Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 5
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 5

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 5
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THE PRICE OF BUSINESS SPEED Banking Institute Speaker Says That Bank Failure* Followed Business Failure* CHICAGO. I ' i -- Many 2?psar to I b l E k tha: !a!''-rts occur o=!y to basis, tut !!·,· cjTM ?'""! 5:o-v o-' business have fo:io-.M-J t v c f a l . u;. a:i i ·- = f- °«a 1 «u E e 0 [ those : ____ -e . "'· i!«i.4 Slna.T. N a t i o n a l 1 1---:-"' ai D r^:or o! lie American li:.:,.-- .!· = ·: i:!o=. de- dared la a rccrrl sd!-. ? re.-c w-ore the ITS;. l u t e o! Ilize BS- · li Is t r u e I 1 -!', wt !.»·» tad lore f a i l u r e s n our ' -^ ' = ' h:la ln lac o:1 " k ' o£ a nii-nV.- c: ' : · . ' cou = tr.*«" Se said. "It n a - = ::.i t - J ' - ·»« b a i e h=d more fa 1 ire* .3 'i-'j; -''.ores R - o r e r j · lorn, r a l i r o a X a-.d !a e r e r y o'.acr type o! b J - l v - a T-;crr::.-tr At the samo l'3C, !t n-J-. U .-aid Hi" ··« sl1 '' have Ii!t --JIT a'.l «'·· M'-IuTM=. more druK stores. more pro-'ry j-ore-. nore railroad--. a-d 11 ore tuil.s than any oilier c o u n t r y " Pcop'c e!o not re T..ZC lie Eaid, tiat ·BO ha\c In e x e - s ot 1'jS basl.s w h i c h havo been l'i e-Me-.rc o u r a c e n t u r y and T*e ba-.o n o r u l'i n 2,000 banks which ha-.e- bcc'i In n'Eiinco ovci CO yean. "In other word", we have more banks over 100 c a r a or o n -c t h a n anj other country-- w e ha-.e raorc banks over 50 years o[ a;c t h a n a n y country In the world," bo declared. "The American b a n k i n g system has not f a l l e n d o » n -H Is not III danger or decay. Such fall- nrcs as It has elpericnccd ore dua to tho price we pay Tor too rapid development ql business c-sicrprlses. but tbal IB the American spirit." PORCH PARTIES ARE JUST REMEMBRANCES ; Front porch visiting, where neighbors tathered and enjoved ihe COB- | pony end chat of each other d u r l n z [he pleasant twilight hours of a sun- I mer eienlnj. was (m* o[ the rlrasEiil ' focJal customs tha: di.»apl".irH w"l!i Ihe coming o. r tin- tuo:or car. hard surface lush" a}-. de»e!njmieni of eoun ^ try clubs and oth-r play plae-c*. , To leurn bow c.-:i.i'!c-;.-l fru " 1 [K)r:l1 , 1, IIDS ba = LIK-D e.i-l ·i^-'V. try to re c.,!l how Ir,r,- It IM* b.-«l Mine .TMu ob-ene-.! suel. l p a r t } In pTM^ 1 '"- " M,19 a !.-: /itfull.' p'm«anl cu-Knu i i l i c l . h i l p i ' l ui ;:li''"" biMi:ne hell.-r .101 MiMiil. but :h.- Uw of rli.ins- - picture alnio-,1 o^t·r- llo'.sier w r i t e r . kiid In a rwcnt D I'" 11 v1 "' f r g n t Inil a c u l t u r e ·.M ! It out o.' ti nisl.t. Tl it 'J.^iru-L -'i .Mir'-'lit'i Virlmlso i.ilV, in hS I nut ,,orch . l - . u n ^ cii I m p u r u n t c lo il f l:iIm'J«.il and the communll... nnil n u l l n n f to ldl.u Its p l i c c « n prnii-J"! »'»·" |L l1 ""' 11 |ii--irc'l lie f'-lt t'i it In Ins luttH. ulK-re i l i o plc-isnr" and b i n c f i i of ^ls· iliii^- n i r p k n o w n .niii appn-i-ialed, It m i g h t be north w h i l e l« "'··' kl " n ct ' fort to restore the front porch to Its historic use for iliitiii,: -- Ohio .State Journal. U, S, GOVERNMENT GREATEST BANKER Runs Fifly-two Financing [nsli- tutions With Investment of Two Billion Dollars--Thirty-nine Agricultural D»y'i Mt.Ii in Three Uindi Breakfast In lirualn, lunclii-on In France anil d i n n e r In Spuln. This Is being orre-rKl to passenK'-rs In a lline- tuble Issued bj Burnpe-nn nlr fcenlci-i. The plane leaves Crojdori. Knelnnd, at 8-30 n. m. In Just over two hours II descends at I,o lionrgvt. An hour later another plane takes off for Lons, nnd. n f l c r the pashcngcrs h.ivc enjo«d I luncheon In mld-alr, lands at 2:45. · Twenty minutes later the third Hinge of the Journej begins, and HarsrlHes Is ranched shortly after four o'elock. A f t e r half on h o u r s break fur ten. passengers lake the nlr again nnd at Barcelona at 0:1", whore a fust car takes them to a hotel for dinner -Montreal Herald. PRECIOUS METAL IS SAVED FROM PHONES A bit of precious metal constituting the contact OD a spring, says the Scientific Amerrcap. may se*m to be an, In- sltvnficant liera Iu a sjsletn so complei as the modern telephone plant From a mnnetan- standpoint Ihe reclaimed l a l u e of such a coniact point would ^r-m v Ineonse-fiuentlal to the average pi-r-iin t h a t one could h a r d l y I m n s l n e It K u u l d he profitable to salvage si.ili tiny hits of melal from the bulk of ri'iuiiete telephone equipment that t i r n v r - s at the Western Electric Haw( h o m e works every ^('ar. However, -ei'ner- coinr-s to Industry's aid and } .ir f r o m !.«KX) to 10.WO troy uiiiKo.s of previous me-lals. larKe-1) gold and p l a t i n u m , are r claimed ut a real wiiiirmiy to tin- telephone companies. This Is iinoth'-r example of the SCIMI- n-t applying his knowledge to Indus- ir s problem. A f u l l y equipped laboratory has been nsimclally designed to handle the precious metal. The contacts which can- noi !M used In Ibc condition they arc i ler'-ncd 'rom the field are put Into n ' M.lulion of n i t r i c and hjdrochlorlc 1 .11 Id. 'Ihe gold la precipitated from HIP solution us gold sponge a f t e r eult- nble manipulation by sodium oiulnli!. "Ihe plntlnuin Is prcclpltatpd ly aid- monlum chloride as ammonium clilo- roiilatlniitc, whleh IB suhhefiuently Ignited to form sponzp platlnuui. The reclaimed mr-uils are alloyed In proportions suitable for the coniact alloy requirement!*, and made Into ifipe and wire for use In the tnnnufuc- l u r e of new contacts. I In addition to the precious metul i returned from the Held, approximately I ^,000 troy ounces of gold are recovered ' each year from gold plated parts, ·.pent gold plating solutions, and rinse- water from gold plating operations. A MGniCA'S blgBest hunker today li Ihe Federal Government, whlfih \s now operating O f t y - t n o financing Institutions, saya Profcssoi John Hanna of Co'.umljia L ' t l i e r a l l y In the American Bankers Association Journal. "Forty or tnc-c are owned entirely by tbc C-j: oracica!." he sajs. "Iu twehe ciore l v e Go-,ernment baa already a [ u n i . i . r d a Interest. Thirty- «irren are ln'ciJti! lo he permanent. Trent} five d tec p e r m a n e n t ones aad tourlfjn of the temporary ones are agricultural. "The raplial stock ii-.!d by t h e United SLatca ID tljt-st bants has a par value of J1.380.0'jO.!)(iO The Goiernracnl'i total Invc't.-ncnl Is nearly $i,000,000.- OO. P.ejourccs ot tl'Cie Inslllullons ex. c*ed ?2,0(JU.000.000 la a d d i t i o n the Govejciannl lias detailed supenlslon over fl.'ty-one njorl^ase banks, operating u n d e r Federal charter. "Tha Govern:ric:u also Bupervloea ^.COO loc^l agricultural loan ajsocla- tlons -K-Uh Federal charterB. All t b l B Lakes no account of t h e relations ol tbo G o i e r n n e n t to t h e nel-.e Federal Ra- sene b a n k s , nor of the a u t h o r i t y recently g i i o a to the Reconstruction Finance C o r p o r a t i o n to buy preferred elect In national and slate commercial banks." The President has ordered the consolidation of the agricultural credit agencies Into the- n e w Farm Credit Administration. E'LI^I ProI'SBor Hanna. He erpreiflt-B the o p i n i o n that before th» consolidation of the a g r i c u l t u r a l financing iigenelc= loo m u c h m a c h i n e r y hsd be-en created to ad-nlnlstcr the flDancing l u E l i t u i l u n e w h i c h tttf Gov- ernmcnl ellhT o~*ns or EupcnJaea. "EilBlins. I n s t i t u t i o n s represent a coD=id'-'rab.^9-dlHcrcnL]:iL]on o[ Inaction and any c o n s o l i d a t i o n s should bo preceded by a care-/ul sur'-r-y of the actual acllvllkb of the v a r i o u s Inslltu- Lloas," he continues. "The only con- HolldalloD lhe A d i r l n l f t r a l l o n bafi an- Dounced Is that ol the a g r i c u l t u r a l credit agencies In the Kar,-n Credit Ad- rnlnlBtratlon. As t p t r m a n c n l solution tbli arrangement I- too closely bound up with politics. "A belter scheme would be to create ft finance corporation under Federal charter Lo take oicr cither the a g r l c u l Inral finance activities of the Government or all Ha l e n d i n g agencies, "Tbo Govcrn'neT.I'fl flnanclDG end banking activities should be kept severely aoarl frotu »ubtldy aad other ichemea for raining the prices of farm products. One Is business, tho other li major political policy. Tbo advantages ot the corporation over bureau control for the business functions are real anil Bl[n!DcinL" Women la Crou Deiert Along Some of the reinuim par In of I'craln are to be explored by Uielj Mllforel Haven and Lady lyiuls Mountbultcn of ' Knclrinil. who w i l l truvd "llRlit" and alone. They plan Iu crOHS Lhe I'crilan desert D u r l n p iliclr trip the-y will Die nlrplane : 9, futt .steamers, automobile and camelfl. u n d expect to sponJ several months In their rtsoarch worlt. ISefore her rnrirrl-iffe Lady Louis Mountbattcn »af Miss Edwlna Ashley, (jrand-duughter of .Sir Brnett Cusacl, Ihe millionaire friend of Klnf; Edward. KlnK Kd«ard u a s hor godrolhcr. »nd on tlic denth of Sir nrncst ulie *uc- ceeded lo his forlunr. estlmuted ut SSO.OW.OOO. She then v,us Hit richest girl ID England. Old Orchards Can Be Made Produce Fall Fertilization Needed; Followed by Plowing and Pruning. BJ W H. Cum. K.wniloD Honlc-Jlii.j-1-i Colorado A c r l ^ u l l u r f t ] Colleire. WNe; service. There are many old and neglected orchards that could be brought '"'" profitable production with Illtlr- eovi and labor. When an orchard has been niglecl«"l for a n u m b e r of yearn, the trees · come overgrown wlih wood, dm- to lack of pruning. Cultivation ha-, al--o tioen neglected and the spnr-i-s between the trees are cohered with p n lure urasses and weeds; Ihe sml 1° hard and fortuity Is lacking. The first I h l n g lo be done Is to plow ihe orchard In the fall as deeply as possible. Tree roots lo neglt-M.-d or chords arc u n u s u a l l y close to the sur face, and hence cure should lie i,ik''n In plowing the flrst lime nol to K-ir up too many roots. The depth t in be Increased with each successive plowing, ns the roots will (TO down vln-n given u chance. Re-fore plowing, the land shuuld he given a good mat of b u r n a r d manure-. NCTI In Importance Is the pruning. This fill,'.-Jll be done between Peli'ii nry 15 and April IS When tree's h a v e huen uegleUcd for some jears, they nrc u s u a l l y f u l l of wood and need lliln nlng. H Is nol advisable to uo all the p r u n i n g In one year, as It tends to en courage the growth of sucKcrs or n a tcr-Bsirouts. It Is belter to take iwo years In which to bring the trees liilo shape. Trench Snos A herd of from sli to Dfte(n mnlure cown IH best adapted f o r _ _ u s l n K tho trench silo, due to the cost of building the vertical Ma. An a usual tlilnc the income from ihe larger herds will be sufficient to lake care of this overhead eipense. SlliiRe can also be removed from the vertical type much easier Ihon from the trench, nnd where there Is n larcc herd lo feed this lidded labor will rnuke tome difference. There Is no difference In tho Bllos ns for us preaenatlon of the ullage IB concerned, except In the nature of the land. On low flnt country, where water has a tendency lo rise In Ihe trench, ihla form of silo li not practical. Came K t the Capitol F l l K k S O f I ' K K l S . U l l l s n l c T c l l l i r i K M I K tl-.e most h i M i i i l f u l of niillM 1 Aini'iiciin w i l d f o w l :irc in i k i n K Ihi'lr IIIIIIIP oil ihe south hirik nf t h n I'nliininc rl»er In full i l t w of iiiolnrisiH on Ihe Mount e-rnon Mcinorliil h l ^ h w i i y Tlii'ru lire oTluiatcly 00 In l l n Hock lit l''onr Ilh- Jlun and sninller cmupi lire fro- urntlni; othi'r in:ir«hj sputs :iloriK Hie oad. Thoy w a d e In Iliu shallow wutcrfl of he hi^oons nnd on Ihe nhorc.s of the 'oloinnc w h i l e fci'dlnK "nd roost In he trees ui t h e wnler's edge. The like of Hie public bulldliiKS nnd pubic pnrkn pointed out Hint the nppcnr- ancc of these birds here him strengthened their efforts lo crcntc n wild-fowl Mnctuary along the Mount Vcrnon hl«h»ay. Nearly a» species of bird Ifc ore found along the highway, park authorities explained, These Include Bulls and terns, ducks, herons, marsh jlrds, hawLfl, vulturcB. woodpeckers, njcatchers and many perching varl- ctlcn.--Washington Slar. COLLECTOR'S COINS FROM THE HOARDERS A.s hoarded money has been collected »t banks and nt the Cnlted Suites Ireasurj, many odd nnd ummual coins mid note* hi^e bcc° reported In fuel. suyH Literary Digest, some treasury eniplo)ii"i have bUKReatcd Hint It m i g h t pay the government to nort over UK ruru coins nnd notes for the purpose of selling them lo collectors, who In some cnsea would he very ··hid to puy much more t h a n the fne-e tiiluc for ihcm. Certain rare Koltl und sllM-r coins might hrlng In several h u n - ,hcd dollars nplecc. This matter In brought up by a writer of a Washington letter to the American Banker. In which we rend: "A b a n k conservator working over tho hooks of nn Ohio liuslUution cttini- nrross one of the first silver dollars t i e r coined by the United Stall") It u-us returned to Lite mint. Hunk olll- liali say It was deposited along with ,,HIIT moneys, and IB said lo he worth SI!/.) Ill numismatic circles. "One of the 'strawberry tprle' pi-n- r.les hn.s turned up. This penny wu» minted In 171KI nnd Is noted ns being u n u s u a l due to HIP wreath of a struw- berrjr sprl K over Hie date. It IB listed an being worth over three hundred dollars nuions collectors." Railroad Legislation A RECENT stale legislative bill pro*"* Tided that a track man carrying a bell by day and a lantern by night should lead all railroad trains acron Undo Lroulngn; tbat conductors mual umlto when answering questions; tha It would bo a mlidemcanor to nerve eggs moro than ono d^y old on pullman can; tbal Iraji/i he required to Blop a any Ume when Ragged by hitch-bikers and that trains ciOESlng rivers vide than twenty-fire feet be CQUlppej wltri llteboati and life prcacrrere. This on dJ£ not pad. Apes Learn to Use Coins to Buy »t Slot Machines One of the latest hits of knowledge that anon have prored themselves capable of assimilating l» the purchas- IIIR power of money and how to use coins to obtain certain food elr-llcaclcs lliey enjoy from slot machines. Dr. Tolm I». Wolfe, National Ilcsenrch Council Fellow, discovered the flnnn- clul apllludc of clilmpanzcee when ho carried on n number ot experiments with these animals In the Laboratories of Comparative PsychobloloRy nt Yale under Ihe direction of Dr. llobert M. Vcrkcs. Doctor Wolfe, nave the clilmpunzccs poker chips ot varloua sl»ca In lieu of money to be UBed In food-vending slot machines. The animals learned to reach for the food at the openings before they could be pcreuadcd to deposit the coins necessary to get rc- Bults. But It wasn't long before they "got on" to this part of the performance and they even learned to dlstln BUlsh which type ot coin would purchase the confections they liked best. They also learned to hoard some of their coins for future use Instead of spending them all at once. Flax Seed Crop Short; Also Light in Weight The extremely short flax crop .if this year, cntlmutud at less than .000, 000 uushela, makes It Important for Farmers and seedsmen to obtain Ihn cced for sowing next spring. s:is tin United States Department of A^rli-ul lure. About 'i.000,000 bushels of ll-. «e*d will hi- required for sowlnc If the- u s u a l ncrcnco of nearly 3,0001X10 jicres 19 sown, nnd It IB evident, there fore, that many growers will Und It cood business to hold n part of ihe present crop for seed. There w a s n shortage of flm see-d In sonic localities lust spring following thf short crop of 1932, hut the sit ulitlon now appears to be c\cn more critical. The production In ItY.K wus nearly l2.000,OfK) hushels and the farm price during the fall was less tlmn $1 n bushel, which caused m a n y farmers to hold flui for higher prices. The department specialists nrc of the opinion Hint farmers who plan lo sow flttl next year should obtain tlirlr seed supply while good see-d can he obtained near at huud and at upprovl matcly market prices. As flui seed Ib likely to be light In weight, due to Ihe drought und Ill-Hi throughout the llni-produclng area, a supply of seed greater than required should ho provided so that In rcclcanlng the light seed e-un bo removed. The shrunken Feed should be ground nnd niltcd w i t h other grain for feed, or sold on the ii'nrkct for crushing, the dppnrl savs. Bot Control Feeding Farm Horse The bureau of onUnol Industry says that under good corn belt conditions It requires approximately 2H acres to produce a year's food for a (arm bone having an average weight of 1,390 pounds. The amount of food eaten b · bone In a year and consequently tbe number of seres required to produce It l», ot conn*. TB.rle.ble, depending on tli* amount of work a liorM floes and tbt productivity ot the Und, The ·bOTi Is, however, a food ivernf* Df- gtr* for fertile lud. Forgotten Hoipitil Found Forgollcn for 54 years, a lioHpltnl has been found on the scaconst of Denmark, aud govprnment olllclals are considering what to do with It. It win built In 187B for cholera patients, there having been a cholera epidemic In Europe anJ n recurrence was expected. Soon after the opculng n sailor, believed to have and Hie dread dlseuso, was admitted. lie proved to ha\c nothing worse lhan mansion. No other pnlleulu came and Ihe place wnp cloned and forgotten. A young newspaper man recently found It, with cv erj'tlilng complete, from beds ready for UBC, to medicines nnd salt cellars containing salt put there 5-1 years ago The discoverer has suggested that It be converted Into n vocation resort for poor children of Copenhagen. Aviilion Hotel In Do-trl A hotel for air passengers ban been opened at Jlutbah Wells, In the Syrian desert. The spot In the only one within 200 mllen having water. When British troops were taken b? nlr from Irak to Port Sold recently they stopped Uicre 18 hours to rest. Fint Hand Knowlcdfa "Why have you pitched that tent In jour back yard?' "Well, I've a largo family and 1m persuading them to take turns sleep- Ing out-of-doors. Uy the time I get through ndoody will want to go camping neit su'ramer."--Boston Transcript. No'Skilcn N»d«d Storekeeper--Shall I draw the cblck- jn for you, madam? Young Brldo--No, thank you. Tour description li quite sufficient--Motor Trader. ', Filmi to Croii Borders Free Moving picture dims ot educational value ore to cross European frontiers free of duty na soon as the League of Nations can complete International agreements. Included, are films prepared for occupational training, those giving Information on health nnd technical research; also those describing Ihe league's work. Reco|ni» Runll The following countries recognize the government of -Soviet Ituffela: Afghanistan, Austria, China, Denmark. Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain. Greece, Italy, Japnn, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Uruguay. Czechoslovakia has a trade treaty with Kussla but no diplomatic relations. Ambiguom Knthryn--I like frankness In a friend. What do you really think of Klttye--I regard you too highly to risk friendship by telling you. Taking the Credit "I scored the winning touchdown lest Saturday." "What do you play?" "I run the scoroboarij."--Kansas City Star. Farmers who expect to treat their horses for hots this fall will get better results If they wait until one month after the flrst freezing wciithcr lust- Ing for a day or longer, snys t h e United Slates Department of Agriculture. This recommendation Is based on recent experimental work of the bureau of animal Industry, showing Hint Ihe larvae of the common hot spend from 21 to ZS days In the tongue of the horse before migrating to the stoinncli. Previous recommendations for treatment of bols have been based on the belief that ns soon as the epgs--liilil on Hie hair ot n horse--hatched the larvae went directly to the stomach. With the new knowledge of the life cycle of this parasite, control rncas urcs may be more effectively used. As soon as freezing weather appears, the eggs may be destroyed by H a s h i n g the animal with a 2 per cent solution of crcsol. Then, a f t e r nbout 30 dujs. havo a competent veterinarian supervise treatment of the animal with cur- bon dlsulphlde to rid It of the parasites In Its stomach. Wilt in Alfalfa Will Is nbout the post serious ells- ease of alfalfa. Diseased plants he come dwarfed, especially when the plants are more than one-half mature size after tbe Held has been cut Other Indications are yellowing of the leaves or mottling and wilting, as If Injured by frost. Tbe disease Is spread by hay from Infected Dclds, by now water passing from a diseased deld. and perhaps to some client by mowers. Rotating crops and destroying all plant) from a diseased field are control methods. Seed Is not known lo spread the disease. -- Wallace's Farmer. · i ^ Have You Ever Seen Horn Thrown Into the Gutter or Waste Basket Before it was Thoroughly READ O · But gutters and waste baskets are filled every day with unopened, unread expensive direct advertising-, sales ammunition shot into the air, and cheap publications promoted by fly-by-night artists. A newspaper always commands an audience with prospective customers, especially your weekly home paper. It is never thrown aside without first being read from "kiver to kiv- er." You never see it littering the front yards, or streets, annoying the housekeeper or marshal. That is why intelligent, attractive newspaper advertising is known to be the most effective form of advertising for your business. An advertisement in The Progress-Review will reach the buyers in the local trade territory and will be read by hundreds of people. The Progress-Review La Porte City, Iowa Demand for TB Testing The demand for the tuberculin test by owners of cattle berds In 23 states la greater than the veterinarians, employed by On state and fed- ernl governments, have been able to meet. During 1033. then were nearly 2,000,000 cattle on th« waiting list In those slates. Flvt states --Iowa. Minnesota, Missouri, New Torkv-«nd Vermont--each bad more than 100,000 cattle on their waltlni lists. The other 13 states bad substantial though tmnll- I ar number! of cattte awaiting tests. Where Crops Fit In There are some crops whrch are not well salted to very fertile soils. Buckwheat, for eiample, often produces too much straw and too little grain on rich soils, especially those soils which ore very high In nitrogen. Oats are likely to lodge badly on soils too rich In nitrogen. On tha other band, a fertile soil Is essential for proUtnble yields of wheat and barley. Hye will grow well on rich soils but It Is also a particularly good crop for light In- fertllt soUs. Sumo Remit i "The single tai," reared the orator,' "will save the country. It will cut your bills In half! Now, folks, can you think of anything else that will do this?" A listener replied: "Sure--a pair of scissors."--Pathfinder Magazine. Taking Tlxlr Mu n "Do those people who ved Into the flat across In* hU wem to ba desirable nelghborsr asked Ihe man. "No," replied the woman. "I watched everything that came out o( tha moving ran. They haven't a thing thai we would cue lo borrow." THINK IT OVER ini-ii opmi the- i'.\i'S of the II* Ing. One seldom li.i- lo npiln,ji:'c foi silence. Ilou inlie-h p i i m p iluL^ !l L.ilc Lo he r»rtiin,ilel, Hie hr.;in 13 nut worn out through ,isc. The smile \\iin t dime oft is the smile of iinlti'e-ilil.v A pup w i l l pi,ly u i l l i an; thins except a e-hlMili of lee, Cel ll| i-,irl.\ and niiK'h of Hie dliv u i l l laUi 1 e n r e (if ilM'lf. .Set n't of .some re 1 l a n r ml po'.iularlly Is ''a table 1 lo y o u r s e l f . ' A lot of had hali.Is are- the re-suit ol not Ketllllh e-.xe' en:)li^li. There arc n h i a y s Inse-elj enough to go iiround, 30 the birds lind. Quite often a man diocoiers he has courage u h l c h he d i d n ' t MispccL \\'ould that one cnuld enjoy n punk show ns one did tit the age of sKlccn! There seems no froi'. llcr for , t u e young men lo go unle'ts It Is ln South America. If some one tells you something ''confldcnllnlly," remember jou'rc not Ihe only one. Neighbors arc always glad there Is a pretty clrl In Hie vlclnl!., who gels b c a u i l f u l l y serenaded. When n man makes his own bed he should lie In It, hut usually he lies In It n l l h o i i l making It. Any writer aceurmilntei barrels unil barrels of "male-rial" nnd reference matter that be never uses. Actors on the stase arc like people who listen to ou telling nn nnecdct* --waiting for their turn to speak. H must he wonderful lo love n man's soul so much that you w a n t to punish him If he Is careless iibout saving It. Considering how often tho rules o table manners arc printed, It I« ciirlou how numerous arc the people who ncv er read them. Skinless Salmon Worker. Are EntirUined Production In same English factorial has been speeded by the Introduction of phonograph and radio concert* D ID you ever need to suddenly convert a simple d i n n e r lilo a more- elaborate meal? D!] you wish there was somethini; which could q u i c k l y be made I n t o Hint eilra !Mi that ou h a d n ' t nlanncil, not knouinc; that there were to he a d u i M o n a l guests? Here It Is "Well, thcri! Is something -- ·-.nniolhln!: e-onieniL-nt and d e l l - c-lniiM It Is a sl;lnic".s salmon. recently nut on Hi" market, H Is a very good crndo of salmon par-'ied ' v i l h l n :i fow hours a f t e r It is taken oul. ot the water, Hula r e t a i n i n g Us n r c i i i r r ' s h flavor. And, by a r.ew method, every bit of the akin ha^ lipe-n reruovrd. le.olnp the- II ,h ready lo serve i n s t a n t l y . It Is most convenient for a fish entr6c. or a fish salad, or for any fish dish that nvist he flawless in appearance. Also, it Is delicious lor balmon s a n d w n h e s . When ou decide, one of tlic=;c nice spring days, that it li too nice to lie Indoors, you can io*s together some tempting sandwiches in the shortest possible time. If you don't have to stop to icmova thu skin from salmon In order ti make OUr sandwiches. Here is a stic- gostlorr Salmon aud Anchovy Sendiclchci: To llic contents of a can of skinless salmon add or,e tablespoon anchovy paste, one-eighth teaspoon salt, one tablespoon lemon Juice and four tablespoons Spread nn t h i n l y sliced whole \heat bread.* Use Briarda're Coffee and yoor breakfast will be good. Brust- Radios--Service and Supplies-- Ponsfotd's. _^ For sale: 80-acrc farm. Mrs. John O'Reilly, 845 1st Avc. S. E. Ausadic Apts. 2A., Cedar Rapids, la. MONUMENTS A suitable Marker is a tribute to the departed. Take advantage of the reduced, prices offered by the Waterloo Monumental Company, Inc. First door east of First Presbyterian Church, WATERLOO, IOWA H. J. Blanchaine Co., Druggists. Wonderful Shampoo Banishes Dandruff: Don't put up with dandruff another minute. Start today using this remarkable discovery--Fitch's Dandruff Remover Shampoo. You have to wash your hair, anyway. Why not use a shampoo that gets rid 01 dandruff rt the same time? H. J- Blanchaine (Jo. For Sale. Eight room modem horfse, very reasonable. See or write Mrs. Evk McLaughlin, SOOfc Commercial St., Waterloo, lows. Prog.-ess.Review advertising pays. Poland China Boars for sale. Bert E. Bagenstos.

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