Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 25, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1943
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3ES IT READ 3.43? ·]···-····' · -- f t p - at the date after your I".-";5-5v'?'M«iie at the top of your pat .-"'· .-"UCpiF. W ^ reads 3.43 your v c-Cftffccription expires this ' j t h according t o o u r rec- PROGRESS-REVIEW Iteachers Get $3500 Boost in Salaries ; gSpeciaI Meeting Held lM"W'ednesday Night Grants All Increases Reat LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, LETTERS OFFICIAL Black Hawk County und La Porte City NEWSPAPER [ar.d since the sun would set at 110:50 a. m., sneak behind a I mountain peak, and "come up" March 3. 11143 U. S. Navy Dear Editor, I thought I would drop you a i Bt 2:05 a. m, there was little few lines to let you know I still to rest K fVS-S 11 " 1 - - - ^'jfjK * By the way if there's anyone around La Porte City thiu knows the whereabouts brother, Floyd, I of my twin would appre- date it if they'd drop me -a line the basis of :i letter or two telling me about where ffj-bm the state superintendent of he is. ^Schools raying- that teachers sal- This navy life is swell but I could be raised in line with salaries in thc community ·ff^jjrithout objection, despite the fed- salary freezing regulations, La Porte City school board special meeting Wednesday ·otcd to offer the entire i, : ; pij;sent teaching staff a substan- vj'tiiil raise in the form of bonuses " f-$"tKbe paid at the end of the next i^iejiool year providing- the teacher ·%!-*dSes not leave during thc year. · J-'SSSeorge Martin, ?nperintendent, ?i'£5»s raised from S2700 for 12 l-^iamnths to $2E)00. He received "-ii'lBJoO thc year befoi-e. irt Olscn, principal, sure miss the old home town. I'm looking forward to being back there soon. Well, I guess I can't think of anything else to say except I would certainly like to hear from some of the folks back there. Best wishes to everyone, Lloyd Edsill. get Soo for 10 months in place of March 14, 1943. Dear Everett, I had been planning on writing you sooner, but these last few weeks have been busy ones. I have been receiving the home town year's S1SOO. He the year before. received larra.i lliss Taylor, music nnd Eng- teacher new this year, was id from S1215 to SM !0 a year. . Wocstehoff. band director history teacher, will get i from the school for nine h?, plus whatever the for the. three summer city paper for two months now, and I sure wait for Tuesdays--that's the day it most generally arrives. One thing I like to do is read the different ads for each store in town, the movie ads and above all I like your editorials- The old home town paper sure is swp'l to receive when one is in the service, so please except my thanks again night week to find when the so-called "night" would begin and end--it was always daylight. Now of course it's just vice-reverse, dark most of the time. Figure I'll join a coal miner's union or start a mole's club. V\ c're putting in a much rougher winter here than we did down at my post last winter--that was really in the banana belt. However, it could be worse. I don't know where, but it's a pleasant | thought. The last few months we've been catching up on our home work, drilling, maneuvering and things all your political and economic principles, so we can shoot holes in them when I get home. I've formulated some pretty harsh opinions and I've proof to back them up. Reckon I couUl even sell Herb and Barney on a couple. In the next war I'm going to be a ringleader in national defense-preferably making little motors for tricycles. Thank the whole town for the Christmas cards and present?.! Sonic day I hope to acknowledge' thtm all, but right now we live one dny at a .time. Keep her nose on the horizon! Sinccrelv, "\Va E " (Capt. Roy E. Wagner, Jr.) S2.0Q per year; 82.50 outside Iowa NEW GUINEA .JUNGLE Farragut, Idaho March 1G, 19-13 n' stuff. We finally received some! boys liked Dear Mr. Smith, So far I have received two of your papers and believe me they arc very welcome. Also the other real equipment and are now sitting pretty. The natives are certainly tickled to see the men around and they stand in awe as some of our stuff whips by--they've never Of course, "Red and Gold" is my favorite column. The school is doing a swell job of putting in interesting news. I am now on my sixth week of schedule and I feel like a veteran Out of Town People At Mrs. Nutt Rites The out-of-town relative. a n , l ! T ? ! ^ j friends attending : ht - fmu'rali Hjfl 16? service f o r Mrs. F rar ,k B X n t - l 1VC TM Ml " r | lml Mr ^- C. D. R y a n ! (V| J. and Mrs Frieil-i ^ r n n - ,,.- D i VI f f r l » . ... _ l '·' -3Luu^ o 4 Boone.s-. -i.r.A n_-1^ l/ Dcnniston. .M r . a n ( 1 j[,~ s " rji^.'J,. Eldridgc, Mrs. Jos. sephine C r . f t Center, Roy .;,;il ,, r :l ,, d M r ' Mrs. hlmor L assi ,n of Mr. and Mrs. l l u r l f v .\-. ,-sart, and Cpl. Henr;.P ! uf Los Angi'lcs, Caii:'. The casket beaivr? .v,Kline, Jump? Paydor,. F.- y " My address has been changed, He got S1800 for 12 Iths from the city ar.d school T year, and $1500 for 12 months |year before. Hiss Swartzcndruver, liomc eco- liics teacher, will get $1600. gets 51400 this year, and paid $1200 the year before, dr. Hcmbera, commercial teach- new this year, was raised from 15 to $1575. AT. Matthews, agriculture Icher who received S2200 this ir, was not ;L candidate for re- ction. The board estimated that position could be filled at a year, but will probably since I finished my boot camp Saturday and was sent here at Camp Pendlcton. I'm in a engineer battalion and like it swell. Last Sunday my folks came down to San Diego to see me. Kay, Dick, Mary and my aunt and uncle came along. I was sure glad to see them again, I have hopes of us all getting together again. Kay is planning on returning to Iowa in a week or so, so I have hopes of getting to Los Angeles this coming week end. i-os Angeles is about 70 miles from the camp. How Eddie? seen such things. One old Joe,Boy, do we ever razz the offered me three wives and a boxj"Boots." When they come in here, of cigars if I'd keep my men jit is entirely a new life and makes around, but we hadda hurry home i them a very bewildered group of and write letters (and shut up), nicn. The few white people around Wi people go out of their way to show the men a good time and the gesture is well received. My social career ended quite abruptly; I was practically ordered to attend a We have all of our shots, which suits me fine. And now we are| on "Wack Detail. Today my job, was on the rifle range, more fun,! swabbing deck as usuul. I The food is swell here and Russell Ashley to Fly in War Zone Russell Ashlev or Pittsburgh, an.. _..,- tain Arnold .\L-iistiidtcr ( r i g h t ) o f I ' l u s h i n g . N.Y.. in ii portable emergency h o s p i t a l . The container or sterile water and plasma in K 0 lu. Mrs. Roy E. ...-..,,_, ,.,,,, t'on hangs from the tent roof. M a n y his t r a i n i n g j n the Rn-,-,1 i ,T, a , ,, men bnclly wounded in b n t l l e I m i - c - i an \\ r Force -i- r """""-I ^ Ai.n ^ c " s;ivc[1 ihrowrh ii l i 9 ,,,011,0,1 of i p,. ; ',, - - " ' 1L t ""-"H.oio,vn. i and I.OL-al fiirt to Compete i Three St;ite Contests an for National Junior Low- Board Cliampinnship j Many L; Porv City : ,er i p l a n n i n c ; t n -u i n Vi-rtnr Friday :itui S:iruiYl;)v Mich r:alinn:il cnnvnctitiiw in swimniin : indoor c h a m p i o n s h i p .ncr-t and til | low-i.xiard . i i v i n t ; '.-jninr r.:itinr- , meet. I Hie ;)rogrnms -.vill ..-tart Friday afternoon w i t h elimination!; it -i'.«jions both *tnrr :it 7:;;i) p. m. Ashley, has rinisilcd ! Ig" \'; TM' Ev " li " R | Prince Edward I irunsiusion m-»clicii)ly o,, the spot ; '"'"·'· "«»"ru,;, Thc army mul nu vy h.ive requested ' homc on a fom-tcc.-.-day ^. T I J" -|llV,M»'U tnc Kca Cross to secure f o u r mil · ion pints of blood in I'ji;). card party the wives of a small sure make my fill every meal, lodge threw for some officers, sol By the way, I was also on "Mess under protest ! ventured forth.; Detail." They put me in the all thc amenities etc. "Old I locker where I cut and diced ^ Wag," another command performer and two elderly ladies sat down to a fast game of whist (yippee!). Anxious to please and trying to keep the ball rolling, I grabbed the cards, shuffled them thoroughly, and without thinking --I burned the first card. Oh are you getting along Say hello to the gang. send the paper I, as have most other boards, WouU ' please : ng teachers are ^seldom avail- tQ my new addrcs ,,. Yours, Pvt. James F. Rampton Engineer Battalion T. C. Camp Pendlcton, Oceaiiside, Calif. 2G5 lints 3SE Jour $1.* bxs. even at twice that pay. rs. McNitt, science teacher this year, was raised from to $1.195. Miss Newton, math teacher, was raised 512GO to §1440, and Miss |nde, English tencher finishing first year, went up from ?1215 $1440. radc school raises were on [ree scales. The two upper adc teachers. Miss Helen Flem- and Miss Struntze, will get 60 a year. The rest will get year with the exception i|Mrs. liinkle and Mrs. Fischer,! ;d in recent months, who will | 51170. The year before all) e teachers received 5810 j that year, or 5900 if veter- iin the system, and during |current year all have been the same salary, $10S5 fith one exception, the tcach- i will all receive exactly the ,..., 's they demanded in letters |i ; tj||thc board asking for re-elec- The exception is Miss iphine Miller, veteran of two : years in the local system, is being given more of a than she asked, oard members estimated that new salary schedule would case total salaries here next a little more than 11 per f- Last year's boost was a lit- [sliort of 20 per cent, making (increase in salaries of about [ per cent since outbreak of In some individual instances, [ever, thc raises since outbreak »'ar will range from 40 to 50 [ cent. Whether the federal government ' veto salary increases in ex-. C 15 per cent since January 1042, under term. of the . Steel" wage formula it nforcing on other salaries, has Syet been tested, and there is le doubt whether thc federal 1 P. S, Here's a hello to all my pals in the service. (Editor's Note--The following letter from Cant. Roy Wagner was mailed from "somewhere in Alaska" early this month. A few days later Captain Wagner was ordered back to the United States in La Porte City the first half of this week). Shangri-la Terrace 7 March 1943 Dear Everett: Comes now "Old Wag" and his annual report with plenty of poppycock to give thc censor the fits. Not of my own volition, however --the chief purpose is to renew my subscription to the Progress and herewith arc a few fish for that--consider this my request. The weatherman finally let the mail through yesterday and "oh daddy" did I ever score hits. Most of thc men thought I was sick because "the old man" was actually smiling--maybe human, huh? IS 7 o doubt you have been ca.lmj me a nigger for lo these many months, but thc time has really whipped by. (If y" don't know I'm kidding--I am.) Have thought of you many times; yes, I can see you now, wearing a zoot suit with a reel pleat, honking about the rationing, at"! bootlegging tires Oh excuse me, have you all up -with the Seattle ""' --sorry. I just ·ic coast newspapers ,. sneak up and win the war leave us sitting here untold. Thi* place would amuse you · - - that ALL ABOUT AFRICA The "Letters" column next week will contain a long letter from Cpl. Forrest Brunk, which reached us too late to be set up for this week, in which "Skippy" describes his experiences during the landing near Casablanca and describes with a good deal of humor his life in Africa 'since that time. Don't miss his letter. It's well worth reading. vegetables-also my hands. I want to tell everyone hello and if they can write, be sure and do it. Verne Foster is in the same company with me and he is at work at the moment, or he Bond Quota Is Cut Here will enmnetii Friday night in ihi- w n m e n ' s :hrnc-meter living i-vent. and in '.!K ;10 yard A,,,.;, , , , ; - - · - · ' - wir " : '"'' i-'irls M "and then will be given 'fo^ ,'U" ' TML * n "^ " i( ' ht **' w '« The AsMcv /;,,,,;;-, ·£i, ^ '-T m " W ° m c n l i 1T!ny TM ce Miiiui m which mm- ^jrl.j He reports hack bv I'lii-lough. rrcpptv),. Ashley f;mi:h- will the week end at Sioux in the home of Mr am 1 ^ V. Kcsslur. Mayor Hawkins Announces Revision to "a Satisfactory Figure" La Porte City's war bond quota, announced last week us $171,000, has been "adjusted satisfactorily" would also write. I am sure t h a t ) by A. E. Randall, county boiid jen i 19' rui« plations can be enforced IJ'ist school boards. Some Iowa have protected themselves, '· by making raises con- on receiving federal ap- . ^his was not done here, salary increases voted at amounted to 53445. :ure will be cut pro- e agriculture department n °t filled. If another tcach- ful yarns you will disbelieve them, while those I intersperse with little white lies for the Toggery conferences will be blandly ac- Moana, you never heard so many throats cleared, but none as loud as mine. Haven't been able to tear myself away to attend another session since. Have a fine bunch of lads in this company, The junior officers are swell and very dependable-they hail from New York, California, Michigan and Oregon. There is never a dull moment. Of course the "old man" is a badger of the first water, but we get along. My first sergeant reminds me of Harry Esher--coz "Esh" ain't as big as Bcnchina but they joth travel 90 miles an hour. This 'top kick" has only had 28 years service and soldiered in every country there is. Since I can't get a leave it's fun to get him started on his past ventures and travel .he many lands by mind wander- ng; and figuring him as a darned liar and discounting his tales 70 per cent you still have a nice trip. One sergeant is a dead ringer from Brian Donlcvy in thc movies, and he's really a ball of fire. It took a couple of months to accomplish, but I now have the stage all set. Everyone works like two niggers, but "Wag," he does thc worrying and supervising (whatever that is) and catches all the hell from higher headquarters. It's a treat to me to see our 'huskies" work; couldn't be without dog teams here. The lead dog seems almost human; they trot along pulling their hearts out and as you approach a fork in the trail they look back with n he would want me to say hello to everyone, so I will. "Hello!" This is certainly a beautiful place, nested down between thc mountains nnd the pines all I around. Also there is a very nice ilakc here, and I have only seen lit once. It is spring here and be- jfore long thc rain will bei?in to fall, so I hope that I will graduate soon. It is against navy understanding for me to tell too much about the camp, but I will say t h a t it is bigger than you con imagine, also it is very new and undeveloped. My shipmates are a swell group of fellows. Most of them from Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Wyoming and the west coast. They arc all young and we arc known as the wildest company on the station, but really we are a group of sweet little "angels." Do you believe that? I want to thank you again for the paper and I'll knock it off at that. Yours truly, Bob Van Fleet H. R. Van Fleet--a|s Company 66-43 Camp Waldron, U. S. N. T. S. Farragut, Idaho Fort Knox, Ky. March 16, 1943. Dear Everett, Just a few lines to let you know that I am located at Fort Knox, drive chairman, it was revealed today by Mayor Roy F. Hawkins Exact figures for the new quoUi were not announced. There had been some feeling that this community's I M S quota --nearly three times what was pledged last year--was far higher than could be reached. Mayor Hawkins and Wcldon Belts, co-chninncn of the present drive in this city, report t h a t almost every man of thu larjri- group iisked to help with the solicitation reported p r o m p t l y and is now at work. Figures and progress thus far in the drive have not been compiled, but response is said to be satisfactory. Convention Next Week men urn- red nut to Chester Crew Works On Wrecked Church L. IJ. Chester ant! ihi ployed by h i m , ha.-c hi the John G. .Miller Consti Co. of Waterloo and are working on the Catholic churcn at Independence which was dnmugctl by thc .storm last week. Thi- working w i t h Mr. Chester ruction Baird, Brown. Ky. This is where it always rains I. , mcm and the sun never shines so they I |OC| K« arc Rcbckahs from Three Counties to Meet Here Next Thursday Delegates form twelve lodges of Ererner, Butler and Black Hawk counties are expected to be present «t the Rcbekuh Tri-County convention to |, 0 held here next Thursday. Mrs. Iluth Hamblin, Marshalltown, is also expected to be present. Thc meeting will convene at 9:30 Thursday morning. All members of Thistle Itcbokah Niles Swartz, John ll-.irmon Edgar Miller. Garnet Olive Gets Call Into Service Oarnet Olive, son of Mrs. Edna Olive, is one of the fifty-two Cedar Falls students in the army reserves called into active service, ··ind will report at DCS Moines March '10. * '""· Gurnet has been working- .it John Deerc's and attending-' «il- Icffc in Cednr Kails. Thanks Christmas Seal Contributors Mrs. Grt'cr M c Q u i l k i n this week issued formal (.hunks to those who helped in (he Bruce township Christmas seal drive. "The recuipls t h i s year far ex cecded those nf last year," Mrs McQuilkin said, "iind I am ver; happy becuust of the fine r-j Sponse." nil under will r - o m p e t f - v.-i;ii ;i :,..-im m 1 older s^\ininiers: ^ n r l ;.;sn sometime during r h i -v.-ninc; ,-ise w i l l enter the jurior n a l i o n n l luw-bunrrt div- '.ntr contest, '.i-hern she is crmceried an oursidL' i.-hnncn of .:anti:rin|? a national chainpinnship. A special f e a t u r e ' ,,f ;he meet will lie c o m p e t i t i o n for !ln first ;ime in synchronized swimming, in which 'jams will swim in rythm and unison to music. This feature is described as ;L Ijall.-t in wntcr. The main conrcst; in (his event will he Friday rvemne;, ,vith «n ··xi:ibition by ;!IL- u-iiiners tlio following nijjht. Despitn iransnortatioii .lifficul- "ii's, a ^ood ricW .if entries has already been received, uccordiup to Mrs. Art Olsen. who has hud charge of most (if Lhc ;irranpc- ments for the contests and who will ;ict ns .-innout-.ctr. There are ··ibout SCI ijii thus f;n- for the 01 ihcni have al- records 17 events. r?aily made outstanding :ii midwest and nationnl' competition, and the show at Cedar Tails promises lo he ,,ne uf thc best in ' is part i,i Iowa in many years. Admission prices will rnnpc from 10 ,. C nts for children to 35 cents l u r adults. Student will bt. L'O cents. price John Miller Home From Army Duty John Miller, who has buun stationed at San Antonio. Texas, at an air cours'- elassific.'Ltinn centei as a mechanic, has been honorably discharged und ruturnt-t home on Thursday morning to engage in farm work for the summer. say, they|' U U B l ! ure U1 'tfed to attend thc ,oj, but I have seen the sun a ! "fu'ar lodge meeting Thursday, few times in the past two months Ma , rchlu25 ' i 1 ." 10 J ' °- °- F - h" 11 that I have been here. As y o u , n n d thc Tn-County convention know Kcntuck is advertised as'the| n c x t Thursday, April 1. land of beautiful women and fast horses but so far I have seen one aij; pUG ns-ioq well Mrs. Oscar Miles Injured in a Fall Mrs. 0. E. Miles fell in her bath- oom last Saturday nijjht, fmc- turin^ and dislocating the l)one ^^^ lin her .shoulder nenr the scsket. i v \vt-c i-Arvi i Sni; was taken by ambulance to i \T ^ ,, I Presbyterian hospital Sunday and Mrs. Hiram GeorRC m o r n i f(Jr trelllra [. nt living near Cominp, recently heldl TUT Mr. · I see Duanc Goudy every now a clDS '"[f out sale On the farm r. i where Mr. George has resided! "OD make up your mind" expression on their faces. Given the new direction they take off like a streak of lightning. It's the big ccpted as all wool and a vard ou tdoors for those hounds, and wide. I they love it. To be specific, I am a milei Wel , ( smith, the flame has al- and a half north of nowhere and. most f rozen ao Hd to I'd better two miles east of no place in | break It off and tumble in the particular. One day last June thc ! B huclta. I'm scared to think how icu. ii anotner II^*LU- r ------- - , , is created in place of , (about 20 words cut by the cen- Job, however, thc total will sor) and here we Me. This is a since the school pays beautiful place; objectively speak- of the 52200 for the ag Iooks like bCt * cen long it's going to take me to thaw out if I ever get out of here. We usually sleep fully attired, but sometimes it warms up to 45 de, . -..- ~,M,U ..... lw v * 3 - . ,B«es below zero and "romance ' al hundred dollars more than of India - (Balance of description'killers"--excuse me, long wool _ " salary increases will almost censored by thc editor!) Needless;underhauls to you--are sufficient.jthey have a chance to get in thc to get a new high school t° aa y. we love il - ' ~ u . . and would have to pay the city dump and the Black Hole and then. He was in the same company that I am in, but was transferred to another company after ho got out of thc hospital. There are a lot of Iowa men here, I believe that about half of the men in the company arc from Iowa. I hear that La Verne Wolber of La Porte City is here, will have to look him up as it i good to see someone from the oU home town. They say join the armored forci and ride, but so far I have done more walking in thc past cigh weeks than I ' h a d in a number o years before. Since the first six weeks' basic training is over it has not been so bnd, as the company I am in all go to school of some kind or another. I am going to link mechanics school and like it real well. I will say this much to the fellows left back there that are going into the service soon that if most of the 07 years of his lifc.'gafe chased thn l . r l s-r , P i Mr ' a " [| Mrs ' Wi " V "^ who chased the land in 18oG and moved ,. . Cm ... ,,,,,,..., . . · ' , lo Iowa in 1859. CURIOSITY lv force a sharp increase, in h "B h Life insurance rates were plenty!me for months. | They've been the closest thing to'armored force not to turn it down 1 vnA f/\w Tvmnf.ha. ! OB if ia a trrpfit hm+mli *^t «UA. as it is a great branch of the for a while, but the! I finally found out where they 'service to be in. It may be a rather , when the new budget-is winter came and cooled off the get all that "home of the brave"lnew branch of the service but it next summer. There is Place: (When the weather was stuff-- right here. We have the certainly ia making a name for it' talk about town of a chal- bacl back home I used to frrowl'a'-airt 13th century plumbing, and self. Also it is a branch uf the against thc budget in Aug- al "d growl, but when it's bad up to drop by a Chic Sale blue room service where ratings come fast riiini. wou ]d test-thc legality here J J ust loclt np into the aky at 40 below--mister, yo.u hafta if a man ia willing to put forth t(Conf r and grin n «"")· We worked b« brave. · a little effort. Lota of fellows get rxvununued on page six) .frantically eatfiWishing a camp,,- You hold the fort and fira away a corporal tochnlciana rating in II A 27 year old sleigh causec some Dccorah residents lo turn and take a second look. Nick Rill, ing of near Ft. Atkinson, drove the ?leigh to town, ns his car hac broken down. He reported that it was better suited to the road con. ditions existing. live in Spring Creek township, have rcccivc-d word from their son. Bob, saying he had arrived rafely overseas, after not hearing Why wail? Sell it now, through want ad«I weeks which is considered rather good in any branch of the service. Will take this means of saying icllo to all of my friends back .here and as soon as we have this :hing settled I am making- my tracks back to good old Iowa to stay. I will appreciate very much four sending me the Progrcss- leview, as reading it is next best ;o being back there. Sincerely yours, Pvt Karl W. Haskin (37653800) from him for eight weeks. McQuilkin Now In Australia Word has been received from David Graydon McQuilkin that he is now located in Australia and is fine. He says he has a real coat of tan, and that thc climatt is similar to ours but more rainy. IOWA'S UATION CALliNWAJt TIKES Class A R a t i o n : i.'i,,,t inspection 'leadline, Marcrj ::i. /:iiias Ii Ratio!,: S,. tum ] ;,,.,,,,.,. Hon during f n u r ,, l u l l t h ,,, ri , Marcri 1 . .Jun,- :;o. "ass C JJntion or i.ulk coupons: .Second induction d u r i n g t J, reL . month punoil, .March 1 _ Alay 51 Commercinl vehicles; Kvcry CO days or ifvi-ry -i.uoo miles, which "A" book coupon* .Vy. r, valid -March 'i'i thmugii .Mjiy ;;j rUJi'L OIL Period -I coupons ( I I S ;,I S . ,, lch ) -xpire Apn] 12. ' Period 5 coupons (\\ ,a ; Si ^ch) now valid, L . xp j r ,. . Sc ., H - jfj ' Coupon No. 26 (I ]i, ) March 22, expire;; April 2!j vulid Coupon t! llj.^.) valid v a l i d March 1C, expire; M u v .it I'O/.vr HATIO.\; A, B, and C blue sUn March _.l through .U.-trch , r {|. t, Ii, and !·' !,J U e stamps valid March 25 lliru ut ;h A p r i l ;',0 s/io/;,s Coupo;, \ 0 . 17 i,, W'-ir jj ; u i u j , Book Uiit expires June I G . Head the want adsl Co. A, 14th Bn., AFRTC Fort Knox, Ky. U. S. Army. ···'.·-^ P L .S A Do .you ever^aet.ittnj*] ·-'fr,.' c.-'f^.-^jJ^j^jg^saaMaafafe^ffi^ 18 LOTS OF NEWS! Mrs. Clnrk Hoyt this week received a letter from her son, Oren, stationed somewhere in North Africa, snyinfr that early this month be received IS copies of thc ProErfsS-Rcview in one mail. Thc papers ran from October tfcroofh January, and had apparently accu- Roof Fire Hits John Dirscoll Home A roof fire. l,njj,, v e ,j to j, JVI , ;tart,;J fro,,, ;i dmniM.y . sp . lrki ( J j f j erious damage (o the J.ihn Dn- shjp .\Io,.,] a .. Or] ., roof IV;1 , ',/ } it, , f l l ir e Ic *U a good ,,,._.,, - »; home on e of the and here -for u time of the liiV a water d a m a i well. Less than roof of the same house chimney ijiy ,,, ,,,,,,.,, of U i c . Ti,,,,; ,.. !, .»,,. two Lack ' porch of i hi; Lieut Bill V/agner Arrives Overseas ·"!f*t he ov wws^'.Hia^;. has arrivid NEWSPAPER!

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