The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 15, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1818
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NLTMBEK5045 n rr rrM For BALE, (if applied fir immediately,) The superior packet sloop HOsTOX, venr ana fix munms otu, Duruirn oi 20 - 95 tons, throughly butt bolt ed ; stow a large ergi gnd sails remr.rkibly fast ; has a full inventory and in complete order fur a voyage .ply to A. Rivera, on board, east aide Bur - ' ling - slip, or to ANSON G PIIKLPS, , 183 Front - atreet. for Sale, Freight or Charter, iv - i ne niic i - scw - iora mini amp ni - BERNIA, II. Graham, master, built by Mr Cheeseman, ot tlie - best materials, and in " the most faithful manner, has lately been cop - pered and put in complete order, and can"be Lt on any voyage at little expense. For terms, apply to WM. & SAME CRAIR, w, il No. 84 Front - street. Far St. lhamat and fit Jiurtholcniews iilv A good BRMJ, of 180 tons, bound to yjy.the West Indies, will take freight for eiiiier oi me auuvc (ikilcs, iiuiiiihihi tely. Several passrnjjers also, can be well ac commodaled. Apply to JAMES IHVOLF. Jim. a 19 54 South - street. fur SAVANNAH, M. m c . i f v. v nr.. - l ink line tenr. oibM'ini'i ; - vim. iniiiM! having bi'en detained bv ung . - - , - - r w i.. arutlir. nn lake tome more UiT'il ireigni. For which, or passage, apply on board, at Joues wharf, or to l'OTT Si M'KtNNE, an 10 66 South street. fUElUHl' H'ANTk.l. The British brig ST. DOMINGO, leaptain Redmond, will lake freight for any port in Groat - Britain or Ireland she is a jrood vessel, and may be despatched immediately. Apply on bonrd at Piue - street wharf, or to aug 10 86 South - st. Fmr BERMUDA, ij4 The fine fat sailing sloop IIOPK. jjfJJohn. W il.son, master, has three fourths of her cargo reudy to go on board, and will positive! tail on or before the 16th inst. For the remainder of freight or 1 usage, apply to LA1DLAW, GlitAULT & CO. ati 8 7l N". 9" Cnire. - - Mouse.slip. fur Llff.lti'OUL, The well known, regular trading Lcopperrd ship IMPORTER, Dinglcy, nunler, will be dispatched toon, having l he gt enter part of her cargo engaged. For remain der of freight or pasiage, havii'g superior ac - comindations, apply to capt. 1). on board, at pier No. 1 J, E. U. ' Gouvcrneur's - wharf,) or to CHARLES HALL, 1 II aver - strcet. Forsale, on hoard (he above ship, 4 chaldron CANAL COAL. aug $ far LIVEHI'OUl., Thcsu'islantial ship ROCKINGHAM, T. F. Williams, master, is no loading and li.ivmg considerable cargo engaged, is intended to sail on the 2'JtU inst Fur the remainder of freighter passage, having handsome and spacious accommodations, apply on board, east bide Fly - market, or to THOM AS C. BUTLER, Jim. on d 74 5oiitli - treet. far SfKti' - UM.F1j'a, t41. The fast sailing packet achr. FAN - - jfrljLfcWY ( HBN liV, TilM, ter: ne.irly loaded, can take a few tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on hoard, e.t side of Hurling - slip au 5 Hilt LbAl), HL.UL. VliKIUL, AL. LUM.ic Received per Chaunceyand Columbia, from Bristol. (Eng.) and mr sale by the sahscritier, on advantageous terms, viz. 2TO kegs genuine ground while Lead io 26lb. kegs 20 casks best dry White Lead la casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead ia casks from l to 3 cwt. each 1 1 do (Spanish Brown from 3 to 4 cwt. each 30 do Ivory Black from to 3 cwt each 12 1o Roman Vitriol IromSto 8 cwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3cwt each 12 lierres A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhda. 5 tiereesand 8 bills Rottnn stone French Green, Lamp Bhck, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to A. CHURCH, J 15 184 Bowery. GUKVIA GUOUs. RECEIVED by the ship I'riton and the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other Ute import - atinns, an assortment of German Linens, such as i'latiilas, while and brown Pret:ignes,Creas, DawUt, Brown Checks and Shirting Linens Hempen Osnabjrgi and Ticklenburgs, Hessians, Buil.ips, Brown Rolls, Bag, Taites, Supnifjne Broad Cloths Ntpkins, bilk Galloons and Pound Ribbons Cooe Mi;t, Siate Pencils l.ookii.g Gliss Plates Pocket and Statu Glasses lad Peneils And an assortment of Cardwire. Also on hand, A few tons St Petersburg Hemp First quality Holland Sail Cloth, anil Silly hoivs Patcgrass Cheese, entitled to de benture. For sale on reasonable terms, bv GEO. i THEO MEYER, i 15 Im 129 WashinetonMrwt BR IRON, kc. S tons Bar Iron 5 tnnSlieet Iron 20 dozen Prying Pans Patent Chaff anl Drawing Kaivei Iron and steel Shovels Gt rrus - D ani cast steel mill, pit & hand saws Coach Spring Sli el. t or sale hy ANDERSON k SHEARER, Jf2 At 131 Water street. fPOHACCO. 353 Krzs landing from schrs. JL Hero and Only Daughter, and sloop Fair American, from Richmond, vir. 54 Kegs branded B. II. Brady, 8's, no. 1 & t 54 do. Geo. Fletcher, 8's, uo. 1 3 40 do. T. M. Deane&co. fJ's, no I fit 3 57 do. J. Gibb, 8's, no I & 2 (8 l - tdo. J Si P Labby, 8's Ladies' twist. IN STORE, 1500 Ktp, 8's, no's 1, 2, 3, half pound rolls. Ladies' Twist and Cavendish Tobacco of the following brands, vis. Enders, Rosa, Ege, Miller, Holts, Duttoo, Starr, J. Hare K co K. Hughes c co. F. Dancy it co. Ander soa, Blair k M. Keage, Cantor, and Sbellon wiiuamsoa. forsale by CORNELIUS DU B013 u? . 1 2w ' Pt.S hrllr Kt W LS 150 ar. c isks L. A TeneruTe wine, imported in 1815 and 1816, "re raney, rower, and coiagan oranns. A few pipes fine Port Wine, forsale by NATH. PAULDI NG, it 12 Iw 162 Front - street NEW RICHMOND FLOUR, c. 235 bblt . superfine Flour, liaiall and Cunning - brands, ludins from schr. Catharine, and . . C4 Front - street ,A .V STORK, 70 hbd. prime RichjKind Tobacco 100 kegs Mannfarlnred do 2 botes 44 Irnh l.iaen " ' udl. 6 pipes tuuii: L. 1 Mnuiri YiBI zqr.cuksd9.d4 Malmsey time, S 12 lw MADEIRA IVINE 6P1PFS I 12 I Hub. Choice L. P. Madeira Wine. 2 1 - 2 Qr. Casks Malmiey do do of Scott, Loughuan, PenfolJ tt Cor. brand, and oirered for sale by W. & g. CRAIG, aug I Im No. 84 Front - st. JLWbLLERtf, WATCHES, lie. i CASE of sundry Jewellery, line Cutlery, X Silver Hunting and 1'lain Watches. Druune Cases and Ladies Work Boies. 2 cases Ladies Corsets asiorteil. For sale by J LAMBERT, J S4 ' 3 CourtUnd stieet. TLAa, VVINbs .v GROLitKlr.S. No. 7 I'arlt (late Luriies Auction Room.) TMIE subscriber keeps constantly fnrsale a I. general ai eminent of fint rate Groceries for family ue, aoiongst which are triinpowdtr luipeiial llysnn. Young ITsoa Hyson Skin TEAS rof Grit quality and latest importation. I'ouchnng J Loal, Lump, citr - ana Hanana white and brown D'jubie Gloucester, ,.iirrcr llollaiid ti American "tt!st" Lemon Juice Sicily Lemons in eoM order 4lh proof Cognac liraiiily (genuine) Holland Gin un l Jamaica Spirits Madeira, Port, Claret, L. p. Tcneriff", Sherry and other Wines Sweet Oil in Betties and UUtlct Spices, W. I. Pepper llibl rt's Brown Stout Sperm Oil and Candles ; with many other Articles too numerous to specify, which will be sold at a moderate adtram e, by ne 3 JAMES P. AN'DOE, jni.yiKxTiu boon. I OSEPU TITCOMB 4 CO. Hit Pearl street, J bavejtut received 6 cases, containing 5 4, 4 - 4, 7 - C, and 3 - 4 bleath'd Sheetings and Sliiriingi Brown Shirtings ; Ginghams Stripes ; Checks ; Cliaii.brays Bed - Ticking and Casmiercs. Alfo nn hand, an extensive assortment of Domeitic Woollen and Cotton Goods Wick Varn ; Boot and Shoes Cut Tacks an'i Bra')", aborted An invoice oi Straw Braid. Sc. All of which will he sold allow prices fur cash orhort credit. Wool, Cotton or Bala Goods received for sale or on ttnrage. ang 5 CHIKMICALS, COLORS, Ac Kpsom Salts, io caks of 2cwt. Lump .Maiiesii, in cntes Dn d i stnall squares Calcined do in phtaN Rochtlle Salts, Acid Tartar Citri Acid, Bin Verrtitrrin firkins Hi tent yellow, Kings Yellow Regulus of Antimony GUiSS, BUTTONS, He. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well ti'ii - ljed Do do in waincoat rases, linely fiiiisUed with Apparatus complete Duelling Pi;tn!, incases Gold Epaulette Naval and Military SwtiI Belts Gill Coat and Vet Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical lii - lrumuits Rollins Paralel Rulers Mariners cmpassrs, teleoenpes. Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid classmen carvedin ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, ailver pencil cases. 'qr hjr J l. a "uaur. je io j tyouriianui - kireei. MIKFFIELU tt lilliXIJfiiHAM GOODS. CasK neatly assorted table Knives St Forks, I do. uo. do. Small Cutlery, . , , ( Table Knives tt Forks, do. do. do. JwiUl!malculerj. do. do. do. Saws, do. do. do. Files, do. do. do. Eedge Tools, do. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, 4 1 1 1 1 A few casks Candlesticks, Butt liiuges, Wood e.rews, Commode Knobs, and 1 case Buttons, Forsale, very low, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, July an t. - z i 2 reari - st. I O Boxes muslins 10 do. 4 - 4 Si 7 - H Irish liuens 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillai C do. Scotch o?naburgi 7 bales imitation sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 da. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpetin?. 1 aCso, Suil - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sarkiog Seine twiua For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 No. I Sloat - lane. IRISH LINENS, l.AtYNS. SHEETINGS, DIAPbR, hie. ALARGE and handsome assortment of the following goods, just received er Hesperus, and other late arrivals, and are offered for sale on reasonaMe terms : 3 4 Diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diapers and Dama'k 3 - 4 White Linens 4 4 and 7 8 Linens, fine and low assortments 3 - 4 Brown Lawns und Linens - 3 - 4 Black do 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Sheetings 5 8 Lawns, 7 - 8 Dowlas, bonk and long foil Strong half bleached 7 - 8 and 44 Linen 4 4 Huegs, half bleached Irish colored Thread asnrte!. THOMAS SUFFERN, auglOtw No. 6 Pepessler street. GUNPOWDEK, SlitH, Lr.AD, A:c 1000 qr. casks F.FF k FFF Bloomfidd rowner 500 do do musket and Cannon Powder 100 do do best Erglrdi do 50 do do Dartford Caunistcr do 20 do do Single Seal da 4 tons assorted Pstent Shot 3 no do moulded da 3 do bar Lead 10 roll Sheet Lead 500 feet patent Lead pipe 100 M. superior ; Freuch and English gnu and pistol Flint Also, an assortment of musket and pistol balls, powder flasks and shot belts, for (tie by sBHOOV MAKER VAN KEl'REN Jr CO. aug 8 2w No. yi rront - st. PORTER BOTTLES, SHEAT1UXG COPPEH, le. BR13TOL porter bottles, in hampers of one groca each Sheathing copper, from 14 to 28 os i' Vt, assorted for the - oasoa Spanish brown White lead, ground m oil Crown window glass, 8 by 6 to IS by 12 The above roods ara just received by the sh:p Phocioo from Bristol, and are recommended as being of the best quality and ia lb best order For sale bf an; 1 1 Iw WM. NF.ILSON It SON. LARKT. 40 doien very auperiour Claret, W fjrsale at 118 the doien, by GEORGE JOHNSTON", je 30 tf Ko. 1 Sloat - lane SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 181C. HORSES THE subscriber wishes to purchase three or - a. iour pair oi matched Jlories, and several ingle Hones for the saddle, and also for draught. K. LENOX. ' aug 12 WH uOM UsTti: t'ivi Ti v uimi. A N atsortmeat of Dometic Goods, such as oieacn'd a unoieach'd Shirtings and Sheet - men White & black Millinetts, (assorted ourahers) Flon. knittins Ac sewin? Cotton. For aala on reasonable terms by WM. CA.wriJF.LL, Manufacturer, aug 6 197 Pearl street, (upstairs. AMKRICAN CLOTliis. TOSEFH TITCOMB 8t CO. No. 162 Pearl - l street, have iust received 10 nieces Ameri can Superfine Blue Cloths, which will be sold che - ip, for cash only. AIo on hand, an extensive assortment of Domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsjof every dis cription, at low prices. J 29 FOR S.1LK, The HOUSE & LOT, No. 339, Broad - wuy. I he lot is 23 feet Iront and rear, and lf.0 leet deep. The house is 65 feet deep, finished in the beat manner, and replete with conveuieu - cesibr a targe family. On the premises are a hnck stable, two ram - water cisterns, (one ol which is brick) and a well of excellent water. The situation is considered equal to any in this city, r or particulars, apply to Benjamin U. Minium, on the premises, or to Jy25 1m No. 256, Pearl - st. (UK bALK, A HANDSOME last Irolting sorrel Toney, lour years elii, very kind uuder the saddle, sold for no fuult ; the present owner having put his son to business is the cause oi his being for le. Enquire at 13 Vandam - street. N. B. A verv lieht Sulkey for sale cheap. Enquire as above. aug 1 1 tf HILL UK SOLIJ JiT JUCTIOX, on Wednesday, the 2d of September next, the property of Robert Gourlay, deceased, in the Vtl.lC Ul .ICH HUIII, ,1 . 17 building lots, fronting onCotden street, 11 do do do on High street, 12 do do do on Water street. 2 do no do nn he u - Kood - street. Alsa, a water lot, containing i4 feet front. On the aforesaid property there is a dwelling hnu'e 2b' by 30 leet, also one sixteen by (weniy nine eet,aiula store house twenty six ny iiunv also, a carriage makers shop 18 by 28 feet, with a cellar under the whole, and Which as a small expenremay be converted ii.lo a comfortable dwelling. The iVewburgh and Cochecton turnpike, with nlhcr priueinal roads from the interior, runs through Ihe centre of the above property, and it being exceeded by none in or about the village for beauty of pwpert and advantages for trade, it is rrei umcd thai persons wishing to obtain lots fur itores or private dwellings, will not let this opportunity pnss, of berouiiog Missessed of those silualcd in the niot pleasant part of the village. Perms tu be madr? ut - own at the lime of sale. For paitiru'.ais, apply to MARUARbl bllUliLAl, t.X'lx. S'ewburgh. ANDREW GIF FORD, Ex'tor. aug 10 tds 131 f.reen wii li st. N York. A - KEYED IARP. TA. GUTTWAI.DP respectlully invites . the amateurs of muse to inspect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden Ian, a musical instrument that perfectly equal trst harp in sound and far surpasses it in point of easy treat m - nt, as it is played lilt the piano by n !" - . and r.oiuenlly has all the advantages of brilliant modulatiu - , ih onlv one in the United States. Also, an elegant Piano - Forte ol fiue tone, musical variety ni d workmanship, withan assortment of dilferent kinds, whose trixxt qualities have been testified by the undersigned eminent professors : " We the subscribers, professors of muic, do certify, that we have carefully eiamined Mr. J. A. UuttwaliU'spiano - ion - s, wmi n, ior lu'enui - ly and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. Metsrs. Gill - s, Eticnpe, Rd Me. lx,G. Thibault, Charles Gillert." J 7 . yfOH.itiK. CONVENIENT Storage f r Dje Woods, or other articles of a description, may be had by applying at No. 2'J South - street, au 8 lu Lb I , A part of a hou?e aud a front office in Jy - sirect, within a fow rods olrrankliu Lank. Inquire at No. 1 1 Cedar - street. Jy2! U I 1 UM. 40pum tieou first quality N K. Rum, JL t for sale by J A; D'WuLF, Jun. 54 S'dith - 'treel. J 2 VAbliAbLl. Hb.iL t,s I A I t, f'. a fiAt.b, l! 1HK IT OF NFV - oRK. rMVE lots of ground en Ihe west si - leofGrern - wah - Mreet, between Vestry and Uesoros - ses - slreets, 25 by !t. Four do in the reftr of the above, fronting on the east side of Wushitipton - strret, 25 by HO. Eight do ia the Mot k below, l.tUeeo Washington aud West - streets. In Mnn'iromerT Countv. 6000 a res ol Land in Lawrence's purchase, near l.'ast Canada CrceK, ou the north side of Ihe tMohawlc. In Fianklin County. 15,162 aere of Land, in Hie towns of Mount Morns aud Dayton. In Ess,ex County. 7332 acres of Land in townof Barrymore. In the Countv of Lewis. 1250 acres of land in Csterlaud, Chassanis Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2G0fl acres in Pnln.ei's rurehase. Enquire at tbeutbee oflbe subscriber, 34 Ce - oar sireei. BEV. ROBINSON. mh '7 tf A ,1 ANCHESTKU VELVETS. Assorted co. IV I lours and verT niH - rior qualily, for sale low, by CfcO.l. NEWBBRY, J 31 138 Pearl street. G.SAUNDER'S PATENT RAZOR STROP. Y'ou that wish to shave with ease. Buy of Sapisdkrs il you pirate ; His Razor Sti op's, peculiar such. That sharp the Rasor with a touch. G SAUNDERS resiHctiullv solicits those . who have no! got hi Patent Riior Strop, to furnish themselves with bis new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Compositi"n. No gen tleman who once makes trial of - .ne ol the Strops now offered, will ercrtry any o!iiers;and sucbi their formation, that ever av much use will not cue tiie rains ihat roundness which renders the nest ol them usi lesn, and which i vrel known always to lollow the applicati'ti cf all those hirher - to invented. The above stmrs ar ia genfcial uc in New York, and are di'i;iislied Orom all others. Barbers who have und liieio k.iy more in their praise than I can niywli. G. SUNDCh,"S, 13 Wall - reet. Also forsale, Rasor, Soap, ?nd every utensil for Shavin;, ol the tirt quality, with a sujk - norassoitm'iit of Perfumery. Hair lowdtr,Kc. Smvth's. New li rl d St. eel. l.o .(t'jo. N. B. The most lilicral aiiuwancc made to dealers. ri ACKNEY COACH EC - . T7OR Select fa'tie. from Eiiidth Town V Point, for rbil - .ih.lpr - .tj, and tU Mea.T Boats at Trenton and B'ito;, und the Mineral Springs at Schooley's Mi.uut !. Notice sent to N . 51 White - Mall treet, New York, or HALEY ?TI:s,Ehis.rieth Town, by osail, or by tb? Strsa. Bust Atalanta. will It iismediMeiy attcaucd to J 14 TO THE PUIiUCK. A GENTLEMAN from Franca would wish to draw the attention of the citizens of New - York to bis newly established Laboratory of Co lours for walls, prepared lor immediate use. and U.'ouiparued with directions lor laying them on. i n colours are of the brightest tints, and pra pared so that no disappuiutment can take place. oi. jonn - mau, r ranKtort - st. N. U. A Terr superior aualitr of Recordlnr Ink manufactured by the same person. jiuyzz ii tW BROWN, stone seal eugi aver and jewelg JL . ler, No. IG6 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, engraved ou stone. Diamonds, amethysts, topaxes. crystals, ic. bought or cut to any form. Ladies seals engraved with moltos. devices or crests. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 names. A large assortment of fine told seals, chains. and other jewellery. Jy 28. 1m J. W, fOKIIt S, MAVVFAtTCRER VP SILVER WAEE, fcr ti a u. mi Druiusivay. INFORMS his friends and the public, that he continues to manufacture of sterling silverex - clusively, and of superior workmanship, silver Tea and Table Ladles, Urns, Setts, Waiters, Syphons Church Plate, Fish Knives Spoons, Forks, Cake Baskets. &c. &c. ottlie latest and most elegant patterns, and at me iowei prices. All orders executed in a masterly manner. N. B. FAMILIES wishing to be supplied with the first rate articles ol Silver, are invited In inspect his work, as all articles of his manu facture are sold only by aiinsell. J 3(1 1m I REWKRY. For sale, a bargain, a Brw Jlj) ery &: Malt House connected, in the city ot lludwn. Ihe buildings aro stoue, aud par licuhtrly well calculated for Ihe business. It is ituuted in the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage io ths busi oess. It is the only brewery iu the country. I Ins property will be sold cheap. Terms bbe ral ; title g.iod. For further particulars apply to m. !ll l,lJr..i, Io. 78 Alaidnn - lane, New Y'ork ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. Jiiiie 13 If FuR S.1LE, A FARM, containing 3l'0 arre, on the b.tnks of lbs North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, aud eighty - six from New. York. I he laud is equal in quality to the best in Duchess county, and is in high order and good fmir.e. Ou the premises is a good plain (arm house, a go.xl barn and other appendants neces sary to conducting a large larm. Also, a building spot coimnauding au extcn - ive and beautiful view of the North River. Within half a mile of the form house is an eminent Actidemy, and within two miles au Episcopal and a Presbyte rian Church, in each of which there is regular service physicians t landings, one of which the Steam - boat advertises a a lauding place, - tores, Ac. Arc. The whole will be sold together ir divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisputable title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM UA11U. ITydePark, July 24 tf - J JVMF MUSilC. JUST pbhfthed by W. DUriOlS, at his Piano ForttaaM) Music Store, No. 126 Broadway, . William i iu . . Her Smilbus - Fanny Dearest . Thine m I my Faithful Fair The tioldie - r' Bride Kvelten's Bow'r. with variations by Lozier. Also, all the Soncs. tic. that are now sinuine at the Concert's ny Mrs. Uurlie, llolmuo, niesrs. Inckdr - i lid rhillins, ic. with aereatvarie ty of ne Music for the Piano Forte and the Flute Jy :t" INDIGKSTION, OH, SOU'( s r uMA C II, S acknowledged by Medical writers lo be a complaint of stnbiiom kind, and at all times very difficult ol cure. This is sufficiently illustra ted in the disappointment ol those who unfortunately suffer under it, as they, for'ihe fnnst part, find, lhat utter having tried many things to little or nn purpose, they are at last obliged to use, for perhaps the remainder of life, such articles as call best but palliate the disease. Under such circumstances, any medicine capable of removing the complaint, must surely be an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination is to be met w thin Dr. MKA1PS AN Tl - DYSKHTIC or STOM ACH PILL? i the sucoss of which has never vel been equal Ird, lor the care of Dyspep sia in us most complicated form, such as loss of appetite, nausea, hartbura, flatulency, gnawing pain in the storoacii, pain in tnc siue, grem cos - tiveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, lowneasof spirits, pain in the head, veitigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoeverapplies these pills in the above diseases, according to the directions, will never he disappointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure. I he use ot a sin gle box will convince the most unbelieving uf their it - i : 1 1 . a' li.. ... .l cracMcy. ncj win uivai cucviutin iuiiiu'. sourness of the stonisi li, not merely by neutrali ting the acid, but by correcting that morbid state of ihe secretions which gives rise to it, and sr the Si me time will restore to the debilitated organs of dieestion that lone and vigour which is abso Intel necessary to the well being of the anitual economy. For sale bv John C. Morrison. 188 Greenwich street. Hultte Rowne, I4d Pearl street, Abraham Brooke. 4i3 Herl street, and Hem. Uuaekm bush, Druggist, corner Charles and Greenwich ilreet. near Stale Prison. N. B. None are genuine without the signature ot the sole i - roprietor, aug II GEO. SMITH A NURSE WANTED. MIDDLK aged won an, who is jnalified to . take care of chi dren, and is disposed to travel. Respectable references will be required, none other need amity. Apply loSPKNSEK M lUSl t.u, Ksq. r.liaabethtown, new - Jersey. aug 5 FOR SALE, A farm of between sixty and seventy ac - ir. situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsego, ami oi.e mile from Ihe viUace of Cooiierstowa. On it are a new stone house 54 feet square ; a ne w larm house, rarn, Kc. It Tonus a desuahle es tatiliihment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, tic. is not iirpad bv any in the interior of the state. It will lie sold low forcah, on a credit, or exchanged fur pro - ptrty iu iiiisciiv, bpoo, vc. a piny io 11. U k K; SEDGWICK, my 7 tf Law; Buildings. (,o i. TAYLOR, piuio forte manufacturer is i. from Broad wood'f ci Co. London, rnipecl - liill) aivpiaiuls Ihe public of hi arnval at New - Yoik that he inleuds rnnui'iiuiT a few weeks, and will te happy to rec'ity all imptrfoctiniis incidental to pianoe, either grsod, - qu jre, unique, harmonic, oblique, fcc. tic. Mr. T's experience hnd complete knowledge of all tha reccol improvements which la e brought the piano to its pre - eot state of excellence, renders his servi ces particularly advantageous to those ladies and gentlemen who may hedetirtusofany allerat.ous or adJitions to their instromeuts, aud he pledge! him - cH Io restore any piano to its original toue and touch, howevargre - t maybe its defect - Apply to Mr. T. t Mrs. Roselters, 174 Broadway, i iojlO lw NO. ffRW I. A W BOOK STORE. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Containing all the proceedings of a suit, as well in the court of chancery as iu Ihe court for the trial of impeachments, and correction of errors, for the stats of New - York. This bock contains about 700 pages octavo, and is said by professional gentlemen to be all important to the practitioner ia this court, being the only Wrtc - riean production on this subject : Rod to the student il is invaluable, as it exhibits in a very clear and lucid manner, step by step, the pro - gn - Ei oi a suit, in an us minulia, Iroui the Commencement to the final termination of it Ac companied with an appendix, containing precedents ol the most approved forms, suitable to every case that can possibly occur io the course oi a sou. Jul l published and for sale hv D. BANKS, Opposite City Hall. Corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, aug 4 1m I lib UilAMMA I iCAu liAK. nHE importance of a correct knowledge of X Grammar, is too much acknowledged to need comment. TIiv - ik settled and desultory manner, in which it is taueht in common schools, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules and debuitions parrotlike committed to memory, learned and conned by rote without comment oi elucidation, Is found to be generally void of ulili iy ; ir so long as ine principles ul rules are not unnrrsiooa, they can never be applied to actual use. Under sach unprctsKma and influenced hv a dsire to promote so useful a branch ol education, the subsc libers propose a remedial svsteiu. Io the undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, inanuie promotion ol a branch ot knowledge, which is an iudisientible pre - requisite in every other. The subscribers anticipate many objections to so complete a deviation from the antiquated track, which custom has long since sauctioned as tlie most eligible : hut, to obviate them, they ask a thorough and candid investiga tion of its nrincii.lei. Il is a dictum, th. - .t with out a knowledge ol the leasons ou which laws arc made, no one can know the law. A conviction of its truth formed thr most powerful inre.ntivef o the invention ol the urammaticnl Unr, wbicbcnn veys to tlie mind inrough the medium ol tlie rye the reasons, the whys, and the wherefores. To be short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learner tu quires a ha hit of attention, hit judgement is exercised, u..d he advances with case aud delight. I he subscribers have taken a conten - ient room in Fulton - street. No. 139. where chil dren, young ladies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty hours. A correct knowledge of narsinc will be puen ioiii - iv nrxiiiuers, u 1101,110 pay win ne re quired, a new class to begin on Wednesday. J. BROWN, Jun. E. D. CIUISSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been in structed in the short term of sixty hours, will be presented for examination eacli day at .5 o'clock, P.M. Scholars received and instructed at anv hour from 6 0VI01 k A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms of tuitiuu made known at the above mentioned room. J 20 l in Law regulating the duaing and Jiispcctutg of run uut. raed March 31, laia. rXT Be it niacUd bu the people of lite tlnle tf JVe.u'iOTk, TrjirttenlKl in tenatr. and assembly, I hat the peraon a lniuiiiteruig tha rovernmeot of this state, by aud with the advice ami consent ol Ihe council ol appointment, shall from time to time appoint one person lor tha city of New. York, whose pntveia shrill extend to, aud include Ihe village of Brooklyn; one persou ibr the city of Albany; and one person lor the city of Troy, whuee powers shall extend to, and include Lan - singborgh and Watertbrd, to be guagers and in speclors of fish oil . And be it further enacted, That it shall be the dul norufiti annointsxt hw vlrj r act, 10 provide nuntelr wnh proper mstru)" for e:uacinz and iuiiiectine oil. and whoever cat led on to gunge and inspect anr parcel of fi - h oil, within the place for which he was appointed, it shall also be his duty to inquire diligently and seek out any parcels of fish oil within bis district, and guaga and inspect the same, and brand legibly on the head of each cask he may so guar and inspect, f is owu name.aud the name ol tne place for which he was appointed 1 also the whole number of gallons the same shall guage, aud separately from each other the quaulity of water, the quautity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil he shall find therein, and shall make, subscribe and deliver Io the owner or holder of such parcel ol oil so guaged and inspected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate columns the quantity of each of Ihe aforesaid enu merated ingredients the whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand - 1 ing and certifying aforesaid, he shall receive from the owner or holder of the oil so guaged and inspected, twenty cents for each cask, be the same small or large, the one half of which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser ol the same. And be it further tnaeted. That it shall be ihe duty of all persous owning or holding fish oil, to put Ihe tame in a convenient iojition for guaging and iutpecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager and inspector. Andbetl further enacted, That any person or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change any of the brands or marks aforesaid, on any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or iu any manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, tell or bailer any oil within the ik - tncts or places alore - said, except the same shall have been guaged, inspected and branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or cause to be conveyed any oil out of, or from the dis tricts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, inspected and branded according Io law, such person or persons 10 offend ing, shall forfeit aud pay the sum of twenty - five dollars for each cask, the brands or mark - of which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan gad, or which shall be so bought, sold or barter. ed, or which shall be to shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act : Provided, neetrlheleu, that oolhing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any person or persous from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. And be U further enacted, That it shall be the duty of any person or persons who shall use or otherwise empty the contents ol any cark 01 Dsn oil, immediately to eqace the guager't and inspector's marks or brands from the same, uuder the penalty of twenty - five dollars. And be tt further enacted, That any forfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued lor ana recovered by action ol debt, with costs of suit, in an court having coirnizaiice of the SMlf, to the sole use anil behoof of any person who shall u therefor. NOTICE is hereby given, that Ihe subscriber has been appointed by the honourable tne council of Appouitmeot, Guager and Inspector of all Fish Oils in the City of New - York ami Brooklyn, and has opened bis oiflrt at No. 37, Water - sl. where be will receive orders from 7 A. M. to l P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES .VHUR1CE. N. B. Dealers in Fish Oil are hereby notified, that any mfriugemoot ol ihe above law will be pmsecutcd. July rgJ Im FOR SM.K. The two iturio'T r sTe - PrtxifSTORES V IO - ,.HJ I CI 1' ., - . w - .U.,lr,4 bt Mott ti Renmniid, aod IsaaCX" - The stores are 60 eet deep nd 20 - nuet Iront - the Lot's are 85 feet deep Apply to ROUT. II. BOWNK, aug JO las 91 Pir.e - stre.t OUERCITRON BARK. 100 hhrts. rresh 1 r I : I - 1 r'' - UUj lot ante in - Ti.riF, ny A T au;ia GilioWOLDs tiCOAtr ST 49 WILLIAM - STREET. FRANKLIN BANK, ffr The Franklin Bank, will ha owned for the transacting of business on Wednesday Mil, the 12lhinst. The da vs for discountine notes are Tuesday fe Saturday. Notes offer'd for discount, must be' InuVed on the day preceding. tsy older the Hoard oi Directory, aug 10 H. POST, jr. Cashier. MUi.k JO LOUY.. 67.0001 DOLLARS to loan, in sums to suit applicants, on boud with mortgage upon approved property. ALbu, 40,000" dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 water - street. Where application may he generally made through the year, and mortgages dispcted ol. Je tfti ti JU L.UAi. DOLLARS to loan or rst J, J J V bond and mortgage cpou property in the city of New - York. - Apply Io J. I. llUObKi', Jy 28 138 Waler - st. CURNbLlUS kOGKRT, AJTQRNEY, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, AND NOTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Affidavits and Special Bail in any Couit of Record of this State, the proof and acknowledge ment of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages Also Affidavits, Special Bail and the deposition of witnesses (ft bene tut, in the District'and Circuit Courts of tlie United States, continues his office at No. 14 Cedar - street. jy 22 1m 'JO AliO.lMA MEHCHAJVT8. FJSTER9 It STEBB1NS, CoMMisstois Merchants, BLAKt.LEY, Mobile - Bay. HAVE extensive store houses and receive and forward goods, cotton, tnc. free of cartage und wharfage. Vessels and hargrt lay alone side of their stores. Shippers will please arplv to CALVIN SPKAR, Boston. PL I ERS ti HEKRICK, N. York. EMLEN fit HoWtLL, Philadelphia. Jy 35 tf 0J - JA.ViKA D. STOUT, Bngraver and Seal Cutier, removed to 90 Liberty - street, neat Greenwich - atreet. Jy8 3m uTT JOHN PROCTOR, Jew. lob Liberty - st offers liberal anticipations on property consign ed to his friends in the Mediterranean. For further particulars, appty as above, or to ABRAHAM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of Cbfl & Fulton - sts. LA Mi.. ffr STEPHEN 11. MUNN. No. 228 Pearl - slreet, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army. Letters from Ihe country giving a description of the patent and Ihe price asked lot cacti 101, win be attended to, 11 rust paid. my is 11 ICT - The law and Notarial Business ol Wmt Bleecker, fcsq. deceased, and also that of com missioner, will be continued at hit late office,, No.bSl 2 Wall street, by angH2w IRAN'S R.TILLOU. oaLT W A I bit Ua IHS. The public are inionocd that Hie Salt Water Floating Baths coulintte opea from the o'clock iu ihe morning until lu at trM, - at Ar - den's wharf, near the B - fs ""hd uw '"h - Ir ' . ; :""" Sloop, ia i.iiig lined with cork. ALSO, pair of large Patent Chain lfK,,,. made by Mr. Daniels." Alto,, one large Vat or Cistern. Apply at the Baths, or to JACOB RABIN LA U, 316 Broadway, ffr - Wanted, an active, intelliicent BOY, attend a Drue Store one acquainted with (he business. Applf as above. aug 7 COPAUTNEkSfllP. CTf EBENKZKK STKYKNS having admit ted into copartnership his sons, Hinm K. veriM ut Jvftn.4. AUrent. Iheir business will in. future be transacted under the firm of Lbtneztf Slectm Is Sum. t bene:er Sterens, RyemK, Utttxent Julin A. Stertnt. aug II 3w ' . LOUR. 600 bbls. Philadelphia superfine Flour, SP plug, just tee'd and for sale hy iK 7 UoiiRMAN fc JOHNS TON. aug AI OiVr - ALI A For bAuLur to Lb'l, and immediate postessibn given, the heautiiul place called Mont - Alia, seven milts from the City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenaj 's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, with a large garden wen stocked with vegetables a variety of iruir, Willi every convenience fcr a family. For terms which are very reasonable, aud if sold a long credit given if wanted, apply to N. U I). TALCOTP 64 Niuth - strrel. Je 12 INTELLlCLNCL OtrlCL. JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respeofui:y iDforms the public, that Le hns opened an lutelli - gence office at bis bouse, 131 Fly - Market, be tween fearl end Water - streets, f amines may be accommodated with servants, house - keepers. Sc. tic. bervnnts, tic. with satisfactory recommendations, supplied with good si uationt. Or ders from the country promptly attended to. aug 4 im OLiVllsTRY. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLEY informs th public that his ofrke is at No. 91 Nassau street; where he txlraclt teeth, titans and sets, teelh, tnd performs every operation in dentistry. The following certificate of tkill, he thinks n, sufhcieul rteouimendation. WHOM ITJMAV COSCXRH. This cei tides, that Dr. 'Utah Hawley is a reg ular bred physician, and in good standing with his brethreu ia this ulace : that he has ijid par - ticnlar atteatioa to the art of Dentistry, has studied the best European works on the subject, aod has given very good satisfaction in una nrancn, to bis customers, who are persons ol the first re - spectahilrty in this city. ... we inereiore, wiui enure mnuursn mend Dr. Hawley, to the cititeus ol New - York MtVentut. . ., , f Aineas aiunson, 1 rrniessors 01 New Haven. J Nathan Smith, f th Med. Jan. 22.1813. jr. i yes, I insnrunoa fJona. Kuigbt, ) Yale Col. aug 11 lw CSlI F01 sale, about 27 acres of land, nrlj oid - li.g 1 assail iviver, in toe luwasiiip w iiaiiu field, in the county .of Esses, ia New Jersey, whereon i a large and commodious distillery, with cider works, oat binlchnsts, ic. that render the whole a verv valuable property, - Enquire oC ELIAS V AN ARSDAI.E, Newark, or GEO W. t! PRONG, New Tots;, aug 11 3w " ' LOW r Kicr t VSAlCliES.'.AN lately fmtsi Fraav e, - wish - a. rs to ilispose of a lara assnrtmeul ol Goto and Silver Watches uch as plain, iMpeafJag, - L'Epino, hubiing, ladies aiid stop watches,' ai war,anted. Also, a nuiberof comrxsHim sold watches. snurt and lades work boxes wilb masic and oth er fancy articles. Likewise, a general assouoier.r 01 is - ' kers tools aiid watcb clock matrnatss sncb as springs, bands ltal p!at. glaosw, aJ.ams, fcc fcc. Apply to Ne - Ul t ulioe et - rw Broadway. . - 1 ' d , l - h anme wrti es triaiy I ?., r MnMia. aad Turkey, by Adaoa Vale,MTD.jusl reived I hr Ul. pnrU N tR, atid itzttW

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