Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 25, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
Page 2
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THE PROGRESS.REVIEW. LA POSTS CITY. IOWA " Thursday, M a) CLASSIFIED ADS g? THE RED AND GOLD Weekly Publication o/ the La Porte City School *S*ST 1-- · 0 **fc* fc.^ · anu ** *-" nvf *- *·*···- -- Phra« 40-13. M-] cooperate on this with pin- Cfli or sft me. Paoat 352, HONOR OF OUR ALUMNI The above is the moito that I nv ai*J^ c- i= «-»" --- . «iand* guard in cur lower hall over the pictures of our man\ "Khtins alumni. Among them we our former coich. baseball aid basketball stars whom many of you kriuw. We ha\v erecied th = board in their honor and beneath their pictures you *" their addresses that yoi= S building, Maxine was the victim of an accident on the merry.go. round. She suffered a ftict-jred collar bone. Being a tomboj-, this did not daunt her spirit, and she continued ^chcol. As a Rrade school pupils, Max. inc was an outstanding singer. She usually had leading roles in the i-^T-A^T" 1 --t ^roOP--- -^-.^ - -- -- -- , ' l n D Liltrll i » u u i ^ - ~ -- - - i -tin it "ce.'' VT = te to them if you wish. \*TMK a ^ 10-2? ' j- f you have a friend or relative times, who is m the armed grade school operettas and public meetings many thai someone gets a picture to some student or any of the anu her brother, La Verne, were constantly together , BS children. Wax could play mar. u s of many tomboyish . A oar aanx =iarc ae£^U-' f ===r ins-., s=*M c ; Livestock Slaughter 3=B : =« if^- s^'o--x--l s Planned jC a county or- K =_._^..-.. ~ administer the Tcod Distnb-jtion Administration's slaughter permit pro- curb black markets is UNTO THEE by Merle MeBride God'. ~A2H PEOPE2TT ISSVRANCS trtrrtcs o= jneultottt plaa it aetoal cost thrcogt Sober. Agent. gran: to _.,^. way in Black Hawk county ·-his -reek" with the formation of a livestock and meat distribution committee to operate under t' The( son, have I entrusted my She has been a member of the · band five years, four years or iplee club nr.d three of sextette Her other activity has been the G. A. A. She is the only girl who has been on the G. A. A. boarc her four years of high school This year she is president of thi organization and also president o the senior class. Maxine's most extensive hobby is sewing. Her products show tha she is an expert seamstress. An ambition which is almost also Maxine's--to RED AND GOLD STAFF Editor-in-chief -- - ~ I J ulh C( Associate Editor - Richard K G. A. A. Reporter - /auia Hi-Y Reporter - u 'm I Athletics and L Club -- Jack Spotlight Club v::;---- p'T,? Voice and Instrumental Music Ruth \o ·p p A Uon ' Freshman Class Reporter _ ^ m fi, Sophomore Class Reporter -- Uaryl M ( Junior Class Reporter \\eihu,ocl E Senior Class Reporter M^lv ^ Typist -_--·--' - --Marlj, S Asst. Sports Editor ---Dirt Sponsor -- Mr - He sister who is a freshman. Bob attended the Rock Creek country school for- two years, Bob is not of draft ag he will not he one of i boys who will Icav laborer will probably anyway. J«a« 0. FOE THE BEST INSURANCE ia life, fire toi into ytf G. " Loveless. FOP. AinOMOBIL£ phone 31, Anna W. Kober. To thee^alone! ,e_yes, ho* early Youth must learn of this rough «orl(i. I realize he must become a man But to be thrown into a War! A War with no sense of fair play, Xo hclp-me_and-ril-help_you cvervone ' s He is a (rood boy-a little devilish, ^,° n " maybe, _ ^^ (states is her greatest desire. Being a musical girl, she also I'M USE nt ~ Brur. FOE £ Out !?r.B. L?.:AP.DALE COFFEE! our urtacfasi wffl bt good. _ Lt 2 Congolenm rage--I n S-r.12 and tht ot'aei is viif Ralph "Wiiller. H-2e LOST-FOUND 'l-S. LOST--DOR.rnD-blooded Toy Terrier and Foi Terrier. Black end white. Answers to name ot Mrs. Robert anspices of the County War maybe, _ Board J J Kellcy, County War i But his pranks were lun.fillcd. Board' chairman 'announced to-|i s he, in all his youth and happi- day - l ness. The principal task of the)To learn of wrongdoing, blood--| committee will be the issuance Death? i of livestock slaughter permits and Yes, dear Father, unto Thee 1 en- livestock dealer and agent per- trust him lits to farmers, butchers, local To keep him in the path of Right aughterers who slaughter live-1 and Love, tock for sale and to livestock To help him remember his playui tour of the United wishes to play an organ. ROBERT SHANER country Bcnooi iur- "" ,_...-. --.,Upon its closing he transferred to this summer. His v.urk a town school where he continued ·-*"- --'·-'·' his school years. Of the eight years of grade school. Bob preferred the sixth grade. He was a very good student although he participated in all the extracurricular activities of grade school life. While in high school he has enjoyed baseball best of all the sporta. He has been member of the squad one year. His most exciting day in his baseball career was when lie attended the Mason lity tournament with the squad. Although La Porte lost the hall game, Bob recalls he had a grand ime other than on the ball field. His other high school activity Hi-Y. He has been a member ." Bzwmrd. Sutton. ll-2p FANCY IVORS for showerp or !LQST--Black Collie Tith brown face aid legs. Reward to finder information lending to re- · Niemeyer . Mrs. Lorimor, 1CHC Wi-thingtoD street, Water. lot, or Mrs.. Dore Christopber, Lfc ?or-,i. City. ll-3c CLEAKEE'S SOLVENT AT L. J. lutt's Station. Iti EASY TO FEED--Sargent's Min. ral M':zt Meal for hogm. Farm ers Supply Co. l"tf covery. Clifford phone 44-41. LOST--Ladies white gold watch with a ^tretebable band near the Catholic church Reward. Phone 882, Mm. Wai let Joenn. ' '- ' "1 ' FOR. SALE--Hayes horae-drawn com planter; two stction drag. Marie Haunstein. ll-2p WANTED--Ladfj to do housework GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS at Garrabrant'a Jewelry and Gift Shop. 6-tfc TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL-$1,20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tl FOR SALE: Modern home with two good lots on Chestnu street. F. W. Kober. ll-2c WANTED. IK""S °K '«*«f» A » ·wort' Call or write Progress Review, Bor B. elover WANTED -Phone 8-14. WANTED--Baby condition. Carl BruBt. ha; 9-4 ealere and agents. The commit- youth, fcaJerE ano ageui-o- j."t *.«»!·»»··- j uuv.., tee personnel will include the To teach him the duties of a mm, hairman cf the County XJSDA To give him thoughts for a peace. Var Board or a county represen- ful world, tetive of the Department of Ag- You, alone, can help my son. ricnlture selected by the board Take him and guide him! who will act as chairman, a rep- ^^^^XTMCMT resentative of the retail meat in-| AMERICAN GOVERNMENT duBtry, a resident livestock far-! The class is studying about mer and a county consumer rep- the state government. Upon Imtl- reBentative. ing that so few persons really are The committee will aid appli- acquainted with the procedures in cants in determining slaughter tne General Assembly and courts, quotas and will require that prop- we think it necessary that we un er sanitary measures are observed derstand it fully ourselves, and by all persons who slaughter meat then will try to enlighten others [or sale. I Do you know the governor s full In citiDg the need for imme- na me? Who is our present lieu. diate action against black mar- tenant-governor? What is the keta -ar.d uncontrolled slaughter T owa legislature called? What type operations, . RusBell H. Mather,' O f courts does Iowa have? How administrator of the midwest re-' m a ny are there? What is signiiu gion of the Food Distribution ad- can t about our state capitoi. miniBtration, has informed War These arc a few questions to ask Board members that despite the', yourself. You are a loyal lowan record meat supplies of 1942, the ;f you can answer all correctly. army haz b*en able to purchase; only a fraction of its needed b e c f j EOpplitt! ar,d has been forced to ranke op th* shortage by addition- This quiet dark-eyed member of the senior class is not such a demure person as he seems to be at first sight. If there is any fun to be had, in or out of school, Bob is in the midst of it. When'-one thinks of Bob, he automatically recalls the little "Green Chevy' coupe which is Bob's trademark about town and elsewhere. !or three years. Like many of the boys, mathematics is his favorite subject, but unlike many, he is outstanding in this subject. Physics, therefore, is his easiest class this year. Bob's hobby is following the professional baseball teams. His hopes for a spectacular World Series this year are very low since many of the pros are in the serv. This Family Re Making a Show Three children nf I Banger of Chicago, so and Mrs. George Rangi community, have made l in our country's ai mid Robert Banger, Jr. r wings and a commit^o ond lieutenant at thi Army flying field at Tcxns, last November classified sent to Hondo, Texas, where he March 11. A younger brother, E -ommissioned a second at the officers traininj Ft. Bcnning, Ga., Febn goes to Washington ai versity at Lexington further training. A ' sister, Mrs. He Taylor, is in the ser He was born on the farm on'ices. Now that spring is just which he now resides on August! around fihfe corner, baseball is 9 1925, to Mr. and Mrs. P. R.jlosing a Jforthful follower to some "' He has two brothers and of the pretty brunettes of La as a bombi navigation assistant supervisor th( procurement with Air Lines. Mrs. Taylo been located at Fort 1 will go ot New one sister older than he, and one i Porte City and surrounding towns Rend the want mdal C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Biographies MAXINE THOMAS GOO] FOOD ·W PHONE 24 SALE--MARCH 19 Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH al porchaMB of pork which has prevented the planned accumula-; -- tion of pork zeservcn for military; When anyone mentions Max, as use during the present marketing she is appropriately nicknamed, season. He also stated that meat the high school students immc- supplies for lend lease and Red diatcly picture a tall vivacious Cross shipment to allied soldiers senior who is a born mimic, who are prisoners of war have Maxine can make a gesture, -he been on a day-to-day basis be- tone of her voice, or the tilt of cause of the heavy inroads of in- her head change her into an en- creased civilian purchasing power tirely different being, usually a and uncontrolled slaughter. 'comical one. Details of the slaughter permit ( Maxine was born on June 25, system are to be announced'1925, to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Thom. I through the press during the next as. She has always lived in La 'twoweeka. Porte City, consequently she be. I Friday SPECIALS Saturday BRIAHDALE COFFEE--Fresh Ground--per Ib.. 29* Meat Builds Health Meal Is 96 to 98 pet. Digestable Build Your Men! Around The MEAT . CREAMERY BUTTER, per Ib. 49 WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR, 5-lb. sk. 23 e BRIARDALE _ . Pure Buckwheat Flour, 5-lb. sack TALL CORN FLOUR, 24y 2 -lb. sack 35 BRIARDALE CAKE FLOUR, large package BREAKFAST WHEAT, Ig. pkg. RED ONION SETS, per Pound CRYSTAL WHITE 59° Pork Roast Pork Chops Slab Bacon Beef Liver OXTAILS, Ib. Beef Tounges Smoked Ham Bacon Squares Bacon Ends Weinen Mullberry Bacon Pickled Piga Feet Pork Liver 19c We Have a Good Supply of All Kinds of Cheese ORDER YOUR SEED POTATOES NOW Be 9r,re and Visit Our Modern Fruit and Veg. Dept. Refrigerated Day and Nipht to Conserve Vitamins Oranges Lemons Sweet Potatoes Grapefruit Lettuce Rutabagas Celery Cabbage Gre«n Top Carrola Apple* Spinach Parsnips Cauliflower - Tomatijes Cobbler PoU.oes Radishes WE HAVE GARDEN SEEDS THESE ITEMS ARE NOT RATIONED AU Kinds of Soaps and Washing Powders Kraft Dinner Breakfast Foods Cake Flour Mauronj Pickles White Flour Sorghum Canned Blilk Sun.Bich Soda Pop Cookies Pancake Flour Pickles Jams Jellies Noodles Take your pay in War Stamps for your Waste Fats Save Grease and Fats to Scrap the Axis Complete Stock of Bakery Goods at AU Times A L RADIO S S 39C QUICK MEAL--No. 2 Can CORN , FANCY--No. 2 Cans TOMATOES, 2 for LARGE MEATY PRUNES, 2 Ibs. PLUMP MEATY 14 Points 10" 16 Pointa Per Can 25 C 12 Points Per Lb. 34c 12 Points Per Lb. . RAISINS, 2-lb. bag ...... 27 C SLICED OR HALVES--Tall Can PEACHES, In Syrup 5ANCY--No. 2'/ z Cans 6 Poin SAUERKRAUT, 2 for CHICKEN BROTH--Tall Cans 10 NOODLE SOUP, 2 for CRUSHED--No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE PITTED. D A T E S Cello Pkg. 19 C PAN CAKE FLOUR DIXIANNA S'/a-Lb. Pkg. FOOD CRAFT Corn Flakes 2 Boxes 15 C CONDE Ml Tall K SPECIAL PRICE Robin Hood FLOUR YOUR MONEY BACK PLUS 10'/, EXTRA IF Til ME IOT SHISFIEI _ 49 ' Lb. S1.89 SUNSHINE Krispy Crackers 2 Lb. Caddy KELLOGGS Rice Erispies 2 Boxes 25* SUNSHIN Hi-Ho Cra 1 Lb. Box ALL PURPI Family F 5 Lb 1 « Bag · Whe Rubber Jar Rings, 4 boxes 25 C Mason Jar Caps, box 21 C Starch, 3--Ib. boxes 23° BOX OF 500 DVJVX \JK UUV FACIAL TISSUES 25 C NORTHERN 11 \J IV 1 H tJ IVil PAPER TOWELS, 2 rolls 19 C 80 PAPER NAPKINS, pkg. 10 C Post Toasties, 3 boxes Pure Sorghum, gallon Mortons Crystal Salt, 2 HEINZ APPLE-BUTTER, jar HEINZ SWEET PICKLES, do; HEINZ Cucumber Pickles, tall SUPER SUDS 40,0 ** Box SPIC SPAN PAINT CLEANER B-.25C No Wiping No Rinsing MACAK A Lb. Bag OLEOMARGARINE SET, Ib. 31* G 29* S 1 23 C Shop Here For Quality Fi And Vegetal Us Your I IN £V SPA PERI N E W S P A P E R !

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