Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 26, 1895 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 2
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WARD COOPER VOICES OF THE HUMAN HEART. I Mi tbe brvatli of Ih-j clplrta? year foj!0j In (lie [roaDtpfj brt*i*. tidd tdffly Hl^llD OUirtciicxl *-ach ft,ir, ua 't^'-ru H rrown UJP Cpoo the mu*t* and lonvioir.' '-C*i vt uJgbt. oar bruirtM. that clamb«T» not nor WHAT IS GHAVITATIONI ore tb£ moBt power/ul. naTc, sure nnd reliable fill of tliil Xlnd in tlie aiarlttt. Most elTecUve roniidT lu aupprcsa iiiciisLrumioii und all female trouble" ariinitf Iruni It. Dnnrclil" Mil H. Brware of Itnlit'linn* and tea (Hat ttou gat the (leiuilnt White TMu rlrrlt. Onr ' o s e l r s o B r ^ n a i i n ! . r vhtmltul On. on srery side, Ask yonr DruirKJaL If be don't fctcpltbe will get It lor yon, or write direct tcn**rl(l we wlllund It npnu receipt of prlo, niLT-pi, MnrtM thi- rains mQnanr of r temlty AJS crcr it'Jril ^ ich T bj ihnilc )-ijpal3*J nwf»jw BwK-t lillli- eddy of the IHo lo bo. Wo look, an'l, lol afar (lolb utrctcb ll.c ilt---p Wllh l)b »ll'l (low nwiil !!:· Mono uJJ'l calm, BillH 1 !!^ it** ibnudtroiw pnWii to Lcavea'ii Or ch uillnt! t'J iht- -.'loru a lowly ivsuJra. ffltttle In tin) ccira Ibnt Ijrar, fro^i llttlol arta That "tirinlc tad Kictjll u* wi'b luipiH-^med · teal o'.r thr* oiltacu of t h i r Inmo-t parts .·/TiiOmad H.-ifkuUia lij Cbjr/ib*.rB' Journal. Tnc Pdj'mocR THREE. Bomn Cnrloux hupiT»lit!«U" lU-KUPdlnil It j In 'In- l'oj» 3llod. Tlioro is iihupcibtitians regard fortbn ntunbtr t l i r t u iu tho popular niind, Hurt tbo ttnrtl re-pi titioii ot anything is generally looked upon as a crihia. TbnH un articlb may I'.vico bo lust mid rcco7orccl. but tlio third timo that it ifl lotl it li gonu for f-"ju(J Twice a man muy pass through 901110 grtut danger in is.if.cty, bat the third timo ho loses bis life. 11, bowimr, tiifc inj'htio ihird can bo Bnc- cc'.-iullj pi-ntl, all Is wolL Tlirco waa oallnl by Pytlragoras tb« pcrfti-t iiuin- bor, .ujil wa f r t q u o u t l y C u d its use uyiu- boliuiil o£ Dully. Thns wo mi^il IDC.J- tiou the trident of Neptune, iliu tiirce lorkod of Jovoand tbreohbad- cd dog of Pinto Tiia idea of trinity is not confined to Christianity, bnt oc- onrs in .·.i-vi.ral rtligioiiB. In inytluiln^y also we find thrco fnlos, thirt-o faric'- ,ud threo graces, nnd, coming iiejrer to onr own times Bhaku- Bpraro introduces hia thrco witybcs, lu public hon^o ngus thico Hoorna to play an important part, fur wo frcqagutly mr-et with "TJirtu Cups," "Three Jolly Sailort.," "Three Bells, ""ThraoTuufi," "IlirecF«:ilJicrs"--in fact, the camber of nlniiHt unytbing of which i fertile Ima^iuntioii can conceive a trio, iu nan-cry rbynies jiud tnlcs thin nninbur 1§ uot nnkiio\vij, uud if wo look back to tho Hays of our childhood ruoGt of UH will call to miiid tho throe wiso meu of Gotham who took G fctu voyuga iu a bowl, uot to mention tho three blind mica tlint h:i'l their tuilfl out off by the lunnor'H wile. Perhaps there in eoma ocntilt power in tho nnmber which gov- eniH tlio division of uovnlH into thrno volumes and induces doctorH to order thair nicdicino to be taken thrice daily. It In s.iid (hat Homo tribes of Kjvagcn oannot count Ijoyoud three. LSut, although tliny ni!.y havo no wordfl to ex- prc-.h li i fjhdr n iiiubbrb, perhaps wo uhould ba bourcoly justified u aFsnruing tint thoy uro iumpiihlo of approuintiug the vuUio ol 1 the liiHor.--Now York Advor- Heor. Till! Olil Time KlilKln); .School. .til thu old colon I ill dayH when the groat mill tho grcut-gruat-grandiiiuthorii ·Atio young t,ho Hinging bcliool wna u wcllestiihlisliediiihtitiition, writes Alury £. Eslei in a \'ory accuruto urticlo tolling e^nclly how "tlio old limo concort" ran}'bb iLjtioducid ut Ji oliurch outer- taluuioiit in Ladies' Homo Joiimai. It WDIS usually held in the village tobool- huahU, the tciiuoluiustur nftuu fignrizig us tlio Hinging iniister. Thither ut rog- nluv intorviiJu thiough tho long winter months tripped thu grandmas with thoir escorts, Little did they imagine in thoy lilted up thoir sweet voiocg in mnsou ·with tho strong tcasrn nnd bnhsos thoiu huniB airs, oven tho vory gownn thoy wore, would nt toiuo distant d:iy I bo reproduced for the boucflt of un up- j prcciiitivdaiidiouoo. Yet it uiay bo tafe- ly iibhortcd thitt with tho exception of the colonial tea Iho old folks' crniLnit SB (lio ino^t popular of flin old l i T i i o e n - tcrlaumionti. Tho BULT("i9 of on Tnidcrtuking of this aoit (lopL'iidB largoly upuu tho udupl ;· bility lor her ofhco of the ptrhon having Mm ul'i'air in hnud. Sho m u R t of uu- COi.'jiiy have au uccuiato coucuption of tho luuuuor in \yhiuh these ontortaiu- mciutN wore conducted in onr giaud- mutliuru' day. Sho must alto become thoroughly imbued with the spirit of hat olduu time. Pom« KXHmpJeH Xtiat Serin to Anjwer tb4 \\'I|,')it/ Ou.-T.tlon. Two men nt antipodes on cbe earth's Bnr;:ico are drawn directly toward each oll' r. Each ifl at tlin appi o;' a coca of tho otlif-r These couus interlock at the CKV'ih'rt ccutt-r and nro there equal, but th · grcatir p . u t o f the macg of each cu^ ,nid viii-.i finontly tho greater maea of (.raMiv l i c i l i i i n g latJi to hia plaoo is pai 1 the t-imr of thy turth and cnlmi- natCH ut tl)" U'vt of the other. !/.ry point of tho earth's Bnrfacs p n i i - in -i '-trniglit J j u o tbroogh the C'.n'i r of the c-.riji, uot htoppiug at it; lc=u:;j jrirt of (ho puuui) in proportion ai it ipiirt-ichoi the cunter; thcu, pa.';?lug, r i ' g l i n i n g it again iu proportion as It Mi/proitchcH the opposite mrface. So thjt half w.iy p,i=t the center tho pound whii;b at the center v.iii nolhiug haa now become a half pound, and at the am.poduJ a pound again. Alake the center of the earth the com- inon iipcx of an iudpfiijite nninber of con.-i radiating to the iurfaea. According to masH, gravity pulls from the center, and the center la again the point of ntigation. If gravity IB an active essence produced by molecular motion, if being a living essence, it ie therefore a perishable ona. It follows that la a conglomerate mass, as tho earth, t-omenubtitanccs will probably eihauit sooner than, others by reason of expiration of molecular activity, iJ ho its producer, or from other or any c.iuse. Being au active expending lurcc, it mnst have a producer, uml th.ii producer must hiivo supplied of foici iji.xliii jug lu.ilriT Thc-u(.uppliea, lic'iMiiT h'i' "i I'Mist Different q r - i l l i i t i of luatlfr llKiy COUtftill thlu £gigi' *i Jin ' !'!,,' i j u i i . l v Jn difTerlug de-. grtit .ui'l M!i:.linc-, If so, the minor ·will toon* i u\! A ft.ither. a leaden rjull and a i h j - ' i ' k v i l l tall through apnuo to OIH n t n i ' i - p h i uj w i t h equal Bpecdb. ".111.1 l ' i ' i r :iijiu-.:ind tho atoms of the i . u t l i 11:11111,illy . i l i n . c t each orli- er legnrdlui-- ol sh:ipu or si/n Gravity IB Htoinjc, anil t v i i y utoni is the equal of evry, d l l n i 1 j i t u n . nc nnitt^r how diffuse 01 i-iin' f-nm ji'ie thy in i«^ of the Objcjl of \ ^ i i u ! i a,' p i r t s But tbo dry s i n k m.i\ h,iu lost it active p n n u i p l ' -- g i 1 - 1 1 3 . l l " f i i j i i c ' jiroilnc- Ing principle- m.iv hnvo been r xhunbtcd. BoviTthcle-- n viniid h i - g i a ' - j u r l bj-tha ovoiwhulujiiig ; ; ] . L M I \ uf the e.iith and brought flown in emiijiany « i t h i t s f c l - IOWM Gravity p u l l - lai ·! illy us well as per- pcndieti' n i v Tlii-'ni ight of tbo earth bus I' 'en c;il ul i' l tr^iii the pull of a i'ii ,i I ' L u i i b line. A pci-dii vi.iiKiing in a narrow canyon, w i t h Wiill.s t o w t n n g hundreds or tboii^ii'iils ol f i e ! above him on cither Eiile, has much hitler footing than if on Ihc pinnacle of n monument. In one oasu ho is held Tip by Inter,il gravity. In tho other lie ih witnout bupport.--B, W. Mussur in Ciiiciuuuti Euquirer. Qunr \VMTB uf the Tumi. Patorntil alloctiou is uot perhaps tbo prensn emotion that we should be disposed to look fur in tbo cold blooded frog But tho Surinam toad appears to exhibit this praiseworthy attitude oi mind toward bis numerous progeuy When his mate lays her eggs, tliouolicft- ouh fiithcr places thorn carefully tipou her back, whero in duo tiDic their presence Lausc-3 1111 irrltntiou that produces numerous fiin~'J holeo, into winch tho eggn foithwith drop. In tli«so cells, which, from m u t u a l pressure, got to bo box.igonal, hku houoyuuinb, thu young froga lire hniilly hatched, and tor ,. bil nci'nmblo about then mother s luick, b i d ing in their nurseries wheu d.ingei tbicntonu. --London New.-v A WINTER'S ENTKRTAINMT G R E A f VALUE WEEKLY NEWS OF TI1K W01JLU FUlt A ' 7 MIT? HWff MS iiiu ajin m Tlin Polite \VitlLcr. The cxtrouio politeness of tho average Bngllbb waiter IH a continual source of merniuout. Ho tnnnka yon when he brings your ·orjp, again whuu ho brings your napkin, whcu ho takes away your plate, Vbon ho happens to find yon looking tic- him--in fiiut, ho saa, "Thaukyon," at evflry turn, nnd Bt'.ys it iu such n ]orky, tunohniiical fnshiou thnt yon cannot 10- press a mnilo. His cxumplo iu followed by the bus conductor, who thaukti yon tor yonr furo nnd thanks yon ngtuii wbcu ho hands jou yonr ticket, and by tba th enter usher when ho Goats you, nnd by every Bcrvuut you moot, in tho most inappropriate manner. Thoy overdo tho "tbnuk yon" uubiuo'ss, and always eni- ploy tho Kama jerky rnnnuor and mechanical tone,--Chicago Kccord. DnaOln-c Crcnlar«*i. Boa nnomonra olid Homo other marine ·raatntro of lowMcgroa thoir ipocios by bndding. A! koot or Wurt appears ou the body of tho animal, and VJ.T nud by develops into a perfect, though -.uiuato animal of the einmo epo- oliis, Hoparute.s from ita parent iind sots np In business for itsolf. .tjilmnh Kcnprot Ono Anothnr 1 -! TtlKht!. Tmth forces tbo observer of nafrnrB to ·dmit that Lirds mid other crcutnrua np- portion tho oarthnmongtbcnisolvca jutl about us man does. A bcnr hns his bonu- dn.tica boyond which his fcllo\v does not trespass with impouity--tbo wild lebbit you ROO ou your lawn In Iho moonlight in tbo earnn Innocent little weatnro you have boon. seeing every night nil tho Bamuier time--and even tbe robin that gather*) tho early worm far his brevikftist from yoor garden will ·how flgbtwheii another cornea marauding OB hia preserve. Nor does this last a year only, for there is good evidence that th« Muie bird will come bock to t tie ·Ldm It itaked of? the yew preTioui.-- ' Newborn, N 0,. wnt. lunncd u f n : Boru in Swit/ by II. iron di Oraafewult, n SWISH, who Icjimdecl thr town in 1720 A ift-i oH'o nT liriiKVnluc. "Somool Biu^inn^'s voiks!'" repeat- ad tho gentlemanly buuK t-iiuu clu'k "Certainly, ma'am. Winch volumes did yon want'/" "Ob," taid ftlrs. N u r i c b liiiigiiidly, "V-rap me up a quarter of 11 Chicago Uriri.ri 1 O n l j -jd.oo 10 -- Coinnniiieini,' 'I'm-sduy, Nov. 13th, and r-ncli Tuuad.i tlipreul'Dcr d u r i n g L l i e winter season, the U. 0. K. N ll'y will run a Phillips Tourist Sleeper 10 Califnrnia and Western 1'oirits Tiiis sleeper will bu attaclifd to train Xcj. «, which leaves Albert L»a. at S:00 p. in., uaily, except Sunday, and will run vi.i tlit main lint, stopping at all points between Albert Lea and Columbus .liiMction. From Columbus Junc- i i c i t i Hie routi: is vm the C. H.I. P ll'y to KmiHas City nnd Ft. Worth i'cxns. From this point thi- Texae 1'ocilic ll' will take the car to El l j aso, \UIIMU it will Ue delivwred to the Soutlienir.icilii: for Los Angleles and San Knuieisco, arriving at Loa Angelea at, 7,00 p. i n . thr tollowing Saturday. This is t h e best Winter Itoute, owing to the low aUitvidu and delightful southern ( l l i n u t e . No snow or severe cold weather. The r»Lo ptr berth, on this car to Los Angeles or Snn Francisco IB only $6.00 rrom points Albert Lea to Cedar Map- id!-. and So 50 from points south of and including Cedar liaplds. The tie' per is i i . l l y eqnlpued with budding, catpetg, UibliM etc , and has upholstered 9e.its A colo-cd porter accompanies each car lor the purpose of making up berths, ktvping the cxr clean, etc., and a special manager goes . through with each car and has personal chaige ot the party. Second Class Tickets are accepted in this car. 1C ycu are contemplating a trip to California address the under signed for folders B-ving full particulars of this system of travel which combines Cheapness, Comfort, Safety and Speed. JT MOHTON, O. T. P. A.. For Sale By . . R. N. MYERS, .Successor to 7 .S Kbw hart, A STOVE FOR The Wonderful fleme Heater Examine it at B ? c. \ Illinois Ooritivil R. R. Jn e o n n r c t i n n with MM' H u n l l i f r n Kiel lie Co , « i l l . "n iirid . l i t e r t l i e injfH of November l U i l i , r u n Iroin Olnc.itjo ii J ' u l l n i . i i ] HTJFFKT C W C P Y T U E S D A Y SLEKJ'KR t V t n I ^ KiJlT. To connect dirpct at A v o n d a l c (su'jnili ofjS'eiv OriciuiH,' w i t h ilic bunUicrn 1'iicific'n new, fiLst.s-olidvestilmie t r a i n , the 'Sunset I j i m i t r d , ' Jfir Houston, Ni- Antonion. El J'.iso, Los Angels and ·San Francisco rhis car for c IFOR in -- V1A- OKLEAXS leave Central Station. Chic.igo, at 300 a m. Wednesdays, b u c will be open I'or occupancy at 9:00 p. m Tuesday Lights. TIirOUG-ll lll«Klt- VATJONS C l n c ^ K ' lo the 1'jcilic Coaat. Iu addition, on and after the night of November Mlh, Lhcre will he run a 1'tiUraan TOTJHLST S L K E P K H XJG11T Through without change, from Chicago lo Lo.s Angeles, via AvonMiile. by the same mute. Throughdmiblt-iierLh rate but SO.OO. .This car will li-,ive Ontrnl Slalion, Chicago, at 3:00 a. m Thnraday's, b u t will be open Jor nc cupuncy at 8:00 p. m- Wednesday nigntg. This 13 The Only True Winter Route To California,owing to low altitudes, and thr absence of snow and severe cold weather. TickH Hates as Low as by Any Oilier Route Ask forSuernil CilitorniH Folder Pt L C . U. It. " They, as H e l l in t i c k e t s »Ld f u l l information as in rates, pan be bad of ag. n t « oT the Cnilral Koine and connectng lines, or by addressing A. H. HANSON, G. T. A.- Chicago. H t \ \ e n t \ pace journal, is tlie ItM-lmg HepiJIilKvn f.unil' i-ap ( T OF t h e U n i l t d M..UL-!,. ll is rt N A T I O N A L T A M 1 L V I'.U'ELl. ,.",d BIVI , all me (jcii'-rdi n e w s nf iiir u i i i i r a Dimes i t j i v e " ll.c n\ ot lu:.".;ii hums in .1 n u t s h e l l . It. ·'AC.KIUULTUI.AL" det.u i i n t n U n » iiti Nii|itTKn in t i n - r u n n i r y . Its ".MAKKEI H f i i ' " i - « " .'.re ruun^ui/.i(| ,uit[,oiiu-. Sfuar.ite uf[i,irtaieni3 | . i r " l i i K FA.M LY CllicLi:." " O u r Vimus FM!., ·*.'.' and ".SUIKXCI: AND Mi:ciiANK;t" 1 s - f l o M r . ASD SOOIKTY" columns Loinuiii' J tli? .idiinrdiion uf wives innJ daughters, puhi|. cal netAs, editoriKh and discussions ar^ compieheubivi', brilliant an j ax- A Sl'ECI AL COSTUACT ennules us to j o u r home |Jiiper for tliis bpleiulul journal GNLY ONE DOLLAR. Cash in Advance. (The regular subscription for the two pupers is 5250) .SUBSCKJITIONS MAY BPGTN' AT AXV all orders to the Write \ o u r name and addreta on a postal card, send it to (_}eo. W. !'eit, iiimin '] T r i b u n e Kuilding, NH\V York G i i y . and s.nnplt-c-opi- ol THE Xciv York 'L'uiuuKE will be mailed lo y o u . GUARANTEED OR NO PAYI A PC V f l l l 0 WerroaaniMldeaponilr ·!(: i i\ik nr debilit;\tci]. tired mornincs, nnnm- H ll C l U U t " J1 '- lon --llfelr fcfl. iiM'in'jix i.tH-jr iMaih r.iti^'iii d-pxcitahl*':inl irril ibu: pjes HunkcM), nil mil lilurrod: p mplcH on race, Ureimh i nt 1 11^11'. lot-en, rn»tl''Hs linesard lookine, u o k I u.-k, boij'_ vnin*: liuir k.,,ac: ulcrr»; tore tliroru: vnncc ci.|c.; depot,! in rrjnu nnd (Irtiini n ' di.triuUDl; v, ,inl of cunlnU-nci: lack of (-·iiurf;, ui.d HtrrLBt'n -- IV£ C/l/V CURE YOU I RESTORED TO MANHOOD BY DRS. K. K. VAJJI.IN. JOHN \ "\\~MN. (JHAS "f'Wni.S OTA'S 1'nlVEHH NO NAVES OR TESTIMONIALS USED W I T H O U T W R I T T E N CONSENT VARICOCELE, EMISSIONS AMD I v;POTENCY CURED , John A. il".nhn layH:--"J-vmnuiir or tlio countltr-n vic- tirnH of I L II)A ignorant o LomincuciiJ ul ll ypaiNCjfiitfo I Irifd HIM., m miMUcyl finn*. uutl spent, $M)U-«uhuut iivnil. 1 KTVC up in ilc-*! :nr Iho (inunn oa my Hj^t-ni w i r e vH'.ikcmriKinj mu-ll ut im well ofl my HCXUU] -ind plnmcul Jifi 1 .Mv hrftt or nuvjsiHj mo js u Jast ronort to consult I»rn ICcutii'.Ij A,K-rf,.in J co,nmonc»'d ihfeirTujn Method Trt.i Jiu ut ,uid n a l w WCLJIS waa a nc-* mnn with now liR i iid iiiiibilion. Tlnn \\jri lour CJIH HKO, nnd now 1 Jim i arncd find happy 1 JccomiuciicJ Lliesu iclLiblo s to all uij aJIlicIwJ fi' C U R E S G U A R A N T E E D OR NO PAY.- C Q N F I D E N T A L , treat and cure Varicorrfr. U'cuLncts, Gleet* Stricture^ Kidney and Jiladdtr Diseases. ,r;K tnns, jVfritoji* Dfbility. Seminal \ Unnatural Discharges, Self Abuse, 1 7 V E A R S IN DETROIT. 2 O O O O O CURED. NO RISK. | Arn yon a victim? J f i\f j nil Jo 1 .; lumc 5 \rc jron cor I, injil'itinR nmr- · riHS"? . HM FOOT l))n*xl liifii ditn.-in.ti' II.'W JOI1 ntr. w ilin"-- 1 Onr .-Jillnrul will euro yon ^\h.'it it t if 'Ion- fni otlnrfl if w i l l [n ft,r mn CONSULTATION FREE. No irmtler nho lm«!n-alr.| im, fornn hnnni-l oi.inu.ji Kw orCli.Lrin) r.harm« realnnnblp BODKS FFhE -- Tlif Ou '!· i MoniKjr" (ilIiMn'f J) on DiSL'ii 1 ^*! oT ilon. Iiicloie J»OH|JI£O ^ crniH- i-i.,lrr! CtTNO N A M K S USED W I T H O U T P'-"TEN CONSENT. P R I VATE. NO m f d l c i n o a nt C. O. U No names on boxes or prwel- opf»(. Everything confidential. Ouc-stlon l i s t and coet of Treatment, FREt. __ NO- ws SHELBY sr. DETROIT, MICH. Agents Wanted, ''KS-OIIT or TIM; COMMTION or VITAL QUESTIONS OFTHEDAY.SvS 'M4 Ilitild fpr Hrcatl Cuscy.lm. .Sicilies. ih» UiiciniiloycJ. Grr*t Lalxr Issues of UJB pres ·iniaiiil future. T.irir/ Lejdslailnn The m|. i f r QiusUoD. WhatproiTCilou does n,r tbc Amrrlc,in iV'orkinivn. Wluit Kree Trailc doph forblln. A book lor Iho hour. l^urybotU v i n t It Price only S I M Sf.Jls :u h J K h t . MUM liberal lerr".i to .iKfniH. 'spud r () r cir n l r« or .send '·* ccuu fT n^^ijLs one. P. "VV. Zlcglar i. Co.. 5J3 Marku si . si Lrjuls, Mo. TlM' r i r « l X u l l d i u i l (Jlty, lu the ^liv Cl»^o of ISimliic-fi l l n l l l t ol Jjii J ' n r l r - of IOIMI. -,il llic 1 (Ol Ifl ·J iLiT "r'f BuclclcD'H Arnlen Snlve. The best salve in Ihe world for,Cuta, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fev«r Bores, Teller. Chapped Hands- Chllblnins, Corns, and all skin Erup tlons, and positively cures Vilea or money will be refunded. L'rice 25 eta, per box. For lalo by Blanchaiue , McGahtran. SMELSER BROTHERS., THE CITY LIVERY BARN. Firal class rigs at reHson,»l)]e rates. Calls ;inswtred day or ni^ht. Good reliable drivers fumlahed. --Wood will be taken at the PROO- KTiEiv ofTice on subscript tion. Bring it now.,. irni iilsrrmnJs o\cvilr.\U^. s^L'iiicil .mil iinscuiired L. S. Uflii'l-. tn ·.", iirp rlrcul.illon l i . l l l k l l l K - l l I I 1 S I , . r i i n i l l l i r r Mini I k t l l l C t , . l)nu fr'T'n N.ifl ll.i/iks (no; ];. s Afit» ) !JU" ,'rcui] M it» i; inns and i;,mk rs rii(-( ks arid o'hrr i-.i 1 .'! lt('nTr' ' ^ Nui«. nr other N i i l o m l I'.niks _ I*Rirliun:iI|iUjicr cilrruiK.*., nkko| i cut" -.... ".. Law ful.Munuy }IeHLT\ t? in u.iiik. vl?- rint( s _ _ o O « ( D n KcdiMpptioii fund n i t h V s Tre.'snrtr C per center . Iroin.itinn, _ I. ml _ _ . .71 c'api: 'i ^iijg^ {. .{i| in ... _ =. -jf iff i in .s"nr]iins fiiini _ _' mono"' liixcin.ii'i. . - ,'.. . ..'- . TTJ SI I :i'i'; n.'-i s ,, M.irii!lni;. 11 mm lndl',1 in .1 !,,-, ,,siis ^, . STATE OF IOWA. I ,, , otiiity or irlacK riniv'c (" a ^1, K. K. Wcttsu-ln. Ca.iiu'-r or the aljoic n.imeil uank. do sul*'Trtnly swear that tlic n.bove statr- nicnt Is true to the best i)tn,y hnnwlcdeeani) Seller, r. E. WcrrsTKiM. Cashier. Sub-'crlbeo. and MTorn to Iwrfdrf; mctlilK 2*3th day of Dec- IS 1 )!. THOMAS 11. Mosul. CniutKc-r--Atte-it- Nolan- PaUIl; 1^ A l^crkinii 1 W. IL Ouraner, ] K. NABKCR, · t

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