Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 3
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IOWA NEWS ITEMS. CEO. BLOL'X'T, 03 years old. of lon- jw, coicmitted suicide by hanging. V-'. } ! . Br.OOKE SON'S creamery at Jovra Citv burned. I-oss, .*4..VJO; insur- j ance. SI.=00. i C. II. MAI:TW, dealer in musical in- | j.;nimcnts, at Sioux City, has assigned, j l JMcts, fl'J.OOO: liabilities, 543,000. "' joSEi'" FUIID, a miner, stepped into an open shall at one ol the Anchor juincs, near Centerville, fell 1.10 feet an d waskilled. Uuncombe, Uubuquc county, was decoyed by fire. The loss i; abo'.it | 53.000 with 31,000 insurance. j Jonx FP-V, a pioneer of Johnson ' county, aged 70 years, was thrown | from a wagon iu Washington town- j :-!-.ip, sustaining severe injuries. I L Tv.'O tramps were captured at Ov- ' ford, .lohnson county, h a v i n g in their possession dynamite-, gold watches, liurjjlars' tools, etc. Tliey were S'-nt" 10 the county jail for thirty days. j A CUSTOM dispatch says the live i mills of the Columbia Straw J'aper ' in that cily and vicinity have : ivn for an indefinite period. Three hundred men are thrown o:it o:' i employment. - | · TIID large livery barn of V.. \V. | iVilsoa. at Cicston. together v. ith con- ! Lcuts. which included eight hordes, one i A-V operation that Ls seldom success | full-,- performed was accomplished, at | the Asamosa .-sanitarium recently. It was a ease of ticphining. The subject was Tommy 1'oley. 11' years of ago. j who had been a!l!ieted with t-nilcptic I fits for years. An instrument re- ; sembling a gimlet was bored into tho [ skull and another saw-like knife, work- I iu a circle, is operated su it cut out I round piece of skull fully ihree- fourtlis of an inch in diameter. After j the skull is .sawed through another in- | strument i? inserted which gently lifts out The piece of skull. Three of llu-se pieces were taken from the boy s head, one on the fort-head aud two on the | back of the head. Xo, a blood vessel was cut nor any bluod spilled, The brain at once oo:cd up into the holes. It is thought t h e relief thus afforded wiP render a cuio. "U A If FT? 3 (Yr? HISTORY i I l l c ' ae rrot * wia s- lhc 1!l lUAh_lto UJJ ± l l f t l U l t l . | lr ., Vl!](!rs ,;,;,; took :l ° pleasant PROMINENT FIGURES IN WORLD'S AFFAIRS. IViE :uo and lii Vins VJTIH loan-, write to the Loan A Tru-.l (.'().. Pes Moim-- Security I u . T R A I N R O B B E R S . i ' C u s a n d D o l l a r s S^^urecl A , .Inn. i4.--One ot the daring t r a i n robberies over attempted was successfully executed on the l!ur- iingion passenger train Xo. '1 near this city Saturday Might. Xo ! is the llur- lington's through passenger train from I'caver to Chicago and carries big (luauti-.ia.s of snail and bug-gage. H v.-ah not know iv thv.t lhc train carried a Tal- | more valuable carro of m a i l or oppress carriage, two cart-,, Jive.·.leigli.s, sc-.vhig , than u s u a l . or if it «;is. il was nwchine. a wagon, t,eve:-a! sets of htr- j l, cp t quiet. b-.,i it s ccm.s l i i a t two bold r,cw, and a large quantity.of hay aud , robbm, k n e w Lliet the express would L jrn. was destroyed by lire. The lo.-,s j maku a valiiabU-haul ami the.)-planned ! ing to deport the English eoachmaii, w i l l approximate f.'.'-'OJ. I to bag it. T h r v held up t h e ' t i a i n b u t Howard; t i r a n d p t i p a Wales, the royal ' THEOitumwa city council in caucus j molested n o t l i i n g but the express car. sport, and tJencral .hi, the coward; -omvQ IVbo llr. V o Attracir.l O v a m a ^ .,,,._ v i[ ] l a \\ {]ic Chinese tno ^firapapcr* W u r l u s .he whipped, a n d l.i H u n g Chang. Oh, sad I'.ne Twtlio Months -- TLelr Uolngt j to state. 1 of all Ilk clothing stripped. Tola In Venn.-- [ M c K a u e in Sing Sing's Avails contii:ed - j ( i n j u n c t i o n s sometimes go); Judge II E S K ]· O ] traits are of pcr- a o 11 s w h o hive made the history of i),,. vi-or!0. d u r i n g t h e past twelve months. What they have done is tersely told in the following lines from t h e X e w Y o r k World: "Let uicm.- 'ry call their praise or blame ere thcj- forgotten pass, like Waitc of bloody brides fame aud Coxey on the grass. Tiie czar who died, the heir late boru to England's mighty throne; the Aslur Iramp in rag.s folorn, whose bed was not his own. Lieut. 1'cary pushing forth, willi all his might and main, three thousand miles toward thenorth, and not yet back again; lEuscbcry, Derby winning- lord, wno hates to be a peer; George doald who lost his center board; . l i m l l o o t , brave engineer; the man from darkest Mngland, Salvation's Cencral Booth, to teach with tambourine and d r u m to all The living t r u t h ; De Lessens, dying in disgrace, bowed down by w e i g h t of years; ^IcClavc forced to resig-n his place, by m a n y g u i l t y fears; Carlisle-, i-ndeav'r- lirooklyn I In- would be "immortal; 1 ' Judge May- j north- tiard learainj* to his woe the fatal die j ern trip in care of Dr. 1'rederiek Cook, he cast: Santos, assassin of Carnot, and lost their leaky .xhip:(ioriila Ci'iko, | who died game at the last; McKinley he who died; Queen 1-il.who abdicated; i thinking- t h a t he sees protection riiidi- I Croeilen, '-vlio t r u t h f u l testified, aud i cated; and Ueppcnliageu :md Voorhcs j Andrews ··Vindicated;" Field Marshal | by Creoilen iuipliaatea: Uill Cody find- I ing t h a t IL pays to show his great Wild j \Ve.s:; Kiel. Russell Sage, who, rumor , .say-*, still wears his paper vest; Church W-n-deu Crnjfcr anil the rents t h a t come, as has been shown, from rotten Cuj-nor. who to Hill declined, advised [ rat imp tenements as bad as Astoi-'s to bv Seth Low. Sly Thomas Phitt, ! own; lien Harrison, with weather eye w h o finds his bhifE has nothing for upon his rivals peeled, nor letting any him gained. Smart Xathan Straus, | chance go bi'to show he's iu lho lleld; IN TEE RIVER. decided by a -unanimous vote not to ac- .ept lhc property trust imposed by the strange will of the late Senator Ital- linijall, recently decided to be valid by a decision of the supreme court, w h i c h reversed the decision of Judge linrton setting 1 it aside. The will bequeathed though a f t e r they barl finished this jo 1 ) they stciod for ten m i n u t e s and waited for the arain lo s'.op long enough io luve robbed mail cai-sor the passenger coaches I'he agent at Chillieothe, a small villag-e .seven miles west, s^-s he saw- livo men about the depot in the property to the a m o u n t of S l j O . o n o t o ] afternoon and w h e n Xo. 4 arrived at ilic city to be held in trust by them, i U:M Uioy '"ere ri the platform, but with the rentals n n d prplits to be dis- j 'lisappenrc 1 w h i l e tl:-.- li.iln was staud- trslrated among aiis;sa!:"s- of charities . i n g - a t t ' 1 '-' a'.nLion, \V!icti the h c u v y public institutions, i FitKioiiT rates in Iowa will not 'c,c increased, according- the decision of lhc state board of railway commissioners, -signed b3' Captain John W. Luke ·jncl George · \V. Perkins, while Cul. 1'cter A. Dey filed a minority opinion ip which he states that he considers the miss too low. and has alw ays been of that opinion. The m a j u r i t v opinion il rained. The count of 1'aris, bourbon heir, I'oliecmnn Hatter Spellniaa, Miss Eiuuia .Inch, the singer fair, t h a t married Mr. Wellmau: mage, t h e lire licud'jj prey,- who'll lighter labor point blank refusing at this day, to build another chur';h; general N, 1'. Hanks, among the honored dead we mourn; Prcudergast, .issassin, hung-, craved, friendless and forlorn; (jeurgc Anno, always getting t h u i n n e d because he made his squeal; Depc-.v, who on the llowcry stumped along \ v i t h Ollie Teall; Sliui 1'elli-r, popnlistie :nan w i t h heavy beard--ami brains; liill Cook, t h e o u t l a w of the we-t, who hulds u n rr.ilrond tr.u'iis, A-.ehbishop I r e l a n d , giving aid to t u r n Ihe tiger down; and .Mrs. throng:, feat of through (.Irannis, on crr.sui'e , hit'.' that would not stuud the test: Old Sir John Astley, called '"The Mate." whom sporting men knew best; Cartoonist Keppler, who made Puck ivorld faiu- tpeeial ! by his sketches; 1'at 1'clloivs, still search, I in ofiice stuck to punish guilty wretches; Caprivi, in the "\VarLordV grace for three years, meets his frowu, then liuheiilohe takes the place and Cupvivi steps dow n; l.eo, the tliir- teenth, who !:.'.s proied a wise and i liberal pope: and Edison, who onward I moves with his kiuetoscope; j-Uihr. Koot, who timply dotes on Lemuel Kly Quit'g: and Hov. M o r t o n , with more volt-, t h a n hairs 'ipo:i his wig: the cm- [)erorof China, who no\v h u m b l y sues loi-iK'aee; (.Ireat Gladstone, with his life w oik through; t h e "Top".-,'' pride, Mv^. Lease: Hogg, g u r ' n u r o f the l.onc Star state, and proud, too, of his' name, now a f t e r Hag-lor, oil magnate, a n d 1 trust law gvime; 1'ricst l)u- BODY OF BARRETT SCOTT TAKEN FROM TH E NIOBRARA. 1'lpco of lto|io wllh Yl'lilrli the 3Ian ATas llanscil Ii Sill! Aronnil 111^ Keck-- Acrtllct of AVlirul .'Uurilcr Jti'Carncd by iho Jury. slums of C h i n a t o w n : i!c- "I'u/./.ai-d IJjll^r 11 lihinil. his free silver sins; success of Mine. Sarah tJs-and. who ! oey g i v i n g l i t t l e care w h a t his arch- wrote the lleav'iily Twins: I'antala bishop said: Hnjrli ( i i v i n l . once New Stniuss, who stoutly elaisns that he ai Ir.t-^t. was nfit. il: Dick CroK-f-r, u ^ i n g ug'}- nanics when he\ a-,ked huv,' he got it; Old Lobeiignla, savage chief, w h o m only death lame; Voik ci.v'a n.ayo: 1 . who I'ar. iu St.'ails's steai!. AW* ot WorlUT*. The average ages to w h i c h men ot ilill'crent occupations live are as fol- i s t i i n g of caiTM began to s::ove out of the I station, the two express messengers | and baggageman shut tl.e side doors ot [ the car, for Lhc w i n d was blow-ing cold and strong. Impress Messenger John I*,.ge stepped to ^ t h e end door'at the f r o n t of the car. which, though usually securely fastened, w a s l e f t unlocked by sonic one passing through il. lie meant to relock it aud was jisst step- tl.c present rates have not been l ) i n = to (lt it-"'lien lite door opened ,-n to be iinrL-iiiuucrat'ivtv and thai arKl L "° " 1C11 s !' r: " I S' inside. They rnlhvay losses have been heavier on interstate freight than on I o w a busi- . A DUBUQLK pa])cr makes tlie an . .. nounccment that U. I",. W i n a n s . a! " I n l i s medium, who hat been giving a K C I I C S of startling 1 malerialixing seances in that city for lho past week, is the identical man of the same name who \ \ a s exposed and arrested at -Strawberry 1'oint for imposture in ISS.'j, and that Ilic pliolograph taken of the l a t t e r after his arrest bears a itronglikcness i w l l i, Liu-m lo tl.e medium now operating ia l)u- I Ijurjue. The spiritualists, of whom ' there a.c quite a number in D i a l cily, j are worked up over lue mailer ' ! cried '-Hold up yuiir hands." one running to thu rear of the car to cover the assistant, L. llav,k, and T/agg-a.^cmaii VA W r i g h t . The t.-aiumcn taken by threw up t h e i r hands. The i robbers compelled liicm to ··bnriulf in ! a corner (if the par and cine kepi them covered w i t h two big pistols, w h i l e Ike other bound and gagged them, l i e then turned his- a t t e n t i o n to the safe, j w h i c h he unlocked w :th the ke s taken ! from 1'iiges pocket, s i n n i n g the con- l tenls i n t o a big sack, w h i c h Ihey had At this j u n c t u r e the mail the a d j o i n i n g a p a r t m e n t came |lloi(ll . , a m i )u , ;,,,. Mils. II]( . (li . Ucl , 1VCU1 Y C(1 u lc i l i n d and gag t , L .. llmclll ,,,,,, IV:1 , tllrull . n ; n Um ASSA HlTCjicodi, ol Clici-okee, I Karni . r w i t h the other';. A f t e r f i l l i n g llirougli her Jittorncys. has brought j l | 1L . sac |[ t i, c . r o bbcrs quietly waited l uit against-the city of Cherokee fnr j l l n l ii u-.c. ir.iin whis'J-1 and sl;ic-l;enod SU.OOO damages for peisonal injiine'; j ^ fue (i f 01 - tin- J l i l w a n l t e e railuiail "Juiv-1 ihrough tl-j npgi: ? ei:Lv :.t ;he | , ro ^i, u; ;, mil,. ,i 0 sl yf low-is. s h t . H i n / Lily employes. On Ilic n i g h t of Ang.isl j ljy ,, vcl . y ilL . t iori a perfect f . u n i l i a i i l j 2°, 1S01, Sirs. Ililehcock, in company \ ,,'it], L |ie lay of the l a n d and I l i c «'itli her liu.sband, wa.s d r i v i n g along a l | ln |/ llB O f t i, e L ,-ain. V.'lii-n the t r a i n public slreet when the cat riage sud- ! ,, lfj] ,p tll i f o l L ]u. crossing- they both ilcnly upset into an excavation in the , j llmpl . c [ to t h e door, sprang uiil and street, throwing the occup::nls to the ; slri: . u -a ,ri a i u.i acio-,-. the f-o/.cn DCS ground. The carriage fell on the Ixidy i _ M o i | ,,, i r i v c . r . ]; v ihis lime the bag' n l n c p l a h i t i l T a m l she. was eai riud l.i j ,, a ,, t . lnall ], :i a «,,,-|,cil h i m - c i r IMISU ntrlii'd in an ·unconsc-io'i'J c t n i d i l i o n , i f,.^,,, ll](; j| 1O ng-, w h , i - ! i bound l i i m and Md there she is .still 13 ing w i t h iery 11 ] 1U vuieased h i s cdmn.inuius j u s t ,is the ntlle hopes of recovery. 1'lic pai lic-i j ( | .,,.,,,..,.,,,,,]],,,,, ,' nlo (,-,,(. (;tmni\v;i who \vre aradint t h e , , , 1|;] u | O u r ) o t . p u l l i n g i n t o ) 'i-nding t h e streets m-g- | depot. The a l a r m g : i e n a i : d an · w l c d t o p i i t o i i L t h . : cr.slomari, -i^'-'l ', e n"ini- i v i l l i a poMe .sent out to f ' h i l l i " I i i c h i s i c r j u i r o d by law. j eotl.e, w he:-c no n i g h t is rr- A rcir (lays apo Tiev. .(. AV, 'Malund, j t.iir.rd. A n o t h e r pussi: was li-d by a. l.-,Ti'.or of the W h i t f i e l d M. K. c h u r e l i , | r.ui-'.inginii ilelcc-tive, Jim H a r r i s o n , -'·'oils City, appeared in police c o u r t u.s | u||,, r i . i - n l l \ had a dcspr:.:' i- figl-.t prosecuting witness ng.tinsl live ; u || |, b.-ridi'.s at llalavia. in whii-h c::ie nonpn charged will, keeping a IIDMM- j w : , s Itiiieil 'I his one start ·(! I'riiin Ol- "f prostitution. lie pi-oeuveil hi-i i-vi- \ lumv,..." and llu- M-areh for the rob) ors I -- - ?$£# ' T3^ A ^^-:. tP^'S- W t TUB .lohn Shcthan. do sis c h a r a c t e r si. i George r , h i l i K j is i! Ilia! si,' din-. It is b i l i c v c d 1 lo an island i;i t h e ,· ir. :s b e l i e v e d I h e v [jfisit,- side of the river, IKII---s hiddL-n in the · i,. !·» t h e a b a n d o n e d I eual ininen i i r u r A l b i a . w here l l i c i e is nu question I l i a ! :v (,'ant r "f mnuii-.|iin- I cr.s m a k e l l u - i r hcaibjuarter.s. !·. was '·once afti-r Ihe m a n n e r of Dr. 1'ark- nursl. ifc ivent to a 'ifollicl on a principal .street, a n d lOnnd live women and four men there In court he gave testimony as lo w h a t "·ilionnl as Lh.-it given by Dr. I'ark- liurst in Xe-.v Vork on a s i m i l a r m ca- won. was; io prove the c h a r - ,, ,, ... ... '.icier of the house. Wl.ile In: vs:.s ' the Ihcorv rif the rail'.' a,' -:K-n lhal the j Cap t. JFalian. . ,, · __ _ _ i \ *_ hey tsi .I;M ! rive:-, f i o m v h" j crossed to t i n - '·! | and escape.1 b-. on f-e-vo\-.'s list -,'ju 1 ,; t h e late i n t l i r o p i s t . k i n d hearted and ji!dici'jus:l'rofe.s-,or (Earner moil f.\[icrl on S i m i a n eoiivei'-ation. Jlen T i l l m a i i . w i t h uiu- eye all rt for t-'-cisc vi(jlalion p . I' 1 ' Manricr. v , i t h his latest hook, swei-t " J ' l i l b y . " tall and .slim: and Senator '.Irl'hti-irin's ci.o'..-. v,-ho plaved 'l 'a'.l s l r c ' u - l for h i m ; K i n g Debs. Ti'hfj laughed I" scorn the ).iw that now has madi- hiiii i.vJle: · u r faded 1'lowtr, tlie mm of s t r u w : his friend lirockway, tiiu i»rul«; Kra-lu-. IViinan in Ihe Tomb-, and out again on bail: and Tarnier D u n n , who s t i l l presumes to foretell i air. or hail; bold w h o m we saw the lic-ro I l i n k t - ; , . b i i n , ever f u u l b . i l l j'oii-j I.-,- -.iit:i his / e i i i l h b: i iisl:i:il 'in' 1'resent oac l v )inun proposed to do lhc fealof standing on her head, b u t w a s prevented from doing so by a n o t h e r "·"man. There were a large n u m b e r ! short time ago anil released oae of "' '" friends present in court ivhcn ] their men u n d e r arrest, nearly k i l l i n g 1 h- aie was called, but the attorneys I the w-omcn insisted on the room bc- Jn?cleared. The police, it is -mid, | t w o men belong- to t h i s gang, members | oj t |, c ] lour . in Knglnnd, laying down of wliieli nssaiilted llepuly I'nitcd | the law on modern naval power; 1'rincc Stales ^larohal \Vrav w i t h shot guns a j Jiisniarck, in his honored age, Vet envious at heart that he can only watch the stage where lie played leading part: rt'fusccl to i n t e r f e r e is with these j :le is like'y i ·'I'SHiKiq The Ji'c-ws. DCS-7foincs. la., '"closing this notice and fifty cents. '"'ly,,u will receive the Tw iec-a-Weelt IVN one year. ' · · Afr, ··"·· Jlns. TiiKODonK ScnuKixEl: ^lo'oraled thu ii.ttictli nnnircrsary of Jlicir laarriapc at Mt. I'lcasnnt. rccent- They were rc.neinbcrcii by a host 01 friends and rplati T cs. Unirr. f a t h e r of Ifon. Th Wray. The rolibers were medium- ii-/cd men. They wore caps w i t h drop masks io them. One had un gr,-. jian? ilants Ihe oilier overalls, and both . - , . r . ' i - . v n f , ( -r-o:its Local offi- i who look the tiger'.- hide; Carnot Ui nvTi. Ji " ·- . n^Ttvr's rrravc: I'ingrec, Detroit's eials (-stimatc the amount taken at j ln a 1:) " rL J r s B' * SS,0!). IJut on account of it being the | Kossulh. Ilung.-iri-jn patriot, dca-J: the living Tlclly Green: old Cassius Clay but lately wed to schoolgirl of fifteen; I'arkl.nrst, the bravest of the brave, Seel}', who a leer to deliver; TckuLfiky, with great fame achieved through . wiin crerti^ .»,.. ·^·*,« i.... w ,. b -money to Chicago on halurdti} ni(tnt il | l n u m j p au dy Divvcr; his cmincscc is possible Ilic amount is tnucli larger. , oj jj aUilDOrCj learned Gibbons, whom, of Oskaloosa. has re- «'c hope has years of usefulness in Cot., Sil'AT.v, of Uskali ceived the cash frota the Medicine Company for i ' fctore, and some day may be pope; . r ^ T foo 0 , lho d i * J ' . · , , ,, . . . (1 ,, Vr.1. _ tons of eual, to be sent to Itc .Nebras- "Wilson bill, who helped Hornblowcc to arinoy and I'cclsham's hopes \a kill; county, died at aortic near Glcnwood on the loth. He "·asS-l years of age nnd ha.s lived on the '"m Piilcred by him in ISM. His w-as 'he flrsr rf . eord cnlrj . Qf | anrt jo Jims ««nniy T|,i, , Tn!) in si , TCr C| . cc , ( 1)WI1 . -,, P-.l l e «'BS a soldier in the Ulack gained an cnvia- . kasulTcrcra. and t h e same has been | T5 onrke ' Cocaraili oraUr superb, turned ,n=. bought and creJiUu to the Ui'J Momcs i doivn , wbcn , Crokcr. . frowned; his ! contribution, ' I jj^yor Gilroy, ha '-ing to dis- TI'IE of Foster vi-as almost swept away by fire a few- days i turb the rognea in olBofs fonnd; I the end of Sherlock Holmes who dic.t tie "·cputalion. EWSPAPER! azo About iwenlv-nvc buildings, in- j (?). for all he was KO clever; and Tittle clniiin-' i-i-l-t stows, wcrcs bnrnctL The fliilliVft soulful.fcycs that.wis'tfcl.hannt liitrh wiiMl'i mode it impossible to check . ON ever; Straus, on whose broir the *· - .- Twcntv families lanrcla twine, of waltzes ci-oivncd the ; u£K)0 _ Icin^; Chicago's rrcll bclored dirine, the | «* IVOM and grief in , passed in t h e n i g h t : io was Iu die just at J i c i b lngi'i».iill. \-, hii '·!', X.iieiiie a hin. 1 " .\';)irant Thomas llvivl of .Maine still going in Lo w i n : .Miss t'oih:rd, she who led asli'av b f - r \Yiilie, Ashland's pi-id. 1 , w h i l e J!:-ccki:]i-i(l,';e s t i l l the d:.y he tonl: ll'.at t m - i i i l g r i i d e . Sat'dli. Iii.pal di-!''galc, wIi'M'uiii'-K to lu-al ' ai-li schism, irn[,:irti,il to adjjdicato C'aiiiuiicisiii-. Jiiiin jiuriis, liie i ^ _ w M r k i n g i n a i i \ \ ! i o . s i t s in |-a,rii:imcnt; j D u l r c I'ul I man's p h i l a n t h r o p i c plan and gill cdgt-d rales of rent: Sinootli dor- ma., ol the sugar trust, the friend of Havcmeyer: Inspector \Villiains, v/itli his d u s t , and (iofr, who w e n t up higher; Mayor Strong, a new broom, sweeping clean, to Tammany's distress; and Madagascar's sable ijucen, w lio's gom-. insane on dress; Schmillbcrgei- telling all the g u i l t that permeates "the force;" arid Mrs. Willie Yamlcrbill ntill t h i n k i n g of divorce; Dunravcn, who caniu 'cross lhc sea to do the Yankees up, to find hisyaclil, the Valkyrie, bad no chance for lhc cup: .McAllister, that (splendid snob who rules .all- fcwcldoin over, and Capt. Evans, "Fighting J5ob,'' who jaunting goes wish irovcr r , Da (jama and his merry war, late ended in Ura/il. foug-ht through without one drop of gore, and only time to kill; Admiral lien brave, who popped one little rifle ball into -the "rebel's ship ami stopped that war for good and all; that one we'll miss, tlic dainty doll, whose smile could laughter coax: who'll sing ''His 'art was true tj Poll!" like hivcct Hosina Voices? Young Aubrey Iloardslcy'it yellow-book of art and oddncss blended; Erratic IVIiUjtler, ha w;ho took an insult unintended; Zoln, vvl'.o still, and vainly' tries to pnss a famous portal, and finds he must wait till he dies if say, t h e Doctor. polisher,,. ;:, lo -II ye:n »; blade- all j ',1 II yr s m i t h s . ,".1 yeais; b r a s , founde.'s, M. I yiMi-' b:-av, workers, .I 1 . 1 .-. 1 year--; b re \vei--.. .','). Uyrii'.,; b'-ilniinia-.vo: leers, I-.'.·,' yi ars; biilclier,, .-.r,..", y"n:u.-,; cubi- m:l i;ia!:i-is, 1'i.s year,',; c.irfieiiter.s, ·'·. i j-ear.s; c l o t h vvctii-ci 1 ;. ,',7..1 to ''J year,: w o r h t r , m coal, .".J vcaricon- Is.iiycarn; cotton operatives, -17 to 30 years; dyers. ii,'!,7 years; cngravorn, f c r l i l i / u r makers, .'J vcrir.s: gas men, ·;-; to ",:, years; gildcis, 153.3 years; glassontlers, .r.s years; gluss- m.ik-eis. .'i?,'; 3-ears; goldsmiths, il years: hatters, 01.11 years; laborers iu b l e a c h i n g works. r,y to .",;i years; copper forgers, r,0.: years; Jaj- laborers. M. I years; lead miners, -11 years; laborers in distilleries, G2.3 years; lock- M n i l l i v . KI.I yea.-o; machinists and .stolicn,on railroads, 2,1 yearn; machinists and stokers on .steamships, !\~ years: masons, .M.Q years; millers, 15.1 Xeb.. .Ian. SI,--Tlis scare! 1 , of the last three weeks by the friends of Harrelt Scott for his body has been rewarded aud the waters ot the Xiobrara rive»- havo o-iven nn the dead. The body was found Saturday nig-lit at !:l.~i ill the Xiobrara near \Vhillng's Bridge, about t h i r t y miles north of this city. The posse which discovered the body started out from this city l-'riduy morning and went at once to, the Niobrara river fully ccruipped' to bcnreh the bottom ot the river for the missing" maji. \V hile exploring the bottom «f the river on t h u north side one of tho searchers struck somv object with his grappling hook. He at once called to his assistance some of the others and loosened the corpse from the :and iu the bottom of the river. As soon as it n a s moved it at once came to the surface .;nd was taken out upon the ice. Vi'liere the body was found there was J about six feet of water, over which j was eighteen inchea of !eo. , A r o u n d the ncclc of the murdered I man was a h n l f - i n c h rone. There, '.vere , alsobruiscs upon his head, where he | w a s doubtless stt.lck, pussibl} with tho i b u t t ol a revolver. In his pocket, was ! his gold watch, which was stopped at' !· 12.01. This, it is Ihonirhl by many, is ! when Scoll's body was tin-own isito thu ! river and t h a t 11.2 watch stopped as' ] sjion as he struck i l i c water, although thcrf w a b no w a t e r found inside lhc' case. HolU hands were tied behind his back, and fro... the looks of the body he e v i d e n t l y underwent considerable t o r t u r e befoi-c his murderers k i l l e d him. The c r i m e for which llari-ctt Scott paid h i s life « n s the embezzlement of P70,ot)0 of the funds, of Holt county nnd the subsequent wrecking- of tho Holt Cuii.ity biinit, practically impoverishing nearly all of the farmcra and business men in Holt. The amounts stolen ag-greg-ato about SHify coo. As the body was found · upon the norlli side of Lhe river in Uoyd county the coroner of that county was sent for. lie arrived about 7 o'clock in tho m o r n i n g and held an imjucs-t. A verdict of w i l f u l murder waa returned by t h e coroner's jury and (Jeorgc 1). Mul-, Mo.scs Elliot, and Mert, Itoy, nnd sundry other persons to tho jurors.Un- k n o w n are implicated, IntciiEO excitement prevails in the c i t y , large delegations being present Irum towns, iu dillcrent parts ot the county, and trouble is feared. Several h u n d r e d residents of this city viewed the I'cina.n.s yesterday as they were in the u n d e r t a k i n g rooms of O, K IJiglin, ai.d on all sides were heard men of this city denouncing thu cjwurdly eriiui- and pcrpelralor.s, and they are sure to meet jnst p u n i s h m e n t for th'cii' crime. J t w i l l be rcineiiibcrcd that K l l i o t , M u l l i l i a r and Hoy were ar.estcd two weeks ago for complicity in t h i s crime ami waived o.xaininaltnu and were placed under $."0() bonds to appear at the next term They w i l l be rearre»ted upon the charge o/ iuui-dcr. T H E T R A D E R E V I E W . I l l l u ' n Ui-iKirl S.iypt OiilliiiiL- N u t K n c o n r i -\'i;w Yui:i:. .Ian. 19. --Jt. (!. Dun * o,'s weekly r e v i e w of trade s.iys: There are some good higns. but ll'ey do not rib yet extend to Ijiisin-.iS generally, w h i c h hesitates much as it ha 1 ) done for iiionlhs. (Joid conlinucs to go abroad, s;i,r,rjo,orjo h a v i n g gone this week, nnd Uiu deliciL of revenue i'i iilrcaily over F'i,. r ,UO,OOl' for Uiu moil I h. Thi.s state of fact 1 ;, with Hie. f a i l u r e of congress to make provision of hoi r o w i n g or for increasing rc-.-t'iiin', still operate;-, li retard a wholesome recovery, and the volume of domestic ti.iib: rcpi esentcd by ex- i-h ingcs rough elrarin;/ h n n s e s is again I a b o u t 7 per cent larger I h a n last-year, I as il was iu lho first week of the l m o n t h , but }·; 33,7 per cent smaller than i ! -,-.-o years ago, a I han for some line past. The industries are m e e t i n g a larger demand foi- products since the new year ' began, h u t rather less fur others and , no d e f i n i t e j m p i o v e m e n t appears in prices of inanufaeturc-.t 1 products or in wages. In the m a i n , it i 1 , :L waiting condition, u i t h m u c h hope that positive improvement is not fnr off, but "st very u^tinfr.cloiy uviucijcu uf it, UB yet. Wheat has sagged off one cent again v/ilh western icceipls only about one h a l f last year's. The department 1 !) estimate of '100,000,000 bushels, against less than ·100,090,000 earlier in tho ·cavjn, points lo a probability that the commercial estimates have been nearer the fact. Corn has declined 1% cents in spite of the very low government Cbtiraate '·' yield, receipts being now .larger of year.,; workers in oil, ,H years; paint- t h an of wheat. Cotton haa remained er.s, , i i years; papersnakcrs, 37,r, years: potters, 33,1 yearn; printc/.i, 51.3years; railroad employes, M.7years; saddlers, 53,3 years; salt boilers, 07 years; scavengers, 5^ to CO year.s; stonecutters, 'M.'.', years; tanners, 151.2 years: workers in tobacco, 38,3 years; varnishcr.s, 5 years; watchmakers, K,.\ years. RELIGION AND REFORM. Only eight of MjicntA'-five counties in Mississippi license saloons. In Sweden a man ccn drunk foui tioic.s is deprived of his electoral vote, Ucu. llooth declares tliat ol^ovcr 10,000 women rescued by the Salvation army fi.OOO JUJTC no.t,relapsed,jn lo sin.. The London Missionary society is .nuking large preparations for tho celebration of its centenary during vbi? year oi ISO". tcady at SJi cants, with a fairly large movement, but efforts of sou hern planters to eon tract the acreage this year receive some attention. Petroleum has touched SI again in nominal price, but without activity. In wool there arc fairly larifc dealings, 10,073,SIT, pounds in January t ius far, as ayninst 11,BS7,KOO in 1904, much of the increase being in foreign wool. Considerable sales of carpet wool arc reported and n better demand for territory, while Ohio XC is quoted at 17 cents. The important London Bale ot Australian lias caused some hesitation. W h i l e there is much waiting in this industry, there is evidently a hopeful demonstration to mccfrvior- eign competition.' Failures · for"-the week hava beesi 3(3' in IJjO' IJniitfit 'Js'fciles against 4OT last year. andJ_Bi!tty in Cann-1^ against fortv-sii last"year.j

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