The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 1, 1945 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1945
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1945 ' ' · GUNNEK MISSING Rockwell -- Mr. and Mrs, Nels Peterson received a message from the war department Tuesday stating their son, Ray, was missing in action over China. He was tail gunner on a B-17 bomber. Mrs.Clarks lowan Member of Same Church Over 50 Years Algrona--Mrs. IX W. Keith, In point of years of membership, is the town's, oldest church goer. Joining the Baptist church here, Jan. 27, 1895, she has had no other church home. She has been active in all departments of the church and for the past 7 years has been president o£ the Mission society of the chdrch. MASON CITY GLQBE-GAZETTE Bo to an Death March Comes Bock-- Young Men and Old *.,..,,· By RUSSELt BRINES Sixth Kanjrer Battalion Camp, ward the death American Rangers " and Filpiih guerrillas. ' A convoy of ambulances am trucks transported the rescued captives back to absolute safet; and freedom--except for 2 of th where 513 prisoner, o[ xv DIAMOND BROS Open Evenings Sundays Across From Sears, Roebuck GRAPEFRUIT LARGE, CRISP BUNCHES CARROTS.. 17c NEW, CRISP CABBAGE 2 Pounds Peek · ^ RED TRIUMPH OR Cobbler POTATOES '. 64c DRIED PEACHES 35c RADISHES 3 for lOc FANCY. URGE HEAD LETTUCE lOc CALIFORNIA NAVEL, ORANGES _4c FANCY MIXEcT CANDIES 29c APRICOTS NAPKINS CRACKERS 2 Pound ·**» Bo* ZOC _ VELVET DIAMOND'S BEST COFFEE Pound Jar . PEACH 8 CHERRY WHOLE Creen PEAS 1 Pound : 12C MARASCHINO CHERRIES 16-oz. Bonte 40c Qu 3! DIAMOND'S BEST OATS 19c - or Regular, -Ib. Box . . . . COOKY SALE DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS SPECIAL AVALON SANDWICH ,, 19c FIG BARS Ib 22c CHOCOLATED, ,,290 'COOKIES SALERNO BUTTER DIAMOND'S, BEST PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING 3 67c THOUSANDS ARE USING IT -- ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR ABOUT IT. GUARANTEED PERFECT DIAMOND'S BEST MILK I Cans 25c Mushrooms 4'/2-or. Can . 44c MASON CITY -- STAMP NO. 35 GRANULATED SUGAR PUMPKIN . 2'/z C 14c No. 2/z Can NK 62c THOMPSON SEEDLESS RAISINS 2lbs 25c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR Pound Boa PILLSBURY FLOUR CHOCOLATE SYRUP --··- * » » » m » , "i\is PILCHARDS Fancy White Meat LUX FLAKES VAN CAMP'S BEANS Tomato Soup lie PETER PAN P'ntit Butter 28c OXYDOL, R1NSO, IVORY FLAKES, DUZ, GOLD DUST Imported Black OOLONG TEA, 1 Pound rescu by 513 who died enroute. No men ever received more sincere homage than these lean, ragged captives -who had come back from death. For 4 miles they fallowed a lane outside the American lines rid- mg in vehicles and- grass lined FJhpiao carts. Thousands of soldiers from the reinvasion army formed an impromptu parade in their honor, flanking both sides 01 the return route. No men ever tried more valiant- Jy to regain th'e pride which the Japanese, had smashed and to'con- trol their.emotions as these captives whose first glimpse of the almost, forgotten outside world came this evening. _ Behind (hem was. the awful hopelessness of Bataan and Corregidor, and nearly 3 years of un believably brutal imprisonment. Finally, stunningly swift rescue and an all night forced march of 25 miles, the last of several-marches for them. The first meeting of these soldiers and the trim officers of the present campaign was a tense, brave effort to,spaa 'the dead years. Several of the prisoner officers had retained their tarnished badges of rank, worn proudly on ragged shirts above shorts which had been patched and repatched Some wore old campaign hats some overseas caps with compan) insigne, and one had retained his old prewar type helmet. There -were old men with grey hair, dazed, sunken eyes. Severa were surprisingly young looking men, still keen and freshly shaven. Some were back to almost nor HIGHEST FEE-WAR QUAIJTX A Delicious Treat with Poultry or Meat Kropman Grocery $1.50 up 43c 19 9lh STKEET X. E. ROASTED CHICKENS - Also Fresh Dressed CHICKENS Delicious Golden Brown Crust Home-Made -f -I BREAD, Any Kind 11C PIES, CAKES BUTTER, Pound ... FOLGER'S COFFEE 1 Ib. 31c 2 Ibs. 59c CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE, 29c Ib. Very Delicious VEGETABLE SOUP--20c qt. Fresh Every Day Bring Your Own Container Canned Peas, Corn, " . String Beans, Milk- DILL PICKLES SWEET PICKLES Complete Line of FRUITS VEGETABLES Heinz Tomato Soup '..... I2c Mrs. Clark's Noodles .. 19c, lie Dixiana Pancake Flour .. 27c Blue Star Potato Chips lOc, 26e Kaiich House Pancake Flour 12c Salada Tea. !4 Ib 25c Wonder Bread mal weight because the Japanese garrison left temporarily Jan. 5 and the prisoners broke into the plentiful stores which had been long denied them. There were also those who limped from Beri- Beri, legs scored by tropical ulcers and other diseases, and, of course, there were those who looked up helplessly from litters. They tried proudly to be soldiers, carrying themselves at attention when talking to officers. One man who did this crept into a truck and sank back exhausted a minute later. These men Hvere so happy you could see new life flowing into them, yet most of them found ft difficult and confusing to return to Ibis world. Perpetually wear- in? a broad (Tin; .some would start a conversation with "Hello, Yank,-glad to see you." And then there was nothing more they could say.. They talked pleasantly when they could but many spoke hesitantly. Even the most robust young man had been enfeebled somewhat from- malnutrition because of their diet of 3 tiandfuis of rice daily with a few sweet potatoes for those who worked. Some lost as much as 108 pounds. They remembered b u d d i e s whose bodies had been heaped into massed graves. Finally, last year they were allowed to make a. tidy cemetery. · All along the line as I rode, truck after truck passed, the occupants, showing some uncertainty, some hesitancy. They glanced eagerly at the new weapons and helmets of soldiers who lined the road. They peered far ahead at the plain stretching interminably-with no barbed wire, no guard to bar their free passage. Little by little they talk of food, chiefly, these, captives who have collected 6,000 recipes during internment. Then they talk of wives, children, sweethearts; and parents from whom the majority have heard nothing for more than 3 years. Among the few possessions carried out in their quick departure were 25 word messages from loved ones and a few pictures of wives, children and grandchildren. 'They talked-in low tones of Japanese brutality and the death march of Bataan, of the final terrifying week of, bombing and bombardment which hit Corregidor, of men dying like flies, of disease, of 10 hours daily in prison camp under the hot sun in fields, or waist high in water of rice paddies under hard eyes, of frequent beat- £s and shootings. These experiences lay heavily upon them. Details .were painful to recall. Yet many of them fore- swore the probability of returning home immediately to stay and drop just a few Japs first.' ' -Prisoners had -heard the pre- Invaslon bombardment of Luzon and news of the landing, but the rescue came as a complete aur- prise. It erupted suddenly, with the rattle of automatic weapons just as the ship's bell, which was the camp tjme piece, tolled 1SOO (7 p. m.) over the weary tired men. Most of the prisoners headed for the ground or the floor, thinking the gunfire meant the Japanese were liquidating them-a fate many had long expected. Then they saw the Rangers. ,, O? 6 said, "Tafce it easy fellows, the Yanks are here." Anther hauled a Yank prisoner from the floor saying, "We got this place, Pal." It all happened so quickly most of tfcem couldn't believe it was true. But their feelings were fin y · a n of 11 "" who said, Boy, these Bangers sure showed us American power." , Ba . c . k , at the 92nd evacuation hospital the dream gradually be- came real as they were given medical care, toilet articles and showers. The captives gradually relaxed as they realized they were not dreaming, but were actually free men again. To prepare for a winter campaign in Germany, the army conducted extensive tests in northern Canada. Mr^Clarks t*ftC* p.0^\ 9VtOO v INE MOK TfNDfR MORE OfUC/005 MACARONI ONCE FOR QUALITY ONCE FOR PR/CE ^ KtlP M«cts DOWN MEATS ' saSSfsgL.. i ^W . . ' . . . . CHICKENS 39* » SWEET GIRL CUTSUP 16 C Bottle 30 Point* STEWING BEEF TONGUES ££H 37* "· Sucked C. S- CKADKD GOOD ROUND STEAK . ,, Pt'BE . *"· GROUND BEEF . u SELECT MEATY SPARE RIBS ... u AMERICAN CHEESE ·££· WINTER CAUGHT WALLEYED PIKE u .KXAaasa AND MUSED WHITING . . . . . . ^ SLICED OLEOMARGARINE American Beauty, 3 Points, Per Pound. 23C WHEATIE3 "Breakfast of Champions/' 8-0*. Pkg lOc STALEY'S Crystal White 5-Pound Glass Jar SYRUP "A GRADE" ALICE BRAND PORK BEANS .. NATIONAL PAN ROLLS . . . . . 1 NATIONAL JUMBO EOT* WHITE BREAD . ,, SAI.KRXO BUTTER COOKIES FORT DEARBORN !SODA CRACKERS . 21 G CO.HE AGAIN PEANUT BUTTER JBI.VE 1.ABKI. KARO SYRUP .. KXTBACT BurneH's Vanilla . ^-^ PEP FEST . SALAD MUSTARD . *£* f JJEW WAT TO DRINK VTTAMTN8 BORDER'S HEMO . ££ r GLOSS ' ARGO STARCH . . . ^ MAKES ODORS VANISH QCTCKLV VAJIISH CLEANER «* 44c £% 34e FKU ,,» AND VEGETABLES C A B B A G E B - V E X T R A C T W I L S O N LUX SOAP 3 cow. 20c TOILET SOAP MW, CAXJ* «iv^ K» ---CARROTS . . BRAplFRUrT ORilMGES IwTAfbES ..5 WHITE CELERY mf · fllk«« to*^« j^^yc stalk CRISP. TENDER I V O R Y S O A P TOILET S O A P Tf hb · · -- · -Bead tetuice I V O R Y SNOW SOAP POWDER IMPERIAL VALLEY ICEBERG. « SIZE Each

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