Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 8
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 8

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 8
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}\ i f ; S K r f 11 i 8 v l ^.^g@mmm - ^'^"^liV/RGINIA 8 W.JOHNSON. "7/fcOPYRIGHT 1B9Z BYRAND.M'NALLY C O . V 6 ^. J X ff . |N6ERNATIOrJAL PRESS ASS'N rU _ee JT C I I A I T K R IT. A 1ILIIO IV O I I _ Slic was diverted from her conjectures 1v a heavy sigh.whieh resembled n proan. behind her. Dolores turned her licad cjiiiclclr. and discovered her grandfather leaning 1 against the door- v.-.iy, w a t c h i n g lier movements in an altitude so rigid and threatening, in. iw frozen immobility, tliut fclu- might h.ive believed him stricken w i t h paralysis had be not r e m a i n e d in an u p r i g h t posture. "What is the matter, grandpapa?" «,lie cried in alarm. The .sound of her voice .secmtd to loosen Hit bonds of a spell, the silence imposed by sheer impotent rage on the benumbed f a c u l t i e s of the old man. lie mo\cd his r i g h t b a n d fiicbly and mechanically, his pale features n o r l t e d , :ind his pallid lipi !,« isled a w r y us if by a spasm of pain, i t coicrec! tlic pawci 1 of spi-ei h s u / l i c i c n t ly to a r t i c u l a t e in agitated tones -"Vou -- you jade'.' W h a t aiv you himself, w h i l e an expression of startled apprehension sivepl over his features. callv. cnjoj'ing this unforeseen triumph. Evidently her chance threat, actuated by childish spile, had intimidated her relative. "They w i l l mob you," she continued. "Who?" "Oh, the good, kind people." "Hush." "Tlicj « i l l tear the garden all to shreds and destroy over3*thing." 'J he threat was her defiance of ex- haunted patience, of ovcrwiouglit emotions The tragic wnu of the pictured destruction of the Watch Toner suited her mood. iljcob IJeaHry uttered an unsteady laugh, and then his vuicu assumed a w h i n i n g i n f l e c t i o n . "You would not set the populace against me, child? There- are always urctulics that d e l i g h t to h o u n d and worry a poor old man. You s h a l l ic- tiirn to llic c o n v e n t and bi come a nun. if you like. We must speak of it later." Dolores made no response, but sought her o ' ^ n chamber, suppurlcss. with nostril dilated and luck. Mio u a s arouse-d from h e r f i r s t slumbers by hearing her g r a n d f a t h e r insert a key in the lock of her door and turn it, thus m a k i n g of her a prisoner lie feared shu might run away to the [ l i f e after all? Perhaps "the riddle ol tbe painful earth" flashed IhTWiijjhher being for t h e first time. As every j m a i d e n , in all tocial conditions, beholds in a s w i f t and daxzlm? glimpse | tlie vision of fleeting pleasures not to i be !"·- portion, and the brave knights I riding away two and ttvo. the foun- i tain's basin may have served 04 i'ac j crystal mirror of the lady of Sh^lott I to Dolores, giving back, as yet. the | [ blue sky above. To be young was tc | resemble herself. To be old was to be I like grandfather. She sl.iiddered I slightly, and turned aside, with a ' ge-sturc of repulsion. Perhaps it would be better never to grow olfl. That night the girl drifted softly away to | urcnmianu. Jtetwecn shining s-hadoiv i and rippling light, other than that of the moon, she beheld a. radiant .shape approach her door and pause on the threshold. The accompanying footstep, which had echoed on her heart and smitten sharply her brain, had boon clear and r i n g i n g with a vibrating, musical sound, unlike the dull, shullling movements of grandfather around the house at all hours. Woven of the tissue of pure fantasy v, as her sleeping thought, mingled wilh the teachings of saintly lives in the convent school. .Not the angelic presence of SL L'rsiila this, but the Knight of }Ialta, terrible, beautiful, awe inspiring, his cross glittering with ;i phosphorescent lay. and his draivu sivor'l sparkling as the \\a\cs of the .Mediterranean gleam in breaking on the shores of the island in the m i d n i g h t hour of summer. .Spurning the clogging f i l m of the obscuring years in the portrait, he revealed h i m self to her in his pristine strength of noble and chivalrous manhood, and'the soul of Dolores trembled in herbicust. lie seemed to address her m -j tongue A CHAKCE FOB, (HBLS. DETROIT B A C H E L O R S FORM A M A T R I M O N I A L CLUB. Each Member Puts SI » MoDth In the Jack Fot, iruich May Ife Opened nnd Rabed In by Any Girl of Good Standing la. Society. head tin-own tllat reached her senses like the murmur of '.i sea shell, or the soughing of the .\irul thion^h the Irecs. /\ftcr t h a i , .Jacob Ddiltrv brought the t i n y do mr Klorio to the delighted Dolores Her happy and careless temperament cast oil the lirst somber im- "I w:ia only dusting Die p o r t r a i t , grandpapa," she replied, i c l i e i c d to notice the change 11 him. "I w i l l t-,M-h yon, idk- liiiKsy 1 , IfMni'd- dlc with my home," continued tlic old m a n , a. violent n e r v o u s tremor peri-ad- ing 1m frame, w h i l e his- :yes rolled in their sockets and flashed ominously. "How often am I to warn von not 10 touch mj blimps: 1 Vou have no right to bu here. at all. What a i c V'"i but ;i beggar's hrat? I -- I-- havu a mind to d r h c you oh* nllogcLlii r, Co, beg your bread of strangers! Von arc not wanted here." lie sci/cil her arm, uml lelt HID imprint of hUda-li-lilte lingers in u bruise jn tlic soft and s h r i n k i n g ilcsh. Dolores recoiled, with t«irifi"d eyes, j t:ud u deep llnsli of shame and anger m o u n t i n g to h«-i- clu-cUs Slic was bewildered mid ai.tonished. The act of d o n n i n g tlic portrait seemed f-o s l i g h t un offense that she \\as amazed at the linger aroused. If she not f u l l y understood the torrent of reproach u l i i c h had gathered in l o l i u n e on the lips of her g r a n d f a t h e r on llic foi mcr occasion, when bin: had attempted to bury EL broken doll in the gaulcn, his bitter iuvcelH cs nou leaclicd her mind \vith a keen f o i c c of eoinprelK'U- h i o n , w o u n d i n g deeply her heart. The cvcitcincnt iuul w i u t l l ot Jacob I)ouHry did not ab.ile d u r i n g Uie cn- »,irc dav- The most t r i l l i n g i n c i d e n t would aiouse :L frcs?: paroNysm of rligo, and he vtouid w a l k away from his g i u u d d n i i f f l i L u r us it in the fear of Mich p r o p i n q u i t y willi Ll\c object of his dis pleasure ;;s m i g h t lead him to some ueii oC violence, Uolores had trembled and wept at first, troubled by such m a n i f e s t injustice, as well as frighlouod by tlic expression of her (Tiandfalher's countenance. I'l-.uluully her tears were dried in Lho fever of sullen rebellion; as, in the depths of her soul, llic.scctli- ing pasbions, prone to s w i f t aLUon, of her southi'rn ti'inpcrament bceamc aroused. The sloiv hours were torture to her irritated ncrvts, and each m-w attack of .Jacob U e a l t r y h . i r p i n g e\ci oil the suiuu cliprd of his town and sol the populace a g a i n s t } passion of the incident. She did nut h i m , t h e n .She f u l l asleep oucu more, j f o r g E t tlu! K n i g h t , she e^en entered with a v.nilc or. her lips. inlo ., s( . cret alliance with the picture, The f o l l o ^ m^f morniiig .Jacob JJcal- tiy u n s m i l i l and ingratiating 1 in man- "I'M. TI:ACH you! in MI nussv." fnnncd tho risinc (lame o[ rcsentiuenl, in the breast of the (jirl. At Icnffth they met at the e v e n i n g meal. "You deserve no supper, ungrateful child, 'jut come nlons lo Iho table," grumbled the old man. Dolores paused, erect, willi flasliinp eyes and quivering' nostriln. "I w i l l not eat your supper, grand- papal" Khc exclaimed, in a, trembling voice. "Vou make mo Imte yon! "VVlmtlmviildone? I will t'O buck to tlio'convent nnd lalio tlic veil. J?o- body wants me u n y where! Xo! I shall go to the town and tell all tlio people liow cruel and wicked y n u are to yaw only prnn«lc)i!ld. Then those who nnvo children will Inko pity on me, and comu and mob yon, touring clown our tower ttono by stone!" "Kh!". ejaculated her companion, blinking nervously, and turning; his head an U lie had not heard aright!', AU.h;.Rjin)0,'imv ho i)_nrpH«r fho ed|o of tho table, M . if to support iiur. J'.Mdentlv his anger had spe-nt Ms force over night. D o l o i u s w . i s sulky and heavy-eyed At breakfast the old man i n s i n u a t e d t h a t she m i g h t return to the convent if she -.\ished to da so The girl pouted at his alacrity to get ritl of her companionship hhe belicld liciself a n u n , w i t h a llouing robe a n d a \ c i l . i n v e s t i n g the placid image w i l l i all the fervor of a y o u t h f u l imagination. The next meinient f r i g h t seized her al Ihe t h o u g h t of the prison bars of re- s t r a i n t imposed on her waywaid I n n n o i K and impatient, spirit by dedication to the cloister. "Not yet, grandpapa,' she said, ap- pcalingly. "l.ct us wait n w h i l e before we decide. Ilesides," she added, w i t h soft f e m i n i n e reproaehfiilness. "there would be no one to take cure of 5°ii in case of illness if I l e f t yon " ' To t:il[« care of me?" repeated tho g r a n d f a t h e r m slu-ill accents. "Tut! I nce-d no eaie or company. Suit ^ o u i self, girl."' A warm color m o u n t e d to tho temples of Doloics, and sudden tea-is dimmed her eyes Her glance strayed to t h e gaidcn. and then i c i c i ted to the p i c t u i c ot the Knight in the e u t i a n c u hull of their duelling. "J)o not Icuvi: us!" the pomegranate and orange trc'-s Bccmcd to whis- pur, suaying in the l i g h t bice/C 1 . "Do ni't leave-us!" sighed the Jlow- crs. cacli u n f o l d i n g bud of rose and jessamine w a f t i n g the-ir f i a g i a n c c to liL'l- senses. "Depart if you dare, foolish child!'' said the Knight of Malta 111 the pict- iiie, a tluea-tuniiiy shape in Uie shadow. "I am not sure that 1 would like to become ;v religions icclusc," the f u l l red lipo ot the g i r l murmured, half r u e f u l l y . * Unconscious of these subtle inll.i- enccs at work on tho n a t u r e of his grandilinightur, .lucob DciiMrv pointed to the picture w i t h the i n t e n t of disparaging its merits. "Rubbish! ^Icrei rubbish as n painting, you uiuiei stand," \\.is his con- tcinpUums comment*. Hike i l , " said the gill slowly, "(fi\ c it to me and 11\ i l l h a n g il in my loom '* "Nonsense!' 1 he r e t o r t e d , regard- i n g her with f m l u c xni'.vsiiu.'ss. "What put that idea in your hcnd. J Do not touch the picture again. I foibiil iL Ha" Cai ry Hie K n i g h t away to ^ our loom, indeed!" "liramlpaua. do you believe t h a t he b u i l t our towcrV" "1'ooh 1 'o." "Perhaps he ilul, you know. He may be pleased lo shelter tie !':^o, or very angry v.ith us for the i n t r u i o n . It is like thai w i t h ghosts who have buried treasures, for c.\a-.nplc. I heard the Sister .Scolustiea once Idling " "How you run on. wilh your woman's tongue," interrupted the ol(l man, peevishly. "When I said that the piclurc was poor trash it was between ourselves. Some fool may .take a fancy to it anil pay a good round sum for ;vn ancient portrait of a K n i g h t ol Malta, artist and dale unknown." The mobile features of Dolores acquired a scornful expression, and she icplied with lhat mixture of audacity and timidity which had ever charac- terised her intercourse with her aged relative: "Then you wish lo cheat seme stranger? 1 would not try to sell the K n i p h t at all in that case, but just leave him hanging there on the v oil." Jacob Poultry chuckled, and rubbed his chin. "Your advice is sound, my dear. Perhaps I will leave him," nnd ho moved away. Dolores siirhcd, and went to the fountain, where sho gazed at her ^iiortjrijp** IE--ire, ~ rcflcclflii id water, for n long time. "What IDelrolt Correapondence ] NUMBER OF GAY voung bachelor-, of Detroit tbat look forward with pleasurable anticipation to the time when llnsy shall do their f u l l duty to their c o u ri t r y and become the heads of families and solid men in the community, but whose cf- forlc in that l i n e do not meet «ith success, have decided that a matrimonial aid society «as what was needed. The idea was suggested at a recent banquet held in the leading club of that city. It was immediately acted upon, and twenty young men assembled in a "bachelor's nest," a handsome residence on "Woodward avenue, and organized the ''Uachclors' M u t u a l Ucnc- fit/and JIatriinouial Insurance Association." Lindsay Russell, a young attorney, drew up a constitution and by-laws that "uere signed by the y o u n g men present. The object of the association is to accumulate a "coujugal jack pot or trust f u n d , ' 1 by means of monthly dues, iiol less that Si a, month, payable on or be fore the ]0th of the month. Ten per cent of this f u n d is to be paid the position, either by reason of her knowledge of the current affairs and gossip of the day, or her undisputed and superior excellence as an investigator and judge of the diseases pe- mliar to the organ or scat of affections ind sensibilities. Xo young lady shall be selected for this position who is given to drawing on her imagination ·or facts." Nu married man or engaged young man is eligible for membership. To test his eligibility he is required to answer a number of questions affirmatively "such answers to be made without hesitation, mental reservation or secret evasion of mind, and all answers to such questions to be forever held secret ana inviolate oy tne committee and never by them divulged." The questions are: "Are you married? Are yon engaged? Is there are prospect or probability of your becoming engaged before March. 1S95? Are you hopelessly, irretrievably and unrelentingly in love with any lady, either young, middle aged or superannuated, and if so, do you think that she will consent to marry you, or will it be a case of bankruptcy of the heart? Do you possess cither constitutional or acquired incliua'ion or propensity for falling in love, and, if so, ho-.v many times have you been in thai condition? Do j o u enter this association voluntarily and n i t h an earnest desire to promote and foster the interest and welfare thereof?" The establishment of the association has been noised abroad and meets with the hearty approval of the yonng ladies, They claim, though, that th'e effect of the association will be to bar them from securing the man of their choice, and request that membership in the association be extended so as to admit young ladies that are frugal and n i l k n o w n to her grandfather. "She no longci whispered lo the pigeons and the Ilowcrs, but questioned the dim- portrait and wove histories a b o u t the earecr of the hero, miitlercil poems, vague, confused and Ilectiiig as tbe rainbow spanning a, dissolving- storm- cloud She a r t f u l l y led her giand- fiithcr to convcise about tjichistorv of the island, .lacob Dualtry was :L well- informed man m many icspccts. and he spoke: occas : un*Llly, in connection w i th some relic of stone, pottery, or glass ili.scovcieel by h i m , of the rule of Count Itogcr of Sicily, the i n s t i t u t i o n of the Order of -St. .lohu of Jerusalem, j Iho fn-st l i e rcpcoplcd that | rock of soft sandstone e-allcel I Tufa, known as Malta, with generations of earlier i n h a b i t a n t s , u n t i l the coming of the- knights to liolel Ihc citadel against the Turic Tlve little maid I at, his elbow listened demurely, siud I the oltl man may h a \ c experienced, j some transient sentiment of gratifica- j lion in the a w a k e n i n g intelligence of his giandelaughtcr. lie was ignorant, that Dolores, bridging timo and spiice w i t h fancy rt niry bow, J i n k e d each glorious deed with the original of the poi trait is ay, she actually became the heroine ot t h i i l l i n g ndvcnlaucs, in -which, aboub to be swept a w a y by an invading host of bold and b r u t a l Corsairs, the K n i g h t Templar rushed to l»cr ICSCUL-, nml eii'o v e ofl'licr assailants with prodigious valor. These idle reveries resolved themselves from lOse.'Ltc mirage i n t s a soliel c o n v i c t i o n in t h e m i n d o£ t l i c girl. The K n i g h t had b u i l t their Watch Tower and piolectcd them in h u m b l e poverty, a feeble old man and un ignorant child, w i t h i n his prceiucts. He still k e p t {THAI tl about the e a u m b l i u g bcncou at night. W h e n Ihc sea was rising, w i t h a monotonous beating on the strand h e r a l d i n g an approaching tcmpust, Doloics fancied she heard his footstep of a sentinel coming ami go- i n g beyond the. b o i i n d a i v w a l l . To-day. Dolores lost herself in pleasant elieams, us she \ \ f i r k c d o n the pink dii-ss. "To l e n d e r it sweet anil sacri d. the hem t must have a little, garden of its o w n , w i t h its umbrage and f o u n - t a i n s and perennial llouers; a Cti'ele^ company!" (TO in: COM I X I K I J . ) Tjtiiuir I'lioLu^ruitliv. Professor Laoglcy has been inlcrcst- ed for a considerable lime in the possibility of preparing a chart of the moon by photography, w h i c h would enable geologists and Ecleuogvaphcis to study its surface in the'ir cabinets " Ills "U the datailR bric.v Vl.c.u ..I.ivii Astronomers have- at tlie-u- comm.iml in the use of the most p o w e i f u l telescopes Such a plan would have seemed chimerical a few yenis ago. -and it is still surrounded w i t h dillieuHic!, but it is probable t h a t w i l l i i n a comparatively few years it m a j be successfully carried out. No definite scale has yet been adopted, but it is desirable tiiiiI the-disk thus piescnicd should, np- proximalc in si/e one two'iuillioatli of the lunar diameter, but w h i l e photographs have been made on this scale none of them shoiv detail which may not be given on a smaller one. A Sad Tlmn far Arlam. The critic met the old school actor on the highway, and, observing 1 a pale melancholy in the face of the Thespian, said: "What's tlie mailer, Ham- leigh? You look blue." "I" am blue," relurned Ilamlcigh. "Theic new school actors are knocking tis old fellows completely out." "What seems to be tho trouble?" asked the critic. "I'm not cducntcd up to the standard," said Ilamlcigh. ·''A man to be a good actor nowadays has got to swim in real water, or ride arace, or manage o, bur.r.-sAw, or be an expert fara hand. 1 can't swim, ride or milk cows, and T S.TS. as afraid as death of a liiUri-iilw, Result, Tula!"--Harper's Jfogaaine. ·.gp^S^ ^r-=;-ts : i- .".- ""-, THE IJACniiLOKS' CLUB HOUSE. cm the day of marriage to the success · fill young lady who opens the jack pot by entering into matrimonial alli- oncc riil'i any member of the associa- JOII.V J. 3IOXTACUE, tion. The remaining 00 per cent ii to be held in Ihe trousury as a. nucleus for the i u c i c a s c o f Ihe fund; movided, howcicr, that in case of the marriage of !iny i-ir-inlip' 1 of 1his association within six Miouths fi-om Dec. 1, I b O l , t h e r o u u g l a d v lie shall mari-y shall not be eiilillcA lo any pai t of the f u n d , theipuijiosc being to i;ccp it inl.ict tor that period of lime. A n y bachelor may become a member of Ihc associalion, m-uvidc'l he can q u a l i f y . Honorary members .ire allowed by the constitu- t'on." Tr.iV llic innrriago of any y o u n g liily '.o nu iinnorary member docs not i u n d e r ' h c i - e l i g i b l e to open the jaclc- noT, or paitiripatc i" the fund. A:-, adiisory committee has been ap- p-intcd to determine the eligibility of ··ippliraiilti for mcjubeiship :n tlie as- siciation. Tlicconstiyilion defines Uie itsciuiricsto be made by the committee ns follows: "Their duties shall be to investigate the antecedents, previous- rcmelr.'.-l ami present status, particularly w'.th i n f e r e n c e to young ladies ami'miUrimoniia turn ol m i n d , and to a.ljmlicalc ai:l dptcrniine upon the eligibility of applic-ints for membership ill this association, "It is farlhe: 1 ni-oviilcd lhat il it be I'reincil e\ppilient nnd comluolvc to the vclfaro aivl interest of this association anil iu-iTv,ary for iln prntcctlon from mriiiliers t h a t niv dangerously in- elinoil toward f:ilUi:|r in love, ,lhc ad- vi»orv cnjninsllcu may invite- some j-oun'g Kily thai is.ui tlieir estimation ^,1-u-enii-ioiiilv .m-liflfi.l and fitted for as anxious to forvvaid the cause ol the association as the y o u n g men. Several^ letters from other cities have been received by Mr. Russell. They come addressed t» the "conjugal jack pot,"and arc delivered to him as the authorized representative of the association. One letter was fiom a. lady in St. Louis, fjhe frankly stated that she was nearing 40 3 cars, and asked if that would oar her from membership in case ladies were admitted 'o the association. Slip adds tliut she is delighted to know that the constitution provides far tho admittance of respectable bachelors only. Another letter « as from a young man in Ogdcn, Utah. Ho is very anxious to secure a copy of the constitution of the Detroit association, as ho thinks an oigani/atioii of the k i n d in that city of t!ie \\ ild w ost -.1 onlil prove a boon tc the y o u n g bachelors. The bachelors t h a t arc members of tho association h a \ c been the butts of m a n y jokes f r o m those not thinking of entering the gates of matrimony the tame way and arc taking- great pains IT. D. HoTrelli 1 Ilome. William Denn Uovrells, that of wonde~rful and drear/love docs all his plutocratic musing an ,j J 1 trnrian wanderings from an im^ ment overlooking Central park, ia it- neighborhood where liLshop l 0 i' lt lived for several years. Mr. IIowc^ has a big, blight study, with wiodorj-* looking 1 on an erpanse of five mil C 5 trees and drives. He works i n t' c morning ani 1 in the afternoon, -^alt down Fifth avenue to study Nc-v.- Yo-' types. It is said that Boston, self-love has been previously, by its idol's desertion, ol iti eullnrei purliens, is now predicting that Dowells will last in. New Y"»k lu months more. He is a bohemian is far as wandering is concerned, 55,] loves the "life on the wing." A CollogA Dtpartarr, The students of Wclleslcy lime JD-; put into practice a new and original idea with respect to sen-ants This is nothing more than a series of "servants' socials,' 1 L c., pleasant socia; gatherings at which the girls a , hostesses and the ser\ ants as gucsU meet upon terms of perfect enualiiy. The first of these affairs, held rectal 13-, not u. success, however, as no: a servant put in an appearance. Las: Saturday evening- things went off Ijct ter. Each irirl sent each maid a politt invitation by mail, in unicli tht sender's calling card was duly included The entire scheme is under the direction of the Young Woman's Christian association of the college. Itudynrd KJpUagi' ll.iby Carriage. Endyard Kipling, who lives in :\cr England and in solitude for fcjr some nice American should become aciuiint ted with him and upset his vicus on the barbarity of thi; great Hustcni world, has a daughter \\,\io it, the daughter of an American girl. This baby has been, called Josephine, alter her mamma, a»d her nurse was imported directly from England, so that, its her papa says, she will learn to talk "as a lofty should.' We hope little Miss K. did not upset papa's ictcaaTuLv day by lisping, "'Ow do you do, papa' I wish, you a worry 'appy Kcw Year!' Hut better talk like "A rrict than Lailr , I suppose. -- Ex All About Tj-pcwrltcrs. You want to know all about typcivnlcr*. Wo want to tell you all about them, iiiiilive can do it. For instance, to me ,m ottc: typcwi-itcr tban tnc Yost No. 4. is to liac moaey and to lose opportunities. It is constructed on principles i n i l i c a l l j i l n own, securing results sought, for fc; manufacturers of all typewriters in the woi-ia,butabsolutjly unattainable by thcr It is pre-eminently the commcrcnl mans auil professional stenographer s ·nnlinf machine, dui^g the liiijltc,-t grade of i^or/; for the longest time on the smallest expense Write to us and our traveling salesman will call upon you, or we will write to M)n. and prove it. Wo rent typewriters Yoit Writing Machine Co., 16!) La Sallo St., Cliicago. An excellent quality of illu gas has been made from peat. The early Egyptian lamps were ol granite, alabaster and terra, coUa. Scrofulous Taints Lurk ID the blood of almost every ODE. la many coses lacy arc inherited. Scrot- uli appears In running sores, buncncf, pimples and cancerous growths. Scrohib can be cured by purifying tlit blood u lib Saraa- parilla ures food's C Hood' a Sirsiparllla. Tins g r e a t remedy bis bad -nonilcrful success in c u r i n g Mils disease. I'- thoroughly eradicates the liurnor from the blood. Hood's Sarsiparilla cures the cores and eruptions by removing tUc- causc -- Impurities in tlie Mootl. K. HOWARD. to keep their names from appearing in the newspapers, but llic names of the ofliccrs and n porlion of the advisory committee will pas* upon the qualifications o! applicants hare been secured. The ofliccrs arc well- known y o u n g men of Dun-oil ,ind other large titios ol Michigan. They arc: John ,T. Monlnpiie of Detroit, president; Ihimphioy K. Harold of Ur.tnd Itapids, secretary and Ireasurcr: D. Lindsay P-^iscll ol Detioit, nltorncy. The names of llic Advisory co'mmiticc ob-' laincd arc Col. Henry C. Hanson, Detroit; Clmrlcs Ii!glibald, Soijina-.v, and Charles V. Hum of Lansing. i Gull stone, brick dust Invnlnc, pain In urctbra Blralnlnn after unrmtlon, painln tlic back nnd hips, sudden stoppjgio of water with pressure Bright" s Disease its In urine, scanty urine* * cures urinary troubles and kidney UlITicuHici Liver Complaint Torpid or enlarged liver, foul breath, bill'iLiJ- ncss bilious headache, poor dige-aUon. pout Catarrh of tbe Bladder Inflammation, Irritation, ulccmtlon, dribbling, frequent calls, r^sa Llood, EDUCUJ or pus. At DriiRElnfi SO contu and ?I.OOSI«. "Iflv^JIdy Guldn to TIcAltb " freo--Consult*tJon fr:TB - Dii. KU.MEH If Co., BiMJnAMioK. N. V. ^1000,000 CUfiP FOR RHEUMATISM. Scliraoe's-Rheumatic Cure jrr*y»f F*ll*4. rirnAUit, h*rmle«.' .. u llliflifst vndortemmt* frwrndcKrlort- CurM U ¥ ·wlii'i-^ nil ttro fulls, KIT* lnTc»tIjmlt*n I A True lc*llmonlfclnlrr*, ^'rilc lo-rt»y- A II Nnll onlcnTlllttj. TenThonusfcnrlTnieTc^ M ilmon'ol*. Katik rtfcirncca ererj^hcrv Tftho notlilnor "]u».t AS pod" OP. which j-yvr dc«kr in^Vm Ivrlrr BJI much Forl- llr« Ito blood. Ko oplu ID or rucrcnry SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO., - 167 Dearborn lit , CHICAGO. ACRE APPLES, $1,493 SaSSESBSS 1 -nul, Mo., larfrrr wnple npr telllneitjOTll 1 A I radical Fmli «nd K«rni pupcr, r" 1 1» llttl b ' : ink nic» . oc · r»r :-ircuijuini! iw woo'M';; 7 be, "Crt.pi or Ihe Crtaln 1 '-- Bins Uw boi? Irlll- , « . be Um» «r Uie inoo" iiTOiii: from Itwn KII. VMI !,,, ,,»» t* »LitTcuio utehlta dij'i !o icinrh onl Cor INEWSPAPERif NEWSPAPER!

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