Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 19, 1895 · Page 7
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 7

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 19, 1895
Page 7
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LEAVES ITS MARK on - of tlle P aillfl11 irregularities CIITC Uic disorders and ailments (| lat -beset JOS| -iiitb Dr. Pierce'a Pavorilc P.-escrip. It regulates and promotes nil tlic proper fpjMclioiii, improves digestion, enriches the yowl, li'=lcl 1 ac-Lcs and paim, melancholy nsd jicnoii.sijess, urinj^» refreshing sleep, n^d restores Ijealtli and strength. It'? a poTverful peneral. as, T.-cll as uterine, tonic iii] sicTviiic, imparting vi^or and ilicngili entire system. WIT, HUJIOB, SATIRE. C U R R E N T S A Y I N G S A N D D O INGS OF THE F U N N Y MEN. Th* Far Clad Wliitir G i r l C l i i J J c m tho North Wind*--Htm llo I'rerers to Kl»i JItT--At tin- J'ortmlt Exhibit-Flotsam iind JetMuu. III.N \vjuter comes IMlll ili lev LlttSts. AL-U ilit nortlj Tvmd. c b i l l wkb it;, llewy 3u ail. room so clear I waH'b \ nu, As T o u r d n i u t i foot- Mep-, cture and po, Jfv fur clad AVimer Girl. Tbcugh the maid of spriufi m a y be The Rise of the ; And tile uuLcmu itiaiilen fair, I Aud tl.e t-unaoier Rirl witb Rttxoa ct^rl; vou -.Uey'll ne'er fo:npire, j ly ru , ^j a(1 wi=[er gi ^| . vrnles "I enjoy I *««.! lieailli Miauls lo ,... , ... , . ., . , , Dr. Pierce 1 !! Faiorilcrre- , " lieu the world n Bad in the winter days scrinliou qutl ·Golden | I'bo corth is vi hito and tbo sk) is gray, ittirswilli woiub r ° ^^' e «·* a " f"-'=l glad a n d gay, nud Er-idiinlly I My fur cine! -winter girl. 511 slTMpIl all | '..Jr.",TM?,",j ; «o, here's to the bcaHh of tlie ^intor girl 1 . '·'--^h the maids of manner times arc fair; With freckles and tan, there's nono that cnil With you. O -a inter girl, compare. My fur clod v.-intcr girl. --Trutb. tt-iiact-lnal was lwoj-ea:saud a of i5S pagc5 on ""Woma only n ftw moments, for I Chough the Lwoycar*!. I camniei.cecl " ' taking Dr. Pie.-ce's Fa- vonle Preemption a n d liis 1 Golden Medical Dis- covjrj.' and liy tlie time I had taVen one-half dozen bolllts J -was up and KP'iipivlicrevcr I pleased. anAhitieliadKoDdl'i-'aUli aud been ^cry stro'ijf XTIiy Ho j;mcd. Gus DC Smith--California a pcr- \ttaot or IBS panes on " Woman aud Her , '-·"" ·"·- ·"""-" ^........... · - - i-- Di'vises " mailed sealed, on receipt of !0 , feet paradise. I'm an enthusiast on I c-1115 :!i stamps for postage. Address, I WORLTI'S D I S P E N S A R Y MED1CAT. A5SOCIA- I iio:, 66-, Main Street, Buffalo, X. Y. Mrs. ^ underbill's »cklacc. Mrf. Willie II. Vanderbilt lias a diamond uculilacc which i? considered imiiuc even amou? Sew York jcivcl". It is a realization of a girlish dream. as ambitious as most of tlio ideas of tliis strong willed lady. The ncrk- lacc is a. string of unset diamonds, inch one of perfect color, faultless tlnpc. and clear iiS a drop of water. U one sees them from tho orr-hestrrL i-.hin their wearer is heated in be:-bo\- it thi! opera they look like a, string ol lire t l neiicling- her u-hitc nccK'. ^""iie 'cms arc strung 1 like licads on a fine the subject of California. I dream of California at nie-hts 1 could write pooir.s aljout its jrand secncry. 1'otc Amslerdnm--Were you ever there? DC Sinitit--No, but the frlil I ;nn t,'o- ii!t' to marry luis most of liur iiiomn invi-stod ; n California m i n i n g stoc^. The Ittiven of ycSLcrda) r ruins the cake GI to-uay. Don't spoil good buckwheat with dying raising- batter-- fresh cakes want Royal Baking Powder,\ Grandma used to raise to-day's buckwheats' ·with the souring left over of yesterday! Dear old lady, she was up to the good old times. But these are days of Royal Baking Powder--freshness into freshness raises freshness. And this is tlic way the buckwheat cake of to-day is made: Two cups of Buckwheat, one cup of wheat Hour, two tablespoons of Royal Baking Powder, one half teaspoonful of salt, all sifted well together. Mix with milk into a thin batter and bake at once on a hot griddle. Do not forget that no baking powder can be sub"" stituted for the " Royal " in making pure, sweet, delicious, wholesome food. W.L .DOUGLAS t! IS f H E BEST. f ' T F O K AKiNO. CORDOVAN",; · FRENCH 1ENAMELLED CALF. $3.5ppOLICE,3SOLES. 2 . W O R K I N 6 EXTRA F I N E .sBQYS'3CHOO LADIES 35 cent Patterns lor 10 Gents. Tticsc'paltcrns retail In fashion* baznara and lores for tivcnly-llio to forty L f i i t a t'^i-h but n order I" Incrcwctuc ilcn.iuil union,: Bimai;- s we: oi?cr'iicm u ihc ludy ruiulcrs ol mis [KTlor I be rem^rknblv lo« prico o( only 1O IcntsEicli Posia^c one cent ctira Tbo ptillcrns arc nil ol Ibu very luicst SCTT "or!; .·^l^ lea, n n d ,iro uncquulcil lor stjlo nccu- icv of lit. liuipHcltr and economy. Tor iwcniy- our ieiirs ihi:t.p jullcnis iiavc bQCn used lUa ounirvovcT. Kull descriptions unil dlrccilona --ns tho number of i ardi at in jlcrial rtfiu] red, ho miinbcrnml iianiM of tbc illrrercnt pieces In he juuern. linw to cut aiul lit u n a p.U luc Btir- nt-nt tr^Lllicr--arc scni wltli each p a t t e r n , vlili n picture or the carraent 10 CO by. ThcbO .iltonis ;ih! coiiipleic In c\cry pnrllcular, lltcro clnu tisoiwr.iKMiangrn for every s,ini;lo pleco 1 llic drcis. Vo-r order will te tilled Hie aaino nv U !·, rtcclvci. . . Order juiicnu by number on.d clvo size In ii\'erv pattern Ktiamjitccd to bo perfect. THEY ABr OLOV£ «TIIHO- To crt u«-i I1UST anil HUCAbX measure, put UL- IJpL' uiL'j-%urc A L I j Of IbC «ay liround IUO )0dv. o \ e r ilie dros.-* rlosc under the arms F r l c o p f c a c l i pattern, 1O cents, when inlcrcd on coupon printed bcloxv. I'cibta;o one lent euro on L.AniI uaucra. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. sin- M'.IH rniilcnt. He siw.'d her slim w l i i l a h'nRe^ in ·in ecstasy of adoration. AH'" he murimued. ''I could die for you!" A pcreeptihlu pallor ovcv-proad hoi 1 uuiiiitcnancc "Uoodnc".s!" she .said, "I hope you won't think of such :i t h i n g till wo aic m a r i i e d und 1 h n v o Ll'.c riifht to inherit. -- I n d m i i i t n o l i i Journv.l ! hpi-clal I'lnl 'or Inject Collcclnrfl. I '-JIiu'li u.irc."' wild i h;. 3 la lie t.iUen in 5C j lino p i n s u^ud in fa.s Once M i l l i n e r . Nnw Jl I l l l i i n ' i l r i - ' H A U f r . Mi-s l-Mellc .\dclaidi 1 S\l'.;iiu-, v.-ho i i n ^ t l i « luri^ 1 . , is nw,\- Mrs. i ^ t n u u i s G.iin'i. u lie of Uie ;-]^ tliu spoei- i mUlioir.ui'c eliiMiiienl ilriif,' man, i\ .!·« at ho Pajnr Uret Cnllnrc in "cl)rapk»- If }-ou want to Itnoiv a)l about it, Ihe price of suitable land, the cost ol production and the profit there is in it, nrilc to F. S. Eustis, General Pah^en- i n " n ,f,, pfr Atrunt, C. 1). i Q. E. E., Chicago, I " J llc 111 ' " Inilend. I f r r ^Tclin Juslim.illon. TliP lady w a s mals"!!"- borne rcmiirlcs jout the Iv'-ul of elotlie^ sonic otlief c'lmren had " "'riic linest f a r m e n t a v, omau i'.i:i neai,''sail her husbjml. "i.s t h u m:\ii- tin. ot charity." ·Yes,''.site snapped, ' a n d il' | iiiLti.s i;i itK'ct collculions. Tor elieni) O tn; tnno a protly lioslun milliner. i colleetions n( hiilterllics :iml bu^s \vt ' i i u s u u i c i l tin- di'sf'-iiitions " l u i ' h llujro i n^u the orclinnry ^jra^s pins inusl-ly. l i n t j ^ ;m L/J f 0 nd uf inal:inj 1 r of tli:it l.isci- j every one of tlicm m u s t lie e.ii'Lftilly j u i l n i ^ type. MIL- I r i i n n i e d h:ii ·, " i l l i i rMiinini-cl htforc i n t r a l i i i ^ t h e insect i such ^raci^ anil i-liic t h a t itrAity Ktsli- to si-'c lh:it it is \\L\l tinni-d for ivcic | ioil'.lhle.s, f o i r i u llu-ir «"iy '11 lii'l 1 l l t l l o | Hie tin eo.itinj impcr/uti »v t h e sliglit- I csliiblishinont. though i L "':is :i \ e i y cst lUt^\ evident, it ·\vpii 1 .' 1 . le in niuo ', mudest one \ r L c r u ' . ir»l --In 1 Ijeeainc' :i c;,si.- ( m l uf ten lialjle to r i . M i / e ill the hrtdy of tlicinseet. and destroy it. ' in tl and » li illi oont SCI-IK A sentimental young -woman is en- the only one some hupliKiidbV.iuU their ; ]; VC . M t] )c ,, ; ,) re to be married to a man who .'.cars his -roluminous whiskers aftc- , the fashion of Taffy in "Trilby.' 1 She ', i-, mnbi oulerin^ him a set of haudkcr- I thicai, ivith, instead of liis monogram ormiliala. the back of his head, with lliosC flawing whiskers douc in fine co'.lon. The result is at least unique. Philadelphia Inquirer. to wc:ir."--M ercurj. I nr»cmrin'fl Cnmphor Ico tvitli Glycerine. I Car^cbnppcUlland^nnd raw. Tender orhoruFe-E, I CiilbUn, Mlcj, ic. C. 0. CloikCo., 'tw UQTIII, C:. A BUC'it Corri'Cllmi. '·My f r i e n d . ' ' mid the lie.iil "(liter at lh« hot;l, :ts liu t.-tpped s i g n i f i c a n t l y on the .shoulder of :L man who -\MIS in;ik- jn" his exit from the l:nin^r loom. "I have dropped on to i our little ^':imc 'J'ln-5 is the ninth t i m e you h a i c c.ilen dinner here w i t h o u t p;iyin \Ve also use b!;icl; M i r n i s l i c d I M I I K , h n L I ^tcpticd into lliul posilmu in r e i t l l i f c . URU' u i e nlniost .is b:id. f n r llic ^la^L'd I (.-oatiiij; KIOII ereal;.s, leaving the metal , jiAl!i\r.r r. M!II:M;HS I.HOW Jimi'. exposed, m i d c u i i s c r j u e i i l l v it is not j -j ],,.,,. j., ] o i t ,,f moispy made in · .u 1\ ver.i loiif,' licfori 1 o \ i d i / i i t i " n seta in. | i-i'^et.ilik's. ICvci-yh'iciv a d m i t s I l i i l . l i e Iciiul, the | []],j v e r \ e:u'li(*st v ^ ^ t ' J n l i l c s ,-in 1 p i o - iioL i n n c l i bet- ' diR'i'd Vrmn S:il/ur'.s N o i l l i e r n ( J i o u u seeds. Thinlc nf h . i i i n ^ i . n h s l i | nickel plitled pin 1 ; i te:. The latest thinjrs v.c liuvc now I ;n-c "-olid silver pins .mil l i i o n y u piiij, j and lliei-e is bcins-used as an c.\pcil- I meiit a n ckel and aUiininium iilloy j which possesses decided adiMnt.ig-es i o i c r a l l otliei kinds nsul." Sydnej-, in · Australia, I lighted by fas in 1841. ,, ' A \ l l l lie Ilio K h r i l i M ' - x l:riclc. i II lias bom s e t t l e d , at-c'iydinj,' oo the l l i l l l t » - . l I l W . H ^ " J l . I I ' ^ n l | i J ' f J - " r n - 1 I , 1 j l 1 1 1 "Sir?" reclaimed the m . i n , drawin- ! l a t L ' M ·"Lcllit'c-ncu from l.iiiro. tlml the mm^U up wit i offended d i g n i t y , and I marrinci- "£ thr U u - d n c ^ i l h l . a d y lookingtlioprfSumptviyusolliciaUtoni. I k b a l l l u n u m M i l l l:il;e il:icc imme- ly in the eyes, "you :ire mistaken; it. 1 , I ihc fifteenth 1 " -Sunday Mercury. If tlia IJ.iby IB Cutting TectU. re lUiilu^ tliatoltl ttJid -ncll tried rciriHy, | KB.uft 1 sSooTiil.N(!' for Children Teclhluc Spcnnaceti candles were an i:r. e.-.| lion of the last century. After physicians had given me up I '.viis \cl bv 'Piso's Cure. -- KAi.rit Jiincn, wilbmspurt, Pa., Nov. S3, mo A ton of good coal is said to j'ield labout 8,000 feet of purified gas. Cli 1 crv»l HIT I'p. ··Have ;o\i heard fi'om yoni 1 iiisLLr Jaleiy 1 ." ·Oil, yes; I h;id :. letter f f o m the pool- child only ihc other day." "Iloiv is she comiiiff on'.'" ' W h y , tlic truth i:,, she is 'Itendfully bad oil'. Three of her c h i l d r e n tin- down w i t h tin! jnc.i.sliand i h u iinuups. Her luisband h;ts been itr.cstifrated by t h e LCJ.-OV.- uommitlrT and is a fugitive. Mic, herself, fell d o w n s t a i r s and injured her spine, l.'usidcs. her t e n t is u n p a i d and she is about to be ilispuv ,.-sseil Isn't K.s.hocl:iii(!'" ··It is, i n d e e d , b u t , of conise, you did :ill you could to cheei her ',ip'.'' "Oh. yes. eert:iinl\. 1 sent IILM-;i b e a u t i f u l Xcw Ycar'.s eiircl by tlic -very di.-itclv at Ciiiro. It is wild that his hipiincss is (jie.itl; u l l a c h e d to Ins fiancee, who is a Cuciis'-ian and !J I _ie:irs old. Jlcsides T n i l t i s h . she IIIIOMS no lanifii.igc u M c i i t l n ^ ' ' i little Arabic. | The desire of the h h e d i v u i.s t h n t t h e f u t u r e princess .shall lake up her residence v. itli his hi^litu-ss nnd aeconi- pnny him on j o u r n e y s , u hich differs fmin Hit! iisiiiil custom of thn h a r u i n , but the Uicdhc's inolhei 1 will eolitinue lo preside at tlie p u b l i c rceuption for ladii"-. in t\\ i-n'y d;i\ s; potatoes in 1'inly da\ ··. ]»MS 111 forlj- si.v days, and '.pknilid t.ihb.r^i- i l l l i f l y - f i v c d j i ^ s f i u n i d:iy of .so\", in^ heud! If V o u W i l l Cm 'Iliis Oittaiul Sfiul K v.-ilh SI moiii'V order I D Uic .lolin A. b.llxcr S'ced eoinjKiny, I..i('i us ,i , \\is.. yiiu w i l l get fri'i; thirly-lii'i- patltn^f-. n-get.iljlt 1 sei-dsainl IhrirH-reaL set d catahi^ni-, 01 fur si-,: cents postage U package of I'ourl^fri ll.iy 1'iirli Itndlsli seed and tlre'u seed catalogue. \ \ . i . l j Hull; .1 l.i Her In Ilio Klo). A curious invention is an electrical p m n l connecleil by « i r u with tin 1 inteiior of the liousf. and 1% lien Hie poslmnn drop 1 :L letter into ils slot tin- bell nn^'s in side lo n o t i f y the f a m i l y of the a r t i v a l of the mill. Jicwnro of O l n l n i l - n t i for C n i i l . i l n ^ff -'-nr us mcr* -jrr '.Mil siirrl\ i l c - t r i hmc-11 mirl 'completely i l ' r u ^\-s^JlJl «ht-n c n t M Jii^' ]' t! i siirfiii-c- 1 -. SIK li nr: · Hi 1 * 1'rcference. lend KNOWLEDGE co-nfort .".lid improvement nncl rightly U!sc5. The many, who live bct- t^r Lhan othcra and enjoy life mo/e, with """ expenditure, by more promptly "" Uio world's best products lo , - -- of phygical being, will altcst tnc value to henlth of tiie pure, liquid '"alive principles cmbr.-.tcd in tbe remedy, Sjrrup of Fips. . ite excellence is due to ila presenting 'ntlie lorm most acceptable and picas- jnt to the taste, the refreshing and truly ^neficial properliea of n jicrfcct lax- 'livc; ciTcctti.nlly cleansing the sytcm, "upclling colds, hcndncliea nnd fcycra ^"1 nernwnontiv curing constipation. I nf T9, Li7cr nnd Bowels -iritliout wtnk- eni "g them and it is perfectly free from " jectionabJe substance. Figs is for Bale bv all drug- i t i a i n n i i - use'l erT-i)t on pro 1 -:-i;i'ion from rr-p-i- ', tahlci pin m mil" l'i II" il.unr.eo they v.ill ' llo )·* t«,ii fol'l lo llic V ' i ' . -.ou (:i;i ]ifis^ll,]\- ilcmt 1 f l ' t n i llKiii li-i!! s f'.'il.'iirh ("uru, in.uiiii'.icr:.i-'.'l hy J' .1 l i f i i r y A; Co, 'JViIt'lo, O . f'onuillis r.'i MH n ·!:·;, and 1-. l a k r n m'!^ , iii !ia - t U i i f 1 ]' I.poll Uio tilo'i'l n n d mat or* M . r f . - ^ ''f llif \ ^ J u m , In In" n i f v H . i l V i . C':il'i"-li ' mo I" 1 n i T i i y o i t;'-t iln-^'-nin.'.'*'. Ir is t ,. n .liii'rn.' If""," in'll'lfdn. Olili/. |i_ ]·'. J CJlicany ("o TfTliMloriniN ft 11 1 L - t-i!il i-, j l r n ^ i - i - l - i.''i ""il" pcrbyttlc, n l \ J'i'l- ,'i I h e c:i|ii!:il ·' the J/ondon ,ii-i a m o u n t ' d lo ill.000.00". Colnj; L» C i l l f o r n l l T The JJurlinejlon ro-.:le i.i the only railway r u n n i n i : "pi-rsonally con Calnrrh Dint i ducted''excursions via Uesivcr to Colo i rsido Springs, Salt l . n k r . Offdcn, Sacrri' mcn'.o. .S.-iii l-'rancren. Stockton, Jlcr- ced, 1'resuo, I! i l c e t ^ f i e l d and J Angeles at t h e Inv.isl i.-itcs. 1'iillman tf.irist sleeping cai llirougli without '3" the 'Cll-c of K'j t h y v;\nil' IMII;|I the rn 1 :- ·.lioiild never - . Leave fJiirn:;n every Vi"t-diic--,da3-. Vritr; or c.ill "" 'I 1 . A. ' l i a d y . excursion Kiiia^! 1 .-. " I I ' l . ' i i : ' I i L e ! . Lliic.tuo. Ely's Cream Balm 8 I'rlcf oO Conln. fi Ai.nly II.1m Inlc, ,.«cli iiu.lrll. :i,Ylil:v« .rfHacr.:!^ ,.W"COLCHESTER'"' SPADIHG BOOT. - BCCT in r.iA^::cT i : : s i - ] \ i I T , ' i s \vi;,U[; _ r f i l l i c i t I I ) t i l l ) 1 1 1 1 ! 1 . ] l l l 1 -llr.L' li" 1 l i n i f t In li.'it' and la otliL'i- l i i i n l i on T I I C M dnii'l ho put Ill I! i:i:il. CU. Don't slay poo I all your lifi! Gc a farm of your o\ui antl in a few years you will wonder \vliy you n; niaincd in the cilics and paid rent. Yot can secure good lionicsicad land o the United Stales government, free ol cost, along the line of Ihc Lake Stipe rior division of the Chicago, Milwaukei ItSi. Paul Railway, in Northern Wiscon .sin and Upper Michigan, or you cai buy at low prices on easy terms AddrihS C U. ROLLINS, 161 La SalleS ..Chicago, 111. WE WILL TAKE YOU TO CALIFORNIA Over One M!!!lar. People wccr tho /, L= Douglas $3 $4 Shoes All out shoes are equally satisfactory he prices are uniform i*--Mnmped on bote. To-n Si-to 5j ea* ** ovrr other rit-kes. IfyourcHiIercinnat^ppb o u w c c = A - . v . I' iticrn No .JJ/.l I, "'j, ".W j u J iu ImhLSi Lust . l r r wool t l i a l l l r h a v i n g a d d \ c r IcnC iV"«l^ri in o l l M - , : I I L I I 11 l i t r e si I N h J y trimmed v l i l t uliMi K.illii. 'J'lu- IC* (I P:. su-i'ics, c f ' M i r :inl .s^ch arc or f u l l n J l n r i l v J U i Un- c l m l U c . w h i l e UHJ i l c u v o L.LIJ i a n - nt Hi i i l i i i l l i; lin'.U i ^ l H i I h r miiln. The IM H n l .iirii \ \ i i h -x lun 11 s'.lli UnriLicil 'rhitfu In u t o r n in ii 11 Ion of t h e t u n ( oli^ri Tlio C o n n H I n 1 I ' n i h u H i ' H i i i p u . d u l u - the f l i f u r t p H i u o r i M i l v uiiil f.tllln:: In rlpuk. Ulio folda urouml iVii- s U I r l M a d r In w.ilUnj: Ifrvlli L l i l s rnnilr] Is .1 favor- Uo r n r ' . n l r r i ' L d r u H H w l i h hullu'T w h o l i k e tho v c l t f l H ( j( I'Kilr tfovwis io (NjnuiHl f r o m Lliu slioul- Crr 1 * The ^ U l c In :iNo d'j'ifi .il»le lor drcj»3(jy ol si He nr i i o o l r u f i i l i r U ' H , GHnii. h i u l t l , I n a c r i f u n , clc, can bo uacU for LrliniTiInt* Tlic r u l a l l price o r p n l t e r n l a K con [3. 'I'ln rr :ii ( ' ov(.r ',.00'* H j i l c i of '.'is pijii-s n i i t l f i ' l j in:,' I'm:'.lon streets. ( J s i s f r o m b i t i i i i i u r i v.;is ,'i^t :u;nJc at UK. \Vr'ol','.i'']i j i i ^ u n s i l i.'i lnW. W. N. U. C H I C A G O . V O L . X. NO. 3. When A n s w e r i n g ftci/cfliiemcnts, Kindly Wcntion 111,5 Paper. Chcanly, Q n l r U l y and ("omforialilv rm Hi I'JiIlllp^-n"''l' J s l n n O 'J' CHEAP, 1 "cauvo Hi" r b u l ^ l ' W QUICK, \ r rtiHi" it Ln.t:i4 lltal r u n . yO" I j J V C ;i l l i r M U ^ ' N SI' 1 ronrlt'-n « irt 1 r r t o r d O\T ulr^ulv cnn I'-M. n n 'I :ill l l J i f U i o Jicrilt'^ c,ir ) , i - . c i ChhM^n r,\Tf 'I'll* a I .iv. "^isi H' I r . n i l S T u l I:i- Gl. n 'l"r r r l l o r nnd ill'- Bunny S o u t h Xilno, fURl ('\cr' ' J ' f i n r t ' I iy i l i r n u / h C ' r / l o r i ' l r j o i n r llir liiNK.'j" Houtc Y ^ J J ' X )::l rnin i/or po(,s MU'li trl]) 10 tin' 1 lor l l " j in;inv v . n M i of 1 j i u r r n M M i rn'it" \'' 1 t n ' L If.ll \ U 1 r ric lie* In I h K .id In L f o r ;oi,r C.illr iou Klioul'l rin^; j r j i i i - f l ' All-JlLMf,, JXO. S K I A » r i A X . (, I 1 C K. J fc I', J{'i, An A w f o l Jltld r.rcnK. 5Tr. Gabbler, who tal)« much and recklessly, iva.i sitting at dinner ' ·'"Sajt aay substituDC if ,oucrcil. that the -- j --·? .. -.. said- "I despise fat women. lie per, ceivcd at once wliat a bad break ho women, butouly OF COUGHS COLDS ; had made- and attempted to set ],im- , HAVE YOU TRIED ! seWaripht-by _ saying: "I be- your pardon, when they i . The look WrB. Pompous . willhstint him in his gj arc.-Texas I , Silling*. i IT CURSES. Are You Fortified? "When you arc in a low filato of Jicnllli, and on tlio verge of S/ there is no nouribliment in iho world like Scotts Emulsion to restore K v-'ngth. Scolt'c Tniulhioa nourislics, strcnglh- crig, proinoicri tbo mnking of solid llo.sll, cnriclira Ilio blood and tonco up Iho trholo ;; stern. Tor Ccaghs, Golds, Soro Throat, Bronchitis, Lusg:, OacflTunvtioa, Scrofula, Aassmia, b, TtinEabip'; Weak Children, and ail conditions of Wasting. Buy only ilia genuine! It has our trade- ma; k on oilman-colored wrapper. ZtrJfar psr.'-Mtt ca Sntft Ensultian, FRJIE, , ' f ' Scoll c Bow/no, PI. Y, -A!! Druggists. BO cento and S I. In SI' '-| In.r Cur In f \ tfli lr ii 1 (in lhr , \ r,i,,ni",o lifilt tho n; ni'i trip AMD THE SUflNY SOITH VIA BIG FOUR ROUTE Best Lino From ClilrJijro, N l . I x i i i l n " I'rorlu. X i i i l l i i n i i i M i l l « , ' l r t r l l i n r l . C i i l i i l i i h l i H , M u i l d i M k y , J E r i i d i i i I l i i r l v o r . And Intermediate Points. 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MAHTIZT, r«*;ciiircr TnMWc Munazcr. l/cn'l 1'a.s^ A. T. A , - - CIWCIKTWATI Great Rock Island Route Playing Cards. IfTonncn115ccnislr.sianir!'orcoin1oJKO, ' 'a.VJ. Atc'.il. C..B- T- £ P- r *««««««. COUPON-*** ··»·»· In ordering, ci\o Xo ol paucm.-j wnnic'l Ilust n n d W j h l . . . . r m c J 4 - urc. lillhrrof thcso patterns will be sent, to :io .ntjdrcsa upon receipt ol IQ cents In fciucr or gi:mip!ivhcn this cmi|jo.i tn en- CIO-.L-I! wlthordcr.inilonc cent for ixmnKi:. iiilh your address. AdJrfJH COUPOIT PATTERN CO.. xr, tock Box 7-17, Wcw Yorli. Paienis, Trade-Marks, ZnmlDolloD »«{. Mtlci u to rmcuuiblllij- of bTrnllon. Heod lnr 1 ln* n!ArL'GBldv, orllov to Of I " ·ny. caiiratio,'--ou win ttccivo -- (llicltrat,nacil ol plp-ylnKcartlsyou cicrhanalco. ncautlfirl Hiccl cnsra-.etf Tv'blBl Rules OKOI pans them free, Tly^'i^ »\ Slirp^an, W.irlilncion, "- 0 - 1-iU'iTtool'VVrlH'forln\cnIor-5Uu:iin. lEWSPAPERr VSPAPERI

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