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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 15, 1818
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AEH' - rOlK ErjtLXLXO POST., SATURDAY. AUGUST 15.: - It is lamentable to find, that in the rage for pulltng oWn, which exists amcng the toleration gentry of Cbunccticnt, their vie ws art not confined simply to the demolition of laws, order, and ' fvniaicBL Were thU the casethe mischief Which will arise from the tetf being permitted to take the lead, conlj be in a great measure repaired, tvheaev er the head is suffered anio to - perform it proper function. However", we find that this boot the fact. The new rulers of Coo ne client are not tniiy striving lo demolish and break down the government, laws, and usages of the state, but they are waging war upon the oU venerable, though plain and simple, English language. We observed some symptoms of this disposition lajt spring, about the time that parson . Chancing delivered bis celebrated speech a poo a subject of " vniauginabk importance." Since that period we hare observed, by the to - leration papers, that the parson's tcnimaginable dialect has become quite fashionable until, at length, it would Mem, that the most simple ideas dance through their imaginations, iu all the rnvxet of metaphorical confufion." Indeed, the , aoost common and familiar conversation, we ex pert shortly to find carried on by means of tropes aaJ t jure. As a spcciintn of the toleration '( g ibbtruh, we select the following paragraph, the conclustoa er at late electioneering essay. If the?e people actually wish to create a new lau j sjuage, we advise them to depute a committee to this city, to examine the hieroglyphics upon Doc tor Mitchul's crick - tats. Our view shou.'d not be confine to any of the circle, but should embrace the ear cum.'ercnceoffociety. 'IIierm,ial weaWhouId , ieme cynosure 01 our policy ; and to this point every feeliug, every piinciple, should tend with more than magnetic altrac'Jon. The men iu WDoee bauds wo have measurably trusted Uie do - posit of our rights, to whom we hive measurably i .in eoi.unionoiiruestiuies lorries, should ha"e their affections purified from the . mue auoy oi personal, political, or religious ran - coor. Bigotry and iutolerauce, whether in pontics or rc - iigiou, should be surrendered a sacri - w on me altar ol our country, mid patriotism should enkindle the flames th it would consume them. We should have our reason elevated a - love the storms of the passions, iu that elherial rrgion oi uie wind, where tempests do not die turb nor clouds obscure : and. from this emi nence looking down the vista of futurity, and "" "'s swum nonzon oi we present ae. ijncm oi policy, as comprehensive as those views, at once extensive and permanent. We should unite with one heart and one hand in the erection of an edifice, who - e pillars shall be liberty and equality, and whose broad basis shall be laid deep in the best interests of mankind. THOCION." I'nparaUtBtd emigration The newspapers from the different seaport towns in the 17. States, and in Canada, continue to furniah accounts of the arrival of prodigious uunibcrs cf emigrants. We this day publish an article upon this subject, fr,,P'Vil0?!lWetkI' sWtr, shewing toaiWta Opcrday. This is uodoihf""1 i - re rapid emigration than has lakm niTzL v the diswvry.'of thsi 'continent t and should this . current continue for a few years, as U probably - Will, and increase, Uie new' world" w ill shortlr - L:t.'a ... ' urnou an empire with a population little iufei 'in numbers to the greatest nation in Europe i mis uue oi cni - grvjoo does cot fiow cxclu. siveiy into our own territory. The Canadasarc equina - a vast accession of rsj'pgth aud num bers. A Montreal paper now before usives an account of between six and strea thousand fo. reign settlers who have arrived at (Jaobcc Hit present season. Fileon hundred and fcrty.foq arrived in three days, v . the 1st, 2,1 and 3d August : 1337 landed on Sunday the 2J inMant, J he causes wbudi have induced sur - h va BltmliAH ST.. - . i ... Uon. uumutdui xo aoanaon ti.cir native laoa, are by no means strange or unaccountable The habitable parts of Europe, vmh tho exceu Hon perhais of the RnaUu empire, have long , been thickly inliabittd. CullheIoi.Saudblfdy wunn, vunsuortinterm;.ioii!, have been wagea lor teotones between tho Euroucun lions, have required the surplus population. - onapaiie, awne, was wont to boaat.ofan annu al income of iwnr . r ...... ullllluu 0I BJCn . Bn(, tueu wc axe into consideration the rait armies nrpt on toot hy every power ; the numbers which must have" been swept prematurely away by , mways incwent to the camp; aud th umble slaughters which have taken place In . every country where the suabilba of France carried her arms ; what a boundless idea dues it give us of the resources of Europe iu popula, I bis immense sacrifice of human lives ceased witn uie hoal destruction of the power of Cuona. aPak . 1. J V t . l . uu uib uuierent sovertig.ii, with one accord, betook theouehes to rcpau ,ug the rava - 'aa llii' .. 1 a ... - w... lorriioncs oad sustained, and to the culbvation of the arts of peace. And e - Tery nation being abundantly stocked with inhabitants, il foUows as a matter of course, that the .u.t....a puputaiioo m nit emigrate. Hence, tbe couunoct cf North and South America, and oUier couutrics with a sparse population, must receive ueaYiy the same number annually, as n.J lormeriy tallea before prat and the sword. Ct isr cau. - es may operate partially to produce emigration; but this is the prominent tue. It is ne'Uhei dimtr., - ii.n i m.. ixeuts, nortjranny, nor oppreion, that are Urn oie causes of driving manv frcm dmes w our short! TU. i symptom, if opp.,gMl:on lo the president, from thecomas far btyouJ lfte muM raUier to eucrer,.. lhM p w have scarcely a west - ru bra. .... . Lasr alon n? seme frri n,,,. , . . "... ' oropencoai - plaint. - Th, i, juil M d mi.hl h!tve feu petted. .Vr. Monro. ui...t look for cen,ure fromlil Quarter, in j - reri!, lhe fa:n(, that, ia dsjH:e ef sectional .atcro,',, 0j ies, ha labttrs lo promote the welfare and pros ferity f tie onion. . im.attg Iho cl.arge prefcred agaiast tlie prrsi lst by Uwst eJJUi, who Wear th Cktg Uvery, is the weighty one, that since Li election be has not been at Washington on the 4th of July a certain proof that he is a lvjr ' Ha r,' Clay been president, we have no doubt that osi these occasions he' would bate had fine Ktntvu ky earoutal. . We observe by the toasts drunk at a dinner given b booor of Gen. Jackson, ia Tennessee, that the citisens were highly elated with the con cptest of the Floridas. We anticipate, from th tone of sentiment then manifested, that the president's order disapproving of the general's con duct, and directing a restoration, will meet wkb rather an unfavorable reception among the Ten nessee bloods. The eastern papers against, and the Charles ton and Boston administration papers lor, Mr. Monroe, have drawn tbeir quills, and are most courageously snarling at each ether. The federalists, who hare no interest in the quarrel, and who bare nothing to do but to look oa, may anticipate fine sport before the battle terminates. iAsurenee Peinoru, an Italian, was convicted at the Lut sitting of the Mayor's Court, of bitin off his wife's noie.anclcTi toured to two years im prisonment iu the Fenitculiary. In pronouncing sentence upon Peiuovie, and pointing out in lively colours the unheard of cruelly aud Wkedocss of his crime, the mayor said, he thanked his God, that al'hough the crime had been perpetrated in America, the perpetrator was not an American by birth, and (hat this was the Grst offence of the kind timt blur the escutchccu cf our rcpulLc. Ills excellency sir John C. Sherbrooke, governor in chief of the Canada, and their dependencies, has relio pjished tha command of those provinces to h'ts successor, the duke of Richmond, and at the latest date?, was preparing to embark for England. The citizens of Montreal have adJressed ln'ui in respert.'i:! and affectiocate terms on this occasion. His excellency's reply was equally respectful, affectionate and dignified. Py the Quebec mail, received at this office yesterday, it appears that London papers Lad reached Quebec on the 6lh inst. as late as havo on recciveii at uui port a circumstance which we do not recollect to have occurred be fore, except in one instance dui iu the late war Tobaseojradt A meeting was held at Rich mond, (Vir.) on the 7th inst. by merchants and others concerned in the tobacco trade, and a oinber f resolutions adopted, which have lor icir object the prevention of frauds in the pai.k - ing ami vending of that article. The fllowir, an extract from the report of the commtltec appointed to examine into the subject : " Yonr committee hare very satisfartnrr vi. encc that there are. cencrall. nrgii.rU. in wtight sustained oa sliipuie.its of tobacco from inc upper inspections, than on that inspected in nuniiinou arm iancnetter ; owiii to tome ol he following causes, vis: tlttianiru in weights used : want of at rntion wp;Miin i thofe inspections j at tome of wbiili il is un.r. stood, tlia hogshtads are weighed brfnrt being stfipid for instiectirm, and the tare most com - m")7JS4iWeM ai1 by actual weight! ..wa, uawn lne nvtr, or at the uartutuiu nart ; wlier., it frequently happens, that ujbarco ...s .iunj,, w ,U.ercJ to rcmaiu oi.n .?n ! Sm l"1 ',f,oscd rflnmian : tul jrot .......... wpieutuons wuk;i Ihe negroes who harethargo of the warehous"Pu,ay tlieniselves lommit, orfulf. r ta be committed hyoihrrs "Itapprars also from evidence, on which the commute rely, that there is much unfi,. nemthe prcstnt mode of sampling tobacco here which in many cases cannot be avoided by ef the most correct intentions ; for it I " v. mini, a anowieUh'e of the part of the nonhead tn, whicl U,c sample is most us - aeuicrs. who tiisv rn th t.rr.s r. , , ' r f vs., 11 win Bait A made bv sample drawn from Hie best tobaco in the hogshead. "lli.ot Jiifivqocutly happens, U, that, whe tier to oU.,,0 trcli samples imtead ol those de - T by bandlii.?, or to oblain btll r ones than tho,e (i.m . mu,.n ,obuccoij wwplcd . eral times, without biug stated so to the sur - chasers, and is thus (exclusively ofthe qunntitv aken out fcr.a.Uptj) Rgain ailJ ! piliage, thus accur.tiug in a Si cat rtea - ure l the eslra Um of weijiit on tuhaLLo m ,.,.,, Iflltftffrllnna 1 ' " It is moreover allrprd. thai i,.i k . only bre,i sdJ by falte Mmjil,. but th - .'t innanccs where it was ascertained to be damoned, ai d sold as such. ,v His NrM irs r.. - ed it litre, ithtu. airm;..ikr..,...i, , liaaJj, been sold as suund." Cvrrtetion The asMe of bread publi - - hed elr! .1, ,,,1.1 i...,. i . .UUu.u line rrau, a oiluces ol rve fiaurlir U. instead f51 Sr one .hlllin - ': auJ 2U oum es ail one half for Cd. inn J f & ounces. It is now i oi rectt J. To Vie Editor t.'AeJVW - IVfc F.rT.uv: Pest: e,rA "bserve Mr. ivmmer' DpeiPn,li.,l covery still continues to be tal'tej of, I avail my. sell of the nresent nrrmirm i r . ..i.i: - U. I - , , . . " " no ci.nm whatever for nriinali:y in hissiiuposi:.on lm h,.vin - . i, ... ....... fully anticipated i.m this subject by .W. f.dmund 1 - .. . . . . wuv.gc.;, wuuiimi tfie moznct'c ..t ; ' r' "'"jmnusuoi we ttruerure iitri..! pun .y me tarin," iu order to account lor the nau'ein the Variation of tim na.1i i...... that there is an interior clobc within th. Hh' seperatcd from the external sphere bv a fjiiid u..uuii mai tney revolve abo it thn same di - urual axs neicriy in l uonvs, the outer sphere moving citlwr a Utile slower or fa - ter than the latcroal ballj that the magnetic poles, both ol the external shell and internal !.h.. - . r . f. . i , . . iroin me poics oi rotation ; and that the vr.riii. lion arises from the change in the relative distances of the internal and external pole., in consequence of the difference ol their daily revolu - tions., He even go so fi.r as to sav, " that there rna be several i iternal snhcrrs. rei cml ! hv aimisiBcre, the coucate sidus cf ear h shell be. the riirht reverend Eistiop IJobarU Oa this oc ttuica, 'divine service was pwffbrmed by the Rev. Mr.. Uuiler, of Troy, and the Kev. Mr. ctebbiat, I cVhettectady i the sruteace of con secretion was retwl by the Rev. Mr. Lacey, of Albany, and an unpreawv. and edifying clucourst was delivered to a nighty respectable and atleo - five eootjegation, by the bibop, from a part of the 7th verse of the 48th Psalm, " A'wry ou tAeas in Zun oppeturth trfart(Jod.n. (" ' cojtxuriciTloir. , Account of duty of I per eet. on sales at aucuoo, paid into the treasury fcy Uie seven li - cened Auctioneers of the eity of riiilmklphia, for the qnarter commencing 1st April aud ending 3Uth June last. Humes & Lippincott, . . 9181 21 Lblr, Weir & Co. 918 96 Jennings, Joues V Co. 5788 39 Conrad, Sparhawk k Co . 2124 62 Taylor & Wagner, - It IS 50 Steel k Mercer, 1124 Ot Fiersol tt Grelaid, 502 2? $ 23551 92 Extract of a letter from an American officer to a gentleman in Richmond, dated " MOBILE, July 5. " I have nothlne to eomrounieate. eicent that this eoast is said to be much hsrrassed by pirates ; particularly he noted Mi ehell, who is suited to hare two targe row beat, full of men, employed in the indiscriminate plunder of all nations Some fears sre entertained that a ship laving off Apalaeliieola Bay, Isden with com fur government, has been taken br some of these characters, i " About fifty Indians, men snd women, came in, ana gave inemseires op at rort UadsJen, a bout three weeks since." Exlract of a letter from rapt. Thomas Wright, uaieu rort cnarlotte, Mobile, (Alabama Tenrrt.) June 22d, 1818. " You never witnessed the penitence of a iri'ruerer. lou have never heard his prayers, his supplication for a pardon before the throne of a lioly GoJ whom he has offcnJed j you are therefore incapable of forming any correct idea of my feelings at this momeut. Placed within a few ieet cd the dunj;i wIito two criminals have been confined two months, for the most dreadful murder men wero ever guilty of : they have been tried. sentenced, and wiil be hung in about half an honr. I have heard their nravers for the las' ten nights and days they have thrown me into a lit ul melancholy which I fear I shall not soon conquer. There are no palliating circumstances attending this horrid crime their only hope of gain was a canoe load of nystero ; for this two men were murdered. It wi difli. cult obtaining an impartial or unprejudiced iury to try them. They were condemned by the evilenre of one of the party this fellow a more consummate scoundrel than cither of the other two, was si'tat liberty and ha quite the country, i go irotn tins in a lay or two for the city of New - Orleans, where I hope to obtain permission to visit vou. " S. 11. 3 o'clock. They are hanged. From the Richmond Enquirer, if Aug. 11. Correction. The Kentucky lieporter of the 22d u!t. alter sUtmir its belief that no other paper in the U. States, but the Enquirer, has com out distinctly and advocated the tincor. - ditlfMial restoration of the province" (of Flori - da.) &c.&c Subjoins the first remarks, which wemadeon that subject, wi h this diceptive head : From it Rkhmou l Enquirer Stm Oniciat,." This is onlv of a nieeL with that miserable sort of slang about " government papers " administration papers," "the court," kc. tic. which the good humored Reporter is lately so fond of copving after the good humoured Auroru. It is a species of hi ing, fit only for factious minds, and worthy only of contempt. We lay our hands to our hearts, and solemnly affirm, ibxt when we took - ur v,r..... ,t - ..lHiJe,Uun. we wve as pro foundly ignorant of the cm. 1 virnrsofihc adnnnistratiosi, as the Great Ki,n Uimself. - We spoke our minds, and hoped for the best. And to long su James Monroe consults the uonor ana constitution of hii country, as he UUi,r in mis case, we will S'lnperthiK ad ministration U snai lers to the contrary notwithstanding. Our thanks to the ICew - YnrV F for the romplimrnt he has uuid u but w at. suro biin that t'ivis was not " writteu I y Mr. Jifftriun" F. - cm the Portland Jlrftio of Tiietdtry lul. The A'Ai Serfwt aud "Aii,'e. On Friday last arrived lure, sch. .Maxamilla, Freeman roith master, from Uibec, with 44 Irish passea. r, ur.i iorn. i.apt S. states, that on 1 burs - day, about 40 miles S. K. of Monhegen, the weather moderate, he discovered as be judged fcbotit 2 mi:e a l ead, something that he temk to be a smal boat under sad - bul find mg it h ,on disappeared, the conclusion Was that the object was the noted .Sea Serpent. Iu a few minutes 2.niirintifn ic r..l:, - .t as the monster was discovered about a quar - trr of a m.le t,i the leeward with his head a - bout 1.5 feet out of water, und his tail at the same time abjut 10 feet out - hw bieast ori body, near the water, was pnri - rl...! ulth .1 clear whiie t: ipe the diameter to appearance about C feet. !n this p osition tho monster remained i.b'it twominn'es, as if attentively viewing the vessel ; and he then becan thras'i - mg the water, wi'h hts li.'a.l a te, r.ateiv unor. eil.itT siun, wi - .h the titm ,s: turv. I n. 'n a whale was .!i.,cr,t.rc.l near hi.i'i who spoited v.i, ttiiuuien nowi (liu ippearcl. lheu!u!e W - itt m. u.n . I. a ..... . .......,,. ,,,tr ai.ii iu ie aim spout nee, iuca ciosea the scene. A Capt tmifli hks b.en on whaling vojages. had f.tqucul views uf the auacks of the tr.isln - r cpja the whule, we place the fullest cor.fiduics in the above statement. F rom the liallimnre American. A Dumber of wealthy and puiilic sr - iritrd cit - iicnS of pelenburj. confemnlMte t, a stllll.hA.,1 .1 II - 1.. .L . . From the L'tua Put Hut. Cannl. There appears to be no fhatrmrsl ing made np ol mnetiral matters;"" and he For ,,,e te of tie year it is i.citisideiahlc. - J ' 'r imi uii - rtiis luinroiiiniu tiit ih. - w different spheres may be occupied by living bc - iajcs. " The con. - Tve arches," sa, s he, " may, :i:ri pipce, vi:ne wiUi snch a substance as mvesis tnssti - iiiceof trwunn: irorcnn wn. with. out a bo!dne:s unbecorhii a philorpher, adventure to asi - e - rt th iJipo - niiditf of per diar luuii unries utiow, oi wiiuu we h eve no of idea." A tcUiiiuf Trutfi. coxvcsicvrrov. Lonierra.'i - )ii fk.i.e. i L ... uiarrn, not amountir g, ic hapn, to 2'J p wma per 's. ""I" "" - arrive via enaiia, inov Srotia an.1 ew - UMinvrick, without being reporter!. Ihe li,t gives, its fie imuni! of 7U3 jiersoni as liavirj; arrived in the United idles, via the British possesskms in America. From anrtt. ty strict ot3ser. i.nce of facts, we areimpr.ssed wiili the belief that that number is not more hsn a malt nf the whole quantity which hies so arrived. K; brants, nnibkblv. hs u..e peculiar advantaires bv atTertimVa design to in fUIV.on. hcltlc tiiemselves in the UritMi s s and w "ein - giity Cod, ou Uio liai iust. bj'fnisaftirsplMterof paru aloi.ouf our cult. ol zeal in re Ulimi to thU o! jct in this put ot j tt .,, w. vuini - j. e 0'irracts ar verv ea;.rly entered into, aud prosveuted with industry and ,n - rV. ' he season has been rcmark .' - lv favors - !'le to th work, aid if it continues a goJ, very much wili yet be done before it closes. Fiom the IVetk'y L'ehttr. F.m grst ion to the United Stutei V.'f m. tured ait opinim aome wcel - s inra tl,. ,i.. pre - cnt e.nirali.lll to the United Sute Wus - oout at me rale of 2cW pervms per dav. The f .llowing table, though iiece.sarilv rrrr. imperfect, may serve to sipport l't rpinion. 1 In - ratii of emigTKtion, it ia probable, i;i ho.d g.KKl for four n;oiKh of the ir. sent ver briny Icr? patsenpert, wLIctt are not reported in the newpaert. . , - Notice of the arrival of emigrants in Uie t.rni - ted State for two weeks, ending July SI i from newspapers received at the office of v the W. Keg uter. Vtuth names, tchcrefrom. Orritri at. pawnstrt Pacific W. Johnson , GooJ Return Liverpool Fatktt L'nilv Geo. Walsou Missouri Jonn Bulkley Euphrates Caitalia Favorite Xiagarm Ml. Vernon Ileerus Nymph Neptune Bslvidcra St. Pomingo Mirror &'iperior Newton Thames Elizaboth Science Julia Aua Pacific Monroe Bellona James Monroe Harvey Regent Andrew Mary Ana Friends Paragon Juliana Constellation Critannia Speculation Kting Sun Dart Venas Liverpool. do do do do do do do do do London New. York Philadelphia Baltimore Philadelphia Baltimore City Point Philadelphia do New - York Baltimore do Greenock New - York . Belfast Baltimore ; do New - York do do Dublin. do do do Ross do Ncwry do Cork Philadelphia Londonderry NYork Migo New - London St. Andrews Baltimore do (viafiost.) Pbilad. do do St.Andrews do do do do do do Baltimore . St.John's(fiCork).orfolk do New - York do ' do do do do do Frenchman's Ray do Lnbec Philadelphia Halifax do do do do do . do Baltimore Newftuudlaad do Eastport do Gov. Woodford Barbad.ies New - York Asia Havre do Grace do THE BRIEF REMARKER. From the Connecticut Courant. " When pain and ickne; wring the brow, A ministering angel thou." Swift. The man who ex.'.rcsselh or fetloth a " contempt of womtuikiuJ, evinces thereby either that his actpi.tiutance has been mc - stiv with tlic baser sor'., or that his heart i; dtvoil i.'l : ihe t'lllll - mon seusibihties of our nature. A satire u.H,n irunum ! It is revolting ; it is daV.a. - dly and bru - tiih. Particulars are deserving of the lash or satire, but not the SDCCieS. Of .n - ni - n ,!! a. of sbcu, there are the aitAU and trrachemu?, .. wuivcihi i - rn.i. , I. wt... 1. . stfsruui'g, the 1 be species, nevt r - tliclcis, is entilitd to a hizh decree i,f resm - rr. esteem and lute. Uumiitie, than whom a more marble - hearteil monster never exited, though he stand sitnted in me tvomish ivsleuder i that same i7ii Dominic, the inventor and author cf the hellish iu - iuiitiun, was ronfifc.!ly a wo:n - n - liHt.T. Oi him it is recorded, that he un r L,akd in ti... lace ol a woman, or spoke lo oiio." in ua'o manner "aaitetht Hri - I lurn'd," nrn lite hia ot Itmale forms tre;tatcd it.ill rrriine nun. Wouv - 'i was " the last hrs' "ift." t mm mnul.fed out of that s.rt of his lledi and boue, .. i ..... ... i mun i,iy nenrvM tut Heart. And what Ihou w.s ,iT - i ... ir,e irangrrston r Wus - iienn! pi mi ipat, auo, in tha rest intion ? And whon tne i ii ue Mes'orer. bom f a irmiun, was in poverty and neod, wha writ fliey that ministered tnhini.' Jf'omrn. When the disciples had tied through fear, who stood by. and ,a .!...! sympathised iu his last agonic, undisinaved by the ferocious countensiKM of Ihe murdiroii; tarong.' Hvmttt. Hho so atTcctionattlv i. pared the embalming spiccrv, and wrre first to HMt the sv - red tollll - ., H'onun. To whom have all the after - generations loen most inMt - ed for the l ions culture of ii.fmrv ami K 1 J .r - ti - ' The eternal wisdom ha, if I may use the cx - prrtMon, rat the minds tf tho two sexes iu i.'if - IcrcLt nionhl, each being destined to act iu a sphere prculiarly its own. u For contemplation he, and valor forraM ; Forftue - s?hc, and sweet Utrartho grace." 1 he i.n is dtr !inr d and ft!t.f fr t!ie miri. anilr I aim pt - ni scones; the other the milder; th. one pn.c ing more ol active '. - ourrtge ; trie other D'orc oi lor ti', of rr - sigr.alioii; and of un wca ri tblo ,rt,ence, and more of Iho btieolcnt af - tectioiu. This i; ra'urc's r'i - tmct.ive line, which on the pa't of the f mule character cui riever ho overleaped without prn.iitcing di.sijuat or ridi - iic - cce u is, - , - iai, oi aUictrun, none is mote tispie:.s..g than a'a airecting he spirit ad manners of the other ex. We u.iiij oeiwct - ii mat tiroes anl Nor - li .... - : . . n fcoeii - h nhiloM.nhrr. l, - ,. folk. The uroiect i ui. - ,,!, c. t r.. . a..m,nit t n ot i:.e hn - o.c mt. - epi - tho year 1532. hi a pnun.hlet tden , try appearance will be cirried L.t..'.,...t - ' , y. "' U,e br:'l?:'n ,a(!i '' - '' contemni, i - l lr. .... ' . . ni - ,.11.,, r J v - . - . .."..c,,, tiiuutu, "jrje reuse riii""'"""' ' ' ' " " f danger of the stuical arssthr. or rather rir. uitatiun, with uhich they received the news of neir sons an.t Illlb4ds dying bravelv in battle. We adtr.ii e them as prodig cs, 'but nci her love iur cs'cem iTieni as women. And why ii'.t rh:it the atheistical f,i, - is re - irded with such ii:j. - j!rr horror.' Why is the foul 'aill, tuC lie .v,., .J.,v:. Li,. ,,,. . vnic - oi iiic moat ucp r tire man, is the want of he - t , 9 lubly cecd - , , - borrihle. in e.r of dicency, when pr.)cecd i'ig f - oni the li; - . . f women ? Is it I ecause we cnn.rasi t.i. - .lutrage wttii the aMri - 'iut wniiui;y,ctmen!ss, nrliracy, anu seroib .jciiing. - uf more peculu'ly tothescx want in vo - l!l' '1... lit" ..r.ttit - , senaihiliiv. tf the ramc,l rti... . r thy ar.d l.enevo'.erc a is a ,vrT, f,, - whirl neither beamy, nor wi, nor ciic ;nret scroni - plishm - nts ofperson or mind, can bv tov mti'is cni: - enic. 'jj the ctl er un,L tne iiiost at. cr.inpM - i.cin ofwl.icii, all the ornarn.l.s U.t i.iaiir.rrs can DCitOW SlSal Unl tni;.srt.J with t!je fine g,,, llo.y o.t - a soever weiaiaa rcntrihn'lrt f.s' mnr aruf Mmn... .1. . - . , ,,.. monteiti nirasnres of he tiu ann rroinr.'it v. i mi mnr h.,. . i. was;, tribute, wea shoaets the woman, to aUeviat." 60 "74 68 911 S3 14 3d ao S3 3? 61 75 6 4 - 1 36 114 43 49 SO - 60 30 20 7 18 to 20 18 6G 30 25 13 10 25 63 C5 3J CO I!7 li 14 10 ia:o The above, with the exception of such as came i:i two or three vessels, are only the foreign emigrants reported in the newspapers to have arrived at New. York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. How far the newspapers are to be rcucu upon, a shewing the 1 rue amount, may be estimated fi oin this they who were report - cd in the Baltimore newtpapers were very far short of those that arrived, as appen - ed on a personal examination at the custom house The New - York editors are nicer in those matters than ours are, but ours arc quite as parti - oil as those of Philadelphia hence, taking eery thing into consideration, we conclude that, including the unreported pissengers from the Ittitish possessions, the amount which reached the United States fir the two week stated, most probably amount, to nearly three thousand persons Those from " Frenchman's b iv," and other eastern ports, as mentioned iifl me list, were tt such as had made their wav to those places from the British possessions. " tl pa$ ef adversity, fa ettr lictoesj andirre rows sbe is Indeed as '4 a min.rterine aret I - " What beait else is so sympathetic i - . Wliat hand else is sosogthiog !' Who awaits tbe tick bed with most care, with most assiduity, with U.t most inexhasstible patience ' Who, in siite ol Irel knets of frame, hiregoea sleep, and patiently eiidures a course of renulless watchintrs oi incre dible length .' W ho, souftea devotes life, and tbe pleasures of lite, to the needs cf a helpless fiarent; lo tLe solitary chamber of dtcrepid age? (is tio.nun ; the well - educated, the enlightened Ltirifii iiuwoman - Fara'dise Lost. WASHINGTON. Anr. IX The Minister of Fraiice baa - returned to the seat of gnvtrtiuicfit, from wbi' h he has been a stiiirl liu.e absent, on a lo his seat in ftew Jersey. Robert Wright, for many years member of Coiigress Iron, the staff of Maryland, has again offered himstlf a candidate to serve bis district iu Uie l,iouse of Representatives. NEW - ORLEANS, July 17, it will De recollected that the utwpapers have already given currency to a report that the governor of Cuba had dispatched a frigate l 38 guns, and two smaller vcscis in pursuit oi com Aury's squadron. Py a vessel which has arriv ed in this port, we. learn that Ihe two squadrons met nrar the roast of Ttrra Flrma, that Aury not Dcingabic to escape from the friifatc, in rou sequence of her superior railing, dftrrmiucd to carry her by boardin?, which he :ffettil. and in a lew hour afterward died on board Ihe cap. tured vessel of wouiids rvcrived in the ruulest The frigate is now rruisiug otf (Jarthaeua uo der the independent flag. NA4SAU, (N. P.) July 2j. The American brig Aon, Andrew Smith, mas ter, from New - Orlean, bound to New - York, passed the Kaliae on Ihe Sth in - t. On the 1 - lth, in the Gulf, lat i . Ion. 83, encountered a severe gale, and spi ui.g altak, whit h kept the pumps al work until the 17th, when all hands btinj worn out with pumpiiiiT, and having 5 feet water in the lioi.I. bore tin for the Shoal and auchored iu - side the Reef, where meeting with several wreckers from this port, comineuced dinhariin;? tlie arco ; atler which, the vessel was foiiuil. upni tiiiectioii, to be in so bad a etale thai it was ne cessary to run her on thorn on Florida coa - t. Capt. S. and die crew, with parluf the cargo, arrived here two days ago. . MONTREAL, AujnM fi. Yet - rdy mnrning, the Car of Comiitrm - wr - rived from Q'lebec, having onboard 123 I itl - li - rs. We be!ieve this is by fat tbe greatest number that was ever carried in this tr at one trip. On this short voyage fin birth lork place. More thai. COIH) sttllrM have been laiuied at Qiit l't c this season. I'tihaps a many mors may yet be ex;ie ted, a the navyatiou will be open lor more than tlii t - c worths. Police OJKce, Aeie - Vorit, Au. 14, IC13. fXr" The puhiic are cautioned respecting cou:i - terlVit o.ue dulktr notes on the Bank of Hudson, payable at the Mtxhuuir Bank of the cify of New - York, signed IUn'1 Coffin, ca.hirr; icth Jenkins, president. Those counterfoil are wel executed, and Ft rtadiii? into ceneral circula lion, particularly anion - 'st citizens least able to - it'.aiu lor. On close comparison cf thoe I ad .... I ii'vifi wmi t'te. ones, tevcrd minute dif jkreiicesi .tr. be observed, but tbe most olivious. and by which they may most readily be known. if tfieitul: that on the cmuine notes bein? I0 h May, 101 ., aod on (it is exoce'ed aiY) the couuicnti.?, iti ul .way, lUii. Iho engraving ui uie giHij notes wivnjtr mau the (ouqlerlot - , the engraving of the latter not bi inr sodter - .lv (uuk ; but notwithstanding good judges have and may be dtceivtd upwards of fifty of hcm were rcceuni in t;,e liauks in tins city lofore dctec tiou. The pluto is loJgcd ia this oPice. - 1 i . . t lie tiliscrrororv CI I.ueien Hnnanart. af Kome, ia said to be the most complete, in respert iu hi uoiruiiienif, or any in me wihui am ug olr '"',' "lie telesccne wills which IKrttli.l "" most iiiipnnaiit ilitcovtnes, and ni which l. - icien paid ttKiij pounds s:rhng. Th .io.ii. ui ni ooscrti or v are open to all men ol science, and the urbanity of his manners renders it pisoc sm great re.ort for the n.cst eminent pro - ASSIZE OF BltEAl), FOR JUK K.V.JCIMi Flour, irisp'd cbi pi. LU. 33 ox. 1)j. do tj . lio. nix'd with fine Indian, 35 !. di 17 1 - 2 I'o. mix'd with Rye Flour, 48 Do. do S4 Rye 1 lour, 36s. per falsi. 67 Uo do '.'ti 1 - 2 for Is. for b.l for l Ihr (JJ lor Is lor 6d fur I lor od W. I I l!. city - treasurer. .r - .v - i,k. Awriist M. 1!U'!. Last ev nirg, Mrs. Lee, i'o of Gideon Le - ;, i.". r unrral, t. ilt past S V. M. tomorrow, at his dwi - Iliag iu Art sin r - t, Sandy Hill, - 3d house from Droadway, to whicli the friends of trie fa mily are re - spc ll'illy I'iMled. t'orrjr,gis will In: ia waiting at hhlf paat - 1 P M. at tho corner of Charubcr street ecd liroad - wnv. Last cveninrr. at the house of Mrs Ii;t.K.,rt. ci.utn isi;ini, ivns .lane Ann t au Jeustholt.i, in inr list jmr oi m - r ngc inn iKoriiing, Mr. fcnann Eveam. sHUor. His aud aconaintance, and p.ii ticularl tho?e ol Iho trade, are i'(siiectl alii' iu iled to at tend his funeral to - tnorrosv oftr noon, ht 5 o'c!1! trom his late re id. nr p, .'t. 61 Mott - st. At Hav jiki. on Ihe iC'h ultimo. I'm.r n ,. - , ."l'.. - . Will, KJ . Keen, lale in inei ol Uie srhr. I. irmut r iv Ve ri;, much lr :n ;,t ! Iv nil wh.i Vr.i Vh' him T.r I he fncr.dsot the I:it? Or. tleon'n Dipl. I ...1 ..i i.:.. i i. . ,, - ..i i . ' f ii "is uro iiti - ", ni.iuiiew Li. and William A. i are invited to a'.tetnl Ins funeral. .; uf rcrnooi!,nt five VW, from the e of his nroMi'r, aiaiu - cw I.. lavi?,C7Greciia - ieh - st. , The oiH - crs of the U. 6iatcs' navy, at prsrent iu this city, aie invited to aitend the fu. n. ral of the late K&.rge Davis, surgeon iu the navy, at five o'clock t!,i afternoon, from tho ro - . - ideuce of his brother, 27 Gi ccnwich - streut. EtEMAG POST LIST. ri.KAREp, Rug Elizabeth, Husscy, STadcria Mary Ann, Swain, Atlantic, Bt'.l, Schr Sandusky, Weeks, Zl"f PIoop Kachel & BeUev, - .!...'! Ver,i'" - . dh sf - insrlcs, tothe "''i tELOW - 3 h. irs and a fl, tt - r supplied her. Ftsh U Grinncll TertriiTc P Harmony Jamaica Rubt. Hastv flhk'i Iv Feters Sc Herrick i.ytiiafc Maiy, Johnstn, Charleston Ralph Jacobs Miiiiirr.i Itlix Uif.'.VUllAi, , 4 days from ewpiaiu. cet of fi;ho:"ncr. .f. ; i hit si E - '.;. .v, - ,t - B rfidiship fn - ina. Howell, of London. S: daj t trjtn Anratto 'J - y, JUI. with rum, molass A. I. 1 i,rr, and others. Brig Cera. Smith, 20 days from Mobi'e, with mtlon, &c j P. II. C.:bnck h tin. lv - mi gets, Messrs. I KiiiK, Jr. J Whitehead. O r. . Fracr or ,nc icrnale cl.aracv - r. are '.1"K' ' J or hit, ni W. SBllon n d tiie artificial and thaw - , i nr , h,.t ,... r ''"N Bnl L i) dcl. t,rrt at Alohili?. rt,r a meek ami fjniet, n.l of boicfioent disnoai j'!,P",n" ri,InrUfia 5,';:ir! Gor?titUtio, n m, p.ided hy moral incinie ?' ' r,"10' from "avnna for Tensaro - .c dutour boljr,,,EK., mcuicate, and ! ady of ti, Uke, Te ..To ""S" "i, domestic ex - ' r w n, - .rci - .ir.t.n Ciarl - ,C.irih, " is the nr - dnm na.inrr rtrr!'P - .i - . ... 4'ldays Portland f..r lln.n,. i. .... fccho ,nerLli. Armstro - ig, Mdavsfr - ira IU - racoa, withcclTr e, tobar,.0, &c. to B Dosobrf. J Ehringt - r, and tl.e master. . &hooner Claris - rv, Burt. 3 days from Wa.h i7fi - ft0J,.,bJT"rP - i"Ne - tA II Van aou. Left scbr Ooldca Age, for Baltimore. 3c Sr.hfiooer Union.. irsHj"J'i J Schooner Fritmlship, Batton, 8 days from Fli UULBLC, Aug. 2. Arrived, ship Harriet Garrett, from London ; brig Speculator, Ore from Dublin. 133 settlers, brig Bridget, Yn, fust, 229 settlers ; brig True Briton, fr i"t don ; brie fcir John Cameron, from settlers ; brisEcooomy, from IJubli,,, laf '? ry, Atkinson, 37 days from Rocbeiort ; ship Weinngton, fr. m Madeira , ship AsiiicourL from Leith, 293 settler. , ship Pitt.'from IkUa. 137 settler. brig Nelson'. frorr7cori 39 settlers ; brig festal, from London 1 in pLr severance, from BeliasL 144 wettu,. - Tots! number - of settlers arrived thisseason 6017. cf which 1337 arrived s.i.. Mon FHILAUELl'HIA, An 14 - Arried 'schrPi gut. Gould. 1 dav from St Thnn,?. nr 1 stead, of Philadelphia t brig Ann Maria, ofB. .....u.c, ui.vnarpiiK t tear bagle, Mitchell of Neanoi - t, aud a number of oil ten. iiimm snn collected. . Ship Caroline, Sen - ill, 83 days from New Or leans. Left, brii Feliciana. Frnnl.lin. nf..i Phladelphia, in 3 days - , ship .Marnret. Jt. ners, waitine trtiirlit i and a number nf i. names, drew. es, &o. not recollected. PtaseJ in the river boHiid up, 34s .il, nmong them were the .bins Ohio, Toby, from Philadelphia : Turn PNss - derson, lo ; Cloc, ot di frcm RaUiiuore ; li,,'. er, Y'orke, of do frni.i Clmi - lettnn ; Mohawk of llaltiiuore ; Charlotte, of Providence, ia a lono - lasai;e irom uiuraiiarj I nton, Irom X York in 3 i tiny s i bri( South Carolioa, from Gilirlur Abeoiia. I Itaiciniore i Carolina, of !!. . chored outside ihe bar Sailed in to from thl B.ilize with ship CoiiLltngei., Day, for Utr! i'"'" cl.r Cordelia, Pasko, Sfi days from Kinpio,. Jam. i ship Uichmnnd. Uugan, COiluys from la verpor.l ; br g liclip.c.llisey, Cli days from Zaul. " brii: Fair Auiencau. ioik. U la. i.,... c - . , ' - "u'u At llritih sloop Fuvoiitc, Cen ker, M day. h0 Nassau, N. P. ' " Arrived at tU .nfarctlo, British brig Mo - hawk, CamplMI. S7 day, from ICicston,"ja . brig Mary, Perkins. 15 days (Vera St," si br Alary Jane. Amaeeri, from Cnpe fJenry! st - hiHel.e, Harrison, lJ.layslrom Si Thiimas tc hr r itvontc. r tsher, 4.'i j s irom ft . - ..ii..Mks, juiy JO Armed, brig Ho., pl - .in, Kean, from Uoston. Sch Ehza - Ann, Haradi.n, from Charleston. Sch Little Jack, Uavisfrom Charleston. Shr F.tho, Pallcrson. f inn Mobile. Cleared, ship ;iimit i, Hart, Gibraltar and Cadi, i brig Hai ilia, Tuhbs, N V0rk ,. .Ntpos, rparlnuk, Cntves and a market; tch Union) hwaine, .NVoik brig Ma - y, l.uut, Uoston ; sloop Gen Carroll, Porter, Mjbils. Ii ii t A U W A CIRCUS. I.AaT Wl tK Ul'T TBHEE. - Oifa,'.'tM.i(ti In consequence of t'ie short stay of Air. Pe.' pin in town, the - c will be a pcrf uuiiuice evtrv v.ui m.i.i.ij; uui imj me i - ei.iaiiiuer oi the season. THIS EVEMXG, AUG. 15, I he performance will commence wi'h Un or arid Military l - .tilry. .Master Thomas will on one horse perform ma ny oihitiiii itins or nor'eitiansiiip. t - lack lloi, hy Mr. Max he. Master Coty, the celebrated American hern, will distinguiih himself with many briiliautlt ali of horsemanship. The elegant Spanish hore Homeo will, adet leaping over boards and bars of a prodigious liei';tih, concludo hv lear.irg overtuo hums. llnniketi Soldier, hy Air. bulliri Master ArCarn, the wotnlcr of tbe age, will, I n one horse, penortn many xoi,i!tnul it&ts fell a youth, enily nine yarsoirt, h - iip over S garters,! and conclude by miirg on hi head, l.u horse il l tun M:eu. i i ii .. ' . . . inr. au - iincii, in rriP rrmracter of clown, wi. (wriorin nuny feats ot ninth aod buffoonery. :T1. c - an - io u ill i'o li;rmeai m.mB a., mil ing (eats with a stick, but rtcmtly lutroefuctJ mto tliie countrv. 1 Tito elegant horse Othello will perform Ihri pari oi a (U.inenie, will at e - omninid, brttis a wiiiii, I'Mi, iiii - k...', luiKiiiTciocr : tilso walku,. frutiiiig, A;c. and conclude wilh bringing a Hj - plai ed at the tup of a hoard 1? feet hirli. e - iruuoci iinn smiy tumiiling ly the wholetrwp.l Air. Ihillea will on one imrse ptriorm miiyl st"ni!iing hups, leip oVer lour bnsnii oil Sim, svpar - itc and t icetlier. and coiM'Isde bvl r. - .i - iuj; Krny imeu,ll a r)r,giMail on ate. Slid aulling by tiK. ceiupany Clown Mr. vnrnpneii. U jx : - ri(50cents. A place is provided ! j pejipii; (, colour children iidu iHed totheboi ha. f price. '1 he periorni.mie wiil take pla. I cicij evening in m; ivrtK, Sundays excepted. I'oors upwi at 7 eiYI - a k, and lot performsr. perfurOiirf c"iiiiiier.i:e precise!) - at U. Ao sitioakina allowed. ahio. TJtlM.y.bG.e. , Check, not transit J .. B. - Forsale, a handsome PONEV - r 'jinn - at Ihe Cirrus. The lastshwe of the Thirty Thousit Hoil ir piiie paid Yetml.iy a jrentlerr l Dl csente.l a tnurter ibcinsr the last aharelJ he above pne, at WAITK'S office andrrl mediately r enved the cash. This great pri.I was soul ny I,. ,i k, waite in a hail andtM niiartcrs the haif to a respectable ladv; quarter to a farmer in indigent circumstatwl with a vile - .mi sr childi en, and a quarter f a gentleman in m tins install the favours of lot tune have been distributed 1 ust proo. - ii.ins. u 15 FOiL I.IVI.itlMlil vfiyl Tho Wtll known, regular trading cq ici.aaPerea sn.u l.inm I t.R. L'insicy sn - itr ; i now ta - wng in. and will U iip't r l'i:w days. For Iroigbl of J00 bal. or c passati:, having suiieri'T accoinnifvi - iiu.:'. .. ply t jcapl, I), on board, al pier 4o. iJ, t " I tuouverueur's wnari ) or in CHARLES HALL, an? 15 1 Hvnwrstrrel. 70, tons best Rursia clean bemp 105 tons old sablo iroti, for sal. ia CJBta'.ie - t to suit purchasers, by REMSE - VtCo. an 15 6 South ft. caes rich sewed ilounrcs. trunmings r. l ohes, for sale in small ascii lu.eut, of EOU)1 sterling each, by , UOORMAN & J0HN5T0X, an 15 57?outh - st. y a n a r j.ol a. kvA4 - "t1 Kiel! mJU fluxalPs" hmnnd Flour. Be - " l.ran J hiudiuZ fl1 schr Alatander. and for sale hv ug 15 DIME BETIIUSE4C j T" KV GOODS. He.reived ntf Tom Hm U 2 c. - .s r - ilk Twist, well assorted S dn Cotton hall Hose 2 flu 'I . - ,hhr Voli - l Rrmainim; ed former importations Furnilnrfj v.imiTii.F, i - ine rrinis, lor saie r - y i ang 15 P. 1 )It!AZKr i S, Sic 5 oales cleg"tj black llnmbazet'.s I 1 box suner black Bombaaecns iustrecel cd per tiie Tom Hazard, and for sale ey L. k. C. SUY0A.M, an 15 3t 61 Maiden i"fj ATflGI'A lfll.SKS. leb.M. - Oilt bet ei'ii'ilv ri f ilin M'olaf. wi'l I led on Miid.y raornin from the schr Fitt, Antixna, tor r - lebv . "TUCKER LAURISS - S9 South stretf ALSO - A f. wbhJs. fineCavoured fi'. Kuin. augj; NI)I4 lil.lMIS TAHI.F. MATc'. fcf'l MI 1 per packi - ge ot otherwise, b 'icrwise, by aug 15 I CEBftA A CUMI!K,. 4 V A U 15.UGJ arid no Tick for sale AL X.t (iiiliirst The i .Sold xr.i prize U.iOii, CiJO ; 2: eri of 'han hs this cits

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