The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1937 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1937
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EIGHTEEN . MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 25 · 1937 Park Inn's Tap Room and Cafe Will Open on Friday, March 26 Friday, March 26, has been set es the date lor the formal opening of Mason City's newest tap room; located in the Park Inn hotel on the south side of Central Park. Featuring all modern equipment and ah attractive back-bar, the new spot will be known as the Park Inn Tap'Room arid Cafe; Buster Coates, introduced to North Ipwans through his-work as floor judge at the recent American derby at the Armory here, will have personal supervision oi the bar. : : ' · : ' "NO PARKING SPACE WORRIES A T I CARL GRUPP'S FOOD ^^ STORE Phone 420 1325 North ·Federal A new and delicious treat-- Super Quality Butter Toasted Choicest Nuts -- from all over the world. CHOICE EASTER HAMS DECKER'S VACUUM PACKED HAMS An V Brand Whole ' : or t - Half, Ib. Candy Easter EGGS, '/a Ib. pkg lOc Large, Ripe OLIVES, 9 or. can ORANGE: MARMALADE, L h . ....... 29c Mrs Fullerton's CHICKEN, 1 Ib. 5 o z . can 60c, Sweet Mixed PICKLES, 22 oz. far HAM LOAF Iowa Pure Leaf LARD, Jin* 3 i b s . . . . . . . . 4 ° c 4 Ibs' PARSNIPS 25c Welchs TOMATO JUICE, *-_ 2 Pints for . . . . A f / C .Choice POT ROAST, Ib. . 20c Pork Loin ROAST, Ib 22c New Potatoes, 4 Ibs 29c Fancy APPLES, 3 Ibs. 25c Large, 2 Of* ORANGES, doz. ^JrC Kellogg's ALL- BRAN, 2 pkgs. Mixing Spoon Free We . have everything in fresh Vegetables to make your Easter dinner complete. Cabbage, Bhubarb, Cauliflower, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Onions, Radishes, Sweet Potatoes,.Carrots, Lettuce, Celery, Mushrooms. · Made to i . - ' · ' - , Order, ib. Center Cut Slices HAM, each . .?l . . ·. 15c English Sliced BACON, Ib. . , 35c Ideal Mixed Toasted MEATS, !/4 Ib. . , Combination Pack Olives, 7 '/r oz. jar Monarch APPLE BUTTER, ·18 oz. Jar . . . ISc No. 10 Can Pie CHERRIES . . . . . 69c Monarch Whole *)A«i Kernel; CORN ... . *UC LAMB SHLD. ROAST 22c SEE THE JACK SPRAT FOOD ADVERTISEMENT FOR MORE SPECIALS FARMERS: We Both Save If You Bring Us Your Eggs and Poultry. PHONE US YOUR ORDER--WE DELIVER ^_ FEDERAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET BUY FOR LESS AT THE FEDERAt. FRUIT Be Healthy--Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables JUST ACROSS FROM THE HANFORD Phone 42 POTATOES, carload No: 1, 15 Ibs. 45c; djo /»/j 100 Ibs «P£.O»J ! NEW POTATOES Florida, OC« 4 Ibs. : . . . .. ^OC FRESH BEETS and TURNIPS, 1C grreen tops, 2 for IDC FRESH BROABLEAF SPINACH, extra -I |quality, 2 Ibs IDC FRESH MUSTARD and DANDELION' t/» GREEN, bnch. 1U.C Better'n Gold GRAPEFRUIT, or . 5 for ^DC CUCUMBERS · Fancy, · I r t A each . . . . . . . . . . . 1UC Sunkist, LEMONS do z .:29cr. · Large, full juice ORANGES, . OC doz. . . . «5DC Heinz CATSUP large 10^ bottle 1»/C Omar and Pillsbury FLOUR, (fo on 49 Ibs. ... . tp^.^U Welch's GRAPE JUICE Large oj- bottle ........ .. JiiDC GINGER ALE, WHITE SODA, LIME . '· 1A RICKEY . :. 1UC : ., Fresh Green ASPARAGUS, ICi bunch . . JL«jC : Boneless HAAf, .' O X ib. -Z4c ' COFFEE Hills Bros., 07 Butternut, Ib. .'. £IC PEACHES ; and PEARS, Libby's, large .can ·.'.. KELLOGG'S ALL Fresh' Green 'Beans, Peas, Pineapple, Calava Pears, Slraw- 'bcrrics, Mushrooms, Red Cabbage, Limes, Radishes, Tomatoes. .20c .OGG'S «| nf BRAN *i...-. ·. L for L JC READ THIS FIRST: . .A cable from America excites the interest of the stenographer in the dingy law office of Stuckey and Stuckey, London. Upon his arrival Charles Stuckey learns that Miss Jacqueline Smith, daughter of one of his few respectable clients, how on -the; continent with her mother, has inherited $1,500,000 from an American uncle. Colonel Alec Liutman,- who obviously has some hold over .Stuckey, calls and reads the cablegram about She inheritance when Charles leaves the office for a few inoments. Lut- jnan proposes that they arrange for Jim Ass on, an ex-conviet, to marry Jacqueline Smith, having her assign her properly -- before Stuckey tells her of the Inheritance -- to her new husband. Lntman would take three-fifths of the Inheritance. Stuckey and Ass on each one-fifth. Asson arrives and agrees to try and marry Jacqueline and Stuckey, reluctantly, consents to handle the legal end of the scheme. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY: CHAPTER 6 THE HOTEL WALDERSTEIN \vas not the best hotel in Coben- zil, and for that reason'Mrs. Millicent Ferguson Smith had a grudge against it. If it had been the best hotel, Mrs. Smith, of course, would not have been staying there; and although she tolerated its second class amenities with a show of patient resignation, she could never shake off a secret feeling of. resentment against the place for'its failure to be the sort of hotel in which a woman of .her taste would choose to reside. Yet the Walderstein, besides the comparative moderation of its tariff, had. much to commend it. It had a pleasant sunny terrace that looked out over the alley of the Danube; it had comfortable chairs on the terrace, and big gaily colored sun umbrellas, exactly like those of the more expensive hotels; and even had its charges been less moderate and its food more elaborate, the view from the terrace could hardiy have been more beautiful than it was under present conditions. At the moment Mrs. Smith did not seem to be agreeably impressed by the beauty of the view. Seated hi alow cane, chair beneatH one of the umbrellas, .she was gazing at the river with a look of disapproval more in keeping with, the Thames at Wapping than with the sunlit waters of the Danube at Cobenzil. Seeing Mrs. Smith sitting there, with the smoke of her Egyptian cigaret.scenting the air,.one might have been excused for wondering why she should be subjecting the Danube to t h a t disapproving rpwn. True, she was in her for- ies--a fact which might make any woman frown not only at the-Danube but at the entire unjust and 11-conceived' scheme of existence; ut "the forties" is a wide and vaguely defined realm in which a voman may wander for far more nan a decade without adding to icr years, and Mrs. Smith cer- ainly did not look her age. She vas still pretty; she had still to liscover the first silver thread in ler dark hair; and her slim figure was still independent" of -special diet and fatiguing exercises. .Her dress, too---cause or so many feminine frowns -- was such as any woman might have worn without frowning even in Cobenzil's best hotel. All ttiese blessings, and Mrs. Smith was none the less frowning. But she, was not at, the moment counting her blessings; she was mentally counting the contents oE her purse. '· - - . · · · · . The manager, of course, had behaved -very badly--coming; out here on ;ttie terrace and flourishing the bill at her and gabbling on in his nasty guttural English. After all, it was quite a small amount. Four weeks for herself and Jacqueline at his wretched little hole' was nothing to make such a fus: about, especially as for the firs fortnight she had paid her bill regularly each week. That was'the worst-of staying al these second-rate places; they thought only of getting t h e i i money, and didn't take the least trouble to kee.p the bath water hot. Last..night she had actually shivered and the toast this morning hadn't been fit to eat. v And in any case there was no excuse for making a scene out here on the terrace flourishing the bill at her anc advertising the matter to .the whole hotel. Anyone might have seen -- Jim Asson or Colonel Lutman. Experience had taught her that-- nothing could, so ef- fecutally wither- the roots of a young friendship as a suspectec shortage of money, and she die not want either Jim Asson or Colonel Lutman withered. Both ol them were .coming along nicely and it would be',disastrous if anything should occur now to check them. Time enough to broach money matters when their friendship was more firmly rooted anc likely to survive the shock. But the financial situation hac to be faced. The- manager had delivered an ultimatum; either she' must pay her bill within a week or she must leave his hotel. He had a wife and a family to support,'he had said -- as il she were in some way responsible for his indiscretions! Bui the ulHma'tunvwas a nuisance. Ii had been delivered at a mosl awkward moment. Ment a l l y counting her assets,-Mrs. Smith realized that the settlement of the bill - within Hhe stipulated time limit was .in the highest degree Improbable; which would mean that, unless the manager coulc be brought ,to a more reasonable frame of mind, she mus- leave the hotel. And she wish to leave, because that woulc mean leaving Jim Asson and Colonel Lutman and abandoning al her schemes and hopes. Jim Asson and Colonel Lutman w e - r c chances far too good to be let Oying -about- a- continental .hole: ·* for someone else to pick up and make use of. Still, there was a week before the ultimatum would expire, and a great deal could happen in a week. She must see if she could speed things up a little. If only Jacqueline were more tractable... She lighted another cigaret, caught the sound o£ footsteps on the terrace, and turned her head to see ° Jacquelin coming toward her. She noticed that the girl was frowning, and instantly dismissed her own frown and gretted her with a smile. The outward appearance of Jacqueline Smith always brought a smile to her mother's lips. Jacqueline in that respect was so completely satisfactory, with her dark hair, her gray eyes, her clear-cut features and her slim, boyish figure. Jacqueline helped herself to a cigaret and lighted it. "Well, mother? Do we start packing?" MjlHc^ent Smith glanced at her quickly.'She'had tried very ha'rd to cure herself of the habit of. giving her head a sudden turn when Jacqueline made one o£ her unexpected remarks, but she had never managed to do it. Some of the girl's, remarks were so very disconcerting. " She raised her eyebrows in mild surprise. . "Packing, my dear?" Jacqueline nodded. ' "I suppose we're moving on, aren't we?" "Moving on?, I'hadn't thought of it, Jacqueline., We're fairly comfortable here, and there are some quite nice people staying in the hotel, and even if the bath water isn't very hot . . . " "When a hotel manager-starts waving a bill we usually do move on, don't we?" Again Mrs. Smith raised her shapely eyebrows. "I don't -think I quite understand, Jacqueline." "What you mean, mother, is that you hoped I didn't understand.? But I saw the whole thing from the window of- my bedroom, and it didn't need much understanding. Where are we going next?" "We're going nowhere; we're staying here." "But if you- can't pay the bill To Oppose Creation of Commission for Fish, Game Rules SPRINGFIELD,' HI., (fl)--C. F. Thompson, director of the state department .of ' conservation, said Thursday he would oppose as il- !egal a proposal of sportsmen for :he creation of a state .commission :o formulate and enforce fish and game regulations. Asserting that a recent ruling of :he Jow'a supreme court holding .he regulations of such a-commission unconstitutional would apply :o Illinois, Thompson left for Chicago Thursday to urge representatives of the Illinois Sportsmen's association, the Izaac Walton league and the Junior Chamber of Commerce to abandon their plan for a commission. The Iowa court held the legislature's delegation o£ power to the commission was illegal. "I haven't said I can't pay the bill. Just because I don't choose to .pay this afternoon--on the hotel terrace, in full view of everybody -- it doesn't follow. . . '' Jacqueline cut her short with a gesture of impatience. "Why go on'pretending, mother? I'm not a perfect fool, and it doesn't deceive me. Do you really suppose I don't know why we left VTarienbad, and Prague, and--oh, islf a dozen other places? We left because the hotel would. give us no more credit, because it was- a case of paying up . or--fifi- ng'kicked out. .And because we couldn't pay up, we sneaked off "I have never sneaked off · in ny, life, Jacqueline. I have never left a hotel except by the main door." "We left Prague at six in the morning, anyway, so that we could slip away without giving any tips." To Be Continued) QUAIOFELT IN CALIFORNIA Centers in Imperial Valley; No Damage or Injuries Are Reported. LOS ANGELES, (ff)--Southern California shook Thursday morn ing with a heavy earthquake. I appeared to be centered in the Im- erial valley or south of the Mexican border in the Gulf of Call fornia area. It was 8:49 a. m..when an area of about 10,000 square miles quiv ered. Los Angeles and its environs .were swayed by a long and continuously increasing motion Long Beach reported it was quite unlike the heavy 1D33 shod which came as a jolt. Thursday's movement was a sort of rhythmic shimmy, with an east and wesl motipn. Report Similar Effects. Santa Monica, Glendale, Pasadena, Anaheim,, and Alhambi-a promptly reported similar effects while to the south the intensity seemed to be greater. In the San Bernardino-Riverside region i was a good shake. San Diego, more than a hundrec miles from Santa Monica, felt i as a sharp quake. At El Centro county seat of Imperial Valley, 10( miles east ot San Diego, the jolt was heavy but no immediate damage or injuries were reported. El Centro residents ran from buildings in the downtown district and gathered in ifttle groups on the street At Brawley, just, north of El Centro, clocks were stopped. Thrown Off Balance. 'The visible recording instrument at the seisniological .laboratory of the C a r n e g i e institution was thrown off balance, but seismologists immediately removed the film from the photographic recording instrument to study its record. Dr. C. F. Richter of the seismological laboratory of the Carnegie institution termed the disturbance "strong enough to cause considerable damage near its, point of origin." . . This he estimated to be 110 miles southeast of Pasadena, either in the mountains of San Diego county or on the east side of the Imperial valley, a rich agricultural district at the Mexican.border. Discuss Farm Tenancy. HAMPTON--The ; junior Farm Bureau of Franklin county- held Is Fined $10 for No Tail Light on Auto OSAGE--J. .E. .McGuire .appeared here in justice court before Justice Donald P. Chehock and was fined $10 and costs for failure to display properly a tail-light on lis automobile, pie Moen appeared n justice court and pleaded guilty to a charge of intoxication and was fined $15 and costs. Nels Larson appeared in justice court on an intoxication charge and was sentenced to 30 days in the Mitchell county jail, 15 of which were suspended during good behavior. Mr. Larson and Moen are farmers living near Carpenter. "T"UT .the family insists on JLJ three meals a day at our" house! That means three dishwash- ings daily, in my arithmetic! Maybe you've had my experience . .. standing over the dishpaii . . . wondering why you didn't get a decent cleaning suds when' you sprinkled soap flakes into this water . . . wondering why dishes emerge; from the pan, streaked and sticky with -'soap scum' . . . wondering about the 'red- wrinkled look' on your hands . . . what to do about it? · That was my story..-.until a few weeks a go 1.Then a friend said: 'Sprinkle a teaspoon of CLIMALENE into the water, before you add the soap.' I tried it. An,d CLIMALENE instantly cut through the grease! I also found my dinnerware emerging from this grand, new cleansing combination, glistening and sparkling! CLIMALENE really does put new cleansing power into the water and it takes the stinging harshness outl And maybe that wasn't a break for my handsl" * * · * lOc now bays BOWLENE...cleans closet bowls. Your grocer has it. C-fl a forum at the.Coonley hotel Tuesday evening, discussing farm tenancy. Speakers were' Miss Clara Blank, H. D. A , Howard Pmlpott and Godfrey Showalter. WiUard Latham was the discussion leader. Bulk Peanut Butter Ib. 15c Large DILL PICKLES 2 for 5c FRIDAY, SATURDAY SPECIALS We Handle U. S. Inspected : v Meats Only No. 1 Sugar Cured · HAMS EASTER GREETINGS Decker's lowana Swift's Premium Wilson's Tender Made Old Homestead, ib. . Our Hams . a r evfirst gored., No porbbil- Holf ing necessary. Buy ' t h e or best for less. You won t u/Ur,l» be dissappointed atlyour W h 0 l e Easter dinner. . Sugar Cured BREAKFAST BACON, Ib. 23C Little Pork BREAKFAST LINK SAUSAGE, Ib. . . . 20c Fancy LEG O' MUTTON, Ib. 12c Tender Mutton SHOULDER, Ib. lOc Tender Young Mutton CHOPS, Ib. lOc PURE G R O U N D Beet and Pork Sausage, Ib. 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