lighting. Two hundred Chinese were killed. Dispatches from 1'okin state that Cci). Wei has been bcnendcd f o r cowardice in recctil battles. MISCELLANEOUS. The First brigade. l,hOD men strong, wrs c.illi'd out to assist in iinclling the lirooklyu si reel car riots. Providence Kiiighlsof Labor adopted resolutions denouncing General Master Work-man .Sovereign and .Secretary Kayos, Henry llnab, c.\'-superinten,0°=fol public ins'.ruetion of Illinois, denies that he vtns discourteous to his 1 successor. A colony ol 100 members of the reorganized church of Latlor D.iy Saints has located at West Hay City, Mich. ' Employes of the Homestead steel works .secretly organized a lodge of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workots. William Wciklc. of Vincuiinus, Ind., reported to have been killed in St. Louis, and after whose remains an und e r t a k e r was sent, is iu Caiio, 111., iilivc and well. · In expectation, of trouble at M o u n t Sterling, Ky., Governor Drown l i a ^ oidcred the militia lo be in readiness to inovo. lintrios to five llawthoinc stakes ::ic announced. To the Chicago Derby !? n o m i n a t i o n s Imvc bced made. O w i n g lo the receivership troubles, western lines will form an association w i t h the L'nion Pacific. Unless congress takes speedy action the I'nion Pacific system will be di.s inei:ibured at gieat, loss to the govern- in cut. A d j n l u n t - G c n c r n l OrcndorfT of t h e Illinois National guard, has issued an order disbanding Ihc first ballallioii naval militia. W O R K A H E A D OF THE N A T I O N A L LEGISLATORS. LATEST M A R K E T REPORTS. a-f 'i' e 3 41 6a 14' ] ft 0 C-/TTI.K-- common i^primo ...5 i -'· Hoes-- b l i l p v l n p pintles ..... ... : 2j T C A S U A L T I E S . The steamer State of Missouri struck n rock in the Ohio river and sank. Forty pcrsnns were drowned, Myrtle Townsend, IvHie Hughes and dec--gc Crossby were drowned w h i l e skating near 1'ort Mad son, Iowa. ·August lieerman of Thorpe, Vf'is., Wai beheaded by n train ho was endeavoring to board at East Toledo, Ohio. Property worth niorc than 8500,000 was destroyed by ",, fire ifl Macon, Go. Four firms were burned out. lly tho c.\ plosion of n saw mill boiler near Alto. Tcxns, four raen were'killcd ' a n d Kcvcrnl others injured. '' T w o t o y v H yea 1 * of *gc, 'who ran a w a y ' f r o m St. · Vincent's Industrial school of Utics, U. Y., were found Irc/cn to den:h. W I I L A T -- Su. UcJ ............ Con:--- Na -' .................... OAIS-- No .: ................... l i V K -- -No. J ..................... IH"ITi:u-- C."ialco LTcamcrj , ____ Kocs.-I'-rcih .......... l J oT»iots--l'cr ba ......... UUFFA1.U V T I I F / I T -- XtK. 2 ............... ColiK-.S'tt " y c l l o i r ........... OATS-- No. Iwl-.lic ........... CATTI.K .................... -rot-ram of tbe Vurlous Bills OutllOeil fur the ComlUK Mi-ck--Currency Talk In tb« IlouKC--T'uhllc llallitlji* 1SI11 to JJo £aii!tliJcreU. WASHINGTON-, Jan. 31.--The prospect in the senate tins week is for more talk t h a n accomplishment. When the senate adjourned Saturday the senate's a t t i t u d e toward Hawaii, tbe proposed recession fi urn tlic -innate riincr.i* incuts to the income tax appropriation, nnd the Nicaragua, bill all occupied in the d i f f e r e n t ways, technically considered, the posiiion otj unfinished business. The income ta.v que.stion will have the r i g h t of way by virtue of its being a part of an appropriation in case Mr. Sprinjpr, chairman oi the committee on banking and currency, decides before the end of the week to bring forward his nexv measure. Ho has been iu constant consultation i with Secretary Carlisle for the last week, and is extremely sanguine that | concessions can be made to the silver ^ men which will induce them to with- j draw their opposition. Yesterday be. , expressed the opinion that he would , bring forward the modified bill this j week and that it would pass. Thia i opinion, however, is not generally j shared b^ Uio democratic leaders of. the ; house, most of w h o m do not hesitate i to say that they believe all hope of cur- | i-i-m-v iL-o-isl-jtion at this session isdozd. | MICHIGAN'S BENEFACTOR. AN OFT REPEATED STORY OF T R U E P H I L A N T H R O P Y . Charles U. IlacUcr fur Western Michig Event-. [From Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press.] The most beautiful spot in all tbis cuv u inseparably assocfaied with the nsa.c ur Haekley. Chas. H Haekley has Uea u the lumbcrbusiaessuorecontinuouilviuv, iKiB and IL that time has amassed a lortm.e n hlch gives him a rating nmoiijr the v. c-jl'.iiv men of the nation. But with we-iltn tlitti; BUTTE CITY'S CATASTROPHE. £c\ i-nty-nio rcrnDny IMown a » Fire. Seventy-five men and women lost their lives in the territie ponder explosion w h i c h accompanied a fire at 5C3SB FOLLOWING THE POWDER EXPLOSION AT BUTTE CITY,-MONT. bill. The Hawaiian questum will, in nil probability, be considered in the morning hour to-day, if not crowded out by the debate on the income tax. Tlicic arc known to be several senators anxious to express t h u i r views on tlie H a w a i i a n problem, and, judging from tlieir private expressions, the remarks to be made will, in some instances, be very pointed. Senator Hill is also expected to stand out for his income to.:: amendment. The Nicaraguaii question htill holds its place at the licaJ of the calendar for consideration daily after 2 o'cluclc. Sen- Buttc City, Mont., last week. The list of missing includes the entire membership of the city tire department, as well as many leading citizens who came to the sccsie to witness the work of the devouring 1 elements. The fire started in a. hardware .store in which was stored 2,0:10 pounds of d y n a m i t e . Fciirful T.IIH« at Life In I'.'rain. LOSDOX, Jan. 21,--TheTiinei has a dispatch from Teheran, the capital ol Persia, saying the town of Kviclian. in the province of Khornsan, which was destroyed by EU e a r t h q u a k e fourteen ! strinss wliich is generally a marked cliLni^ 1 teristicoC \\caltby men. ! it is no wonder then that the naiLC of Atpnw i charlcs H . Haekley is known at hcn.e aDI | abroad. HU muniljccncc to Mnsltepun nlc,!.. : represents an outlay of nearly half a unlli ji ! For the pjst tuecty years he been j 1 constant sufferer from neuralgia and ihru- i niatism, also numbuess of the lower luaL,. I so mncu so that it has seriously mtcife-ui with his pleasure in life. For some \a a past his friends have noticed that, he Jus iceraed to crow yqnn? agjin and to hr.u recovered the healfli which he had m Youth. To a reporter for the News i!r. Hat'/.'.r.- explained the secret of thistrausformail-j-i "I liave suffered for over UO years," lie MIJ '·\vith pains in my lowcrlimbbsosevL-ii.v the only relief I could pet at nifhtwai bv putting cold water compresses on my limbs. I was bothered more at ni n 'ht th j in the day lirao. The neuralgic and rli"». inatic pains in my_ limbs, which hail been growmp in iatonsity for years, finally IIP. came chronic. I roa'dc three trips tj ci.o Hot Springs with only partial relief ami then fell back to my original state. I couldn't sit still and rny sufferings licran to make life look very blue. Two ye,us HKO last September I noticed an account, of Dr. iVilliams' Pink Pills for Pale People what they had done for others, and SOH.D cases so nearly resembled mine that I V.MS interested, so I wrote to one who hail pvea a testimonial, an eminent profcssor of muMc in Canada, 'i'hc reply I received was cica stronger than tlieprinted testimonialjuilit gave inn, faith in the medicine, "Ibcpm taking tho pills and found them to be all that, the professor had told me tli^y would be. It was two or three months lv- fore I experienced any perceptible bct'tr- mcntof my condition. My disease was o[ G\ich long standing that I did not expect E peed v recovery and was thankful even to be relieved. I progressed, rapidly, IIOUCUT, toward lecoverv undfor the last si\ mouths have fcH myself a pcrlcjtly well nun. I have recommended the pills to mam pap'c I and am only too glad to assist oUicrs lo health through the medium of this wonderful medicine. I can not say too mmh for what it has done for me." Dr. IVilliams 1 Pink Pills contain all the elements necessary to pivc new life nnil richness to the blood nnd restore sliatterel ncrrcs, They are for s.ilc by all drui^is or may he had by mail from Dr Willunb Medicine company, Schcuectady, ". Y., for 50 cents per box, or six boxes for V. 5U, Lllllan-4 tnfiuif Tcri-lblr. The only child of Lillian Kusscll-- the ample and dazzling 1 and much married--is a slim young person of 9 years, with snapping black eyes and dark hair, -She has, it is said, as stroii;,'! will and as entertaining a character as her mother. On one occasion, it said, she made a cat walk up and doivn the piano while she practiced, because the "wrong notes would bring mamma into the room,'' and the smallnubancc would have company. T H E CIVIL, V / A F I I N H A W A I I . Si SB in", uo i'. (.on.v-- N o . S w h l i c UATB-- Na ^ while 3 7', a, ft ;o | 41 THE UXITKD STATES STE.VMEIl P I I I O A D E L P n i A . LOUIS. Hoes \ V n m r - N o . - Itcd ............ 1,'OIIN-- NO. - ................. .... LMTis-- -No.- ................... _ MIMVAIJKEE. \Vr,KAT-- No. : Siirlng ......... , L'OIIS-- No. 5 ................... OATS-- No. i W h l i o ............. IlAln-KT-- No. ii .................. J W CATTLE I LOGS KANSAS CITV. ' NEW YWIK 1 . Wnr.iT-Na. E Bed ............ CoHK-So. = .................... p*ia-- While Wcsicro .......... f t 4 K O 1 M @ 3] i/ U 14 n» L| Oil S\ tt 4 4S The stciimcr Philadelphia, just dispatched to Hawaii, is on: of the aco- oiM-class crimci's of the new na^y, liaTiui; cnunteiparts in the San Fran- else?, llostoii, Detroit, Maine n:id Minneapolis. She is probably the weakest oi these, and during the civil war nov. 1 in pi-sgrsss in tlio Hnndwir 1 .! Islands w i l l not show \'.p as well rilonj; side the lirst class cruizers of England, which are there forbusiness. UK Americans would like. Admiral Walker, l u t u l v recalled from Honolulu, charged tha; English residents there were fostering rebellion nffiiins-t the republic and that tl.e Ih-iiish warships. in the harbor served a.s great cp-conrapemtnt to the rebels, lie propliesizei that as , soon as our ships were w i t h d r a w n a ! 'civil war would begin. His prophecy sivjms to be fully realized. The mi!i- sion of the Philadelphia is therefore a I -- moat i m p o r t a n t ouc Rcar-Admira.! Jtcurdslce is in command. Tho-jgli u n d e r instructions from tho 1'i'Qsidc-iit he may use his own j u d g m e n t a f t e r arriving at Honolulu. The overthrow of the republic in/inns that many Ainsricans would b'j arreslcil. and perhaps bolicadcd for t h e i r part in establishing a govern- m e n t in Hawaii similar to c;ir own. On the oilier hand if l.n. assists the republic in any way or offers protection to Americans engaged in the war, he will violate our treaty oV.'i^gations w i t h England and other nations. There b a i n g n o c K o l c tc Il'o:i- olulu it will be two weeks before we w i l t , have any definite news from the .scene of war. Thclatcstadviccs came on Jan. l! Lo the effect that 20U of the rabels were u n d e r arrest. There avc said to be several hundred more bcir- Inj; English arms and amunil'ion. S300 FOR A STAME. This is the sum we hear the Salzcr Seed Co offer for a suitable name fur their wonderful ncwoats. The United States department of agriculture i . Salzer's oats is the best of 300 varieties tested. A great many farmers repon a test yield of 200 bushels per acic laii I year, rind are sure this can be grown and even more during 1805. One thinj? we know and that is that Salxcr is the largest Farm Seed grower in the'world and sells potatoes atS2.50 per barrel. Just the kind that do w ell in Tnai r.nd tho great South. Thirty-h'C packages, earliest vegetables, SI P"=' paid. c I I You W i l l Cut T h i s Out and Send r with lOe postage to the John A. Palzo Seed Co., LaCrossc, Wis., you get free his mammoth catalogue and a pack- ago of above saoo rrlio Oatn. W.X. I. Not ?Mirrii!.l. Foreign pr.pcrs say tl»;it the rcpor 1 thr.t Mile. Ilclcrjc Vacarctcu, xiho-e broken engagement w i t h the e r u w n i prince of Jtor.mania attracted i-iorM 1 ! vi:de attention, liad been married i* erroneous It seems that it was IIP' cousin, the daui'hter of the r o u r t i n n - shal. T Vacaie-ici;, who bcc.imc ' I ' | v. ifc of Paul C a t a i t f i . -- N e w York '!:·· I bunc. The NlrRrncn-i Cnnnl. The pioject of the Nicarag-un. cr.nnl has been debated in the United bl.i!c= senate very vigorously. One t l i i n p i should be remembered r.boul t l i s ' t I climate, it is death to almost r'.i r.v J foreigner who goes there, nnd l.ilior r, | especially succumb. It is said llir.'. il · , Panama railroad cost a I ifc for eic-ry I lie. What an idea of pains and nc 1 .!!-. ' is in this sentence. It is mostly due to ! carelessness. Every laborer proi'clinl | tilth St. Jacobs Oil would be i r n u . l st-'ainst these troubles. Jlen's ran'i-k 1 there ' arc cramped with r h e u m a t i c 1 pain and they ache all over. Thai ·, | just the condition where this sovereign '·cmedy can do its best work. 'J'l.c i fearful malady is very much like tin' lrcak boric fever in certain parts of · America.- So TOLEDO IKeU ConN-- No. 2 Mlird.; OAIS-- Na : Mixed ............. HYi-- Ka = ..................... IUDLST ..................... _ a ti . ___ U O S.T viW M:orgnu is still hopeful of iiij; a vote on this bill before the close of ·( he week, but if there should be msiTiy interruptions he 3iay again he disappointed.' Senator Turpio has the floor for a reply to Senator Morgfen, nnd is expected to make one o£ his characteristic speeches. There «iU ulso bo other addresses on tills subject before tho vote is Cnally loJcoo- X THE HOUSE. Cltrreney Qnoitlon Will fllll «· the llono'of Contention. . 'W-ismXGT x. .Inn. 21.--rTliIs promises I to be Q' and important week ;«i the house. Tho proernra as arranged fcr Iho week may be subject to cliang-c inosths ago. and which was subsr- o m n t l y rebnilt, was jgai.i destroyed by n n cnrlhquake shock llmrsdij. '.fhr- ofQcial report of the disaster v.liccd the n u m b e r of persons killed a t i'2/jO(f. Fifty I h o u s a n d head of cattiu pcr-shcd in the valley at the head of v/l,icli Kuclinn h situatcd. Cllllil nn tlio Tronp«, LrsixoTON. Ivy.. Jan. i; --Col. Or.i'.ji- rr telegraphed lliu state guard here yc.ili-nlny to be in readiness 10 move at once, forty strong. ]|c did not hay Av'aat wa 1 ! wanted of the militia, anil the ofnccrs have no idon, wlint they aio go'.ng In do. Tronblc is aoticipaWil ai M o u n t htcrling, where court meets t^- djy to ferret out members of l h lhat linns lilair. I The count of Monteh'orc lias rccen'."...' j died in Turin. lie was the illcsilini'i'c ' : ton of Victor Emmanuel, a n d li'i ! mother was the fair but frail bcaulr. | La Belle Bosina. ! A c o l l c c t i o n o f o r i g i n . i l letters w i i i I ten by Rev. Gilbert White, th- n a t u r - alist, most of them nt Selbornc. ""' noon be offered for sale in London. I Gold mark has written a new open. using "The Cricket on the Hearth" f' 1 " his libretto. It will be performed ='· · Dresden before long. j Untinstein's skull was found lo I' 1 abnormally thick and his brain Korf than ordinarily large. 1 The members of the Lizzie Unrrf"' 1 jury had a rennion the other d a - ' :1 Fall River. Mass. ' I The first gas company in Loadc'i was incorporatad in 1610 I -The finest family tree decs no', fr rcl * · ID uuriferouB soil. iNEWSPAFERr SFAPERl

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