Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 7
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 7

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 7
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PROGRESS-REVIEW. LAPOKTE CITY. IOWA OUR COMIC SECTION F1NNEY OF THE FORCE Another Story-Another Hearing APPLAUSE OUT--3UT I I30MT HEAR. SHOVE LuifJG-- I'LL TAKe A LOOK ffi B R. H. \ V I I . W I I K N K r i r s i k .Stor'O' i;TM" ml tr.jui M.i|.lt-w.H,.l H C l l ' M l l U I J l l tMlllT' 1 *! l'.r*-W CIllll-L"!. '"· " ; " " Ul " nr DOE_ to SPRifJG AMOTHEF? STOR.Y o w ' u s ? HIS ALIBI AMY BETTER. HIS FIR5T,. 1 Pi/JMEY-VJHAT- fou'RE HERE L^ J -r_i »-i- k ii^i. / I I THAT WEW FOR THAT YoiJ P UP. E r f ? US AMUTHEK. BECUZ HE'S BXPEK.T SECOMD STORY MOM,)/ ' L O O X l T Tri 1 S L I C K IT YOUR. HOMOR., THAT POsl'T APPEAR BE ?OC7G HUMOR. HUMPH I OM "***"'' PRESTO, CHANGE s ure dltTerenl from ivhnt ry used It? he." What'.s llie n i u l l e r now '!" "1 su|ipose joll dill t h e town when yo\i were In Ne\v York? 1 1 "My dniiKlitor tells me lhat her hus "No, Just llie reverse -- New 1'or Mrs. Scrupp-- Slailstks show Hint married men live Innjjer t h a n single OI1C3. Mr. Scrapp--Yra. nnd 11 series Lliem rlcht. 4)ond complains that she doesn't nerve wnne canned to have," ONLY SKIN DEEP TOUCHDOWN post in n j l n i l : K(xrl.ill. K'jIiuliisUr slniMiui: inwinl nullilliK C u l t u r e irichiii n m h i n x Krun-riilili-' mcanl n o i h m u . Crwls meant nothlnc lie run! h u i a M i n g l e v l M n n : To pn-u up I h e bull on BrtvtHcr's tlv* y n n l lint and rnce M5 j-HriN to the npposInK Kiiul line, w l l h the n.iir onrl ni[)luu«' of .V).mK Hpecliilura In ills «irs He wanlcil llils mure l l i a n mi;"' 1 "-- Th» n i n r l n g applause of i h p '-owds. [id-Must- or ilii-sc ililng!) ['"rank hart n Inr to li'iirn. First, he fllsrcivercd I h a l tic conlOn'i even pl;i.v on Hie football iwuu unless he v':is up In h i s sMitlU'.s. Scvoiul. !«· w o ' t l r l n ' l 01 en tjc con^lrt- Tcil for [lie r n r s l l y u n t i l his Bwmul yen r. TMril, he h:i(J n lot of c"in|iiililon-- I h f r o werr »oin«- WX l i l i K k l M oul to iiiuli' I h o team, nnil only about ISO to hp clumcn. F o n r l l i . he hail in nos.iess u n u i u a l r i K t l i . i k i l l uniJ n u l l i t y In oriler to receive the |il:iii(lils ol the crowds. II iv:isn'l l i k e hiick In M n p l o w o n d There he hnd been a Blur. The stnr. Thero were only Ifi pliiyort. on th( whole Icain. And d u r l n u n tiime. the srnnds cheererl h i m every lime hi picked up Hie IwlL The cheers were mus'c to his cars. Ilia inspiration. · · · nut hccnuse Frrmk tmd tils heart sei on upcninlnc a hl« roullmll m u n , he nlinod to overrome the obstacles thill stood In hli way. And he succeeded remarkably well. HID scholastic s l a n d l n c wns low. b u t II mndc him eligible for Ihe learn. lid spent a loni!. wenry year w n l t l n ^ for Ills Hophomore term to roll nroun'l and then went o u t to m a k e tho team Tlic very oncrEy and cnKerncni' h» displayed, cnupleil w i t h a f u n d a m e n t a l knowledge of the name, won h i m n place on Ihe suns. f F r a n k was proud «nnl rras'inably h a p p y , lull by no means c o n t e n t The lirst year he wasn't allow. -rl to piny In n s l n n l c tame. Then- were ' k 'ier.H much better, niich more filled lie Kpcnt hniir a f t e r h o u r v,irmlnK n honch w h i l e the Krenl crowds uhccrcil his tciunmalofl on to victory. "it .seems lo me llml neither foot- '«.1 players nor lliclr crlllcs hnvc ·jik^i i»n one another.' 1 'Wliy nol?" "Because one Is n lioily of kickers ina the oilier of knockers." He'll Sive Her 'This f:lrl hu's marrying cfln swim, *jnnc-e, slnir, ride, drive a car and pilot tr. airplane." "Oh. well, he's n Rood cook." The second year Conch I'rlnce i-'avp 'ilm a chance early In the ···"·nson. [Ic was sent oul to s u b s u m e for a regular In one of Ihe m i n o r ^ames. Itrewsler was well In r h r lead when Kroiik Joined t h e M n r ~ u p , u n n Hi' knew t h n t Conch I'rlnco K l v l n n tho sub s t l t u l i ' H n chance to K' I n t o n reni name, w i t h not tnnrh TO lose If they blundered. I!ul Frank d i d n ' t care. l i e saw llie (Treat crowds, felt the old thrill nnd d e t e r m i n e d to maki- the ben! of his o p p o r t u n i t y . Tlie ipmrlcrhark u a v c Frank the bnll on llie very flr-sl play. lie sprinted wllh II a r n n n r l left end and made a throe-yurd n a l n before bc- 1ns tossi'rt. Well siillstled w i t h himself Fnmk stood up unconsciously listen- ItiK for the cheers of the crow-!. Hut the crowd was silent. This, lo Iln-iii, wasn't anything to eel excited n h o u t . Indeed sninn of Ihcm were already l o n v l n u ( h o s t a n d s . Fnmk ri-n slcU. Me wasn't used to this, lip was used lo hparliiK h u n d r e d s of speclalors bellow his T I M I M P u f K - r such a play. Here tluuinnnds were sllonl. II un nerved h l i n . r The novl 'play went lo h i m nnd In 1 CiiinMcd The opposition recovered, nnil (nr the llrst (line In his l i f e Frank heard h l n i - e i r heirs ram'd by nn un gracious crowtl. Two more plays and HIP R a m p ended. Kraut: wnlltPil f r o m the Held sirk nl heart, i l f l e r l y di-lecteil, low In -iplrlta. liac't In his room he linn:: h i m s e l f on lii.1 bed and rrli'd. l i e k n e w i h n l roach I'rlnrc wouldn't u-lvc him a n o t h e r chnnrc l h a t season. Inirlni; the winter l h a l followed aucl tlic neil miinmer Frnnli Stnrey slrnt irled lo overcome the tlilni: H i n t had lost h i m his great u p p o r l u n l l y . Wlilioui n thoiiEhl of c l v l n c up. more determined limn ever lo n t n i l n Hie uoal he hnd aimed nt when llrst coming to college. Frank reported for early t r a i n li. n nnd when the n(|iind i n n i e d oul on tlio Held for the Urst gnme ot Hie nea- son--nls last season--Frnnk was w i t h them. lie irlcd not lo llalen for the nc- clnlin of the crowds. · lie tried to sit t h r o u g h t h e gnmc v Itlinul bavins n desire In rush ap lu Ciilicli I'rlnce nnd plcnd for n chance lo show w h a t ho could do. The season progressed w i t h Urciv slcr piling lip vlclory a f t e r vlclory. It began lo look ns If they were go- ' ' A H I n invi'n :·! i""k »« ' ! Frank | - % I , , r » ' \ « . 1 - - i - l l l ^ 10 U I I I M U p ' I I S f O l ' H .i r u , , i l i . i l l w n l j i i i j l I " - I M ^ i l i c u an- I ,'.,7,.. r . . i . ^ T M i n M i i.. pu'ij, I F n i V , t r l ^ ' l I" t r l i ' nnrt nt-ar IL A i ^ l i-n li" kn.-^ ili.ii I! Hi- season -nilni u-iiii"" 1 til' rh.inrv nelns of- ll.r"-il He'd ni-n-r t n i N h rlip collPi'C it-rin I hoi nnl.. and \fo to di^ms din-lies · · · B r K f t M t r n n i l ruH'l" 1 '! H" e"" 1 "' ''" ·icdule and w a s p l . i y l n s |LS f l n l 1 1 saniv. i h H l i i u came, w l l h S'enmsu Its irreate^l rli'al. Fninb was h l l l l on Hie substitute list- lip wan moody nfi'! uioro5e aa be na 1 there w i t h the oilier subi watch In; the m r i l l y go I n t o aclloo. ,MHI j-i-i. si-crniu. he w,inl-l llretc s'tr 10 w i n conldii'i help w a n t l n ; hei to win Hut r-nrn Hit .·starl It ne^an to loon ii.i If I'encosi wns c"l»S l» sroast. HrewMer's record They n m n n x f j lo roll up sll points In t h e llrn iiuartcr ond another sli IP the *erond. liniii aiiPinpis lo kirk Ihe coal falled. Th- llnrd |..Tiod n.Ml«l neither learo a Lilly, bui the- I'.rt'waler oiillil was looking riithor sick. .Man n l i e i iniin had .-Ither |lui|ied or been c.irried from the Held. It looked a.s If I'cni-osi was out for vcnupancc. Il ivas n h n u i Ihe m i d d l e nl the lasl q u a r t e r w h e n Coach I'rlnce called I ' r a n l 's n:inie. Al llr-,1 Frank could scarcely believe his pars. ··Listen. Storey." the coai'h said. ·Tarinilse. "ho'a now p l n y i n u l e f t half Is nbiiiii hhoL I've col to l a k e him oul and tin-re's no one else lo pul ID bin i o n . It's y o u r chance. Uo to It!" "li K., coach " Frank was a mile na7,i;d and surprised, hill he donned his hplmcl nnd went out to relieve Hnrtrldsu. L'p In the stundi the crowd Idly no- iIced the substitution. As for as they were concerned the game was over. And lircwtcr was on the lall end There wasn't a chance. .Many hail already begun lo crowd toward llie exll t u n n e l s . V»i several t h o u s a n d still remained, more Interested In w a t c h i n g llie score board he- [ h i n d t h e goal posts, w h i c h Unshed ai r e g u l a i I m e r i a l s the stores of other conlesls being held all over llie nation. S u d d e n l y n roar broke from the crowd. The score board had Unshod, Ihe news l h a l Alhle lloulh hud scored a touchdown. Down In iho Held Frank Storey had lust t a k e n the hall from the q u a r t e r back and was s p r i n t i n g around l e f t end. He heard t h e roar of that croud and t h r i l l e d . At last I He was allracllng some a t t e n t i o n ! They had recognized his g e n i u s ' They weru spurring h i m on to vlclory. F r a n k ' s tienrt pounded J o y f u l l y , f.rlmly lie set his teelh. lie lowered bis lii-nil and plunged. Five. 10, Ifi. 'JO yards. A 1'encost man was veering close. Frank's Tree arm shot out. lie heard the (lull llnid na his opened palm connected. Then he looked up and bis pulse leaped. The Held was clear- Hi' wns away I Up Iho Held he p l u n g e d , m a d l y , f r n n Mcally. I'encoil men were nl his heels, bur they'd neier calch Iilm now. Over he wenL A t o u c h d o w n ! The ronr of t h e crowd was deafen CLOCKWORK Erlggs. the DM HIT ot the new store, licxflilii manager ho-.v trade hnd been progressing daring hH absence. M a n a g e r -- L i k e clockwork, sir. Bri^s--Cood! I ' l l Ju.-,i luve a looli at the books. A f t e r a it-aiTliIng Inspection of the books, be t u r n e d t" hl=i m a n a g e r : Brlsss--You're righi. li Is going like c l o c k w o r k -- e i e r y blessed t i l i n g we've snlil lately tins lieen on time.-- Chcl.sea ILecnrd. QUALIFIED Auto M a n u f u c l u r e r -- Ves. we vrant an agcni fur our cars 13 Squeduuk -somebody who can enthusiastically praise our make, you know, llavg you ever driven one of our cars? Applicant-- Well-- er-- no! A u i o . M a n u f a c t u r e r -- Then 1 guesa yuu'll do I All It needs Is a real faith In the car.-- Brooklyn Eagle. Only Telline Him K c g g a r -- K i n d sir. my w i f e Is slarv- Jones--Here's n q u a r t e r . Where Is she? r.i-ggnr-- Se,iri.h m"! She eloped last m o n t h w i t h a piicl.--Brooklyn Eagle. All the Difference Dialogue overheard OD the beach at a South coast resort. Suiall bay to his m o t h e r : "Mummy. m».v 1 S" '° t° swim?" "Certainly not. my dear. It's far too deep." "I!ul daddy Is swimming." "Yes. dear, but he's Insured."-Sporting and Dramatic News. When iKe C»t'§ Away '·How many men work In your shop?" ··With :he 'Jjabier, seien." "Si-t withoiil "i'P master?" "No, whcc the master is not tLere. none of them work."--Flicgende itlnettcr, M u n i c h . Saleimanlhip uMomT--To do you one your e \ t r n n r d i r i a r y success as a lloiisc-io-liouse s a l e s m a n ? Salesman--To Ihe llr-ii live words I u t t e r when n woman opens the door --"Miss, li your mnilior in?" LIKE OLD TIMES Spiok, Spank, Spunk Fntlicr--Hobby, if you had a l i t t l e more spunk in you. 1 i t i i n k ou would stand belter In your cla=s. Now do you know w h a t spunk Is? P,obhy--Yes. =ir. It's tlie past participle of s,pnmi. He Had Heard She--They say I have eyes Jusl like my father. He--yr-s, I've heard somebody re mark t h a t you were pop-eyed. M o r a l l y So "Ts your tiLshnnd n good golfer? 1 "Well, he dopsn'l iweur. If that's what you mean." Ar" ifou AalcinE? "It's sail about lick. The poor thap was ili5:i|ipiiUiled In love." "Well, who Isr'l ?" Friend--What were your sensations In Ihp wreck? Victim--Just tlie same as football. Three coaches passed over me and then the doctors came. Precaution Judge--Why did you do this shop- l i f t i n g In (he d r u s store? Prisoner--Well, your honor. I hid. n cold and thought I'd lake some- t h i n g for IL But Nol Gnarled Co 0 f,is_I would like to see a dogwood cane. Clerk--Yes, s i r ; one with the bark on I t ? CROSSWORD PUZZLE They w e r e s l l l l m u r i n g when i;np l a i n A n i i s l m n K kicked llie qoal and bronchi ihe t n l l v up to 12 lo 7. In fn vor of Puni'osl- Fruiil; trolled bjck dnwn Hie field Hi: Innki'd :il t h e crowd and smiled. l i e was. lianpv. lie knew l l m l I h e j cvpi-eted h i m to o \ e r t h ' i l i v i n n l n ^ touchdown l i e wiinie'l t h e m lo They u c r e Ihu-d up n^.'dn The nuarlerhack wn.s barking the The ball wus solus to l'ank. lie M-I bis i u f i h . Me heanl HIP crowd roar. And he k n e w n v e n before ihe hali reached his hands, he was Kuln£ to make II. Nolliing would slop him now N o l h l n s ! And u n t i l i n g did. F r a n k was bund i-il i h e h u l l In t h 5 ne^l three plays, and each time he plun^eil nearer nnd nearer Ihe f o n l line. The screech of llie referee's whlslle sounded In hla ear Jlisl as lie passed over Ihe chalk brln-lni: Rrewstcr lo vlclory. And t h i n il"! 1 ". " s Frank turned am' trotted hark down the Meld, he heard i h p m .-hnui his name: "Storey ! Storeyl Storey! V e n a i i h . storey!" Copyrlcht. Horizontal. UJret 7 -- Undermine " 1-- Clmrt ll-- l i i p l o t l v e JO -- Co n- red entrance J7-- S r n r . l . tliuroii K lilr 1* -- Cunning 10-- Shnrpi-n " -^ -- Tire fir 3.1-- .sminlple a t -- r t l n i - k 1'l^-Tllle S-S -- l.cKunilnDUn plilltl 31 -- Knclonurr 3.-.-- ,T.Vnnh llclidr ^ M -- A p p a r e n t ·!·" -- %onicn*e 4T-- Church bench ."".1 -- Viper 50-- I l c p u U l i e no-- T i t l e Sl 1P _Oli, llicrc BOCS Kale lirown! Isn't she lovely? I w i s h 1 were h a l f us Rood looklii;;. He--Ob. bul yon nrc. Dongcroui Place City Visitor (ivho Hulls hlmsclt In (.ame" Ikld wllh h u l l ) -- I sa.v. Is that ferocious looking n n l m a l snTc? Fanner--\Vnl, lie's n lot safer i h n n j'=n are. l i n i n g on y u u r a i i n u i t l biinlliiK irlp t h i o wliiU'r?" "No. 1 put my till of bloodshed k i l l Ing niosqulliica last summer." No Danger Ai thai piclurc cnrcfnlb' --llie paint Is not qiillc dry. li'iirnllure .Mover--That docs noi ninltcr--1 am ivearins overalls. SUBTRACTION, H U H ? The Km UDC--"Vour vacation Joesn'( seem to have done you much good, You look all broken up." The Thin One--"Thai's not strnnKC. 1 hnd ^ to divide myself anionR n dozen glrla." Selective Sponging Pnnhnndlcr--Would you help n poor nmn who's seta belter days, elr' Haughty I'craon--I don't approve of promiscuous nlrasglrlng. Pnnhnnillcr--Xor do I of promiscuous acccplnncc, sir. Why, I wouldn't for a moment llilnk of ceklng everybody. SCARCE NOW D Dollar Fir»l Died in Bohemia Cnninio to p n p u l n r hcllcta. the dol- IJK did n«»i o r l ^ l n n l c In Aincrlcft. In fnct. Hit- llrsi coin r h n i iiltlinnlol.v he- en mo tlio 'lollur WHS minict\ In Ro hcniln nn«l n'fts knrmn ns ihi* Jin- c h l i t i a l n l c t , This iv;i9 n shnrlnnod to "Ink-r" n n r ] l l n n l l y lioc-nrnc Ihe dollar. All Life on Earth Dependent Upon Bacteria Renourishing Wornout Soil 4\ _ C n u n l l r 4S-- Klml D[ flwh CO^IIonntfal lirlin% C^_Chiippln^ lonl 51 -- Kind of rhcrMc f«'r-- S a l l n l i l r BS-- 1'clly quitrrc Cl _ Coin urr-- Hcrulc poem 07 -- .Salinlrlc 09-- Holt hnt ?1 -- Hnppenril T3-- -Clylirr 7-1 -- Llvclr (archnle) Tf;^Hirplllnir dae lu QalU TS^HnrnNii 7»-- I'ornEc p l a n t K" -- L i v e l y B.1 -- Oofiure M -- E n K r a i I n B lool ou--^onclude K5--Infer-- Dl---DlniMilrli r3--Itantinnil or irlfe 04_l.oi:i?Inv boot tHl--Hlc' D9--Cnumlr IOO--llnnH 101--nrnBtiral clrl 103-- Dnm 104^AHnriublril 103--Small b o l t l e 111--^tcnHdrc 112--Pcnnnnl prnni llj^ncVrrhec 1JO--Itricaliir J17--llrnnuTpmrnl nf l^pv ( p i . ) UN--TirllrhlnK 12ft-- l-'rom IhM Diner 1=4^.\ lllbllrnl rhnrnrlcr -IVrlnlnlnl? to n d i v i s i o n uf drcclm I I I -- f l l a r k "I Just dole un n mnn with n past." "I much prefer ono with a present" We depend on cerinln kinds of bnc- icrla for Diuny of our foods. Every hind or chcvsc la produced by a different k i n d of bfKtcrla lluttcr Is the rcsull of sourrd crcnm. Linen IB tho fubrlc left n f t c r oaqtcrln hnvc "rotted" ouT the snft ports of flax plants. Cider could never become flncgnr vlthonl Miclcrln. Bcnns nre deponilcnt OD cer- inln bnclcrla for supplying nltrntcs ID tlie soil And all fermenlnllon, ID eluding thnt In brend douph, Is bnc- ccrlnl work, notCB ft writer In tlie Missouri farmer. Mnn could nol live long without bacteria. Every dend anlmcl, every dead pinnU all the garbnpe, sewage, and otlicr « a f t e mnterlnl thnt have accumulated since the world began, would all be piled up nbout him M It were not for the rotting and decay- IHR work ot bacteria. it nil bacteria were removed, ooth Ins rcould rot and return to the soil; and thnB tho plant life would crcntu- ally die out Tor lack of soil nourish* 1C plant life ended, then anl- mnl life, u h l c l i is dcpunilcni on it, «nuld o'so be cmlnfl. Thtry nre some I m r m f u l oacierla. Soni5 cuusc il!sc'(is?s. Kiu-h dispose ts c-iugt'd bv n (DfTpronr k i n d If the -.Uln Is bruhen. us In n wound, then bacteria mn.v utiiei anil cause Infection Those n n r m r u l t-nclcrln produce n subslnnce called "toxin'' been use It la poison to the body. In order to over- CODIC IL the body produces another S'lliHtance cnllcd "anti-toxin." The ivhltc corpuscles In the blood arc also mj active In destroying bacteria which enter the body. Population Steadily Growing The United States population bag shown a steady Increase with each census since 1700; between 1020 ami 1030 the percentage Increase was 10,1. Tlie world's population 19 estimated nt nearly 2.000,000,000; In 1SOO It was estimated at less than 1,500,000.000; la 187-1 It was 1,391.000.000; In 1345 It was 1.000,000.000; In 1S2S It wns 847,000,000. lA-I^^Innrulnr Hlrrnirlh 1.17^Sfnrrrnoni f o r fooiLi 141) City In N v ^ n d n ·oil r il p p r l n r l p n l mrnl 1JT--Cnfrj 74H--Unit nf IrrlKht 1-ID--ubllqurlr ·\Vnn1r ]r,1--Drprrm ir,2--SrniTrtd irp3--Antla 5-1--llrrli lr,r--Onion-like plan Vertical. ] -- l l n f o h r l cbrck S--Expnni 5-- \VnTfr 4--Elam irlth l l q a l i 6-- Crock I r l l r r 0--C'oohr T--ndilrn lirrnk Fl--Kind of popln D--Ifrnd 1O--.Supplemrnt 11--1-nn 12--Dullnrd 13--Clrrrrmn H--ll.-il.r np IS-- Html :0--HnUr o K--Com PH..Ion =3--Front bn 27--\nmerlcnl bn«p gP TfllnTrlah broirn --Menial SI -- rij» S3 -- Cold 341 -- O h J r r t ot dcYollon ·7-- llmly of w:ilcr ^Vldo-nioulliert J u w -1U-- D n r t e r - N a t l i c -J.T^Ilp/rct 44-- A Bee led g u n n t l t r -I* 1 -- IndenlntlOB -Clirnilcnl nf nmnionlu type -Kind ol clsnr 3^ -- Bu« fiT -- l , n l t of tlnir Cl -- i l c c o r n t l n n l),Tl!- Of -- Inrcnt I^S -- Mncrn.ich 7('_im?rt - D u l y 7-t 77-- M i m i c -- n r n u N or cnlfl ·I--Tlbclrn OK 1'--TcnT 7S--I-crnonnl prononm urr.ire bl--Concluila ·Inl..lll S cnn- OO--llnla ... .Ilnblilc nl--Fnr I r l n l (nl « Jury) u.---Clcn hool (dlnl.) D7--Uenn« OS--l.DXurlnnt D3--tlCRnlnr 01--Slupelr Itt" Tnnnr drntmcllon ·Mrnnure 10^--ulncrlmlnnfloD OS--llnlo 110--noun ol n ·hl«ld in--Handle or nx 115--Common Ire* r -- l l l b l l r n l chnrncler 110-- Knlruu I--Circuit brenkrr 123--DntT ^-Acnlnut 127--Entrancfl InNcalnr Annum 12D--Mortal put 132--Dry 133--Soon 33--Scnrrh Ihoronifhlr HO--Proceed on JM--Scout portloB. Heed M=--Horn 143--Vela ·CondrnKeu molMure ·NeffnllTe p a r t i c l e MORE SATISFACTION CANT BE BOUGH, FOR 51 NEWSPAPER! lEWSPAPERf

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