The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 15, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1818
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l!l Hairaiid WifcMi orwptrioi r ,.. 7 , s ale by ' CLBH.,) bUMiair, HjttoW " : ,. T 76 Pearl - street. - - TKnTA RUM IHULASSES. - W imo a?'5 - rrr . vt'im r:i.o rns. HA is. Ac a 3 ft bales BouibaztlU black and. ataorled totO" ,1U gh.ud. tisirteA rnL .It Ml uteived iier brig inancirjr, and lor Ift, ."" nt'll,l I - I1LTV ur ale by. DAM EL OAKEY. 51 William - itreeL . . ALSO, . 5 (tit Sheppardi beat London lupf. Cluthi . aud Cassimerci 10 bidet Yorkshire middling "P1 - Cloths j do Fehsse clotbt 10 cases nieot best London fine Had 50 do ujeni wool Halt lowpriced, suitable . for tbe toutbern market 3 do ladies and children blk. & drab Had 1 d nieni patent Silk Halt 1 do Bands, Buckle, Cords, Ac. 10 hlidt. beat London Glue aig 15 1 w 7"loLlSH GUNPOWDER. 500 qr. casks j'cuti' F. F F atd F F F Towerproof Loo - doe Gunpowder 300 dp large grain do of extra strength, calro - htcdfor ducji thootiog, and to be used in tuoial climates S00 do Bult'a Cylinder Powder, of very aupe - rior quality for sporting, each containing 25 tin car.nislersof 1 ib. each, The above Powder lor sale in quantities to mil tWchasers, on a favorable terms at any iu the iLarkct. at 57 South - street, by uue 15 DOORMAN 4: JOHNSTON. it)W".s, for tale in lots to Uit purchacr. i..,.iu ir.l IVul - at. no stairs, an 15 "kW GROCERY swore. ALL you wli would gvod Groceries boy, At 4 iuCounlandt street apply ; Where we love just procured to sell Such at we're sure will p!eae you wed : Sugar and 'IVi.s, that' very fue, Olii Sherry and Marti ira Vl iin ; Gin. Rum and Brandy, very old, And Eastern Cauda?, dips uml meuld. We bay; alsoC'illee, green and ground, And R.Miius by the bin or pound ; Nutmegs and Cloves, nod other spires, And Sin ak'd Leef, icady cut in ilirr.i; Finnish Separs and Pepper Cayenne, Auni'ced, Fe,"oc."uiint, Life of Man ' Asdotlier Cnuials, double and nice, halt. Vinegar, Pcpj'er and vrry good rice ; And real Japan Liquid film king, 'J'o i.tve year boots and shoes from cracking And, fartm - r, we would ynu admonish, Tiie g! : i'g'ves will y - o astonish. Shot (Irishes, neatly casl withwoid, ' wt'et Oil iu rlaski, tliat'k J"r - i and gtcd ; MUS VAriiiihol diprrior kin. I, Lamp Oil, a good a. you cn liiid ; .Willi good fresh Spt riiurtti Cai:ili , And tuakef'i Droon nith turuM handle; Ard many lhit g we wiil uot mnlicr., Altlic' tliej're well worth y ur attention. In quihly thy :.r'int lacUifg, I'ray dont forget our Li.pi.t lil.u'kirg; AViiich wc ftiprjit, li.lyou t uU lu I'v gross nig eel, your l!oot and lwf; AVe are coibp!u:i:.i.t and o vcr rah, Aod ell our goodi j'inr ciwznn fur CA?IL LKL u IlIOMsON, aug 15 tit N.i. 4 Conrtlandt - atrpet. A H oM.i Y lV.l.VlEli. AMIDDl.L ajjt'd H'onijr or a t.'im is wanted in a small family, to do houe work, &c. None need aj - 'plv who cannot bring gxiod recommendations. Enquire at &) Mott - at. au 15 If iNKv ItOOK' - slOKK, , vrt i'. fr,;..:i. ri...!. i4. a. nuu tt u t , ...'ciic mil' i vimitll ' Yard. SCROOICi; ? vpectfu!!y informs the, . that he ha cfMiintnccii tl;t himk - ielliMg hu - iiiea iu Ilia ttori lately oct:upii'd liy Mr. V alen - X.or, wli'Telie has jul nprned, and will have conktaatly fcr t.ilif, a hamlwiue colierlion oi tp'. - ok in the vari nn(Itp;irtuieiil of uri. HniMt wiil beonttaiitly lupplii - d with every new pu.Micatiou ol i.urit that issues from liie A mtncio I'ri. He Ii.imiu.v iar talf, llot liun - ' lijtrutiuiit of Lord tj tr.iU 4th Cuntoof Childe Harold. Nsrrativeof an exred'tion to explore the 'irrr 2iire, mu.ihy cnilsd t!io Coi 0, in :'1G, by Jtmv K. 'J'u - ltfy, R. N. t.i which is &Jlc:i tin' journal of proiets rinilh, nndsornt h'oiiaii ivs on the country, inh.tlnt.tiil - , 4r. pub i - h.'d l. v .e.'iuiuiiiri of ttie Lor!i ol the Adminiliy, "i 1 lie ll.trlielor and Married Man, or L - piili - bi'iuin t J the lialunre of Comfort 1 j. TheiWHl.iitty "f anprnnchirg the Pole, assert) d by toe lion. 1). barriiigion. Schools su)i!i"d on re .leonnhle tenni. All orders lor pi - ri'idioal works thanklully received anJ puuctuiiiiy aiUnd' - d to. Oidrrs lor ;i; - r;i - Ving, co:'cr - 'lt': printing and book - biuding executed with clogiince and di'pakh. aug 15 - It V.11.UAULK hs r.. For s - !e, lee or l t, in the healthy and lie ail il ul vol; - .ft ol ilorritown. state ol .v - w Jersey, about tiiirty aiilea Irom .Stw - Vork t vo Lots of Ground and an i !"gaiit Ihrrc thry brick II .o? - , tiveaty - igid left (ror.t ami rear, in d ptli t'u'rty six leet, an I containing ten liui'hed rooms, Lrr girret, kitche.i and e.ilar. S. - id house hs been (H - rnpii.d the last t t en years as a Youii)c l.i'lies Boardirg School, for which purpose it i. - weii situated and ronitrqetrd, having in tiie rear t;,.recf, aud distiint nii)ut twenty feitt, a commodious school - room, ti ty fett in lougth ; aloa wash hoiijo, acqutducj water, sulftcicnty soft hi washiog, Vc. itC. To a la ly cf eminence and experience, who was diipesed to eitnUi - h a young I idio' Imird - ing - school, rent would be put law ; or ia c; o ol purchac, f rms of paynie t woul 1 be inidocasv. For fnrl!i( r laititiil n.', apply to .Vir. David Baker, Bride - st. Morristuwn ; or to ihn sub. ci fier, at his bo. - V aud paper ware - i ooiu, No. 4" Julia - it. icw - Ynik. KOrtEILT DOS' I.HSO. N. B. R. Ti. has for sals at his wsreroom, piHnt ng, wriling and tsnd papers ol the best quality also, bookbinder's and hmJIin IkisisIs, on the lowest icrnit. Lileoirr, II. Whratoi.'s K ports of Cases argued and adjudged in the Supreme Court nfilitf United States, in 2 volumes, tall binding, and on srl jch rlihcrat d'.ieouiit ill be made to booksellers. tug 1.) 2w 100 000 DOTLaIiS HHiHF.SV J'ilZn. "IVTEXT Tl'ESHAY the drsit - n:imber a.1 iathc Metiical Science Litter will en title the holder to a pi izc of 5 And will n - f.haMy be - sold at ALLEVs, as the fust tirawn the lst day was, viz. no. 15,357, P'ue of $ 1000. Tiiere Ire Coating inuis !ici tnav be diawn the same d iy of f - JO.OU), 10,000, oOJO, - lot 1jX) Adventurers who have d. - ii small prizes, are' advised to renew them Lr ti.e capiuU which th: tchtme ollVrs, viz 1 cf clt'n.OOJ ul, lO.OdO 1 50.000 I 1 5.000 1 20,000 2 2,000 4J of 1,000 Dollar. A lavpe nun.ber vf smaller prizes only 13,00'J tickets. To days drawing are over, and none of the floating rizej dru n. Ticktu and Share;, wan anted undrawn, for sale at ALLEN'S TRTLY LUCKY OFFICE, 122 U. - oaiway. N. E. Ail tickets sold, at'ALini't will be endorsed aud paid Ly them. The highest priae ever toM in the IT. S. was .o'd ar.d paid at the above oilice, viz No IIJO, prixe of v 100.000 ; als. - . No. 10.32J, 30.0d3 ; I J.50G. S0.W0 , 12,129, 25,00;l 19,545, 25, - vWO; 20,611, 452,20.000; 8710, U.COOs te. erti of 10,000, 5000, &c. beingmore prizes than hive been told by all the uiher officet in this city in the satus luuc. au U ' lAPiJU A COPY of the American edition of the above, '' with the wbtaription firivilere, U ofl'ered for sale by A . T. OOOUU It U k CO. No. 124 Broadway AIuj, for (ale, an exteutite'varicly of Kngliih and American edition of miteel aoeoui bouki, compriiing tome auperb works, aith coloured plates, such as the Alierocosro of London, in 3 volt, imperial 4to t American Ornilhalocr. bv U i!on, V vols 4to ; Ruins of Rome, volume of eoioureu engravings, to, tee, ace. aug IS MEDICAL SCIEKcFi LOTTfcRY - Third drawing on Tufduy raorniDS rjtt, when the tirstdrawu No. will he entiiltd to one thousand dollars. The hole of the floating prizes enumerated in the scheme over one thousand dollars, are stdl in the wheel, aod may he drawn on Tuesday, vii: 1 uf 20,000, 1 of 10,000, 1 of 5000, 24 of l.tKJO. Chances for the abote capital!, at 30 dollars each, may be obtained at GRACIE'S, 146 Broadway. augl5 2t iKU.N, alLKL, ilAlilMVARr:. p; Tons F.ngluh iron, aborted, in flat i J J aiui siure bars, a part of which is entitled to dtbruturt. 100 tons round iron, assorted, from 1 - 3 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedtr fl it iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do t'juare, aborted from 1 - 2 to 3 iin - hea 50 do each flat and sijuare Russia irou ' 50 do country iron, as.ort d . 20 da ploughshare mould 10 do axletree and cronrhar moulds 10 do horso - choe moulds 20 do brazier'irodi, asnirteJ, from 3 - 16 to . 3 U iui li SO do pike aii'lnail rods, aborted 10 do sliee! and bi!cr plate iron 50 d i hngii'n ami Aiin ri.Ma Ibiopt 10 do Kngli3i) (I,.) hititcud tttvl 10 do Swodts ftet'l 10 do Cr - iwloy rt, 5 d G. tiii. in do 5 dn niif :r ai d cu't trl i.0 do lirijtol and .Nova Scotia griud stunts anchors 500 anchors, nssorttd, from 50 to SOOUlbs 1 do about 90'X'l!s. Cu rolls she - t lead, as'd 3 to 6 lls per Hut 100 rak sjukps, ai,sM fnjin 4 to iJ inches 200 do. cut riMils troin 2d to 2Ud 50 do. wrought nails, assortod V0 do. tlate and horse nails 10 tons iron pot and bake pins, assorted I'.om 1 to lOallun, eitlillcj todeb'n. 5 tons LniMish spelter 20 d'. Atnericm hollow ware, consisting of pots, kettk'.s, bake pans toilets, spu'.trs, tea kettles Andirons, Uc. ' 10 rafUstite, ox and boutdiain A'iil, vice a;ii tieuk irons K.rr"'', .leJge aud hand huuiiueri Mili, t r. - ss cut and .t taws C:irt, tVaggon ami Chair llos's. Wi.idjw tlaj, ol ililfcrenl nzct (hovel, fpado, hoes, A:c. IVgither with a genera! a?rtinrnt of hardware and cutlery, lorsale, on reasonable term.', by WAV.L& hUXCOMF, No. 3til Watif - strett, corner of Janus - slip nui IJ lw M - tlvil lll.vl!. - , .:era:mlr l.roker.ol - fei - s for saleat hi' storp, - 2G1 I'carl - strrct, 3 bale real West of KulauJ bhul and blue cloths 1 do white merino dn 2 trunks incu't, and wumfu'i white cotton hose 1 package ld:k ct ap.s 2 trunk real fiuc India muslin hdkfs I pnokajr cotton balls l 1 do fine tjimp Trimming' J 1 do Artificial Fh wers 2 do fuii Clothes Brushes and Snuff Uoxes 2 do Hardware 1 do .Slate Pencils 1 do Bfllowt A quantity Shelled Almonds 5 square and upright London made Piano. Fortes, of modem lasnion and of eacellent quality . aug 14 :t CO'JO.Y WOOL fi M.lCtill. C.liilta. IIOS. Will l'TL.Vi ORE H it coufUoily on hand at hi' nianuiactorv, M rerry - reet. next to the corm r of I'tarl street, a hrgc a - ul gen ral assoitiiant of cards oft very dtsciip - ti"n, u : t.'. tt wdrdtr.1'7, 3, P, 10 Won do 5 and 6 Machine do Cloilm - rV ami Hatters' RningCa'd Ad ofsurnvior quality, whiLh he will sell on the lowettrrm. . l:n nG.MEsTIo Ai tl II Kit Uit.j. .IEiiicribrkeep constr.iitiy ou hand at esltciivc assorlt'ieiit of t!,t foliow ii; jiJuds, v:r : I).il.!i and Eugiish Cuinr Eas, IVcs IIk.vI Crutiiii Er'ishrs lielioirf, taucy aud ou'iiiunii I o lor Elacksiniths Hall and Entry Mats Pails ajld l ll'.S Wli.:.d I.iiro''V Fine Wire Sicl Do Hair do Whips of c.ry dt - scnplion Seine, sewing, wrapping, b:dtin .ani ball I'unte Pish Lis es t. Dist.r, cr Counter liri'slirs Health Brushes, fancy and commun ll'iol do do do Clolh do do do 'Veavr' d - .i Whito Wa - di do Muse tS: Seriib:;ir.R do l - int lirusties and S - h IV. I Clamp', 4, 7, C row Furniluie ii u.shir horse At L:d Cord. - , Clolliel Lines 6ash Cord Trace R.IIMS VV rough t and Cut ViiN ni - il lirails Soie i . - - tiil.'rs Thread Didrlioru's lialiiii cts, iii. Wliii:h they will sell wHio!rale or retail on li her..l l. ruis. I r.UR.i A CI'MIMj, nog 4 'd IVrl - 'trcl. r.1.N(il.l. - H CIIKESK J.i hampers ol Iteik - I 4 ley.doulilc iii.",'e l - tonceiler Llieese. Also. Figli!i llnm, Baeon ami Lard of soptrior O'lalnv. iu't reifived hv snip I'liocion, tri.m llrislol. for sale, wholesale & retail ; with a gene ral assortment ol lirutal vv are ororenes, ny J'.. IllACKFOKD, ' 157 Gieenwich - street. Likewise, few qr. boles best Havana C'e gars, Fish sauces, Capers and Olivet. an III l II OULt.;Y MAALTACJOhf tOH t.tLr;. THE Ea;le Manufactory at Greenwich, iS3 alniiit 2 miles from Hit city c.f Ne w - York, is now oflerrd for sale. Ths establishment ron - sists of 21 !nts ol ground, one eutire block, in fie, title iiulr potable. An eacrlleut four story fire proof building, 70 fcfl front by 40 deep, with ts o w iogs of about 30 leet earh l 25, and a Dye - huuse 30 feet by 25. The machinery comprises an excellent steam encine, of S4 horse power, and generally rery thing complete an. I requisite tr carry in on tin wmilcu niauufactory oo an rkteossve svale. The buildings and machinery ma be viewed by application to William Torrey, esq Greenuicli. For terms, jrlnch will be liberui. applvto JOHN G. COS I Lit. or TH03. C. Bt TLEIL au 14 dictOct.l rtl(Ai 'J U LET. GKT1.KMN and his Lady, can be accommodated Willi Bsrd. and a large and pleasant netting room, with bed rcms adjoin ing, where there are a few select hoarders Apply at No. 23 Vcsey - ttttct, opposite tiie thureh. au 14 lw r I WIS P. 2000 1 in. Cotton I'wuL hrt)'iuli L ty and assorted N. - . ju t received and lor tale by vv.ti. CAviror i.iM 197 Tearl street, (ups'airs) aug 14 MANUFACTURED TOBACCO 14 ke ladiet tsrist Davidson, Saunders S: Co." brand ; 53 do. No. I do. do. landing from schrs. Catherine, and Munroe, and for tale by TKOKEg, DAVIOSON t CO. ill. 13 - J60 Front - street. r Ju llexr. 8. buttieriaoJ, uiaatM - . will poai Uvuy iil on or before the 1st proximo Kor rreignt or passage, apply to Us matter on noarU, at .vlurraj's wharf, or at No. 90 Coffee House slip, to . L.ilDLAlVt CllUULTSl CO." ; 14 lot . for Ulaii.iLT.iii. The remarkably fine compered sloop COMMODORE PATTERSON, will sail lor the above iort ea Wednesday the 19th iust. For paisage ouly, apply at No. 00 Cotfce House slip, to L.HWLAH', G1JIAULT Si CO. antr 14 at r fASSsiliii KUiJ.lM.ilCA. The ship PACIFIC, captain Ilolden, iiii!!.'!!' - ''' frr Falmouth, (Jam.) about tin 26th iut und can har.d'omely accommodate a tew passengers, it immediate application uuuule ou board, o little above Crttharino nmrket, or to a'i'14 lw ROBERT LENOX. . r. torUi lib, $ The ship RUlilCON, Holdridge, mai - 'er, for Havre, will tail about the 1st pro. For freight or pasaSge, apply tu board, at J ouea' wharf, or to I'OTT Si M'KINNF, au 13 " 56 South - street. tor II iL.Jl.UTU,S, V. C. rie aUdticli and w ill found schr - - i.UXION,l)cnet, master, will sail with all pusbihle despatch. Fur freight or pusiage, apply ou board at Fly - Market wharf, or to A. L. fiOMFZ, aiigl:lf!t 165 Front street. J - or SAI AAWAIf, The packet seiir. II.VKIilET NEW - ELL, IV L. Porter, master, a first rate vessel ami intended for a regular trader, Iiav - iuj; coiisldtTablif of her ficight enjr.iged, wi.l meet with inimediatedispatch. For freight or passajjo, apply on board at liur'.ing - slip, or to A.5U. ti. rHI'.LI'b, au IS i: - ;3 I'rout - strect. for K'tiie, t'reirhl or ViMfler, . The schr. MOUSING Sl'Alt, 90 tons ; carries about oUO bai cU, and iu coiiipieic order for sea; ly;ii at Dover - street uhart. Appiv to It. U C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. au 13 35 I'e k - lip. tor .inun'in, VKv The British brig AMELIA J 1 JiaS&Ii Humphreys, uiabtt r ; an nucoaiaioi V ' fine la. - t sailing vcs - el. For pastjigo only, apidj ou board, at Juute' v.hai I, or to K. GILLESPIE, 1 12 Fluut street. Who flV - rs fr sale, 200 iilils new Ricl.iuoud Flour, Haxalls brand oS l,lid. Kiiitiic ky '1 otiacco 1 1 da Kit limOiid do 12 hales prime Upland Cotton A Chain t al.le, lit lor n vscl nf 500 tons Wine and Porter Ho lies 2 pipesanil i blids R d Poit Wine White Poit and Clurct d.i Roiiz Rid Poit, incases ol' J . n each aug l.i tor Snle, Ve.'i' or i'liailcr, I lie sch Jl i..ll, ll.iinptuii, mas I 1.1 .. . !a 11 C...... I .....I iin. tcr, 140 tuns ; is 1 ll'IIIIU .l.l Apply at 0" Wa;h - n Uy to receive a laro. iugtun - slrcet. aug 1 J ti. a.' S. ITOWLAND. or It.ii .tA.i. H'V T on Wcdiifwlay, thf elegant 2tRjiCopptfn d hip GarouiM', iitrlinT, mas Itr, v.ii.1 v. Ireijht uiay offer trior that lime. tor';h, or passage, apply to captnin B. on biird. lit tier No. 5, North - river, or to an.; i G. G & S. HOWL !T). tor CHAtll.LblOjV. Tho fast sailing racket sihooner ilifaSiCHARLESTON - PACKET, S.U. Vail, uiaite r ; being detained, can talio miuip trei;ht, n.J will positively tail on Sunday morning, wfml I crtuittuu. Apt on board, nt hteven' wharl, an 13 CU Pme - jtrcet. Fur .F.II .(Uil.r..1.yS, tly Tliebrijf MAHY ANN, r - apt. Frh - Jjgi&, will be detained ny agreement until I' ll. inst. Iitrl she will positively sail. She cm - rkea lew more passengers, and about 50 iii.. nf I ei - lit. iipiiliratiou to be made on board at pier No. 9, E. K or to J. II. LAU HENCE Sz CO. au 12 4t 55 I'ino.street i EKICA N 11 it 4. D s 20 Pipee, of good quality and high proof, for sale by angll lw CORNER )U BOIS. MERINO SHAWLS. t N elegant assortment of Merino Shawls, just 1. opened and lor sale at 150 Hroa.lway, by aug 12 hv PHILBROOK St PETEI'.a, U! ivLCAlRNs, No. IJo VVater - street, ol - (eis tor sale, received by the late arri - v ais irem Liverpool - - Flannels, assorted colouit Rose, Puint aud l.oi.don DuiTil Blanhel atrouils, r'earuuughtt aii.l K.uzrs, assoited colours Low priced and Cr.e Cloths, assorted I louble milled drab do Sutler Blue and Pelisse do. Black Bombuiir' 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Cambric Mudms 6 - 4 Hair Cold and Figured do 4 4 and 9 - 8 Bordered Cravat Mdkfs 7 - H and 4 4 Steam l.oio Shirtings, Calicoes Red, blue, chocoUle, pl.stu nud chiulz furniture do 7 8 curded Gingham, Cotton Hosiery, and a variety of other articles. ana 12 lw Mil Au undiiled moiety in the folios ing lots of (mid in ' Kvaiii' l'lenl llelaware t.ouuty, state of New - York, viz i Lot No. So, containing 176 aeret j lot No. S8, containing 134. AIf, an undivided moiety in the ral half f lot No.4 , containing I Hi) atres, and in lot No. 37, iu ihe same patent containing I0SI acres. The above lots are veil timbered with pine, he. fcc. and their coaliguily In the vat branch of the Delaware river reader them worthy ol the attention of lumber meichants. They will he sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. F'or further psrtujulart afiply to THOM AS ADOIS EMMET, Esq. eounsellor at law, No. 2$ Pine street. New York, (who is authorised to make contracts for tbe sulc of the above lots) or o the tubscrilier, br whom an unqnesimnsMe title will begiveu. 'MAUTilA HKADSTREET, Hammond street, Greenwich. New York, July ilh, 1 118. O - 'Ph ProjTietort if the Fhiladelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the a hoe for two nmnths in tneir paper aud tend Ihrir bill to the subscriber. ' ' . J 15 d .'m e2m ADVt.K i iiLir..v r. 1 PROPOSALS will be received at th Navy Aircnt't cilice, iSew Vork.lorone wtf ( irom tins date, to supply a puanlitj ol Jrrcey uaa Plank average Irngth 45 feet, 10 to 16 Irfo.ul, a to 4 1 - 2 thick pith oi hart must be nut. ao.1 clear of tap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Lngs, trom 35 to 65 foet long, 1 8 l 20 inches square, and a number of While Oak Knees, to side from li 1 2 U li inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 leet loug, brd - m:s 5 to 6 I - 2 long. 'Phe whole lo be C - sf quality, aud subject to the inspection at the Navy Yrrf, and delivered there. The proposals are required rot to exceed 5000 fctt of Plank ; aot more than 10 L"gs, nor mote tlieo 50 Knett at no contract wiil le pivm toa - ny individual to er d of the alov named qiitetitiet ; the shortest time, not deeding 6 wiek. must be mentioned. .Mnri' - y to be pid oiio. - lnery. Any nplaMition that ma? he rr - ijui'eil, w ill be obtained at the Navy Yard, here a till will I civen i ch iinliidid alter he ba contracted, aud by vhicb he is to be got crncd. . j ?; i ia:u u IKU.N. 100 tons Old Sabie P. b. I. Russia Iron, fur talc at 65 South - st. by aa L) IIL'RD k fcLWAU. Ji 'The fart i.ilin; coppered ihtp ASIA, niestic Cottoo Goous, lias iuf Tei - tiwcU u .upply ol tlio (ollowiDg art ties ii :. 15,'jOO bleich'd it unttleach'd fchirting's and - Sheetinge - . . - . i 1,000 'pt wtme Millinelt'i, (asspit'd Sot.) 100 do black - do . 2,000 lbs. Cotton Twist, 1st quality, do do I 200 do Knitting & Sewing Cotton, whictl he now otfers for sale at hit store iNo. 197 l'eirl - street, (up stairs.) aug 14 PUOCJORA; MATHLtttJ, Ao. Tl Pine - street, have received by the Importer. Eu - phrates, niid other late arrivals, the following gnoiii which they offer for tale on libctal terias, via : - 40 bales Kendal Cottons 1 S6 do While Plaint 5 do tuperline broadcloths ' 4 do middle priced do t do Pelisse Clotht 1 do Ciis'imtrct 2 tr - isfes blue sav'd List Cloths 3 do Toilant tls 1( cases woollen Shawls and Scarfs 2 do furniture Chintz of eupeiiur patterns and quality do superfine London Halt 20 I do containing boys Heaver and rlolh caps, latins and childiens Stuff Bonnet, ice. Hatters Bowstrings and Trimmings Jewellery of vaiiuus kinds. do do 50 barrels i - encca Gin 3 do rectilh - d Whiskey 2 piiHS Cognac H randy 2 do L. P. Madeira Wine of choice quality 19 kegs Manufactured Tobacco 15 do Patent Yellow 6 casks Muntntd 2 hints Shoe brii'hp', Re. aug 11 2w AUKLT itiUA', Lufl', Uc. BRAZIERS' copper sheets, assorted sizes bottoms, rauei aud flat liar Clipper, sheet brass ;ra.i.'i' rods, sheet lead Tin plate, No. I I 3i - Ixi - Ut - Do. Di - ix - tu Do. SU sx in Blank plato, iron and bran wire u. - l l.oiid iii :'!iect iron, double tt treble roll'd liri - .'.ol ,, siugleac double , I.ork'.e iroa F.ngljsh w: ( Ujrl.l nuils, rose ad clasp beads i - pikes, tucks and clout n. iij Il.irsc nails, block t::. Tl are cliaiaa, b! .. '. W.t ' ciuiiblta Sund ci - 'icibl - ., s:iuvi t ; Still, p't ' ' : - i., cut Jw i'. .' irui i no:.;, anvils) "v ic i . v I - .' iiUM, spades and shovels Ti : ",e" v.1 .i a general a,surtinent of t! - ' V . :, - c - a Lutlerv, far sale on accommoda n:j (.citns by au 15 lw J. li. DASH Jt SON, 147 Broadway. I.iLOi) a. ;tiK ?KI 1500 liiieduik Lk Indian LilM Ita - ..on eUins 1VO0 i liu.e Mink lor 'nle hv DILWOR i ll M voo;ihef.., aiiir 13 3l 190 Water - street. UIM Rut cL'M.lC - 17 puncheous Antigua urn, unit A lew I nn Trieste Sum ic. Landing, and lor talc ut loj Front - st'eet. aug l.l lit A.L. GOMFZ. Id Kiikl Mi. IUI barrels Cuiini'clit ul River Hcriing, now lauding, ( r sale by UUUlv - CU1 J , aug 14 3t 33 Uurlmg - sliiv G K KEN VVICH C()Ff ElTlilUllsI:"; SitudcJ ltt eortur uf Uitcinach l.unt ami fit Hehth .licnuc. T IIK siib'c:riliei into, ins Ins friends and the public, that the above house is opened foi the nceoiuiiiodaliuu of coinpnuy. It ntlords a very healthy mid pleasant situation, during this warm seison. It j vieinily tothenty, toe;ehei with its btautiful situution, cannot fail to secom - mr - n - tit as a su;crior place of recreation. The Greenwich slaeu leaves and returns to the above tio'isii ecr:U tunes day, and aei oiomodute personaees on the most reasonable terms, whii h greatly facilitates the distance to the city can be very agreeably entertained du - riiig the season. 1 he subscriber trusts, that the convenience, together with the prepaialions he has marie, will meet with (lie approbation ol the public, and secure to In hi their imtronat;e. V i. The best ol liipior, &r. coastaully krpt on band. Ualcd 14lli Aug Irti'J. K BALDWIN, Piivafe carriages will be furnished at all times, ut a more riotsouaoie rate lliuu elsewhere, an 14 2wt OKiMlYlE KI'RKE'I' ACADEMY. Iy L. 'iTRQHAND having tak - n inli part . ncrship his broiler U. TUKQUANU, late - ly airivid Irc ni ll ily,' reEptctfully informs hi patrons an I the public, that their alademy will open oa Monday neit, the 1 7th Aignst intt. lor the reception aad education ol youth of both sex - it, in uparaie iijiurlm uls, iu the following t. ranches ol Literature, viz Latin, ; English Grammar Italian, Languages. French, ) ' Mnthemitics, Rhetoric Bulles Letlret Navigation iMensuratioR, Surveying. History, Geography with the ore of the Giohta. Astronomy, accompanied by on Orrery and 5p':eo. liiMi'i keeping by singlo and dovWo entry, the pioir - cuou ol olaps, lUaJir.g, v ui.niii.u Ariui ini tic. Two competent lenjic t - d ,l..'n D mg attach .i i , i, s 'to , .i l. - '.iln." also taught 'liie accommo': - .ti ' in tu Acad' mv are such at to admit i i i !,i:d;cii worn the uge of 3 yeais l.;i:i.i; ibimu many of tie above branches on iiioikrate terms. A few Boarders mav be accommodated in the family where the French and Italian languages are spoken ltd i in Books f r sale. aug 14 2w IRIfH LI.Nr.SS, DiAfEKS, &c. r"HE subscribers have received by the hte .L arrivals from Ireland a very handsome assortment nf 4 - 4 whites, some in deini pieces Also 7 - 8 do browns from 7 to lHd.very superior goods, which they will sell oo moderate terms. J.4 W. STERLING & CO. aug 7 2w 4 1 South - street. 20, casks Roman cement, just received and for tale by ' ANDERSON St SHEARER, aug 12 2 131 WRter - street. I r..v DOLl - AKS KhVVARD. STRAYED or stolen, on the UUi inst. frnoi Ihes'jbscriber. a white and black spotted and rimarkably handsome milrh t.nw, without horns. WliiwverwilldiHovertaidroWMnd hnn: her bark to her owner, shall receive the above reward. U. KENNEDY, Bank street, near the Slate Prison, NYork, aug 13 3! TO LET. TO be let 'till the firt of .Alay, or on a Lease fr f mrteen years, that large and spacious family House, situated No. 46 Broad - street, wiOi or without couch house and stables ; the pre n.isetViave been lately put in thorough repair for a Urge family, or a resprctable Boarding houie ; the premises are 209 feet i:i depth from the front in Uroad - street, to the cotirh. house irv New - street, with a Uiy gatUen and an exten sive wine celler. au 1 It t - T - J, A r'AflM TO LKTO.ySUAifCS. ttutl! The Farm it situed near Newark, and com aii, s about 30 acres of the best land, includ - ii g a gir tea of two acres 5 the proprietir will iMrni'h all hectssary articles. Aay person of a good cl racier, tber, honest, aod industrioe, may apply at this OuVe. A good kitchen Gardner would be prefcrcd. aag 13 lw TCI t.F.T. j 1 !,.,! ir.e iirs ni next imav. a imre ,stJI . . . bU situated. No. 117 William street, three doon fiota Job street, , Enquire '.,,.. . auglfCt . No. 13 Gold itreet I ivr draws again on laesd iy moruiogneit, wbn lb 3d days drawing will give to the first drawn uuiuber a pritu of luoO duliiut. ' There are oianv vahiahlc prizes besides those of$IOO,tW, 60,100,20,100, 10,000, and 5000. i ickets ana Miaret lor talc ti ' . CHXESI'IE'S Lottery and E haiige Cffi;e," No. 1 Id.Lroadway, opposite City Hotel. Cash will he. paid for all prizes sold at abuie. aug 14 2t Albl'lCAL cCli.NCL LGl' PER Y N' OW drawing regularly onco a week, and there it every rrasou to suppose that" it will draw la - ter nest Septeuder. i'APllll 1iI71'5 SIOO.OOO JU0.000 50.LOO U.000 $;,ooo Tickets and Shares in a variety cif numbtrs. muy lie t hti.ined on the l t terms of 1L. WAIlr:, Jun. Ui HrOadway, Who sold nmre prizes in the last Medical Sci em e Lottery than any other OHice in this city. Cash to any amount advanced lor prizes ioou as (liawn, and adventurers are particularly requested to observe that nil tickets sold l y R. TViiite, Jun. will have hisname oo the nark, at he intends to pay all the capitals at tuon at pre sented, aug 14 1 prize uf 100,000 DOLLARS - 1 do of 5!),0iO do 1 1 1 o do of 20,000 do do of 10,009 do do of 5,K"J do do of 2,000 do do of ECU) do 43 The above are the canital piizes in the 6th Medical Science Lottery, which is now drawing in this city. - The tirt drawn miuiber on I u - .s - day moriiiiig next at half pust 6 o'clock, will be entitled to 1000 dollars. I'kkita and Shares in a variety of numbers for sale at the liuok Store and Lottery Ctike of J. A. BURTU5 ic CO. . No. 19 Peck - slip, cnriier of WuUr - street. PREbE.NT TEICE, Whotu tickets i.'i.liuit. ll;dl 15 D. I krs Q'lari.'M 7 Dollars 50 es. Luhth' 3 Dullart75cts. Siatecutli 1 Dctlar.ti" cts. g 1 1 UCRKr No. I3.U'J4. 7 UltiTY TU OUSAIfD DOL LA tl PHIZ E V FF.W days since the Capital Prize in the i. Medical College Lott. ry ol Baltimore, was ('.d and paid at WA1 1'E'a Truly Fortunate Lnlti ry uuil lxcliaugo Cilices, in a half and two (iiaiter shares; und in a few weeks will be liiaivn the Capital Prizes iu tl.c Medical Science Lottery ol ew - or, viz. ilOO.OiH) , I $10,000 50,000 6,OlO 20,000 J ti. & R. WAITEhave for sale in this spkn did Lottery IJL ES. QUARTERS FISHTHS, Which may draw the above phz , n early application is made, tscvrrai oilier cnpitut pn have recenliy I" ea out a men i incir i inshaiesol tickets ; iimnngi - t thin was (he hi, - .h - est evel sold ut any olhve in tins c.ily, iu u hull, luartcrr.tnl two eighliis, whiehweie nil paid as s,k n t drawn. Purchasers will ideate to nherve lh: - t Wniles name is on tho back ol every Tii kct Ihry .'ell. All I nzes sold at their Uiliccs, will t e paid as soon as (liawn. aug 14 lit li E.N J A dl 1U ri.ER'b piin list ol tin - Medieul .Science lottery, 2d day's draw - No. 15,577, 1000; ios. 3152, 3U73, l:i.r!'3, 1341.9, 13541, . 100 oath. First drawn number. t Sold on Saturday at I his office. Q'j' 'Phe subscriber's nflice will be open this cviniiig until 9 oVbick. Tickets rie to - morrow, previous to which tliry may lie hai at ; parts in proportion. libiNJAMIJI uu I, auj; 11 2 1 vvaii - st. (17 - The ti'ie new sluitm I C - ll rW'PL - V s Al ijuwsti;l i s rf 700 fons burthen, James r - iJft?'i'?ji.7j8 Mnr Kinzie, master, vril! K.iiiiiiciK.e ruiiumg on the lirst day of Mny mt, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara. on the 1st, I Ills and 21st day of ear h inondi, ami Nrnesira, f - vr - ri; and King'trm, the 6th, 16ll and 25th day of one h month, during the season, where evtryattenlion will he paid to the ease ami comion rti me passengert. Applications forptitsage lobe made to the cap tain on Imurd. Kingston, C!ls April, !f)!?l. J 7d&cff)cl Fl.EiCliKR'S (F.l.KBaATUl VS (. KTAHI.r. RALVE. A1 MJItfcVV FLETCHER inlbrms the inhn - bitnutt of Ihiii city, of un extraordinary ulve prepared and made by him. It it com posed entirely of herbs, nud other vegetable substances, and possesses, in arPtrree al'oKeth - er utitqiilled by any thirg nf the kind known, lbs excellent yualriesol mohfyins, drawing and healinz, but not slightly, all manner of wounds and runnings to be used in every cuse, without exception, where the skin is broken. Incuses of the Scuivy Hnd King's wiil absolutely, though it may appear incredible, jpcrtorui toe most perfect cure. Thecgouizirg pain of wounds, cankered thro cold, stress, or other causes, it will mitigate in a lew minutes, tor mere than seventy yean it hat hero made in the writer's f iiaily, ami is well known as Fletcher's Healing Salve, in a wide eirclf, round the neighborhood of Dalkeith, and New battle his native place, in Scotland. I here it has, iu cast s the most hone less, preserved the arms and l - gs, if no! the lives, ofhundicds ofpeoph,' Hat tin: writer is aware, that it is extremely improper and equally una vailing for him, to state cases which have hnn pened in a country so remote; it is only for him, by coiiiiuued Hdv.'itisen,ents, to make it known in this populous i ily, and he hat the happy con Cdencc, that u ueiierous public will give him credit, until the lin.'g iuaypeaB lor nseir establish its own iiientt, and prove itt advertiser true man and no impuster. The writer feels happy in possessing in (hit country nil Ihe means of making this invaluable medicine, which In de cline making public in the midst of more thar one hundred lhoiianil people would he criminal in the extreme, towards suffering humanity. I o te sold in bores, price 1, Z and ji. by Mr. JOH V DltENNAN, sole aeent for the proprietor, 475 Pearl street, New Ynrlt I each box inclosed in a small paper, containing a few printed directions lor using it. aug 13 Imt NEW AND ELEGAN P CABINET FLRNI 1URE. jVo. 23 If Virren - j. etc miors from Rmdtrag. A CHOICE astortmcut of Cabinet Furniture, t partk - nlarlv sideboards, patent dining, card and ladies' elegaut work thbles it it presuaieJ the like hat uever before been manufactured m America. Mahogany Chairs, Softs and Settees of the U'H style, iim suorcriiiert assure in puuin , that none can until r sell them, coo'parirg t,oali ty. Uuholstr? work end roller window blind. Ail or.h rs in the above lines will be thankfully received and puuctua'ly executed by aug 13 GILLESPIE & WALKER. HORSF.3 AND CARRIAGE. IT'Ort BALL, a pair of like)? active blark V Horses, seven veart old. f bey match in spirit and gait, are fast trotters and tu excellent cofi'htiou tor a lourney. . Als, a light Coachee ia excellent oruer. Inquire at thitctJice, oug 14 6t rfTTl - l FOlt SALE, llsiV A rery profitable FARM, of 110 acres, .. n.irrl - nn.ier cultivation, the reside wood land, situate on the tea shore, a quartei of a mile i.lnw, ti.A narrows, ontlie Slalcu 1'iand side a'i a short ride irom the steam boat lerry landui. It gives a very extensive view of tiie bay and eu - vironsofNew - York, witliin tbe Narrows, and ol Sandr Hook and the ccean Jor l quailed by none. Ths tiU it Two tbiids of the purcfease sioDey may remain secured upon the laud. Affly to A. V. D. Fouo - tamon the pushup, orto tv i cci - i v 11 1 r?Mw.k - .i TO LET, a convenictit bcw 12 story boute, adjoining the above, with a garden and about aa acre cf land. For term tpply at abova. zub 3 todU MUJLS, MLYTOjY 3 CO. V ' Monday, . - . At half past IX o'clock, atUieirau:tion roorrj, No 14 Pearl - street, un eiteu' ive ;,sto. tiiiifit Uii'iih and Freach goodr, amoeg vhk - haie 3 baits supt. aud nsartf U cloths; I do domestic da , t casts Irish arid t Ik lu.tnf ; 1 do Cue liaeit hed tick ; 1 cute gr ii aiui t. lack N;vi - Miurs ; 1 do blk. 1! Telnet ; 1 do lliiglif h blk' aud w Into lace shawls and veils; 1 fri hilt, dsvtit shhwlii; I do limn thread itvi kn:g: 1 dosxpf. v.hile flaunei ; i do blk tntltti MidTich fig'd ribrionsi 1 lo latin dbmask and rJiu( tr tahi; cloths, front 6 - 4 to iti - 4 i 1 dotuiif. strong steam loHu slnrl -; 1 do wu!hilig1oo atr,,i.. 1 Jr, rstin stripe gauze bdkls, I hoahuc ifttead !i,cc, and fcuuiu - ber ofoll crartidis. - f At XII o'tdork, 4 cim s in'ns wnri'hbts. u.tiilii.t. t'Jn tLii.L) . T 1 II E propi'n - '.urs f i ihe southem marble qunj lies, Liar Knig's - uuuge, rv - 'itc, thai thiy have rn hniii'., are rettiviur, tl ti.o Am,',' t - ISrulf'f. .''ur;: fill J ilfl - lOd, loot nf Bcach - str', on 'Jie Uo.N'li river, an eatearive slock of marble lor tuilXi ot"ih loiiowiDg uc - scriplicns, vii : A - ldar Coping Fouiulatior. Stor.a Cui;jiuy - piecei Faciiigi ColUKlii Watertablt Steps Plnlformt bills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best ouh'i'.y. fI7J A constant supply of tLe aim o n - . - .Uwi'a may be calculated upou ; pud thrje d' - cronj it purchasing, or making engaeemtnts, wid io EZRA lud:..ow. Fehll At the Y':.rJ. fALKAGE SALE. frV - On Tuesday, the llldi inst. at 10 o'clock, ut the. auction store, No. 144 P;arl s'.re, t, '.100 paikf g'.alrcsh niiortcd IHiy .l.uuiJt, viz : Agential assortment ci Cloths, Stuffs, osttn'.cd Hosiery, Dimities, ' Liuv.n Liuens, linitunou cnt - rtuigs, rtate dilicors, t uncy Muums, voi - - Ion Shirtings, iish l.inetn, Cotton Threads, in skeins and bulls, Sbnwls, Cambric Muslius, sup''. Prints, Flanuels, Vesting', blue and assorted l'ihin - . Furniture Calicoes, Bleached und L'ti - lileuched Sheetings, Beaver llutt Needles, pins, Uc. Catalogues will be ready on Monday aiom - tiirg previous to the tale, hnd the goods may ta examined till the hour of tale ou Tuesday. Terms, approved endorsed uotts at 6 months. A great proportion of these goods arc entitled ta debenture. David dunham & co, auglSStt Auctini,eers. tl.r' NO PICK is heroby given, that the part uership formerly subsisting between J. C.'Lyiuh and Joliu Buroett, aswiue Bietcl.Ruts, &C. is db solved this day by mutual consent. New - York, August 12, 1HI8. au 12 lw 'J j - Cotirisnocs of goods per Kubicou, from flavrn, are uqucsted to teud their permits oa l o.ud, at Jones' wharf. 1 hose goods for which no permits are received will be sent to the pub lie ttore on Monday nest, 1 7th inst. bu 13 ijf 'I he board ol Managers of die society lor ths; Prercnlion nf Puvptritni, will meet tlut atteriioon, at 5 o'clock, ut the New Votk Free School, No. I, committee room, au 13 J. CURTIS, Sec'ry P. T. i of AngUifld, tin Ualijn.c, A". Letters lor His liritaiinic Majesty's racket iVioiilagiie, w ill ue received nt the Pott Oflice 'till Wfihietday aiternoon the ?d of Septcroler. nug 14 T. Wl MOOUE, Agent. Ly - llver Luke, Niagara, Eastern, i: Vouth - eru bank notes, receiveel at par for lottery tick cts, by BLXJAMIjY IWTLF.R, i aug 14 37 Wall - street. LLCTURE AU rEOiAIIONS. MR. DWVER respectfully irlormt hit I'riendiami the public that he wilt Lcc'urn ti recite at Washington Hall, tomorrow livening, - t,v.(0eliiny) August Ittli, loiu. ' rerlortnaDie tecomnience atuo'elortt. 'lieu ps, at 75 i ts. each, to be had at tbe bars f the V. aMiiugtuo Hall, Bank Coffee House, and City Hitet. ijcll taTr.Aarl IsOAT siOlLfcR IRON. I UeT received, and for tnle by AUEF.L St .J DL'NSCOMfl, ten tons oteam liot Loilef Iron, 6 leot long, from 21 to 24 inches wide, and 1 - 4 iurh thick. bii It I w A 1 I M. Monday in August instatit. nC The public is resprctfi'lly iiiforracd, that Mr. John R. Smith is enga d as diawinif mas ter, and Mr. ScbilTely lis le i harof the JTcuca, pauirh aud German languages, aug 3 tl.MAn! ' A ll r.TXUtiHE. A YOUNG Wcman, with a ood breast of milk, wishes a titurstion as U'el N'uir, in a respectable family. She can give (he most satisfactory references as to character and nbility . Enquire at 13 Garden - street, r 33 Water - tt. aug 10 lw BOARD 1 wo gullmueu can b weliaccoui moaluted as pe.rmaneut Hoarders iu a private French family, at No, SICourtlandt - streel. aug!2 2w . - IOL&T, That eh sard and uiiumudioiis House ou the corner of vvail - strett, and Broadway, recently occupied by Mrt. Morrison as a Boardir. House. Possession may bu bad immediately. Kcrterms euquire ol RICHARDS tt TAYLOR, nug 12 lw 145 Pearl street. LOST. . ON Tuesday evening, ia the nrighboihood of Sttu.toQ and Riviiiglon - nreets, a small !.nl .Morocco l'o:ket Book, cont..inn g 35 dollar - ' in Hank notes, anoteol baud draw n by Sandy LU - tin in lavor of the suhscritvr, datewl the 1 1 tit ii.t. at CO days for 100 dollars, and sundry hill'', re ceipts, tie. 01 no consequence to any person but tiie owner. The Under ih.dl receive ten d.dl. rs reward by leaving the book and craiient with, .ti.eyrvcii:, s. i 1 1 1 41 i, ('orner of Riving tin and Essex - strei Is. aug 12 If 1 tX)HlAI.F.t A country House hnd Farm, on the ra't hank of Hudson's River, ill Ihe Highlaud - . a' r 1' 54 miles from Nrw - Yoik. Iviae bei.w.. country seals of William Denning, Lsqui' - ept. Phillip, and neirly opposite Wc t f The farm contains 121 acres. Tbe housu (wn.ib wnthuiliin IS05) hat 12 rooms, exclusive : the kiichen,andpoaese"every couveoienci necis ry (or a family. I hf re is also a lurm r.oe.i., barn, stable and older out - hous, in goort o - ler, a erirden and a creat vaiicty of fruit trees ti.e bestkinds. A further dcription is not g' - cn, because persona inclined to purchase wi;l ro doubt view the premLes 1 for wl jch purpose application may be made to Mr. Jnniet J h'itapA on the farm. For the terms of sale, enquire of . WM. HENDERSON, 55 Wail - street, New - York. i 8 Wi3 3dpa2ru WRITING l.N SIX LESSONS. air. DE SPuA.NOH hat ohtaimi Letters it I Patent of tie U. 8 . for hit Inveutioo of teaching!! art of Writing in in lessrmt. He . will rnaoie any person, of whatever age, and n'ltwitnsianmnz any nau iirdhs iney ma v nave contracted, to wnte well and with rapidity, after hating received these lessons. Persons of good cnpr.cily wiil le able, by a strict attention, to write well in (bar lettont, each lesson of one hour. ' The solid utility and merits of that system caa be bet Ken in itt particular retails, in those b'fiutitwlaud vnrkirrtpectsxvew it tas pfxluced, and which caa seexaaiiiird.BtUr. tl. S teach - tog roots, No. 4tf Broxid - sllsreti . - " . Air. D. B. bavrt.g just rpiismed frost Wasliicg - ton, where he bat taught with gTenttrnTPe, aud where In mtllKMl has been souc'i - ertn,rin ry thf r:ad of trvviiinviit, will reii:" y 'cue . or five weeks ia'New - Y'oik, aler wl sch tia icipast return to AVarbtrgb. i miai - rsent nv:dr at tls - trJsutatKia cJ ar of gentlemen Of that ri'y.. . fc 0 at. rv a Jiii srl a tsMeat ns' - .t. and learn hi syiteti V tfcS thTl topuubateiti jsweotnirt

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